tjagodaUbuntu One Windows Client is stuck in an infinite "Getting Information" phase00:16
greg-gits downloading the web!00:17
tjagodaits a valid login00:19
tjagodaand then it just chills out00:19
tjagodaLike I have the largest password in recorded history and it's transferring it one character at a time over 18 relayed 56K modems.00:20
tjagodaoh yay00:23
tjagodaits a bug with no current fix00:23
brouschanyone have a good json viewer?00:31
tjagodaYOUR EYES00:31
brouschmy eyes are bleeding00:31
jrwrenwtf json viewer?00:31
brouschit is solid text00:31
rick_hbrousch: there's a good json plugin in Chrome00:34
rick_hbrousch: and what's his name posted some plugin snippets for making vim pretty print json and encode it back00:34
rick_hbrousch: http://blog.pault.ag/post/15698933492/json-vim-love00:35
brouschfound this http://jsonlint.com/00:37
brouschhow would i use that vim thing?00:39
rick_hbrousch: so you need to grab the two python scripts and put them in ~/bin or whatever you use for custom commands in your $PATH00:39
rick_hand then create the vim shortcuts he points out in there for your .vimrc00:39
rick_hthen download your .json file and run the expand command, view/edit, and then runthe compress command00:39
brouschah, i get it00:40
brouschwoohoo, i have my scrape in valid json00:41
Wolfgerrick_h: snap-l: is there no newer version of pycurl for version of Python > 2.5? Or is my problem strictly with the Windows .exe installer?02:18
Wolfgera little disheartening that pycurl seems last-update 3.5 years ago02:18
tjagodaUnity on windows eventually moves02:19
tjagodaI just have to leave it alone for like 2 hours02:19
rick_hWolfger: what are you using it for?02:20
rick_hWolfger: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pycurl/7.18.1 says 7.18.1 :)02:20
rick_hWolfger: if you're just fetching urls, use requests instead02:20
rick_hWolfger: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/requests02:20
Wolfgerrick_h: I downloaded 7.18.2, and there's source for 7.19.002:22
WolfgerI'm using it for this: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/guides/2010/04/tutorial-use-twitters-new-real-time-stream-api-in-python.ars02:23
rick_hWolfger: ah, yea so you need streaming support then yea, pycurl you go02:23
rick_hdon't know requests supports that at all02:24
snap-lApparently nobody liked my solution04:20
brousch5:15AM "gotta go poopies" wake up from the boy12:54
rick_hI need a service that will send a flaming bag of poo to a requested person on the internet12:54
rick_hbrousch: hey, that's cool12:54
brouschrick_h: i think the postal services frowns on that12:54
rick_hRight now we're still at the "grunt...grunt grrrrr"12:55
rick_h"Do you have to go poop Michael? Want to sit on the potty?"12:55
brouschwe made great strides in the last month12:55
brousch1. shower in the middle of the night if he pooped in bed12:55
Wolfgerbrousch: then don't mail it. Personal delivery12:56
brousch2. star wars lego advent calendar. open a door every time he done good12:56
brouschWolfger: crowd source it? that might work12:56
* Wolfger runs out to register flamingpoocloud.com12:57
Wolfgerand flamingpoocrowd.com12:57
brouschtechnically i think it could work. legally ... i don't want to think about it12:57
Wolfgerrick_h: so when I asked about pycurl last night, why did nobody mention "pip"?12:58
rick_hWolfger: huh? You didn't ask "How can I install packages in python"12:58
brouschrick_h: how about a virtual flaming poo. maybe a scratch-n-sniff postcard with a nasty picture?12:58
rick_hyou just asked "Where is the latest pycurl"12:58
snap-lrick_h: I think we have our start-up: Flamingbagofpoo.com12:58
WolfgerI mean... it didn't work, it errored out, but it would have been very nice and simple if it *had* worked. :-)12:58
rick_hWolfger: yea, pycurl needs to compile so you'd have to install the header files for it to pip install it12:58
brouschsudo apt-get install python-pycurl12:59
snap-lIf you're going to move to doctests because other stuff is hard, you're doing it wrong.12:59
Wolfgerbrousch: I was doing this on Win7, so that command would have done nothing for me :-p12:59
brouschdownload virtualbox. install kubuntu VM. sudo apt-get install python-pycurl13:00
