Pete-Umbrathanks a lot, Ben64, it worked.00:00
hauxDoes anyone know how to remove all printer drivers from Ubuntu?00:00
ericusActionParsnip: does not help :(00:00
ericusI have a linux gateway00:00
ericusTried google's DNS00:00
urlin2uhaux, printer will show you what is installed.00:00
ericusSo finally I called my ISP00:00
ActionParsnipericus: try setting the google dns in your system, not you linux gateway00:00
cfhowlettSteevca: http://lubuntu.net/  && http://xubuntu.org/00:00
ericusthey told me that there is problems in my area00:00
recon_lapcfhowlett: i tried, the text was all messed up. anyway, i'm v happy with 10.04 lts , I 'll let the young guns bleed all over the new stuff00:00
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hauxurlin2u, aren't there preinstalled drivers to support a variety of printers?00:01
ericusActionParsnip: I've already done that00:01
cfhowlettrecon_lap: right.  see you in 12.04 then.00:01
ericusThanks anyway00:01
urlin2uhaux, only a list to choose from, not the drivers themselves I believe00:01
Steevcacfhowlett Thanks.00:01
ericusThey told me they'd send me a text when it's fixed00:01
Aethelrickrecon_lap: only way to go for servers00:01
cfhowlettSteevca: no problem00:01
qo_optelnetter, good luck :)00:01
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recon_lapcfhowlett: thats 13.04, got another year of relaxing00:02
ActionParsnipericus: so why are you in here if no amount of config will help?00:02
Steevcacfhowlett Can i also try an older version of ubuntu?00:02
ericusActionParsnip: some sites works, but SLOW00:02
ericusand some does not, at all00:02
urlin2uhaux, if you had a printer plugged in on install you might but printer will tell what is installed. Are you trying to clear HD space?00:02
ubottusteevca: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:02
ericusAnd as said, it's not a DNS problem00:02
rick__[nick/*/nick!user@host]  can some one show me example how that should be filled out for chanserv00:02
MrDoes Wine come with Ubuntu?00:03
cfhowlettSteevca: stick with Long Term Support releases most recent is 10.0400:03
ericusI've called my ISP, as I've said00:03
recon_lapyour talking to the guy who did 3 years c++ graphics programming in gedit for fun because i dont like ide's00:03
ActionParsnipericus: its not an ubuntu issue though..00:03
Steevcacfhowlett Ok,thanks again.00:03
rick__some people bring a lot of wine00:03
chris__hi can anyone please tell me how to install jre? my path is old00:03
rick__always wineing lol00:03
urlin2umr, no and your nic does not complete itis to short00:03
chris__im new00:04
hauxurlin2u, yes, I figure if there's a large database of printer drivers preinstalled, there's no need to keep them. I was able to add a network printer without Ubuntu downloading anything (as far as I could tell). So this makes me think that it comes with a lot of drivers by default00:04
Mrwhy is it to short?00:04
ericusno ActionParsnip, haha, sorry, I thought I was in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel. My bad, I'm drunk :D00:04
urlin2uMr, ah if I capitalize the M it completes with the tab otherwise no so no biggie.00:04
chris__can anyone please help out in installing java re?00:05
urlin2uhaux, not sure really, butg if your HD is so full your clearing stuff that is niot a good thing.00:05
Mrhow do i change my name?00:06
hauxIt's not. my ubuntu install is under 5gb00:06
Mrnic name?00:06
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hauxexcluding /home00:06
cfhowlettMr  /nick00:06
ryan1does anyone know the terminal command to read a a file as if it has been parsed?00:06
Mrmr /nick00:06
urlin2uhaux, a wubi?00:06
urlin2uhaux, installed from windows.00:06
hauxOh, no.00:06
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brontosaurusrex /nick mynewlongernick00:07
rick__why cant i highlight text with my cursor?????? im on ubuntu 11.1000:07
chris__does anyone know the sudo apt-get for jre?00:07
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MrMrhaha there!00:07
urlin2uhaux, rather small though al lit would take to lock it up is a logfile filling it up00:07
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hauxurlin2u, lock what up?00:08
urlin2uhaux the OS00:08
recon_lapchris__: i think there is a jvm6 installed by default00:08
Vag-Stainwhat is the best torrent client?00:08
ubottuvag-stain: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:09
chris__recon_lap, ok ty what i need to know now is how to install from a tar.gz?00:09
Vag-Stainwow look at all these rules00:09
hauxurlin2u, well I mean, my install is ~5gb large. The partition is 30gb on a ssd.00:10
brontosaurusrexVag-Stain: nothing wrong with transmission (should be installed)00:10
willfrandi need your help00:10
urlin2uhaux, ah I see, cool.00:10
recon_lapchris__: have you tried untaring it and reading the readme ?00:10
urlin2u!help | willfrand00:10
ubottuwillfrand: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:10
chris__recon_lap, not yet do you advice??00:10
maujhsnurlinu2  Trying to copy a newly downloaded folder to a new folder location what are the commands to do this?00:11
Vag-Staini;'ve never herd of transmission00:11
recon_lapchris__ ; facepalm, you could untar it and read the readme00:11
chris__will do00:12
JosephHarriethaHello, Please take a look at this information: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=fb0aa063d86d1aeae48c9cbadca3a85627173af800:12
urlin2umaujhsn, you can drag and drop or copy and paste.00:12
urlin2uif the destination is not in files00:12
JosephHarriethaI am having trouble with my headset. When speaking I sound slow and demonic. I have no idea why its slowing my voice /lowering the pitch00:12
maujhsnUrlin2u Happy New Year!00:12
urlin2umaujhsn, lol a bit late. :)00:13
JosephHarriethaAll information required is in the link I have sent, repeated here: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=fb0aa063d86d1aeae48c9cbadca3a85627173af800:13
cfhowlettVag-Stain: http://bit.ly/zwfO9X00:13
willfrandi've a .avi video, but this video was corrupted, i believe that was a virus, i need recuperate this video, i has to use the divfix, and the mobile media converter, but no resolve my problem. Im from colombia00:14
JosephHarrietha!google | cfhowlett,00:14
ubottucfhowlett,: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.00:14
urlin2uwillfrand, virus in linux or windows?00:14
maujhsnurlin2u I get an error message when I try the drag and drop method!00:14
ActionParsnipwillfrand: vlc may be able to fix it00:14
Vag-Staincfhowlett: thanks00:15
urlin2umaujhsn, so where is the file and where is the destination?00:15
urlin2uand what is the file?00:15
brontosaurusrexmaujhsn: what error?00:15
Vag-Stainhow to i run transmission?00:15
butch256Hi - I just did a fresh 11.04 install, and now I'm getting "error: no video mode activated" from grub on boot.  Is this common?00:15
JosephHarriethawillfrand, It was NOT a virus. I promise you that. Security companies have been conditioning windows loser for years to belive that antivirus is all that stops hell itself from invading their system. Unfortnatly, the truth is quite the opposite. There are no active viri that affect video files in the way you described.00:16
urlin2uVag-Stain, start iot from the menu.00:16
brontosaurusrexVag-Stain: i image you need to click on the right icon/menu or whatever is gnome using this days00:17
JosephHarriethawillfrand, It is far more likely that the file was corrupted via a device being unplugged while copying, severe fragmentation or a bad sector remap gone wrong.00:17
andrew9183how come free the fish doesnt work in ubuntu ? :(00:17
chris__recon_lap, cant find any details as to what todo in the read me im trying to install eclipse?00:17
Vag-Stainhow do i run it from the terminal00:17
willfrandyes joseph, probably, but then, how can to make to recuperate this video?00:17
urlin2uwillfrand, are you sure you may not just be missing codecs?00:18
maujhsnurlin2u, brontosaurusrex  Error message permission denied! going from /home/dowloads/(file) to /usr/share/gimp.00:18
butch256It says to edit /etc/... but my grub drive only has "/boot"00:18
Vag-Staingot it thanks'00:18
recon_lapchris__: what file did you download, and does it contain a file that ends with .deb00:18
urlin2umaujhsn, what is the download, did y9ou check the repos?00:19
chris__recon just looking,00:19
willfrandyes urlin2u, i sure that isn't the codecs00:19
JosephHarriethawillfrand, It will all depend on how much damage has been done. A missing byte or two, vlc will do that. Alot missing? won't work. Make sure you have the proper codec installed and try VLC.00:19
urlin2uwillfrand, avi is just video container could be a number of formats I believe.00:19
willfrandi'm sure that the problem isn't codecs00:19
JosephHarriethawillfrand, you could *in theory* overwrite the bad sectors with black a , besides a few black frames, your file would appear fine.00:19
chris__/home/chris/Downloads/eclipse-java-indigo-SR1-linux-gtk.tar.gz no deb00:20
chris__here recon_lap00:20
JosephHarriethachris__ Question, why is someone who can't even install the IDE attempting to learn to program?00:20
recon_lapchris__: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EclipseIDE , i followed these instructions when i installed00:20
maujhsnurlin2u  gimp-gap-2.6.0-tar.bz200:21
chris__recon how long ago?00:21
Vag-Stain time for me to restart be back if everything goes ok00:21
JosephHarriethaI am having trouble with my headset. When speaking I sound slow and demonic. I have no idea why its slowing my voice /lowering the pitch00:21
JosephHarriethaAll information required is in the link I have sent, repeated here: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=fb0aa063d86d1aeae48c9cbadca3a85627173af800:21
willfrandJoseph, i suppose that this solution was possible with the divfix program, but when i execute divfix, it tell me that this file isn't a .avi file00:21
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recon_lapJosephHarrietha: everyone has to start somewhere00:21
urlin2umaujhsn, thatb is in my synaptic in 11.10.00:22
JosephHarriethawillfrand, what command did you use? (If it is a console program, I've never heard of it)00:22
cfhowlettwillfrand: see ffmpeg00:22
JosephHarrietharecon_lap, Start with bash, or maybe ya know... learning the logistics of how to actually use a computer .... such as standalone programs.00:22
brontosaurusrexwillfrand: maybe install mediainfo (it is not in repos, google it), then type : mediainfo my.avi and see what it says, after that you may be able to pick a proper tool for repair00:22
maujhsnurlin2u "The file downloads to the default download folder & I want to extract & compile it in GIMP!00:23
recon_lapJosephHarrietha: best to start with what you are interested in, the rest will follow quickly :)00:23
JosephHarrietharecon_lap, Surely, someone who does not have the problem solving skills to figure out a simple archive, will not be very successful in programming.00:23
cfhowlettwillfrand: ffmpeg -i yourvideo.avi will tell just about everything you'd want to know.00:23
urlin2umaujhsn, out of my pay rate. :)00:23
willfrandi'm going to ok brontosaurusrex, im going to try00:24
JosephHarrietharecon_lap, Best to start with the basics. I was interested in Physics, I did not jump right into atomic energies.00:24
chris__recon_lap, thanks i found the repos which somehow eluded me00:24
maujhsnurlin2u "At least your honest".00:24
brontosaurusrexwillfrand: or what cfhowlett said, ffmpeg should be in repos00:24
urlin2uJosephHarrietha, no quantum theory at the start eh. :)00:24
maujhsnAny takers?00:24
willfrandok cfhowlett, i'm going to try, thanks00:24
urlin2umaujhsn, on a good day. :)00:25
JosephHarriethawillfrand, is that it.... ? You didn't specific a file.00:25
PaulEycksWhat is the name of the document scanning program in Ubuntu 11.10?00:25
chris__recon_lap,  i mean package00:25
maujhsnurlin2u We all have ups & downs...no problem! :)00:25
urlin2uPaulEycks, simple scan00:25
JosephHarriethaurlin2u, Sadly no. I am quite versed in the mechanics of quantum energies now, but a few years ago, I was still doing Dx and Dy :P00:26
JosephHarriethaPaulEycks, simple scan00:26
urlin2uJoeSomebody, hmm the nobel laureate I saw speak a while back said if we understood it we were doing better then him.00:27
PaulEycksThank you, I have an answer, simplescan.00:27
JosephHarriethaPaulEycks, If you search "Scan" in the dashboard (Press the Win Key) you'll find it :P00:27
blazentohey is it possible to de-allocate space from my ubuntu partition after i've made it?00:27
=== ai9371 is now known as CrackErJAckman
JosephHarriethablazento, Yes, but not while its running haha. Make a gparted live CD.00:27
WargasmPaulEycks: if you want pdf output file you can use gscan2pdf00:27
recon_lapJosephHarrietha: it just a matter of empowering the person to do what they want, I'm just giving simple pointers and chris is learning for himself. everyone starts out knowing nothing00:28
urlin2uJosephHarrietha, the whole field of hypothesis thoug hI guess00:28
brontosaurusrexsimple scan can output pdf as well00:28
Wargasmmine doesn't seem to want to00:28
Wargasmthats why I got the other one00:28
brontosaurusrexoh :)00:28
JosephHarriethablazento, http://sourceforge.net/projects/gparted/files/gparted-live-stable/0.11.0-10/gparted-live-0.11.0-10.iso/download00:28
JosephHarriethablazento, Burn er to a disc, pop em in, and away you go :P00:28
JosephHarrietharecon_lap, And in a week, he will be frustrated. still know nothing, and think its all too hard. Start him off easy, and let him grow.00:29
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: the ubuntu install CD has gparted on it, so why need an extra CD>00:29
JosephHarrietharecon_lap, But of course, your way works as well. Nothing is more empowering than self defeat.00:30
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, Because the ubuntu cd takes 2 minutes to boot and I'm an impatient geek.00:30
||||||||||||||||JosephHarrietha, USB boot?00:31
lahwranhow would I detect a key being pressed, no matter what application is focused?00:31
JosephHarriethaJosephHarrietha, For gparted? Yup. You can use pendrivelinux from windows, and the usb creator from linux.00:31
butch256Grub2 help, ubuntu 11.04 alternate install (raid/crypt/lvm)... video error... anyone?00:31
JosephHarriethabutch256, Oh, I have the same thing. Truecrypt bootloader, esc to boot, right?00:32
recon_lapJosephHarrietha: your presupposing that he'll fail and give up. and i cant think of a better start to learing programming than installing an java ide , i would think he would read a programming book next00:32
butch256JosephHarrietha: "error: no video mode activated" on boot after fresh install00:32
lahwranrecon_lap: java? python is already installed on ubuntu00:32
JosephHarrietharecon_lap, Java for a newbie? Meh. Better than BASIC I guess. But considering his previously demonstrated problem solving skills, I am sure my prediction is correct.00:33
butch256JosephHarrietha:  I can successfully start the raid arrays and access the entire install within my live cd - but... no luck fixing so far...00:33
JosephHarriethabutch256, I see, so its not a truecrypt bug. I've been ignoring it for a while.... maybe I'll get working on it. Since I have another case we can eliminate the possibilities.00:34
urlin2uJosephHarrietha, super faulty cause and effect bro.00:34
JosephHarriethabutch256, Does it prevent your system from booting?00:34
butch256JosephHarrietha: No, i can hit escape and type in my pass etc... its just *really* annoying00:34
JosephHarriethabutch256, Okay, so your in the same boat as me haha.00:34
butch256JosephHarrietha: seems so, if i ever figure it out i'll make a blog post, heh00:35
JosephHarriethabutch256, Alright, can you put your /etc/default/grub file on pastebin? (I don't have a copy of default) and your /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:35
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: usb will boot faster than any CD, why not advise they use a USB stick or maybe even buy one just for your impatience. Think about it00:36
recon_lapgetting snippy tonight, long island ice tea's all round00:37
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I use a 8GB USB with about 6 distros, 13 system tools, 2 AV's and some other randoms made using YUMI. But as for them, I guess I would have been better off saying the gparted in the live cd :P I just don't like it personally.00:37
butch256JosephHarrietha: it's the default, no worried, i'm going to finish the rest of my install now (current on laptop, desktop doesnt have net access yet)00:37
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: the user already has the tool you need, just strange to advise to download what they already have00:38
JosephHarriethabutch256, Alright, can you put them up anyway? (I don't have a copy of the defaults since my system is far from default). I'll compare them and eliminate more possiblities.00:38
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: I have a PXE boot with all that stuff, no need for USB00:38
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, Personal preference makes my advice to others different then what most would consider the "simplest route"00:38
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I've never seen a need for that. Clutters up the bootloader. I have truecrypt chainload grub2 ( hidden since I only has one entry).00:39
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I used to have a quint boot, but Arch was too time consuming, Hackintosh was too buggy and Jolicloud was pretty much useless.00:40
JosephHarriethabutch256, once your install is done of course.00:41
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: try xpud, fastest boot I ever saw00:41
syn-ackGood evening.00:41
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I'm going to stick with what I have. Its a stable system, and due to the encryption on both my Ubuntu LTS and Windows 7 (Never upgrading to 8. Ever)... I'd rather not mess with a good thing.00:42
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: the stuff in Lucid is painful on newer kit in my experience. I always grab the next release when it hits alpha100:43
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I can't really afford to either. Managing two Debian repo's, 4 websites and Uni gets stressful.00:43
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I can't, I need stability. LTS is the best chance Ive got without going for Debian sqeeze haha.00:44
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I used to have time to mess with my system and wipe my harddrive every month to have more fun... sadly, this is not the case anymore.00:45
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: I manage several DCs for work as well as remote customers, but its not my kit. My home PC gets played with lots00:45
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I see, My PC is my work and play. Its a 2009 Gateway MD73 with plenty of upgrades :P, Getting a MBP in June though.00:47
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I may just fit it into this case If I can haha. I'll miss it. Red, Silver, Black .... I hate the pure white of apples monopoly.00:48
syn-ackI. Love. Android. I wouldn't use any other mobile OS.00:48
JosephHarriethaRegardless, I shall ask once more. Soon I must leave.00:48
JosephHarriethasyn-ack, To each his own. Personally, I prefer to have a phone that dosen't require debugging.00:48
ActionParsnipsyn-ack: same :)00:48
JosephHarriethaI am having trouble with my headset. When speaking I sound slow and demonic. I have no idea why its slowing my voice /lowering the pitch00:48
JosephHarriethaAll information required is in the link I have sent, repeated here: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=fb0aa063d86d1aeae48c9cbadca3a85627173af800:49
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: never had to debug the G1 and GT540 I have had00:49
syn-ackJosephHarrietha, My phone doesn't require any debugging, either. It's actually really stable.00:49
JosephHarriethaActionParsnip, I am only taking shots haha. The nexus looks very nice, I've been using a flip phone for years XD! Never upgraded. Got an iPod Touch just because I kept breaking Mp3 players.00:50
ActionParsnipJosephHarrietha: does an external mic work ok?00:51
JosephHarriethaIt is an external.00:51
=== NotKruz is now known as VunKruz
JosephHarriethaThe internal Mic stopped working about... last year? maybe two years ago? Haha. My fiancee spilled coffee on it....00:52
recon_lapJosephHarrietha:Dont have any ideas other than posting on the help forums might get some answers00:52
JosephHarriethaAlright. Damn, that's what I get for using a microsoft headset. Christmas gift gone wrong haha00:53
rsvpQ: how do I start pidgin in another environment, eg "$ DISPLAY=:0.1 && pidgin" does not start up in workspace 1. Any helpful advice ??00:54
JosephHarriethaAnyway, I best be off. I have work to do, and noobs to pwn at physics (Kidding :P ). Goodbye, and a brief, "have a nice day" to you all00:54
recon_lapJosephHarrietha: lol is the headset running vista :P00:54
ActionParsniprsvp: you can use devilspie (and gdevilspie from googlecode to configure it) to setup which desktop apps start on as well as window dimenstion if you really want00:57
rsvpActionParsnip, there must be simple command line solution to start up a program in a desired workspace.00:58
binarypleasehi im looking for a linux software comparable to max/msp, cant find anything usable with google. any suggestions?01:00
zenon_can anyone tell me what the difference in installer & just unpack & run?01:00
zenon_in this case its for a game01:01
VovkUbuntu 11.04 does not see my ethernet controller, lspci | grep -i Ethernet does not bring up anything. ifconfig just shows loopback interface. ifconfig eth0 up shows no such device. EVGA motherboard has built in ethernet card. what do?01:01
zenon_I know just unpack & run will not install01:01
Vovkinstall will make it automatically available in ubuntu's menu system01:02
Vovkand might make it possible to automatically update the game01:02
Vovkdepending on what the installer actually does01:02
Vovkwith unpack and run you'll have to manually make menu entries and manually update01:02
recon_lapzebon_: really depends on the installer, most installers will unpack the program plus other jobs automatically01:03
Vovkso erm yeah. experienced horrible crash on windows/ubuntu dual boot system while using windows 2 days ago. No live CD's or fresh ubuntu install will see the network card anymore01:04
zenon_I prefer manually doing things01:04
Vovkwindows won't install due to bad disc01:04
telnetterinstalling onto a 4GB usb stick. all went well, but will not boot. says non system disk boot failure. trying to use a boot repair disk which will fix the grub. but I don't want to mess up my systems dual boot. do I purge and reinstall on sdd1 (the usb drive, then place the grub onto sdd? really new user here.01:04
zenon_ok thank you01:05
Vovkthe actual crash made it impossible to boot any OS (pretty sure mbr and windows boot filesystem were simultaneously corrupted)01:05
Vovkreinstalled ubuntu 11.0401:05
recon_lapzenon_: might be getting a lot of external dependency's for example01:05
dicannamasi did reconfigure graphic drivers as originally from Oneiric after testing some 3th party driver but now i only get the 2d option to work and when i use unity i only get the background01:05
Vovkcan no longer connect to internet with wired device01:05
IsmAvatarHey guys. I have the stupid on-screen keyboard stuck on my login screen (I guess it's lightdm), but the quit button is disabled. How do I make it go away?01:05
Vovkkinda in trouble... on laptop without cd writing abilities01:05
SebastienHello, i am trying to create a page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SebLemery but it tells me i am not allowed. How can someone be allowed to do so?01:05
Vovkreally want to force system to see network card - would solve all my issues01:05
zenon_so in cases its more secure to unpack & run?01:06
Vovkphysical light on network card is on01:06
* Sebastien is a member of http://ubuntu-qc.org/01:06
Vovkso it's receiving power I guess... but not visible to any OS01:06
Vovkno network gurus here? :(01:07
ActionParsnipVovk: can you ping the router's internal IP?01:08
urlin2utelnetter, how did you install on the usb?01:08
recon_lapzenon_: it hard to know, really depends on the program/installer , some installers do little more than unpack the program, others can do lots more. if you want secure you probably have to check the code and compile it yourself01:09
Vovkrouter's internal ip is
Vovkno. internal ip of the router is (it's actually a laptop forwarding a connection) cannae ping01:10
urlin2utelnetter, you can load grub to the mbr area of the usb with a kive ubuntu disc, would you like a link?01:10
telnetterurlin2u, from a livecd, chose sdd1 format ext4, chose swap second partition on sdd and grub on sdd1.01:10
ActionParsnipVovk: ok, does the interface have an IP address?01:10
Vovkinterface is not found01:10
Vovkifconfig just shows loopback interface01:10
Vovklspci does not even show the card01:10
ActionParsnipVovk: ok then run:  sudo lshw -C network    youi will see the interface name01:11
Nullifi3dhave you tried compiling drivers?01:11
ActionParsnipVovk: you will need the product line01:11
zenon_I'm noob at linux in transition, how do I go abount maintaining setup?01:11
telnetterurlin2u, i have 'boot-repair' which will purge and repair grubs. is that the same thing?01:11
ActionParsnipzenon_: keep on top of updates01:11
zenon_cheers Recon01:11
OerVovk, is it enabled in the bios ?01:11
ActionParsnipzenon_: you can use apps like bleachbit to keep the OS clutter free, otherwise it's pretty ok01:11
urlin2utelnetter, 3 methods of putting grub in the mbr read carefully.   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB201:12
Vovkbios is on factory default, running lshw01:12
Vovklshw -C Network -> nothing01:12
recon_lapzenon_ no one checks the code, trusting the supplier and keeping uptodate normal01:12
Vovksudo lshw shows a lot of things, none of which are network card01:12
Vovkwondering if it's physically damaged01:12
Vovkdon't know how it could be tho01:12
Vovkmaybe a spider crawled in and sparked it... low chance of that tho...01:13
zenon_thank you all01:13
zenon_I want to check the code.01:13
zenon_but I'm noob01:13
Nullifi3dVovk, it was working in windows, correct?01:13
OerVovk what type of laptop is it ? does it have a FN key to enable/disable network ?01:13
urlin2utelnetter, personally I would not use any gui grub repair, but I knkw the basics of doing it from a live cd or using suoergrub to boot the OS and just doing it from the desktop terminal.01:13
zenon_loosening off the eyes ^^01:13
syn-ackOer, My HP does.01:13
Vovkwas working in windows - then windows crashed (lulz) and suddenly, nothing would boot. reinstalled ubuntu on same HD, it boots01:14
Vovkit is a desktop01:14
Vovkwriting to you from lappy01:14
Nullifi3dso if you know or can find out the model of the laptop, and from that determine your nic, id suggest finding specific drivers for your nic and compiling them for the kernel01:14
Nullifi3di think thats a good step to take01:14
Nullifi3dthats what id do at this point if i were you01:15
zenon_what tutorials should I watch?01:15
Vovknot on a laptop. EVGA FTW 720 motherboard with built in ethernet card01:15
telnetterurlin2u, i have the gui boot-repair. if I tell it to scrub and reinstall the grub on sdd1, then the other option is 'force grub install to' i should choose sdd right? and that won't affect the other two installs I have on the hard drives?01:15
Nullifi3doh, wellwhatever01:15
Nullifi3dcan still do it01:15
urlin2utelnetter, never used it I can't confirm anything.01:15
recon_lapzenon_ ; seriously, if you distrust the program that much you probably should not install it.01:16
Vovkhmm want nvidia NIC driver for linux01:16
Vovkor nvidia nic module01:16
Vovkthe thing is it used to work from a vanilla ubuntu livecd01:16
Vovkusing same livecd won't find NIC anymore01:16
zenon_its for my own kowledge01:17
ActionParsnipVovk: check BIOS01:17
Vovkrebooting to check BIOS01:17
Nullifi3dwell if thats true then i bet your nic is fried :/01:17
ActionParsnipVovk: its probably some realtek thing01:17
zenon_I dont trust ubuntu01:17
Vovkyou can usually trust ubuntu01:17
zenon_its good01:17
zenon_I like it01:17
urlin2utelnetter, always run a sudo fdisk -l to confirm the usb though as if you boot with a uab the partitions can be moved in how they are being read. Such as then sda of the hd might read as sdb and the usb as sda01:17
Vovkjust can't trust it to not install bloat... but you can take that out yourself01:17
zenon_but I need to learn how to secure check & fix01:18
zenon_& everything01:18
urlin2ubloat the noobs favorite word. lol01:18
zenon_I lol01:18
recon_lapzenon_ lol, 4 years collage , and probably 5+ years working in computer security and you would be off to a good start01:19
zenon_meanig you01:19
ActionParsnipzenon_: the default setup isn't badly setup for security01:19
Vovkin BIOS01:19
Vovklooking for something to help01:19
zenon_yeh I need to get cracking, excuse the pun01:19
Vovkfound MAC0 and MAC1 lan disabled01:19
Vovkonly 2 choices are disabled and auto... switched them to auto01:19
zenon_I don't want to crack.01:19
Vovkdon't think that was the right thing tho01:19
ActionParsnipVovk: grab your bios manual onmline, you may just need to set it to factory defaults and be ok01:19
Vovkit was at factory defaults01:20
ActionParsnipVovk: just flick through the menus, see what you can find01:20
zenon_my veiws on security are that it should be updated & secured before even near the net01:20
OerVovk check all settings to be sure, enable execute bit and stuff01:21
zenon_I don't know how to do that will linux yet01:21
Vovkchecked all settings, enabled basically everything. traying again01:21
Vovktrying again*01:21
telnetterurlin2u, yeah, its sdd in fdisk01:21
ActionParsnipzenon_: updates offline is possible but pretty unnecessary01:21
zenon_I think it is01:22
zenon_its just logic01:22
ActionParsnipzenon_: offline windows updates for a home user? Seems excessive01:22
zenon_mac being uncrashible turned out to be a myth01:22
ActionParsnipzenon_: you got a WSUS server?01:22
recon_lapzenon_: you just been using windows to long, ubuntu starts off secure01:22
urlin2utelnetter, still can't confirm myself on a app I have never used, I gave you the link to fix it easily from a ubuntu live cd though.01:22
Wargasmbah windows... I hate booting into it01:22
telnetterurlin2u, yes, thanks I will try that.01:23
zenon_I don't know what wsus is01:23
recon_lapzenon_: then you make changes and make it less secure01:23
Wargasmfeels filthy to use windows now that I have ubuntu01:23
zenon_I read it some where a bit backj01:23
ActionParsnipzenon_: its an updates server which runs on the network, professional companies have them so easch server doesn't use the new to update from01:23
urlin2utelnetter, download supergrub to boot into the usb and install the grub bootloader from there one command and a update-grub.01:23
ActionParsnipzenon_: how would you updte a windows PC without web connection and without WSUS?01:24
zenon_I'm noob to ervers too =/01:24
syn-ackActionParsnip, You'd use BITS01:24
zenon_can do addressing on the most part01:24
Vovkturning on everything in bios fixed01:24
ActionParsnipsyn-ack: bits uses the web..01:24
Vovknot sure how windows effected BIOS, but should be good now.01:24
ActionParsnipzenon_: how do you update windows before going on the web...01:24
recon_lapzenon_; been running ubuntu since 2006 without anti virus software and never got a virus01:24
syn-ackThats true01:24
zenon_routers just I don't know all of it01:25
urlin2utelnetter, http://www.supergrubdisk.org/super-grub2-disk/01:25
hayerhow the hell did one of my network interfaces disappear?01:25
hayerno, srsly.01:25
ActionParsniphayer: arer you Vovk ?01:25
hayerthere is no "networking" service01:25
zenon_I'm refreshed to the point of knowing I need all the sp's & security updates for the sp's01:25
