AlanBellwow, the model-m theme is looking awesome in onboard trunk :)00:00
AlanBelland it works too00:00
popeydoes it clack?00:01
AlanBellnope, file a bug ;)00:02
AlanBelland attach a recording00:02
popeyAlanBell: where'd you get that? is there a ppa?00:20
zeb84hiya lads03:23
zeb84just upgraded to 12.04 and now i have problem with iplayer. it stops playing after few minutes. was alright in 10.04.03:24
=== zeb84 is now known as ant0xa
popeyMorning all07:24
MartijnVdS\o popey07:34
TheOpenSourcererMorning all08:16
czajkowskihmm chrome is being troublesome this morning08:34
czajkowskiwont launch08:34
* popey hugs firefox08:35
MartijnVdSczajkowski: there's a new version out (17), maybe that's what's causing the problem08:35
czajkowskihmmI can right click and launch a new window08:36
popeymiddle click08:36
popey(the launcher)08:36
christelgood morning lovelies08:36
popeypip pip08:36
DJonesMorning all08:37
czajkowskipopey: ahh that fixed it08:41
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AlanBellpopey: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:onboard/snapshots08:46
oimonanyone using opendns? it was up the spout for me today08:58
popeywooo, bamfdaemon crash, is that what you had yesterday AlanBell ?09:01
diploMorning all09:03
czajkowskipopey: yup and same here09:04
AlanBellpopey: no, I was just running an old version of it (and probably old version of dbus)09:04
AlanBellmy quicklists of awesome are still working09:04
popeylightdm wont accept my password09:16
popeyyet I can logon at the console09:16
MartijnVdSpopey: check /var/log/auth.log09:16
popeysome errors loading /lib/security/pam_unix.so09:17
MartijnVdSwhat kind of error?09:17
popeycant find the file09:17
popeyand indeed the file is missing09:18
popeywhat package provides that?09:18
MartijnVdSit's not on my system either09:18
MartijnVdSand I could log in09:18
popeyi just updated and logged out/in09:18
MartijnVdSit's there for me09:18
MartijnVdSso maybe ldconfig will fix it for you09:18
MartijnVdSah wait09:18
popeyi have that file too09:19
MartijnVdSlibc6 was upgraded, and it asked me to restart all PAM-using packages09:19
MartijnVdSincluding the display manager09:19
MartijnVdSso rebooting or restarting lightdm should fix09:19
popeythat fixed it09:19
popeyscary moment ☺09:19
davmor2czajkowski: prod09:42
davmor2morning all09:42
bigcalm_lappyGood morning peeps09:43
czajkowskidavmor2: you're up early09:44
mrevellczajkowski, He's a fine looking gentleman at this time of morning.09:45
davmor2czajkowski: Am working with your new boss :)09:45
brobostigongood morning everyone.09:47
czajkowskidavmor2: dont torture him09:48
bigcalm_lappyThis is a room of people with bad backs today. These wooden chairs aren't the best for one's posture09:54
hooverGood morning all09:58
mrevellbigcalm_lappy, Choose a nick and stick with it.10:09
davmor2mrevell: you're not here you are there I can point at you and all sorts10:10
bigcalm_lappyIt means I'm not at home. Rather out and about annoying the wider community10:12
davmor2czajkowski: wear your thermals when you are here next week it's quite cool10:13
JamesTaitMorning all!10:14
davmor2morning JamesTait10:16
JamesTaitdavmor2: Are you cow-orking in Wolverhampton today?10:16
mrevellWorking the udders now10:18
davmor2we are now10:18
davmor2JamesTait: we are indeed10:19
gordi'm suddenly glad i skipped this one10:19
JamesTaitI really wish I'd joined you.10:19
JamesTaitMy wife is studying psychology, and is writing up an experiment. What started out as "I just need you to help me with this equation" turned into a degree in statistics, crammed into 45 minutes.10:22
JamesTaitMy brain feels like it wants to explode.10:22
mrevellJamesTait, Heh, you should come next time :)10:27
Knightwisegood morning everyone10:29
JamesTaitmrevell: I probably should. I need to get a new car first though, which is dependent on the insurance companies getting their finger out.10:30
JamesTaitmrevell: BTW, I'm not sure if we've met in the flesh?10:31
mrevellJamesTait, I'm not sure. I'm very short, if that helps you place me.10:31
JamesTaitmrevell: That'd place you somewhere lower than me, I expect. ;)10:32
=== nothingspecial is now known as angela-android
bigcalm_lappyI am bloody cold in here10:55
bigcalm_lappyMaybe if I play minecraft the latop will heat up10:55
gordlaunchpad timeout errors make gord mad, will become the gord hulk11:16
MartijnVdSWhee, Arduino arrived11:29
MartijnVdS+ some basic stuff to connect it to/to it11:29
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: cool11:32
MartijnVdSthat one11:34