snap-lOr install activestate python and hope they have it packaged13:00
Wolfgersnap-l: I <3 ActiveState, and no they don't.13:01
brouschWolfger: did they show you virtualenvs?13:01
Wolfgerthe who what now?13:01
WolfgerI just asked one question, got 2 answers, and went on about my bidness13:02
brouschpip and virtualenvs go together like peanut butter and jelly13:03
Wolfgerbut after learning about pip, I figure I should have got 3 answers and one of them should have been "try pip", but oh well. :-)13:03
Wolfgeranyhow, virtualbox and Kubuntu is not really the path I want to take. The idea is I want whatever I do to be usable on both Win a *nix13:04
brouschyeah, i was just kidding with that13:04
brouschbut virtualenvs are a real thing13:04
brouscha self-contained python environment13:05
Wolfgerso teach me13:05
brouschso you can install and uninstall python modules for your project without mucking up your system python13:05
brouschunzip it, cd to it, python setup.py install13:07
brouschthen you can create virtualenvs with: `virtualenv --distribute MyVirtualEnv`13:08
brousch--distribute tells it to install pip13:08
brouschgeekers. i had a big video artifact in the middle of my screen i couldn't get rid of so i started closing all my programs to shut down and restart. the last thing i closed was firefox and that got rid of the artifact13:47
snap-lWolfger: Oh, that sucks13:56
snap-lDefinitely SOL-ville, then13:56
brouschwhat'd i miss?13:57
snap-lbrousch: Reading scrollback14:04
brouschi lost scrollback before 8:4714:06
brouschwas helping Wolfger and wondered if i missed something14:06
snap-lNah, nothing important14:07
snap-lwas just commiserating that ActiveState doesn't have PyCurl packaged14:08
brouschwhy use activestate instead of regular python?14:09
Wolfgerhonestly? I dunno. Habit.14:19
WolfgerActiveState has always been the best Perl solution on Windows14:20
rick_hbrousch: it's what happens when a perl guy goes to python :P14:20
snap-lrick_h: This keyboard is faking me out. :)14:25
snap-lTrying to find the page up / page down keys, and they're near the edge14:25
snap-lwhich is where the number pad goes. :)14:25
rick_hsnap-l: ah, the 10less part of it lol14:25
rick_hsnap-l: so you're not allowed to think about it until day 314:25
rick_hI find that's how long it takes me to adjust14:26
rick_hyou have to get past the "it's just different" part to evaluate14:26
snap-lI feel like one of those hacker movies, though. I can hear myself type again. :)14:26
rick_hyou'll tune it out :)14:27
rick_hthink of it like haptic feedback on an iphone14:27
snap-lNot helping. :)14:27
brouschok, in vim 'G' goes to the end of the file. i need '1G' to go to the first line?14:39
snap-l(and no, I'm not saying "good game", I mean gg)14:40
brouschok, that's better14:40
snap-lgg defaults to the first line of the fil14:40
rick_hany line nubmer14:40
rick_hoh yea, no line number gg does top14:41
brouschok, that will work14:41
snap-lalso 271G will go to line 27114:41
rick_hsorry, I read that as "how to do get to a XG line14:41
rick_hbut yea, gg to of file, any #gg will jump to that line (very handy for test failures/exception tracebacks)14:42
brouschmy tests never fail14:42
brouschmostly because they do not exist14:42
rick_hI'll leave that one alone14:42
snap-lif True == True:14:42
brouschi've been using vim exclusively. the vim book as my bathroom reading is helping14:43
Wolfgerbrousch: 1G is first line, 10G is line 10, etc14:43
rick_hbrousch: awesome!14:43
Wolfgeroh, sorry, I see snap-l already said that14:43
rick_hWolfger: yea, but gg is faster than shift-g imo14:43
rick_hbut that's preference14:44
brouschyeah, it is14:44
rick_hhttp://greenteapress.com/complexity/ looks interesting14:44
snap-lrick_h: Yeah, gg is hard-wired for me over 1G14:44
rick_hfree pdf14:44
brouschsort of from o'reilly?14:45
Wolfgergg > 1G (2 vs 3 keystrokes). I'll try to remember that one.14:45
snap-lbrousch: They publish his books14:45
snap-lThe think stats book is pretty good, although I'm a little disappointed that it's not self-0cntained14:45
snap-lyou'll need to have a network connection to head to wikipedia for some of the concepts14:46