ActionParsniphayer: ok, if you run:  sudo lshw -C network    do you see the device?01:25
recon_lapdamn, you beat me to it ActionParsnip01:26
* Lint wonders what OS kernel.org was running without an antivirus software01:26
Vovklol i am not hayer01:26
zenon_brb scrolling right back to see what I missed01:26
ActionParsnipzenon_: but what about if you need more that you don't have, its clunky as anything for very little gain01:27
hayerit says "DISABLED"..01:27
Vovkwhat does lshw -C Network show hayer?01:27
lwizardlis there a way block a ubuntu system from internet access but allow for lan connections ? basically I want to be able to transfer files locally but not globally01:27
ActionParsniphayer: is there a switch to enable or disable networking?01:27
ActionParsniplwizardl: you could set no DNS servers, then set the hostnames in /etc/hosts01:27
urlin2utelnetter, if you use the supergrub disc to get in to the usb OS I can give you the command to load the grub bootloader.01:27
zenon_when I get to security software with windows I give up I don't want to pay for what is'nt securing me01:27
hayerActionParsnip: i ask u.01:28
bazhang!ot | zenon_01:28
ubottuzenon_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:28
Vovkin terminal -> ifconfig01:28
recon_lap zenon_ : just install ubuntu and stop thinking in windows , you'll be safe01:28
zenon_& with socket vulnerabilities whats the point.01:28
goddardhow can i search multiple directories for a file that has a word in the file name?01:28
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support. windows chat in ##windows01:28
zenon_I know linux is more secure anyway01:29
goddardrecon_lap: at least moderately01:29
Vovkzenon - if you are paranoid, you can use Firestarter to get a firewall set up01:29
Vovkit's an interface for iptables, which you can read about01:29
bazhangVovk, its been displaced by ufw/gufw01:29
Vovklinux + firewall + sane user access control = basically good01:29
zenon_thats not tech advice ^^01:29
recon_lapas far as i recall ubuntu has all ports closed by default01:29
Vovkah, did not know that bazhang01:29
syn-ackbazhang, whaaaa?01:29
goddardpersonally i think the "firewalls" suck for linux01:29
Vovkgoddard, hmm?01:30
ActionParsniphayer: look at the keyboard and such01:30
Vovkblocks access to certain ports01:30
ActionParsniphayer: or you may have a hard switch01:30
goddardVovk: well i mean it in the sense that the GUI sucks01:30
Vovkand can forward ports to other ones01:30
zenon_thank you for all advice01:30
Wargasmzenon_: I use firestarter... you can sit there and watch the traffic if you want01:30
Vovkwhat else do you want a firewall to do?01:30
_schism_anyone running ksplice?01:30
zenon_scrolling back now01:30
syn-ackgoddard, There's nothing wrong with iptables in and of it's self, but nothing compares to ipw, imo01:30
goddardVovk: make it easier less work01:30
ActionParsniphayer: you can also use network manager to enable / disable connections01:30
zenon_thats what I want.01:30
hayerActionParsnip: nope, nothing - its a desktop running server01:30
Vovkfirestarter has a fairly nice gui wizard01:31
urlin2usyn-ack, if you read the channel guidelines it might help you. :)01:31
syn-ackurlin2u, I know exactly what the channel guidelines are.01:31
zenon_I'm learning on ubuntu, going to use more advanced distro when ready01:31
Wargasmzenon_ it also has stop all traffic feature just in case01:31
goddardVovk: it is a little dated is all I'm saying01:31
urlin2usyn-ack, excellent. :)01:31
goddardVovk: it does a good job but it could be better01:31
ActionParsniphayer: try:  sudo rfkill unblock all01:32
goddardhow can i search multiple directories for a file that has a word in the file name?01:32
ActionParsnipgoddard: sudo find /path/to/folder | grep name01:32
=== megan is now known as Guest81507
WargasmActionParsnip: thanks, I learned something again01:33
goddardActionParsnip: that works if the "name" isn't exact and just has the word in the name? cool01:33
recon_lapgoddard: grep -lir string *01:33
zenon_my electricity cut out on machine, how would that effect sys & what do I have to do form maintenance?01:33
recon_lapi think01:33
ActionParsnipgoddard: it can be any part, I suggest you use:  grep -i   make it case insensitive01:33
bazhangzenon_, ##hardware01:33
ActionParsnipgoddard: I use sudo with find so you don't get access denied messages01:33
goddardActionParsnip: OK01:34
ActionParsnipWargasm: learning is good :D01:35
hayerActionParsnip: rfkill not found :s01:35
recon_laphi Guest81507 , you might want to pick a name using /nick <aname>01:35
Guest81507how can i do that01:36
ActionParsniphayer: what is the output of:  lsb_release -sc01:36
ActionParsnip!nick | Guest8150701:36
recon_lapGuest81507: just type '/nick thenameyouwant'01:36
ubottuGuest81507: Your nick is how people know you on IRC. Please don't change your nicknames too often (use /nick newnick), or it creates a lot of confusion. You should also !register your nick with freenode.01:36
zenon_as well my sound card is'nt working right, might install ubuntu studios after I have a shot at fixing01:37
hayerActionParsnip: gimme a sec, rebooting - seem'd like the service-thingy crashed.01:38
=== onlygentoo is now known as mostlygentoo
hayerActionParsnip: when booting it waits 2-3mins at "Waiting for network configuration.." then it says "Waiting up to 60 more secs for network configuration"01:40
ActionParsniphayer: is the network cable ok?01:42
ActionParsniphayer: have you tried a different port01:42
kopilohey I'm currently trying to combine jailkit + fuse + ssh, has anyone been able to do this before?01:42
hayeryepp, cable is ok - problem is that the interface dosnt show up01:42
hayernot even in ifconfig01:42
kopilowhat does ifconfig list?01:43
WargasmActionParsnip: sweet it worked, very interesting01:43
recon_laphayer; paste the output of lshw -C network01:43
zenon_Zebon, Unzebon *.^01:43
hayerrecon_lap: gimme some secs, got to type01:43
kopilois there a way to limit which directories sshfs & scp can connect to via ssh?01:45
Vovk1 random restart later and internet connection achieved :D01:45
goddardrecon_lap: that thing is taking a long time01:45
Vovkwell... 1 random restart, 1 switching which card the cable was plugged into, and 1 entering of the correct manual router details01:45
recon_lapgoddard: what thing?01:46
hayerrecon_lap, ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834697/01:46
ActionParsnipWargasm: its good fun. can also use:  locate | grep stuff   and so on01:46
Vovkalso, I just realized that the most recent release is called oneiric ocelot... I think Shuttleworth is mad...01:46
goddardhayer: is there a command line tool to paste clipboard text to ubuntu pastebin?01:47
recon_laphayer: try ifup eth001:47
hayerwith sudo?01:47
ActionParsnipVovk: just use version numbers and ignore the codenames then01:47
hayergoddard: no, not as i know of01:47
kopilo$sudo ifconfig eth001:48
kopilo$sudo ifconfig eth0 up01:48
Vovkfair 'nuff. also actionparsnip, did nvidia release open source drivers for their 9000 line of cards?01:48
Vovki have a very vivid memory of having to download proprietary drivers01:48
recon_lapopps been a long time since i fought again a network card01:48
kopiloVovk you mean neuvou drivers?01:49
Vovkneuvou is ???01:49
hayerrecon_lap: just says-> /etc/network/interfaces:10: unknown method \n ifup: couldn't read interfaces file "/etc/network/interfaces"01:49
Vovkremember I had to grab graphics drivers01:49
OerVovk what does this give you > lspci | grep VGA01:49
hayerrecon_lap: my line 10 looks like this-> iface eth0 inet auto    - line 9-> auto eth001:50
kopiloif you want 3D acelleration I would still suggest going with the binary nvidia drivers01:50
ActionParsnipVovk: not sure, I always add the xorg edgers updates ppa and install the 290 driver  straight off01:50
kopiloif you don't, nouveau drivers are great01:50
VovknVidia Corp G92 GeForce 9800 GT01:50
m1chaelis postfix with postgresql support easier to set up on centos or ubuntu? is ubuntu generally easier to work with?01:50
recon_laphayer: sudo ifconfig eth0     and    sudo ifconfig eth0 up , i'm out of date and forgetfull kopilo seem more current01:50
ActionParsnipVovk: I've had ok performance with nouvaeu but Its a habit, kills of plymouth but I don't care01:50
Vovkalso i would love 3D acceleration, tho the drivers used to be available in what used to be called the Restricted Drivers Manager01:51
Vovkthat manager now shows 0 drivers01:51
ActionParsnipVovk: I've used both drivers on a 6150 LE and its been ok. I'd imaginr the 9800GT will be ok.01:51
recon_lapVovk: check with glxgears01:51
Vovkapparently unity can't run on a vanilla install with 9800 gt01:51
Vovktho apparently unity is crap01:51
hayerkopilo, recon_lap: didnt do anything?01:51
ActionParsnipVovk: run:  sudo apt-get install nvidia-current     and it will install the driver you need01:51
Vovkand i plan to use fluxbox anyway... but still01:52
Vovkaah cheers parsnip01:52
hayerJust same old "Link encap: Ethernet.. " still no ip etc01:52
kopiloI have used nouveau drivers with 9800GT was fine for 2D stuff01:52
ActionParsnipVovk: a software's appeal and quality is a personal thing. Some folks love unity, some hate it01:52
Vovki plan to give unity a try01:52
ActionParsnipVovk: so it is completely subjective, its like ANY software you can name01:52
Vovkif it's anywhere as configurable as fluxbox, and doesn't eat a stupid amount of resources, i'll probably stick with it out of laziness01:52
kopiloicewm, openbox ?01:53
ActionParsnipVovk: I wouldn't say it was as configurable as fluxbox, fluxbox is VERY customizable01:53
Vovk<3 fluxbox01:53
ActionParsnip<3 openbox01:53
Vovkfair nuff01:53
kopilo<3 xfce4 xD01:53
ActionParsnipsame deal01:53
Vovkfeatures of openbox over fluxbox?01:54
kopilolxde doesn't seem too bad though01:54
recon_laphayer:  try lspci -nn | grep Network01:55
ActionParsnipVovk: they are based on the similar code, not really sure of the differences really01:55
ActionParsnipkopilo: lxde rocks01:55
hayernvm.. in the interfaces i had "auto" .. When it should have been "dhcp".01:55
ActionParsnipVovk: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=3911201:55
ActionParsniphayer: d'oh01:55
hayerActionParsnip: ye. :<01:55
recon_laphayer: :)01:56
dano1Need help recovering data from an encrypted home directory (on lvm) using a live cd01:57
dano1I've been able to mount the lvm01:57
dano1can't mount home01:58
goddardrecon_lap: find downloadvault/ | grep -lir '*adult*'01:59
ActionParsnipgoddard: no need for the*s in grep01:59
Vovkfrom what i can tell, the active differences between fluxbox and openbox are inital lack of panel in openbox, openbox uses XML format for customization, fluxbox comes with more stuff autoconfigured01:59
Vovkother than those, basically the same if you configure them to be the same01:59
Vovkgunna stick with flux just because i know it01:59
ActionParsnipgoddard: grep finds the string you grep for in the files, so it will always act that way, you don't need to tell it02:00
ActionParsniprecon_lap: goddard: finf downloadvault | grep -i adult02:00
Vovkalso fluxbox has the slit, but iirc the last stuff to be actively developed for the slit were made for blackbox and are from 2004... so meh02:00
goddardActionParsnip: im trying to find the string in the file name only02:00
ActionParsnipfind, you get the idea02:00
ActionParsnipgoddard: yes, that will do it ;)_02:00
Oerdano1, these instructions could work, 'sudo ecryptfs-recover-private' >> http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html02:01
dano1Oer: thanks.  I'll look it over02:02
goddardActionParsnip: hmm the only one i can get to return any results is grep -lir adult ~/downloadvault/02:03
ActionParsnipgoddard: that searches _inside the files_ for the word 'adult'02:03
recon_lapgoddard: i never had to use the find bit, been a while but think it was "grep -lir 'adult' *"02:03
goddardActionParsnip: will this look recursively through sub folders?02:04
ActionParsnipgoddard: find does that by default, you added the -r switch so it will be recursive02:04
=== irdx_ is now known as irdx
recon_lapgoddard ; you ming want to check greps man page to see if it suports -r02:06
goddardrecon_lap: i think it does but i have zip files02:07
goddardrecon_lap: i dont want to go through zip files hmm...02:07
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* waggysax is having trouble installing his graphics driver and needs help02:08
=== f0urtyfive is now known as f0rtyfive
=== f0rtyfive is now known as f0urtyfive
urlin2uwaggysax, might help if you identify the card.02:10
recon_lapgoddard: maybe grep -lir 'adult' [^zip]*02:10
waggysaxurlin2u, "identify the card?"02:10
urlin2uwaggysax, is it a nividia and which one?02:11
waggysaxradeon 685002:11
recon_laphmm, maybe not02:12
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as gskellig|away
urlin2uwaggysax, hard to say but take a look. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172700702:12
waggysaxk thanks, urlin2u02:12
urlin2uwaggysax, notice limk is for maverick though.02:13
goddardrecon_lap: nope that appears to still be looking at the file names in a zip file02:14
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
recon_lapgoddard:  grep -irl --exclude=*.{zip} "adult" *02:15
recon_lapgoddard:  grep -irl --exclude=*.zip "adult" *02:16
recon_lapright, bed time, goodnight02:20
clu3Hello all, in ubuntu 11, after setting the background image via the command "gconftool --type String --set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename file://path/to/img" , i see that the value is changed, but the desktop bg is still the same. Do i need to do anything to reload the gconf? This script used to work in ubuntu 10.1002:21
ActionParsnipclu3: 11.10 or 11.04?02:23
clu3ActionParsnip, 11.0402:24
clu3i upgraded from ubuntu 1002:24
ActionParsnipclu3: http://askubuntu.com/questions/66914/how-to-change-desktop-background-from-command-line-in-unity   try that02:24
ActionParsnipclu3: not sure if natty uses some gnome3 stuffs02:25
Dr_willisi dont think it does.02:25
Mavrick95can someone explain to me how I rename/delete/copy a file while in console mode?02:25
ActionParsnipclu3: you REALLY need to start adding the full versions. There is no ubuntu 10, there is 10.04 and 10.1002:25
Dr_willisMavrick95:    mv foo bar02:25
Dr_willisis one way02:25
ActionParsnipMavrick95: mv  to rename02:26
Dr_williscp file1 newfile      for copy02:26
Mavrick95i need to rename the /etc/x11/xorg.conf file prior to rebooting02:26
ActionParsnipMavrick95: rm to delete02:26
Dr_willisMavrick95:  you may want to check out some bash tutorials.02:26
ActionParsnipMavrick95: sudo mv /etc/x11/xorg.conf /etc/x11/xorg.conf_old02:26
buhuhow can I do a back-up of my whole system?02:26
ActionParsnip!backup | buhu02:26
ubottubuhu: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:26
buhuActionParsnip: thanks02:26
Dr_willisMavrick95:  sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.MYBackup02:26
urlin2ubuhu, I use clonezilla as a clone02:26
Dr_willisMavrick95:  CASE Is ImPornTant02:27
DescraHi. A program that uses a library that have a LGPL licence, must be LGPL too? or can have another licence (be closed source, comercial, etc...)?02:27
T_H_Xgoddard: find ./ ! \( -name *.zip \) |grep -i adult02:27
T_H_Xwill skip sipz02:27
Dr_willisDescra:  thers is the #gpl channel I belive.02:28
clu3thanks ActionParsnip , that link works, so it's true, Ubuntu 11.04 is now using Gnome302:28
Mavrick95Dr_willis: ok, thanks. i will try the solution you advised me yesterday. if that dows not work i am prepared to install ubuntu again.02:28
Dr_willisMavrick95:  i dont even ermber what i did 5 min ago,., much less yesterday. :)02:28
DescraDr_willis, yes, with one user here ^^02:29
ActionParsnipclu3: seems to have moved over, could make it into a script. Something like 'setwallpaper' ;)02:29
=== Jens is now known as Guest17735
Nach0zhey guys, need some help :/ I seem to have ROYALLY JACKED UP my ~ folder :/02:31
Nach0zit's got me as the owner when I do ll, but I can't even cd into it unless I'm root02:31
Dr_willisNach0z:  check the ownership  of /home/yourusername  also02:32
Dr_willisand the permissions.02:32
Dr_willisbbl - work time for me.02:32
Nach0zthat's the first thing I checked :/02:32
Nach0zstill no dice.02:32
ActionParsnipNach0z: is the folder markes as executable02:32
PancakezDescra: I believe the LGPL libraries can be used in programs with different licenses.  Pretty sure that's the reason the LGPL exists02:32
Nach0zActionParsnip: +x? believe so yes02:32
ActionParsnipNach0z: sudo chmod +x $HOME02:32
Nach0zActionParsnip: done02:33
Nach0zand still no access for me02:33
T_H_Xcheck /home02:33
Nach0z.... just did that now, and it's owned by root. changing to +x...02:34
ActionParsnipNach0z: what is the output of: ls -l /home02:34
=== gskellig|away is now known as gskellig|mobile
DescraPancakez, ok. Thx.02:34
Nach0zActionParsnip: total 1202:37
Nach0zdrwxrwxr-x 102 vader vader 12288 2012-02-08 21:36 vader02:37
Nach0zoh whoops02:37
Nach0zmeant to copypaste the pastebinit link :S02:37
Nach0zsorry. but yeah. I'm confused >_<02:38
T_H_Xls -ld /home02:38
Nach0zT_H_X: check tha pastebin link there02:39
Nach0zand what's weird is that I reset all those permissions before I rebooted02:39
Nach0zwhen I rebooted again all the perms were changed up02:39
ActionParsnipNach0z: is your username 'vader'?02:40
T_H_XNach0z: check ls -ld / and  ls -ld /home02:40
clu3ActionParsnip, yep, i am actually running it as a script to add my todolist to the desktop background, everytime i start my day. https://github.com/clu3/ubuntu-desktop-todo-list ^^02:40
ActionParsnipclu3: nice, I have similar but its a post install script called: dostuff02:41
T_H_XNach0z: they shouldboth be drwxr-xr-x02:41
Nach0zActionParsnip: yeah that's me02:41
T_H_XNach0z: if not do chmod 755 / /home02:41
Nach0zT_H_X: they were, but owned by root02:41
T_H_XNach0z: thats fine02:41
Nach0zT_H_X: ActionParsnip: Here's the weird part. When I re-set the permissions and rebooted, the permissions got changed BACK to broken when I logged in02:42
Nach0zbut when I edited /etc/fstab to NOT have /dev/sda9 as /home/vader, and rebooted after fixing perms again, the permissions were all fixed and stuff when I rebooted again02:42
Nach0zalright. So new problem for yall then02:43
Nach0zI have a partition I want to mount as /home/vader, so how do I do this without breaking ubuntu? XD02:44
T_H_XNach0z: maybe the drive wasnt mounted when you fixed the perms.02:44
Mavrick95i cant find the xorg.conf file through console mode, it is not found. can it be the reason why my computer is booting to a black screen?02:44
clu3ActionParsnip, nice. i find todolist in the background image so much easier than opening another todolist app02:44
T_H_XNach0z: are you forcing uid and gid via fstab?02:44
Nach0zT_H_X: not a dang clue. not entirely sure how to check either to be honest02:45
Nach0zthe options were nodev,nosuid though02:46
Nach0zdunno if that helps at all02:46
T_H_XNach0z: /dev/sda9 /home/vader ext4 defaults 0 2     in fstab, if its ext4 FS.. then mount it02:47
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».02:47
Nach0zlemme try that out then and reboot02:48
Nach0zwill I need to chown the partition and stuff to myself after this?02:48
davemorning :)02:48
=== dave is now known as Guest75581
Nach0zT_H_X: so that's the exact command? don't use nosuid or something instead of 'defaults'?02:49
Nach0zwill try it out then02:50
Mavrick95when i try to boot up my computer, before the black screen hits, i can see a line that says "load fallback graphics = [fail]". does that mean I lack ubuntu's standard drivers necessary to solve the black screen issue? i traced back my problem to ati's proprietary graphics, need to remove it.02:51
Nach0zMavrick95: what computer are you on just outta curiosity?02:52
Nach0zI have an ATI card that also doesn't work02:52
Mavrick95Nach0z: mine is ati discrete gpu Radeon HD567002:53
Nach0zhey T_H_X it works, thanks hombre02:53
Nach0zMavrick95: I meant the computer itself, like is it a pavilion dv by any chance?02:53
Nach0zlike a HP pavilion dv5 or dv6?02:53
Mavrick95Nach0z: no, self build02:54
T_H_XNach0z: rockin02:54
Nach0zah. Mavrick95 is it a hybrid graphics system? intel HD graphics + ATI graphics?02:54
T_H_XActionParsnip: sorry for butting in there02:54
Nach0zT_H_X: got one more question for ya. is there a tag for cp that will make it NOT overwrite files?02:55
Mavrick95Nach0z: yes, actually i bought thinking of crossfiring with the iGPU from ASUS MoBo, but that is onloy possible while in windows environment02:56
Nach0zyeah that's the problem :/02:56
Nach0zhybrid graphics + ATI + Linux BREAKS HORRIBLY  :/02:56
Mavrick95Nach0z: so it was not enabled the hybrid graphics02:56
chrisy__hi can anyone please help me to uninstall the android sdk i have problems?02:56
Nach0zMavrick95: so you disabled switchable gfx in the bios?02:57
T_H_XNach0z: use -i interactive cp02:57
T_H_XNach0z: type man cp   it will tell yu all about it02:57
Mavrick95Nach0z: i dont know, but i did not change anything related to that in BIOS02:57
Nach0zT_H_X: thanks. just gonna use -n then02:58
Nach0zMavrick95: if you have hybrid graphics in any way you're pretty much S.O.L buddy. I've been workin on making hybrid ATI stuff work for MONTHS now with no luck whatsoever. But if someone else can help you, I'll step aside. XD02:58
bobenhauswhats crackin?02:59
whhanyboby install nvida 525m graphics cards drivers success on ubuntu 11.10?02:59
BenPAhi all .. can anyone tell me where I can get a little support on macbuntu ... need settins help03:01
pticaneed help, files are in wrong charset when dowloaded from net( subtitles), iconv doesnt convert characters03:02
pticahas anyone ever had this same problem03:03
l1f3hi everyone. I have a script that constantly create and delete file in /tmp folder. I wondering if that is bad for the hard drive. Any advice?03:04
EvilResistancel1f3, that's the purpose of /tmp, you know, temporary storage stuffs03:05
zenon_is that not swap?03:05
pticahow can i change file encoding and characters in ( iconv failed change characters )03:06
zenon_all ready been replyed too.03:06
l1f3EvilResistance: well but it just stuff that are cleared when turing off the computer. but my script write and delete the file every 1 second.03:06
zenon_what about disk clean for linux/ubuntu?03:07
ablyssl1f3, probably better for it.  But not as efficient as ram03:11
Mavrick95i don't know whati did exactly but i managed to get past the "black screen of death" to the desktop. now, I would like to ask some help in order to remove the faulty drivers. anyone?03:12
johnranyone using dosemu?03:12
kish_have there been any recent remote root exploits of the kernel which would warrant an upgrade?03:12
ablysskish_, apt-get update && apt-get upgrade will list new updates03:14
kish_ablyss, they are showing kernel updates but they're not answering my question03:14
urlin2ukish_, who is not?03:15
kish_urlin2u, aptitude update i mean03:15
ablysskish_, have u tried askubuntu.com ?03:16
pticacan anybody help with file encoding problem03:16
kish_let me see ablyss03:16
T_H_Xkish_: havent seen anything lately in http://securitytracker.com weekly03:17
kish_T_H_X, ah!03:17
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
T_H_Xkish_: i guess the last kernal update was Jan 23 2012   Linux Kernel /proc/[pid]/mem Access Control Flaw Lets Local Users Gain Root Privileges   .i got no idea really03:20
ablyssanyone have problems with opera web browser once closed causes compiz window decorations to crash?03:22
urlin2uablyss, you have the cube running in a unity setup?03:23
ActionParsnipablyss: does it happen as a new user?03:23
ablyssurlin2u, no just the defaults03:23
ablyssActionParsnip, good idea. I will test that03:24
BenPAhi all .. can anyone tell me where I can get a little support on macbuntu ... need settins help ... second request03:24
superdave321what should i do to keep transmission from taking up too much memory and crashing itself?03:25
scopeim in need of desperate help03:25
Vakoguy for some reason ubuntu doesnt find any wireless networks...03:25
Vakoanyone could give this noob a hand?03:25
scopeyes im a noob03:25
scopemy mouse wont ork03:26
scopewell it does but it unresponsive03:26
kopiloBenPA http://sourceforge.net/projects/macbuntu/support03:26
urlin2uBenPA, not in the repos, it is a 3rd party desktop or whatever it is IO would n ot hold your breath, justa heads up. :)03:26
ActionParsnipVako: which wireless chip do you have?03:27
BenPAlol thanks to all03:27
superdave321scope: please state your question in one line and wait for 2 mins to retry your request. this is the best way to get help here.03:27
scopethat support website is useles it doent have my problem that why im here03:27
VakoActionParsnip its a Ralink03:27
ActionParsnipscope: is it a mouse or a laptop touchpad?03:27
ActionParsnipVako: which model?03:27
=== DerFIash is now known as DerFlash
scopeits both03:28
scopeit works but sy i open something like now im on this i cant cick on anyhing03:28
ActionParsnipscope: what make and model system please?03:28
VakoI have an alfa AWUS036NH03:28
ActionParsnipVako: no, which model ralink chip?03:28
scopei hav to press alt then a letter to open the file blahblah blah then clikc on omehting for it toresponfd its a sony vio03:28
scopegah and the keyboars a bit glitchy but that i can fix with a clean03:29
ActionParsnipscope: add the boot option: i8024.nopnp   and it will work, dumb vaios need that for their tyouchpads to work a LOT of the time03:29
scopeok thanks but im a noob how do i do that #03:29
scopesorry i should really learn it03:29
ActionParsnipscope: run:  gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub03:29
scopethrough terminal right03:30
ActionParsnipscope: find the line with:  quiet splash    and add the option in the quotes, save the new file, close gedit and run:  sudo update-grub03:30
ActionParsnipscope: yes03:30
scopeok sorry now you hae lost me03:30
ActionParsnipscope: if you immediately say 'i don't know' without even attempting to try and find out how to do stuff yourself or even have a go, you will never learn your OS, or in fact ANYTHING in life03:31
ActionParsnipscope: read the text03:31
scopeyes i read it im no dummy im still learnin03:31
scopeim having to do it all with no mouse03:31
ActionParsnipVako: if you run:   sudo lshw -C network    what is the product line for the device?03:31
ActionParsnipscope: you can alt+tab without issue and you can press CTRL+ALT+T to run a terminal, no mouse needed03:32
VakoActionParsnip rt2870sta03:32
scopeand i never said i dont now i said you lost me03:32
scopeno i cant alt tab03:32
ActionParsnipscope: I can't phrase it any easier, run the command I gave and add the option in the quotes03:32
Vakoconfiguration: broadcast=yes driver=rt2800usb driverversion=3.0.0-15-generic firmware=0.29 link=no multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11bgn03:32
scopeits cool that last shortcut help load03:33
scopectrl alt t03:33
superdave321scope: run your terminal and put in the command exactly how  ActionParsnip gave you, it will ask  for your password, and then open a text editor. edit the lines that he gave you03:33
scopei got that but its dificult on ths laptop there are many bgs that need fixing03:34
ActionParsnipscope: its dead handy :)03:34
scopebut this one i was stuck on03:34
ActionParsnipVako: is rt2870sta loaded?03:36
ActionParsnipVako: that tells us nothing03:36
ActionParsnipVako: may help http://linuxforums.org.uk/index.php?topic=852.15003:36
scopeok so i open termianl an did EXACTLY what you sai and it said someoneis watching could not grab mouse03:37
ActionParsnipVako: can you give a pastebin of:   sudo lshw -C network; cat /etc/lsb-release03:37
scopenothing opened03:37
lilja_Hi all. I am trying to install ubuntu alongside Mint 11. Even if I wanted to replace Mint I can't. I've burned 3 iso dvds (correctly) and they do not boot even when I f12 and go from the DVD (I am using a toshiba satellite laptop). I'm more than a bit irritated at this point. I don't have room on my usb device to do it from there. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.03:37
ActionParsnipscope: run:  gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub03:37
scopeyer i did03:38
scopeand that what i got03:38
ActionParsnipscope: are you using KDE ?03:38
cfhowlettlilja_: why would you need both when they share repositories??03:38
scopeim on ubuntu 10.1003:38
VakoActionParsnip http://paste.ubuntu.com/834768/03:38
cfhowlettlilja_: IOW just install the ubuntu apps you want in mint03:39
lilja_well, I'd just as easily replace and call it a day; so tired I can't even remember what my point was in keeping mint katya03:39
scopeyer same again03:39
ActionParsnipVako: if you run:  sudo iwlist scan    do you see wireless networks?03:39
ActionParsnipscope: Maverick is EOL in 2 months, I wouldn't waste any time on it and go for Oneiric03:40
scopebut with no mouse how do i o that03:40
ActionParsnipscope: grab the Oneiric ISO, burn it slowly to a CD after MD5 testing it and boot to it03:40
ActionParsnipscope: be sure your backups are up to date, delete the Maverick partitions and install to the new free space03:41
Vakovako@ubuntu:~$ sudo iwlist scan03:41
Vakolo Interface doesn't support scanning.03:41
Vakoeth0 Interface doesn't support scanning.03:41
Vakowlan0 No scan results03:41
FloodBot1Vako: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:41
lilja_cfhowlett shouldn't I be able to install ubuntu one way or another? I just don't understand why it won't install. Mint 12 Lisa and Mint 12 KDE won't either but I get further in the process before it stops03:41
scopewow thats too advance for a newbie03:41
ActionParsnipVako: ok can you give a pastebin of:  lsusb; lspci     Thanks03:41
ActionParsnipscope: hardly..03:41
cfhowlettlilja_: what error msg's are you getting and what're your hardware specs?03:42
scopedude you have proberbly been doing this foryears i started pogrammimg last week03:42
scopethis is the first time iv ever used a linux pc03:42
scopebaby steps man baby step03:42
VakoActionParsnip http://paste.ubuntu.com/834770/03:42
scopebut i will gie it a try the worst that can happen is i bodge it and have to restart03:43
ericushttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=11674650#post11674650 Any ideas? Please reply in the thread, I'm off to sleep now (it's 4:43 in the morning :S)03:43
lilja_I don't remember for the Mint 12 Lisa disc what the message was, but the others do not display any.. they simply do not work at all. Ubuntu ends up just taking several minutes of the cursor moving down, then it suddenly boots as Mint 11 again. Per specs do you need to know more than which toshiba laptop I am using? Such as how much RAM, etc?03:44
cfhowlettlilja_: is this a dual boot?03:44
lilja_I don't have it set up that way. Just Mint 11 right now, and this morning I had to redo that as apparently no swap drive was created the first time it was installed.03:45
cfhowlettlilja_: are you able to play or operate any other cd's in that disk?  Mine was doing the same thing and I learned that it had actually failed.  Confirmed as it didn't show up in the Places menu...03:45
lilja_oh you mean the integrity of the disk itself?03:46
ActionParsnipVako: are you running this in VMWare?03:46
lilja_That I am uncertain of as I've now made 3 different ones03:46
cfhowlettlilja_: no I mean the dvd|rw driver itself had failed.03:46
VakoActionParsnip yes03:46
lilja_So, being a n00b here.. the app I used to burn the iso image?03:47
=== zeb84 is now known as ant0xa
cfhowlettlilja_: hardware failure not software.03:47
lilja_It said it was successful but seeing as every disk I've made with it is worthless.. that could be the case03:47
lilja_I sure hope not.03:47
lilja_Is there a test I can run for that?03:47
cfhowlettlilja_: my replacement cost $69.  Test: stick in a music cd.  If it plays, you're good.  If not...03:48
superdave321How do I keep transmission from using too much memory and crashing itself and every other app i'm running?03:48
ActionParsnipVako: I'd ask in #vmware to make sure the network config is correct03:48
