RAOFcnd: Hey, where's the canonical source for xorg-gtest?00:41
cndRAOF, sadly, it's still my personal repo on fd.o00:42
cndI'm still waiting for a fd.o sitewrangler to flip perms bits so it can move into xorg/test/00:42
cndwe're near a 0.1.0 release00:42
cndI just need to not have other fires to put out :(00:43
RAOFI can happily use it from your personal repo.00:46
RAOFcnd: And, just so that I can shamelessly copy some examples, where are some of your tests? :)00:55
cndRAOF, check out lp:utouch-grail and lp:utouch-frame00:56
cndin the test/ subdirs00:56
cndRAOF, if you need to reply device recordings you'll find some nice classes in there00:56
RAOFThat actually might be really useful.  At the moment I'll be happy with XTESTing the pointer around, I think.00:57
RAOFSarvatt: The mesa ubuntu5 sitting in git - has that been uploaded?05:36
SarvattRAOF: nope05:39
RAOFOk; I'll add more fixes to it.05:39
SarvattRAOF: 8.0 final is due any time now, possibly even in the next few hours05:42
Sarvattif you're just cherry-picking things post rc205:43
RAOFNo.  I'm fixing up the -dev dependencies a bit more.05:43
Sarvattoh cool, what else did you find?05:44
RAOFBah.  x11-xcb05:44
Sarvattsheesh, no wonder, clutter using EGL only on armel/armhf05:51
Sarvattxcb-glx was the only one we hit between the other consumers of libegl-mesa-dev, edgers cairo wayland-demos and hadn't rebuilt mesa-utils but that would have failed too05:55
RAOFSarvatt: You're happy for me to push mesa with the depends fixes now?05:56
SarvattRAOF: much appreciated05:56
RAOFOh, bah.  Mesa doesn't build on a tmpfs because overlayfs sucks.05:59
Sarvattpretty darn safe to say that wont fail to build :)06:01
RAOFI always like to check.06:02
RAOFIt doesn't take *that* long to build on an i5.06:02
Sarvattsandybridge? its about 9 minutes on an i7-2600 and ~20 on an i5-2557M06:03
RAOFYeah, sandybridge.06:05
* RAOF 's sad the i7 went to the big lenovo heap in the sky.06:05
SarvattRAOF: CRAP06:06
Sarvattshould have pilfered the CPU06:06
Sarvattswapped with the i5 :)06:06
Sarvattthen again it's barely any different06:08
RAOFDid not occur to me :)06:08
RAOFEh, a bit more cache, a bit higher clockspeed IIRC.06:08
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Sarvattricotz: hey is precise broken after the eglibc updates on 295.17 too?15:41
ricotzSarvatt, works fine here15:45
ricotzbut i am running 3.3rc315:45
Sarvattricotz: what version libc6 package?15:50
Sarvattand have you rebooted since updating?15:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 929384 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update (affects: 17) (dups: 17) (heat: 176)" [High,Confirmed]15:51
tseliotcnd: how come did you update the changelog of X without any other changes in git?15:59
cndtseliot, you'll have to ask tjaalton what happened15:59
tseliotcnd: never mind, it was some terminal corruption I guess...16:00
tseliotit looks fine now16:00
cndoh wait, I think it was Sarvatt16:00
cndthere was a snafu when he packaged it up last time16:00
cndbut all should be ok now16:00
tseliotit is16:02
ricotzSarvatt,  2.15~pre6-0ubuntu10, and yeah i rebooted16:12
Sarvattok thats really good news16:12
ricotzbut i am seeing problems with totem videoplayback (using clutter) not sure if it is related16:14
ricotzsince there were some gstreamer and libav updates too16:14
tseliotricotz, Sarvatt: I need to test it here (I'm updating my laptop) and then I'll upload nvidia16:26
brycehtseliot, did you see 929384?  sounds like new elibc broke nvidia16:28
tseliotbryceh: it seems that the latest nvidia (beta) driver solves the problem ^^16:29
tjaalton~15 lines above ;)16:29
Sarvattbryceh: yes he knows :)16:29
tjaaltonso we get to upload 1.12 now?16:29
tjaaltonisn't it that time of the cycle, where everything breaks before feature freeze16:30
Sarvatttjaalton: ha, fglrx is busted with 1.11 and wont be fixed until 1.12 is supported, new nvidia upload will support it16:30
tseliottjaalton: :D16:31
tjaaltonSarvatt: fglrx broken as well?16:31
tseliotSarvatt: err, can we discuss fglrx in private?16:31
Sarvatttjaalton: yeah xv crashes xserver16:31
tjaaltonoh that16:31
tjaaltonwho needs xv anyway16:31
Sarvattnot like every video app uses it by default or anything16:33
ricotzSarvatt, tseliot, yeah i am running 1.12 too which is another difference16:41
Sarvattricotz: eglibc problem in their libGL16:42
Sarvattdoubt xserver would matter16:42
tseliotlet's hope it doesn't ;)16:42
ricotztseliot, Sarvatt, but is sounds like this isnt specifically related to nvidia blob?16:46
ricotzmaybe libc is broken16:49
tseliotricotz: I haven't had the time to debug it properly. Apparently the issue can't be triggered with Mesa's libGL16:49
tseliotbut yes, libc shouldn't break things like this...16:49
ricotzok, my intel graphic is still running as it suppose to16:50