rick_hoh, how much of the code/etc is "go download it here"14:46
rick_hyea, same here. I've not gotten very far into it and I think that's part of the reason14:46
jrwrensnap-l: <3 U http://www.reddit.com/r/java/comments/pghyp/homework_replace_a_word_in_a_line_of_text/c3p6jg514:46
snap-land unfortunately wikipedia is not particularly easy to get into if you're not familiar with the concepts.14:46
snap-ljrwren: Thank you. :)14:47
jrwrenbrousch: no need for virtual box. just run testdrive, choose kubuntu, install python-pycurl :)14:48
snap-ljrwren: You'd be surprised how much Java code I've seen that does shells like that.14:48
brouschjrwren: testdrive runs on windows?14:48
snap-llike shelling out and doing ls.14:48
jrwrenwindows?  oh sorry. I just assumed you have linux available.14:50
jrwrenplus: gg is starcraft meme.14:50
brouschjrwren: pity poor Wolfger and his Windows usage14:52
WolfgerIs it bad of me to want to write something that works on both OS's?14:53
brouschyes. that makes windows more useful14:54
brouschyou must release for linux-only14:54
snap-lWolfger: What's your target audience?14:54
Wolfgersnap-l: Twitter users14:54
jrwrenits not bad of you.14:55
brouscha desktop client for twitter?14:55
jrwrenbut you've run into a limit of your cross platform system of choice.14:55
jrwrenpurhaps another system would be better suited?14:55
Wolfgerbrousch: The working name of what I want to write is Twitter Hashtag Chat (#THC)14:56
Wolfgerbasically I want to write a client that can turn any twitter hashtag into and IRC-style chat14:56
jrwrenWolfger: ++14:56
jrwrenand my followers list should be an irc style chat14:56
jrwrenand it should be right in irssi. lets patch irssi :)14:56
brouschthese days i tend to think like "if it can be a webapp, it should be a webapp"14:57
jrwrenfunny, i think "if it can be an ipad app, it should be an ipad app"14:57
jrwreni had twitter in irssi working via some convoluted irc-xmpp-twitter double proxy. it didn't work very well14:58
brouschotherwise you have to do it for 3 different desktop platforms and 2 different mobile platforms14:58
jrwrenyes, but you can leverage those 5 platforms to the fullest. Web is lowest common denominator.14:58
jrwrenesp. if web means ancient IE browsers too.14:58
* Wolfger cringes14:59
brouschi am good with lowest common denominator14:59
snap-lI'm good with LCD, as long as we agree on a reasonable lower bound. :)15:00
jrwreni'm not.15:00
brouschgive me phonegap or give me death!15:00
jrwrenphonegap isn't LCD.15:00
jrwrenie7 is LCD :[15:00
snap-lIE is not a reasonable lower bound. ;)15:00
Wolfgerie7 is mgcd15:00
WolfgerMost Godawful Common Denominator15:00
brouschanyone using ie7 can go suck an egg15:01
snap-lIE7 is a great bootstrapping device15:01
snap-lfor heading to getfirefox15:01
snap-lor chrome. :)15:01
WolfgerThe webapp idea does have some merit... I have no issue with telling IE7 users to suck an elf.15:02
brouschie8 is available for winxp15:02
WolfgerThe major problem with a webapp, though, is that at some point in time, if what I write is any good, I'll need professional hosting15:03
snap-lWolfger: Regard that as a goal, not a roadblock15:03
jrwrenwhy is that a problem?15:04
jrwrenhosting is CHEAP15:04
Wolfgerit is?15:04
jrwrenhell, free... get the free heroku dyno15:04
tjagodaGood morning fellow windows enthusiasts.15:04
brouschgoogle app engine is free15:04
snap-lAmazon is cheap15:04
WolfgerI guess i haven't looked at hosting in a while... but used to be that the free/cheap stuff was not suitable for anything other than a blog :-p15:04
rick_hand I think amazon still has the free mini ec215:05
brouschamazon is like $15/mo15:05
brouschwebfaction is cheap. $8.50/mo15:05
snap-lWolfger: So there are options for web hosting15:06
snap-lHell, if you need part of a linode instance, I can set you up an account.15:06
brouschWolfger: i also worry about scaling. a couple of my ideas would require a lot of resources if they got popular15:07
WolfgerYeah... but even $8.50 a month is over $100 a year to pay so that other people can benefit from my hard work. Doesn't seem right. Maybe I'm just cheap... :-p15:07
rick_hmeh, scale when you need to15:07
rick_hat least then you can justify the costs15:07