lilja_*facepalm I definitely don't have $69 lol. Well I know there is another way to install it like I have a tablet or something but I tried that when I still had vista on this thing and it could never get past not unmounting the CD/DVDROM.03:49
cfhowlettlilja_: no way to burn it to USB and boot?03:49
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: can you give a pastebin of the output of: apt-cache policy transmission; lsb_release -a    Thanks03:49
cfhowlettlilja_: http://www.howtoforge.com/creating-a-bootable-usb-device-on-linux-mint-1103:51
lilja_Hmm. I could if I had room on a usb device but I don't as that is where I am keeping my bajillion personal files till I get this done. :-/ Ok so another line of questions. I wanted to make a virtual box to put xp on there just so I can run adobe cs3 for win. If everything else works out, is that possible?03:51
lilja_:-D Thank you.03:51
cfhowlettlilja_: should be possible.  NOt entirely certain on cs3 tho03:51
cfhowlettlilja_: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=658403:52
cfhowlettguess not...03:52
lilja_yeah that is a risk I have to take. I'm hoping to download and install it again, then sell it so.. who knows03:52
superdave321ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834775/03:52
blumonkeyi just installed ubuntu 10.04 and my external drive is not recognized. it doesnt pop up03:53
cfhowlettlilja_: 8 g usb drive should'nt cost $20.  Burn an iso boot up03:53
blumonkeyon ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10 it all worked fine03:53
superdave321ActionParsnip: this may not have given you what you need...03:53
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: try:  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:transmissionbt/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade03:53
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: was fine :)03:53
lilja_K I'm going to remove a couple files I can live without and try that03:53
superdave321ActionParsnip: ok. will try.03:53
cfhowlettlilja_: good luck03:54
waggysaxI get this error when trying to install my graphics driver: [Error]A previous installation of fglrx driver detected to be loaded.03:55
waggysaxUser must uninstall existing fglrx driver03:55
waggysaxor run install with force option.03:55
waggysaxForcing the installation is not recommended.03:55
FloodBot1waggysax: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:55
muhammedHow can i change login window image in ubuntu??03:56
ActionParsnipmuhammed: which release?03:57
superdave321ActionParsnip: This line is the only thing that bothered me... The following packages have been kept back:03:57
waggysaxI get this error message when trying to install my graphics driver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834780/03:57
superdave321  transmission-common transmission-gtk03:57
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: hmm, not so great. They got held back due to deps not being met yet :(03:58
superdave321ActionParsnip: deps?03:59
waggysaxI get this error message when trying to install my graphics driver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834780/  Would someone please help me?03:59
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: dependencies03:59
muhammedActionParsnip:ubuntu 11.1004:00
superdave321ActionParsnip: Gotcha. Well, I found out about why it's crashing from the logs, do you think and excerpt from the logs would help?04:01
ActionParsnipmuhammed: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/tool-change-lightdm-wallpaper-ubuntu-11-10/04:01
waggysaxI get this error message when trying to install my graphics driver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834780/ Would someone please tell me what to do to fix this?04:01
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: may help04:01
ActionParsnipmuhammed: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/10/simple-lightdm-manager-change-lightdm.html04:01
ActionParsnipmuhammed: probably a better how to04:02
ferris-when i attempt to boot an hp laptop with linux i get to the grub but whenever i attempt to boot to the ubuntu the screen goes blank/black and stays that way... the os doesn't display on the screen... i thought their were some parameters such as noacpi for video... but i do not remember what they are... any help would be much apprecieated.04:02
waggysaxI get this error message when trying to install my graphics driver: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834780/ Would someone please tell me what to do to fix this?04:02
ferris-i have tried novga but that does nothing04:02
Oerwaggy how did you try to remove gflx ? /usr/share/ati/amd-uninstall.sh ?04:03
ActionParsnipferris-: try the boot option: nomodeset04:03
ferris-thanks ActionParsnip04:04
ActionParsnipferris-: if you use an nvidia gpu use: nouveau.blacklist=104:04
waggysaxOer, I tried that, no such file04:05
superdave321ActionParsnip: here's the log entries that caught my eye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/834786/04:06
ferris-looks like nomodeset worked04:07
ActionParsnipferris-: probably some intel rubbish, or ati gpu then :)04:08
ferris-i am trying to reset the password for win 7 with backbox04:08
ferris-i think i have it from here04:08
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: if you run transmission as a new user, is it the same?04:08
Oerwaggysax, all i know is an old way on natty >> http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Natty_Installation_Guide#Removing_Catalyst.2Ffglrx04:08
superdave321ActionParsnip: Gah, i'd rather not, i've got a million and one things running at the moment...04:09
superdave321ActionParsnip: rather not try, that is04:09
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: it won't affect that in any way...04:10
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: each user has its own torrents, so running it as a different user won't affect any other users torrents04:11
superdave321ActionParsnip: i'm just saying that i'd rather not log out and try. unless i'm assuming incorrectly...04:12
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: making a new user and running the app there will test if your settings are causing the issue. If the app misbehaves as the new user with vanilla settings then your settings are the issue, if its the same then it is the application itself at fault04:12
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: yes, you would need to log out04:12
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: but its something very useful to test04:13
superdave321ActionParsnip: ok. I'll wrap up and test it. get back with you for log results.04:14
bufferi see lot of internet activity while i'm idle. ie a single machine to modem. in ubuntu what is the command to know the list of services running. like ssh, mysql etc04:14
irfanhow can i mount my derives using terminal ?04:14
irfanhow can i get access to Computer derive in terminal04:14
ActionParsnipirfan: do you mean 'drives'?04:15
ActionParsnipirfan: you don't mount drives, you mount partitions04:15
ActionParsnip!mount | irfan04:15
ubottuirfan: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:15
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as gskellig|away
irfanlet me try04:17
IsmAvatarHey guys. I have the stupid on-screen keyboard stuck on my login screen (I guess it's lightdm), but the quit button is disabled. How do I make it go away?04:18
urlin2uIsmAvatar, have you looked in startup applications to see if it can be turned off there?04:19
urlin2uforget the ap name04:19
zulfani need help for this04:19
zulfanProcessing triggers for man-db ...04:20
zulfanProcessing triggers for gnome-menus ...04:20
zulfanProcessing triggers for desktop-file-utils ...04:20
zulfanProcessing triggers for bamfdaemon ...04:20
zulfanRebuilding /usr/share/applications/bamf.index...04:20
FloodBot1zulfan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:20
zulfanSetting up python-central (0.6.17) ...04:20
zulfansorry i dont know about the rules04:21
IsmAvatarurlin2u: there's 4 programs in there, and none of them are an on-screen keyboard. Good idea, though.04:21
zulfani need help for this http://paste.ubuntu.com/834799/04:22
urlin2uorca? IsmAvatar04:22
EvilResistance!pastebin | zulfan04:22
ubottuzulfan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:22
IsmAvatarurlin2u: what about it? It's not one of the startup programs in there04:22
EvilResistancezulfan, for future reference ;P04:22
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: if you hold ALT, can you drag it?04:22
urlin2uIsmAvatar, I wonder if its orca04:22
zulfanEvilResistance : ok thx sorry about that04:23
rubst3rhi all, i need and advice from an ubuntu user plz04:23
EvilResistancezulfan, no problem :)04:23
zulfaniḿ really need help for those error04:23
EvilResistancerubst3r, 98% of this channel uses Ubuntu, whats your question04:23
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: apparently its part of the assistive technologies you may have enabled04:23
IsmAvatarActionParsnip: no, it's stuck where it is.04:23
EvilResistancezulfan, if you can copy-paste the information you were sending into pastebin and then give us the link, perhaps we can assist you04:23
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/4314/on-screen-keyboard-malfunctioning-on-login-screen   try find the dconf equivelants of those commands04:24
zulfanEvilResistance : http://paste.ubuntu.com/834799/04:24
zulfani have those trouble when installing gmount iso04:24
ActionParsnipzulfan: mounty is pretty decent too04:25
zulfani try to sudo apt-get remove gmount iso and puthon-central and reinstalling again04:25
zulfanbut always same msg error04:25
ActionParsnipmounty is the nuts for people who can't loop mount an ISO file..04:25
zulfanok i try to see those link04:26
IsmAvatarurlin2u: not sure how I'd find out. It doesn't give its name. It was just the Ubuntu 10.04 default. It's white and smooth looking, which seems to be different from the screenshots I'm seeing of Orca's on-screen keyboard.04:26
rubst3ri want to try ubuntu but i don't know which version 32bits or 64bits and kubuntu or xubuntu??? and what is the best thing to do to install it alonside windows? do i have to create a new partition first?04:27
ActionParsniprubst3r: if you just want to try the OS, you can boot a liveCD or USB and use the OS there, in RAM04:27
ActionParsniprubst3r: The installer can resize your NTFS, If you use Win7 it can resize it's own NTFS partition and leave free space too04:28
ActionParsniprubst3r: either way ensure your backups are up to date in case of catastrophe04:28
anonionchanHi can anyone help me on how to use xchat through proxy(tor) or point me to an article.04:28
ActionParsnipanonionchan: have you not found one online?04:29
urlin2uIsmAvatar, I'm just guessing here.04:29
anonionchani've actually been looking but I may just be blind as hell -_-04:30
urlin2unever used orca IsmAvatar04:30
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: then the commands on that page I gave will work04:30
zulfanso i dont need use gmount use another software wright? awesoome why i dont think about this iḿ really dunno04:30
zulfanthis my first time use ubuntu04:30
ActionParsnipzulfan: you can do it in command line if you want, it's not hard04:30
urlin2uActionParsnip, thats what I thought since it is lucid just waited for your answer. :)04:30
IsmAvatarurlin2u: not saying you're wrong, either. I'm seeing some pages saying that the default *is* orca. I was just comparing it against screenshots - but they might have changed the look.04:31
zulfanbut what is python function?04:31
ActionParsnipzulfan: sudo mkdir /media/iso; sudo mount -o loop /path/to/filename.iso /media/iso04:31
urlin2uIsmAvatar, check ActionParsnip's post.04:31
ActionParsnipzulfan: python is a great programming language04:31
IsmAvatarActionParsnip: not sure if that's gonna work, because I thought gdm was replaced by lightdm04:31
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: not in Lucid afaik04:31
IsmAvatarshoot, what version am I running, lol04:32
zulfanok actionparsnip04:32
zulfanhow to fix python-central?04:32
anonionchanIm going to try something Im out04:33
ActionParsnipis this dragons den?04:33
=== kish_ is now known as kish
zykotick9IsmAvatar: "lsb_release -a" in a terminal will show your ubuntu version info04:34
IsmAvatarActionParsnip, urlin2u: I'm sorry, I didn't mean 10.04. That was stupid of me. I'm using 11.10. (thanks zykotick9)04:34
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: big difference dude :)04:35
bootrisquakersmakes me laugh04:35
IsmAvataryeah, I know04:35
IsmAvatarsometimes I think the year is still 1998, too.04:35
urlin2uIsmAvatar, dconf is accesed with advanced settings04:35
urlin2uin the dash04:36
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: look for similar config in dconf-editor is all I can suggest04:36
IsmAvatarurlin2u: nothing named "adva..." in the dash04:36
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: install dconf-editor04:36
urlin2uIsmAvatar, I'm wrong there ia better just shut up. :)04:36
ActionParsnipnobody got the dragons den joke, or did it just suck...04:39
urlin2uSo I have loss the search in unity dash 11.10 and the alt-f2 function yipee any fixes.04:40
urlin2ualt-f2 search that is04:40
IsmAvatarnot familiar with that, sorry. Anyways, not seeing any kind of /desktop/gnome/applications/at/screen_keyboard_enabled or anything for lightdm.04:40
EvilResistancezulfan, i'd file a bug against the package, that seems to suggest there's an error in its config scripts04:41
EvilResistanceunless actionparsnip has already helped you deal with it04:41
IsmAvatarI see a /desktop/gnome, but all it's got inside is crypto and remote-access. There's also an org/gnome/desktop/applications, but it's only got office and terminal04:41
zulfanuse another software04:41
bootrisCan anyone please help me with this, because I'm stuck and can't seem to find any info on this on google.. or not using right keywords04:42
zulfanbut when iḿ try to reinstalling python-central always show error msg04:42
emillimei missed the joke04:42
Mavrick95i was having trouble with the "black screen at boot" issue, but i managed to get to desktop and remove fglrx and xorg entirely. but now when i reboot the screen freezes! can anybody please help? may it be because the xorg.conf file is still there?04:43
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: its not in lightdm, its in dconf-editor04:43
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: sniff around in the settings, you may find something04:43
IsmAvatarActionParsnip: yeah, I'm in dconf-editor04:43
IsmAvatarI found an /apps/onboard04:44
bootrisits not in lightdm, its in dconf-editor.. sniff around in the settings, you may find something04:44
kopiloanyone delt with sshd + chroot?04:44
zulfanEvilResistance : http://paste.ubuntu.com/834807/04:44
zerothishow can i force all sound through my bluetooth headset in oneiric?04:45
bootrisi have 5 broken virus infested comps at my exgfs house04:45
EvilResistancezulfan, as i said, file a bug against the package, as it seems the package has some configuration issues.  i'm not entirely sure how to fix your issue, unfortunately04:45
kopilozerothis - depends on your audio stack, with pulseaudio you could define all your other devices as null or something04:45
vindavhow does one activate the sound in Ubuntu 11.10 (Unity) when it's not muted, the volume is up, and Rhythmbox is effectively playing mp3 tracks ?04:46
Mavrick95ayone here had experienced "frozen screen at startup" issue?04:46
bootris.. buhman there is theory behind psilocybin too, also, there were updates to vlc lately which included changes I proposed, but I've studied French, German and Spanish yet?..04:46
zulfanoh i see i didnt see what the issue about python should i remove that04:46
bobenhausdoes anyone know if firefox 11 is full production or beta for ubuntu/linux?04:46
bobenhausyeah 1104:46
ActionParsnipzerothis: set the bluetooth device as the default sound device in sound prefs04:46
vindavbobenhaus:  FF11 is beta for Ubuntu Linux.04:47
bobenhausahh ok.04:47
emillimei have the nightly04:47
kopilothey changed their release protocol because they felt inept having firefox 404:47
bobenhausemillime: do you know the repo for ff11 nightly?04:47
emillimewait one04:47
vindavbobenhaus:  if you are running 64 bit, do not use FF11 as it will crash alot.04:47
bobenhausvindav: I'm using 32x04:47
ActionParsnipvindav: i thought that was a 'feature' in firefox all versions. hahahahha04:48
zerothiskopilo: i am using puselaudio, not sure how  to null as you suggest04:48
bobenhaus!firefox 1104:48
vindavbobenhaus:  What O/S are you using on your 32 bit system where you want to or are running FF11 ?04:48
EvilResistance!firefox | bobenhaus04:48
ubottubobenhaus: firefox is the default web browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion | To install plugins: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins04:48
kopilozerothis are you using pavucontrols?04:48
bobenhausvindav:   ubuntu32 11.1004:49
Mavrick95can someone here support me on the frozen screen issue?04:49
vindavikonia:   How does one activate the sound in Ubuntu 11.10 (Unity) when it's not muted, the volume is up, and Rhythmbox is effectively playing mp3 tracks ?04:49
emillimeive only used it twice04:49
ActionParsnipMavrick95: if you press CTRL+ALT+F1 can you use CLI there?04:49
zerothisActionParsnip: is there a command line to launch that?04:49
bobenhausemillime: thanks04:49
ActionParsnipzerothis: launch what?04:49
bootrisirc protocol only handles so much stuff..04:49
vindavbobenhaus:  I know this that FF10 works great in Ubuntu 11.1004:49
emillimeyea 1004:49
emillimeis all you need04:50
emillime11 i havent used much04:50
ActionParsnipchromium daily build ftw :)04:50
emillimefast enough and has what i need04:50
vindavbobenhaus:  also, FF11 works great in a 32bit platform as well04:50
emillimewould you suggest chrome over ff04:50
emillimeIve never tried chrome04:51
ActionParsnipchromium, not chrome04:51
zerothispavucontrol shows only single device, not my headset04:51
bootrisit would be easy for me to die from a seizure or heart attack on a small amount of cocaine or methamphetamine04:52
vindavbobenhaus:  Do you have sound working for your audio applications in Ubuntu 11.10 ?04:52
urlin2uhmm a restart of ldm fixed the missing dash search04:52
zerothisActionParsnip: launch prefs04:52
zulfanthx for help me04:52
zulfanbye all04:52
ActionParsnipzerothis: for sound you mean?04:52
kopilozerothis then you are having the same issues I am having with bluetooth sound :(04:52
kopilosorry don't know how to fix yet04:53
bootrisin a sick way made me perogies they are good..04:53
emillimeno chrome04:53
vindavActionParsnip:  hi there...we were speaking last night.  Would you know how one does activate the sound in Ubuntu 11.10 (Unity) when it's not muted, the volume is up, and Rhythmbox is effectively playing mp3 tracks ?04:53
chrisy__hi, if i dl a tar.gz unpack it and then run a utility from the command line which can then delete itself but still leaves some dirs etc behind how can i remove them or is this normal?04:53
ActionParsnipvindav: are speaker on?04:53
bootrisand kinda strange to "malloc"? 1024M to genarate an ssl certificate?. why oversell? O_o04:54
vindavActionParsnip:  yes04:54
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: yes, i get to tty104:54
bobenhausvindav: yuppers04:54
bobenhausanyone know the ppa for ff11 ?04:54
ActionParsnipMavrick95: ok then run:   dmesg      and read the last few lines04:54
vindavbobenhaus:  was that a eureka moment ?04:54
Mavrick95but i doesnt let me delete the xorg.conf (it says "directory or file not found")04:54
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: I know of it, yes04:54
bootris.. once opend, they have threatened me but shesaysi have to sleep i think my viruses are gone but my thing is smoking cannabis.. i guess i shouldnt do uppers..04:55
bobenhausvindav:  what do you mean?04:55
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: do you want it?04:55
bobenhausactionparsnip:  Sure04:55
vindavbobenhaus:  what does yuppers mean ?04:55
bootrisgnomes could crawl inside her..04:55
bootrisblacks probobly drink the lemonadeand eat the rich and famous?..04:55
bobenhausvindav: Yes I have sound with my ubuntu 32x :)04:55
EvilResistancebootris, do you have a support question?04:55
IsmAvatarActionParsnip: here's what I'm seeing in deconf-editor: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9975312/dconf-editor.png04:55
bootrisit.. and smoked through a shit about ui tho..04:56
ActionParsnipbobenhaus: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Download-Firefox-10-Alpha-for-Ubuntu-11-10-235054.shtml04:56
vindavbobenhaus:  how did you get sound to work for you in Ubuntu 11.10 ?04:56
IsmAvatarclosest thing seems to be /apps/onboard, which has a lot of settings, but not really seeing any for enable-at-login04:56
ActionParsnipIsmAvatar: ok, look elsewhere04:56
bobenhausvindav:  installation detected and found my hardware without any problems04:56
bootrisfor kids or mixing with vodka it gnomie to sessi it up.. and fall..04:56
stanikihi guys, literally just finished a fresh install of ubuntu 11.10 but my resolution is unbelievably low, I only have two options: 1024x768 and 800x600 please help04:56
bootrisdon't care which way they could use to try my sex drive has always been nice to me.. ty..04:56
EvilResistance!ops | bootris04:56
ubottubootris: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!04:56
bootrisim ignoring bootris lol.. bootris loves me.. its ok tho04:56
bootrislord i really like astronomy either and i dont knowflamoot..04:56
bobenhausacionparnsip:  thanks04:57
vindavbobenhaus:  we'll, I only got sound when I log in.04:57
bobenhausVindav: I get sound when logging in and also playing music, etc...04:57
vindavbobenhaus:  what is your audio output set at in terms of hard ware ?04:58
stanikithink i have a graphics problem only two resolutions available on a fresh install, can anyone help?04:58
bobenhauslet me check04:58
EvilResistancepangolin, thanks04:58
zerothisidea: is it my bt set even working, how can i test?04:58
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: the last line reads "[    18.70183] init: plymouth stop pre-start process (357) terminated with status 1"04:58
ActionParsnipMavrick95: ok have a see what that means04:59
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: another line reads "kvm disabled in BIOS". is this relevant?04:59
dicannamascouuld someone tell me why i cant click on adobe flash player setting in my browser?04:59
ActionParsnipMavrick95: you may also want to run:  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:59
bobenhausvindav: hardware is set to audio stereo duplex05:00
bobenhausoutput is set to analog output05:00
bobenhausthats about it05:00
mister2if i had a folder, or folder tree of videos and wanted to watch a random one, what would be a nice simple way to do that with vlc?05:01
brianwangAnyone who know the friefox crash log path? my firefox always crash........damn it.05:01
ActionParsnipdicannamas: can you give a pastebin of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'   thanks05:01
ActionParsnipbrianwang: same with a fresh user (or profile if you rename ~/.mozilla/firefox) same deal05:02
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: fyi, this issue is happening after i removed completely trhough synaptic the fglrx and xorg-amd-ati, but i failed to delete the /etc/x11/xorg.conf file. I am suspicious that this is the main problem, ubuntu trying to load the xorg configuration, but it actually does not have the fglrx drivers because i removed them! what do you think?05:02
ActionParsnipMavrick95: I see, the Xorg.0.log file will show you what happened when the X server was created05:02
brianwangActionParsnip,  thank you. I will try.05:03
mister2if i had a folder, or folder tree of videos and wanted to watch a random one, what would be a nice simple way to do that with vlc?05:05
agentgasmaskHi all. I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS x64bit and am trying to get dtmfdial working. I point it at /dev/dsp1 and get "device busy" error. How can I make this play nice with pulseaudio?05:06
vindavbobenhaus:  Thank you for telling me what you have set for your self in terms of the output sound settings.  I set mine for that and I get sound now.  Ubuntu 11.10 must have the the external sound jack unplugged compared with say Ubuntu 10.04 LTS where you don't need to.05:07
=== mega73 is now known as mega72
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: thank you very much. now i can see in the log file lines that read "failed to load module "fglrx" (module does not exist, 0)" and "fatal server error: no screen found".05:09
bobenhausvindav: no problema.05:10
Mikee73Hello everyone, have problem with virtualbox and spent already 2 days solving it withourt resolution...05:10
EvilResistanceMikee73, elaboration helps :P05:10
bobenhausanyone know how to refresh all the default ppa's for the software center?05:10
EvilResistancebobenhaus, apt-get update05:11
EvilResistancein terminal05:11
EvilResistanceor just the 'update' button in software center... but since i dont use software center... :P05:11
bobenhausevil: will that put back any deleted ones as well?05:11
arkaniadHey, server nuts, postfix issue: SASLAUTHD isn't working properly, log: http://pastie.org/private/wxmkz9yekiaryw5lpzzqqw05:11
Mikee73After enabling 3D suppoort in virtualbox and installing gues addons, my 3D performance actually drops down in Ubuntu 10...05:11
EvilResistancebobenhaus, if you deleted ppas, they're likely not in your apt sources anymore,  so you might have to readd them05:13
Mikee73but if I go to software rasterizer, it goes up.... Not sure how to explain that... I m using power hungry video app and really need HARDWARE 3d rendering...05:13
bobenhausevil: ok thanks05:13
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: do you agree that if i can get to remove the xorg.conf file i will be all right?05:15
Mavrick95the thing is that the teremninal doesnt let me...05:15
zykotick9Mavrick95: "cd /etc/X11" then "sudo mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.disabled"05:16
zykotick9bobenhaus: just want to point out that "default ppa's" doesn't make sense, PPAs are 3rd party repositories that you add to ubuntu05:17
zykotick9Mikee73: vbox doesn't have any hardware acceleration, the 3d is software (you don't get direct hardware access from a VM)05:18
zykotick9Mikee73: prior to enabling 3d in the VM, you where using 2d, which can be faster for some things05:18
Mikee73are you sure? I though that I could still get access to real hardaware 3d, even in virtual box...05:19
zykotick9Mikee73: not in VBox, you're using a vbox video driver, not the actual cards video driver05:20
Mikee73if you're right that maybe this explains my problem. Hwever: if I run glxinfo, I see "chropmium" as the video card rasterizer rather than software05:20
zykotick9Mikee73: you can't use ATI/Nvidia/anyother driver inside Vbox05:20
ActionParsnipMavrick95: as long as udev doen't try to load the module05:21
ActionParsnipMavrick95: you could blacklist the module too05:21
MartyMacFlyanyone know the official release date of ubuntu 12.0405:21
zykotick9MartyMacFly: i could tell you the year and month :p05:21
Mikee73I see. But I still have two options" use Chromium rendering or software rasterizer. Wouldnt it make more sense that Chromium (i.e. hardware ?) would be fatsre than software rasterizer?? But I get only 60 (!) FPS with Chromium and 350 FPS with software rasterizer.. Strange//05:22
MartyMacFlyLOL... I think it's some time in april..?05:22
ActionParsnipMikee73: I suggest you use something like LXDE or XFCE in virtualbox, it will make the virtual system impact less on the host05:22
zykotick9Mikee73: 3d has a lot more overhead when your software emulating it05:22
Mikee73ActionParsnip: I actually dont see much load on my host...05:22
Mikee73zykotick9: so you suggest I should stay with software rasterizer rather than trying to tamper with Chromium?05:24
zykotick9Mikee73: not if you need 3d05:24
ActionParsnipMikee73: what is the purpose of the VM?05:25
Mikee73zykotick9: yes, I need 3d but with "hardware" 3d (i.e. chroimium, even though I have Nviida) i get lower FPS rate than with software rasterizer05:25
zykotick9Mikee73: 3d is NOT hardware!05:25
ActionParsnip Mikee73: what is the purpose of the VM?05:27
Mikee73zykotick9: I see, didnt know that... So the bottom line is: what is the optimum setting for my Ubuntu... Now I have software rasterization and get 350 FPS05:27
ActionParsnipImTheDude: hi05:27
Anthonycan anyone help me with grub rescue error05:27
ActionParsnipAnthony: I'd suggest booting to liveCD, chroot and fix there05:27
ImTheDudeanthony you tryed a duel install of ubuntu05:28
zykotick9Mikee73: software will probably going to be faster then the "software emulated 3d"05:28
Mikee73ActionParsnip: I have Win7 with a lot of stuff and need to run sophisticated imaging software that runs under linux. Cannot afford partition or new comp...05:28
Anthonyi dont have windows installed05:28
Anthonychroot is name of live cd05:28
ActionParsnipAnthony: chroot is a command on the ubuntu livecd05:29
ActionParsnipMikee73: i'm guessing its 3D software05:29
Anthonyi jsut type it in the cmd box or in the erro propmt05:30
ActionParsnipAnthony: its not a case of just typing the command05:30
zykotick9!grub2 | Anthony05:30
ubottuAnthony: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:30
Anthonythen can you tell me how to do it pleasdwe05:30
Mikee73ActionParsnip: it runs faster when using 3d, if I have it disabled it gives me "OpenGL error: no pincher..." and runs slower05:30
ActionParsnipAnthony: I suggest you research, rather than try and guess. You will be less likely to do more damage05:30
Mikee73ActionParsnip: Im not sure Im using right terms, maybe I'm confusing 3D with OpenGL05:31
ActionParsnipMikee73: I'd say maybe, try it is all I can say (if you haven't already)05:32
Anthonywhaty do i look up05:32
ActionParsnipMikee73: you do realise that ubuntu uses very little drive space05:32
ActionParsnipAnthony: I'll find it for you. It will be less frustrating for everyone. Websearching: ubuntu chroot   is clearly a challenge05:33
=== amit is now known as Guest69288
Mikee73ActionParsnip: yes, so you sugggest installing a partition ? But then I will not be able to simultaneously run Ubuntu and Windows05:33
ActionParsnipAnthony: www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/live-usb-sticking-grub-2-video/05:33
ActionParsnipMikee73: a dual boot will give the resources you are running windows with, to ubuntu as well as native hardware access05:34
Guest69288I cant open some apps from dash after I install unity 5 in Ubuntu 11.10.. using ppa:unity-team/staging05:34
ActionParsnipGuest69288: contact the ppa maintainer05:34
Guest69288ActionParsnip, I removed the ppa using ppa-purge... still not working05:36
ActionParsnipGuest69288: then I suggest you run:  unity --reset   to get default settings05:37
ActionParsnipGuest69288: you may want to reinstall unity to make sure you are using the official package and its configs05:37
joallard_What is a good IRC client for ubuntu?05:38
ActionParsnipjoallard_: irssi, pidgin, empathy, xchat, weechat, kopete05:38
ActionParsnipjoallard_: all are great05:38
joallard_ActionParsnip, what's "the best"05:38
zykotick9!best | joallard_05:38
ubottujoallard_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:38
joallard_I'm using xchat right now, but it's pretty buggy05:39
joallard_Hence the quotes05:39
Mikee73allright guys, going to sleep, thx05:39
zykotick9joallard_: ask 50 people, get 50 different answers, it's a useless question05:39
ActionParsnipjoallard_: there is no single best app for anything05:39
joallard_Let me reask that05:39
ActionParsnipjoallard_: its like asking "What is the best colour?"05:39
joallard_I don't think so05:40
joallard_I am experiencing frustration right now05:40
ActionParsnipjoallard_: it is, because none are best. ALl you will get are people's opinions05:40
graftubottu, that kind of moral relativism will not stand!05:41
