h00khey, hawke_01:11
h00khello, ubuntuWi-Guest01:19
h00kyou can change your nickname with /nick newnickgoeshere01:19
h00khey rick-schwai :)01:29
h00ktesting this link, feel free to ignore01:35
rick-schwaih00k: this is a test01:39
h00krick-schwai: success01:39
h00kso, meeting in 20 minutes.01:39
h00kbigbash, DavidLevin, greppy, hawke_, jrolland-ubuntu, KBme , mikeputnam, ripps: are you guys going to be here tonight?01:40
h00krick-schwai: ^01:41
h00kyotux, exigraff: hello01:57
yotuxhook: hello and good evening  to you the group01:58
* exigraff bows01:59
h00kOkay. I had to take care of some things here.02:02
h00kwelcome, everyone.02:02
h00kIt looks like we have a few active people here: exigraff, yotux, rick-schwai, and myself02:02
h00kFirst off, I'd like to do introductions, in no special order, but we can go in the order I listed above.  I'll start.  I'm Anthony Hook, the LoCo Contact. I'm an Ubuntu Member, I am an IRC operator, and I love my beautiful wife Brittany (reverse order of importance there)02:04
h00kexigraff: your turn!02:04
exigraffhi! I am... not in Wisconsin. I tend to write code, though.02:05
exigraffh00k's a friend of mine, and I am paid to be here.02:05
h00kand you weren't supposed to tell...02:05
exigraffI think that's the important stuff. yotux?02:05
yotuxNathan,  I have been using Ubuntu for five+ years.  I have done some ISO testing.  Also have been doing some political stuff in the state.02:06
exigraffI support this.02:06
rick-schwaiI am probably the old guy of the group.  I just qualified for Medicare this month.02:08
rick-schwaiI have been in the software business for over 35 years.  I was too dumb to leave it.  But I discovered ubuntu 4 years ago and have been having a lot of fun with it.02:09
exigraffrock on :D02:09
h00k^ this guy organized the talk in Minocqua, Rhinelander, and is tirelessly working on this upcoming talk in Wausau, WI02:09
* h00k takes notes "to dumb to leave it"02:10
rick-schwaiI happened to walk by an Apple store in a mall and saw lots of people having lots of fun and spending lots of $.02:10
rick-schwaiI thought we could have a similar experience but not have to spend lots of $ so I mentioned the idea to h00k.02:11
rick-schwaiHe was crazy enough to agree.  So...we are having a Conference on March 24th in Wausau.02:11
h00kIt's starred at the top of my inbox, some people down near Madison/Milwaukee seemed fond of the idea.02:11
exigraffthat's awesome.02:11
h00kSO, hopefully we attract some local attention, but it would be great (because it's in Central WI) to have people from all over the state to drop by...02:12
h00kWhich happens to be the topic of the meeting02:12
yotuxI'll try to attend the conf,  hoping there is not any recall activities for the same weekend02:12
exigraffI will send beer money.02:12
h00kyotux: ah, it's quote possible...02:12
h00kexigraff: personally, yes?02:13
* exigraff opens calendar02:13
exigraffwait... I see a birthday on here...02:13
h00kSo, it'll be on March 24, a Saturday. We have a nice room at the library from 10:00am to 3:00pm02:13
h00kexigraff: it's true02:13
h00kit also happens to be my Wife's birthday02:13
exigraffthe library may frown on beer-consumption.02:14
h00kexigraff: consider that for *after*02:14
yotuxexigraff:  I have to agree with you on that02:14
h00kHere's a sweet poster that got created and distributed all over: http://i.imgur.com/oupPj.jpg02:14
exigraffthere is a slight chance that I'll be in Canada. if that's not the case, I should be able to make it.02:14
rick-schwaiWhen would you know about Canada?02:15
exigraff/weeks/ before that. is there an rsvp list somewhere?02:16
h00kThe current agenda includes an Intro (what is Ubuntu, history, pros/cons, installation/conversion updates, touch on available applications). Following, a demo of such, then split up into two simultaneous tracks.02:16
h00kexigraff: at the moment, no02:16
h00knot formally.02:17
exigraffdo y'all in wisconsin use meetup.com?02:17
h00kexigraff: you02:17
h00kre from here :p02:17
rick-schwaiBased on my 2 previous classes, I am expecting between 25-35 attendees.02:17
h00kalso, no, we haven't as a LoCo02:18
exigraffmight be useful. but yeah, I should know at least a month in advance of that date.02:19