jrwrenGAE is free to a point, just like heroku.15:07
snap-lWolfger: You're fooling yourself15:07
Wolfgersnap-l: probably :-)15:08
jrwrenWolfger: put up ads, get some of that $ back.15:08
snap-lWolfger: Look at scaling up as a goal, not a roadblock15:08
snap-lscaling up is a nice problem to have15:08
snap-ldesign with scalability in mind, of course, but don't let that deter you.15:09
snap-lThat's like worrying that Twitter will purchase your hard work (or clone it)15:09
snap-lI can think of worse problems to have15:09
snap-lThat's a sign of success IMHo15:10
snap-lpep talk over. :)15:11
jrwrenyou don't even have to design with scalability in mind in the HIP sense. Look at stack overflow. their architecture is based on a 10+ yr old idea of "scaling" and it works well.15:12
jrwrenignore the trends and do what works.15:12
rick_hexactly, every problem has it's issues, but you'd be surprised how effective you can get to with just the normal scaling tricks/know how15:12
brouschjrwren: do you use heroku?15:15
jrwrennot for prod15:16
jrwrenbut some teammates do.15:16
jrwreni just play/test with heroku right now15:16
jrwrenbut I use it enough to know that I ove it.15:16
jrwrenLVOE IT15:16
jrwrenwow, typing.15:17
rick_hhah, he's so in love he can't even say it15:17
rick_hyea, I'm nervous with how it would price at scale, but you're just hosting a normal app you can deploy elsewhere if you get there15:17
snap-lWay to instill confidence: 'Like "real" programming languages, Bash has functions, though in a somewhat limited implementation.'15:18
brouschlooks much less wonky than GAE15:18
rick_hbrousch: yea, because you're not really specific to their api as much15:18
jrwrensnap-l: where do you find this shit?15:19
jrwreni've no idea what bash limitations bash functions have over any other lang15:19
jrwreni think the huge difference for me is with GAE you have to remodel your data to fit what GAE gives you.  With heroku you get to use postgresql. I LOVE Postgresql15:20
rick_hyea, bonus points for that being the default!15:20
jrwreni recently learned about postgresql hstore and loved it more.15:21
rick_hjrwren: yea, it's pretty slick15:21
jrwrenand the json coming in postgresql 9.2 looks so awesome.15:21
rick_hstill not sure I'd go that route or just use a key/val store elsewhere, but the fact that you can tie it into a query with your relational data is sweetness15:21
jrwrenrick_h: and its indexed, or can be indexed.15:22
brouschi dislike managing my own server which is why i look at GAE. i love these cloud services that are managed by someone else15:22
snap-ljrwren: I use this thing called Google. :)15:22
rick_hjrwren: right15:22
rick_hbrousch: yea, ep.io gondor.io heroku ... a whole world out there for python apps15:23
rick_hheroku seems the most complete though15:23
brouschi watched a talk by one of the ep.io guys. it was kind of scary15:24
Wolfgersounds like I need to do some research tonight...15:24
brouschdoing some crazy stuff a low level15:24
rick_hwell yea, when it becomes your job to scale others...need to get your @#$ together15:25
brouschvery little django in that talk ;)15:25
rick_hoh thank goodness, finally someone else says 0MQ isn't a message queue15:27
snap-lrick_h: But but but, it says Message Queue right on the tin. :)15:28
jrwrenits not an MQ?15:28
rick_hit's more a socket you build on...15:29
rick_hfancy socket with built in awesome bits, but 0MQ is a horrible name for it imo15:29
jrwrenbut you write data to the socket and it sits there waiting for someone to read it15:29
jrwrenthat is by def a queue15:29
rick_hright, but it's not rabbitmq or other mq ootb. You write the bits that make all that happen15:30
rick_hit's a level below MQ and above socket15:30
jrwreni see15:30
jrwrenyou don't write the bits to make it queue though, right?15:30
rick_hkind of, there's built in, but you define/set it up and how the queue works15:30
rick_hit's like MQ lego blocks I guess15:30
rick_hyes, it's built for building queues15:31
snap-lSounds a little petty, personally15:31
rick_hmeh, try it out and let me know if you want to put it in the same board as rabbit and such15:31
snap-l(the assertion that 0mq isn't a "true" MQ)15:31