ubottugraft: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:41
joallard_Some are better for some people, right?05:41
graftubottu: with opinions like that, you're not05:41
ubottugraft: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:41
ActionParsnipjoallard_: if one app was best above all others then nobody would use anything else would they05:41
ActionParsnipjoallard_: the other apps would die out05:41
joallard_People could be "wrong"05:41
graftActionParsnip: what is this, natural selection?05:41
ActionParsnipjoallard_: all the irc clients are simulataneously the best and worst at the same time05:42
joallard_Okay, pass.05:42
joallard_How do I debug xchat?05:42
graftwhat's the bug?05:42
ActionParsnipjoallard_: try it, if you like it, use it. If not, try another until you find something you like05:42
joallard_Segmentation fault05:42
graftthat's a pretty bad one... from the repository?05:42
graftwell, (1) use something else, or (2) see if you can find a different version of xchat05:43
ActionParsnipjoallard_: you are using an OS which triumphs on freedom and choice, yet you seem to want a room of complete strangers to TELL you what to think and use? smells like microsoft to me..05:43
joallard_I'm used to seeing *a lot* of bugs in my ubuntu experience. *frustration*05:43
superdave321ActionParsnip: you remember how I was having that problem with transmission crashing everything? i tried that on another computer, and it worked fine.05:43
joallard_"<joallard_> Okay, pass."05:43
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: that will have different config to the one you are on now, and maybe a different version of the app. Hence why I recommended makeing a new user05:44
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: do you think that blacklisting the xorg file might work?05:44
ActionParsnipjoallard_: I use irssi and pidgin05:44
graftjoallard_: try pidgin or irssi, they're both great05:44
joallard_Thank you, but how do I debug xchat?05:44
ActionParsnipMavrick95: you'd blacklist the frglrx module so it won't be loaded05:44
graftjoallard_: maybe you can run it through gdb, but if it's just seg faulting i would try compiling it yourself or downloading a different version of it05:44
superdave321ActionParsnip: so how can I get this one working? I'd rather keep it to one user...05:45
joallard_I don't have the debugging symbols for it. How do I get them?05:45
graftjoallard_: you build it yourself05:45
joallard_The symbols will automatically be there?05:45
graftjoallard_: if you include them when you build it, yes05:45
joallard_Then how do I do that?05:46
graftjoallard_: why do you want to go to this much trouble to fix xchat?05:46
graftjoallard_: wouldn't it be easier to use irssi or pidgin?05:46
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: its just to test, thats all05:46
joallard_That's until I find another bug in another program05:46
joallard_Bugs ought to be fixed05:46
ActionParsnipjoallard_: war ought not to happen05:47
joallard_There is an outrageous number of bugs in ubuntu05:47
superdave321ActionParsnip: Ahh. ok. so where should I start for troubleshooting the problem setting(s)?05:47
zykotick9joallard_: ubuntu is not about stability05:47
joallard_ActionParsnip: so we shall encourage it and not try to stop it, right?05:47
ActionParsnipjoallard_: same as in windows, as the song goes "every OS sucks"05:47
ActionParsnipjoallard_: indeed and there are bug fixes and so forth solving them05:47
jagcant seem to get xrandr to work with .xsessionrc.. it looks like it calls, but reverts once desktop fully loaded -- (the xrandr command works manually in xterm). Any geniuses?05:47
graftjoallard_: which distribution are you using?05:48
graftjoallard_: and what version of xchat?05:48
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: but the fglrx is already removed from the system, does it matter if i black list it?05:48
graftjoallard_: where did you get xchat version 0.30?05:48
zykotick9!info xchat05:48
joallard_ActionParsnip: well, I have not seen important bugs in Windows as the ones I have seen in Ubuntu05:48
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu8 (oneiric), package size 350 kB, installed size 928 kB05:48
joallard_graft: already packaged from the repos05:48
graftjoallard_: no, the version in the repository is 2.8.805:49
jagso what do i use instead of .xsessionrc << is this supported in oneiric ?05:49
ActionParsnipjoallard_: exactly, the ubuntu ones are just more visible. That's all05:49
VexiantYo, if I do a Disk Encryption, I will still be able to access folders and what-not, yes?05:49
ActionParsnipjoallard_: could try xchat-gnome05:49
joallard_I meant xchat-gnome05:49
ActionParsnipjoallard_: then try xchat05:49
graftxchat seems to work just fine05:49
joallard_ActionParsnip: Nope. For example, in ubuntu, sometimes unity/X will crash on suspend/resume. Never seen that kind of important bug in Windows.05:50
ActionParsnipjoallard_: or maybe if you rename the xchat config folder, so a new one can be made, it will behave. Kill xchat off, first :)05:50
jagany gurus ?05:50
joallard_ActionParsnip: Even with the bug filed, nothing gets done05:50
VexiantYo, if I do a Disk Encryption, I will still be able to access folders and what-not, yes?05:50
szal!repeat | Vexiant05:50
ubottuVexiant: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:50
ActionParsnipjoallard_: try uninstalling an application in safe mode in Windows vista05:50
urlin2uVexiant, how do you plan to encrypt? yes from the running OS only.05:50
joallard_ActionParsnip: Vista is not the latest version. 7 is.05:50
ActionParsnipjoallard_: it can't be dnoe without some clever registry hacking05:50
syddrafI have an ubuntu install on partition /dev/sdb2 that is finally configured just the way I want it. Is it possible to wholesale copy it over to /dev/sdc2?05:50
VexiantWhat exactly is the point of it and what does it do?05:50
jagVexiant, and of course from rescue too.. but u may have to type commands and stuff05:51
ActionParsnipjoallard_: its still supported an updates are made for it05:51
Vexiantok, thanks05:51
ActionParsnipjoallard_: if you call microsoft with an issue in Vista, they will support you05:51
joallard_ActionParsnip: It's not that I don't like Ubuntu; I love the Linux mentality and everything. But damn the bugs are hard to stomach05:51
urlin2uVexiant, or from a encrypted hd if you open it, your question is really lacking details.05:51
jagVexiant, if someone steals your computer, they won't be able to see what's on it05:51
joallard_ActionParsnip: If you call Canonical with an issue in Oneiric, they won't05:51
ActionParsnipjoallard_: try the config folder rename as I suggested05:51
ddddHi, how do i install windows wireless adapter on 11.10?05:51
ActionParsnipjoallard_: I'm simply stating that Windows has its share of stupid bugs05:52
ActionParsnipdddd: never heard of one of those, You sure its not just a regualt adapter..?05:52
joallard_ActionParsnip: And I'm simply stating that they're not as annoying and as crippling as Ubuntu's05:52
ActionParsnipjoallard_: remember blaster?05:52
urlin2udddd, there is a wiki on usb wireless and ones known to work.05:52
ActionParsnipjoallard_: and ALL the systems it nuked05:52
joallard_And that I feel an awful lot of frustration because of them, in comparison to Windows05:52
ActionParsnipjoallard_: have you done as I suggested yet? Renaming the xchat config folder after closing the app?05:53
joallard_you mean ~/.config ?05:53
graftthe only thing i ever have a problem with on ubuntu is suspend/resume05:53
graftnetworking stuff is way better05:53
ddddi have a dlink adapter05:53
urlin2u!wireless > dddd05:54
ubottudddd, please see my private message05:54
ActionParsnipdddd: thats not a 'windows wireless adapter' then, is it05:54
rigvedsyddraf: there are many tools available. check out GParted Live, which already has these tools.05:54
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:54
flamootsandaili im sessier than bootris and your nasa fiance let me sleep in your parking lot05:54
ddddits for windows05:54
joallard_ActionParsnip: is it ~/.xchat2 ?05:54
syddrafrigved: You, sir, are awesome. Thank you. It takes me forever to configure Linux systems to my liking. I hate having to redo it.05:55
ActionParsnipjoallard_: sounds sensible, yes. Kill the app, rename that (check in ~/.config too) then rerun05:55
urlin2udddd, it said for windows on the package right?05:55
superdave321dddd: well, with a third party piece of hardware, most of the time other systems can use it one way or another...05:55
Mavrick95how do i blacklist fglrx while in tty?05:56
ActionParsnipMavrick95: echo "blacklist fglrx" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf > /dev/null05:57
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: thanks, i'll try05:57
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: if anything happens i come back05:57
superdave321dddd: what is the model number of your hardware?05:58
ddddi have a dlink wua 234005:59
ActionParsnipdddd: how does it connect to the system?06:00
ActionParsnipdddd: run:  lsusb   it will give an 8 character hex ID. You can use that to find guides06:00
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: iev/null: file or directory not found. what do i do?06:00
ActionParsnipMavrick95: /dev/null   dude, read my command06:01
dddddo i have to install ndiswrapper?06:01
ActionParsnipMavrick95: if you run:  cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf    do you see the line: blacklistfglrx06:01
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: i am starting to be extremely disappointed at ubuntu OS, i am at the console but i can't do much06:01
ActionParsnipdddd: you may not need it06:01
flamoot i'll try.. if anything happens i come back06:02
superdave321ActionParsnip, dddd needs it. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/D-Link_WUA-234006:02
ActionParsnipMavrick95: what is in the blacklist file?06:03
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: yeah, a lot of dlink and netgear stuff does06:03
joallardActionParsnip: no difference.06:03
ActionParsnipjoallard: report a bug is all I can suggest06:03
joallardAnd now they are going to ask me for some more information06:03
zykotick9joallard: are you still trying to use xchat-gnome?  if so, try the real xchat06:04
phy1729Is there an easy way to test if rp_filter is working?06:04
joallardIt's that or they're going to ignore me -- experience from ubuntu speaking06:04
joallardSo now06:04
joallardHow do I debug xchat-gnome06:04
superdave321dddd: you will need ndiswrapper. Here's some instructions for easy installation: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper06:05
joallardI mean, how do I compile it with debug symbols06:05
flamootits for windows06:05
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: i can see that it blacklisted a lot of drivers, but not the "fglrx".06:05
=== gibbonweb_ is now known as gibbonweb
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: i think that if, from tty1, i could add a line "blacklist fglrx" to the end of that file i would be allright, but the program doesn't let me06:06
dddddave, i followed the instructions a few days ago, but it gave errors when installing06:07
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: do you know any applicable commands, or i will have to try to get to the desktop anyway to edit the file?06:08
superdave321dddd: ahh. ok. Try these instructions then: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/D-Link_WUA-234006:08
flamootrofl.. polish rap06:08
superdave321dddd: also, use the whole username, or else I might not think it's for me...06:08
ActionParsnipMavrick95: if its been a while, I'd start considering a clean install06:09
zykotick9Mavrick95: "sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf" should allow you to edit it from TTY06:09
itsadanteis this the ubuntu help channel?06:10
superdave321itsadante: sure is!06:10
ddddsuperdave321: i will try to install again tomorrow. thanks06:10
Guest2510hi ubuntu folks :) could anyone help me on how to upgrade apache to 2.2.22 on ubuntu 10.4 server?06:10
superdave321dddd: You're welcome06:10
jiltdilI want to send a movie of 450mb via gmail  please tell me how to send such a big video?06:11
ActionParsnip!ppa | Guest251006:11
ubottuGuest2510: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa06:11
Mavrick95zykotick9: i tried, but i can not use sudo because my username is not in the sudoers file :/06:11
Guest2510it seems that apt-get is getting 2.2.14 as the latest apache version06:11
itsadantesweet!  i need a bit of help changing the screen resolution via command line06:11
ActionParsnipjiltdil: could use dropbox or similar, they allow public links06:11
damo22jiltdil: why not send the other guy a cd06:12
saikathow to install Intel HD graphics driver in UBUNTU 10.04.3???06:12
jiltdildamo22, coz it is not possible  i have to send it now :(06:12
jiltdilActionParsnip,  ok, i am trying..is there no way to compress it below 25 mb06:12
zykotick9Mavrick95: if you've broken sudo, you can't make any system changes...  consider reinstall06:13
damo22jiltdil: i doubt you can compress a 450Mb video into something playable under 25mb06:13
saikatcan anybody tell me how to install Intel Hd graphics in ubuntu 10.0406:13
flamoot coz it is not possible i have to send it now :(.. ActionParsnip, ok, i am trying..is there no way to compress it below 25 mb06:13
ActionParsnipjiltdil: not without killing quality06:13
ActionParsnipjiltdil: you could upload it to youtube if it isn't too long, then give the link06:14
Mavrick95zykotick9: considering reinstall. but if i reinstall the OS, will i lose all of my files and preferences?06:14
jiltdilActionParsnip,  compressing may some loose quality i know, is bzip2 worthy06:14
itsadanteim trying to get a xubuntu live cd to load up on my new system but i cant read the entire screen.  part of it is off the edge06:14
damo22jiltdil: you cant work miracles with a compression tool06:14
ActionParsnipjiltdil: no, as in reduce resolution of the video itself06:14
itsadantehow do i resize the screen in command?06:14
flamootsome people thought they'd attend to a deeper need that night than simple camaraderie06:15
dooglusI wrote a script open-gpg-file which unencrypts .gpg file and opens them.  how can I associate it with .gpg files in nautilus?06:15
zykotick9Mavrick95: yes, unless you've backed everything up (you do make backups right?)06:15
jiltdilActionParsnip, ok thanks :)06:15
flamootbottom of this page fixed it for me.. http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Rxvt-Unicode06:15
jiltdildamo22,  thanks06:15
ActionParsnipdooglus: you could maybe use it as a nautilus script. It will add an entry to your right click menu06:16
Mavrick95zykotick9: yes, i do. :-D but my backup was 2 weeks old when my computer crashed, so... i will lose a lot...06:16
ActionParsnip!test | root_06:16
ubotturoot_: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )06:16
flamootthe ZaLGOS codebase has start and end keywords :-)06:16
zykotick9Mavrick95: there is a lesson to be learned here ;)06:16
Mavrick95zykotick9: yeah, backup every 24 hours from now on. lol06:16
ActionParsnipMavrick95: could boot to liveCD and copy the extra bits over06:17
saikatpls help me06:17
ActionParsnip!ask | saikat06:17
ubottusaikat: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:17
dooglusActionParsnip: I used to click "Use a custom command" in the associations dialog, but it recently disappeared06:17
ActionParsnipsaikat: does it work ok in Oneiric?06:17
flamootits not hard to do sky tek06:17
superdave321dooglus: you could do a rightclick, open with application... it has an option to always use for file type...06:18
ActionParsnipflamoot: whom are you talking to?06:18
saikatno... it does not06:18
Mavrick95ActionParsnip: i don't have the liveCD (nor any other burned media), i only have a usb stick with Ubuntu 11.10, is that ok?06:18
flamootif i put somem full myceliated substrate in a cup how long will it take to fruit.. probably an inch or two layer or fully myceliated substrate with half inch vermiculite06:18
flamootmol something06:18
ActionParsnip!ops | flamoot06:18
ubottuflamoot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!06:18
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flamooti swammedherhead in theground tackling herandall thedudestriedto break my spine06:18
flamooti do06:18
urlin2u!cn | xwuxin06:19
ubottuxwuxin: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw06:19
ActionParsnipMavrick95: that's fine06:19
flamoothow are you feeling misant06:19
Tm_Tflamoot: please try stick in the topic06:19
xwuxinthank you ubottu06:19
flamootjarhead is a cool movie06:19
dooglussuperdave321: that's what I'm trying, but there's nowhere to type the name of the script I want it to run06:19
ActionParsnipTm_T: I believe it's a bot06:20
superdave321dooglus: did you try the "open with custom command" expand option?06:20
flamootwas prob the netsplit.. if we were both here then the other channel on a different network would've died06:20
superdave321dooglus: just under the application selection...06:21
Mavrick95ActionParsnip and zykotick9: thank you guys very much, i will now leave. i will come back leter on. goodbye everyone, have a nice day!06:22
superdave321where is the list for ubottu commands?06:24
zykotick9!bot | superdave32106:26
ubottusuperdave321: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots06:26
superdave321zykotick9: thanks06:26
EndafyDropping paid support for Kubuntu is so retarded, I am outraged and am quitting Ubuntu for good. Really dropping KDE is really stupid. Fuck your stupid ass ugly useless UI. I hope all of you drown in your own watery dihereah. From the start it has been about the same color. I have always hated Gnome and if you put half the effort into making KDE do what you expext Gnome to do then you might have had desktop dominence. This is good06:27
Endafybye for good, dont care if my IP gets banned, your OS is complete and utter shit. Fuck you developers! Forcing shit is what Microsoft and Apple does, and I hope all of you rot!06:27
FloodBot1Endafy: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:27
mib_tyvhi, thunderbird is showing under packages that would be removed with apt-get's autoremove. how do i make the system see it as a normal package?06:33
ActionParsnipmib_tyv: try:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install thunderbird06:34
ActionParsnipmib_tyv: you removed one of its deps more than likely, so it gets marked for removal06:34
mib_tyvActionParsnip: aha, a *reinstall*. let me try that.06:34
mib_tyvActionParsnip: I don't know, but a reinstall fixed it. Thanks!06:36
ActionParsnipmib_tyv: you removed one of the deps. apps must have all mandatory deps for them to not be marked for removeal. You probably just installed 2 packages which squared off the packages06:37
lotuspsychjewhats that package name for extended indicators?06:42
szalwhat's "extended indicators"?06:44
lotuspsychjeszal: like battery icon, network, more choices06:46
saganbyteI ve installed XChat on Ubuntu 11.10 and it just stops at Connecting to irc.freenode.net ( port 8001/6665/ 6667/ 6697 (tried all those ports)06:57
saganbyteAny idea?06:57
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
ActionParsnipsaganbyte: can you connect with other clients, or even telnet?06:59
saganbyteActionParsnip: i tried  telnet chat.freenode.net 666707:00
saganbyteActionParsnip: it stops at No Ident Response07:01
ictixiangixnhow to install theme on ubuntu 11.10?07:02
=== amit is now known as Guest94204
Guest94204hii.. I cant update my Ubuntu. Getting an error http://pastebin.com/qKr9MnAy   Please check07:02
ramstacan someone help me witha problem im having?07:03
sedekiramsta, don't ask to ask07:03
sedeki1 rule of fight club07:04
ramstai sintalled ubuntu and tehn gnome shell07:04
ramstawhen i updated ubuntu it removed gnome shell07:04
ActionParsnipsaganbyte: can you connect with other clients?07:04
ramstanow whenever I try to install  gnomeshell it doesnt work the eroor i get is07:04
superdave321!return | ramsta07:05
ubotturamsta: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:05
ramstaok sorry07:05
ActionParsnipictixiangixn: http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2011/10/how-to-change-ubuntu-1110-oneiric-icon.html07:05
Guest94204hii.. I cant update my Ubuntu. Getting an error http://pastebin.com/qKr9MnAy   Please check07:05
ramstahere is the error The following packages have unmet dependencies:  gnome-shell: Depends: libgjs0- but it is a virtual package              Depends: libgtk-3-0 (>= 3.3.9) but 3.3.15+git20120208.c2512d1c-0ubuntu1~11.10~ricotz0 is to be installed              Depends: libpulse-mainloop-glib0 (>= 1:0.99.1) but 1:1.0-0ubuntu3.1 is to be installed              Depends: libpulse0 (>= 1:0.99.1) but 1:1.0-0ubuntu3.1 is to be installed        07:06
brerrabbitis anybody on here using 11.10 on a netbook?07:06
sedekibrerrabbit, yes!07:06
ActionParsnipictixiangixn: http://shuffleos.com/3579/how-to-install-gnome-themes-in-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot/07:06
ActionParsnipramsta: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc07:06
brerrabbitsedeki: positive experience?07:06
ActionParsnipramsta: remove the ricotz ppa, its causing the issue07:06
sedekibrerrabbit, yes it is. running gnome3 on a MSI Wind. some plugins to remove certain panels etc to utilize space better07:07
ramstaaction i will do that now also the output is oineric07:07
saganbyteActionParsnip: i m not sure which other clients i can try, i tried xchat, telnet and tried to ping chat.freenode.net but no luck07:07
zykotick9!bot | superdave32107:08
ubottusuperdave321: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots07:08
ramstaactionparsnip how to i remove that07:08
sedekibrerrabbit, one of those "ultrabooks" would be really cool.07:08
brerrabbitsedeki: what speed and ram?07:08
ramstaim fairly new to ubuntu07:08
sedeki1,6 ghz Intel Atom07:08
ActionParsnipramsta: you can use ppa-purge with the ppa address you added (command line), or you can use software centre07:09
brerrabbitcool...those are the exact specs I am thinking about.07:09
sedekibrerrabbit, um, 1 gb of ram07:09
brerrabbithow long is boot time?07:09
ramstai cannot find it in software centre07:09
lotuspsychje!info kazam07:10
ubottuPackage kazam does not exist in oneiric07:10
sedekibrerrabbit, about 10-15 sec. some additional for me since i chose encrypted fs during installation -- don't do that07:10
sedekimaybe less in fact. at most 6-10 sec before i reach gdm07:10
superdave321saganbyte: here's some info for irc over telnet: http://oreilly.com/pub/h/196307:10
ActionParsnipramsta: how did you add the ppa?07:11
ramstato be honest im not sure07:11
ramstai dont remeber adding any ricotz ppa07:11
ActionParsnipramsta: if you run:  history | grep ppa     what is output?07:11
ramstai know i have installed some other ppas07:11
sedekibrerrabbit, are you thinking about MSI Wind?07:11
hiexporamsta, it's in software sorces07:11
brerrabbitsedeki: oh wow....that much faster than my recent homebuild with an i7 and 16 gigs of ram07:11
ramstaalright ill check software sources07:12
sedekibrerrabbit, windows machine?07:12
ActionParsnipbrerrabbit: how many i7s?07:12
brerrabbitsedeki: no with ubuntu....I think there are some driver issues with my motherboard that keeps it slow07:13
ramstaI  cant find it in software sources, action this is the output     1  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing     3  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/gnome3    31  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/gnome3    59  history | grep ppa07:13
sedekiah :/07:13
brerrabbitsedeki: I'm thinking about the Acer Aspire07:13
ActionParsnipramsta: those PPAs will make your system VERY unstable07:13
brerrabbitsame specs as yours07:13
ramstaso how will i remove them07:14
ramstathe only thing i really want is gnomeshell lol07:14
ActionParsnipramsta: I'd reinstall, the changes they make are hugs and removing them will probably leave your OS in a less than decent state07:14
ActionParsnipramsta: if you want gnome3, install oneiric07:14
ramstaso should i reinstalled and then isntall oneiric07:14
sedekibrerrabbit, ah ok. welcome to the club, then07:15
brerrabbitsedeki: I take it you are completely happy with your netbook07:15
sedekido you mean linuxwise or in general?07:15
sedekiphysically, it's kinda small to have in the lap. works better on the table07:16
brerrabbitlinux wise...just wondering because of my experience with ubuntu on my super fast machine07:17
sedekivideo works fine (but NOT 1080p), standard xvids 700x400 or whatever are fine07:17
Guest94204hii.. I cant update my Ubuntu. Getting an error http://pastebin.com/qKr9MnAy   Please check07:17
sedekibrerrabbit, i'm doing mainly text, like programming and so on. when i do bigger things (big files) i notice that the hdd is relatively small... i wouldn't do gaming07:18
sedekialthough i have gnome3, compiz and that kind of fancy stuff07:19
sedekiworks. not the best but it works.07:19
sedekibrerrabbit, i recommend you to check for linux compatability for your particular model07:20
sedekia google search for example07:20
sedekiit should be ok07:20
brerrabbitsedeki: you mean the netbook or my homebuild tower07:21
sedekinetbook... and the homebuild -- obviously something's wrong07:22
jayaris there someway to monitor bandwidth/file transfers via ssh07:22
sedekibig annoyance factor with a slow boot :-P07:22
panax3i find ubuntu makes it easy to hook up with the big butted hotties07:22
sedekino but working at google does07:23
sedekior a million in the bank07:23
superdave321!offtopic | sedeki panax307:23
ubottusedeki panax3: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:23
zykotick9superdave321: !ot is a lot shorter to type then !offtopic07:24
superdave321zykotick9: Good point. Noted :)07:25
jayarso monitoring file transfer via ssh? anyone?07:25
lotuspsychje!info bmon | jayar07:26
ubottujayar: bmon (source: bmon): portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.1-3 (oneiric), package size 42 kB, installed size 180 kB07:26
panax3sorry fellers im always a bit offtopic i just spent 35 hrs straight learning backtrack 5 wow what a rush07:26
zykotick9jayar: slurm is a terminal realtime bandwidth monitor i use07:26
jayarthnx lot07:26
jayari'll check slurm too07:26
lotuspsychje!info etherape | jayar07:26
ubottujayar: etherape (source: etherape): graphical network monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.10-1 (oneiric), package size 734 kB, installed size 7072 kB07:26
zykotick9jayar: slrum was a terminal bandwidth monitor i used, before i just tried bmon ;)  (slurm is colour though)07:30
panax3man i love me some Wget07:30
zykotick9lotuspsychje: thanks for bmon07:31
lotuspsychjezykotick9: nice hint tnx07:31
lotuspsychjezykotick9: you might like colortail too07:32
zykotick9lotuspsychje: i haven't found a reason for colortail/multitail yet...07:33
panax3what colortail do?07:33
lotuspsychjezykotick9: i was looking for some handy realtime logs monitor, so someone suggested me colortail07:33
lotuspsychjepanax3: it tails txt for you in realtime, but in colours07:34
zykotick9lotuspsychje: multitail is similar to screen (in some ways) and supports monitoring multiple files obviously07:35
jayarslurm = perfect :)07:35
panax3might be pretty handy07:35
lotuspsychjemay i suggest best desktop recorder ever too= kazam07:36
jayaryea kazam rocks07:36
lotuspsychjejayar: got latest version too?07:36
panax3seen  kazam on youtube07:37
=== root is now known as Guest81867
jayarthe fix for 11.10?07:37
lotuspsychjejayar: 1.0.2 is latest07:37
panax3i just got backint ubuntu this year been playing with  puppy  backtrack  zorin os and red hat07:39
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UbuN2hi c31r2g :)07:40
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datalaycan i install ubuntu on a NAS?07:41
datalayor can i install ubunutu to NAS volume07:41
lotuspsychjeNAS server on a pc?07:41
c31r2gUbuN2:hi u changed ur name07:41
solofightwhat the hell - this flash sh*t in ubuntu is becoming serious - why am i not able to see the video in this link http://www.videofy.me/pkcrunch/39112107:41
c31r2gUbuN2:that was cool07:41
datalayyes i have a freenas server on the network,, i want to mount it to a pc.. and i want to install ubuntu on it07:42
UbuN2solofight, whts the problem07:42
UbuN2works fine for me07:42
norbert79solofight: The problem lies in your environment, I am able to see it without issues. Lucid, FF10, Flash 1107:42
datalayi want to use  NAS volume as root partition for me07:42
c31r2gUbuN2:i alredy have a wine on mint 8 and now want to try wine on ubuntu 9.0407:43
solofightUbuN2, the place where video is suppose to play is a black area - thats the problem. Not able to play the video !07:43
UbuN2solofight, which ubuntu u using07:43
norbert79solofight: Are you sure you have the Adobe Flash installed? You can check that by opening a new tab, and entering: about:plugins07:43
solofightUbuN2, same happens when i try to watch the videos postedby my friends in facebook as well07:43
c31r2gUbuN2:i tried the sudo apt-get command but it goes on internet07:43
solofighti checked with windows and all is well07:44
UbuN2check i package manager c31r2g07:44
zykotick9!9.04 | c31r2g07:44
ubottuc31r2g: Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) was the tenth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: October 23, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.07:44
UbuN2for wine07:44
c31r2gUbuN2:how can i specify a path07:44
panax3i find it easy to install flash from terminal07:44
UbuN2path ?07:44
norbert79zykotick9: Let's notr forget, this is a community help support channel. If you don't wish to help, you can ignore the question any time...07:45
c31r2gubottu:my processor is celeron  m and higher versions lag a bit07:45
norbert79zykotick9: We are not affiliated by Canonical at any level07:45
UbuN2solofight, download the latest flash player07:45
zykotick9norbert79: i'm sorry, what?07:45
zykotick9norbert79: using 9.04 is EOL, it's a bad idea.07:45
solofightUbuN2, ubuntu 11.1007:46
UbuN264 bit or 32 bit07:46
norbert79zykotick9: We were not asked about our opinion, but for our help :)07:46
solofightnorbert79, e    File: libgnashplugin.so07:46
solofight    Version:07:46
solofight    Shockwave Flash 10.1 r999.07:46
norbert79solofight: It might be a good idea to install the latest, version 11.07:46
UbuN264 bit or 32 bit <== solofight07:46
norbert79UbuN2: 32 bit, I am sure... Since version 10 had no 64 bit support yet, and I doubt he would have struggled07:47
c31r2gUbuN2:where can i get the list of commands to work on terminal while installing or updating a softtware07:47
UbuN2solofight, grab the latest flashplayer and extract it to /home/<user>/.mozzila/plugins07:47
UbuN2and restart browser07:48
c31r2gUbuN2:what is the default path after which downloaded items go07:48
norbert79solofight: Ehm, void UbuN2's advise because of following reasons: The install path might conflict with current flash. Second: Canonical offers 'partners' repository, it's easier upgrading through there07:48
UbuN2huh norbert79 ?07:49
UbuN2ive been doing since ubuntu 5.1007:49
norbert79UbuN2: Why to do something manually for someone unexperienced, and might cause issues, if there is a 'clean' way07:49
UbuN2never had a problem ever07:49
zykotick9!wfm | UbuN207:49
ubottuUbuN2: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/07:49
UbuN2ok he can if he wants07:49
solofightnorbert79, earlier i gave apt-get install flash*07:49
norbert79UbuN2: Since his skills he might not understand right now everything07:49
solofightthat wont do ?07:49
norbert79solofight: Lets go into PM if you don't mind07:50
c31r2gno fights please and listen to my query07:50
UbuN2no wonder ubuntu losing against mint07:50
norbert79c31r2g: We are not fighting :) UbuN2 I will tkae over soloflioght's issue07:50
norbert79He has some issues07:50
norbert79and leaving two problems behind07:50
norbert79well done, ragequit solves everything07:51
norbert79c31r2g: Hang on for a moment please07:51
norbert79solofight: Please check your personal messages07:51
solofightare my messages are reaching the channel ?07:52