bigcalm_lappymrevell wants a gimp11:43
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: Has volunteered to be mrevell 's gimp this is getting ugly11:46
mrevellI am disappointed by the level of conversation here.11:47
* AlanBell pokes bigcalm_lappy (to wake him up)11:49
* AlanBell is off to London in a sec with TheOpenSourcerer11:49
danfishAlanBell: gonna snow later - you might have to stay over in london which would be an almighty shame given the number of pubs and bars ;)11:51
* bigcalm_lappy returns to the mess11:54
bigcalm_lappyShould order lunch really11:54
gordhuh, the game company doublefine posted a kickstarter to raise money to make a game ... in what amounts to a morning they have raised $475,00011:54
MartijnVdSguess: you'll never hear from the company again11:57
gordonjcpI wonder if I could post a kickstarter to get funding for my GPS tracking software11:58
bigcalm_lappyWe need more people to come to these work place days so that it warms up a little11:58
gordno its a big company11:59
diploI've debated it, just quite a distance :)11:59
gordthey make big AAA games normally11:59
gordvery well respected, made from people who made the greatest line of games ever (lucasarts adventure games from the 90s)12:00
gordron gilbert and tim shafer, best most funniest people in the entire world12:02
ubuntuuk-planet[Stuart Langridge] On vendor prefixes in CSS and vendors implementing them - http://www.kryogenix.org/days/2012/02/09/on-vendor-prefixes-in-css-and-vendors-implementing-them12:05
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* bigcalm_lappy tries to get some work done while davmor2 is preoccupied with eating12:21
davmor2bigcalm_lappy: normally it's you slowing us down as you try typing on my laptop12:22
bigcalm_lappyI've learnt from my mistake. I will keep away from your weird hardware12:22
BigRedSwhat can a laptop do to make it hard to type? natural keyboard?12:33
bigcalm_lappyHis keyboard is offset. The keys are not in the right locations12:39
BigRedSoh lordy12:39
mgdmI use a full-size wired Mac keyboard at work, which I get on fairly well with12:40
mgdmthe small Bluetooth version though does my head in12:40
oimonanyone using dolphin browser on android? seems they are a bit cheeky12:49
* MartijnVdS uses Chrome on Android12:50
mgdmproxying all traffic through their own boxes...?12:50
MartijnVdSmgdm: so does Opera12:50
DJonesHeh, not content with our emails & web history, google want our files now http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/02/09/google_to_launch_cloud_storage/ Depending on the storage space availble, I'd be tempted to use it12:50
mgdmYeah, I know12:50
oimonit seems they were collecting browser history. tracken.dolphin-browser.com still apears in my traffic though12:51
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bigcalm_lappyWith the noises that mrevell is making, one might think that it's cold in here13:26
gordnice and warm in my office ;)13:28
bigcalm_lappyGranddad is telling us stories now13:30
oimonwerthers ?13:30
brobostigoneeek, the centre of tonights snow, is right above where i live, according to bbc weather on bbc news.13:31
popeydidnt think we were getting more snow13:32
brobostigonbbc weather and the met office sites, both confirm snow for tonight,13:33
bigcalm_lappybrobostigon: where are you?13:36
brobostigonbigcalm_lappy: almost the very most north point of oxfordshire, banbury.13:36
* oimon is eating love hearts "page me"? don't they mean BBM me? or write on my wall?13:36
ikoniaI would very much appreciate no snow13:37
ikoniapopey: ooh ping, 3g dongle ?13:37
ikonia3g dongle you said you had spare that was linux friendly ?13:40
ikonia(no sim, just the usb dongle)13:40
ikoniaI'd forgot about it until I just saw you13:40
* popey rummages13:42
directhexi used to have one of those13:43
directhexdunno where it is now13:44
popeyfound it!13:44
popeyBus 001 Device 006: ID 19d2:0031 ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM MF110/MF627/MF63613:45
popeyits one of them13:45
ikoniapopey: as long as it's linux supported I'll be happy, and kiss you and give you cash/beer/donation to project13:52
oimondisappointed to discover that linux is not a popular OS in the antarctic http://gs.statcounter.com/#os-an-monthly-201101-201201-bar13:55
diploWell it's all goverment sponsored really so you wouldn't think much else i guess13:57
oimonnot academic research?13:58
diploIt's still subsidised by the goverment normally isn't it, from what I've read in the past13:59
diploor by big corps13:59