rick_hit's a drastic different tool15:31
rick_hit's like saying that you can write files with cat...must be an editor15:32
snap-lit's not?15:32
rick_hwhen I list out editors for linux, I"ll have vi, eclipse, cat15:32
rick_hnow, do you really think cat belongs in that list?15:32
snap-lemacs is just a fancy way of calling cat. :)15:33
rick_htotally, which is how 0MQ is a "message queue"15:33
snap-lEditor Making Accessing Cat Simple.15:33
snap-lI think that's the major difference right there.15:35
snap-lsimilar to XML vs JSON. ;)15:35
jrwrenrick_h: you did see snap-l's string replace in java today, right?15:35
jrwrenor yesterday15:35
rick_hI think this is it: AMQP is a family of messaging protocols, while ØMQ is a library of messaging functionality. You do not use AMQP directly but rather download and use a specific AMQP implementation such as OpenAMQ or RabbitMQ.15:35
rick_hjrwren: yea15:36
snap-lI love how the java folks essentially voted that comment into oblivion15:36
snap-lTotally took it seriously.15:37
rick_hwell it was a bit of a crapping on some student trying to do homework :P15:37
jrwrenNO HOMEWORK!15:37
snap-lTrue, I was being a dick15:37
rick_hI mean, did you expect it to be voted to the top?15:37
snap-lrick_h: Oh hell no15:37
snap-lI expected a little more "hah hah, no"15:38
snap-land not "You're doing it wrong"15:38
jrwrenon /. it would be 5 "Funny"15:45
snap-lOn hacker news, it would be lead story. ;)15:48
Wolfgerthat's news?15:52
snap-ljust accidentally discovered my new favorite vim shortcut: CTRL-w o15:53
_stink_ahh nice16:01
brouschspeaking of _stink_ http://webctor.com/articles/fart_facts_infographic,659,1.html16:03
_stink_i'm so glad this is now going to be part of my workstation's network log16:03
brouschi wasn't going to paste it here, but _stink_ spoke up just after i read it16:04
_stink_glad i could help16:04
tjagodaooh, sysadmin opening at geeknet16:14
snap-ltjagoda: link?16:14
tjagodaI might apply16:15
tjagodaI dont have much load balancing experience though16:16
snap-lLooks like they folded the position I used to have into  something a little more all-encompasing16:17
tjagodaGood company, or company of douches?16:19
snap-ltjagoda: Definitely apply for that if you think you're interested16:19
snap-lGood company. They left me, I didn't leave them16:19
snap-lThere was some definite political foo that happened when I was let go. It's probably a lot different now than when I was there.16:20
snap-lBut Jacob was one of the best bosses I've worked with. Extremely fair, and knows what he wants16:20
tjagodaOne of those "we're eliminating this position" let go's?16:22
snap-lCompany was going through staff reductions to save costs.16:23
snap-lWas also around the time that Hemos and Nate Oostendorp were let go from the company.16:23
snap-lThere were several rounds of layoffs, unfortunately16:24
snap-lBut, in all honesty, it was a great experience.16:25
snap-lI would apply for it, save for I'm not really that good with administration, and the on-call cycle was brutal.16:28
* snap-l does not deal well with sleep-dep16:28
tjagodaDo I get free/discounted thinkgeek stuff if hired?16:30
jrwrendid you work with wolf?16:59
jrwrenmy coworkers were not amused by my amusement that nodejs is just a js port of libev/ev.POD17:01
rick_hjrwren: oh well17:02
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, wolf was there when i was there.17:03
jrwrensnap-l: how was it working with Wolf?17:04
snap-ljrwren: Didn't work directly with him, but he's definitely a very smart person17:04
rick_hhmm, the laptop is rocking on the coffee shop table...wtf. Case warp?17:04
snap-lalso pretty eccentric17:04
snap-lrick_h: Ruh roh17:05
brouschrick_h: lost a foot?17:05
snap-lmy sis-in-law managed to warp a laptop. The top of the screen was melted17:05
snap-lrick_h: Could also be a warped table. ;)17:06
rick_hsnap-l: I suppose, I haven't noticed it before17:06
rick_hbrousch: no, all feet accounted for17:06
rick_hugh, annoying17:06
jrwreni'm watching that video posted earlier.http://blip.tv/djangocon/deployment-daemons-and-datacenters-557337017:08
jrwrenhe said, "we can't generate a password file with 25000 usernames"17:08
