Atamirawell i felt there was no point in posting morning this morning at 6am00:06
Atamiracause rarely is anyone else awake00:07
caddisany Cantabs logged on?00:16
mwhudsonAtamira: i'm in california, so don't want to get into the business of thinking about what time it is at home :)00:37
Atamiramwhudson: its 1410hrs :P01:09
snailcentral IT decided that stripping everyone of the Terminal Services right would be a cunning plan. there goes my friday19:40
ibeardsleeterminal services ?? surely ssh is all one needs right?19:46
snailibeardslee: yes but unfortunately other people invite my team members to meetings in exchnage and get upset if we don't turn up19:51
hadsAnyone want to test the SMS app I've been hacking together; http://nitrogen.nice.net.nz:5000/21:38
ibeardsleeshould it actually send sms messages?22:02
hadsIt should22:04
ibeardsleeI haven't received 'mine' yet22:05
hadsAre you 'testing testing testing...'?22:06
ibeardsleedeliberated over the 160 char limit22:06
hadsLooks like that makes it fail.22:07
hadsIf you click on the message it will say that it failed.22:07
Ghads: shouldn't state become "Unsent"?22:08
ibeardsleeprobably worth tweaking that 'sent' to say 'failed' on the failed messages22:08
Gor failed22:08
ibeardsleeshorter 1 line message worked22:08
hadsI'm still thinking that through, the use case is for 20 recipients per message...22:08
Goh, but if it only failed sending to one particular person, then I guess it may only fail for one person22:09
hadsI may have to do "Sent (+1 failed)" or something22:09
Ghads: is this for an anti-fraud thing, or marketing?22:09
hadsG: It's for a local business to send out appointment reminders.22:09
Ghads: ahhh nice22:10
hadsGSM modem is in my computer here with a daemon running connected to redis over the 'net.22:11
* snail stabs the institutional firewall that prevents him from seeing shiny things22:47

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