stgraberlamont: did you by any chance remove /usr/sbin/dnsmasq on your system? :)00:01
lamontun  dnsmasq                 <none>                  (no description available)00:02
lamontI did not remove the binary.  I removed the package00:02
lamontages ago00:02
lamonthallyn: dnsmasq-base is listed.  /usr/sbin/dnsmasq comes from dnsmasq, not dnsmasq-base00:03
zuladam_g: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834637/00:03
stgraberstgraber@castiana:~$ dpkg -S /usr/sbin/dnsmasq00:03
stgraberdnsmasq-base: /usr/sbin/dnsmasq00:03
adam_gzul: https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/929127 should fix that. the issue is iproute2 has switched its return code, and nova was never updated to ignore rc 200:03
stgraberlamont: ^00:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929127 in nova "linux_net.ensure_metadata_ip() fails on precise" [Undecided,In progress]00:04
lamontyeah. interestingly, I see it there too00:04
lamont /usr/sbin/dnsmasq00:04
lamontlocally diverted to: /usr/sbin/dnsmasq.base00:04
zuladam_g: i had a patch for that that ignores the rtnetlink error if it exists but told not to because of what you previously mentioned00:04
lamontthat's right.  it annoyed me and I killed it with fire00:04
lamonthallyn: 929086 is invalid.  you want the pleasure, or shall I?00:04
adam_gzul: are you using nova-rootwrap?00:05
zuladam_g: no00:05
lamonthallyn: though to be fair, I'd prefer it to just work anyway00:05
zulnot explicitly00:05
adam_gzul: if you were using the broken rootwrap, it would havebeen returning 0 and nova would have been happy. :)00:05
lamontmaybe one day, my hatred for dnsmasq and the way we automatically set up bridging and antifirewalling for guests will soften00:05
zuladam_g: right i think it might be something else though (i probably have a weird setup locally)00:06
* lamont needs to run00:08
lamonthallyn: killed bug 929086 for you00:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929086 in lxc "Missing depends: dnsmasq" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92908600:09
lamontstgraber: thanks for the ping00:09
lamontand to answer your original question truthfully, yes.00:09
stgraberperfect, would have been an horribly weird bug otherwise ;)00:10
hallynphew - thanks00:11
stgraberhallyn: upstart amd64 is building now00:12
stgraberarmhf, armel and powerpc all failed to build because a test won't pass but that's not new ... I'll remind James about it tomorrow00:12
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hayerHm-m.. I got disconnect while zero'ing a disk using mkfs. How can I get back to that screen?00:19
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jkyleI changed my preseed.cfg partman/choose_recipe from  multi to atomic. The filesystem type remained ext401:29
jkylethe pxe boot completes without erorr, on first reboot it drops to the grub rescue prompt saying "out of disk"01:29
jkylels shows (hd0) (hd0,gpt3) (hd0,gtp2) (hd0,gpt1)01:29
jkyleif I set prefix=(hd0,gpt1)/boot/grub, then > insmod (hd0,gpt1)/boot/grub/linux.mod to load the modules (for a normal grub prompt) I get "unkown filesystem"01:30
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pmatulisyou must have done something wrong03:08
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GoldenPhi folks06:23
GoldenPcould somebody help me with telling how to update apache to 2.2.22 on ubuntu 10.4 server? apt-get is only showing 2.2.14 as the latest available apache version06:24
twbYou can't have that06:25
twbGoldenP: Why do you want it?06:25
GoldenPI am having problems with apache going 100% on production servers and only a hard server reset can "unfreeze" the system06:27
GoldenPso I was thinking that it could be a security flow06:27
GoldenPor a newer version might help06:27
GoldenP(I mean 100% cpu on 6 cores and over 60 in load avereag in top)06:28
twbSo your solution to "I have a bug" is to try to upgrade to a version that isn't integrated with the OS?06:28
twbMaybe you should analyse the problem first.06:29
twbe.g. IIRC PHP bloat appears under apache in the process tree if using PHP via mod_php instead of mod_fcgi.06:30
twbIME the most probably cause is a crap PHP script.06:30
jkylewhen I have a large dis, say 5TB, and configure it as one large partition on install, I get a grub<rescue> prompt on first boot and an "error: out of disk" error.06:30
jkyleoneiric 11.1006:30
jkyleI'm configuring an hands off install, so any lead on where the failure point is would be great06:31
twbjkyle: that's because >2TiB disks must use GPT, and to use GPT grub needs its stupid little hand held with an extra ~100MB special grub bootstrap partition06:31
GoldenPthat's right... I already did so. I could find nothing :) So now I am eliminating the "usual suspects". One of these usual suspects is outdated software. I see apache 2.2.14 having some security flaws, like this: http://m.h-online.com/open/news/item/Tool-causes-Apache-web-server-to-freeze-Update-1330105.html?mrw_channel=open;mrw_channel=open;from-classic=106:32
jkyleah, hm. when I ls, it says they're (hd0,gpt1) through 306:32
twbIf your "5TB disk" is actually a raid array, that might not be the case, but the installer defaults to using GPT for >=2TB (note: this includes <2TiB disks)06:32
jkyleso I suppose the failure is not enough room to load the modules or something. thus, out of disk06:33
twbWhat you should do is reinstall and pick "managed partitioning" or whatever, then go back and rearrange your main partitions but leave the special grub ones as-is06:33
jkyletwb: it'l need to be automated06:33
twbYou MIGHT also have luck booting priority=low ("expert install") and forcibly telling it to use msdos instead of GPT disk label, by clicking on the disk itself in partman UI06:33
jkyleso I'll have to dig into the manual install presed docs06:33
twbjkyle: in that case you are in for a long night06:34
jkylethey're homogeneous machines06:34
twbjkyle: you need to find how grub wants it set up, and then preseed that06:34
twbjkyle: unfortunately I can't just tell you because I tend to throw such machines out the window in frustration06:34
jkyleit'd be a whole lot of money to throw out06:35
jkylegot a full pod :P. this shouldn't be bad06:35
twbUgh, is that one of those "just add disks as you go" pseudo-NASes?06:35
twbI forget the product name06:35
jkyleno, qantas06:36
twbThe airline?06:36
jkyleSAS * 1TB * 12 in a RAID 1006:37
jkylequanta* the computer manufacturer06:37
jkylethey're good machines :)06:38
jkyleyeah, teh auto installer is only giving grub 1mb06:38
twbmaybe 1mb is right I don't remember06:40
