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bschaeferjaytaoko, hey00:14
jaytaokobschaefer: hello00:14
bschaeferjaytaoko, so I started looking through the ibus source code (it is better then the online documention)00:15
jaytaokobschaefer: the one from chromium?00:15
bschaeferjaytaoko, and the reason it is returning false is because this check g_dbus_connection_is_closed (bus->priv->connection)00:15
bschaeferjaytaoko, no the actual ibus source code00:16
jaytaokobschaefer: oh I see00:16
bschaeferjaytaoko, also there are function in the headers that aren't on the online api00:16
jaytaokobschaefer: interesting, do you think we need those?00:17
bschaeferjaytaoko, so it almost seems like something else has the connection to the ibus, so I have been looking through the source to see where it frees it00:17
bschaeferjaytaoko, well they could offer more help possibly!00:17
jaytaokobschaefer: something else? another app?00:18
snadgehmm.. browser window doesnt maximise over the top of dash anymore00:18
bschaeferjaytaoko, possibly, because I don't see why g_dbus_connection_is_closed returns TRUE00:18
jaytaokobschaefer: can there be more than one connection to ibus?00:18
bschaeferjaytaoko, not sure,00:19
snadgeis that a new default?00:19
bschaeferjaytaoko, im still new to dbus in general00:19
snadgeunity bar always visible?00:19
snadgebecause if it is.. that kinda sucks00:19
bschaeferjaytaoko, also I have a mic now00:19
jaytaokobschaefer: yeah!00:22
bschaeferjaytaoko, I was also thinking about in general what should the IME be doing.00:23
bschaeferjaytaoko, it seems like it should be created in TextEntry00:23
Daekdroomsnadge, yes, it is a new default00:23
snadgecan i make it auto hide again? i cant find the option00:24
snadgethats a crappy default btw00:24
snadgeyou win some.. you lose some i guess ;)00:24
Daekdroomsnadge, you can change that in the preferences window you can change your wallpaper00:25
bschaeferjaytaoko, as I was thinking how unity is handling it right now and it is actually passes the events it gets through the gtk_filter_keypress00:25
DaekdroomJust a different tab00:25
snadgemaybe it should default to not being enabled ;)00:25
bschaeferjaytaoko, which that then passes it to ibus, but since there is no gtk but ibus I wonder if we can pass the event to ibus through TextEntry00:25
snadgeyou can already press the super key to reveal it.. or move the mouse over that side of the screen00:25
snadgei dont understand why it permanently needs to be showing00:25
snadgeunless you're a retard00:25
Daekdroomsnadge, Moving the mouse over to that side of the screen is not working for some.00:26
Daekdroom(but there might be other design reasons)00:26
snadgelol so instead of fixing that problem.. change the default ? lol00:26
snadgeok i'll stop whinging and change the option already00:26
bschaeferjaytaoko, also if you are busy with something right now I can bug you later ;)00:27
bschaeferjaytaoko, this is what ill be working on for the new few hours00:27
snadgeok appearance doesnt allow me to change the auto hide option00:27
Daekdroomsnadge, it should00:27
jaytaokobschaefer: no it is alright, I am getting the source code for the branch and compiling it...00:27
Daekdroomsnadge, It's under the behaviour tab00:27
snadgeyeah its greyed out for some reason00:27
jaytaokobschaefer: do want to try mumble?00:27
bschaeferjaytaoko, I havn't pushed any changes since the last time you grabbed it00:28
snadgeand clicking on restore default behaviours doesnt do anything00:28
DaekdroomRight, then you change the "On/Off" switch and it'll be ungreyed.00:28
bschaeferhmm Ill have to download mumble but yeah!00:28
DaekdroomThe default is Off. >.>00:28
jaytaokobschaefer: right, i am just on another computer00:28
snadgeDaekdroom: clicking or dragging the on off switch does nothing.. as in its greyed out :|00:28
jaytaokobschaefer: ok, for that I have to go to my regular system...00:28
bschaeferjaytaoko, haha yeah I have to many different places I work off00:28
Daekdroomsnadge, are you using Unity2D?00:28
snadgeno.. unity00:29
bschaefer2 different VMs and a flash drive00:29
DaekdroomWell, it's not greyed out over here.00:29
snadgemaybe i need to reset my unity settings00:29
snadgeok unity --reset and deleting my compiz settings didnt help :/00:34
snadgeso now what?00:37
snadgeis there a debug i can run on gnome-control-center background ?00:39
snadgeor an option i can manually tweak to make dash autohide again00:39
DaekdroomYou can change it in the old way: using compizconfig-settings-manager00:41