jpdsbryceh: Hey, apw said that you might be able to help me with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/92965517:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 929655 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Unity randomly freezes after 11.10 upgrade (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:14
brycehjpds, hi, what's up?17:15
jpdsbryceh: I have someone with a laptop which keeps freezing and we're trying to figure out what the issue is.17:16
brycehwell lets take a look17:16
apwbryceh, its one of those 'invalid frambuffer id' jobs, this one restarting compiz allows the world to continue, so i am suspicious is userspace rather than kernel17:17
apwbryceh, and its an x60 so i'd expect it to work :)17:17
brycehyeah it's not a gpu lockup17:18
brycehjpds, it says in the report that only unity freezes?17:18
jpdsbryceh: Yes, the entire graphical part just freezes up.17:19
brycehjpds, anything printed to .xsession-errors when this occurs?17:20
jpdsbryceh: Don't have a copy of that; will try and get it.17:22
brycehjpds, I'm not spotting obvious errors in the kernel or X logs, aside from the "(EE) intel(0): Couldn't create pixmap for fbcon" that apw mentioned17:22
apw[11567.680932] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id17:25
apw[11567.680943] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id17:25
apw[11644.821929] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id17:25
apw[11644.821937] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id17:25
apw[11678.477663] init: tty1 main process ended, respawning17:25
apw[11680.331193] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id17:25
apw[11680.331205] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id17:25
apwbryceh, those are in the dmesg, though a little back, that was the bottom at the time the issue occured i believe <- jpds17:25
brycehjpds, have you tried booting without the xorg.conf?17:26
jpdsbryceh: No.17:26
brycehjpds, if there is one, move it aside, it's probably not needed17:27
Sarvattinvalid framebuffer id is 100% not a problem with anything, its just from the seamless transition not working when X is respawned from the display manager instead of from a normal boot17:28
brycehSarvatt, yep.  Wonder if we should silence that error to avoid the confusion17:30
brycehor is that something that can be fixed in lightdm directly?17:31
brycehjpds, got your hands on that .xsession-errors?  I think that's our main hope for diagnosing this.  It is sounding like the bug is in compiz rather  than X or the kernel; I'm hoping error messages in .xsession-errors will help prove or disprove that17:32
jpdsbryceh: I'm awiting for sonia to reappear.17:33
brycehSarvatt, wish we could put .xsession-errors into the apport hook...17:34
jpdsbug #870003 - weird.17:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 870003 in apport (Ubuntu) "Should collect xsession errors when the issue happens, not when the user reports it (affects: 1) (heat: 1)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87000317:41
brycehjpds, yeah we have the same problem with X bugs17:45
brycehI've got apport hooks that run (or, SHOULD run) when X crashes, and when the GPU locks up17:46
brycehI've my suspicions that they're not working 100%, but they're catching enough to keep us X guys fully occupied17:46
brycehjpds, presumably compiz could use similar functionality17:47
jpdsbryceh: Got it.17:54
jpds"gnome-session[1430]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry...."18:01
brycehwtf kind of error message is that18:03
brycehjpds, anything else?  that sounds like a generic fault handling error18:03
jpdsbryceh: PM.18:05
bryceh(gnome-settings-daemon:1498): color-plugin-WARNING **: failed to reset xrandr-Lenovo Group Limited gamma tables: gamma size is zero18:08
bryceh** (gnome-fallback-mount-helper:1522): DEBUG: ConsoleKit session is active 018:08
brycehgnome-session[1430]: WARNING: Application 'compiz.desktop' killed by signal18:08
brycehgnome-session[1430]: WARNING: App 'compiz.desktop' respawning too quickly18:08
brycehgnome-session[1430]: CRITICAL: We failed, but the fail whale is dead. Sorry....18:08
apwbryceh, so ... who to finger, compiz or unity :)18:10
brycehapw, one of the two :-)18:10
brycehprobably next step is to enable more debug messages for compiz, or run it in gdb or some such18:10
brycehthese warnings actually just tell us what we already knew... compiz got stuck in a loop18:11
apwbryceh, ok, then i would suggest jpds does the gdb thing when it occurs next and we shove a compiz task on it for fun :)18:13
brycehyep.  I can take care of the latter.18:13
brycehalso, could be entertaining to try booting into a guest session.  If *that* works, then possibly there's stray ccsm config or something in the user's session18:14
apwbryceh, thanks18:24
ricotzSarvatt, good old eglibc ;)20:46
ricotzbryceh, ^ ;)20:47
ricotzand indeed i am on amd6420:47
brycehricotz, http://people.canonical.com/~doko/tmp/eglibc-2.15/i386/ looks like it may fix it20:48
