ubottupangolin called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (bootris)04:55
ubottuEvilResistance called the ops in #ubuntu (bootris)04:56
urlin2uon #ubunntu check bootris comments please04:56
szal[06:53:13] --> flamoot has joined this channel (~flamoot@69-196-191-74.dsl.teksavvy.com). <- probably the same machine as bootris about an hour ago, same ISP anyway, and still talking random stuff05:57
szal[06:55:18] [CTCP] Received CTCP-VERSION reply from flamoot: ircbot.py by Joel Rosdahl <joel@rosdahl.net>.05:57
szal<- out again; ping me in #ubuntu or #ubuntu-offtopic for any questions06:01
urlin2uso we have a return it seems of a banned user earlier they mention bootris their nic is now flamoot  and they are just mimicing post and posting nonesense06:07
urlin2uin #ubuntu06:07
ubottuActionParsnip called the ops in #ubuntu (flamoot)06:18
ubottuurlin2u called the ops in #ubuntu+1 (bot flamoot)06:30
ubottuIn #ubuntu, c31r2g said: ubottu:my processor is celeron  m and higher versions lag a bit07:45
iToastCan i get unbanned.07:48
elkyhow did you get banned?07:51
iToastOff topic.07:51
iToastI was banned in the past for off topic by a op that considered something dealing with ubuntu and getting help on ubuntu off topic...07:52
elky2012-02-02T09:42:37 <iToast> I dare you to recover data from a puddle of metal.07:57
iToastThats not what i was talking about.07:58
elkystuff like that is not appropriate, nor is it dealing with ubuntu nor is it getting help on ubuntu07:58
elkyyou were talking about albino peacocks instead, right before the ban07:58
iToastI understand that and thats why I am banned right now.07:59
iToastBut thats not what I was talking about.07:59
iToastelky, just curious, can a #ubuntu op insult people in other channels?07:59
iToasteven in #ubuntu08:00
elkywhat incident specifically are you talking about?08:01
iToastA mutch older one now08:01
iToastIts to late now, the op said they consider it oftopic and if I didnt stop i'd be banned... :| and i was for that08:02
iToastAnyways, may I get unbanned?08:02
elkydepends if you can convince me that you're aware that offtopic things are not allowed in #ubuntu, even from people who are helping08:03
iToastI understand they ain't allowed and I am using #ubuntu-offtopic when told08:03
elkyand you've read the guidelines and the code of conduct?08:04
Tm_TiToast: I hope you don't rely on others telling you when -offtopic is used08:04
mrmistPerhaps for disclosure you should mention that you were banned from other channels, too08:04
iToastmrmist, How does that coun't remotly here?08:04
mrmistIt shows a pattern of behaviour08:05
iToastBy inserting a comment like that your changing a outcome.08:05
mrmistYes, I'm aware of that possibility08:05
iToastmrmist, Most of my bans are involved with psi-jack.08:05
iToastHe doesn't like me. He judeges me harder and takes everything as breaking rules.08:05
iToastAs i've stated in the past, he stoped me from getting help but when someone else was going to help and i was trying to talk to them, he threated to ban me.08:05
iToastHe wasen't able to provide help but another person could. but I should google everything :|08:06
iToastHe doesn't consider the fact that I state "I've googled for about 2 hours and got nothing accurate before coming here for help"08:07
FlannelI don't see any bans in any other channels, just #ubuntu.  (past or present)08:07
elkythere's bans for #ubuntu-ops in our tracker, from previous times he's tried to get unbanned and given cheek and attitude instead of cooperation08:08
iToastOps often expect a user to listen and take being insulted or suffer their power.08:08
mrmistok, of course the ops here are free to make their own decisions, and it's probably not important.08:08
iToastI was called a "moron" by a op in here.08:08
elkyalso, according to our tracker, he's effectively dodging bans.08:08
Flannelmrmist: Are you talking about non #ubuntu channels?08:08
iToastelky, how am I dodging bans?08:09
elkyiToast, there's numerous webchat bans for "iToast"08:09
iToastHow is that dodging?08:09
iToastI've had my head ripped off by about 800+ people for using webchat.08:09
iToastI'm now using xchat and enjoying it, and not getting my head ripped off!08:10
mrmistFlannel: yes.08:10