DaekdroomUnless it's broken there too00:41
snadgei couldn't find an option for it in unity settings00:41
DaekdroomIt's under behaviour tab00:42
snadgeduh.. first option *Facepalm*00:42
DaekdroomHide Launcher00:42
snadgethanks :) .. hey dodge active windows is actually a pretty cool option00:46
snadgei like it00:46
DaekdroomI prefer Dodge Windows.00:47
DaekdroomUnfortunately reveal isn't working for me00:48
snadgewell dodge active windows is pretty much the same00:49
snadgei just tested it by having a terminal window overlapping dash00:49
snadgeswitch focus to it.. and it autohides.. kinda cool00:49
snadgeoh i see.. reveal is broken00:50
snadgeit must have something to do with multi monitor setups01:15
jonocan someone triage https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/928095 ?01:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 928095 in unity "Notification bubbles don't appear on all monitors" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:23
thumperjono: I think here is a bug that says the notifications should come up on the monitor that has focus02:23
jonothumper, as in, where the mouse is?02:24
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thumperor keyboard focus maybe02:24
thumpernot entirely sure02:24
jonoeven if keyboard and mouse focus is on my external screen, they still appear on the laptop screen02:25
jonowhile not a huge issue, I think we might want to fix this as people don't see the bubbles when they appear on the wrong screen02:25
thumperjono: sure, there is a known bug :)02:26
thumperI'm not saying it is fixed02:26
thumperI'm saying there is an existing bug :)02:26
jonoI just wasnt sure if this was something worth prioritizing developer time for02:26
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snadgeunity.. fix 2 bugs, introduce one new one03:35
snadgeand now (unrelated) sound isnt working with youtube anymore03:35
snadgeoooh.. new pulse packages ;)03:36
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dyams_tsdgeos: ping08:22
tsdgeosdyams_: hi08:23
dyams_tsdgeos: morning08:23
tsdgeosdyams_: morning08:23
snadgei think more bugs need to be introduced into unity.. *cough*08:29
snadgethe autohide issue is known about right? is there a bug reported for it yet?08:40
snadgeor is that a bit premature considering its in precise which is still obviously in development08:41
didrockswhat do you mean autohide issue?08:45
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dyams_greyback: For multi-monitor support for shell, i have a branch here  https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/MultiMonitor-Shell08:58
greybackdyams_: yep, I already saw it.08:58
greybackdyams_: I'm writing a mail now, soon you will have help!08:58
dyams_greyback: OK08:59
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Kaleotsdgeos: morning!09:19
tsdgeosKaleo: morning ser09:19
tsdgeosKaleo: you broke the tests!09:21
tsdgeossome of them at least :D09:21
Kaleotsdgeos: probably :)09:22
Kaleotsdgeos: you saw * Fix all failing automated tests: http://pastebin.com/bPS4M11V ?09:23
tsdgeospart of those are the ones you broke09:24
tsdgeospart where broken already09:24
tsdgeosin the MR i wrote the ones you broke09:24
tsdgeosKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_strutmanager_improvements/+merge/92226 for the strutmanager stuff09:31
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Kaleotsdgeos: sweet09:42
snadgemultimonitor needs fixing on unity/compiz as well09:45
snadgemaybe i should just switch to unity-2d ;)09:46
snadgeautohide is broken :/09:46
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Kaleotsdgeos: commented https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_strutmanager_improvements/+merge/9222609:54
Kaleotsdgeos: and commented https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/no_dash_when_spread_shown/+merge/9218309:54
tsdgeosKaleo: if i leave that + (strutManager.enabled ? strutManager.height : 0) there we get a binding loop09:55
tsdgeossince the strutmanager height depends on the launcher height and viceversa09:55
Kaleotsdgeos: that's no good09:55
tsdgeosKaleo: it's totally fine, we have a LeftEdge strutmanager, we should not be using it's height for anything09:56
tsdgeossince it won't ever strut vertically09:56
greybackMacSlow: hey, your work on the notification area background colour - did you test with unity2d?09:57
greybackall my notifications are a bright blue09:57
Kaleotsdgeos: oh, it will have to be separate strutManager for the top panel, right09:57