twbIt basically contains code to make EFI look like BIOS or something06:40
twbSome dirty-ass hack06:41
jkyletwb: I'll be damned06:55
iToastCan someone help.07:48
iToastI just reinstalled ubutnu 11.10 server07:48
iToastThe reason I call it a piece of crap is since 11.10, i dont get video out.07:48
iToastI don't have a ssh dameon installed to controll it over the network so I can't do anything and when i try and install 10.4 LTS, it thinks it needs cdrom drivers that don't exist.07:49
iToastNow im stuck with a broken system.07:49
iToastCan someone help?!07:51
greppyiToast: do you not get any video out, or does it stop after grub?07:52
iToastI dont get video out07:52
iToastThe machine boots, it has a status light at the front that turns green when its at the login screen07:53
iToastMy monitor will stay active for about 5 mins after the boot then just goes to standbye due to a lack of video07:53
CaribouiToast: what kind of system is this ?07:55
iToastCaribou, Its a thin client by wyse07:56
iToastCaribou, ubuntu 10.4 had no problem07:57
iToast8.4 too, 11.4 had some issues07:57
Cariboumaybe some boot param has changed, lemme check08:00
CaribouiToast: did you try to add vga=791 as a boot param to manually force the resolution ?08:07
iToastCaribou, no08:11
iToastAs soon as its suppost to show grub, the screen goes blank08:11
Caribouoh, I thought that you had the system installed and it was going blank after the reboot08:12
iToastIts installed08:12
iToastIt boots, i can't get to grub or console...08:12
CaribouCan I ask why you're using Ubuntu Server on a thin client ? I would expect Desktop to be used there08:16
iToastI need a low power machine that is supported by almost every linux distro.08:17
Caribouok, make sense08:17
iToastIts like a mac, you have one set of hardware...08:18
iToastFinding support is very easy the hardware is common and you can run almost anything ;P08:18
CaribouI don't remember if grub behaves the same way on server, but on desktop you don't get the grub menu unless you keep the <Shift> key pressed08:19
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WomkesDoes anybody have a guide for installing a KVM client on a DRBD resource?09:19
henkjanWomkes: have a look at http://code.google.com/p/ganeti/09:20
WomkesI will have a look now09:21
WomkesWell henkjan09:21
Womkesthat looks freaking awesome09:21
WomkesGoing to try it this afternoon when Im home09:22
lynxmanmorning o/09:24
Womkeshenkjan, what distro and virtulisation option would you recommend for ganeti?09:25
Womkesseems it is geared a bit more towards xen then kvm09:25
Womkesand debian instead of ubuntu09:26
henkjanWomkes: i would use ubuntu. its packaged and available in universe09:28
henkjanWomkes: kvm support was added in 2.0 releases and should work09:28
chmacDoes /tmp get cleared when ubuntu restarts?09:30
WomkesAh, thats great, so I just have to add the universe repo to my install09:30
Womkesand get going09:30
chmacYes they do, thanks DuckDuckGo :-)09:31
Davieyjamespage: Hey, have you seen - http://kohsuke.org/2011/12/27/jenkins-now-acts-as-an-ssh-daemon/ ?09:41
jamespageDaviey: yep - had spotted that09:42
jamespagewas working on the toolchain for jenkins modules yesterday09:42
jamespageit's not playing that well with maven-debian-helper ATM09:42
jamespage(oh - its implemented as a jenkins module I think)09:42
Davieysounds interesting, anyway :)09:44
WomkesSure is09:45
WomkesI am having difficulties with getting CLI to work here09:46
jamespageDaviey: once I get that working we should at least have support for SSH keypairs for cli access in precise09:46
WomkesCant figure out why it is not working, getting timouts09:46
WomkesAPI works fine09:46
Davieyjamespage: on the public facing instance?09:46
jamespageDaviey: probably not :-)09:46
jamespagebut TBH having access to the public instance for Ubuntu does not actually get you anything - its a dumb read-only copy09:47
jamespageWomkes: whats not working in the CLI?09:50
WomkesWell, I am in the guy in our company assigned to CI project. Have setup a Jenkins environment for this09:50
WomkesBut I cannot get the CLI to work09:50
WomkesIt works fine in my local test setup but not on the production server09:51
WomkesI get a timeout error09:51
Womkeslike this09:57
Womkesjava -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://url.to.jenkins/ help09:57
WomkesException in thread "main" java.io.EOFException: unexpected stream termination09:57
Womkes        at hudson.remoting.Channel.<init>(Channel.java:408)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.remoting.Channel.<init>(Channel.java:366)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.remoting.Channel.<init>(Channel.java:327)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.remoting.Channel.<init>(Channel.java:323)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.remoting.Channel.<init>(Channel.java:311)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.cli.CLI.connectViaHttp(CLI.java:122)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.cli.CLI.<init>(CLI.java:105)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.cli.CLI.<init>(CLI.java:83)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.cli.CLI._main(CLI.java:267)09:57
Womkes        at hudson.cli.CLI.main(CLI.java:216)09:58
Womkestakes few minutes then I get this error09:58
Daviey!pastebin | Womkes09:59
ubottuWomkes: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:59
lynxmanDaviey: normally for bugs as #107044 should I just close it as "Invalid" or as "Fix Released"?10:01
Davieybug 10704410:04
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 107044 in ubuntu "[needs packaging] Apache ActiveMQ" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10704410:04
Davieylynxman: sorry, i'm overwhelmed with bugs such as ipxe related ones to track all the others.10:06
DavieyIf only someone would help close ipxe bugs, i'd have a better idea :P10:06
* lynxman *gets it*10:06
Aisoni've got my own mailserver with postfix + dovecot and I would like to have got an autoreply on one of the email addresses. What do you recommend?10:16
Aisondo I need some special service or is it supported by dovecot or such?10:16
lynxmanAison: both postfix and dovecot support Sieve, I'd recommend that way, although I'm Sieve biased (http://koansys.com/tech/sieve-server-side-mail-filtering-with-postfix-dovecot)10:17
andolSieve is nice.10:18
Aisonthx :)10:20
Aisonother question: do you guys know a nice webbased software for a todo list or very simple project management? We are just three people and search something simple and not this big project managment tools10:21