norbert79solofight: Yes, but not my window :)07:52
norbert79solofight: Looks like you are on Xchat, please check the tabs on the left07:53
c31r2gnorbert79,UbuN2:where can i learn the commands and does ubuntu and mint support help like in windows07:53
norbert79solofight: You should see my tab there too07:53
solofightpeople how do i install adobe flash in my ubuntu 11.10 ?07:53
solofight64 bit07:53
norbert79c31r2g: Hmm... Well, as start, if you don't want to rtead a lot, try using TAB in your command line: this will display all commands. And there is 'man' too07:54
lotuspsychjesoftware centre is pretty handy07:54
norbert79solofight: Please check your messages... I have sent you a PM07:54
c31r2gnorbert79:i'm checking it07:54
panax3you kow what makes ubuntu cool xtreegold clones you install utree and use with root access awsome07:54
lotuspsychje!info utree07:55
ubottuPackage utree does not exist in oneiric07:55
norbert79!info xtreegold07:55
ubottuPackage xtreegold does not exist in oneiric07:55
norbert79Thought so...07:55
c31r2gnorbert79:how can i know what does what,my 2nd day on linux itself07:55
c31r2gnorbert79:can i have some examoles07:56
c31r2gnorbert79:can i have some examples :)07:56
panax3utree google it use it maybe even make....oops scratch that last part lol07:56
panax3its the shell of all shells07:56
ActionParsnippanax3: i dunno, bash is pretty badass.07:57
norbert79ActionParsnip: Korn Shell for geeks ;-)07:57
panax3true but I was into xtreegold in my dos days guess its just if you like it07:58
ActionParsnipnorbert79: that IS old school. Dang07:58
ActionParsnipI use guake terminal + bash. Works well07:59
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panax3I am into old school I guess lol startes with unix shell acount and lynx brouser for the web lol07:59
lotuspsychjelinks2 rox08:00
zykotick9lotuspsychje: i can't make up my mind between links2 and elinks, i use both08:00
lotuspsychje!info elinks08:01
ubottuelinks (source: elinks): advanced text-mode WWW browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.12~pre5-3.2ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 532 kB, installed size 1268 kB08:01
lotuspsychjezykotick9: didnt know this one yet tnx :p08:01
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TimTim3456can anybody help me with my Raid problem? Im afraid to loose data :(08:04
damo22TimTim3456: whats the problem08:04
ActionParsnipTimTim3456: what about your backups..?08:05
agu10^how long do you think it will take to see the first win8 3D oled 10" wacom-enabled 4G quad-core full HD tablet?08:07
shadowh511agu10^: buzzwords much? :/08:07
agu10^not really... they're features08:07
ActionParsnipWhy win8?08:07
agu10^because win8 will have all desktop apps too08:08
shadowh511so is my cloud-based dynamic redundancy storage buffer with automatic notifications08:08
agu10^and I haven't seen many productive apps made specifically for tablets or mobiles08:08
agu10^production is on desktop.08:08
alecbenzermy window manager crashes almost every time i alt-tab. any idea what would be causing that?08:08
ActionParsnipagu10^: so will many Linux distros. Doesn't answer my question.08:08
agu10^yet i want to produce in my tablet: blender, unity3d, visual studio, etc08:08
agu10^ActionParsnip, i don't think so. Have you seen any linux distro actually planning for this?08:09
urlin2ualecbenzer, seems to restart compiz here.08:09
ActionParsnipalecbenzer: try disabling the current alt+tab plugin and use something else, like ring switcher08:10
agu10^There's Android, ChromeOS... then there are some ubuntu hacks and stuff that will never see the light in the masses08:10
sandyramyman man08:10
sandyramyman info08:10
ActionParsnipagu10^: android08:10
agu10^ActionParsnip, ?08:10
agu10^android doesn't run any productive software from desktop08:10
ActionParsnipAndroid runs great on tablets08:10
agu10^that's not the point.08:11
ActionParsnipagu10^: google docs for one...08:11
agu10^besides I need windows for almost any production work I make. Linux is simply incompatible with most software08:11
shadowh511agu10^: then why are you in a channel for Ubuntu?08:11
shadowh511valid point is valid08:12
agu10^because i use ubuntu ?08:12
agu10^I'm not some stupid winfan08:12
agu10^i don't think there are many windows fans...08:12
ActionParsnipagu10^: there is an email client built in for none gmail and a web brower can be used. Sounds like an office pc to me..08:12
agu10^i don't do office stuff08:13
urlin2uagu10^, yeah software designed for windows there are lots of linux equivalents though, free of virus, rootkits, malware, keyloggers..etc08:13
agu10^urlin2u, linux equivalents are usually sub-par, with smaller community, or not mostly used among proffessionals08:13
agu10^like Gimp vs Photoshop08:13
alecbenzerActionParsnip: um, where do you do that in 11.10's interface?08:13
ActionParsnipurlin2u: not free, just significantly less to the point of near zero :-)08:13
agu10^I use GIMP, but I should be using photoshop :/08:14
shadowh511agu10^: then contribute to them instead of complaining ^_^08:14
Ben64photoshop works fine in wine08:14
ActionParsnipalecbenzer: do what?08:14
urlin2uagu10^, hmm the large hadron colliider runs opensuse they seem to be professionals08:14
agu10^shadowh511, it's not a one-man job, neither a community only job08:14
agu10^urlin2u, note we're talking about production, kkthx08:14
shadowh511agu10^: work cannot be done without work being done08:14
alecbenzerActionParsnip: disabling the alt-tab plugin/switching to a different one08:15
agu10^production as in content creation: videogames, videos, graphics, etc08:15
ActionParsnipagu10^: go ask google or the US army what OS their PRODUCTION servers run08:15
shadowh511agu10^: linux is caught in a catch-22 in that regard08:15
ActionParsnipalecbenzer: ccsm08:15
shadowh511it cannot be populat for that stuff unless it is popular for that stuff08:15
agu10^ActionParsnip, google doesn't produce videos with linux... probably with macs or windows08:16
ActionParsnipagu10^: you think pixar use windows?08:16
agu10^ActionParsnip, their servers may run linux08:16
urlin2uagu10^, note your making broad generalizations. :)08:16
Ben64google doesn't produce videos ...08:16
shadowh511methinks troll...08:16
agu10^pixar uses different OSs... maya runs on 308:16
ActionParsnipMethinks misinformed ...08:17
Ben64linux is very commonly used in render farms08:17
meerkatsis there any place I can find all this packages http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Download precompiled for ubuntu?08:17
Ben64much cheaper and easier to scale than windows08:17
shadowh511meerkats: it's on your system already08:17
agu10^urlin2u, generalizing is majority08:17
marnoldagu10^, pixar uses linux Debian for rendering08:17
shadowh511meerkats: methinks the alsa packages would do it08:17
agu10^hey guys I'm talking about a tablet here08:17
shadowh511meerkats: never had to install it by hand though08:17
agu10^who said renderfarms? lol08:17
shadowh511agu10^: no, you are talking about linux in general08:18
marnoldbut i don't know what they use for desktops08:18
shadowh511agu10^: you are overgeneralizing08:18
agu10^look at my topic agian08:18
ActionParsnipa lot08:18
urlin2uagu10^, you make no sense, and would be laughed out of any critical thinking situation.08:18
meerkatsshadowh511, I dont have alsadrivers per http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=f318695569d3d27d3b594f11b66e1440225f6f6408:18
agu10^urlin2u, not really, you don't make sense of easy stuff08:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:19
ActionParsnipShall we switch back to support now?08:19
urlin2uagu10^, easy stuff is not critical informed thinking.08:19
marnoldhey would anyone know how to dissable a touchpad in a thinkpad without dissabling the little red dot thing08:19
OpenSesameI need help08:19
shadowh511urlin2u: let's take this to #ubuntu-offtopic08:19
shadowh511OpenSesame: what's the problem?08:19
agu10^urlin2u, I'm talking about a tablet bro08:19
marnoldOpenSesame, whats your issue08:19
ActionParsnipmarnold: you mean the nipple mouse?08:19
agu10^and you come up with: 'renderfarms and servers use linux' no shit08:20
marnoldyes i use that08:20
Ben64agu10^: you barely mentioned tablet08:20
somsip!ot | agu10^08:20
ubottuagu10^: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:20
syddrafGuys. Take it to offtopic. This is the support channel. You aren't discussing support issues.08:20
OpenSesameI'm trying to install Ubuntu right now along Windows 7 with a disk. But it doesn't detect any operating systems08:20
agu10^benit's the origin of the conversation08:20
ActionParsnipagu10^: this is support, take it to #ubuntu-offtopic08:20
shadowh511OpenSesame: did you back up your data?08:20
urlin2ushadowh511, lol even less think going on there I have said all that needs to said. :)08:20
marnoldActionParsnip, it was designed for people who can't use touchpads08:20
OpenSesameWell I don't need because I also just fresh installed W708:20
shadowh511OpenSesame: okay, good.08:21
shadowh511OpenSesame: are you on the livecd now?08:21
urlin2uOpenSesame, you leave a unallocated space for ubuntu?08:21
OpenSesameI'm using another computer right now08:21
OpenSesameTrying to dualboot on my laptop08:21
ActionParsnipmarnold: if its connected to the same controller then you may be stuck08:21
shadowh511okay, can you get to a terminal on the laptop?08:21
OpenSesameWell I partitioned my hard drive into two. 250 GB each.08:21
OpenSesameSo there is one that is not allocated at the moment08:22
OpenSesameBut still somehow Ubuntu doesn't detect any OS08:22
shadowh511okay, want me to walk you through manual paritioning?08:22
OpenSesameSure, anything that works08:22
Ben64OpenSesame: did you install it already?08:22
marnoldwhat i thought08:22
urlin2uOpenSesame,is it a raid or uefi set up?08:22
ActionParsnipOpenSesame: 250gb for ubuntu is a lot :-)08:22
shadowh511okay, please open the install app08:22
marnoldhow would i figure that out08:23
OpenSesamein Windows? or restart with the live cd?08:23
shadowh511OpenSesame: on the live cd08:23
OpenSesameOk its loading and then08:23
shadowh511let me know when it's loaded08:23
Ben64OpenSesame: and then you'll install ubuntu onto the empty 250GB partition08:24
meerkatsI can extract alsa-driver_1.0.24+dfsg.orig.tar.bz2 wherever I can, cant i?08:24
kapzHi all! I have ubuntu 11.10 installed on desktop, can I use my cellphone as a webcam? Thanks a lot :)08:24
ActionParsnipmarnold: if you run: lsmod   you will see the loaded drivers. Anything that it isn't obvious what is, research it. You may have 2 mouse ones but i think its going to be the same module running both08:25
shadowh511kapz: what phone?08:25
Ben64meerkats: yes, but that is not the solution to your problem, will likely make more problems for you if you continue that path08:25
ActionParsnipmeerkats: sure. There is a handy ppa if you are not on oneiric08:25
meerkatsim in 11.10 oneiric08:26
OpenSesamehey shadowh511, loaded now08:26
ActionParsnipmarnold: there may be an option on the module to disable the pad. Or it may be in config of the OS08:26
meerkatsI have already seen latest stable alsa, by their site, is 1.0.25 released this year08:26
itsadantewould anyone here have any exp with jetway motherboards?08:26
kapzshadowh511: Its an samsun S android phone08:27
kapz*samsung S08:27
ActionParsnipmeerkats: install unp then ru08:27
meerkatshowever, my installation shows: Driver version:08:27
meerkatsLibrary version:
meerkatsUtilities version:
ActionParsnipThen run:  unp alsa-driver....  etc08:27
shadowh511OpenSesame: okay, head to the partitoning screen where it says where you want to install ubuntu to08:27
marnoldActionParsnip, i was hoping there was an easy way08:27
OpenSesamek give me a sec08:27
shadowh511kapz: I don't know of any way to do that D:08:27
meerkatssudo apt-get unp?08:27
marnoldthere were HAL rules for hardy08:28
ActionParsnipmeerkats: you missed the word install08:28
marnoldbut according to Dad they dontworknomoar08:28
meerkatsActionParsnip, I have downloaded manually both 1.0.24 and 1.0.25, should I get rid of both?08:28
meerkatsextracted em to a dir named "Compiled"08:28
ActionParsnipmeerkats: get 24, it matches the tools and utils08:29
mk0helloall! is it possible to change a theme in 12.04 alpha? i cannot stand buttons on the left side of a window.08:29
OpenSesameOkay, I'm there, again it says "This computer currently has no detected operating systems. What would you like to do?" Then it gives me two options;  1) Erase disk and install Ubuntu 2) Something else - You can create or resize partitions yourself, or choose multiple partitions for Ubuntu.08:29
Ben64!precise | mk008:30
shadowh511something else08:30
ubottumk0: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:30
OpenSesameOkay, but somehow I see free space  and its size is 500107MB08:30
mk0i know. i installed second alpha08:30
meerkatsActionParsnip, Got rid of both extracted 1.0.25 and 1.0.24 Do I need to ONLY extract 1.0.24 or do the nmp thing you just told me to do?08:31
shadowh511OpenSesame: your disk is clean08:31
OpenSesamewhich I dont think its correct because my HD is 500GB and I already partitioned into two 250GB08:31
marnoldit will also be the second release without gnome208:31
shadowh511OpenSesame: there is nothing on the disk08:31
OpenSesamewell shouldn't there be? I have w7 on it..08:31
OpenSesameso i don't quite get it :(08:31
shadowh511well, it seems there is nothing on your disk somehow08:32
marnoldluckly we has a good lxde variant08:32
OpenSesamewell what would you suggest?08:32
shadowh511OpenSesame: reinstalling windows08:32
OpenSesameI actually tried that too lol08:32
OpenSesameAnd I even partitioned during the installation08:32
meerkats!seen ActionParsnip08:32
ubottuI have no seen command08:32
urlin2uOpenSesame, you can boot windows right?08:32
shadowh511i think this is a sign from the powers that be08:32
marnold!package aufs08:33
OpenSesameyes I can08:33
OpenSesameI can boot it finely08:33
shadowh511voodoo disk08:33
urlin2uOpenSesame, okay then you likely have a raid set up that linux needs to have the right set up to read.08:33
OpenSesamepretty annoyed by this..08:33
OpenSesamei dont get what the problem is08:33
OpenSesamereally? but I have never set my hard drive as Raid before..08:34
Ben64OpenSesame: you must have some strange hard drive set up08:34
OpenSesamethen if so what should i do08:34
shadowh511OpenSesame: nuke everything and install ubuntu first08:34
shadowh511then go off the livecd and shrink ubuntu08:34
shadowh511then install windows08:35
alkisgAre there plans to switch thunderbird to the quick release cycle too, so that we have thunderbird 10, 11 etc  on Lucid? Or that was only for firefox?08:35
meerkatsdo duplicated source lists make synaptic run slower?08:35
urlin2uOpenSesame, go to the ubuntu forums and post there you will most likely get setup unless somebody here sees the situation that knows this stuff.08:35
shadowh511then reinstall ubuntu to ger grub back08:35
meerkatsor update manager?08:35
OpenSesameI see08:35
Ben64shadowh511: don't have to reinstall ubuntu to fix grub08:35
OpenSesameshadowh511, can i just install ubuntu right now then?08:35
shadowh511OpenSesame: yup08:35
shadowh511Ben64: I find it the most reliable way08:35
Ben64its silly08:36
OpenSesameand then shrink it after installation? and then install W7 after and then reinstall ubuntu again?08:36
urlin2ushadowh511, you are out of your area of knowledge here.08:36
Ben64OpenSesame: in the ubuntu installer, just use the manual partitioning and set ubuntu to use half the drive, would save the step of shrinking08:36
shadowh511Ben64 probably has a better way to do it08:36
shadowh511i was just suggesting the way I do ti08:37
OpenSesamei cant even install ubuntu08:37
shadowh511and it Works For Me (tm)08:37
Ben64OpenSesame: why not?08:37
shadowh511OpenSesame: probably a hardware raid card08:37
OpenSesameit pops a warning box saying No root file system. No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu.08:37
Ben64yeah you need to make it08:37
OpenSesamewhen I click Install Now to the free space08:37
urlin2uOpenSesame, ignore this help it is not informed.08:37
OpenSesameah i se eok08:38
Ben64OpenSesame: what screen are you at right now08:38
OpenSesamestill pops that warning box..08:38
calamity_Heya guys, quick question: (13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address - what does this mean and how do I fix it? :p08:38
OpenSesameit just says No root file system is defined.08:38
shadowh511calamity_: you have to run it as root08:38
shadowh511calamity_: type in sudo !!08:39
Ben64calamity_: what are you trying to do?08:39
shadowh511Ben64: looks like a http server to me08:39
Ben64OpenSesame: you need to create the partitions on the drive, at minimum a root partition (/) and a swap partition08:39
OpenSesameso click Add?08:39
calamity_Ben64, basically localhost, etc no longer connect, which is weird because it was working fine a few days ago and nothing much has changed.08:39
meerkatshow do I open alsa-driver_1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu2.debian.tar.bz2? tar -xjf doesnt seem to work08:39
Ben64calamity_: any port under 1024 can't be opened by a normal user08:40
urlin2uBen64, if the disc does not read the windows partition then building a partition is not solid advice.08:40
OpenSesamegot it, and it now tells me that I have not selected any partitions for use as swap space.08:40
Ben64OpenSesame: i'm not sure, I can't see what you're on08:40
calamity_Ben64, okay, so I just used root, and it's already running, apparently.08:40
OpenSesameshould i just continue? or08:40
Ben64urlin2u: he said he's fine with installing windows again afterwards08:40
calamity_Ben64, but I am still getting no result when I try to connect to the page08:41
urlin2uOpenSesame, go to the ubuntu forums and post your problem.08:41
Ben64calamity_: what program are you running for this08:41
urlin2uBen64, that is a stupid idea.08:41
Ben64urlin2u: why08:41
urlin2uslpshod at best08:41
iToastCan you help me in here?08:42
meerkatshow do I open a .debian.tar.bz2? tar -xjf doesnt seem to work08:42
urlin2uBen64, tink man it is obvious this can be done correctly, not in a slipshod way that serves what you think might work but probably wont.08:42
Ben64urlin2u: it will work08:42
calamity_Ben64, Apache208:43
susundbergmeerkats: then the package is wrong edian -- what does the tar -jxf <package-here> say ?08:43
susundbergmeerkats: not wrong edian but wrong format08:43
Ben64calamity_: you really shouldn't be running apache with sudo08:43
scarleomeerkats, try bunzip2 instead08:43
urlin2uBen64, glad you think so but it is advice that is not acceptable in this channel.08:43
tensorpuddingi've not seen debuild create that, it always creates debian.tar.gz in my experience08:44
tensorpuddingmaybe it's actually a gzip archive08:44
tensorpuddingcheck out what file says08:44
meerkatssusundberg, tar -xjf alsa-driver_1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu2.debian.tar.bz2 says nothing at all08:45
Ben64OpenSesame: anyway, what screen are you on right now?08:45
Ben64meerkats: do "file alsa-driver_1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu2.debian.tar.bz2"08:45
nixmaniackdoes debedelta work in Ubuntu/08:45
nixmaniack!info debdelta08:45
ubottudebdelta (source: debdelta): diff and patch utilities which work with Debian packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.43ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 94 kB, installed size 428 kB08:45
calamity_Ben64, right, and I usually don't, but when I run it normally it gives me the error message as above08:46
meerkatsBen64,  file alsa-driver_1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu2.debian.tar.bz208:46
meerkatsalsa-driver_1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu2.debian.tar.bz2: bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k08:46
meerkatsa bzip208:46
Ben64calamity_: but you shouldn't be running it as your user either, it should be running as a special user for apache08:47
meerkatscan I use unp to extract that?08:47
Ben64meerkats: then bunzip2 should extract it08:47
susundbergmeerkats: add -v so it shows the files it extracts08:47
susundbergmeerkats: my guess is that it unpacks them ok if it says nothing08:47
susundbergmeerkats: that is 'tar -v -xjf alsa-driv ... '08:48
meerkatssusundberg, http://pastebin.com/s2aMZfMe08:50
calamity_Ben64, fair enough08:50
meerkatsscarleo, will bzip2 alsa-driver_1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu2.debian.tar.bz2 work?08:53
Ben64meerkats: bzip2 is the compresser08:53
ActionParsnipmeerkats: tar jxvf alsa-driver....08:53
Ben64meerkats: dunno what you're trying to do.. its already extracted08:54
ActionParsnipOr use unp :-)08:54
frig[newb questions] Using Ubuntu Netbook Remix -- 1. How do I view the contents of my Thumb Drive // 2. Can I run Minecraft.exe on Ubuntu?08:56
scarleomeerkats, it's already extracted08:56
scarleoHas anyone successfully imported browser data from to Chromium from Firefox? It just says "No supported browser found" for me08:56
meerkatsBen64, scarleo I dont see it anywhere08:56
ActionParsnipFrig: minecraft uses java. There are tonnes of guides how to use08:56
Ben64frig: 1. insert thumb drive into usb port; 2. no, but you can run the linux version of minecraft08:57
Ben64meerkats: you pastebin'd the result of you extracting08:57
DJonesfrig: I run minecraft on Ubuntu 11.10, you download the java file from the website08:57
frigBen64 thanks08:57
ActionParsnipMinecraft client as well as setup a server if you want08:57
scarleomeerkats, cd debian, your pastebin implies that it has already extracted it to folder debian08:57
frigwell, I also can't get my wireless interent working...08:57
frigor wired...08:57
frignothing shows up in the drop-down menu08:58
ActionParsnipFrig: which wireless chip does it use?08:58
meerkatsfine, I  wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh again, and the driver line still lists nothing... what else do I need to do?08:59
ActionParsnipFrig: What is the product line for the wifi in the output of: sudo lshw -C network08:59
frigsorry, looking for that info09:00
frigits an Acer Apsireone D255E09:00
frigthis is the only link I had off hand, no details on the card http://www.specsbox.com/448/acer-aspire-one-d255e.html09:00
frigintel chipset popped up, but not sure if it is referring to the wireless as well09:01
DJonesfrig: The link for Minecraft is at http://www.minecraft.net/download (It may only show the windows version until you click "Show all platforms")09:01
ActionParsnipFrig: press CTRL+Alt+T and run the command. Type you password (you will get no feedback) then wait09:01
frigthanks Djones09:01
meerkatsim sudo apt-get update09:03
meerkatssudo apt-get install --reinstall ALSA09:03
meerkatssudo apt-get install --reinstall pulseaudio09:03
frigActionParsnip im new at this, I think I am doing something wrong09:03
ActionParsnipDjones: seems to happen a lot. Maybe Windows users need what they want to slap them in the face but Linux is confined to "other OS". Sad times09:03
DJonesActionParsnip: I'm on windows at the minute, so I was just assuming the website had detected that and gave the obvious option09:04
ActionParsnipFrig: press the keys I said and a terminal runs. Type the command then your password.09:04
frigActionParsnip ok whihch info am I looking for in here09:05
ActionParsnipDJones: skype does it too.09:05
Ben64meerkats: what are you trying to accomplish?09:05
frigBroadcom Corp?09:05
ActionParsnipFrig:  the product line of the wifi09:05
meerkatsben64, to hear sounds in my latpot09:05
ActionParsnip!broadcom | frig09:05
ubottufrig: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:05
meerkatsany sound at all09:06
frigproduct: AR8152 v.1. Fast Ethernet09:06
Ben64meerkats: why don't you install it the normal way, via synaptic or apt09:06
ActionParsnipFrig: Ethernet == wired09:06
ikonialast th_09:06
meerkatsben64, ok, what packages do I have to install: I assume i would fined some ALSA 1.0.24 somewhere...09:07
susundbergmeerkats: so it did extract them to directory 'debian' relative to your workind directory ..09:07
frigthe other bit says product: BCM4313 802.11b/g LP-PHY /// vendor: Broadcom Corporation09:07
susundbergmeerkats: that would be ~/Compiled/debian09:07
ActionParsnipFrig: you can use the atheros chip name to find guides online to make it work09:07
Ben64meerkats: have you tried "sudo apt-get install alsa-base"09:07
frigboth read * Network Unclaimed09:07
rolandHi guys, someone broke the kernel! USB3.0 not working anymore!09:07
susundbergand yes, i also think installing via package manager is better way if you cannot point out a bug in the alsa that has not been fixed in the package available via package manager ..09:08
frigwill Google, thanks09:08
meerkatsBen64, no09:08
ActionParsnipFrig: there are packages on the install cd to make the wifi go. All on that page ubottu gave09:08
Ben64meerkats: you should, would be easier than compiling09:08
frigexcellent, thanks09:09
frigoh but also, the USB drive -- it doesnt autorun or pop up or anything when I connect it09:09
frigis there a place to view all the removable drives?09:09
Ben64frig: "Computer" on the menu09:09
meerkatsBen64, my synaptic: http://imagebin.org/19803209:10
Ben64meerkats: then looks like you have alsa installed09:12
frigBen64 the Netbook Remix interface is very strange... I cant seem to find any "Computer"09:12
meerkatsalsa base is already there, so is alsa 1.0.24 (they are the same) and other 1.0.24 plugins (none for 64 bits, thats not my arquitecture), so I dont understand why I dont see the 1.0.24 drivers activated09:12
Ben64frig: what version of ubuntu do you have? I thought they stopped doing remix09:12
frigmaybe thats why its so shit :\09:13
frigredditors made me do it09:13
Ben64frig: that version is only supported until April09:13
frigwell, im not opposed to starting over with a different version09:14
Ben64frig: that might help09:14
frigany suggestions for a netbook?09:14
rolandfrig: how powerful is that netbook?09:14
arcskyhello why does it take so long time with login on SSH to ubunu ? it takes like ages to get the password to come up09:14
meerkatsben64, then I dont understand why I dont see any driver version in http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b2c0889ef98a8b77d27727285a0c11f52c9e04b3, if alsa is already installed...09:14
urlin2ufrig, I have the d250 with th ram maxed at 2 gigs runs ubuntu fine.09:14
frigwith 2 gb of ram09:14
Ben64meerkats: don't worry about that09:15
rolandfrig: at this point I suggest you to create 2 USB sticks, one with ubuntu and one with kubuntu and try them both, and see which you like more09:16
frigurlin2u ubuntu desktop?09:16
meerkatsben64 and why is that? I cant hear anything09:16
urlin2ufrig, yeah unity IO have a xubntu instalas well, fedora, and W7 on the HD and precise.09:16
Ben64meerkats: what version of ubuntu09:16
frigroland whats the major differences between ubuntu vs. kubuntu09:17
urlin2ufrig, 5 OS on the 160 gig hd.09:17
panax3ahhh just run puppy09:17
meerkatsBen64, 11.1009:17
rolandfrig: one uses gnome3 or that Unity thingy, Kubuntu uses KDE09:17
frigi just need one that runs faster than windows 7 :\09:17
Ben64meerkats: pastebin "lspci"09:17
rolandfrig: try them both!09:17
Ben64frig: you could install ubuntu, then install lubuntu on top and use lxde09:18
frigthats probably what ill end up doing09:18
scarleoHas anyone successfully imported browser data from to Chromium from Firefox? It just says "No supported browser found" for me09:18
Ben64frig: lxde is very lightweight, so should be speedy09:18
rolandfrig: or you could even put KDE along with Gnome and lxde09:18
JadedJacob When I set my resolution to 1024x768, after rebooting it always reverts back to the highest resolution my monitor supports, something crazy like 1600x120009:19
rolandand try them all alongside09:19
rolandfrig: you can change the GUI by just logging out, selecting another window manager from a menu and then log back in09:19
guest829385greetings. how can i get a USB wireless adapter to connect to a network on startup on 11.10?09:20
urlin2uguest829385, does it work as of now, and your having to type the password to bet it connected?09:21
meerkatsBen64, did you read the pm?09:21
frigok, so im totally confused now... is this a good place to start: http://www.ubunut.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download09:22
guest829385as of right now, i'm not sure whats going on urlin2u. it's a headless box. i can ssh in with the wired connection, but not the wireless09:22
frignevermind that is old :X09:23
urlin2uguest829385, I'm not familiar witha headless setup and wireless.09:23
Ben64meerkats: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/26765809:23
ubottuUbuntu bug 267658 in linux (Ubuntu) "Azalia sound doesn't work at all" [Undecided,Expired]09:23
melvincvI guess Ubuntu One could use a better web interface... something similar to Skydrive where we can select individual files for download, moving or sharing...09:25
urlin2ufrig, here is the latest 11.10 you can use a torrent or download here. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download09:26
urlin2ufrig, torrent link on the site.09:26
urlin2ufrig, torrents link. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download09:27
frigdownloading -- thanks :)09:28
urlin2ufrig, no problem enjoy.09:29
aBoundIs there a command to reload the sound settings?09:30
madrid_i can't install google chrome in the linux max 4.0  help09:30
chmacmadrid_: Please post the specific error messages or problems you're having. There is no way for anyone to help with "it's broken, help".09:31
madrid_Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.09:31
sinzxAfternoon chaps, does anyone know the configuration menu within unity to get workspaces set up as rows, as opposed to four 'in a row'. The location of a conf file would be fine also.09:32
sinzxI guess that was a questions should be finished with one of '?' these :)09:33
urlin2umadrid_, I don't use chrome but here is a link with a deb. google chrome09:33
LilixIs there a plugin for pidgin that let me print definition from wiki? like !define goldfish and it sends a definition of goldfish to the partner09:34
madrid_thanks you09:34
Ben64madrid_: or use the ppa http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/809:34
theadminmadrid_: Just download it from http://chrome.google.com like you normally would. It's the best way there is09:34
DJonesMick Nanyn's hopes of climbing into the top five of rugby league's all-time points-scoring chart have been dealt a severe blow.09:34
DJonesThe 29-year-old goalkicking centre, who sits seventh in the list after smashing records with Swinton, Rochdale, Whitehaven, Widnes and Leigh, is set to be miss the entire 2012 season with a knee injury.09:34
cyberdoproblems with the daily build of precise server? I get "no kernel modules were found" during installation09:35
urlin2uDJones, you on the right channel?09:35
DJonesurlin2u: Ugh, middle click paste by accident09:35
urlin2uDJones, lol. :)09:35
meerkatsim adding options snd-hda-intel model=Azalia Audio Controller to the end of alsa-base.conf09:35
meerkatsor do I have to add options snd-hda-intel model=SIS?09:36
llutzcyberdo: #ubuntu+1 for precise09:36
cyberdollutz: kthx09:36
nothingspecialsinzx, you can set the workspace layout in compizconfig-setting-manager in the general section. Go to "Desktop Size" and set it to Vertical 1 horizontal 409:36
meerkatslspci | grep -i audio09:39
meerkats00:0f.0 Audio device: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] Azalia Audio Controller09:39
meerkatsis that good?09:39
steven123Hi. I am looking for the tool used in Ubuntu 10.04 and up which generates a list of installation choice during install. This used to be debconf-get-selections, but this tool does not exist anymore.09:44
madrid_hay alguien que hable español ¿?09:44
steven123I need to generate a preseed file for automated installs09:44
theadmin!es | madrid_09:44
ubottumadrid_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:44
theadmin!clone | steven12309:45
ubottusteven123: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate09:45