Kaleotsdgeos: fair enough, approving09:58
Kaleogreyback: same here09:58
MacSlowgreyback, it should fall back to the normal dark-grey09:58
Kaleotsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/dash_active_cleanups/+merge/92187 is a bit tricky maybe09:59
MacSlowgreyback, what do you get from "gsettings list-keys com.canonical.Unity"?09:59
Kaleotsdgeos: but reviewing per commit might be easier09:59
greybackMacSlow: average-bg-color form-factor home-expanded10:00
tsdgeosKaleo: where did my comment about the broken MR go?10:00
* tsdgeos scratches head10:00
greybackgsettings get com.canonical.Unity average-bg-color : #757550507B7BFFFF10:01
Kaleotsdgeos: I keep making MR against lp:unity-2d10:01
Kaleotsdgeos: and then superseeding them10:01
Kaleotsdgeos: so you might have talked about a superseeded one10:01
MacSlowgreyback, "gsettings get com.canonical.Unity average-bg-color" and this?10:01
greybackMacSlow: read up :)10:01
MacSlowgreyback, ups... didn't see that right away10:01
tsdgeosKaleo: ok, put there the comment again10:02
sbtehtorque, I just fixed the leak in https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/88646710:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 886467 in unity (Ubuntu) "Memory leaking from the unityshell plugin" [High,Confirmed]10:02
sbtejust tell me if you have any more logs, because I like fixing leaks:P10:02
Kaleotsdgeos: so, that's odd, for me it does not break all these tests10:03
Kaleotsdgeos: it only breaks the launcher unfocus upon Alt+F110:03
Kaleotsdgeos: did you mean they were automated tests?10:03
greybackMacSlow: setting it to #FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF still gives me blue notification10:04
MacSlowgreyback, that's a darkish purple... this should in no way turn out bright blue10:04
Kaleotsdgeos: (because what I am saying is that manuallly it works)10:04
tsdgeosKaleo: i mean if i run the ruby test it fails yes10:04
tsdgeosthose are the names of the tests in the files10:04
MacSlowgreyback, you running on metacity (minus the compositor) I assume?!10:04
Kaleotsdgeos: ok10:04
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll figure out what's wrong then10:04
greybackMacSlow: yep10:05
Kaleotsdgeos: but it's probably something wrong with the tests10:05
tsdgeosKaleo: don't think so :-P10:05
tsdgeosthe one about the menu you broke10:05
tsdgeossince you removed the fix i added :D10:05
MacSlowgreyback, there are two things I'd like to see you try to help narrow this down a bit... enabled metacity's compositor and restart notify-osd and check again10:06
MacSlowgreyback, run compiz, restart notify-osd and check again10:06
greybackMacSlow: how do I restart notify-osd?10:06
greybackMacSlow: correction, I'm running compositing on Metacity10:07
MacSlowgreyback, killall -15 notify-osd ; /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd10:07
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll check though manually it was fine :)10:07
greybackMacSlow: ok, trying10:07
tsdgeosKaleo: maybe the name is not clear, Alt+f1, Left to open menu, Super to toggle dash, try to write in the search field, fails manually here too10:07
MacSlowgreyback, atm I'm on my desktop-machine (which is oneiric still due to updated woes)10:07
Kaleotsdgeos: ah, ok10:08
tsdgeostsdgeos: left to open menu, actually right  :D10:08
Kaleotsdgeos: fails here :)10:08
Kaleotsdgeos: I had not tried to type10:08
MacSlowgreyback, would need some time to get stuff setup on my laptop (running precise) and I'm in the middle of nux-work needing to land before ff10:08
tsdgeossomething broke in launchpad10:10
tsdgeosnow it does not redirect you to the MR url when doing a MR10:10
tsdgeoswho do i complain to?10:10
tsdgeosgreyback: Kaleo: can you quickly approve this plz? https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_test_fix_bad_quote/+merge/9223310:10
tsdgeosseb128: makes sense :D10:11
Kaleotsdgeos: done10:11
greybackMacSlow: hmm, compiz & unity SEGV on me :( But in metacity, it's the same colour, compositing or not10:11
Kaleogreyback: can we revert the change that broke the colour?10:12
MacSlowgreyback, is it always the same color... no matter what you set average-bg-color to?10:12
greybackMacSlow: yeah10:12
MacSlowgreyback, hm... file a bug10:13
MacSlowgreyback, no clue right now what might be going wrong10:13
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MacSlowgreyback, assign it to me10:13
greybackMacSlow: this makes unity2d look bad, so I'd like this either fixed before the visual freeze or reverted.10:13