jrwrenbut I don't see why not. I used to do it with 36000 usernames.17:09
jrwrenits really not a big deal at all17:09
rick_hI think for them it's a matter of sync/write contention/updating/etc17:09
snap-lI think once you get above 100, it's time to start thinking about LDAP.17:09
rick_hsince they've got such a big back end and it sounds like the effort of getting that going is a pita17:09
rick_hbut yea, I thought that was strange at first17:10
jrwreni see, its the change.17:10
jrwrenyou don't want to do it every time a new person signs up for your service.17:10
jrwrenthat makes good sense17:10
WolfgerTime warp. I come back from lunch and there's all sorts of timestamps on irccloud... Today seems to be speeding through the year 4078.17:10
Wolfgerand I see people have been talking about me behind my back.17:19
rick_hpretty much17:19
Wolfgerpretty sneaky, not using my nick so I wouldn't get the alert :-p17:19
snap-lWolfger: Wolf, not Wolfger. :)17:20
snap-lIt's not my fault that I've worked with both of you. :)17:20
Wolfgersomehow, I think it *is* your fault.17:23
jrwreni was about to say???17:23
snap-lI hope the week is going well for you so far! I'm just getting in touch to ask17:27
snap-lif you're in need of any freelance writing at Craig Maloney - if so, it'd be an17:27
snap-lhonor to help out and I would love to get involved if you have any need for me.17:27
snap-lAnd all they ask for is a link17:27
snap-lLove form-letter scams. :)17:27
_stink_write back and tell them how terribly your week is going.17:27
WolfgerWhat, you don't want any freelance writing over there at Craig Maloney?17:28
snap-lYes, please ghost-write all of my blog entries for me for the cost of my immortal SEO17:29
snap-lShould respond with "That would be great. I was going to blog on how to make NP = P. Here's a wikipedia link."17:30
snap-l"I'll gladly post your article if you can conclusively prove NP = P"17:31
WolfgerThat's easy17:31
Wolfgerwhere N=117:32
Wolfgeroh, we weren't doing simple algebra?17:32
snap-lWolfger: no17:32
jrwrendid you ever fix your pycurl problems?17:43
Wolfgerjrwren: No, I gave up in frustration. My brain also wasn't working all that well last night.17:47
WolfgerOK, who's got the Little Monsters beta invites? http://www.cnn.com/2012/02/08/tech/social-media/lady-gaga-social-little-monsters/index.html17:47
Wolfgerjrwren: and people today are convincing me to go the web route, so setting up pycurl on Win 7 may be a completely moot point.17:48
jrwrenweb? yuk.17:50
jrwrenhow about C++?17:50
jrwrenQT runs nicely on all platforms :)17:51
jrwrenand C++11 is a rather nice language17:51
snap-ljrwren: Is that compared with previous iterations of C++, or on it's own merits ? :)17:54
jrwrenprev C++17:55
jrwrenits own merits still stand. FAST low level shit17:55
jrwrenWolfger: pycurl looks abandonded. is it abandoned or just "done"17:55
WolfgerI was wondering how long it would be til somebody mentioned C++11 in here...17:56
WolfgerI was thinking pycurl looked abandoned too. Unusual to see no updates in 3 years17:57
WolfgerOf course, I was trying to install it to follow along with a 2 year old tutorial17:58
WolfgerThe tech world moves too fast and/or I move too slow :-p17:58
jrwrenyeah, that tutorial doesn't work anyway. the auth model is different now18:01
Wolfgerwell then Google should remove it from the first page of search results :-p18:05
WolfgerI was like "wow, that sounds incredibly pertinent to me"18:05
snap-lGoogle is just giving you want you want18:06
brouschrezound bummer http://www.droid-life.com/2012/02/09/htc-details-ice-cream-sandwich-upgrade-schedule-rezound-not-in-the-first-batch/18:31
snap-lbrousch: I wonder what makes CDMA such a beast to support18:38
snap-lbecause it seems anything on Verizon gets it right up the arse18:39
snap-lAmybe the problem is Verizon all-along.18:39
jcastrosnap-l: because the rest of the world uses GSM18:46
brouschatt and sprint use gsm?18:46
jcastroatt does18:47
jcastroI am pretty sure sprint does18:47
rick_hI thought sprint was a bastard cdma thing18:47
jcastrooh I am wrong18:47
jcastroit's like custom CDMA18:47
jcastroThis is why I had to import my Nexus. :(18:48
brouschso ATT and T-mobile are the biggest GSM in the USA18:49