AisonI already lookt at "Tracks"10:22
Aison-t +ed10:22
WomkesAison, I have done some research into this past few weeks10:24
WomkesTried a couple10:24
WomkesHard to find a good one, but I think Iḿ going with Open Atrium10:24
samba35what is "true" way to configure FQDN10:25
Aisonoh, nice, have to try that :)10:25
Aisonsamba35, what do you mean with "true" way? :P would you like to setup your own dns servers?10:26
samba35i have many version of configure FQDN10:27
lynxmansamba35: follow the path of the fqdn warrior.... or just configure your /etc/hosts with both the hostname and full fqdn :)10:27
samba35do i have to replace
Aison127.0.0.1 is expacted to be localhost in hosts file10:29
samba35if i have mail server and web server on same machine ,do i have to use privite ip or public ip for10:30
Aisonif the name ist public, use the public ip, else the private10:31
samba35i want to host webserver with my domain10:31
Aisonwell, if your domainname is   foobar.example.com  and you would like to have got email@example.com10:32
Aisonyou have to setup    IP   foobar.example.com  foobar10:32
Aisonin your hosts file and of course you have to setup your dns server also10:33
Aisonthe zone file for example.com have to contain a line like10:34
Aison@ IN MX 10 mail10:34
samba35i have setup a blog when i use www.abcd.com it work  when i run www.abcd.com/blog then it show localhost in address bar10:34
Aisonwhile mail is10:34
Aisonmail IN CNAME foobar.example.com.10:35
samba35i will try this again and get back to you10:36
samba35thanks for you co-operation10:36
samba35do u have fqdn on your server10:37
samba35or any working host file10:37
samba35with fqdn10:37
Aisonbut i've got only one IP on my server and this is public10:38
samba35if you dont mind can you pleae pastbin to me ?10:38
Dutchy^hi Gents...10:39
Aisonsamba35, http://lazarus.jaison.ch/hosts10:39
Dutchy^pretty new on a ubuntu aws box and i managed to login with putty after converting the default key-pair...10:40
Aisonsamba35, http://lazarus.jaison.ch/db.jaison.ch10:40
samba35so i have to use my publip ip10:40
Aisonthis is the zonefile10:40
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, presumably there was a question coming? ;p10:40
Dutchy^but when i want to add more user to getin with ssh without having the public sent in front,,,is ther a link for this how to do this?10:40
Dutchy^http://blog.sofasurfer.org/2011/07/16/ubuntu-ec2-add-new-admin-user/ this a action per user right?10:41
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, not entirely sure what you're doing10:41
Dutchy^hi cwillu_at_work!10:41
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, what do you want to be able to do? (not in terms of ssh, but what you actually want to do)10:41
samba35Aison: if i want to use my isp's control pannel for dns and add dns /mx thier in that case what i will require on my local machine ?10:42
Dutchy^well normally on a box,,,i add users and when those users are login,,,,they are promt to save the key and go ahead right?10:42
cwillu_at_workplease cut out the ",,,"10:42
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, do you mean "key" or "password"?10:43
Aisonsamba35, well, you need an smtp server that accepts the mails ;)10:43
Dutchy^but to answers your question10:43
samba35Aison: can i send you pm ?10:43
Dutchy^i want to add users set the password and enable then with ssh10:44
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, do you want to permit people to log in via ssh using their password?10:44
cwillu_at_workthat's the default behaviour10:44
cwillu_at_workyou don't need to do anything further, other than making the user (and making sure it's not a system user)10:45
Dutchy^PasswordAuthentication yes10:45
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, two things to keep in mind though:10:45
cwillu_at_workone: password authentication is only as strong as the weakest password, and a strong password becomes weak the moment you type it into a keylogger by accident :p10:45
Dutchy^oke i will test again wanted to make sure if this was a aws image issue10:46
funkyHatIf you must allow password login via ssh, you really really should install fail2ban10:46
NeoNetNinjaHello peepz, I just built my own NAS and am installing Ubuntu Server via USB. After running "Check disc for defects" it says "not a valid Ubuntu disc". I created the USB flash in Ubuntu GUI with the Startup Disc Creator. Is this normal or should I re-image the USB media? Giga-thanks!10:46
cwillu_at_worktwo:  be careful who you give shell access to; there's a constant trickle of vulnerabilities that can permit a non-root user to gain root permissions10:46
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, it's strongly recommend to disable password auth in ssh and just use keys instead10:46
Dutchy^good point cwillu_at_work, however the usecase are on demand boxes for education10:47
Dutchy^so i have to setup 15 users who will work on this box and then i stop it10:47
NeoNetNinjaOr, what would be the best way to install Ubuntu Server from a USB flash drive? Ergo UnetBootin or is Startup Disc Creator fine?10:50
NeoNetNinjaOr would I get the same result with both?10:51
NeoNetNinjaI'll try UnetBootin... see how it goes... install-fest!;)10:52
Dutchy^cwillu_at_work : so i logged in. made useradd test -g test, then passwd user and now should be able to login?10:54
cwillu_at_workbelieve so10:56
NeoNetNinjaIs "Checking Disc for Defects" for Ubuntu Server on a USB flash drive the same as checking it on CD/DVD media? I'm getting the same result having created it with UnetBootin. The exact working is "No valid Ubuntu CD-ROM". Its saying that because its USB media and not an actual CD I assume, right?10:59
NeoNetNinjaIs it ok to go ahead and do the install?10:59
Dutchy^cwillu_at_work, well during ssh connect its asking for apublic key11:00
NeoNetNinja"The CD-ROM you have inserted is not a valid Ubuntu CD-ROM. Please change the disk"11:00
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, what does it say exactly?11:00
Dutchy^i am using crt: a public key has not been specified for this session, do you want to specify now?11:01
* NeoNetNinja is being anal (lol)11:01
Dutchy^The client has disconnected from the server.  Reason: Unable to authenticate using any of the configured authentication methods.11:02
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, pastebin /etc/ssh/sshd_config and /etc/passwd11:03
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, can you verify the problem with openssh's client?11:05
Dutchy^lets try putty11:05