greybackMacSlow: will file bug10:14
MacSlowgreyback, I've been fighting to get that in for two cycles now... we'll not revert this10:14
KaleoLTS, policy, etc.10:14
greybackMacSlow: yep, but it's a visual regression on unity2d10:14
MacSlowgreyback, quick workaround... kill average-bg-color from your schema and notify-osd falls back to the old behaviour10:15
htorquesbte: \o/ will try it tonight (= in 12 hours from now)10:15
MacSlowgreyback, besides I don't understand why you have average-bg-color on your system with unity2d10:15
greybackMacSlow: I have unity installed also10:16
mhr3greyback, 2d still crashes on me a lot with 5.2, known?10:27
greybackmhr3: no. can you give me a bt please?10:28
dyamsgreyback: in Ugo's  DashTest, Dash is not displayed at all10:31
dyamsgreyback: how to verify that it is moved?10:31
greybackdyams: it worked well for me10:31
greybackdyams: don't go there just yet tho. Get the shell-per-screen & pips work done10:32
dyamsgreyback: I only get a blank page on second monitor..10:32
mhr3greyback, can i get back to you later, i just restarted back to non-2d session :/10:32
greybackdyams: yes, the dash is on a timer to switch between screens10:32
greybackdyams: there is a simple view of white page for the second screen10:33
dyamsgreyback: yes, i can see that code here. but Dash itself is not visible for me10:33
dyamsgreyback: i'll fix pips for now...10:34
greybackdyams: All I can say right now is that it works for me10:34
Kaleotsdgeos: it turns out removing setFocus from toggleDash broke that test10:34
tsdgeosKaleo: i know, it's the code i added to fix it :D10:34
Kaleotsdgeos: because the launcher's contextual menu has the focus10:34
Kaleotsdgeos: but the issue seems more general10:34
Kaleotsdgeos: forceActivateWindow should probably call setFocus10:35
Kaleotsdgeos: in Dash.qml we call forceActivateWindow when dash.active becomes true10:35
dyamsgreyback: After that, we'll move the Dash to active screen10:35
tsdgeosthat's the other solution i pondered when fixing that bug10:35
tsdgeosbut since we call forceActivateWindow from a million other places10:35
greybackdyams: yeah. you got my mail, right?10:35
tsdgeoslooked a more dangerous change10:35
Kaleotsdgeos: sure, but it sounds like the right thing to do in the sense that that function is there to give the focus10:36
Kaleotsdgeos: any possible way10:36
Kaleotsdgeos: so, now, I am going to check other calls of forceActivateWindow10:36
tsdgeosKaleo: true10:36
Kaleotsdgeos: and see if they break10:36
dyamsgreyback: yes, tsdgeos: ?10:36
greybackdyams: he's still busy on shell10:36
Kaleotsdgeos: only 4 calls to it in fact10:37
Kaleogreyback: not for long :)10:37
tsdgeosKaleo: ok, seemed more scary when i had a look at them :D10:38
Kaleotsdgeos: it's fine in fact :)10:38
greybackKaleo: I hope he won't be exhausted when you're done with him :)10:38
Kaleogreyback: sorry I am squeezing him10:38
greybackmaybe he's enjoying it? ;)10:39
Kaleogreyback: ssshhh, I think he can hear10:41
FloatingGoat2is there anyway to switch windows in unity by mousing over an icon?10:47
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Kaleotsdgeos: one test fixed10:53
tsdgeosnice :-)10:53
Kaleotsdgeos: ok, all tests should be good now on https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/dash_active_cleanups/+merge/9218710:57
tsdgeosnice, will run the whole tests again here with that10:58
snadgegargh.. why is autohide broken :p10:59
snadgeshould i be switching to unity-2d ?10:59
tsdgeosKaleo: your description in https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/dash_active_cleanups/+merge/92187 says "Rewrote ShellDeclarativeView::onAltF1Pressed()" and there's not really anything rewritten there, may you update the description?11:04
Kaleotsdgeos: done11:08
Kaleotsdgeos: fixed https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/remove_unused_dash_dbus_props/+merge/9218911:10
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tsdgeosthe test suite almost takes 7 minutes to run :D11:18
Kaleotsdgeos: erk11:18
tsdgeosFinished in 408.454243 seconds.11:19
Kaleotsdgeos: what's failing?11:19
Kaleotsdgeos: does it match http://pastebin.com/index/bPS4M11V ?11:19
tsdgeoseverything passes11:19
tsdgeosto be honest some of them fail11:20
tsdgeosbut then they work11:21
tsdgeosi guess we still have some timing issues in the tests11:21
tsdgeosso if i run them a few times, the average is "all of them pass"11:21
Kaleotsdgeos: oki11:23
Kaleotsdgeos: omg, only 3 items left in the list11:23