Sarvattricotz: yeah see #ubuntu-devel, probably wont be too much longer till i386 fix for nvidia and x64 fix for audio is uploaded20:49
ricotzbryceh, everything amd64 here20:50
ricotzSarvatt, yeah i guess i am hit by the audio one though20:50
brycehricotz, http://people.canonical.com/~doko/tmp/eglibc-2.15/ has amd64 too20:50
ricotzbryceh, thanks20:50
brycehRAOF, hey is there a way to tune/disable the pointer barrier stuff?  it's a bit too grabby on dual head21:03
seb128bryceh, gnome-control-center, the appearance capplet, second tab has a slider?21:04
brycehseb128, actually that's not quite it21:05
seb128ok, dunno then21:05
brycehthat controls the speed that the dock pops up, but it appears the grabbiness of the pointer barrier is constant regardless of how that's set21:06
bryceh(possibly the two should be coupled in some fashion?)21:06
Sarvattricotz: oh yeah forgot to mention, i was trying to resurrect natty in edgers21:19
Sarvattbut llvm-3.0 is NOT happening21:19
Sarvattit needs a binutils update21:19
Sarvattdon't care enough to conditionally switch mesa patches to llvm-2.9 just for natty so i'm just going to do libdrm and ddx updates automated and mesa by hand every week or so, thats what all the noise with failed builds was in the ppa yesterday21:20
jcristauyou guys might want to sync up pixman
Sarvattjcristau: just looked when you said uploaded, it takes an hour or two before we can, thanks for uploading that though!21:22
SarvattE: The versions in Debian and Ubuntu are the same already (0.24.2-1). Aborting.21:22
jcristauah right it's only on ftp-master not on the mirrors yet21:23
ricotzSarvatt, yeah, i noticed ;)21:24
Sarvattricotz: thanks for retrying the mesa ones, noticed ya fixed it :)21:24
ricotzSarvatt, did you had a look at ppa:ricotz/unstable, if you feel like 1.12 for oneiric copy it and rebuild the world against it21:24
ricotzoh, i didnt hit retry ;)21:25
Sarvatti dont remember drinking that much last night..?21:25
Sarvattricotz: wow, i think ppa's actually auto retry depwaits now21:26
ricotzoh, a depwait then this could be21:26
Sarvattwasnt awake 13 hours ago to do it21:27
ricotzit probably doing it automatically then21:28
RAOFbryceh: That's not really my department (although I am still trying to get the velocity calculations to be more useful); DBO is your man for that.21:46
Sarvattguess i should have refreshed the bug before marking the nvidia task invalid https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/92938421:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 929384 in glibc (Fedora) (and 2 other projects) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update on i386 arch (affects: 31) (dups: 23) (heat: 278)" [Unknown,Unknown]21:50
brycehSarvatt, maybe leave it open assigned to tseliot for him to track?21:51
Sarvattsounds good, he was going to bring it up with nvidia on a call21:52
Sarvatthopefully i dont screw something up cherry-picking RAOF's mesa fix to debian-experimental this way http://paste.ubuntu.com/835828/22:05
RAOFOh, yeah.  I should have committed that to the debian-experimental branche, too.22:06
RAOFThat looks right to me; thanks Sarvatt.22:06
brycehRAOF, seems there are easily half a dozen bugs already filed on it22:57
RAOFAgainst xorg?22:57
RAOFYeah.  As I say, I'm trying to work out how to give better data to unity.22:58
Sarvattyay mesa 8.022:58
Sarvattstill can't requestsync pixman23:18
cndRAOF, bryceh: got a bit of a quandry23:51
cndI have clickpad support working23:51
cndit's pretty nice23:51
cndit still has some issues with semi-mt devices, but overall it's a much-needed improvement23:51
cndhowever, on synaptics semi-mt devices (and maybe others too) the mt data used for clickpad behavior comes at a different scan rate23:52
cndthis throws the pointer velocity acceleration profile off23:52
cndso it feels like the pointer moves twice as fast23:52
cndI don't know what to do :(23:53
RAOFWhy does the reduced scan rate thorw the velocity calculation off?23:53
cndmaybe if it's synaptics branch we can kludge it by dividing the hw motion by some magic number?23:53
cndRAOF, no idea23:53
RAOFThe stuff that I've seen calculated velocity as dx/dt, which should be rate-independent.23:54
cndone would think23:54
brycehcnd, dividing by 2 sprang to mind, however I'd worry that would just mask bugs that'd only get found later23:57
cndbryceh, I was thinking maybe for semi-mt synaptics trackpads only, divide by 223:58
brycehcnd, is your question about how to fix the issue, or more about whether to push it into the repo vs. hold back until it's solved?23:58
cndwell, both actually23:58
brycehok thought so ;-)23:58
RAOFIt sounds like something I'd want to push to a PPA and get some opt-in testing.23:59
brycehyeah, personally I'd also be reticent having it go in until the issue is at least understood if not fixed23:59

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