cwillu_at_worklets try openssh :p11:05
cwillu_at_workI don't have putty in front of me, which makes it basically impossible to verify that things are working as expected11:06
Dutchy^Permission denied (publickey).11:11
Dutchy^its the same story,that my connects wants a public first11:11
Dutchy^never had that with oter non aws boxes11:12
Dutchy^so its not running as default and thats why stories as http://blog.sofasurfer.org/2011/07/16/ubuntu-ec2-add-new-admin-user/ exists11:12
Dutchy^so how to get it just a a normal box to allow me the session in public setup, thats the q i think right?11:13
cwillu_at_work<cwillu_at_work> Dutchy^, pastebin /etc/ssh/sshd_config and /etc/passwd11:14
cwillu_at_workit's not that it wants a public first, it's that it's only accepting a public key11:14
cwillu_at_workDutchy^, you might want to kill PermitRootLogin yes11:16
cwillu_at_workPasswordAuthentication no needs to be yes11:16
cwillu_at_workthat should be all you need to do11:17
Dutchy^cwilu_at_work :-)!11:20
Dutchy^superb sir, i overlooked this11:20
Dutchy^feel a little bit dumb, thanks a lot11:20
Dutchy^i was landed to much in the keys11:21
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tyskahi guys13:35
tyskato change the hostname of one machine i have to edit /etc/hostname and reboot the machine right?13:35
henkjantyska: you can change the hostname of a running system with 'hostname yourdesiredname'13:38
zulgood morning13:44
tyskahi guys, there is anyone here?13:44
ikoniatyska: many people13:53
kaipanoiSet up a new md array yesterday. Saw this as it was finishing, should I be worried or is Linux going to work around the problem? http://pastebin.com/Sj44G83J14:01
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ikoniakaipanoi: and you manipulate the meta device ?14:04
abcdudei have only small font in CLI . how to do?14:05
abcdudei try setupcon. not ok14:05
kaipanoiYou mean in a terminal window or on the tty console?14:06
abcdudekaipanoi i dont know what to call. the login screen I got after installing ubuntu server version 10.x14:11
kaipanoithat's probably a tty then14:12
MTecknologyIs eucalyptus something I could use to manage a whole lot of KVM hosts?14:13
kaipanoiCheck out sladen's post http://askubuntu.com/questions/97469/what-is-the-default-debian-ubuntu-console-tty-font-called14:13
kaipanoithat was meant for, abcdude14:13
MTecknologykaipanoi: had to clarify that I'm not worth your time, huh?14:15
kaipanoiwow, really? Sounds like you might need to take some time off. I was trying not to WASTE your time.14:16
kaipanoiikonia: what do you mean?14:17
abcdudeif I change or edit default console fonts, it is just temporary. after reboot, i still see the same14:21
abcdudesmall font14:21
MTecknologyhm.. i guess he couldn't tell i was joking :(14:24
abcdudewhat should I do?14:25
MTecknologyI've never changed tty fonts - I didn't even know that was possible (figured it should be but never thought about it)14:28
abcdudeI got this problem twice14:28
* pmatulis remembers doing that in slackware installer (changing tty fonts)14:28
abcdudei notice that whenever i installed on computer with better graphic port (on board) or graphics card, I got the same problem with small fonts14:29
abcdudewhat do I do?14:33
zulrbasak: ping14:43
rbasakhey zul14:43
zulrbasak: can you resubmit your console.fifo plllllleeeease :)14:43
rbasakResubmit to where? Upstream?14:43
zuli dont want to have to main it14:44
MTecknologyabcdude: I assume you did a quick google search and found this already? http://www.tankmiche.com/tips/customize-tty-appearance/14:44
rbasakThey won't take it unless it's reworked to use processes, AFAIK.14:44
zularrgh...need sleep14:44
zulcan you try to rework it?14:44
rbasakIt's a lot of work, and I feel that it would be quite invasive. I'm not sure how to approach it in a way that would be acceptable to upstream.14:44
zulrbasak: can you ask on #openstack-dev perhaps bug soren14:45
zulrbasak: because its a rather large patch that we have to carry and its going to cause nightmares for me in falsom14:45
rbasakThe last I spoke to Daviey on this, my understanding is that I wouldn't be doing it because of the amount of work it would be for me14:46
rbasakYes, that's what I said too, but Daviey didn't think it would be too much work. If it is, maybe he can reconsider applying this to Precise?14:46
zulDaviey: ^^^14:46
zulmaybe Daviey can get it upstream14:46
chmacmysql --debug --ssl --ssl-ca ca-cert.pem --ssl-cert client-cert.pem --ssl-key client-key.pem -h host.tld -u user -p = Segmentation Fault14:47
chmacWell, it asks for the password first, the segfaults.14:47
chmacI tried --debug, but it says debug is not installed.14:48
* Daviey will re-read scrollback after this call14:48
rbasakI designed it to have a very small and clean integration point with nova - nova just has to tell the class when to start and stop logging. Integrating it with processes is really down to how upstream want nova to manage processes of this form - making this happen should not affect the rest of the patch. I'm happy for upstream to take this on, or Daviey if he likes.14:48
rbasakI would just try and fork, but IIRC I tried that and bad things happened to sqlalchemy. I think spawning a process "properly" would be needed.14:49
rbasakI'm a bit miffed that upstream don't take this more seriously, tbh. It is a security vulnerability that they're carrying after all.14:50
Madkisshi folks14:52
Madkissjust a quick question; will there still be an "alternative installation cd" with Ubuntu 12.04, given that the server and desktop branches will be merged?14:52
smbzul, I think after upgrading the xen-utils-common, this broke (or at least makes it very unintuitive) usage of the xl state. Switched it around to xl, rebooted and have lots of trouble to get a pv guest to have a network... :(14:54
zulson of a..14:55
* zul shakes his fist14:56
smbI can do manually by adding the vif to the bridge I want and then ifconfig up it. Just not very user friendly... And documentation about that is... sparse14:56
smbI know14:56
abcdudetweaking or chaning various fonts in console-setup is not ok for me14:57
abcdudewhat do I do?14:57
abcdudeit worked as i wish temporary. but after reboot, it changed back to small fonts14:58
abcdudewhat do I do?15:00
smoserzul, or Daviey you have thoughts on my comment in bug 929523 ?15:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929523 in bacula "bacula-director does not start, dummy libbaccats " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92952315:05
smoserthis stuff is new to me.15:05