bigcalm_lappyCan anybody explain what GetBytes() does in c#/c++/vb.net so that I might replicate it in PHP?14:00
mgdmbigcalm_lappy: you asked me something about that last night14:00
mgdmbigcalm_lappy: which I didn't get a chance to look at14:00
mgdmbigcalm_lappy: however I guess there are many GetBytes() functions in various .NET classes, so you need to specify which14:01
BigRedSbigcalm_lappy: doesnt' it take a list of characters and return their size were they encoded in unicode?14:01
BigRedSfrom a brief look at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ydktsz9z.aspx which I suspect you've already read...14:01
oimon" Most bases are small 15 people in winter, 50 in summer,"14:01
mgdmlike GetBytes() in an MD5 hasher will be different from GetBytes() in a file input stream or something14:01
bigcalm_lappyOne moment14:03
bigcalm_lappyGetBytes() in this: https://raw.github.com/mono/mono/master/mcs/class/corlib/System.Security.Cryptography/PasswordDeriveBytes.cs14:04
=== davmor2_ is now known as davmor2
bigcalm_lappyThat is the mono version of this http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.security.cryptography.passwordderivebytes.aspx14:06
BigRedSwhat filesystem does unetbooting want my usb stick to be?14:14
BigRedSaha, fat3214:14
oimondoes anyone know how this "if you want to lose weight try diet HCG" spam gets onto fb?14:20
oimoni've seen a lot in a few days but nobody ever knows what they clicked14:21
MartijnVdSoimon: probably some "See <popular artist>'s naked pics"14:26
MartijnVdSor superbowl-related somethings14:33
BigRedSHeh. I've not even finished the installer and I've already registered on Fedora's bugtracker14:46
diploWhat you using fedora for? Just to see difference ?14:47
BigRedSyeah. I'm trying to force myself back into trying out other distros14:48
BigRedSAnd I keep being incredibly annoyed at everything that's 'wrong' in CentOS, so this might help14:48
diploWe still run Centos 4.8 at work so I haven't had any *new* annoyances14:49
BigRedSI don't even pay enough attention to know what current is. These are new machines, though, so I'd guess they're whatever's current stable14:50
BigRedSthere's only three of them so far14:50
diploheh, 6 something atm.. only had 1 server up so far with it. Trying to get our legacy app to work ok with it14:50
diploso we can move away from 4.8 which is EOL end of this month14:51
BigRedShaha, yeah, we've a bunch of Lenny machines to do that to by, er, four days ago....14:51
oimonMartijnVdS: my sister got it and she reckoned none of that type of stuff15:00
oimonbut only women were affected...15:00
czajkowskihttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2012-February/034742.html  heads up for those on precise15:21
diploAnyone here use owncloud at all ?15:24
oimondiplo: no but i'm following them and sparkleshare15:27
diploI've got one setup but not newest version, just interested about moving all my calendars/contacts away from google to my own box15:27
diploSeems it's in process but can't find if anyone has got it working yet15:28
oimonis there a desktop client?15:28
diploNot got that far, installed and left it a few months ago after watching a LAS show15:29
diploGoing to take a browse around now15:29
oimoni use box.net and it's tedious15:31
oimonbecause of the web client15:31
=== james is now known as Guest57218
oimoni can't upload a massive load of folders in bulk15:32
oimonmaking it a bit useless15:32
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
diploI want everything on my server at home, or maybe eventually on my VPS15:34
diploSo just seeing how well i can do all of this15:34
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ali1234how do i change my launchpad password?16:24
bigcalm_lappyali1234: mrevil has left for the day sorry16:24
ali1234oh you have to go to https://login.launchpad.net/16:25
ali1234which isn't directly linked from any of the account pages16:25
ali1234ok this sucks16:26
ali1234my lp password has been compromised16:26
ali1234but in order to create a new one i have to make a stupid uppercase letter and number password16:26
ali1234which means i'll never be able to remember the new password16:27
ali1234and adds no security16:27
ali1234so yeah i'll be reseting the password on a weekly basis from now on16:27
ali1234either that or my new password is going to end in A116:28
oimonfor real? somebody brute forced your lp account?16:29
ali1234i use the same password on all bug trackers16:29
BigRedSI love it when you're forced to use a subset of possible passwords in order to make it more secure than if you could have used the entire set16:29