Flannelelky: I don't think those are bans, unless I'm doing it wrong.08:10
Flannelmrmist: Ah, that's not terribly applicable then.08:10
mrmistFlannel: Indeed probably not08:11
iToastmrmist, your bringing gasoline to firefighters to put out a fire.08:12
mrmistiToast: you can choose to deflect the discussion at me, or you can continue towards getting unbanned. One of those is productive.08:12
FlanneliToast: He's not.  We're perfectly capable of looking at information and disregarding non-relevant bits.08:12
elkyiToast, the size of our channels mean we take advice from staff occasionally.08:13
iToastLooking for other stuff about a user to bring it up will alter the outcome of the result in a unfavourable whay when the information isn't requested.08:13
elkyhardly. "being arrested meant i was held accountable for that stuff i would have gotten away with" is silly logic08:14
elkynow, lets talk about the ban08:15
iToastThats comparing a disscussion to a legal action08:15
iToastelky, would it be possible to contact you any other way? I enjoy speaking with you.08:16
FlanneliToast: Is this a social call? or are we trying to come to some sort of resolution?08:17
elkymrmist, has agreed to not say anything more in this discussion providing you don't address him. Ok?08:17
iToastelky, ty08:17
elkyHow about we proceed with the discussion here.08:17
elky<Tm_T> iToast: I hope you don't rely on others telling you when -offtopic is used08:18
elkynow, if you could respond to that, it'd be great08:18
iToastI know not to rely on them but sometimes people consider something ontopic offtopic.08:19
iToastI was told i was offtopic and waned for it for telling the person helping me the guide I was following08:19
elkyyou were told you were offtopic for stuff unrelated to helping anyone08:20
iToastelky, The person was helping me and so they know what I did accuratly adn what i was following i sent them the guide08:21
iToastThats like me telling you to goto alaska without a map or a gps, just vauge instructions how to get their08:21
elkythat's not what happened.08:23
iToastwe've roamed offtopic again.08:24
elkyno, we're discussing how to behave in #ubuntu, and you're claiming things that didn't happen.08:24
elkyIt is entirely ontopic that i make sure you know how to behave before letting you back in there08:25
iToastelky everyone has a different view on ontopic / offtopic.08:25
elkythe topic is: your behaviour in #ubuntu.08:25
iToastMy view is to give who ever is helping you the same resource your using to prevent confusion, it ends in a solution quite fast08:25
elkyand what does that have to do with you being banned for telling people to melt harddrives and recover data from them, and you talking nonsense about peacocks in a video you were watching08:26
iToastelky, thats not what i was talking about with my last statement.08:27
elkythen please do talk about it. I want assurance that you can moderate yourself without needing someone to watch you and tell you specifically when you're offtopic08:27
iToastTo be honest it was a stupid aciton on my end.08:28
elkywhat thread of conversation in particular are you referring to now?08:28
iToastI'm refering to my actions being offtopic in general.08:28
elkyok, and can you assure me that you know what is offtopic and don't need a watcher?08:29
iToastIsn't that what you wan'ted me to understand? Being offtopic will result in actions from a op in order to keep the channel helpfull and usefull08:29
elkyok, that's all i wanted to hear. i don't know why it took so long to get it.08:29
iToastI said yes earlyer?08:29
iToastelky, how long have you been with ubuntu?08:30
elkysince 200508:30
iToast"* Cannot join #ubuntu (You are banned)."08:30
elkyearlier you said yes, but you tried to throw in a strawman argument08:30
elkyyou might want to have patience for me to find you in the ban list first08:31
iToastIsn't it just a command for ops?08:31
ubottuiToast: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:31
elkyi can't type here and in #Ubuntu at the same second ;)08:31
iToastDual screens and keyboards would let you :P08:31
elkyi'm on a netbook08:31
elkythey don't make them that advanced yet08:31
iToastrunning ubuntu?08:32
iToastI'm a early adopter of netbooks.08:32
