broderi thought the jam was usually in berkeley somewhere and the release party was at thirsty bear00:00
greg-gyeah, I assume for the jams you actually get some stuff done, thus, thirsty bear isn't the primary place, but the fun after party00:02
greg-ghuh, you had it at a restuarant00:03
MarkDudeOh yes, jams are for workin'00:03
greg-gMichigan did ours at a co-working type place we could take over00:03
MarkDudeRelease party is about beer00:04
greg-g(not really a co-working place, but a company that has that kind of a feel)00:04
pleia2greg-g: we've done several at berkeleylug, which meets at a pizzeria with wifi00:09
pleia2the noisebridge hackerspace is also an option (we did the lucid installfest there)00:09
pleia2I'm sure someone better connected could get us into one of the 54545435 startups in SOMA on a weekend, but that's not me :)00:10
broderhmm...you make a compelling point00:12
broderi can ask around00:12
greg-gmaybe WMF?00:13
greg-gI can ask them00:13
greg-g(they're ubuntu server users)00:13
bkerensathey have a nice space and might host you guys if you asked idk though00:15
bkerensaRudy is their chief monkey00:15
greg-gbkerensa: can you make an introduction?00:16
bkerensaI could e-mail Rudy and ask sure :) Its been years since I have seen him but he is a cool guy and they have a big space00:16
bkerensagreg-g: I have dispatched a e-mail to the Monkeys :)00:18
pleia2WMF would be awesome too, they have a nice space (I went to a CiviCRM meetup there one)00:18
bkerensathey support a lot of local stuff.... In fact they provide connectivity for the EFF00:19
pleia2plus they're like 600ft from me00:19
jledbetterWMF would be. Not sure of convenience to a train but they are wicked awesome.00:19
greg-gpleia2: yeah, thought that would please you :)00:19
pleia2jledbetter: it's on the same block as the roastery (for tonight!)00:19
greg-gjledbetter: WMF is close to BART00:19
pleia2bkerensa: wikimedia00:19
greg-gWikimedia Foundation00:19
bkerensaoh I had no idea they had a office in downtown sf :)00:20
pleia2yeah, on new montgomery st00:20
bkerensamakes sense :)00:20
greg-gbkerensa: I'm trying to get MonkeyBrains as my house's ISP, we're a hop out of sight (we need a bridge at some point, so I need to find another interested house between us and an active node)00:21
jledbetterpleia2: Feeling blah so not sure if I'm making tonight. But good to know :)00:22
pleia2jledbetter: ok, next time! :)00:22
jledbetterIs there usually just one jam for the area?00:22
bkerensaI remember when Monkeybrains opened as a ISP in SF.... I thought Rudy and Co were crazy for walking away from their Dot Com jobs00:22
pleia2jledbetter: sometimes jono will host one in the east bay, Walnut Creek00:22
jledbetterpleia2: Ah, gotcha.00:23
kdub__move out of ann arbor, eh greg-g ?00:23
pleia2but he does it on Fridays :(00:23
pleia2(it's work for him, so makes sense)00:23
bkerensaRudy wants to do Microtrenching in SF so he can laydown Fiber all across the city but I think the City is denying him00:23
greg-gkdub__: heya!00:23
greg-gyep, I'm in Bernal00:23
greg-gkdub__: where are you?00:24
kdub__san diego00:24
bkerensagreg-g: Bernal heights is fun00:24
greg-gkdub__: oh huh, what are you doing there?00:24
kdub__just working, avoiding winter00:24
kdub__android work right now00:25
greg-gkdub__: :)00:26
greg-gcool, anything public?00:26
bkerensapleia2: Oh you guys have winter? :P00:26
bkerensaIts 42 outside right now and thats warm :(00:27
kdub__greg-g: unfortunately no, moving towards changing that though00:27
greg-gkdub__: awesome :)00:28
pleia2bkerensa: no winter here (winter in philly)00:28
pleia2it's 62F and sunny beautiful here today00:29
pleia233F and snowing in philly right now00:29
pleia2aww, next week is my 2 year anniversary in california :)00:31
* bkerensa mumbles about the sunny weather in california00:32
MarkDudei like penguins00:32
pleia2bkerensa: https://plus.google.com/u/1/116904638361799818523/posts/HFhwTVbW9xK00:32
pleia2just in case you wanted to mumble summore :)00:33
bkerensaMarkDude: You are a penguin00:34
jledbetterrabble rabble rabble00:34
philipballewSD ubuntu hour and invite sent out.00:42
bkerensaheh apparently google is going to start offering to pay $5 to buy your browsing data00:43
philipballewpleia2, good luck tonight. I will be there next month though.00:44
pleia2thanks :)00:44
philipballewI know its hard to get them set up and you hope you can have them work out. So luck is always needed00:45
pleia2doing them with debian dinners always helps with attendance00:46
philipballewThats a plus. the debian users in so cal are pretty boring and never do anything00:52
pleia2you have to lure them out with chinese food00:52
pleia2they are naturally shy creatures, and easily spooked00:53
bkerensagreg-g: The Monkeys have responded - "We've moved out of the SOMA space for now and are in a much smaller office. . We might be able to fit a couple people between boxes though... Honestly, we've got a 600sqft office these days. However, we may be moving here in the next few months to something much larger again. If we do, we probably could do this for you guys.00:55
pleia2hehe, there are two recruiters here02:09
akkThat's cool, recruiters clueful enough to go to a meeting like that.02:10
akkAlso that recruiters are interested in ubuntu/debian people.02:10
pleia2yeah :)02:10
broderah, that's what they were - i didn't actually catch it05:19
* MarkDude may not have been paying attention, but, when was the bots name changed from Eureka?07:00
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nhainesWell, ubucon.org is renewed for another year.19:28
MarkDudenhaines, you do great work for Ubuntu and FOSS in general.19:57
* MarkDude wanted to thank you for your awesome efforts19:57
nhainesMarkDude: thanks.19:59
nhainesDoes anyone have any idea how a Lenovo Ideapad G570 runs with Ubuntu?20:10
nhainesThere's an SSID here called "pretty fly for a wifi" which always makes me smirk.21:15

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