ali1234i just tried to make an account on a bugzilla16:29
ali1234but i accidentally typed password in the username field16:30
oimonwhy not make an evil long password and use keeppass or a browser to remember it for you?16:30
ali1234so now everyone on that bugzilla knows my password that i use for bugtrackers all over the place16:30
lmontrieuxali1234, oimon, keepassx can also generate a random password for you16:31
oimonlmontrieux: yes, true16:31
lmontrieuxali1234, you can also use lastpass, if you're a firefox user16:31
ali1234because i wipe my computer every 6 months when i reinstall ubuntu16:31
lmontrieuxali1234, no problem, just store your keepass database on a USB drive or Dropbox or something16:31
BigRedSthat's still a bit less ideal than just knowing the password16:32
ali1234that's such a massive amount of hassle16:32
mrevellbigcalm_lappy, davmor2: Little bit warmer here...16:32
ali1234then i need to take the ub drive everywhere i go16:32
ali1234and not lose it16:32
ali1234and i need to install keepass on every computer i ever use16:32
bigcalm_lappymrevell: I think I feel a little warmer16:32
lmontrieuxBigRedS, sure, but it allows you to have a different password for every single service you use, which is a huge benefit, in terms of security16:32
ali1234including the ones that have no gui16:32
BigRedSlmontrieux: I already do that without having to also have all of them written down on every computer I use16:33
mrevellbigcalm_lappy, You get warmer just as hypothermia sets in, I believe.16:33
lmontrieuxali1234, for a CLI solution, you might want to have a look at http://sourceforge.net/projects/kpcli/ (haven't tried it myself)16:34
BigRedSYou just need a system for concocting them, and it's annoying when it's broken by somewhere insisting that actually they'd rather *less* entropy int he password thankyouverymuch16:34
ali1234oh great, no i need to manage two password databases?16:34
ali1234BigRedS: exactly16:34
lmontrieuxali1234, no, both can read the same database16:34
ali1234ah well, maybe nobody saw it16:36
ali1234i'll just get the admin to delete that account and carry on using this password :)16:36
ali1234hurrah for security hteatre16:36
* BigRedS looks for it16:36
BigRedSyeah, it's annoying when bugtrackers go the way of banks...16:37
davmor2mrevell: :P16:37
davmor2mrevell: you are just a big girlie wuss16:37
ali1234i don't think bugzilla even shows username anyway16:37
ali1234i don't know why it even asks you for one16:37
ali1234you can't even change your email anyway16:38
mrevelldavmor2, We'd have been sent home from school at those temperatues...16:38
bigcalm_lappyTime to go home :(16:54
bigcalm_lappyTime to go into the warm :)16:54
osiris_MooDoo: :( I bet you have had a good afternoon heh19:09
=== osiris_ is now known as smittix
smittixMy website has been down 6 hours now :(19:12
* bigcalm gets home - time to start work19:16
gordif my website was down, i wouldn't notice for weeks19:20
BigRedSyeah, nobody noticed mine go down for a few days a few months back19:20
popeyi might set my webcam up to monitor snowfall19:21
gorddoes it work well at night?19:22
popeyyeah, streetlight illuminates our garden19:22
smittixgord: Im noticing as im getting tons of DM's on twitter19:23
mikeatvillageHi. How can I force networking to reload, at the command prompt?19:24
BigRedSmikeatvillage: what problem are you trying to solve?19:25
BigRedShistorically /etc/init.d/networking restart19:25
BigRedSbut I don't know if that works in modern ubuntus19:25
gordin modern ubuntus: sudo restart networking19:26
mikeatvillageI've tried that but to no effect. If my ADSL router goes off, my machine loses the wireless connection. This is a bare Ubuntu Server 10.04 - no Gnome.19:27
BigRedSmikeatvillage: what're you using to establish the connection?19:27
BigRedSyou'll need to monitor the connection and re-establish it when it goes away19:28
BigRedSunless whatever you're using is supposed to be doing that, in which case it just needs fixing19:28
mikeatvillageI manually configured /etc/networks/interfaces with the wlan0 details, it loads on boot.19:28
BigRedSyeah, so you can do   ifdown wlan0 ; ifup wlan0    to reestablish the connection19:29
BigRedSbut it wont do that automatically19:29
mikeatvillageI'll try that (but think I already did) brb.19:30
popeyalso the snow reflects the light so it looks better then19:30
mikeatvillageBigRedS: it goes down OK, but doesn't come back up with 'ifconfig wlan0 up' No error message.19:32
mikeatvillageBigRedS: My deepest apologies, completely misread your post. Yes, that works perfectly.19:36