Kaleotodo list11:23
Kaleotsdgeos: only 2! (now that I replied to you)11:24
Kaleotsdgeos: are you looking at unity-2d-shell: [DEBUG] WARNING: endForceVisible for id "spread" called without matching startForceVisible11:24
Kaleotsdgeos: or should I?11:24
tsdgeosi know why it happens11:24
tsdgeosand i think it's not hurting11:24
tsdgeosbut better you have a second look11:24
Kaleotsdgeos: ok, having a look11:25
tsdgeosafaik basically is: we detect the spread is started and the spread tells us "i'm not forcing you to be forced visible, because i'm not shown"11:25
Kaleotsdgeos: ok11:25
Kaleotsdgeos: so, I am looking, there is only ShellDeclarativeView::updateShellPosition() left for you :)11:26
tsdgeosyeah :D11:26
Kaleotsdgeos: and approving https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/remove_unused_dash_dbus_props/+merge/92189 :)11:26
Kaleotsdgeos: sounds like the SpreadMonitor.shown property emits an unnecessary changed signal at startup11:27
Kaleotsdgeos: and at shutdown11:28
tsdgeosKaleo: well, i guess it tries to be on the safe side of not knowning what was the previous state of the spread11:28
Kaleotsdgeos: yeah, but essentially it's wrong :)11:28
tsdgeosbut since the spread always starts "closed" i guess we can just omit it?11:28
tsdgeosdon't know11:28
Kaleotsdgeos: well, let me check11:28
Kaleotsdgeos: I am fixing it11:30
tsdgeosKaleo: need to go to the bank to pickup my new credit card, back in 30 min11:31
Kaleotsdgeos: oki11:31
tsdgeosKaleo: btw not really sure what we want to do with ShellDeclarativeView::updateShellPosition() yet reading the sketchpad :D11:31
Kaleotsdgeos: well, adding the documentation is one I am sure of11:32
Kaleotsdgeos: then I don't know for the first thing11:32
Kaleotsdgeos: any idea?11:32
Kaleotsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/spread_monitor_finer_change_notification/+merge/9225211:42
navaHi all11:51
nava I make a design for let users to choose want to have full screen with luncher or without it. where should i send it ?11:51
gordnava, hi, https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/ is probably where you want to go11:56
navathanks gord11:56
tsdgeosKaleo: regarding the updateShellPosition, your concern is if there are more than one StrutManager?12:07
Kaleotsdgeos: yes12:11
tsdgeosKaleo: i could use children instead of child then and cycle through them all12:12
tsdgeoswhich basically might be 212:12
tsdgeossince we only support left and top strut edges for the manager12:12
tsdgeosKaleo: in https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/unity-2d/spread_monitor_finer_change_notification/+merge/92252 not sure if it is worth it, but we might cache the visible value in the class thus fixing the uncertainity for the second if branch12:13
Kaleotsdgeos: yeah I thought about caching12:20
Kaleotsdgeos: but I thought it was not worth it12:20
Kaleotsdgeos: I guess looping over the children is the only option?12:20
tsdgeosKaleo: well, we could expose a property from the qml named "thePixelsIStrutMySelf" and then assign it from the QML, but would be basically the same but in QML instead of cpp :D12:21
Kaleotsdgeos: that's not a bad idea12:22
Kaleotsdgeos: or is it12:22
tsdgeosi'm not sure it's better than the current one12:22
Kaleotsdgeos: actually12:22
Kaleohi Karmak23_12:23
tsdgeosnot sure how would you update that if you needed to have multiple struts12:23
Kaleotsdgeos: let me think12:23
Kaleotsdgeos: right12:23
Kaleotsdgeos: so it feels like a cleaner solution would be to have StrutManager keep track of all its instances12:24
Kaleotsdgeos: instead of relying on finding them in the QML12:24
Kaleotsdgeos: if you see what I mean12:24
Kaleotsdgeos: but I don't think it's worth the pain12:25
tsdgeosi'm not sure if we are overreaching here12:25
Kaleotsdgeos: so, looping over children it is12:25
tsdgeosgiven that having more than one strut is not really common at all12:25
Kaleotsdgeos: so we will have the top panel in qml soon enough12:25
tsdgeosKaleo: in the same scene?12:25
Kaleotsdgeos: yes12:26
Kaleotsdgeos: like in tv :)12:26
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Karmak23Kaleo, hi with late ;-)12:28
tsdgeosKaleo: aaaaaaaand you got rev 100012:30
tsdgeosKaleo: https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d-shell_updateShellPosition_fixes/+merge/9225912:33
Kaleotsdgeos: :D12:57
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Kaleotsdgeos: approved13:01
Kaleotsdgeos: can you take care of steps 8 & 9?13:02
Kaleotsdgeos: while I do 6quater and 713:02