rick_hthey're really the only two which is why ATT buying T-mobile made sense18:50
brouschcdma was part of the problem with the earlier galaxy nexus aosp thing http://androidcommunity.com/google-clarifies-cdma-debacle-still-supporting-developer-phones-not-publishing-aosp-code-20120206/18:51
snap-lYeah, it seems that CDMA is preventing Android folks from having nice things.18:51
brouschmight be time to switch18:52
Wolfgerspeaking of Androids.... I got a text last night that 2.3 is available for my Galaxy S now. Anybody have opinions about upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3?18:56
rick_hWolfger: it's nice18:57
WolfgerSpecifically, I'm worried that newer OS on same hardware might be a dog18:57
Wolfgerok, cool18:57
brouschi run 2.3 on my original droid. it's no slower than 2.218:59
WolfgerI also hear from some people that I should root the damned thing :-p19:02
_stink_yeah, AT&T is telling Captivate owners that 2.3 is available19:03
Wolfgertook so long to get 2.2, I didn't think we'd ever get 2.319:03
Wolfgerand I was so unimpressed with 2.1 -> 2.2 when I finally got it that I didn't care19:04
jrwrenon iOS things get faster with new revs :p19:05
rick_hjrwren: riiight...did they ever get ios4 running on those 3gs devices without it sucking donkey balls?19:05
jrwrenits likely there are more optimizations in the newer build19:05
jrwrenrick_h: yeah, i ran it for yrs.19:05
jrwrenios4.1 fixed tons and 4.2 fixed even more and was very fast19:05
jrwrenand ios5 runs great on 3gs too19:05
Wolfgerby my estimation, iOS 4 is < 2 years old19:06
Wolfgersince it came out right before I got my Captivate...19:06
snap-lGuh, sinuses are kicking into overdrive19:08
WolfgerGo, sinuses, go!19:09
jrwreni ran it for as long as it was out. how is htat :)19:16
jrwreni always ran current and it always got faster with the exception of 3.2->4.019:17
WolfgerThe skeptic in me wonders if that was a neat trick... Make 4.0 a dog so that each subsequent revision makes it better, and people will not notice that 4.2 < 3.2 because 4.2 > 4.1 > 4.019:18
WolfgerNot saying 4.2 < 3.2, just speculating19:19
jrwrencould be.19:19
jrwrenbut i doubt it.19:20
WolfgerI'm convinced Apple's genius is more in manipulating humans than bits19:20
jrwrenthat is SOOOooo @1990sLinuxUser19:20
Wolfgerwhat can I say? I was a Linux user in the 1990's19:22
WolfgerI also don't see people lining up outside stores to get their hands on cool new tech without a little social manipulation.19:23
jrwrenso was I19:24
jrwreni'm not convinced there is any Apple genius :)19:24
WolfgerThey make too much money for there to not be some sort of genius there19:25
jrwrenoh? its all about money?19:25
jrwrenbecause Exxon Mobile makes a lot of money. I'd not call it genius19:25
snap-lho boy19:25
Wolfgerthat tends to be the major motivator in our society19:25
jrwren!define genius19:26
snap-l  Genius \Gen"ius\, n.; pl. E. {Geniuses}; in sense 1, L. {Genii}.19:26
snap-l     [L. genius, prop., the superior or divine nature which is19:26
snap-l     innate in everything, the spirit, the tutelar deity or genius19:26
snap-l     of a person or place, taste, talent, genius, from genere,19:26
snap-l     gignere, to beget, bring forth. See {Gender}, and cf.19:26
Wolfgerand when you manage to make a lot of it without resorting to winning the lottery, yeah, that took some smarts, because as much as you want to make it, somebody else wants to stop you from making it. Multiple somebodies, really19:26
snap-l     {Engine}.]19:26
snap-l     1. A good or evil spirit, or demon, supposed by the ancients19:26
snap-l        to preside over a man's destiny in life; a tutelary deity;19:26
snap-l        a supernatural being; a spirit, good or bad. Cf. {Jinnee}.19:26
snap-lSo we all have a little genius in each of us19:27
_stink_sounds like something you'd hear in kindergarten.19:27
snap-lSo, stop rubbing that lamp and kindly get back to work. :)19:27
Wolfgerplural usually geniuses a : a single strongly marked capacity or aptitude <had a genius for getting along with boys — Mary Ross> b : extraordinary intellectual power especially as manifested in creative activity c : a person endowed with transcendent mental superiority; especially : a person with a very high IQ19:29