h00krick-schwai: correct me if I'm wrong, you have plans of this intro, yes?02:19
rick-schwaiYes.  I planned on doing the intro using my previous presentation.02:19
rick-schwaiHowever, the demo as well as the session about installation and applications are open for volunteers02:20
h00kSo, here comes the fun: volunteers!02:20
* exigraff volunteers for whatever can be done from potentially afar02:21
rick-schwaiIf a person is uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group, then just being there as a Q&A resouce is very helpful and lends credibility to the LOCO.02:21
yotuxI have not done a tech presentation before pending sch. I would be willing to vol.02:22
rick-schwaiConsider yourself  a demonstrator!02:22
h00kyotux: cool. any idea of which one?02:23
yotuxhaving been out of the Loco loop for sometime I am open to suggestions02:23
rick-schwaiOne session will concentrate on how to  ubuntu can be installed and show the various types of installs.02:24
yotuxI could do a install walk through.....02:25
rick-schwaiThe other session will concentrate on ubuntu included apps like web browsers, networking, backup, etc02:25
h00kyour choice of version to install ;)02:26
yotuxI have a few machines that I have access to.  I do a desktop install02:27
yotuxHow does that Loco feel about Wubi?02:27
rick-schwaiWe are trying to prep people for 12.04 so showing 11.10 would be the preferred install.02:27
h00kCool, I have a machine I could bring for testing dualboot02:27
yotuxOkay,  I can grab a few flash drives and load ISO's02:28
rick-schwaiWubi is a great selling point since most people come from a Windows background and would approach ubuntu slowly.02:28
h00kyotux: wubi is fine, sure02:28
yotuxNo a huge fan of Wubi.... but in a pinch it helps to spoon feed newbies02:29
rick-schwaiI think you will find most of the audience are newbies.02:29
exigraffbless 'em.02:30
rick-schwaiWe were all newbies at one time or another02:30
yotuxyes I have a to agree02:30
exigraffeducating the librarians will go a long way as well, oracles of information that they are. they're in a good position to spread the love even further.02:30
exigraffas it were.02:31
h00kAnother thing for the end may be a lightning-talk, something to showcase a cool project that someone/some people may have done with Ubuntu02:32
h00kan example may be...I don't know...a 10 minute talk on how they used Ubuntu to solve $problem02:33
h00kmaybe some software they wrote, some experience they had,02:33
rick-schwaiSomewhere we should have a pretty face as a presenter.  I know that leaves out h00k and me.  Might your wife want to participate, h00k?02:33
h00krick-schwai: I'd have to check, I have a feeling she may not want to that day02:33
h00kbut it's a possibility02:34
h00kshe mentioned getting a massage somewhere in Wausau at the time the conference is02:34
rick-schwaiTell her its your birthday gift to her.02:34
h00kYeah...I did, it didn't go very well02:34
h00kshe's a pretty damn good sport, though02:35
h00kyotux: you still do amatuer radio, yes? (curiosity)02:35
rick-schwaiI have been converting LP's of big band music for my neighbor using Audacity.  Anyone think this might be of interest.  The process would also work for cassette tapes.02:36
h00k^ that may be cool, yeah02:36
yotuxhook:  yes I am still involved still learning02:36
rick-schwaiOr am I just showing my age.02:36
h00kyotux: cool02:37
rick-schwaiI need to step away for a minute.  My dog needs to go out.02:37
mikeputnamtake mine out too please02:37
yotuxhook:  could maybe drop a line in the ubuntu-hams group and see if that have any presentation ideas02:37
* h00k takes mikeputnam outside02:38
h00koh, doing it wrong.02:38
h00kyotux: I didn't know there was one, cool!02:38
h00kanyway...so we have one presenter, I'm wondering if we can have a meeting in another week to see if we can catch more people, and open it up on the mailing list02:39
h00kdoes this sound acceptable?02:39
yotuxsound like a good idea to me02:39
h00kcool. If we can get one more, and maybe a lightning talk or two, that'd be awesome02:41
h00kI have a new camera, I'll take some cool pictures and we can throw them online, another thing to add to our résumé for applying for Offical LoCo recognization02:42