BigRedSmikeatvillage: nothing in syslog?19:36
BigRedSi'd probably cron a script which pings something and does the ifdown and ifup if it fails. I'm sure there's a more elegant way19:36
mikeatvillagenow to make a cron job to check it and a script to start it if needed :-)19:37
mikeatvillageHaha... our posts crossed in the ether :-)19:38
gordtried to point my webcam outside, nothing doing :(19:38
gordi should get a really bright light and put a filter over it that blocks all but infra red, then point that outside with an infred filter on the webcam19:39
smittixAnyone know of a good uk VPS provider?19:42
smittixI think I will be moving after this escapade.19:42
Azelphursmittix: who you with currently, what are your requirements19:42
popeysmittix: bitfolk19:43
Azelphur^ probably, but answer above first  just to be sure19:43
smittixAzelphur: Currently with HeartInternet.19:50
smittixCurrently have a VPS with unmetered bandwidth 1gb RAM 50GB Disk19:51
smittixSimilar would be good. ÂÂ25 quid a month that costs. So it's pretty cheap.19:51
Azelphursmittix: says on the website that only costs £11.99 :o19:52
Azelphursmittix: bitfolk is good though, if you are happy with UK hosting and can afford it19:52
smittixSorry thats right, Id just been reading another site and had that price in my head heh19:53
smittixAzelphur: I only went with heart because the data center is down the road from me heh19:53
smittixI'll have a look at bitfolk19:53
smittix6 hours it's been down now19:55
smittixLast update on their service status page was at 1:30pm so it's probably been longer.19:55
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aquariussmittix: bytemark are excellent20:39
* jacobw uses bytemark20:40
=== issyl0_ is now known as issyl0
popeypip pip22:15
* smittix is majorly frustrated now.22:16
ali1234those 10 day videos i uploaded to youtube failed to convert :)22:16
ali1234it had a good go though... only failed after a day or so22:16
bigcalm10 days of what?22:27
bigcalmHi peeps btw :)22:27
directhexbigcalm: rick astley22:28
bigcalmNice :D22:31
bigcalmmrevell: how the phone?22:32
mrevellbigcalm, Heeeeey22:33
* bigcalm feels toasty warm, it's lovely :D22:33
mrevellbigcalm, This is the first time I've sat down since finishing work, so no progress.22:33
bigcalmDid you manage to get any work done?22:34
mrevellbigcalm, Yes, thank the lord. I'm about to do some more. I'll remind davmor2 of the bit after the co- in co-working :)22:38
mrevellPeoples of the internet: what's a good music player that scrobbles? Happy to try anything; prefer notification integration.22:39
BigRedSmrevell: I think rhythmbox does23:01
popeybanshee does too23:01
mrevellYeah, Rhythmbox is my player of choice really. Just wondered if there was anything else out there. I've played around with Clementine, and the one that started as an Amarok clone.23:02
mrevellYeah, Banshee's much more stable for me than it used to be.23:03
BigRedSI've just realised how long it's been since I last used anything other than spotufy23:03
popeyYeah, me too23:05
AzelphurTwistedCat makes TF2 updates look so smooth on my IRC channel lol, http://pastebin.com/QQvR8WVK \o/23:06
bigcalmIt would be nice to use the new Spotify23:08
ali1234it would be nice if the linux version didn't crash more than the windows version in wine23:11
ali1234coal, gas, oil, ... what are the other three?23:17
ali1234not a fossil fuel23:18
bigcalmpopey: cute23:18
popeybigcalm: sexy23:19
bigcalmKeyboard now in weird mode23:19
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
popey!away Lcawte|Away23:20
bigcalmYep, shift + , = Z23:20
bigcalmTime to restart synergy23:20
bigcalm<> That's better23:20
bigcalmAs I was saying23:20
bigcalmI am writing a VB.NET service app. I feel exceedingly dirty23:21
ali1234why don't you just run it in mono23:25
bigcalmBecause it is going to be running on a Windows server23:27
ali1234why are you even rewriting it at all then?23:27
bigcalmI don't know mono, I'm cobbling together vb.net examples to do get this working23:27
bigcalmThe original script I was given was in vb.net. It does the encryption correctly and I haven't been able to replicate it in PHP23:28
bigcalmEither I a) had my linux server create the encrypted file which then got ftp'd to a windows server or b) send a message over a VPN to the Windows server to an application which will create the encrypted file23:29
bigcalmEither way, the encrypted file needs to be on the windows server which then transports it elsewhere23:30

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