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kenvandinemhall119, hey, did you get any feedback why singlet was rejected?13:58
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tsdgeosKaleo: what you want exactly for upgrade testing, have a precise install, build package, see if dpkg -i works? or put the ppa and see if that works? or what exactly?14:13
Kaleotsdgeos: hmmm, ppa would be ideal but14:15
Kaleotsdgeos: that may be a bit extreme14:15
Kaleotsdgeos: dpkg -i should be enough?14:15
tsdgeosdon't know14:15
tsdgeosi guess the nice thing would be that14:15
tsdgeosor apt-distupgrade14:16
tsdgeossuggest you to remove the old packages and install the new ones14:16
tsdgeosdon't think dpkg does that14:16
Kaleotsdgeos: right14:16
Kaleotsdgeos: so we can create a ppa easy14:16
Kaleotsdgeos: let me do that14:17
Kaleotsdgeos: https://launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/+archive/testshell14:17
tsdgeosKaleo: you upload the packages or i do?14:18
Kaleotsdgeos: please do14:18
Kaleotsdgeos: I will upload the gnome-session update14:18
Kaleotsdgeos: so that you can login14:19
mhall119kenvandine: yeah, didrocks helped me fix the remaining issues14:25
mhall119kenvandine: the binary is in universe now \o/14:29
tsdgeosdarg, gave the package a bad version number :D14:29
davidcallemhall119, nice!14:30
seb128 14:34
seb128bug 92938414:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 929384 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92938414:34
seb128don't upgrade precise libc's if you are on nvidia14:34
tsdgeosKaleo: doh, 1 hour until the pkg builds https://launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/+archive/testshell/+build/319886914:43
Kaleotsdgeos: ok14:44
Kaleotsdgeos: gee, we did like, everything!14:45
Kaleotsdgeos: I am still waiting to access oSoMoN's laptop :)14:45
tsdgeosKaleo: do i kill the stuff under remaining issues?14:45
Kaleotsdgeos: and that will be the last patch (gestures)14:45
tsdgeosit's like we don't care for them anymre14:45
Kaleotsdgeos: oh actually14:45
tsdgeosor do we?14:45
Kaleotsdgeos: keep them for now because14:45
Kaleotsdgeos: the last thing we need to do14:46
Kaleotsdgeos: is to write a commit message14:46
Kaleotsdgeos: summarizing everything we did14:46
Kaleotsdgeos: I give up on gnome-session14:57
tsdgeoswhat's up?14:57
Kaleotsdgeos: I must be tired :)14:58
tsdgeoswhat has to be done?14:58
Kaleotsdgeos: I think i am on the right track; hang on15:02
Kaleotsdgeos: pushed!15:04
Kaleotsdgeos: I pushed gnome-session to the ppa15:06
Kaleotsdgeos: hopefully with the right patch :)15:06
tsdgeoshe he15:06
Kaleotsdgeos: do you want to start putting the commit message in the sketchpad?15:12
tsdgeosyou mean the commit message of merging -shell intoy lp:unity-2d ?15:12
tsdgeosthat's going to be a long one :D15:13
Kaleotsdgeos: right15:14
Kaleotsdgeos: that one :)15:14
tsdgeoswhat do we want to list there?15:16
tsdgeosall changes? or just big ones15:16
tsdgeosi.e. do we care that there is now a strutmanager class?15:16
Kaleotsdgeos: hmmm15:20
Kaleotsdgeos: I don't think we do15:20
tsdgeosso just bigger stuff15:20
Kaleotsdgeos: though the fact that unity2dpanel does not handle strut anymore may be interesting15:20
greybackthe panel doesn't define it's own strut any more?15:21
tsdgeosKaleo: it does, the code is just moved somewhere else15:22
greybacktsdgeos: ok15:22
Kaleotsdgeos: yeah, but the Unity2dPanel class does not15:33
tsdgeosKaleo: well Unity2dPanel contains a StrutManager, so it does15:33
Kaleotsdgeos: ok15:33
Kaleotsdgeos: thanks15:33
tsdgeosarggg, the time left to build goes up instead of down15:35
tsdgeosstill 1 hour15:35
Kaleotsdgeos: what else are we missing? :)15:37
tsdgeosactaully using it for a while15:37
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll try to get some of didrocks's time to see how we can push the new gnome-session15:37
Kaleotsdgeos: right15:37
tsdgeosKaleo: wrote a commit log, give it a read, it's smaller than i actually though since lots of the commits are "fix this that already works in trunk", so i don't see it's commit worth-y for the big merge15:47
Kaleotsdgeos: right, good15:48
Kaleotsdgeos: I'll have a look15:48
Kaleotsdgeos: I have the sneaky feeling that we reload the home page of the dash everytime we show it16:25
Kaleotsdgeos: is that possible?16:25
tsdgeosmight be16:25
tsdgeoswell, on activateHome we call  pageLoader.setSource("Home.qml") each time16:27
Kaleotsdgeos: the builds are very close to completion16:27