WolfgerThat is the definition from Merriam-Webster most appropriate to what I am talking about19:30
snap-lI like mnine better19:30
snap-lYours doesn't lend itself to inappropriate rubbing jokes.19:31
Wolfgerstuff it, sinus boy19:31
snap-lWhen I get my hands on some pseudophedrine, I'm so kicking your ass. :)19:31
Wolfgeror as my dad used to say, "go blow it out your nose"19:32
snap-lNow if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go shut down the world.19:32
jrwrenyou think apple is closed... http://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8/archive/2012/02/09/building-windows-for-the-arm-processor-architecture.aspx  UGH19:37
snap-lI wish it wasn't a competition19:43
jrwreni do.19:44
jrwrencompetition is good.19:44
snap-lcompetition to be the most closed?19:44
jrwrenno, that is bad.19:44
jrwreni wish it were open competition19:44
snap-lIt's like having a competition to see who can be the biggest jackass19:44
jrwrenbut firefox chrome competition has been GREAT for us.19:44
snap-lWEll, some are lamenting that people are writing just for Webkit, and leaving out Firefox19:45
snap-lKevin Dangoor shared a piece about that19:45
rick_hyea, but firefox has their own -moz prefix crap19:45
rick_hI don't get that gripe at all19:45
rick_has a dev I'm the one that has to do -opera-stuff -moz-stuff -webkit-stuff19:46
brouschdoesn't sass or compass take care of it for you?19:48
rick_hit *can*19:48
rick_hbut it's not like it's ootb and they're complaining that not enough people use the tools to make things right19:48
rick_hand their rounded corner example is a crock since wtf cares if there's no rounded corner on firefox. That's not breaking the web19:49
brouschdesigners care!19:50
snap-lAs a former square, I care about rounded corners. ;)19:51
jrwreni just drag a Rounded Rectangle Button to the design surface19:52
brouschto the waht?19:54
snap-lthe cloud, of course19:54
jrwreni was partially lamenting my slavery to the XCode designer.19:55
snap-lWe drag the Rounded Rectangle to the design surface of the cloud.19:55
snap-lWhere we can make it magneta.19:56
snap-land then we shall telnet to the keyboard and download the printer for great happiness19:57
snap-lShit, who patented Tim Berners Lee?20:18
snap-l“Mr. Berners-Lee, why are you here?” asked Doan.20:18
snap-l"Because I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of bubblegum"20:19
brouschsnap-l: not according to the article20:25
brouschmore like to speak quietly and act shifty20:25
snap-lTim Berners Lee speaks softly, but with the force of 10 Chuck Norrises20:28
* snap-l thinks about putting up a Tim Berners Lee facts page.20:29
snap-lhttp://blog.chromium.org/2012/02/gpu-accelerating-2d-canvas-and-enabling.html <- swoon21:10
jrwrenms demoed that in ie10 2 yrs ago :p21:14
jrwrenof course, that hasn't shipped.21:14
Blazeixyeah, it was interesting. the IE10 preview releases smoke chrome and firefox21:22
snap-lI'm just in love with WebGL21:22
snap-land I'd expect IE10 to smoke Chrome and Firefox21:22
Blazeixplayed around with three.js?21:22
Blazeixthat's a really impressive little library21:22
snap-lafter all, IE is part of the OS. It probably runs with admin privs. ;)21:22
jrwrenoh no... i'll bet ie10 still isn't out because its NOT smoking htem anymore.21:22
jrwrenthey can't get it fast enough21:22
snap-lBlazeix: No, I haven't.21:23
Blazeixsnap-l: it makes canvas and webgl rendering really easy, it's very fun21:23
snap-lOh, purdy.21:24
Blazeixtake a look at http://fuqua.io/misc/hole/21:25
Blazeixthat uses three.js and a third-party physics library21:25
Blazeixwith just a couple lines of code21:25
snap-lcouple? :)21:26
snap-lBut yeah, not nearly as much as I would think there would be21:27
Blazeixa couple *interesting* lines of code :)21:31
greg-ghah, I beat snap-l to blocking a spammer from !ubuntumi on identi.ca22:10
tjagodasnap-l: writing the app now23:17
tjagodaany protips?23:17
snap-lJust highlight your OSS involvement23:17
tjagodaYay penguicon the resume point23:24
tjagodaApplication sented23:31
tjagodaHopefully I get a reply from a human!23:31

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