steven123theadmin, thanks. But that generates the list of installed packages only. As does dpkg --get-selections. I need the d-i script which keeps track of all the choices made during install09:47
theadminsteven123: "See also !automate" :P09:47
theadmin!automate | steven12309:47
ubottusteven123: Ways to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning09:47
* Schrodinger`Cat 09:48
steven123theadmin, thanks. I followed that guide to the tee. However, there's no mention of how to generate the preseed file based on a prior installation. There's an example, but I've been tweaking it and I've run multiple installs. I just can't get the options right :)09:49
theadminsteven123: Hm, I'm not sure about that, sorry09:50
steven123this is what it says in the guide: $ debconf-get-selections --installer > file. Which would be great, if only that binary existed :D09:50
theadmin!find debconf-get-selections09:51
ubottuFile debconf-get-selections found in debconf-utils09:51
theadminsteven123: ^09:51
steven123yep, but that doesn't have an installation candidate and has been replaced by debconf-i18n :D09:51
theadminWut? Weird.09:51
steven123Yep :)09:52
theadminsteven123: You sure your repos are sane? I see debconf-utils in the repos09:53
scarleoHas anyone successfully imported browser data from to Chromium from Firefox? It just says "No supported browser found" for me09:53
steven123theadmin, this is a clean install of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (from the alternate cd)09:54
theadmin!find debconf-get-selections lucid09:54
ubottuFile debconf-get-selections found in debconf-utils09:54
theadminsteven123: Shouldn't be any different09:54
steven123theadmin, weird. I'll try to update my sources list09:55
cemchi. after the last package update on 12.04, gnome freezes a lot. I can move the mouse, but I can't click on anything, and I have to switch to ctrl+alt+f1 and restart lightdm09:56
EricInBNEwhat program to use if I want to do a screen capture09:57
cemcEricInBNE: I found shutter pretty good09:57
EricInBNEi mean a video09:57
cemcoh, can't help you there09:58
scarleocemc, try #ubuntu+109:58
cemcscarleo: thx09:58
loonixWhen I move on my trackpad and hold it down, the cursor crawls a bit. I just upgraded from Ubantu 10.04 to Ubonto 11.10 what is goin on09:59
Ranga179hi there.10:00
BezNalogovHello. I have installed xubuntu. The strange thing is that after I log in I get a black screen with a terminal screen. No desktop. Can anyone please explain me how to solve this?10:00
e-ynsrun a command startx10:01
BezNalogovX is running, but only showing a black background with a white terminal screen. Somehow no desktop is running10:02
Ranga179I installed Ubuntu through wubi and when i restarted my computer to boot it the computer showed the purple screen loading page and then after about 30 seconds the screen changed to a half purple color, half random colored lines then goes to a black glowing screen. I am running Window 7 premium. can anyone help?10:03
BezNalogovstartxfce4 gives this error: Unable to determine failsafe session name.  Possible causes: xfconfd isn't running (D-Bus setup problem); environment variable $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS is set incorrectly (must include "/etc"), or xfce4-session is installed incorrectly.10:03
jattthere you go10:03
BezNalogovOk, but how to solve that?10:05
experiMENTALhi. ubuntu 11.10... is there any easy way to get ubuntu 11.04 bottom panel back?10:06
fidelexperiMENTAL: talking about unity?10:06
Ranga179does anyone have a solution to my problem?10:07
e-ynsexperiMENTAL http://askubuntu.com/questions/58172/how-to-revert-to-gnome-classic10:07
jattI don't now, maybe run xconfd?10:08
experiMENTALe-yns: thx, i'll try10:08
jattor reinstall xfce10:08
visofwhy ubuntu one isn't for other linux distro , is ubuntu trying to be like windows and mac ?10:10
JadedJacobHow can I setup ubuntu 10.04 with a dock like mac osx?10:10
Ranga179nope no solutions? ok i might try to uninstall it and reinstall10:12
moesJadedJacob, Have you tried avant-window-navigator10:13
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steven123theadmin, I found it. The alternate cd sets main restricted in the apt sources file. Removing restricted allows me to install debconf-utils. Thanks for the help10:14
theadminsteven123: Weird... but okay10:15
usuario1hola quien eres10:19
DJones!es | usuario110:19
ubottuusuario1: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.10:19
JadedJacobmoes: no i haven't tried avant-window-navigator10:22
moesJadedJacob, It in synaptic10:22
JadedJacobok sweet10:23
JadedJacobIf I have 10.04, can I keep just applying updates, and not upgrade to Unity?10:23
Schiffsomewhat random question, but is there anyway in ubuntu to apply a bass filter [increase bass] to my audio recordings that is not done post production?10:24
theadminJadedJacob: That would be correct. But 10.04 will expire sooner or later. I suggest you try Xubuntu10:24
lord-ivanhello all10:24
lord-ivanis any one a c proprammer in here10:24
=== ubuntu is now known as sandy
sandyHello everyone :-)10:25
=== temp is now known as Memphis
lord-ivanis any one a C programmer in here10:25
scarleo!ask | lord-ivan10:25
ubottulord-ivan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:25
JadedJacobHi sandy10:26
lord-ivani have a c programme i need help with10:26
sandyHello JadedJacob10:26
theadminlord-ivan: Try ##c10:26
JadedJacobtheadmin: What do you mean expire? Can't you just keep applying security updates to it?10:27
lord-ivanthe for loop will not work10:27
theadminJadedJacob: Not forever. Every Ubuntu release has an expiration date, after which it's repositories will go offline10:27
JadedJacobWhat about LTS?10:27
kalimojohaving problems with my wifi connection, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt, flaky10:27
theadminJadedJacob: LTS are supported longer, but still not forever10:27
JadedJacobSo in other words ubuntu is forcing us to use Unity, unless you use an alternative release like xubuntu,kubuntu,lubuntu ?10:28
theadminJadedJacob: Untrue. You can use classic gnome if you "apt-get install gnome-fallback"10:28
theadminJadedJacob: Or you can use gnome-shell10:28
lord-ivanhttp://pastebin.com/txpQHqiL this is ma code10:28
kalimojoi hate unity10:28
theadminJadedJacob: You're free to choose10:28
ouyeskalimojo, so do I10:28
scarleolord-ivan, type /join ##c and ask the question there10:29
akpkWhat is the default file permission for /tmp10:29
lord-ivanmy code is here http://pastebin.com/txpQHqiL can any one help me10:29
theadminlord-ivan: Try ##c or #ubuntu-devel , we're not a programming channel10:30
flintwingelakpk: rwxrwxrwt10:30
theadminlord-ivan: And learn to indent your code, this ain't readable >.<10:30
akpk<flintwingel> : thank U.10:32
JadedJacobIf I use gnome-fallback, which version of gnome will it install?10:32
Ranga179Hello,I installed Ubuntu through wubi and when i restarted my computer to boot it the computer showed the purple screen loading page and then after about 30 seconds the screen changed to a half purple color, half random colored lines then goes to a black glowing screen. I am running Window 7 premium. can anyone help me with this?10:32
akpk<flintwingel> : how can i change it in terminal ??10:34
melvincvJadedJacob, Gnome3 with a Gnome 2 look. Without the extra effects.10:34
flintwingelakpk: chmod is the command line tool for changing permissions. As /tmp is owned by root you'll need to use sudo10:35
JadedJacobWill unity still be installed but just not launched at boot time if I install from a ubuntu 11.10 live CD?10:35
melvincvRanga179, which version of Ubuntu are you using?10:35
akpk<flintwingel> : usually i change like sudo chmod 777 /folder/10:35
Ranga179well im back onto the windows boot atm due to the error10:36
akpk<flintwingel> : but i don know to change it to numbers...10:36
Stanley00lord-ivan: C is not supported here, you can join #c, but why do you use for instead of while?10:36
frigrunnig ubuntu on the netbook now, firefox keeps crashing -- is there a better browser?10:36
kalimojofrig try opera10:37
e-ynsfrig use chrome or chromium10:37
eagles0513875|hey guys im running ubuntu 11.10 and i set a system wide socks proxy to use my ssh tunnel10:37
melvincvRanga179, when you see the purple screen, press the spacebar and see if it makes a difference: you should now see a menu :)10:37
eagles0513875|for some reason though firefox when you tell it to use the system proxy settings it doesnt seem to use them, and i had to set them in firefox as well any ideas would be greatly appreciated10:37
flintwingelakpk: have you heard of octal - base 8 numbers - that's what the 777 represents where each digit corresponds to one set of "rwx" permsissions10:37
Ranga179melvincv thankyou for you're help, i'll try this now, if it doesn't work i shall be back :)10:38
xslMorning all, i have a problem using remmina to connect to another VNC session of ubuntu ( my keyboard mapping is wrong )10:38
akpk<flintwingel> : sudo u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rwt ??10:38
flintwingelakpk: the number you give to chmod is stricly a 4 digit number - the first digit is assumed to be zero unless specified. The number you want is 177710:38
JadedJacobI'm confused.10:39
akpk<flintwingel> : rwx = 7 and rwt = ?10:39
melvincvJadedJacob, I'm confused too, with Gnome3.10:41
lord-ivanStanley00 how can i do it10:41
Stanley00lord-ivan: do what?10:41
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:41
flintwingelakpk: the t comes from the 1 in 1777 - the t is called the sticky bit. It means that only the owner of a file can delete it even though the perms of the directory are 777. ls gives you a quirky view of permissions becase the sticky bit didn't exist in early unix file systems10:42
lord-ivanstanley00 The while loop do i do while(;;) i do not know the condition to ues10:42
Stanley00lord-ivan: while(1) is equal to for(;;), but you should ask this question in #c, not here10:43
akpk<flintwingel> : sudo chmod 1777 /tmp/       is that Okay ??10:44
flintwingelakpk: yes10:44
JadedJacobIf I want pure ubuntu 11.* and no unity, would it be better to install ubuntu from a minimal CD?10:45
rokyronnieHow can I share my internet connection in Ubuntu 11.10 cause I can't find "Share to other computers" option in my Network Connections10:45
geirhaakpk: That's the mode /tmp should have, yes.10:46
akpk<flintwingel> : Thank you............But finally What is the default permission for /opt/   ??10:46
flintwingelakpk: owner root:root, perm 75510:47
rokyronniecan somebody help me ?10:48
bodohhow to totally remove that libreoffice garbage?10:48
bodohapt-get remove "what"?10:48
akpk<flintwingel> : sudo chmod 755 /opt/         right ??10:48
bodohdoesn't work10:48
flintwingelakpk: yes10:48
bodohremove ????10:48
ampharosMy wired networking recently failed to work. Ubuntu sees it, and attempts to connect, but fails. My cat can't nudge out ethernet wires. The chipset is a SiS 191.10:49
bodohubuntu is getting blOATEd in so many ways10:49
ampharosbodoh: go to synaptic, search libreoffice, and remove the packages10:49
bodoheven its channel ... like this ... so bloated10:49
akpk<flintwingel> Thank you.   Bye.        Have a Gr8 day.10:49
eagles0513875|bodoh: sadly i have to agree10:49
bodoh1500 chatters?10:49
ampharosif you don't like it, switch to devian10:49
eagles0513875|bodoh: nothing wrong with that10:49
bodohwe call it bloated10:50
bodoh1500 people wanna talk in an IRC channel?10:50
bodohmailing list maybe ... but IRC channel?10:50
eagles0513875|!ot | bodoh10:50
ubottubodoh: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:50
flintwingelbodoh: most people on talk when they've got somethinh useful to say...10:50
bodoh'useful' is always, on the eyes of the beholder10:51
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ampharosAs my wired networking somehow failed, I'm using wireless networking10:53
ampharosI know the router functions, it's serving other wired clients fine10:54
ampharosMy cord I'm sure is snug; ethernet is hard for a cat to nudge out, unlike power cords :/10:54
rokyronnieHow can I share my internet connection in Ubuntu 11.10 cause I can't find "Share to other computers" option in my Network Connections10:54
flintwingelampharos: maybe an obvious question but does either your network card or router have activity lights? are they on?10:56
ampharosmy wired networking's NIC has an orange light on, it's normally green10:57
flintwingelampharos: and the router...?10:58
ericusampharos: show the output of ifconfig10:58
Pashokrokyronnie: if you want to share LAN connection you can just create new wireless network.10:59
ampharosifconfig http://pastebin.com/ax6nSSdA10:59
rokyronniewhy wireless ? the other computer is connected through a cable10:59
rokyronnieto my computer11:00
ampharosrouter: one is a PC smilar to this, but older, one is an xbox, and the other is a switch with IPTV boxes from my ISP11:00
ampharosI'm plugged in, but no light on the router for me11:00
flintwingelampharos: have you tried disabling & re-enabling networking through the network manager11:01
ampharosI've rebooted with and without NM11:02
angela-androidericus, can you join #ubuntuforums for a minute please?11:02
ampharosethernet is disconnected, reconnecting...11:02
flintwingelampharos: standard network debugging... change cable, change port... are you using dhcp? have you got enough spare leases?11:03
ampharosDHCP, I'll try unplugging the ethernet and power, to reboot the NIC11:03
kalimojoampharos : gksudo gedit /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf and set Code:managed=true11:06
rokyronniePashok : any ideea ?11:06
aguitelis mate runnig fine in oneric?11:07
ampharosI tried booting in without NetworkManager, at least the applet, with WindowMaker11:07
ampharosright now in I'm in Xfce...11:07
=== lord-ivan is now known as lord-pain
moxiocShould ubuntu support security enhancements as proposed by this tool: http://www.trapkit.de/tools/checksec.html ?11:16
rolandHas anyone fixed the new kernel in 11.10 (kernel version 3.0.0-15? After latest update, USB ports stopped working. 3.0.0-12 works ok.11:17
akpkHow do we check the existing permission of a folder before we change the permission ??11:17
akpk<flintwingel> :  How do we check the existing permission of a folder before we change the permission ??11:18
ikoniaakpk: in the gui or the shell ?11:18
ikoniaakpk: ls -la11:18
flintwingelakpk: ls -ld /folder will tell you11:18
akpk<ikonia> , <flintwingel> : Thank you.11:19
Ranga179hi i'm back *waves*11:21
akpk<ikonia> <flintwingel> : What if wanna check the existing permission of this file ? /usr/share/sounds/macbuntu11:21
ikoniaaperson: ls -la  /usr/share/sounds/macbuntu11:21
rokyronnieI did it, now I have another problem11:21
ikoniaakpk:  /usr/share/sounds/macbuntu11:21
ikoniaakpk: I'd strongly, very strongly advise you against the macbuntu theme11:21
rokyronniemy connection just.... "Connected"/"Disconected"  "Connected"/"Disconected"  "Connected"/"Disconected" "Connected"/"Disconected" "Connected"/"Disconected" it wont stop doin' this11:21
akpk<ikonia> : I removed it,But one (only one folder still there)11:22
ikoniaakpk: remove the folder then11:24
ericusHow can I fix a DNS leak when using a VPN?11:24
ikoniaericus: you don't "fix" it11:24
ikoniaericus: it's either a security whole in the software, or that specific DNS server has an issue11:25
akpk<ikonia> : I wanna change the file permission to delete the folder,Thats why I am checking existing permission befroe I change the permission.11:25
marnoldor you're not tunneling dns requests11:25
ikoniaakpk: sudo rm -rf /usr/share/macbuntu11:26
ikoniaakpk: sudo rm -rf /usr/share/sounds/macbuntu11:26
marnoldwhich is pretty much a security vuln disguised as a feature11:26
Ranga179ok so heres my story+problem: I downloaded wubi to install ubuntu 11.10, throughout the windows installation bit there were no error messages then it gave me the option to reboot so i rebooted. the laptop automatically went to the terminal-looking screen where it is installing it. eventually it loaded up the purple screen saying "ubuntu" and underneath the word it had the 4 little loading dots. Afetr the loading finished the s11:28
marnoldRanga179, you hit the charector limit11:29
Ranga179I restarted the laptop and selected to boot Ubuntu, then the screen went to the loading screen mentioned earlier without the text and dots, eventually the bottom half of the screen went black and colors started appearing. then the screen went black.11:29
marnoldtry pressing ctrl+alt+f211:30
marnoldmight be a gfx issue11:30
Ranga179at what point in time?11:30
marnoldafter it goes blank11:30
Ranga179ok, thankyou, brb i will try it now11:30
archxjoesnt seem to be much going on11:31
akpk<ikonia> : Thank you friend. ..It worked,that macbuntu crap is deleted.11:31
marnoldjust the word macbuntu sounds nasty11:32
akpk<ikonia> : do u know any Good themes I can install...?11:33
tensorpuddingwhat's macbuntu, is that like wubi for osx or something11:34
fattomciao a tutti11:34
theadmintensorpudding: Just a gnome2 theme which looks like OS X11:35
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:35
tensorpuddingoh wait, i did know that11:35
fattomsono nuovo non so ancora usare11:35
tensorpudding!it | fattom11:35
ubottufattom: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:35
Ranga179aaand i'm back again11:35
fattomok grazie11:36
tensorpuddingvirgolette is the word for those « things?11:36
theadmintensorpudding: Yep, quotes11:36
tensorpuddingthat looks like it would translate as "little virgin"11:36
tensorpuddingbut i don't know italian11:36
theadmintensorpudding: Neither do I lol, just guessing. Besides there is google translate11:37
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Ranga179so i tried pressing Ctrl+alt+f2 and it went to a black screen with text saying: line 1: "the was an unclean file system (0, 0)"  line 2 was something about unsafe windows closing then it said fixing11:37
theadmintensorpudding: Most of those messages all say the same thing, basically "This channel is English only, please type ' /join #ubuntu-XX ' without quotes to enter the channel for your language"11:37
tensorpuddingi can grok italian well enough to guess what words mean if i know what it's saying11:38
Ranga179then after a bit it went to a screen that looked like a black and white maze, but lead no where.11:38
lordjjHello, I have a primary partition holding a windows, and an extended partition with 6 logical partitions inside it, 3 of which are /, /home, and swap for an existing distro. I want to set up a new distro with only a /, and swap. What's the best course of action? Creating a new primary partition for the new distro's /? And if I do so, can I share the swap of the existing distro? Or should I make a logical partition for the new distro inside the extended part11:41
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macelfreshHi, I'm installing ubuntu and a linux distrib for (almost) the first time11:45
macelfreshI have a question regarding partionning11:45
macelfreshif anybody can help11:45
bazhangmacelfresh, whats the question11:45
macelfreshthanks for your interest11:46
macelfreshi have set up a swap11:46
macelfreshand a root11:46
bazhangmacelfresh, on a single line please11:46
macelfreshI'm gonna use my computer with windows 7 too (already installed)11:46
LachezarHello. I am having a strange memory leak using du...11:47
macelfreshmy question is, I have a 500go space that i want to be accessible by both ubuntu and windows 7 (data disc), is it ok to use it as a whole for this purpose and what type should i specify?11:48
ikoniamacelfresh: it's not really the best option to do that11:49
N3M35I5macelfresh: if your on about using it as a junk partition to be read in both windows and ubuntu, go with ntfs woks fine for me11:50
ikoniamacelfresh: the only really cross-compatible file system is fat32 or ntfs11:50
ikoniamacelfresh: ntfs has a closed file system and "works" with linux, but is not %100 stable, although it is "fine", fat32 is stable with both, but has limitations such as file size11:50
N3M35I5if you use fat32, you wont beable to copy anything bigger than 4gb to it11:50
Ben64ntfs gets really weird in linux if you start running out of space11:51
aizensamasomeone can help me with my ubuntu ?11:52
macelfreshikonia, n3m35I5, ok so maybe i should set up a space for windows only, one for linux only and one common?11:52
navahi all11:52
N3M35I5tbh i'd go with ntfs. works fine for me11:52
N3M35I5but if your only going to copy small files (less than 4gb) go with fat3211:52
nava I make a mock-up for let users to choose want to have full screen with luncher or without it. where should i send it ?11:52
bananenkampf-deaizensama, tell the problem :D11:52
aizensamabana, ty :)11:53
aizensamawell, i used virtual box to install ubuntu11:53
aizensamai use a laptop, and i can't connect the ubuntu to internet11:53
bananenkampf-dei believe thats not a problem :P11:54
aizensamaall tutorials on web have failed11:54
macelfreshn3m35I5, it's the file itself that shouldnt be bigger than 4go right? not a groupe of file?11:54
N3M35I5aizensama your network settings on the virtualbox need configuring by the sounds of it11:54
bananenkampf-desorry didn't read the line with your internet...11:54
N3M35I5hmm im not sure about that macelfresh, but i think its the file itself11:54
aizensamai think that's the point where i am dumb :)11:54
macelfreshn3m35i5, thanks for your input11:54
bananenkampf-deaizensama, have you configured a network device for your guest virtual machine? which type is the network adapter? (NAT, bridge, internal network...)11:54
macelfreshI'll see to that11:55
macelfreshthanks again11:55
aizensamainternat network, on my laptop i connect to wireless on my router11:55
aizensamai want to install ubuntu as my main operating system, and i'm afraid i will just look at him :)11:56
bananenkampf-dewhich operating system did you use on the host? windows?11:56
aizensamadunno exactly how to configure11:56
aizensamawindows 711:56
eutheriaother than thunderbird and evolution, is there another imap email client that supports imaps ?11:57
flintwingeleutheria: claws11:57
chat2whats up?11:58
bananenkampf-deyou have to install some driver from virtualbox on windows 7. afaik the drivers aren't signed with a key, and windows 7 64bit doesn't allow you to install such drivers. check the device-manager from windows (i hope you know - i only know the words in german :D) if theres a network-device from virtualbo11:58
eutheriathanks flintwingel11:58
aizensamayep .. i have the driver from virtual box11:58
chat1see ya..11:58
theadminbananenkampf-de: That's not exactly true, you need to install guest additions (if the Windows is guest)11:58
azrielI need help11:59
bananenkampf-detheadmin, not for an internet connection11:59
aizensamai installed also guest addition11:59
theadminaizensama: Have you rebooted since the Virtualbox installation? Are you in the "vboxusers" group?11:59
azrielI am running ubuntu 11.04, on a compaq presario CQ57, every single time i turn it on at some random point in time it freezes11:59
bananenkampf-dewhat sys ifconfig in ubuntu?11:59
aizensamai have in windows at networks adapters - virtual box host-only ethernet adapter11:59
_monk_I only wlan012:00
aizensamatheadmin:  yes12:00
azrielit does not matter what i am doing, it just freezes, the last image on my screen is now in place, and the last second of audio repeats over and over12:00
aizensamainstalled ubuntu on my vb 10 times in 2 days :)12:00
azrielit will only respond to being turned off and then on12:00
azrielgoogle is no help to me12:00
azrieldoes this sound familiar to anyone at all?12:01
bananenkampf-deaizensama, what does 'ifconfig' in your guest put out?12:01
bananenkampf-dei installed windows xp in virtualbox in 2 days lol12:01
bananenkampf-deone time12:01
sKeithshow do i 'scp' files from one machines /usr/local/bin folder to another. i tried scp filename root@2ndcomputer:/usr/local/bin but it is denying me permissions but if i try to do it as user@ then i'm also denied permission. permitrootlogin is already 'yes'12:01
aizensamaeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 08:00:27:1b:9d:5c             inet6 addr: fe80::a00:27ff:fe1b:9d5c/64 Scope:Link12:02
_monk_encap:Ethernet  HWadd12:02
azrielcome on, my computer locks up all the time, surely someone has had thsi problem before?12:02
bananenkampf-dehow is you network device configured in virtual box?12:03
aizensamaso as i understand i need to configure my eth012:03
flintwingelaizensama: in the snetwork ettings for the guest what have you got adapter 1 set to?12:03
eutheriaflintwingel, thanks again! i think i tried claws out some years ago, worked perfectly!12:03
bananenkampf-denormally it's done by vb automatically, but we have to check12:03
flintwingeleutheria: :)12:04
meerkatsdo alsa and libasound make the same thing? should I get rid of one?12:04
aizensamain network i have only 2 items12:04
aizensamaWired and Network proxy12:04
FloodBot1azriel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:04
ikoniaazriel: please stop that, it's not helpful12:05
aizensamaso i think my network adapter on VB is not configured ?12:05
aizensamawell, that kid has a patience problem :)12:05
LachezarWhen I use du I get increase in buffers, but double increase in used memory!12:06
aizensamabananenkampf-de: i can give you team viewer ... to look for yourself :)12:07
flintwingelaizensama: in vbox manager you need to set apater 1 to either bridged or NAT and make sure it uses the same network interface your host machine is using12:07
Skrcciolo1981Good morning everyone, I have a problem with xchat from ubuntu 10.10 I do not emit sounds while having enabled12:07
Skrcciolo1981my version is 2.8.812:07
aizensamaflintwingel: yep, the adapter on VB is set to internal network12:07
macelfreshikonia, I have a last question, i have set up my partitions all right, but before i hit install now, there is this question. The question is in french so I'll translate it without being sure if it's the exact same in the english version of the ubuntu install. Anyway i need to specify where the boot programm should, aka on which partition. Which one should i choose? Thanks12:08
aizensamadoesn't that means it uses the network from my windows ?12:08
aizensamashould i set it to NAT ?12:08
flintwingelaizensama: "internal network" to vbox means "don't talk to anything other than other guests"12:08
flintwingelaizensama: either bridged (if you have a DHCP server on your network) or NAT12:09
kapzHi I am about to buy a new scanner : Canon LiDE 110. It is 'completely' supported by SANE backened called genesys, howeverUbuntu 11.10's sane is only on version 1.0.22, how do I update it?12:09
aizensamasec, ima change the settings in VP12:09
melvincvHi all, I have an issue with Banshee crashing on Natty. Here's the error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/835114/12:09
aizensamafor bridge i have to make any other special setup in ubuntu ?12:10
flintwingelaizensama: no, you shouldn't have to change ubuntu at all12:10
aizensamai saw he auto detected my wi-fi driver12:10
melvincvlooks like I need to install a later version of a database. Could you tell me which package to install for my banshee error?12:11
bananenkampf-deNAT or bridge... i wonder when NAT doesnt work12:11
macelfreshwhich peripheral should i specify to install the boot programm? default is the whole disc12:11
aizensamawell, i'm an idiot :)12:12
aizensamaworked as a charm12:12
aizensamaty all for the assistance12:12
macelfreshwhich peripheral should i specify to install the boot programm? default is the whole disc, anyone? :)12:13
zx81i cant install a flashplayer plug12:13
=== zx81 is now known as Guest78541
Guest78541anybody can help to find a flashplayer compatible12:13
bentkuscompatible to what?12:14
flintwingelbananenkampf-de: NAT make running a server as a guest a bit of a pain...12:14
Guest78541mozilla or google chrome12:14
bananenkampf-deflintwingel what server is running on NAT?12:15
Milos_SDHi ... Why did Ubuntu switched from ffmpeg to libav?12:15
bananenkampf-dei don't understand12:15
fidelGuest78541: an easy solution for flash inside FF is using the ff-extension Flash-Aid12:16
fideljust one of several ways to mess with that topic12:16
bananenkampf-deMils_SD none can understand XD doesn't matter, install the package and be happy :) done the same12:16
flintwingelbananenkampf-de: in answer to your question " i wonder when NAT doesnt work".... if you have a guest that's acting as a server (maybe a webserver) you wouldn't want to use NAT as it would make it difficult to access the server12:16
bananenkampf-deflintwingel, okay - thank you. yes i read about this, it's possible to do port-forwarding with NAT but its difficult and stupid, for a server i use bridge :)12:17
ikoniaflintwingel: most web servers are natted12:17
kapzHi I am about to buy a new scanner : Canon LiDE 110. It is 'completely' supported by SANE backened called genesys, howeverUbuntu 11.10's sane is only on version 1.0.22, how do I update it?12:17
ikoniabananenkampf-de: it is not difficult or stupid to use nat12:18
ikoniakapz: you can't update it using official packages12:18
flintwingelikonia: not sure that's true12:18
ikoniaflintwingel: it is true12:18
bananenkampf-deikonia: explain - i haven't so much experience with virtualized servers. i think its "cleaner" to use bridged12:18
ikoniabananenkampf-de: then use what you want12:18
flintwingelikonia: I don't want to quibble but could you provide any supporting evidence...12:19
bananenkampf-deikonia: i do, but i want to understand why you say this :)12:19
ikoniaflintwingel: I work with major hosting providers and most servers are natted12:19
debohi everyone i want to learn something about python, is there a nice python channel here?12:19
ikoniadebo: #python12:19
kapzikonia: Any other way? Thanks12:20
ikoniakapz: only ways I would not advise you do12:20
p1l0tI keep getting this Error 6 in libwebkit when my browser (ephihany but all my browsers have been crashing since last upgrade) crashes.. It is a known bug on launchpad one guy thinks it comes from libgcrypt11 and claims reverting to natty libgcrypt11 fixes the problem. How do I downgrade a package? Is there an easy command like sudo apt-downgrade or something or do I have to do manual install?12:20
meerkatswhat do I need for alsamixer to work?12:21
meerkatsI have reinstalled all alsa packages found in synaptic, and it still not there12:21
meerkatsit is*12:21
flintwingelikonia: i find that a stange way to approach public web servers given some of the problems of NAT... why is it done?12:21
ikoniaflintwingel: because there is no problem with nat12:21
Guest78541anybody know the terminal commande to install update of flash player12:22
ikoniaGuest78541: when an update is available, the ubuntu package manager will offer you the update12:22
bananenkampf-deGuest78541, i think you installed it with ubuntu (install restricted extras)? so it'updated automatically12:23
Guest78541i have found a rpm but i can install it12:23
gingerlingHi, not been able to install stuff from repos for a while12:23
gingerlingkeep getting Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/liba/libav/libavdevice52_0.6.2-1ubuntu1.1_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80] stuff12:23
ikoniaGuest78541: you can't use rpms, they are designed for redhat systems12:23
gingerlingany ideas whats up with that?12:23
ikoniagingerling: yes, that file is not on that server12:23
gingerlingikonia: is that a problem with the repos then?12:24
melvincvHi all, I have an issue with Banshee crashing on Natty. Here's the error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/835114/ looks like I need to install a later version of some 'database'. Could you tell me which package to install for my banshee to work?12:24
Guest78541i have try to install with logitecch12:24
Guest78541no result12:24
petsoundsmeerkats: you run it in terminal.12:24
ikoniagingerling: it's a problem with that server if it's in other repos12:24
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
gingerlingikonia: Is there any way for me to solve this? All I am doing is opening software centre and trying to install stuff as normal12:25