Kaleotsdgeos: and we did not use to do that before?16:27
Kaleotsdgeos: setSource won't do anything if the source is the same as before16:27
tsdgeosKaleo: http://paste.kde.org/~tsdgeos/205970/ ← looks good16:32
tsdgeoslet's wait for the gnome-session thing to finish and see if all works fine16:33
greybacktsdgeos: can someone please try this running shell: open a picture in shotwell, and try to crop it16:38
greybackKaleo: ^^16:38
greybacktsdgeos: Kaleo: Oh never mind, it's Shotwell. I see flickering as I try to crop16:40
tsdgeosgreyback: i've a VM with precise16:40
tsdgeosand all my menus are "wrong"16:40
tsdgeosthey have UPARROW and DOWNARROW at the edges16:41
tsdgeosas if the menu would not fit on screen16:41
tsdgeosbut it does16:41
greybacktsdgeos: Yep, I know.16:41
greybacktsdgeos: gtk change some weeks ago, not had chance to track it down16:41
greybackplan to after FF16:41
greybackit's a pain :(16:42
greybackI also notice our menus & submenus don't match any more either16:42
tsdgeoswhat do you mean by match?16:42
greybackthe theme's don't match16:42
tsdgeoswith unity3d?16:43
greybackopen a menu which has a submenu, and compare.16:43
greyback2d, not checked 3d yet16:43
greybackonly saw it now16:43
tsdgeosyou mean we are not consistent with ourselves16:43
tsdgeosseems fine here16:44
tsdgeosor maybe i'm not looking at what you mean16:44
tsdgeosopen firefox, go to view -> toolbars16:44
tsdgeosthe toolbars submenu looks like the view menu16:44
greybacktry another app16:45
greybackI get it with xchat16:45
greybackand testability visualizer16:45
greybackand nautilus :)16:46
tsdgeosnautilus menus looks crap16:47
greybacksame on 3d16:48
greybackoh wow my virtualbox image of precise and Unity3d is slooooow16:49
tsdgeosKaleo: the gnome-session thing did not wor17:01
tsdgeosi got "Can not start ubuntu-2d session"17:02
tsdgeosor similar17:02
Kaleotsdgeos: :(17:06
Kaleotsdgeos: can you check the content of17:06
tsdgeosthe file still mentions unirt-2d-launche17:06
tsdgeosyeah that one17:06
KaleoI borked the patch tehn17:06
Kaleotsdgeos: can you help me out?17:06
tsdgeoswith what?17:06
Kaleotsdgeos: yeah17:08
greybackI'm EOD, I think I need a peaceful night. Good evening all17:17
tsdgeosKaleo: updated the package, let's see how much time launchpad wants to build it17:29
tsdgeos40 min17:31
Kaleotsdgeos: :)17:40
Kaleotsdgeos: thanks17:40
tsdgeosactually had to upload a new one17:41
tsdgeossince i was building for oneiric instead of precise :-/17:41
Kaleotsdgeos: :)17:42
tsdgeosKaleo: i'm eod'ing now17:43
tsdgeosif i have time might be back later to check the update works or not17:43
Kaleotsdgeos: ok, what's the last step?17:43
tsdgeosKaleo: 4 fingers gesture and you reviewing the commit message17:43
Kaleotsdgeos: right17:43
Kaleotsdgeos: it's going to have to happen tomorrow17:43
Kaleotsdgeos: and I guess we can use tomorrow as a test day?17:43
tsdgeosi hope so yes17:44
* tsdgeos goes to see some tv17:44
seb128mhr3, RainCT: if I take a screenshot (with print screen), the image is added in the dash recent files, then I click on it to open it, that hits 2 bugs18:02
seb1281- the screenshot is not thumbnailed yet (dunno if we can fix that easily)18:03
seb1282- the image is listed twice after I opened it18:03
seb128is the second bug because save and open a different events and zg list them both? should it merge them since it's the same file?18:03
mhr3seb128, no, it will be some encoding issue18:04
mhr3seb128, can you check zg-explorer?18:04
mhr3the last two events will most likely have slightly different uri18:04
seb128zg-explorer: command not found18:04
seb128$ apt-cache search zg explorer18:04
seb128mhr3, can you confirm the issue?18:05
seb128mhr3, same url18:06
mhr3oh.. zg-explorer doesn't show the uri :/18:07
seb128mhr3, double click on the item18:07
mhr3seb128, but yea, i see it18:07
seb128mhr3, you have it in the dialog you get on double click18:07
seb128mhr3, ok, you are right18:08
seb128the saving as " " spaces and the opening "%20"18:08
mhr3the saving is wrong then, RainCT's patches will need fix18:09
mhr3well actually, there's no save dialog18:10
mhr3it will be something else18:10
seb128mhr3, should I open a bug? against what?18:10
seb128mhr3, I will open a bug and assign to RainCT18:10
mhr3seb128, dunno really18:10
mhr3seb128, i'd open it against datahub18:12
seb128mhr3, thanks18:12
mhr3at the very least we can try workaround there18:12
mhr3seb128, and as for 1) we don't do thumbnailing...18:19
seb128mhr3, right, that's what I asummed18:19
sbteom26er, hi, is there anything I should do to bugs that I fix?18:30
