Kilosgood morning everyone06:12
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:12
* Maaz flips the salt-timer06:12
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:16
KilosMaaz, ty06:16
MaazYou are welcome Kilos06:16
superflymorning Kilos07:07
Maazsuperfly: By the way, maiatoday_too on freenode told me "tell superfly Kilos said you pinged me, mail me if you like" 11 hours, 12 minutes and 2 seconds ago07:07
Kiloshiya superfly 07:08
Kilosyoure life style has changed hey?07:08
superflyKilos: yes, I'm not at work before everyone else is awake07:08
Kilosya but you always were. i had to rush to be on here before you07:09
Kilosnow you have long coffee first?07:09
superflyKilos: now I wake up later, get to work later, and get home later07:09
Kilosis the work the same superfly ?07:10
superflyKilos: what do you mean? I left CareerJunction at the end of October last year - don't you remember?07:11
Kilosyes man, i mean same as what you were doing there?07:11
Kiloslo bmg505 07:11
Kilossame type of work07:12
superflyoh, no. different07:12
superflyI'm working on devices that sell airtime07:12
Kilosoh same as at checkers etc where they use a pc to get you your airtime?07:13
superflyno, it's a little box with buttons on it, and it prints out a voucher07:13
Kilosyou just get a printed piece of paper with a long code on it07:14
Kilosoh one of them07:14
superflyMaaz: tell kbmonkey Remove the entry in your hosts file.07:15
Maazsuperfly: Sure, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode07:15
Kilosmaybe thats what checkers and them use too07:15
superflyKilos: no, as you said, they use computers07:16
Kiloslo bakuman 07:18
Kilosmôre nuvolari 07:19
=== maiatoday1 is now known as maiatoday_too
superflymorning maiatoday_too07:21
maiatoday_toohi superfly07:21
maiatoday_tooI posted your ubuntu hour on my blog, on the facebook ubuntu-za wall and on loco.ubuntu.com07:21
Kiloshiya maiatoday 07:21
superflyw00t! thanks :-)07:21
maiatoday_tooI'll tweet it today sometime too07:21
superflymmm, I should do the same07:22
maiatoday_tooI am busy writing a chapter for my thesis but I will try hard to finish it today and tomorrow so that I can make it on Saturday07:22
Kilosmaiatoday, you must hurry with your studies so you can join us in LPI studies07:22
superflymaiatoday_too: it would be awesome to see you there :-)07:22
Kiloslo morgs 07:22
maiatoday_tooI only posted on the wall, not sure if I can make an event for you on the facebook ubuntu-za page07:23
maiatoday_tooaccording to my wordcount spreadsheet I am at 45.2 :(07:24
maiatoday_tooI left my pc on at work so it won't release my nick07:24
maiatoday_tooso if anyone wants to tweet superfly's ubuntu hour or if someone is an admin on the ubuntu-za facebook page to make an event07:25
superflymaiatoday_too: I'll look into it07:25
maiatoday_tooalso we should probably add it to the front page of ubuntu-za.org as well07:25
nuvolario/ mornings07:26
maiatoday_toomy blog feeds there but it's nice to have the event on the front page too07:26
maiatoday_toohi kbmonkey07:26
maiatoday_toothanks for helping rooitier last night07:27
Kiloshiya kbmonkey you in demand hehe07:27
kbmonkey hello :)07:27
kbmonkeydid he get it working then maiatoday_too ?07:28
maiatoday_toonah not yet, it was late but he is excited07:28
kbmonkeyoh hi Kilos. yes its nice to feel useful lol :)07:28
maiatoday_toohe is sudo-ing on a terminal which is pretty good going for someone who has only had an ubuntu machine for 2 days07:28
maiatoday_tooI sent him some links07:28
maiatoday_tooI think the path to the cdrom in that example isn't right so it keeps saying unknown filename07:29
maiatoday_toowell there's nothing like a game to give some incentive07:29
kbmonkeyyou should tell him to use tab-completion to find the real path07:29
kbmonkeythat might help07:29
maiatoday_toohopefully sorting the os will be as interesing as playing the game07:29
maiatoday_tooyes at first I thought he had the path to the desktop wrong because he didn't know about case sensetive so I got him to tab complete that07:30