hallynstgraber: I'm considering the following lxc debdiff (http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff), but there must be a more robust way to do the networking?15:06
smoserplease? someone?15:07
hallynsome type of network setup macros i'm not aware of...15:07
stgraberhallyn: the check could at least be changed to [ -d /sys/class/net/${LXC_BRIDGE} ]15:07
zulsmoser:  maybe remove the other libaccts and just have them symlinks maybe?15:08
zulsmoser:  other than that im not sure..i might take a crack out of it15:09
hallynstgraber: ok (there's another instance of that check, will change both)15:10
* Daviey reads scrollback15:11
stgraberhallyn: you could also check for "/sys/class/net/${LXC_BRIDGE}/brif/*/" to detect bridge members I believe15:11
Davieyzul: Is there complexity attached to porting this patch to precise?15:13
zulDaviey: no its done, it just needs to be tested and maintained so whenever the code changes then the ci stuff will break15:14
Davieyzul: break, or inform us we need to refresh the patch?15:16
zulDaviey: inform15:16
zulDaviey: break in my mind though ;)15:16
smoserzul, i dont htink that would fix it though15:17
smoseras its going by the soname15:17
smoseri tihnk15:17
zuli would like to see how redhat does15:18
zuldoes it15:18
* zul cant type today15:18
smoserie, if we moved the libbaccats-mysql-5.2.5.so to libbaccats-5.2.5.so, it would still have the soname describing the 'mysql' bit15:18
smoserand then it wouldn't resolve.15:18
smoserthe one option i thin would work is to just override the deps15:18
smoserie, shlibs.local15:19
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dforthmanHi. I'm using the check_nrpe plugin checking the event log on a Windows host running NSClient++ with NRPE plugin installed. When I run my query, filtering for Backup Exec source, errors only, it comes back saying Eventlog check is ok. But when I look at the server, there's several error messages that are not being reported.15:27
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
zulsmoser: try it15:33
smoserzul, i'm not sure of the format and it seems generally like a bad idea15:34
zulthere is no bad ideas just stupid ones :)15:35
cloudgeekany good link for a student to setup a webhosting on ubuntu server laptop, i serach google not any relevant link can any provide or guide me15:40
cloudgeekif anybody can do15:40
EvilResistanceSpamapS, around?15:42
smbmdeslaur, Hey, would you be the one to talk about an issue with virt-manager?15:45
cloudgeekwhich is best option as a firewall15:45
cloudgeekor shorewall15:45
mdeslaursmb: hrm, maybe :P15:46
mdeslaursmb: what's up?15:46
stgraberhallyn: so wrt switching lxc to upstart, I believe it should be done before feature freeze. It's not technically a feature because it "should" be pretty much identical to the user, but it's still a pretty significant change15:46
smbmdeslaur, Still would need to file a bug. But it seems to me there is a minor issue of it to detect that a xen guest has shut down.15:46
smbDoing a virsh connection and list, this is displayed correctly15:47
smbJust the icon (and I think internal state) of the gui remains as running15:48
hallynstgraber: ok.  I need to get those changes queued up for dlezcano, but will upstartify after that.15:48
mdeslaursmb: file a bug, but usually virt-manager just does what libvirt says15:50
smbmdeslaur, Ok, will do. Though I realize that maybe I need to try again with a precise desktop. /me keeps the work-desktop a bit back right now and does forget that fact sometimes15:51
tjaaltonuh, so lxc wants to run it's own dnsmasq, and fails horribly when I already have it set up?15:53
tjaaltonby cobbler15:54
stgraberhallyn: I just noticed pitti uploaded a new LXC...15:54
hallynpresumably mine will be rejected then15:55
hallyni'll rebase15:55
hallyntjaalton: yes, i watned to ask stgraber about a way to fix that15:55
hallyn(checking bug #)15:55
tjaaltonhallyn: ok, cool15:55
hallynstgraber: the suggestion in bug 92551115:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 925511 in lxc "lxc init script should fail when it ... failed" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92551115:56
tjaaltonalso, looks like resolvconf doesn't follow dns-nameservers on /e/n/interfaces15:56
SpamapSEvilResistance: here now, whats up?15:56
EvilResistanceSpamapS, incoming /query15:56
stgrabertjaalton: hmm, it definitely does, I'm using it on a few machines (resolvconf is the owner for the dns-* stuff in /e/n/interfaces)15:57
nottheoilrigi can configure policy routing with "ip route ..." and "ip rule ..."15:58
nottheoilrigwhere is the correct place to put these commands so they "stick" when i reboot?15:59
tjaaltonstgraber: well it doesn't seem to work here :/16:00
stgrabertjaalton: can I have your /etc/network/interfaces + know where /etc/resolv.conf points to + "status resolvconf" + content of /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf and content of /run/resolvconf/interface/* ?16:02
tjaaltonstgraber: ok one sec16:05
tjaaltonstgraber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835370/16:08
dforthmanHi. I have an Ubuntu Server 11.10 set up as a Nagios server. I have the check_nrpe addon installed, and am pulling the EventLog from a Windows2k8 machine running NSClient++ with NRPE addon. When I run my query, it returns with no errors in the event log. But, there are clearly errors when I remote to the server and look manually. Does anyone have any experience with Nagios and NSClient++? There's noone responding in #nagios16:09
stgrabertjaalton: ok, that's pretty weird. I'm unfortuantely busy breaking my test machine at the moment so can't look at it just now, will do in a bit.16:10
tjaaltonstgraber: no problem, I've just added the nameserver in resolv.conf.d/tail for the time being :)16:10
tjaaltonI'll try to trace the script myself16:12
smbmdeslaur, bug 929626 filed (seems to be same still in precise)16:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929626 in virt-manager "virt-manager misses xen guests shutting down" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92962616:17
mdeslaursmb: thanks...I may merge virt-manager and virtinst this week, so I'll probably test with the new versions before taking a look at the old ones16:18
smbmdeslaur, ok. as soon as I see newer uploads I will re-test anyway16:18
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cloudgeekhow to amzon like service16:31
roaksoaxDaviey: free?16:47
Davieyroaksoax: always for you.16:49
roaksoaxDaviey: so http://paste.ubuntu.com/835415/16:49
roaksoaxDaviey: the default profile/system preseed for the enlister is worrying me16:50