om26ersbte, you should assign them you always, when you are working on them please make sure you set their status to incomplete... and once the fix gets merged into trunk change the status to fix committed18:31
om26erinprogress i meant18:31
sbteom26er, ok18:32
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
spikebIs auto-hide going to remain as an option? (i see that dodging windows is not)19:35
tsdgeosKaleo: there?19:36
Kaleotsdgeos: yep19:36
Kaleotsdgeos: wassup19:36
tsdgeosKaleo: just finished testing my gnome-session packages, all fine19:36
Kaleotsdgeos: sweet!19:36
tsdgeoswhat do we need to do though?19:37
tsdgeosget someone to push them to the main repo?19:37
tsdgeosi'd think that the session file should come with the unity-2d package and not with the gnome-session one19:37
Kaleotsdgeos: to the daily ppa19:37
Kaleotsdgeos: unity-team staging19:38
Kaleotsdgeos: we need to negotiate that with didrocks tomorrow19:38
tsdgeosso we can update it easilier19:38
tsdgeosanyhow i've updated the gnome-session and the upgrade items to DONE19:38
tsdgeossince they worked fine19:38
Kaleotsdgeos: thanks19:39
Kaleotsdgeos: I have to finish reviewing the commit message19:39
Kaleotsdgeos: and tomorrow testing + gestures19:39
tsdgeosi'm back to real life19:39
Kaleotsdgeos: take care19:39
tsdgeostalk to you tomorrow19:39
togowhere should I look for progress on getting some of the common usage patterns issues resolved?20:31
togomy boss, for example, was unable to find how to show file details in a directory listing20:31
togowe're not going to be able to adopt unity for our users unless we can get it to do the things they are used to doing.  doesn't have to be the same way, but has to be able to accomplish the same task20:32
thumpertogo: unity-design mailing list on launchpad20:46
RainCTmhr3: so you do like zeitgeist-explorer! :P20:49
mhr3RainCT, with my whole heart!20:49
mmrazikgive me one more sec21:06
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togogiven all the hubub I'd have thought the fixes would be out of design by now.  thanks thump3r21:21
togoan LTS release that breaks lots of people will be a fiasco21:22
ryeHello, after an upgrade of kbd-data to 2.5-1ubuntu1 following an upstream fix for F10, gtk+ shortcut broke, as in F10 now simultaneously mean Shift+F10 (which does context menu) and F10 which calls global menu. Upstream bug is https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66197321:44
ubot5Gnome bug 661973 in gtk "gtk+ reacts on F10 press incorrectly with xkeyboard-config-2.4.1" [Major,Unconfirmed]21:44
ryeIn unity3d this is working, since somehow compiz plugin intercepts the keypress first21:44
ryein unity2d this does not work properly now, pressing F10 makes menu pop up and hide as soon as you depress the button21:45
ryeshould I file a bug to trace this in unity or gnome.org bug is enough?21:45
bmoezhi, i'm asking if unity team have take a look at this design http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgZ_IEx7Zfg&feature=player_embedded and this mock-up http://musl1m.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-Unity-5-0-Mock-up-188101327  ,i think that will make unity more freindly and more powerful :)21:48
vanRijnbmoez: that's pretty slick looking. =:)21:54
bschaeferjaytaoko1, hey, are you around?21:59
jaytaoko1bschaefer: hello21:59
jaytaoko1bschaefer: great stuff you showed!22:00
bschaeferjaytaoko1, so I need to talk with you about how we are going to get InputMethodIBus and TextEntry to work together!22:00
bschaeferjaytaoko1, yeah, my goal is to finish this today or tonight :)22:00
jaytaoko1bschaefer: ok, how about we go on skype in an hour22:01
bschaeferjaytaoko1, what is left to do is to get those public methods in InputMethodIBus working with in TextEntry22:01
bschaeferjaytaoko1, sounds good! I should be on, so just call me when you are ready :)22:01
jaytaoko1bschaefer: will do! thanks!22:01
bschaeferjaytaoko1, sweet! Im getting some coffee then!22:01
bmoezvanRijn: i found the design of ubuntu 12.04 still like the last version, and may this will make more users install linuxmint. i readed gnome3systemsettingschanges and it looks very good but it is for 12.10. is there any work in progress for make unity more better in ubuntu 12.04 "LTS"22:10
vanRijnbmoez: I don't honestly know, sorry22:18
jaytaoko1thumper: review please: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/nux/nux.color-class/+merge/9171422:22

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