bananenkampf-deGuest78541, which version of ubuntu did you use?12:25
gingerlingbut havent been able to do anything for aaages12:25
p1l0tsudo apt-get install pkg=[version?]12:25
ikoniagingerling: check other servers to see if the file is there12:26
gingerlingikonia: sorry, I am a non-tech, not sure how to do this12:26
ikoniagingerling: open the link in a web browser12:26
melvincvJust before this banshee error, I updated ubuntu one.12:26
ro_70show can I install updates from the commandline? I mean the updates I see under "Updates Available" in gnome12:26
Guest78541beback in 20mn12:26
melvincvIf that has anything to do with banshee crashing...12:26
gingerlingikonia: which link12:27
ikoniagingerling: the link you just posted12:27
gingerlingikonia: just searches for it like its a word12:28
gingerlingand nothing comes up12:28
gingerlingi get you npw12:28
gingerlingit says not found12:29
FloodBot1gingerling: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:29
ikoniagingerling: http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/liba/libav/libavdevice52_0.6.2-1ubun12:29
ikoniagingerling: that is the link12:29
ikoniagingerling: testing that link (not security.ubuntu.com) on other repo servers will confirm if the file should be there or not12:29
ro_70soo I see12:29
gingerlingoh man this is well over my head today : ( Just want to install openshot12:30
gingerlingtried using menu to move to main server from ukay server and it says this now : Package [dbus.String(u'openshot')] isn't available12:34
=== dan__ is now known as Guest37282
p1l0tsudo apt-get install libgcrypt11=1.4.6-4ubuntu212:35
p1l0tis wrong version12:36
p1l0tHow do I downgrade to 1.4.6?12:36
ikoniawhat do you mean "is wrong"12:36
p1l0tE: Version '1.4.6-4ubuntu2' for 'libgcrypt11' was not found12:36
JadedJacobJust tried booting off a live CD12:37
JadedJacobbut my system just displayed some pattern after i chose 'try ubuntu with out installing'12:38
ikoniap1l0t: why don't you use the version ubuntu provides you ?12:39
p1l0tikonia: Ephiphany keeps crashing with Error 6 in libwebkit which is known bug. One person claims it is related to another known bug in libgcrypt11 and that downgrading to the natty version solves the problem. I want to try it.12:40
JadedJacobWhat happened to the safe graphics mode?12:41
ikoniap1l0t: are you using natty ?12:41
JadedJacobnever mind, I set | acpi=off12:41
p1l0tikonia: negative12:42
p1l0tikonia: Oneric12:42
* p1l0t is freaking out because the silence is deafening.12:49
melvincvhow do i resize pics in shotwell?12:50
* melvincv sees 1525 people here, wow12:52
p1l0tmelvincv: They are all busy busy bees working, coding...12:52
melvincvp1l0t, me too, but I'm a system admin :)12:53
sKeithshow do i scp as root?12:54
p1l0tsudo scp12:54
sKeithson remote machine12:54
damo22scp blah root@host12:55
sKeithsits ubuntu, so it goes permission denied. i don;t know how to enable this12:55
damo22the remote machine is ubuntu?12:55
jribsKeiths: are you sure you need to?12:55
sKeithsboth machines12:56
sKeithsi want to migrate my users from old to new12:56
sKeithsso i need scp as root on both machines12:56
jribsKeiths: so go to the old computer, use sudo to scp a tar of /home (I assume by "migrate users" you just mean copy /home), and then deal with it at new using sudo12:57
sKeithsokay, so make a file and move it, instead of all the files12:58
jribsKeiths: sure, that's one way12:58
damo22sKeiths: to make it painless, make the GIDs and UIDs the same for respective users on both machines then when you untar it will preserve permissions12:59
melvincvI need a tutorial on scp13:01
meerkatscan anyone PLEASE confirm if linux-alsa-driver-modules-$(uname -r) is the same as linux-alsa-driver-modules generic13:01
meerkatsthefirst reference is found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules, the second one comes from the reloaded synatptic packages after adding the new ppa13:02
ychaouchehello #ubuntu, If i install apache will it install mod_php as a dependency ?13:02
melvincvHi all, I have an issue with Banshee crashing on Natty. Here's the error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/835114/ looks like I need to install a later version of some 'database'. Could you tell me which package to install for my banshee to work?13:02
ychaoucheOr let me ask the question differntly, what's the right package name to install apache and mod_php (and maybe some more things) alltogether ?13:03
melvincvychaouche, install LAMP server by $ sudo tasksel  and select LAMP server13:04
JadedJacobSo seems acpi=off helps with boot problems with legacy hardware :D13:04
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
ychaouchemelvincv: ok thanks.13:04
JadedJacobJust about to partition my 149.05 Gii13:05
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
JadedJacobGiB drive for Windows XP and ubuntu dual boot, got any good recommendations?13:05
JadedJacobShall I put the swap drive at the start of the drive?13:06
JadedJacobwhen paritioning, shall I use 'align to:' MiB or cylinder13:10
ikoniap1l0t: don't mix versions/packages13:10
akpkGood theme for Ubuntu 11.10 ??13:12
scarra3Sup everyone13:12
bazhang!themes | akpk look here13:12
computer_Hi there all13:12
ubottuakpk look here: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy13:12
computer_Say, I am having a heck of a time trying to setup a hotspot in 11.1013:13
computer_and also trying to convert an .img to an .sio13:13
eagles0513875|hey guys where is fontconfig located so i can add it to the environmental path13:14
ikoniaeagles0513875|: search for it13:14
scarra3Well tonight I am fully moving both my computer over to ubuntu 11.1013:16
p1l0tikonia: OK :( I guess I'll deal with random browser crashes till April.13:17
p1l0tHopefully libgcrypt11 will be fixed in new version13:17
JadedJacobOn a pentium 4 2.4ghz, shall I use Ext4 or Ext3 as my '/' partition ?13:19
melvincvJadedJacob, both will work...13:19
JadedJacobI want as much performance as possible :)13:20
JadedJacobFor watching flash videos :D13:20
JadedJacobit's a 160GB drive13:20
llutzJadedJacob: you won#t see any difference between ext3/413:21
theadminJadedJacob: ext4 has some new filesystem options (large fs support, extents, multiblock allocation etc), but most of the time ext3 and ext4 perform the same. ext3 has more compatibility though (older, better tested)... I use ext3 myself, can't complain heh13:23
KamshakI'm trying to use an ubuntu server as router, i configured bind and added a zone, when i use nslookup router.lan.slz.local it returns the right ip, when i hower try to ping router.lan.slz.local it says unknown host. What could be the problem?13:23
[666]tv card that works well with ubuntu, anyone?13:24
[666](QAM, FM, HDTV, et al support)13:25
bazhanghttp://www.linuxtv.org/   [666] take a look here13:25
=== zx81 is now known as Guest85691
Guest85691why flashshplayer dont work with myspace ( sys oneric 11.10 86 x 64)13:26
[666]thanks for that. already been. I was hoping for a good user experience.13:26
JadedJacobtheadmin: thanks.13:26
JadedJacobI think I might use ext3.13:26
DerFlashdoes anyone know a way to directly stream glc-capture'ed videos to vlc>justintv ?!13:27
DerFlashinstead of just recording and glc-play'ing it later13:27
theadminJadedJacob: I would also like to point out that not all bootloaders have ext4 support (old grub doesn't support ext4, and I think syslinux doesn't either)13:27
JadedJacobi'm about to install lubuntu 11.1013:27
Guest85691i have trying to use a player in myspace ( not compatible with flash )))13:28
Guest85691is there a solution ???13:29
computer_That's great JadedJacob, just don't expect the HotSpot feature to work13:29
JadedJacobhotspot feature?13:29
computer_You know when you turn your wireless card into a accesspoint for others13:30
Guest85691anybody have trying to read a player myspace ???13:30
JadedJacoboh right, hotspot doesn't work on Lubuntu?13:30
theadminGuest85691: Nobody uses myspace anymore so you'll have to wait for some hipster to answer... Have patience :)13:31
actarushi, sorry, I have a little problem with samba, I want to share my Music folder with other computers, and I did, but I can't see the subfolders and files, can please somebody help me?13:31
theadminJadedJacob: If you install the traditional networkmanager it will work just like in the standard edition13:31
JadedJacobthe hotspot feature seems to be working fine on the live cd13:31
pros977I'll need to find my delorean in order to answer the myspace question13:32
JadedJacob...of lubuntu13:32
theadminJadedJacob: Very well then, just ignore what that person said, might be their hardware.13:32
Guest85691sorry my realy question : (if anybody user of oneric 86_64 11.10 have try to open a player of myspace music)13:32
theadminGuest85691: Please stop repeating, I suggest you try the VLC plugin (if it's not Flash then it's likely just the traditional media plugin). No idea how though.13:33
theadminGuest85691: Or it could be Java. Dunno.13:34
wolfricgui for nagios? There seem to be a million and one, is there any preferred/standard one for settingup + viewing monitoring from nagios3?13:34
JadedJacobGuest85691, what do you mean?13:34
wolfrichttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Nagios3 not much on here13:34
JadedJacob"read a player myspace"13:35
aguiteli am installing ubuntu with minimal.iso ,how install minimal kde ?13:35
actarussamba, somebody?13:37
Guest85691jadedJacob, when i want read a music on any myspace13:37
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».13:37
Guest85691jadedJacob, it crash on flashplayer...13:38
=== LinoSP is now known as LinoSP|away
JadedJacobYou mean listen to music?13:38
morgajel_hey guys, can you think of any reason why 11.10 would show a single processor for an intel core 2 duo in /proc/cpuinfo?13:39
Guest85691jadedJacob, yes13:39
lmontrieuxmorgajel_, are you sure it only shows one CPU? Remember the count starts at 013:39
morgajel_heh, yes, I'm sure.13:40
llutzmorgajel_: grep cores /proc/cpuinfo13:40
morgajel_disclaimer: I'm a sysadmin over 800 servers assisting one of our devs with their ubuntu image for their workstations13:41
morgajel_llutz: 113:41
morgajel_you can ratchet me up to tier two :)13:41
llutzmorgajel_: uname -a13:41
morgajel_it says it's an SMP kernel13:42
lmontrieuxmorgajel_, sorry, didn't want to question your technical knowledge :)13:42
morgajel_lmontrieux: no problem, been there before13:42
theadminmorgajel_: You sure nobody stole the real CPU and replaced it with a pentium 2 or something? xD13:42
theadmin(just kidding, don't mind me)13:42
morgajel_we're seeing it on all of the newly imaged machines, optiplex 760's.13:43
morgajel_opensuse is what they were using, and it detects the kernel properly13:43
morgajel_I'll be DAMNED if I let them go back to that mess.13:43
ikoniamorgajel_: I've seen this issue once before, I'm just seeing if I have info on it13:43
morgajel_ikonia: danke, the googles have been of no use so far13:44
melvincvhi all, figured out that I had to rename a file called banshee.db to get banshee running. I have a user profile from Oneiric. Then I removed Oneiric and installed Natty. Hence the error. Now how do I restore my library?13:44
ikoniait was quite an obscure issue as I recall13:44
deboubuntu  make my laptop very hot13:44
deboit  going to break it haha13:45
lmontrieuxdebo, you might want to use 'top' to find out whether a process is using a lot of resources13:45
morgajel_debo: I find flash turns mine into a reactor13:46
Adriannomwhat's the best way to have an up to date ubuntu without unity?13:46
deboinstall 11.0413:46
ephelionAre you having problems with your video card? You could install Unity 2D.13:46
lmontrieuxAdriannom, just install the latest Ubuntu and use something else, like Gnome 3, Xfce, KDE, you-name-it?13:46
theadminAdriannom: Install Xubuntu, Lubuntu or Kubuntu.13:46
DJones!nounity | Adriannom13:47
debo11.04 is much better than 11.10 from my point of view13:47
ubottuAdriannom: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic13:47
Adriannomok i already tried with gnome fallback, but gnome-shell is gnome 3 is it?13:47
=== niceguyj_ is now known as niceguyjames
lmontrieuxAdriannom, yes it is13:47
actarusneed help with samba, please...13:47
Adriannomcool, google has too much crap out there to find that simple suggestion, thanks13:48
morgajel_ikonia: if you recall any search terms I'll start googling for it13:48
debognome 3 is even buggy than unity13:48
scarleomorgajel_, can this be of any help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=108462213:48
Adriannomdebo: really?13:48
Adriannomdebo: i just want 10.04 but with up to date packages tbh13:48
sattu94yea.. 10.04 was col.13:49
deboi like 11.04 which still has gnome 213:49
Adriannomgnome fallback isn't the same though13:49
morgajel_worth a try scarleo13:49
melvincvdebo, me too. I've downgraded to Natty keeping the same home folders.13:50
sliptteeshi all13:50
ikoniamorgajel_: I didn't google, I worked it out with the guy13:50
nvictorhey all13:50
pros977I agree on the fallback comment. I use xfce now. Not a big Unity fan13:50
nvictori am trying to create a symbolic link to a directory on mnt13:51
nvictorand it's failing13:51
sliptteesI burn data file with brasero... now dvd doesnt open13:51
sliptteesmy CD/DVD disappear13:51
Adriannomhowever, fallback is as good as i'll get to 10.04 up to date is it?13:52
theadminAdriannom: Correct.13:52
sliptteesI burn data file with brasero... now dvd doesnt open  Put dvd in Driver my CD/DVD disappear.13:52
melvincvI suggest an autoconfigured Xchat in Ubuntu by default, just like the one in Mint, so that all can get support easily...13:52
melvincvslipttees, what is the version of brasero?13:53
=== _apostate_ is now known as Watney
SilexI heard there are experimental repositories... I'm trying to find/install the latest Qt 4.8 by using a .deb/whatever13:55
SilexI know I can compile the source myself but I'd like it to be managed by aptitude13:55
bazhangSilex, for kubuntu?13:55
Silexubuntu 10.1013:56
Silexit's an old box, but maybe I'll upgrade to the latest ubuntu if it's really a showstopper13:56
bazhangSilex, you are referring to a PPA perhaps13:57
sliptteesmelvincv: last ubuntu 11.1013:57
debowhen the next ubuntu come out? sirs13:58
bazhangdebo, April this year13:58
melvincvslipttees, maybe try XFburn13:59
bazhang#ubuntu+1 for discussion debo13:59
theadmindebo: Ubuntu has releases in April and October every year. Usually at the end of the respective months.13:59
Silexbazhang: you mean https://launchpad.net/ubuntu ?13:59
Silexcoulnd't find Qt 4.8 on it13:59
sliptteesmelvincv: ??14:00
KujisHello. Does anyone know how can I change the starting folder of emacs?14:00
kad_hey, i need help i have ubuntu 11.04 i want thunderbird to be my default client and appear in the top of the "message" icon instead of Email Evolution.. how? i have removed the "email evolution" thanks in advance14:00
MrKeunerhello, any suggestions for a website deployment tool?14:00
sliptteesI burn data file with brasero... now dvd doesnt open  Put dvd in Driver my CD/DVD disappear. Please Help!14:00
neanthello, what GUI app is there for a countdown timer I could use (that stays in taskbar and triggers some kind of alarm/popup when it expires)?14:02
morgajel_scarleo: ikonia: no dice on the kernel param change.14:02
melvincvslipttees, you want one of the best? k3b is perhaps the most useful14:02
akpkGood theme for Ubuntu 11.10 ??14:02
sliptteesmelvincv: i'm use gnome/unity14:02
ikoniapersonal choice, find one you like14:02
sliptteesk3b need kde sucks!14:02
bazhangakpk, I gave you a link on where to look, please dont poll here14:03
bazhang!themes | akpk please look here14:03
ubottuakpk please look here: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy14:03
akpk<ubottu> : Thank you.14:04
meerkatsaplay -l list no soundcard, lspci lists it, what do I do next?14:04
akpk<bazhang>  : I din see the link,Sorry.14:04
melvincvslipttees, I'm on Gnome too. I see xfburn just a 1.5MB download from the repos (whereas k3b is very large due to the KDE libs)14:04
meerkatsI have done https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/InstallingLinuxAlsaDriverModules14:04
meerkatsbut no difference a t all14:04
debois there has a channel talk about python i want learn something about it. thx14:05
sliptteesmelvincv: why my cd/dvd dissaper?14:05
KujisHello. Does anyone know how can I change the starting folder of emacs?14:05
sliptteesmelvincv: why my cd/dvd disapper?14:05
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KujisDoes anyone know how can I change the starting folder of emacs?14:06
bazhangdebo, try #python14:06
bazhangKujis, there is a channel #emacs if you don't get an answer here14:07
melvincvslipttees, look at the light of your drive, if it is still blinking (for a long time) perhaps your disc is damaged14:07
kapzhi! I really am in need of a desktop clock-widget on Ubuntu 11.10? Any help is appreciated14:08
sliptteesmelvincv: no, no blinking for long time.14:08
theadminkapz: Try screenlets14:09
theadminkapz: Or conky maybe14:09
melvincvslipttees, try again14:09
sliptteesmelvincv: i try on others computer (linux)14:09
sliptteessame problem14:09
melvincvslipttees, I see 3 reasons, brasero, or your disc, or your drive.14:10
melvincvslipttees, brasero is quite buggy14:11
sliptteesmelvincv: all (60)computers with ubuntu Linux 11.1014:11
sliptteesmelvincv: i hate brasero...14:11
aLeSDhi all14:11
aLeSDsomeone could suggest me an app to mount remote servers ?14:11
roastedhello! does anybody know offhand a way to launch network manager's gui via terminal?14:11
melvincvslipttees, most people have bad experience with it.14:11
sliptteesmelvincv: damn... ubuntu need good cd/dvd burn.14:12
kapzWoW! it works exactly as I wanted! kudos and thanks to you theadmin :)14:12
* melvincv wonders why brasero is not replaced?14:12
roastedslipttees: uh. does it not?14:12
sliptteesmelvincv: gnomebaker maybe14:12
kapzscreenlets should be a part of standard IMHO.14:12
roastedgnomebaker, k3b, brasero, all pro apps14:12
kapz*standard install14:12
sliptteesbrasero sucks!!14:12
sliptteeskd3 need kde libs14:12
* melvincv burned a coaster with gnomebaker.14:13
sliptteesgnomebaker... not trust14:13
theadminslipttees: Try gnomebaker or xfburn...14:13
theadminslipttees: I just use genisoimage and cdrecord from command-line actually14:13
roastedbrasero is quite a fine burning app actually14:13
roastedI use it quite frequently and have no issues14:13
roastedand what's the problem with ubuntu using kde libs? more and more qt is being baked into ubuntu to begin with.14:13
roastedit hardly makes a difference anymore except to overbearing gnome zealots14:14
sliptteesroasted: do not like kde14:14
* melvincv wonders why he should download 150MB to use a DVD burning app (k3b)14:14
roastedmelvincv: due to the kde libs involved with k3b.14:15
sliptteeswodim problem?14:15
roastedis there a way to launch network manager from terminal?14:15
virhilohow to force udev to mount disk as some user? ENV{ID_FS_UUID_ENC}=="6b04d72e-a2fd-474c-be71-e29c1dedef49", ENV{mount_options}="$env{mount_options},user=virhilo" seems to not work:/14:16
SeasluGnwapplet i think14:16
melvincvroasted, then why there isn't something comparable to k3b in Gnome??? If I could spend, I would do so on Nero Linux... I'm frustrated.14:16
roastedmelvincv: why is it a big deal that you don't want to install k3b in gnome? it makes little/no sense to me why it would make a difference.14:17
theadminmelvincv: xfburn works, brasero works... What's the problem with them?14:17
roastedmelvincv: not to mention, there are countless other burning programs out there.14:17
sliptteesmelvincv: someone owes me a blank dvd. :p14:17
roastedmelvincv: in fact, if you want to know some honest truth, k3b was one of the apps that attracted me to ubuntu and showed me what kind of quality free an dopen source software can provide.14:17
roastedmelvincv: since then, though, I just use brasero, because it's included, easy to use, and haven't had a single problem with it.14:18
JadedJacobI'm having all sorts of problems getting ubuntu installed14:18
sliptteesroasted: get source kd3 export to gnome libs and G3b :p14:18
sliptteesroasted: make g3b burn. based on k3b with gnome libs14:19
* melvincv has burnt coasters with brasero and gnomebaker, no issue on Windows, yet to try k3b and XFburn. Maybe XFburn.14:19
melvincvMy last option is non-free software!14:19
roastedslipttees: why would I make another burning application when there are COUNTLESS awesome ones available RIGHT now?14:19
roastedmelvincv: sorry I couldn't help you any further. Your frustration is confusing to me.14:19
roastedmelvincv: as I said, countless great burning apps available. No reason whatsoever to be frustrated.14:20
sliptteesroasted: :-/14:20
sliptteesroasted: help!14:20
melvincvok roasted, I feel better now. Free software has countless options :)14:20
sKeithsany idea on how to debug my ls takes 10 seconds on a directory14:21
JadedJacobat the very end of my install, the screen went corrupt.14:21
JadedJacobI restarted and got a grub error.14:21
JadedJacobIt didn't even make to the grub boot loader.14:21
JadedJacobI'm trying an older version now.14:21
JadedJacobtried installing 11.1014:21
compdocJadedJacob, why are you installing an OS in the first place? did the old OS stop working?14:26
JadedJacobI'm switching from windowsXP to a fresh install of ubuntu14:28
roastedwhy is clementine so awesome14:30
JadedJacobGreat now my pc is in a loop of trying to power up :(14:30
dohertyHow can I configure my ssh client to not attempt certain authentication methods, even if the server supports them (gssapi-with-mic, kerberos)14:30
compdocJadedJacob, sounds like a hardware issue14:31
JadedJacobmy BIOS is complaing about the CPU, yet the CPU never gets over 40c14:31
charnelwell I am coding a php application with mod rewrite . I can view pages but when I try to visit a defined route -- admin -- I get cannot connect error.14:32
charnelAnybody knows how to solve it.14:32
tracoi have problem14:35
tracoSegmentation faultsts... 0% with apt-get14:35
lmontrieuxcharnel, you might want to look at your apache logs and see what's going on14:35
superdave321!ask | traco14:35
ubottutraco: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:35
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LincKrakeranyone have a quad monitor setup with nvidia cards? i can't get desktop effects working14:36
sliptteesroasted: k3b use cdrdao and brasero use wodim.14:37
morgajel_scarleo: ikonia: Success! /etc/default/grub, I changed acpi=noirq, then reran update-grub.14:37
scarleomorgajel_, great news!14:37
roastedslipttees: and again I ask14:37
roastedwhy. does. it. matter.14:37
roasteddoes it burn your cd? or does the cdrdao vs wodim somehow prevent you from burning cds?14:37
kulhasI am trying to setup apache and kerberos. while I have a sucessufull auth with kinit, the auth in apache server fails with:  "krb5_get_init_creds_password() failed: KDC reply did not match expectations" , I would like to see kerberos log's and what kind of user is using, but its not creating log files. can anyone help me?14:38
United7I am running Ubuntu in Vmplayer with my windows 7 machine. Everytime I lock my windows machine...Ubuntu timeout after 60 seconds...is anywhere how to fix this ?>14:38
ikoniaUnited7: I'd contact vmware on that one, sounds like a vmware bug14:39
charnellmontrieux, The problem I get is unable to connect so it does not log anything.14:39
superdave321United7: Try #vmware14:39
compdoctraco, try apt-get clean, then apt-get update14:39
compdocthen apt-get upgrade14:39
United7Sorry.. it is vmware player14:40
lmontrieuxcharnel, is apache running?14:40
United7but the timeout box appears inside Ubuntu14:40
ikoniaUnited7: still a vmware product14:40
tracoSegmentation faultsts... 0% :(14:40
Netham46Is there a way to set the unity bar to not autohide?14:40
lmontrieuxcharnel, look at your error log, it should tell you what's wrong. Increase log verbosity if necessary14:40
compdocUnited7, doesnt sound like an ubuntu issue14:40
United7I see14:40
tracois possibol remove apt-get and reinstall it?14:40
United7but, let me show you all the screenshot14:40
ikoniatraco: not really now14:41
ikoniatraco: why do you want to re-install it ?14:41
=== one is now known as asd
ikoniatraco: you can do it through a chroot enviornment but I wouldn't advise it14:41
compdoctraco, can you ping www.google.com from that machine?14:41
mbeierlUnited7, it's probably something like Windows7 is suspending the vm when you lock it14:41
tracoping is work14:42
asdis there a way to browse the ubuntu software center in the terminal?14:42
theadminasd: apt-get, apt-cache...14:43
theadminasd: aptitude is best for a pseudo-GUI14:43
minthy_freshasd: You could install aptitude, it has a command line gui14:43
United7this is the screenshot http://i41.tinypic.com/21n0fet.jpg14:43
sliptteesroasted: quite a coincidence "cdrdao" work and "wodim" not ... remember brasero with cdrdao, never had problems.14:43
minthy_freshtheadmin: you beat me to it :)14:44
sliptteesnow wodim, only problems.14:44
Gateway`hello everybody, I have a problem with a database called horde. Error messages appear when I boot the system and I can't access phpmyadmin14:44
alessandro_ !list14:45
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:45
someone235there's a cli version for ubuntu one? (i'm using ubuntu server)14:45
ikoniaGateway`: define can't access14:45
minthy_freshGateway`: For access to phpmyadmin you could try another browser first14:45
morgajel_scarleo: ikonia: and now it's documented for prosperity: http://morgajel.net/2012/02/09/118414:46
Gateway`ikonia, I mean that I type the login and the password and it keeps ask me the same thing, it's like that it's wrong14:46
mbeierlUnited7, yep.  I'd say that Windows 7 is telling the VM to shutdown.  That is either a Windows 7 or VMWare player setting somewhere.  As suggested earlier, either #vmware or #windows...  Ubuntu is doing what it is told to do and behaving correctly14:46
ikoniamorgajel_: well done14:46
ikoniaGateway`: ok, so it's most likley that the database isn't running14:46
United7i see14:46
Gateway`however, when I access on command line using mysql -u root -p14:46
United7will do14:46
United7thank you14:46
ikoniaGateway`: try starting the database or accessing it via the command line14:46
morgajel_thanks for your assistance guys.14:46
mbeierlUnited7, for what help it, was... you're welcome :)14:46
Gateway`ikonia, done via command line14:46
ikoniaGateway`: and does it work ?14:46
Gateway`ikonia, yes it does14:47
ikoniaGateway`: ok, so the database is running and the account credentials are fine, so the problem is around phpmyadmin14:47
ikoniaGateway`: make sure the session is not cached14:47
ikoniaGateway`: look in the apache logs and the mysql logs to see what's going on14:47
=== niceguyj_ is now known as niceguyjames
dohertyIs it possible to configure my ssh client to not attempt certain authentication methods? (trying gssapi-with-mic & kerberos is slow & I want to skip those)14:49
Gateway`ikonia, all I can say is that many error messages apprear when I start the server, and these messages show something related to horde database14:49
=== Mwa_ is now known as Mwa
ikoniaGateway`: thats not all you can say, actually look at the error messages, understand them, note them down, ask for help with them14:50
ikoniaGateway`: how are we meant to help you if the best information you can give is "there are errors"14:50
MwaIs www.ubunut.com some kind of scam site?14:51
United7anyone can recommend a good movie editor for Ubuntu ?14:51
Gateway`ikonia, mysql log tells that a mysql process already exists14:51
ikoniaGateway`: that just means it's already running14:51
ikoniaMwa: no idea, don't care14:51
ikoniaMwa: not an ubuntu isssue14:51
Gateway`ikonia, because I've already tried to restart it14:51
kapzBest way to share files/dirs between two linux machines? I have heard abt nfs a lot, but all articles related to it are old, also ubuntu does not provide it by default...so which is the best way?14:51
ikoniaGateway`: ok - so how is that relevant14:52
ikoniaGateway`: find the errors and work them through14:52
alessandro_scusate, buon serata a tutti14:52
john_doe_jrhow would you use grep to remove files of a certain type?14:52
ikonia!list > alessandro_14:52
ubottualessandro_, please see my private message14:52
erik32533i guess with ubuntu 11.1014:52
ikonialucia: please don't paste that sort of thing here14:52
erik32533u can not remove firefox 1014:52
ikonialucia: it's a support channel14:53
petsoundsUnited7: i really like kdenlive14:53
christoferWhen trying to setup my LPB5050 printer in Ubuntu 11.04 via  network, its found by the "printing" gui and I have the  drivers, it says "idle- ready to print". But when I try to  print nothing will print, still it says it was printed? The  setup works fine from windows. What can be the problem?14:53
erik32533piece of shit version of firefox14:53
ikoniaerik32533: tone down the language14:53
alessandro_grazie mille14:53
erik3253310 aint stable14:53
DJonesMwa: That website is registered by Canonical14:53
Gateway`ikonia, there is no error message. I told " all what I can say... " because it happens when I start the server and it goes so quickly to note them down. Sorry for that14:53
ikoniaGateway`: forget what happens when it starts14:53
ikoniaGateway`: stop the database, - clear the log, restart it,14:53
meerkatsI have alsa base installed 1.0.24, but http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=3847b3ada3e07bd8fa56e6b15aa98917b6467b31 says that there are no alsa drivers, how so?14:53
ikoniaGateway`: see what happens, look in the apache access and error log14:54
erik32533i guess go back an reinstall ubuntu 11.1014:54
Gateway`ikonia, ok14:54
erik32533this time i wont install updates14:54
ikoniaerik32533: do you want help - or just to rant ?14:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:54
kapzGUI Access between two linux computers w/o the need of credentials...?14:54
erik32533when i updates stuff stops working14:54
nebbieI have a question unrelated to ubuntu, where can I ask off topic?14:54
ikoniaerik32533: do you want help - or just to rant ?14:54
ikonianebbie: #ubuntu-offtopic14:54
ikonianebbie: ##linux for generic linux14:54
superdave321!it > alessandro_14:55
ubottualessandro_, please see my private message14:55
ikonianebbie: #defocus for general chat14:55
erik32533is all im saying14:55
superdave321 14:55
Scarra3Hey everyone14:55
erik32533it wont let me go back to firefox 814:55
ikoniaerik32533: no it won't14:55
erik32533or firefox 914:55
erik32533ill just have to ignore the updates14:56
kapzalright let me rephrase: is nfs 'still' the best way to share files between two linux boxes, even today?14:56
ikoniaerik32533: do you want help - or do you want to rant ?14:56
holsteinerik32533: i typically turn off auto-updating, and the update notifications14:56
TehAndrewRyanOkay, I need some serious help with rdiff-backup here. I'm using this program to backup files on my server, and now I need to restore an old directory, but I don't have the directory anymore, just the diffs inside the 'increments' folder. Is there some way I can restore the directory using only the <file> directory inside of 'increments' ?14:57
erik32533so after fresh install of ubuntu 11.1014:57
erik32533do u run any updates14:57
ikoniaerik32533: please pastebin your current /etc/apt/sources.list file14:57
erik32533how do i do that14:58
TehAndrewRyanSorry if that didn't make any sense, basically what I mean is that the directory I want to backup is located inside of the folder 'increments', but every file inside of that directory is saved as a diff. I want to be able to restore the original files using the diffs, if that's possible.14:58
minthy_fresherik32533: If you added a ppa for Firefox 10, the you might be able to purge it with ppa-purge: http://www.google.nl/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=ppa+purge&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CEEQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.webupd8.org%2F2010%2F08%2Fppa-purge-added-to-official-ubuntu-1010.html&ei=qt4zT8ClG9GYOpSajPoB&usg=AFQjCNFXdiwoaHltWMBo1s4WyGLxt6DdSA&sig2=66ethMiElQGGXoEC1ukTow14:58