Davieyroaksoax: ok16:50
roaksoaxDaviey: we are passing, user/pass, host-profile16:50
Davieyroaksoax: right16:50
roaksoaxDaviey: so, there's no *easy* way to determine this automatically16:50
roaksoaxDaviey: and we are passing the password in clear text16:51
roaksoaxDaviey: so I don't personally think we should have automatic enlisting by default, but rather, have the user input at least password, and a profile if different from default16:52
Davieyroaksoax: cjwatson and SpamapS worked to make the preseed channel ssl.16:52
roaksoaxDaviey: right but apart from that, you could read the kickstart by doing this:
roaksoaxwhich will also show the password16:55
Davieyroaksoax: that needs tightening up. :)16:55
Davieyroaksoax: lets get the functionality there, and we'll poke it next week.16:55
Davieyroaksoax: Note, that this is a prerequisite for other work.  we won't be passing cobbler creds long term.16:56
roaksoaxDaviey: ok but besides of using ssl for preseeding, there's no way for us to automatically determine what password to use (as this is set when installing cobbler) unless we store it somewhere in base64 and decrypt it at the time of reading the preseed16:56
Davieyroaksoax: it can be overridden via the API?16:57
jjohansenhallyn: I tracked down the problem I was having, and it is looking like its going to take a while to fix.16:58
jjohansenHow import is being able to define rules based off of options?  Well most of them specifically options that are not (bind,remount,move)16:58
jjohanseneg. you could still do16:58
jjohansen  bind /foo -> /bar,16:58
jjohansen  deny bin /foo -> /bar,16:58
jjohansen  mount fstype=procfs -> /bar,16:58
jjohansen  mount options=rw,16:58
roaksoaxDaviey: you mean, if the enlisting process fails due to a wrong apassword, could you input it?16:58
Davieyroaksoax: yeah!16:58
rbasakDaviey: I've spent the last couple of days poking at openmpi. I have potential rebuild failures with libboost-(something)mpi, and haven't tested that much else (just one other package which works). So I'm concerned about getting it all fully rebuild tested before feature freeze, especially since I'm struggling with tooling to do rebuild tests against local openmpi build-depends.16:59
roaksoaxDaviey: i guess so if the enlister udeb adam_g was working on supports that checking16:59
rbasakJust trying to make sure you know before the last minute.16:59
Davieyrbasak: can you draft a mail to ubuntu-release@lists.ubuntu.com outlining what you are doing, and potential concerns which might make it slip FF?16:59
jjohansenhallyn: I am thinking of just disabling the option match for now, you could still specify them but nothing would happen.  That would should let me get you a ppa today and then I can mess with fixing the options stuff over the weekend16:59
rbasakWe could just dump it all in the archive to see what happens, but we won't know what happens until a rebuild test.17:00
rbasakDaviey: I'm not sure it's anything fundamental to what I'm doing, but more that I'm unfamiliar with the tooling around testing dependent package rebuilds before uploading stuff, thus making me slow.17:01
hallynjjohansen: so we would be able to distinguish bind from non-bind right?17:01
Davieyrbasak: yeah, that is understandable17:01
hallynthat's still helpful17:01
roaksoaxDaviey: anywya, i'll just put a sample preseed with a default user/pass cobbler:cobbler and make sure the functionality works.17:01
Davieyroaksoax: cool17:02
hallynjjohansen: heck prolly useful without even that.  we don't want to allow proc to be mounted *anywhere* else (or /sys), to enforce the rules we have17:02
hallynstgraber: can you comment on bug 928524 ?17:02
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 928524 in lxc "lxcbr0 fails to come up when dnsmasq is installed" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92852417:02
hallynjjohansen: and then i'l lneed to think about how to handle user-specifed per-container restrictions.  but i can't think about that right now.17:03
rbasakDaviey: you want me to email ubuntu-release@lists.ubuntu.com regardless?17:03
Davieyrbasak: If it's a concern that something with lots of rdepends won't be ready, it's probably wise.17:04
Daviey(we could do with being more communicative :)17:04
smbzul, Dammit, ok I found out why networking fails. Apparently we need vifscript uncommented and pointing to the full path (/etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge) for it to be found. What I have not figured out is how to force it to use something different than xenbr0 without having that repeated in every guest cfg.17:36
smb(meaning in /etc/xen/xl.conf and for xl)17:36
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webPragmatistwhats a cool graphical cli of junk regarding a system?17:44
webPragmatistlike htop17:44
webPragmatistbut cooler17:44
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roaksoaxadam_g: how do you debug the enlistment process18:29
roaksoaxin the installer18:29
adam_groaksoax: should be output in syslog, or drop to a shell and exec the enlister yourself with the same arguments you've preseeded?18:34
adam_groaksoax: also, you can export COBBLER_ENLIST_DEBUG=1 and get more verbose debug from the tool.18:35
ragnar_Just installed a new virtual network card. How do I make ubuntu server detect it?18:42
MTecknologyIs it possible to use a password for a LUKS volume but feed the password in throught stdin or something?18:46
MTecknologyI'm trying to have a one server log into another and mount that volume through an ssh connection so the server itself doesn't mount the luks volume, but a remote system does18:49
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roaksoaxadam_g: cool... and does it validate things like wrong password and stuff like that (i.e. what if the password send by the preseed is wrong, does it request to input a new one?)19:05
roaksoaxadam_g: what about the hostname?, can it be preseeded empty, or would it automatically detect a hostname?19:05
adam_groaksoax: you'll get an xml fault from the server, cobbler-enlist will print that and ext 119:10
adam_groaksoax: theres a branch here; https://code.launchpad.net/~gandelman-a/ubuntu/precise/cobbler-enlist/avahi19:10
adam_groaksoax: taht supports discovery of the orchestra server, feel free to take that19:11
adam_groaksoax: the avahi advertisement it looks for is hardcoded, so you'll need to update it to whatever it is your looking for19:11