maiatoday_toobut I had already switched my computer off and thought it was better to let him stop and go to bed07:30
maiatoday_tooanyway, I am sure he'll be around later this afternoon or tonight07:31
kbmonkeyokay :)07:31
maiatoday_tooI have to submerge again else I won't make Saturday, have a good day everyone07:31
Kilosyou too maiatoday 07:32
kbmonkeywork well07:32
superflytoodles maiatoday_too, thanks for everything!07:33
superflywelcome back, kbmonkey :-)07:55
kbmonkeyI closed the window by mistake :P07:58
kbmonkeywhat is up for today Kilos superfly ?07:59
kbmonkeythat wiki is cool thanks superfly! seems a bit slow but fine07:59
Kilosim busy mailing lpi07:59
superflykbmonkey: it's running on nginx, it's supposed to be superfast :-P07:59
kbmonkeyI almost had to do landscaping today, ahem, sorry... mowing the lawn08:00
superflyI might switch it to Apache to see if that speeds it up08:00
Kilosmy x has a landscaping business in durbs08:00
kbmonkeyI think the slow is a connection issue superfly 08:01
Kiloswhats the link?08:01
kbmonkeytraceroute indicates many, long jumps :( internets hey08:01
superflykbmonkey: no, I get a slow start too08:01
superflyand my Drupal site (running on Apache) is blitz-vinnig08:02
inetprogood mornings08:02
Kiloshi there inetpro 08:02
kbmonkeyhosted locally?08:04
kbmonkeyhi inetpro 08:04
Kiloskbmonkey, answer the mail08:07
Kilosor must i ask those questions here08:08
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:11
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:11
KilosMaaz, with milk08:12
MaazYay Kilos You aren't one of those skinny guys that needs to drink black coffee to cast a shadow08:12
TonberryMaaz who are you calling skinny?08:13
MaazTonberry: Erk, dunno08:13
Kiloshi Tonberry 08:13
KilosSymmetria, you still alive?08:14
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:15
KilosMaaz, ty08:16
MaazYou are welcome Kilos08:16
zerefhas anybody taken the ccna exams/08:56
* morgs ponders redirecting by IP address with nginx.10:01
superflymorgs: DoS?12:00
morgssuperfly: no actually it's a site for multiple countries, with country-specific content, and GeoIP isn't working because it's a mobi site, and the operator has addresses not in GeoIP.12:02
superflyah, OK12:02
morgsSo I have a list of IP addresses for users by country, and need to redirect them automagically.12:02
morgsResisting the urge to write code to do it.12:02
* Kerbero is also resisting the urge to write code14:03
Kerberoneed to read up on what is already available14:03
Kilosafternoon all, 15:02
Kiloshey Kerbero gaan dit goed15:03
Kerberojawat dis ok15:04
Kerberoen daar?15:04
Kilosmooi, gaan jy ook deel word van die lpi klasse15:04
Kilosek werk so stadig deur die kursus15:04
Kiloslinux pro iets15:05
Kerberoek sal graag wil eendag15:05
Kerberomaar is nou te besig daarvoor15:05
Kilosdis net een aand n week so ver15:05
Kilosoh ja jy studeer ne15:05
Kiloshi psydroid 16:20
psydroidhi Kilos16:22
Kiloshi Rooitier 16:25
RooitierHI all16:25
Kilosis your game working16:25
RooitierNope still a scholar16:26
Rooitieru se16:26
Rooitierwas also late so had to go sleep16:26
RooitierRight now im going to make the folder on the desktop and unhide hidden icons any clues on how to?16:27
Kiloshidden icons where?16:28
Rooitierwithin the cd file16:28
Rooitierof Sc216:28
Kilosdoes it show them with a lock on?16:28
Rooitierso can u give me tips on how to unhide hidden icons?16:28
Kiloswb bakuman 16:28
Kilosare they hidden in a folder on your desktop?16:29
RooitierI need to go eat ill g2g bye16:29
Kiloswhew be patient someone with more knowledge will come on just now16:30
Kilosmaybe he needs to make an iso file from the cd16:31
KilosMaaz, define frobbing16:36
MaazKilos: I don't know about frobbing. Maybe you meant Robbing or Fobbing?16:36
Kiloshey zeref 17:03
Kiloslo Squirm 17:03
zereflo Kilos 17:05
RooitierHi all17:48
superflyhi Rooitier18:07
superflytumbleweed: ping18:07
RooitierGot it busy installing18:27
Kilosdid you find the hidden files Rooitier 18:27
RooitierYa once i moved it to my hard drive it decrypted it so i could run it with wine18:28
Kilosah good18:28