elkyi don't have any non-ubuntu computers08:32
iToastDont tell me how advancethey are :P08:32
iToastI'm a early win 7 beta tester early netbook user...08:32
elkythey don't have 2 screens and 2 keyboards yet08:32
iToastThats a design flaw.08:32
iToastNot eneugh productivity08:32
elkyi think we need to reinvent physics first08:32
elkyanyway, the ban is now lifted08:33
iToastWhy reinvent physics? thats like reinventing the wheel...08:33
elkyso that my hands can move fast enough to use 2 keyboards at the same time08:33
iToast1 hand per keyboard.08:34
elkytoo much resistance in flesh for that at present08:34
iToastYou're doing it wrong.08:34
iToastUse the most logical answer, 1 hand per keyboard08:34
iToastif we revent physics, gravity.deb might crash.08:34
elkyin which case we'd be able to fly and nobody would give a toss08:35
elkyanyway, lets not pollute the logs of this channel with that08:35
iToastHope you enjoy flying into the vacume of space :P08:35
elkyi'll run out of oxygen before i turn inside out, the view will be worth it.08:36
Tm_TiToast: anything else we can help you with? (:08:36
* elky points to the channel topic08:37
=== iToast_ is now known as iToast
Tm_TiToast: anything else we can help you with? (:08:41
iToasta broken server?08:41
Tm_TiToast: we have this thing called channel topic, take a read (;08:41
iToastTm_T, I forgot how to read ;)08:42
kralle|brbwhat the hell13:33
ikoniaahhh, he was a pain yesterday, can't remember what for13:38
ikoniaahhh I remember him13:39
ikoniathe guy with the impossible hotspot setup13:39
ikoniaand then started calling people names13:39
ikoniafound him in BT13:39
bazhangdnsmasq? that one?13:48
bazhangright, then started calling people "retard" or something similar13:49
ikoniathats the guy13:51
ikoniagood memory13:51
ikoniaTm_T: he actually gave the support answer13:57
ikoniaTm_T: he then offered a bit of advice, that you could find it with google, I don't think he gave google as a support answer13:58
ikoniait's not like he said "google it"13:58
ikoniahe said "here is the URL, you can find it with google also"13:59
Tm_TI know13:59
bazhangwhy would ubuntu need qt 4.813:59
ikoniajust curious then, I'm not a big fan of some of BluesKaj's support, but I didn't see an issue with what he said14:00
bazhangthought that was a kde necessity14:00
ikoniabazhang: using some QT apps14:00
ikoniabazhang: there are non-kde apps that are QT14:00
ikonia(I can't think of any, they are obscure)14:00
Tm_Tikonia: maybe I'm getting a bit too edgy of the constant "google it" attitude I see /:14:00
bazhangit's odd silex would want qt 4.8 with 10.10 ubuntu ?14:00
ikoniaask him directly ?14:10
AmpelbeinHi! Could a #ubuntu+1 operator add this to the topic: "Binary nvidia drivers not working with new eglibc-2.15: http://pad.lv/929384" ?16:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929384 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update" [High,Confirmed]16:25
AmpelbeinThanks, pangolin16:26
AmpelbeinCya laters16:26
h00kI'm taking a break from work (IT), to help someone with networking.17:28
h00kI need more hobbies17:28
pangolinbut this will be much more appreciated I think17:29
mneptoknot when it comes time to buy food17:30
pangolinfood is overrated17:31
h00k^ this is true, two lines up.17:32
pangolin!no gnash is <reply> Gnash is an open-source Flash replacement. It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/18:09
ubottuI'll remember that pangolin18:09
pangolinthank you18:10
h00kI remember gnash.18:58
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (sandy appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)18:59
pangolinfalse positive19:00
pangolinthat should be fixed19:00
pangolina repeat after 10 minutes is hardly abusive19:00
Tm_Tpangolin: although, why not ];=19:01
pangolinbecause it is mean :(19:01
LjLuhm it simply shouldn't do that for repeating19:55
LjLi don't know why it did that, will check19:56
LjLi cannot really seem to reproduce it, maybe it's some quirk specific to the K bots19:59
pangolinLjL: are the K bots still running the older code?20:04
LjLpangolin: i don't know, but i suspect so20:06
=== funkyHat_ is now known as funkyHat
ubottuurlin2u called the ops in #ubuntu (Tammis)23:48

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