roaksoaxadam_g: right, so what i'm doing is simply create a default system with a enlistment preseed/ Once the machine boots, it will boot to this preseed by default and will register itself to cobbler, this, however, requires cobbler's user/pass, hostname and profile to use AFAIK. So my point was, if any of these are not passed in the preseed, will the process fail and cause an error?19:13
roaksoaxadam_g: so if no ohstname is passed, will it just fail, or will it request to enter a hostname? if no profile to register the system with is passed, witll it be requested? If the password (or iuser) are wrong, will it be requested?19:14
kirklandjcastro: ping19:18
roaksoaxadam_g: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835626/19:18
roaksoaxDaviey: ^^19:18
adam_groaksoax: if cobbler-enlist fails, it will exit with an xml fault and rc 1.  it also will fail if it does not have the minimum required parameteres (hostname, username, password, profile and a few others i think)19:20
roaksoaxadam_g: alright, so we were talking with Daviey about it, and we kinda agreed that if for example, password is incorrect, it should request for user input19:22
roaksoaxadam_g: on the other hand, wouldn't it be better for the udeb to determine its own hostname with its mac address?19:22
adam_groaksoax: currently there is no user interaction like that in cobbler-enlist, if you can handle that in d-i great19:22
adam_groaksoax: yeah.19:22
roaksoaxadam_g: ok cool, I;ll run this with Daviey and see what could be good improvements for it19:23
roaksoaxthanks for the info19:23
adam_groaksoax: or generate a random hostname thats some mangled version of its mac19:23
roaksoaxadam_g: indeed19:23
roaksoaxadam_g: i do like that idea, cause the provider (cobbler) can't determine a hostname based on the mac cause we are preseeding that to a unkwnon system19:24
adam_groaksoax: yeah, just generate it somewhere on the client system and pass as input to cobbler-enlist19:25
roaksoaxadam_g: ok cool19:26
aFeijohi folks, sudenly my ubuntu 10.10 has no internet, but I am accessing it thru putty so it works in my LAN. What can be the problem?19:34
cwillu_at_workaFeijo, dns, bad gateway, incorrect routing tables, misconfigured firewall, busted router19:37
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roaksoaxadam_g: so if I do not specify hostname/profile in the preseed, it asks for it, however, it doesn't register the system in cobbler19:42
roaksoaxadam_g: if I preseed those values, then it does register it successfully19:42
itgeohello guys, i install some pentest tools from another distro on kubuntu but i am not able to get the pentest menu in kmenu. They are all under Lost and Found menu19:45
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jcastrokirkland: pong20:22
hallynsmoser: trying ot test out my port of your btrfs extensions to lxc-clone.  but sure enough, after creating the first btrfs continer and start+stopping it, i can't mkdir on the fs at all any more - read-only filesystem20:33
smoserhallyn, as in you think there is a bug in my code or a bug in btrfs20:34
smoserits possible i just used it wrong, being a luser20:34
smoserhallyn, remember i had some of the lxc-clone stuff done20:35
smoserbut i ditched it20:35
smoseri had some of the lxc-create done20:35
smoserlxc-clone is committed.20:36
hallynhm, actually maybe it's not btrfs's fault.  I dunno.20:37
roaksoaxadam_g: so this is what I did to set the hostname/profile temporarily untill we find a better solution20:37
roaksoaxadam_g: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835716/20:37
roaksoaxDaviey: ^^20:37
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smoserhallyn, the whole fs goes ?20:37
smoseror just that dir ?20:38
smosercan you show me a recreate ?20:38
roaksoaxsmoser: ^^ you might also be interested as this is from bug #89884020:38
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 898840 in cobbler "'default' preseed should be enlister" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89884020:38
hallynsmoser: the whole fs.20:38
smoserwell i dont think thats my fault then.20:38
smoserkernel messages?20:38
hallynsmoser: it happens after the lxc-stop.  so i imagine it's being umounted badly.20:38
hallynsmoser: i was never thinking it was your fault.20:39
hallyni thought btrfs was corrupted.  but now i think it's lxc's fault20:39
smoseri'm confused as to what you're doing though.20:39
SteevcaI am having a problem with my network connection,the guy from ubuntu told me to ask here.I can't connect at all.20:39
Steevcahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/835463/  This is what i got from followin a tut.20:39
hallynsmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835728/   on a canonistack instance20:43
adam_groaksoax: cool20:45
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hallynsmoser: even if i add 'mount --make-rslave /var/lib/lxc', it still does it.  so i think it's a problem with btrfs.  but i'll need to think up some testcases for it when i have time20:51
RoyKhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/835745/ <-- where can I find the connection between sdX and ataN?21:02
hallynsmoser: nm, it happens with ext4 too.  it has to do with my bind mounts21:03
_rubenRoyK: i posted a similar question on askubuntu, which did get answered i think21:04
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Davieyroaksoax: okay, and that works with cobbler/cobbler creds?21:26
roaksoaxDaviey yes it does21:34
roaksoaxDaviey we still need to find thr better way to handle that and probably request the pass if not preseeded21:34
Davieyroaksoax: if it is a null value, password request will happen.21:35
Davieyroaksoax: We need to check in with bigjools, because it will not require a user/pass combination long term.21:36
roaksoaxDaviey ok maybe a token that expires after registration will catch up with him next week21:41
Davieyroaksoax: cool, i think it's going to be a use-once oauth token.  However, it's still conceptial.21:42
roaksoaxDaviey cool21:43
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Davieyrbasak: bug 929780 :)22:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929780 in nova "console.ring files should not be world readable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92978022:37
rbasakDaviey: I think that's an upstream bug. It's the permission on the instance directory or one of its parents that should be secure, and that has nothing to do with console.ring.22:47
Davieyrbasak: ah, ok. thanks22:48
rbasak(though it isn't clear what the permission of the parent directories are - maybe they're protected already?)22:48
undecimWhat does it mean if a system responds to pings, but there is nothing in /var/log/ to indicate that it booted?22:49