RooitierThnx for support guys :)18:29
Kilosyou did the work lad18:29
Kilosyou welcome to visit anytime18:29
RooitierWew wasnt so long afterall quit simple well thats ubuntu short and sweet:)18:30
Kilosyeah ubuntu rocks18:31
Kilosnight all, sleep tight18:46
superflyMezenir: ping18:50
Mezenirsuperfly: pong18:53
superflyMezenir: you coming on Saturday?18:53
superflyMezenir: more precisely, have you signed up to the mailing list yet?18:53
Mezenirsigned up yes18:53
Mezenircoming no18:53
Mezenirim in durbanville tomorrow18:53
superflyAfter all that...18:53
Mezenirwith the folks18:53
superflyTomorrow is Friday18:53
Mezenirand by tomorrow i mean saturday18:54
Mezenirirony is18:54
Mezeniri live about 2 km from lyra18:55
superflyI chose that day because it was the day you said you could make it... and now you say you can't make it.18:55
superflyAnd it's too late now to change anything.18:56
Mezenirnow youre making me feel bad18:56
Mezenirok hang on lemme c18:57
Mezenirill be there18:58
superflygives you a reason to escape your parents ;-)18:58
Mezenireither way im gonna feel bad18:59
Mezenirthou i was lazy to leave before 2pm 18:59
Mezenirwhat do people bring18:59
Mezenirand how will i know its you :P18:59
superflyDid you see the link to the picture of my netbook?19:00
superflyI have one of those... blue, exactly like that19:00
Mezenirwhere can i find laptops without windows19:01
Mezenirit seems hard19:02
Mezenirid like a nice cpu19:02
superflydunno... mine came with Windows - not that I ever gave Windows a chance to boot up19:02
Mezenircore i519:02
Mezenirbut it seems19:02
Mezeniryoure gonna paaaaay19:02
Mezenirhow much did yours cost ?19:05
Mezenir64bit i take it ?19:07
superflybought it off Amazon when I was over in the USA visiting the wife's family19:08
Mezenirmebe i should avoid the core series for a linux laptop19:09
Mezenirnot like it needs to do gaming19:09
superflymy 3D is actually pretty darn good.19:09
zeref-Laphas anybody taken the cisco network exams (ccna etc)19:14
Mezenirim eyeballing this one19:20
ghostknifeomg. Want a fun time? do ANTLR. <- note sarcasm19:21
ghostknifeAlmost 10PM. Time to go home perhaps.19:21
Mezenirseems it has linux issues ?:/19:24
superflyMezenir: what I would do is look at the specs on the Lenovo site and see if you can figure out what hardware it uses... the big things that won't necessarily work are the wireless nic and the webcam19:42
Mezenirdo you have arch installed ?19:50
superflyNo, Kubuntu19:51
Mezenirgood point19:54
Mezenircpu will most likely work19:54
Mezenirgraphics drivers are usually a problem19:54
Mezenirand i dont care for webcam19:54
Mezenirwireless is nice to have19:54
Mezenirbut not essential19:55
TonberryPester Kerbero for info on the e-350 and compatibility 19:55
Tonberryhe has one19:55
superflyMezenir: basically, Intel works OK, nVidia works awesome, and the rest either barely work, or don't work at all... though apparently ATI is getting there these days20:08
Mezeniri dont really play games on linux20:13
Mezenirbut for movies and series20:13
Mezeniri have a 4890 radeon20:13
Mezenirthat works awesome in kubuntu20:13
Mezenirits the integrated intel graphics im worried about20:14
Mezenirbut ill research20:14
Mezenirarch has a pretty good guide on their wireless setup20:14
Mezenirso ill look for something that matches20:14
nuvolarisuperfly: halp, need halp. in drupal, does blocks contain nodes, or is it the other way round? 20:38
nuvolarior how do I get content to display in blocks (dynamic content)20:38
superflynuvolari: blocks usually just contain lists or something20:38
superflyum, use Views20:38
nuvolariah, thanks :> 20:42
nuvolariI'm a bit rusty20:42
nuvolaribut drupal 7 looks good20:42
tumbleweedsuperfly: pong21:17
superflytumbleweed: just wondering if you'll be able to make the Ubuntu Hour on Saturday?21:18
tumbleweedsuperfly: it clashes with a hackathon we're having, but I can probably stick my nosein21:19
superflytumbleweed: no worries, was just wondering21:19
* nuvolari tips hat. 'night21:43

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