h00kdoes anyone else have anything to add?02:45
h00kquestions, comments,02:45
h00kanything unrelated and fun?02:46
rick-schwaiI think this is a great start02:46
exigrafftis. I will say that we should probably have some kind of public planning document, and/or an rsvp list.02:46
exigraffbut this is great - I'm glad to see this happening.02:46
h00kThere isn't anything re: RSVP'ing on the flyer that was printed/distributed02:47
exigraffmore for presenters than attendees, so maybe 'rsvp' was the wrong word02:47
exigraffjust something in writing for our own purposes02:47
h00koh. yeah. There's a draft document at the moment shared between Rick and I02:47
rick-schwaiWe have a start of a planning document.  We will be publishing it soon.02:47
exigraffah, gotcha.02:47
exigraffcarry on then. :)02:47
h00kyotux: are you available in a week or so?02:49
yotuxSame night?02:49
h00kyotux: perhaps/probably?02:49
rick-schwaiI am available02:49
yotuxshould be I am poping the Gcal open02:49
h00krick-schwai: cool02:50
yotuxMonday I am busy02:50
yotuxhook: thursday is out also sorry02:51
h00kyotux: okay, Wednesday?02:52
yotuxopen  ya!02:53
h00kSounds good.02:53
rick-schwaiWednesday is fine.02:53
h00kThat was all I had on the agenda for tonight, unless anyone else has anything to add about anything?02:53
h00kI'm testing 12.04 and I'm really liking it02:53
rick-schwaiI've said enough already.02:54
yotuxhook: 12.04 I am running it but kubuntu flavor02:55
h00kyotux: gotcha. Did you see the news about Kubuntu being a community-supported distro?02:56
yotuxI saw something on it.02:57
yotuxI know with unity it makes it harder for the two groups to work together02:57
h00kYeah, they're reorganizing the lead KDE developer, Kubuntu will be community-supported, such as Xubuntu and Lubuntu02:58
h00kalright, well...03:02
h00kI think that's all I had for business tonight03:02
h00kI'll send out an update tomorrow with my notes, a call for volunteers03:02
yotuxhook:  we have a google+ page for the Loco?03:03
h00kyotux: we do03:03
h00knot much there03:03
h00kin fact, I forgot about it.03:03
h00kI will get this rocking more, we can use this, somehow, with coordination03:04
h00ka Hangout in conjunction with the meeting or something03:05
h00kOkay, I am going to get Brittany some apple juice03:05
h00kand with that, I suppose the meeting is adjourned03:05
h00kThanks, and good to see you, exigraff, yotux, and rick-schwai03:05
h00krick-schwai: I'll give you a call tomorrow, if that's okay?03:06
yotuxokay, thanks for the info and look forward to next week03:06
exigraffo/ good to see everyone03:06
bigbashSorry h00k I left my IRC on at work and I was at v-ball last night.  I'll read the logs now14:16
=== bigbash is now known as zz_bigbash
h00kzz_bigbash: no prob16:38
=== zz_bigbash is now known as bigbash
bigbashI am so glad to be moving our help desk system from Windows to Ubuntu server18:00
hawke_What software?18:03
Cheeseheadh00k: I'll be in Wausau. Happy to present and be charming.18:45
h00kCheesehead: Oh, awesome.18:49
CheeseheadI think the participants need to sit down an a couple weeks and game out who is presenting what, where our holes are, and what additional resources might be easy to bring to the table18:52
h00kThat's exactly the plan18:54
CheeseheadAs long as it's not Wednesday night, I can probably be there.18:55
bigbashh00k, sorry our SAN just arrived and I was a bit distracted19:45
bigbashthe software is called SysAid19:46
h00kbigbash: Interesting, never heard of it19:48
bigbashwhat's funny is getting support for it is a pain19:48
bigbashh00k, what SAN are you using?19:49
h00kbigbash: we have a Compellent SAN19:49
bigbashah ok19:49
h00kbigbash: it's pretty sweet19:50
bigbashis it setup as a VSA or just a storage system?19:50
h00kbigbash: what SAN?19:50
h00kbigbash: ah, that's right19:51
h00kbigbash: VSA?19:51
h00kVery Small Array?19:51
bigbashvirtual SAN appliance19:51
h00kno, that's radio19:51
h00kOh, no, it's a full-blown fiberchannel, dual controller, tiered storage19:51
bigbashah ok19:52
h00kwe currently have 24 tier-1 drives, 146Gb, 15k, and 7 tier-3 nearline-SAS19:54
bigbash0.o nice20:02

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