Davieyrbasak: *shrug* :)22:49
rbasakI suppose we could create console.ring 600, but we'd also have to worry about anything else that might go in that directory. I'd say it's sufficient to just protect the directory, but if it's decided otherwise I'd be happy for the ringbuffer class to accept a umaskk.22:50
rbasakI don't recall console.log being anything other than 644 either, though I could be wrong :)22:50
Davieyrbasak: Honestly, i don't know without reproducing22:51
xystemanyone have real world experience setting up ubuntu to authenticate and share drives over an existing active directory enviroment running server 2k8 r2?22:56
xystemI can authenticate... but my user has sudo permissions, unable to edit network controllers, or see the domains shared drives22:57
xystembut the local user can22:57
mgwhttps://gist.github.com/1784058 <<<< given a d-i partition map such as that, how can I determine which partition has what device name (sda1, sda2, etc)?22:58
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xystemwell, looks like linux fails to do what 50 million people want it to do.. and fails on any support... all documentation on the internet is old.. does not apply.... and this chan is so far dead23:04
xystemand likewise-open is garbage23:05
Jeeves_xystem: What are you brabbling about?23:05
xystemmy first three posts23:05
Jeeves_Well, first of all. You seem to have issues with likewise-open, and blaim linux for it23:06
Jeeves_That's kinda strange23:06
xystemkerberos does not work23:06
xystemneither does samba23:06
Jeeves_samba works fine for me, if i'd need it23:06
xystemim a long time user of linux.. never had to join to an active directory before... and this is not working23:07
xystemI use samba at home.. it's great23:07
xystembut in an enterprise envi... not so much23:07
Jeeves_You should never join active directory :)23:07
xystemtoo bad.. it rules most networks... and makes the money23:07
Jeeves_No, it costs the money23:07
xystembussiness networks23:07
xystemit breaks.. i fix the active directory... therefore it makes me the money23:08
Jeeves_Anyway, might be more useful to elaborate about your issue, than to blame all documentation on the internet that does not apply and nobody wants to support23:08
* RoyK sniggers23:08
xystemwhat more is there to elaborate?23:08
Jeeves_I'm of no help, btw. I haven't used Windows environments for about 15 years23:09
xystemdocumentation does apply23:09
xystembut old23:09
RoyKxystem: RTFS!23:09
xystemalready did23:10
xystemim not stupid.. and this is why the ubuntu chan sucks...at least when i have an issue the mint chan doesn't have condescending assholes23:10
Jeeves_Hi, you again?23:12
Jeeves_Calling me an condescending asshole? :)23:12
Jeeves_xystem: Have you ever considered to buy support? As you do with you super-duper Windows environments?23:12
xystemyeah well.... you are still doing it....    and im a single user, the only user in this network running linux... no use buying support.. in fact.. it's an attempt to convince my company to support linux.. but i have to figure this out myself23:14
xystemI can not help that most people use windows... therefore I have to support it23:14
xystemdoes not mean I like it23:14
xystemand yes23:14
xystemyou are what I called you23:14
qman___amazing what people expect for nothing23:17
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PatrickdkI can't remember ever having issues using AD on my ubuntu machines23:20
qman___I've never actually done it successfully, but it's got nothing to do with ubuntu or even linux in particular, just goes with the territory23:21
Jeeves_Off to bed, see ya23:21
qman___I just mean that whole bit about how we're the jerks because a free support channel comprised mostly of volunteers doesn't have an immediate resolution to his specific problem23:22
Patrickdkhey, he had a question23:23
Patrickdkit wasn't solved on his timeline23:23
Jeeves_We should ddos the ** out of him!23:23
Patrickdktherefor the internail fail23:23
mpzubuntu server n00b, is it possible to enable pkgs for later releases? we're running lucid 10.4 which runs mysql 5.1.41 which has a bug. can i upgrade mysql to newer 5.1 release without upgrading the release? thanks for the help23:27
Patrickdkif it's in backports23:29
Patrickdkmpz, personally, I would just install mysql from http://www.percona.com/doc/percona-server/5.5/23:30
Patrickdkyou can get newer 5.1 and 5.5 there23:31
jkylethe service utility fails to stop the networking service with "stop: unknown instance"23:33
mpzPatrickdk: not in backports, if i'm on lucid can i not enable maverick repo?23:35
Patrickdkmpz, not without making a complete mess23:38
Patrickdkif you do, it will bring in every maverick dependency23:38
Patrickdkand things you have in lucid could and likely will start breaking23:39
mgwhttps://gist.github.com/1784058 <<<< given a d-i partition map such as that, how can I determine which partition has what device name (sda1, sda2, etc)?23:39
qman___sometimes you can install a package from a newer or older release, but definitely do not add a repo23:39
Patrickdkmpz, personally, I use the percona lucid build, rebuild myself and added to my ppa23:39
qman___if you go that route, manually download the package or packages you need from packages.ubuntu.com and install with dpkg23:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #929523 in bacula (main) "bacula-director does not start, dummy libbaccats " [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92952323:40
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mpzPatrickdk: thanks for the heads up, i can't find any percona pkgs with "apt-cache search percona"23:47
Patrickdkmpz, you do know how to click on url's I posted right?23:47
mpzPatrickdk: so used to cli i forgot how to :p23:50
hallynstgraber: all right, got bogged down today, but i'm hoping tomorrow to upstartify lxc.init, and fix ureadahead and udevtrigger23:55
stgraberhallyn: cool23:56
hallynthe /dev/lxc/console thing would be nice to get done too, but that would require the rest to go VERY smoothly23:56
stgraberhallyn: I did a few more tests with the whole having /dev/console and /dev/tty* be symlinks, getty definitely starts on a symlink but it seems to only receive partial input for some reason23:57
stgrabernot sure if that was my system being broken though ;)23:57
hallynoh right and of course there is the whole multiple devpts mounts thing - though i think for 12.04 we rely on apparmor mount restrictions for that23:58

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