InHisNameSo, pangolin, r u well versed in pressure cooking now ?02:26
InHisNameCooking in a 100% humid, 257 deg environment might even tenderize rocks.  No dried out or burnt meat with this method.02:27
pangolinI am not very tasty. Stop trying to eat me.02:29
jthanAnyone here a lawyer in PA?02:35
EvilResistancejthan: no, but i know a few02:37
EvilResistancewhatcha looking for :p02:37
jthanJust questions about a few laws.02:37
EvilResistancewhich laws, out of curiosity :P02:38
jthanI don't know, speficially. It's about lawsuits in regard to minors02:38
EvilResistancein which context: bringing a lawsuit against a minor, or being a minor and the recipient of a lawsuit?02:41
EvilResistancebecause in either case, you need a lawyer who deals with the type of lawsuit being filed :P02:41
jthanOf course.02:41
EvilResistancebut also the context is just as interesting02:41
jthanI am curious what happens when the minor in question hits 18.02:41
EvilResistancebefore, or after the lawsuit is filed?02:41
EvilResistanceonce a minor is of legal adult age, they're no longer a minor02:42
jthanSo let's say there is an incident, then the (what was a minor at the time) hits 1802:42
jthanWell yeah... Obviously02:42
EvilResistancecriminal or civil charges?02:42
EvilResistanceif you were to say criminal, i'd say check the statute of limitations... :p02:42
jthanit's civil02:42
EvilResistanceif the case is sufficiently recent, though, i'd go after the now-adult minor directly02:43
EvilResistanceif the case is ancient, though, well...02:43
EvilResistancecase in point: i've had to lodge a few lawsuits against minors...02:43
jthanWell, I once heard from someone that after the person in question turns 18, they can no longer press sue for something that happened when they were minors02:43
jthaner.. yeah.. not press sue02:43
jthanjust sue :-p02:43
EvilResistancethe lawyers i spoke to at the time said that due to them being a minor, they cannot be held financially responsible, but the parents can :P02:44
EvilResistanceyeah, after the age of 18 your chances of success are low, from what i've been able to tell02:44
EvilResistancemy dad was a criminal defense lawyer for many years, before that he was a prosecutor, so... he's on both sides of criminal law, but meh02:45
EvilResistancehe still has his license to practice, so he's still my lawyer xD02:45
EvilResistancein any case, i'd consult with an attorney that deals with the specific type of suit you'd consider filing, and ask them02:46
EvilResistancethey *might* be asshatty and charge you for the consult though.02:46
jthanYeah.. most in this area do not.02:48
EvilResistancecheck your privmsgs02:48
jthanerstazi: thank you :-p03:23
MutantTurkeyso who's looking to give away a dual 4 core Xen server they got for 150?03:24
MutantTurkey err05:09
rmg51morning JonathanD10:50
jedijfChinnoDog: reddit! nice. Joe_CoT you too!12:57
ChinnoDogjedijf: what about it?14:04
JonathanDMorning. (again)14:05
Joe_CoTjedijf, eh?15:24
Joe_CoTSo apparently Linux people noticed me and ChinnoDog on reddit. I'm assuming from the Steak n Shake picture15:31
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EvilResistancesee, i dont use reddit so... xD15:34
* EvilResistance yawns15:34
EvilResistanceECON IS BORING!15:34
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EvilResistancehmm i should add the channel logger modules15:39
EvilResistanceor we should remove the "This channel is logged" part from the topic15:39
Joe_CoTnah, leave it to scare people15:40
rmg51this channel is logged15:41
EvilResistanceby what?15:51
Joe_CoTjedijf, ANSWER ME, I COMMAND IT15:52
Joe_CoTunless you're currently driving in which case ok15:52
rmg51ubuntulog bot15:53
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rmg51have to do some digging, but we are logged15:54
ChinnoDogJoe_CoT: "linux people" that also use reddit and aren't cool enough to join us?15:58
Joe_CoTChinnoDog, they are cool enough, which is why I'm wondering why they're using reddit but not joining us15:58
EvilResistancei see16:00
JonathanDJoe_CoT: are they -philadelphia people?16:03
Joe_CoTJonathanD, I assume that jedijf was referring to the Steak n Shake meetup picture16:03
JonathanDThat darn thing that no one told me about.16:04
ChinnoDogYou are in the channel!16:04
JonathanDMinor detail.16:04
JonathanDIf I actually paid attention to half the channels I'm in I'd never get anything done :P16:04
ChinnoDogWere you waiting for an engraved invitation?16:04
JonathanDPretty much.16:04
JonathanDOr a "Hey, JonathanD, come to this thing"16:04
JonathanDthat would work too :D16:04
rmg51check the logs 8-)16:05
waltmansteak & shake?!16:32
waltmanoh, there aren't any around here :(16:33
jedijfJoe_CoT: yes17:42
jedijfsaw photo on reddit17:43
Joe_CoTwhere on reddit?17:43
jedijfr/philadelphia iirc17:43
jedijf2 days ago by you17:44
Joe_CoTcome to some goddamn meetups then!17:44
jedijfi will. i just started reading. doing phila philly and linux17:45
Joe_CoTah, ok17:45
jedijfrhis cool dog cafe in ch is good17:46
jedijfJoe_CoT: check it out17:46
Joe_CoTmaybe I will!17:46
InHisNameI have noticed that compiz process over time grows larger in pigging up memory resources.  If I 'killed' it, would it trash my running ubuntu ?  Do I need to resort to a restart to get it to reset to base usage again?19:04
rhpot1991InHisName: killing it doesn't end well19:18
rhpot1991I've found that disabling unity and re-enabling it in CCSM will force things to respawn freshly19:19
rhpot1991my compiz tends to get stuck eating 30-40% cpu for nothing19:19
JonathanDJoe_CoT: I am so very tempted to op just for the heck of it...20:52
JonathanDSomehow I think this is my fault.20:53
Joe_CoTit is20:53
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jthanSomeone come over here and fix my nas21:37
MutantTurkeytrying to get my old G3 running22:43
MutantTurkeybut the mouse is broken and the keyboard is half shot22:44
MutantTurkeyof course mac and it's annyoing proprietary peripherals...22:44
waltmanMacs these days work with most generic peripherals.22:57
waltmanpretty much anything usb Just Works22:57
waltmanBut in my lab we've got a drawer full of crazy old Mac mice and keyboards with bizarre plugs22:58
jedijfMutantTurkey: i may have some stuff; can bring home tomorrow; adb mice and kbs23:38
jedijfimacs too if you want23:39
MutantTurkeyhow old imacs?23:41
MutantTurkeywaltman: can I barrow one next week?23:42
MutantTurkeywaltman: can I barrow one?23:46
MutantTurkeysorry I cant remember if I already said tat23:47
MutantTurkeysomewhere there is also a box of thinknubs laying around23:47
jedijfMutantTurkey: the all in one blue and whites and pink and whites23:48
MutantTurkeyyeah I have no idea23:50
MutantTurkeyI have G323:50
MutantTurkeythat's all I know23:51
PennBotTitle: iMac G3 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (at en.wikipedia.org)23:55
jedijfi have one or 2 translucent kbs and hockey puck mice too23:56

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