holsteinerik32533: well, i do... i run them right after installing... but you dont *need* to... if you are new to ubuntu, and want to take some time to get used to the packaging system, and how software is maintained in ubuntu14:58
bigmahatmahello. How can I block incoming or outgoing torrent traffic?14:58
ikoniayou do not need a PPA14:58
ikoniathere is no need for a PPA14:58
holsteinbigmahatma: i would do that at the gateway.. r jut stop the torrent server/client14:58
holsteinor just*14:58
Scarra3when I install ubuntu should I unplug all my usb like my wireless, external, and webcamera14:59
bigmahatmaI'd need to do it locally14:59
minthy_freshSorry for the long URL14:59
bigmahatmaand I'd wish to selectively stop incoming or outgoing traffic14:59
tracocan we hel me ?14:59
erik32533no ppa added14:59
minthy_fresherik32533: Did you build it?15:00
CharminTheMooseAnyone know why when I copy a file into a tmpfs mounted directory, the RAM usage doubles or so from the size of the file? The file is a squashfs filesystem.15:00
erik32533yahoo spades crashes under firefox 1015:00
ikoniaerik32533: please pastebin the sources.list file15:00
ikoniaerik32533: that is a java plugin15:00
smagic39hi all15:00
erik32533no firefox15:00
erik32533it was working15:00
christoferI really need help about my printer :S15:01
erik32533then as soon i as i installed firefox 10 it stopped15:01
ikoniaerik32533: tell you what, you seem to not want to give the info I'm asking for, you seem to just want to rant about how bad it is and you don't want to work through resolving it, so I suggest you do what you want, but stop going on15:01
erik32533i donmt knoew how to run that command yur asking15:02
ikoniaerik32533: ok, so that's what you say instead of ignoring it15:02
TehAndrewRyanSo many users, yet no answer...15:02
ikoniaerik32533: open http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and then copy the contents of the /etc/apt/sources.list file into it15:02
christoferAnyone good with printers? :S15:02
erik32533im not as advanced in linux as u r15:02
United7petsounds, thanks15:02
ikoniaTehAndrewRyan: so little patience, 3 minutes before moaning of no help, well done15:03
erik32533where do i find this on firefox15:04
ikoniaerik32533: find what on firefox15:04
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)15:04
erik32533the ect source files15:04
ikoniaerik32533: you don't do that in firefox15:04
ikoniaerik32533: you open it in the file manager15:05
voozeerik32533: I guess even OSX would be too hard for you.. maybe just go play outside?15:07
ikoniavooze: there is no need for that15:07
minthy_fresherik32533: open the terminal and type "gedit /etc/apt/sources.list" without the quotes. Now, browse to http://pastebin.ubuntu.com and paste the contents of the file you have open in gedit here.15:07
voozeikonia: really.. he cant understand opening a DIR? why even use your time on him, he clearly dont want help.. Just want to whine15:08
christoferIm stuck with my printer :/ problably an easy solution a pro like you guys would finde...15:08
XB23hey guys, in a cron setup 59 * * * *  that will run every hour on the 59th minute correct?15:08
minthy_freshvooze: We all had to start once, cut him a brake15:08
minthy_freshoops, break15:08
ikoniavooze: not mocking his capabilities is how to do it, if you dont' want to help, don't, I'm about to back away from it, but don't call him15:08
XB23for some reason seems to be run every minute15:09
bazhangchristofer, what does linuxprinting.org say about your printer, check the database there15:09
lacrymologywhere's the time server set up? I need to change it, and I cannot find where15:09
ikoniaerik32533: infact, lets do this simple please type the following15:09
ikoniaerik32533: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo apt-get update | pastebinit"15:10
ikoniaerik32533: please type that exactly15:10
erik32533it wont let me copy an paste the command15:10
voozeerik32533: CTRL + C15:11
ikoniaerik32533: type it then15:11
john_doe_jrin a search like using find or grep is there a command to remove certain file types from your search?15:11
roastedIs there a way to make Unity ALWAYS visible? I'm running 11.10 in a VM so doing the hot corner isn't easy since the screen is larger than the VM window (so it doesn't hold my cursor, I just continue right past the hot corner area)15:11
minthy_fresherik32533: CTRL-SHIFT v in the terminal, or right click and then paste15:11
christoferbazhang: i cant find it in the /printers/ query :S however i have drivers for it, LBP505015:12
voozeroasted: you mean the launcher?15:12
roastedvooze: yes, my apologies15:12
erik32533one sec i got error message15:12
someone235what is the best alternative for dropbox for ubuntu server?15:12
voozeroasted: install CCSM, (if its not now) now F2 + CCSM.. then open unity config15:13
erik32533thank all of u for your help15:13
holsteinsomeone235: owncloud? ...i thought you could run dropbox 'headless' or whatever though15:13
roastedsomeone235: ubuntu one is a lot like drop box15:13
roastedvooze: ah thats right.15:13
roastedvooze: I forgot that. I don't use this new fangled unity thing. but I'm not sure how well gnome shell would run in a VM so I figured I'd let unity stick around. :)15:13
someone235roasted, i can't use ubuntu one in server. it requires gnome :(15:13
erik32533ill be back in hour15:14
roastedsomeone235: oh on SERVER. I apologize, I'm not sure :(15:14
voozeroasted: yeah, shell is a bit tricky in VM.. but MUCH better than unity (my openion ofcouse)15:14
erik32533yall can type way faster than me15:14
roastedvooze: maybe I'll have to give it a shot then!15:14
TehAndrewRyanAlright, now I've waited far more than 3 minutes, so I suppose I'll have to ask again... I want to restore a directory using files left in the 'increments' folder, but I have no idea on how to do this.15:15
roastedvooze: I've heard gnome shell was going to drop the need for 3d support to run, but I wasn't sure if that was here *now* and what that meant for VM usage15:15
voozeroasted: after 2-3 days getting used to it, you cant live without it ;)15:15
someone235holstein, yes, but i want to choose any folder i want, and not just one folder15:15
minthy_fresherik32533: Don't give up on Ubuntu because of this ;) it's worth the trouble15:15
TehAndrewRyan^using rdiff-backup15:15
erik32533ill get ubuntu reinsyalled15:15
minthy_freshHope you get a solution later15:15
roastedvooze: whats that, gnome shell?15:15
voozeroasted: I think that was fedora only :(15:15
erik32533an never run a update15:15
roastedvooze: I'd be surprised if it would remain fedora only. To start as fedora only sounds like it'd jus be normal, since fedora always shoots sooner than others15:16
zykotick9erik32533: not running updates is a BAD idea15:16
ikoniaerik32533: bye then15:16
meerkatsI have alsa base installed 1.0.24, but http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=3847b3ada3e07bd8fa56e6b15aa98917b6467b31 says that there are no alsa drivers, how so?15:16
ikoniazykotick9: he doesn't want to hear and just keeps ranting this, so it's over to him15:16
meerkatsI need to boot with a valid kernel installation15:16
holsteinsomeone235: not sure i follow.. i would look into owncloud if you want a lot of customization15:16
erik32533if u aint broke u dont risk screwing it15:16
voozeroasted: yeah, but ubuntu will only run gnome shell 3.2 in 12.04 ;/15:16
ikoniaerik32533: ok, good luck, if you don't want help resolving this, re-install and never update, bye15:16
voozeroasted: thats the reason i switched to archlinux15:17
roastedvooze: I'm sure 3.4 is only a PPA away.15:17
JadedJacob*my brain hurts*15:17
roastedvooze: as much as that stings, with an LTS and aiming for 100% stability, I get it. I don't LIKE it, but I "get" it.15:17
erik32533u said earlier firefox 10 cant be replace with 8 or 915:17
holsteinelldekaa: thats not a bad way to start... i think its the PPA you seem to have half added though.. *all* issues are resovable, and it gets easier as you go along :)15:17
voozeroasted: well sure, but its the idea, I guess :d15:17
krasnozerhow do i prevent the screen from going to sleep, given that i don't use kde/gnome?15:17
holsteinelldekaa: sorry... that was meant for erik3253315:17
ikoniaerik32533: I asked you for information - you've not given it, you cannot be helped until you do15:18
someone235holstein, owncloud is like dropbox? you can use it without having your own server?15:18
=== lukas is now known as Guest66472
erik32533yahoo spades crashes15:18
voozeroasted: well sure, but its just not for me then15:18
EluneCan anyone help me with NDISwrapper installation for BCM4313 on a Dell vostro 1550?15:18
erik32533firefox crahes under 1015:18
voozeroasted: and with linux mint going cinnamon i only had a few choices left15:18
holsteinsomeone235: http://owncloud.org/15:18
ikoniaerik32533: you've said that - still not giving the information15:19
ikoniaerik32533: please don't bother saying anything else unless it is to give the information you have been requested15:19
ddddinstalling ndiswrapper-utils gives me a dependency error. help15:19
erik32533wish one cud take re,ote access15:19
EluneI have ndiswrapper and the driver.15:19
roastedvooze: no reason to fault that. some of us like dark beer, others like light beer. but we're all enjoying it. eh?15:19
john_doe_jrin a search like using find or grep is there a command to remove certain file types from your search?15:19
EluneDunno how to blacklist and which ones.15:19
=== tero_ is now known as tero
theadminsomeone235: No, Owncloud requires you to have your own server15:20
erik32533surely ubuntu has remote access15:20
christoferWhen trying to setup my LPB5050 printer in Ubuntu 11.04 via  network, its found by the "printing" gui and I have the  drivers, it says "idle- ready to print". But when I try to  print nothing will print, still it says it was printed? The  setup works fine from windows. What can be the problem? ;Sorry for reposting, but I really cant find a solution;15:20
ikoniaerik32533: no - that is not an option15:20
someone235i have my own server, but it is very slow.15:20
erik32533why is that15:20
ikoniaerik32533: provide the information, or re-install, but either way, this needs to end15:20
voozeroasted: yeah ofcouse ;) another thing is bugs in shell (ubuntu only) with like filezilla.. reported 3 months ago, and nothing done yet.. i cant really wait 3 months for bug fixes15:21
minthy_fresherik32533: There are people here that really want to help, but we can't actually do this for you. If you have trouble with the instructions, just go througt them with us step by step.15:21
krasnozerhow do i prevent the screen from going to sleep, given that i don't use kde/gnome?15:21
erik32533i found sources list15:21
holsteinelldekaa: ubuntu is open.. there are lots of VNC/remote apps... also teamviewer is easy and works great15:21
roastedvooze: haven't ran into that, but I also haven't used FTP in years...15:21
minthy_fresherik32533: The last thing you want is to have some stranger access your machine remotely15:21
erik32533but it opens in update manager15:21
ikoniaerik32533: last time I'll tell you15:21
roastedvooze: FTP to me is a lot like faxing these days. :P15:22
voozeroasted: yeah okay, its just when it "drag n' drop"15:22
meerkatswhat are the last stabe alsa drivers modules?15:22
meerkatswhich one are...?15:22
ikoniaerik32533: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo apt-get update | pastebinit"15:22
voozeroasted: haha :D fair enough.. its just for my website anyways15:22
phong_hi guys, how to unzip .7z15:22
roastedvooze: out of curiosity, is it ftp in general or just isolated to filezilla?15:22
minthy_fresherik32533: Do you have the terminal open?15:23
roastedphong_: install 7z from software center.15:23
roastedphong_: open software center, search for 7z, click install.15:23
phong_roasted, can i install from command?15:23
holsteinelldekaa: appologies again... im on a slow connection15:23
roastedphong_: I believe so, one sec15:23
phong_ok thanks15:23
Barcel0in casper, isolinux.cfg can be add this entry: append LANG=es_ES.UTF-8 boot=casper ......... ?15:23
voozeroasted: just filezilla, as far as i know15:23
phong_roasted, how come .7z can't open with winrar for windows?15:23
Barcel0LANG=es_ES.UTF-8 for start locale in text mode directly15:23
voozeroasted: but its works perfectly in unity, thats the weird thing15:24
erik32533Unable to locate package pasteinit15:24
roastedphong_: looks like its sudo apt-get install p7zip-full15:24
ikoniaerik32533: pastebinit15:24
roastedvooze: I wouldn't expect a DE to interfere with FTP15:25
voozeroasted: here is bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/filezilla/+bug/85814615:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 470799 in filezilla (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #858146 filezilla crashes on drag'n'drop" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:25
erik32533Building dependency tree15:26
erik32533Reading state information... Done15:26
erik32533pastebinit is already the newest version.15:26
erik325330 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.15:26
FloodBot1erik32533: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:26
zykotick9vooze: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/FtpMustDie15:26
ikoniaerik32533: no15:26
ikoniaerik32533: in that case "sudo apt-get update | pastebinit"15:26
underHi. I would like to installa the new ubuntu 12.04 BETA . Is there a normal cd or only alternate version? Thanks !15:26
phong_how to use command to unzip .7z then15:26
zykotick9under: #ubuntu+1 (typically before release, it's alternate only i believe, but ask in +1)15:27
roastedphong_: I'm not sure. I use the gui. Google around though, it's easy, I just don't know it offhand15:27
Oerunder, no normal 700 mb cd, join #Ubuntu+1 for support15:27
erik32533the oneb  character i dont recognize the line15:27
phong_well, how to use gui then15:27
erik32533which key makes the line15:27
roastedphong_: right click the zip file in question and go from there.15:27
reCAPTCHAHey all.... I want to disable my internal wireless card on my laptop because it keeps interfering with my wireless adapter (the internal card is pretty much busted)>15:28
voozezykotick9: just skimmed though it.. good points but dont really see a good and easy alternative, right now15:28
minthy_freshphong_: In the command line, use the -t7z switch15:28
erik32533another error15:29
loganrunit is weird when I drag windows around they don't seem to move until I stop moving the mouse and let up on the button.15:29
zykotick9vooze: SSH/SFTP but you're right, not "easy"15:29
ton2819reCAPTCHA: Do you have a screwdriver to hand?15:30
lmontrieuxreCAPTCHA, can't you deactivate it in the bios?15:30
voozezykotick9: well, i use SFTP alot too and thats fine.. but mostly just to access files on home NAS-server15:30
reCAPTCHAlmontrieux: I don't know, I haven't tried.15:30
minthy_freshphong_: http://www.dotnetperls.com/7-zip-examples has the options15:31
zykotick9reCAPTCHA: if you know what driver the card is using (and assuming it's not the same for both) you could blacklist the driver15:31
ton2819lmontrieux: I was joking. Yes, you can either deactive in the BIOS or simply at the OS level15:31
lmontrieuxreCAPTCHA, it's probably possible - and it will solve your problem instantly :)15:31
loganrundoes anyone else have this issue with moving windows15:31
ton2819loganrun: What interface are you using? (Unity/Gnome Shell/KDE etc/)15:32
voozeloganrun: would be alot of things, what did it start?15:32
loganrunton2819, just the default for ubuntu, think it is unity15:32
reCAPTCHAlmontrieux: Well, it's an atheros (?) (on a macbook).15:32
voozecould be alot of things *15:32
loganrunhow do I change the interface to another window manager? what is the best window manager, gnome?15:34
zykotick9vooze: s/alot/a lot/  (my spelling is terrible, but the alot bugs even me)15:34
holsteinloganrun: you can easily confirm if its unity or not.. you could install LXDE and test, or awesome... one of the light desktop managers... i would tend to think its 3d though with theh graphics card drivers... you could try unity2d15:34
holsteinloganrun: best is a matter of opinion, i would just try a different one...15:35
minthy_freshGuess erik32533 left... ikonia, hope it was ok for me to but in like that.15:35
zeozanHello :D15:35
loganrunholstein, yeah o.k. what is the easiest way to swich my window mananger15:35
zykotick9holstein: i use awesome, but i'd never recommend it to anyone (it's the most difficult interface to configure I've ever used)15:35
zeozanis there any good fps games ?15:35
holsteinloganrun: i would logout, and from the login window, choose unity 2d, and test15:36
morphiendanyone seen issues under unity where the "skin" for the filemanager is not loading properly?15:36
loganrunholstein, is "test" the name of a window manager?15:36
ton2819zeozan: Quake Live is very good and has lots of players15:36
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
loganrunholstein, there is an option on the login screen to choose the window manager?15:36
reCAPTCHAlmontrieux: How would I go about blacklisting the airport drivers?15:36
loganrunholstein, or do you just mean test it out15:37
Cojeshey. how can I log in as "root" on my terminal?15:37
holsteinzykotick9: i was actually thinking it would be simple, since it works out of the box, and requires little setup, and will likely not break anything.. as installing something like kubuntu-desktop would pull in a lot and change things drastically15:37
loganrunCojes, sudo su15:37
zykotick9loganrun: wrong!15:37
lmontrieuxreCAPTCHA, use lsmod to find which driver is loaded15:38
holsteinloganrun: i was saying you should load unity-2d.. if its not installed, install that.. and test.. this will confirm if the issue is unity related or not15:38
Cojesloganrum: is say: bill is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.15:38
lmontrieuxI guess the driver name should somehow give a clue (never had a macbook)15:38
loganrunholstein, got it thanks15:38
lmontrieuxreCAPTCHA, then you can add said driver to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist15:38
reCAPTCHAlmontrieux: what am I looking for here>15:38
voozezykotick9: noted. Thanks :)15:39
janisozaurhi! I remember using some GUI tool that displayed info about hard drives - their physical layout and could also show some stats, perhaps s.m.a.r.t. anyone knows the name of this tool?15:39
lmontrieuxreCAPTCHA, something like 'atheros', 'ath', maybe?15:39
MrKeunerhello, how can I set apache not to run on startup on lucid?15:39
CojesHow to log in as a root on terminal on Fedora? please15:40
loganrunzykotick9, it works15:40
reCAPTCHAlmontrieux: I think its ath? Just want to make sure I don't disable something stupid.15:40
zykotick9!wfm | loganrun15:40
ubottuloganrun: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/15:40
janisozaurCojes, for fedora questions try rather #fedora15:40
lmontrieuxreCAPTCHA, try to rmmod ath (as root). If it breaks everything just reboot15:40
loganrunzykotick9, logging in as root is hardly top secret15:41
zykotick9loganrun: the proper method would be "sudo -i"15:41
holsteinCojes: i would check in #fedora , but it should work similarly... sudo or su15:41
=== Cojes is now known as Kujis
ton2819zykotick9: I don't think Fedora disables root access like Ubuntu15:42
zykotick9ton2819: why would Fedora be supported here?  that would be OT.15:42
loganrunzykotick9, I think that is equivelent to sudo su -15:42
zykotick9loganrun: wrong15:43
MrKeunerwhat is the proper way of disabling apache on boot?15:43
loganrunzykotick9, how are they different?15:43
zykotick9MrKeuner: check for an apache.conf in /etc/init/ then rename it apache.conf.disabled15:43
zykotick9loganrun: environment setup15:43
MrKeunerzykotick9, there is no apache.conf thre15:43
zykotick9MrKeuner: httpd perhaps?15:44
zykotick9MrKeuner: did you install using apt-get are did you use xampp (or similar)?15:44
loganrunzykotick9, the - specifies the root env15:44
MrKeunerzykotick9, did it for mysql.conf but apache is different for sme reason15:44
MrKeunerzykotick9, synaptic15:44
MrKeunerzykotick9, no aptitude lamp-server15:45
archxhey guys, need some help - iv installed Xubuntu but the alsamixer is set to 00 - arrow keys wont allow me to change the volumn. Any help???15:45
zykotick9loganrun: - actually simulates a login, so you're mainly right on that15:45
martinjh99anyone know of there are packages for Handbrake for Oneiric?15:45
zykotick9loganrun: just don't recommend "sudo su" or "sudo su -", as this is incorrect information15:45
MrKeunerzykotick9, sorry I have done this: sudo tasksel install lamp-server15:45
zykotick9MrKeuner: could you pastebin the contents of /etc/init/ ?15:46
martinjh99zykotick - i just do sudo -s if i want a root prompt...15:46
zykotick9!tab | martinjh9915:46
ubottumartinjh99: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.15:46
zykotick9martinjh99: "sudo -s" is fine as well!15:46
cloudgeekgiving me error15:47
cloudgeeksudo apt-get install lamp-server15:47
cloudgeekE: Unable to locate package lamp-server15:47
zykotick9cloudgeek: tasksel has lamp-server not apt-get (though there is a way to do it with apt-get as well)15:47
MrKeunerzykotick9, http://pastebin.com/RfihqDAJ15:47
meerkatsI need to remove all references to driver for my sis azalia sound card, drivers are not recognized and I cant play any sound15:48
zykotick9MrKeuner: you're right.  I don't see any apache-like entry there.  Sorry I have no ideas then.  Good luck.15:48
loganrunzykotick9, your probably right, but I do not see much difference from the man pages15:49
MrKeunerzykotick9, some suggest this but I hoped for a more proper way. sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 remove15:50
cloudgeekE: Unable to locate package vim-full15:50
cloudgeekE: Unable to locate package vim-full15:50
MrKeunersomething that can be reenabled easier than adding all rc scripts back15:50
zykotick9MrKeuner: technically that is the old SysV method, but it might work?15:50
cloudgeekunable to get vim-full on ubuntu15:50
zykotick9cloudgeek: use "vim"15:51
cloudgeekzykotick9:debconf: DbDriver "passwords" warning: could not open /var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat: Permission denied15:52
cloudgeektasksel: aptitude failed (100)15:52
savanteliteI lost network manager after an update, how can I get it back?15:52
computer_Well I have been trying for over four hours to make my Ubuntu 11.10 laptop be a adhoc network and nothing15:53
b0otCan you set up network bridges in the /etc/network/interfaces folder?15:53
zykotick9cloudgeek: no idea on that error, good luck.15:53
cloudgeekzyjotick 915:53
zykotick9!tab > cloudgeek15:53
cloudgeeknow giving error debconf: DbDriver "passwords" warning: could not open /var/cache/debconf/passwords.dat: Permission denied15:53
cloudgeektasksel: aptitude failed (100)15:53
computer_Also it would seem that is imposable to convert an dmg image file to an iso image file in ubuntu15:54
Prestin32kanyone els has problems using yersinia graphic mode?15:54
Prestin32kbacktrack distro15:54
cloudgeekwhile i try install tasksel install lamp-server15:54
zykotick9!backtrack | Prestin32k15:54
ubottuPrestin32k: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition15:54
savanteliteNetwork Manager disappeared after 10.04 update?15:56
user___Hi, I want to create an ubuntu mirror and was wondering if I could use live CD to somehow convert them to archive repos, is it possible?15:56
cloudgeekcan anybody help me15:56
zykotick9cloudgeek: are you using "sudo tasksel"?15:56
computer_Please can anyone help me setup my wireless card in my ubuntu 11.10 laptop to share its lan connection?15:57
tejaswidpWhy are lex and yacc installed by default on my machine?  Are there applications which use these?15:57
meerkatsi need help with this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure15:57
meerkatsI copied and pasted the first command, but some packages cannot be found15:57
meerkatswhat do I do?15:58
tejaswidpNot only lex and yacc but also flex and bison have been installed by default!15:58
meerkatslinux-alsa-driver-modules-3.0.0-15-generic that one15:58
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...15:58
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TehAndrewRyanStill no response... Feels quite meaningless to idle here, and spamming the same question over and over again doesn't seem appropriate.15:58
holsteinmeerkats: whats the issue?15:59
meerkatsholstein, no sound whatsoever with alsa15:59
cloudgeekzykotick9: thanks for tip that is helpful for me15:59
meerkatssound card recognized, but I lack the driver15:59
Picitejaswidp: gcc depends on bison and flex.15:59
holsteinmeerkats: so, you see the device in lspci? but not in aplay -l ?16:00
WargasmTehAndrewRyan: whats the issue? Doubt I can help but you never know16:00
Chipzzzcloudgeek: have you tried running aptitude to see if there are dependency problems?16:00
cloudgeekChipzzz: okay :)16:00
CharminTheMooseAnyone know why when I copy a file into a tmpfs mounted directory, the RAM usage doubles or so from the size of the file? The file is a squashfs filesystem.16:00
meerkatsholstein, correct16:00
Chipzzzcloudgeek: first "sudo aptitude", then press "e"16:00
SeasluGeerrr how do i search for software in the Ubuntu software center16:01
TehAndrewRyanWargasm: It's about restoring a deleted directory with rdiff-backup, using only the 'increments' of the directory (I have a folder with the same name in there, but every file inside the directory I want are just diffs)16:01
tejaswidpPici: But why lex ,flex ,yacc and bison?16:01
holsteinmeerkats: updating alsa is not a bad way to go.. i usually try live CD's though... i usually try the last LTS live, and in this case, 12.04 dailies as well... this helps me troubleshoot withouth breaking the current setup16:01
WargasmTehAndrewRyan: yeah sorry, can't help... I tried though16:01
TehAndrewRyanWargasm: At least something.16:01
user___also i read two methods of creating a mirror, using 2 step rsync and apt-mirror which to follow better?16:02
meerkatsholstein, have you taken a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure? I copied the whole command of step 1 for 11.10, but there are some nonfound packages16:02
holsteinmeerkats: you have JACK installed? is it still running somewhere?16:02
meerkatswhat do I do, go through? stop?16:02
Guest62017im right here!16:02
=== Guest62017 is now known as jack
=== jack is now known as jack^_
Picitejaswidp: apt-cache rdepends packagename   can tell you what packaged depend on a certain package16:03
meerkatsholstein, that was from a long time ago, should I disable it? I dont even remember what for16:03
WargasmTehAndrewRyan: usually ActionParsnip is quite knowledgeable so when he shows up you can ask him and maybe he can help16:03
tejaswidpPici: thank you for the info!16:03
holsteinmeerkats: you can look at your running processes to make sure its not running ... JACK16:03
meerkatsThe program 'jack' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:16:03
meerkatssudo apt-get install jack16:03
meerkatsopening system monitor16:04
holsteinmeerkats:  http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=4194ada729a045e9a60fda810568b2f811002bd0 says JACK *is* installed16:04
user___can anyone hear me?16:04
holsteinanyways... thats likely not the issue then... i would *not* install a list of applications to troubleshoot sound16:04
holsteinuser___: just aks.. we see you typing yes...16:05
meerkatsholstein, I dont see jack running in system monitor...16:05
holsteinmeerkats: OK... like i said, i would use LIVE CD's.. i find that by the time i figure out what is actually the issue, i have alsa all messed up, or something mis-configured16:06
meerkatsall my problems started when I was trying to play bart vs space mutants with kegafusion, kegafusion uses oss,16:06
user___holstein: ok16:06
meerkatslive usb...16:06
Chipzzzmeerkats: are you looking at all processes or just your own?16:07
holsteinmeerkats: that makes me think this is a configuration issue then... if you "broke" it, you dont need to troubleshoot the sound then.. just undo whatever config you did to run/setup kegafusion16:07
theadminmeerkats: To use OSS apps with Pulseaudio you can run them with "padsp", like this: padsp /path/to/app16:07
zykotick9meerkats: did you install OSS on your system?16:08
Dr_williskegafusion may have some 'use alsa' setting also.,16:08
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Oneiric, and help keeping the servers' load low!16:08
meerkatsafraid noob cannot provide good answers: a year ago or so I installed kegafusion and some roms, then ignored the whole thing until yesterday, when I wanted to play a rom, and right after that sound problems started. I dont even remember how I installed kegafusion, or if I installed oss16:09
cloudgeekzykotick9: have you use cpanel , i want to setup a hosting service on laptop , i have static ip from university and a connection16:10
meerkatsplaying with kegafusion, sound problem started16:10
cloudgeekzykotick9: also have a ubuntu server16:10
zykotick9cloudgeek: i've never used cpanel16:10
Dr_willissound was working BEFOR you started kegafusion?    it was working normally befor you launched it?16:10
meerkatsDr_willis, yes16:11
cloudgeekzykotick9: what is alternative of that ,that provide in ease of use same like cpanel16:11
zykotick9cloudgeek: i have no idea16:11
Wargasmmeerkats I had the problem when I installed alsamixer... fixed some problems and created others16:11
Dr_willisif a reboot dosewnt 'fix' it. id try making a new user. if sound works for the new user. then its a user setting.16:11
meerkatsI dont have oss installed (the oss4-base package)16:11
Chipzzzcloudgeek: webmin16:11
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).16:12
zykotick9!webmin | cloudgeek Chipzzz16:12
ubottucloudgeek Chipzzz: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.16:12
Chipzzzis there a viable alternative?16:12
Oermeerkats, maybe answer #7 is any help with oss >>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132974716:13
Dr_willissee !ebox16:13
cloudgeekthanks guys16:13
SteevcaI have downloaded ubuntu 10.4 desktop from official page,and i have used LiLi for burning it to a Flash drive,but when i boot it and click on the install it just installs the command line,what am i doing wrong?16:13
meerkatsDr_willis, what if I get rid of kegafusion? will that change anything?16:13
cloudgeekebox or zentyl16:13
d1rtyhey guys, i have a HD installed on my comp that isnt being recognized from my home, but if i were to try and either partition or format my current drives it will show up then, any suggestions?16:13
zykotick9Steevca: what was the ISO called?16:13
Dr_willismeerkats:  i dont see how running a userland app would break sound on the system. IT COULD change the users mixer/volume settings..16:14
Steevcazykotick9 ubuntu-10.04.3-desktop-i38616:14
Dr_willismeerkats:  so i would make a new user. reboot. slogin as the new user. see if sound works for them16:14
cloudgeekebox or zentyl ,that is same !help16:14
midhun@d1rt u just mount it16:14
d1rtyoh, virtual machine?16:14
israeld1rty: is it mounted?16:15
holsteinDr_willis: thats a good troubleshooting step, though sound settings can be system wide...16:15
midhunisn't there a setting mechanisim which allows you to16:15
Chipzzzthank you :-)16:15
midhunshare it16:15
d1rtywell honestly im not sure if it is, it had all my files from my last comp, how could i check?16:15
d1rtyit doesnt have any operating system on it16:15
israeld1rty:mount -l16:16
d1rtysorry still new to ubuntu16:16
d1rtyin terminal?16:16
midhunplease  chek this16:17
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal16:17
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d-eggsorry wrong channel16:17
midhunthere might be an uid associated with a harddisk partition16:17
midhunu can find it16:17
israeld1rty:if isnt mounted then sudo mount /dev/sd<something> <path>16:18
israeld1rty:if isnt mounted then sudo mount -a /dev/sd<something> <path>16:18
MonkeyDustguys & dolls, for some reason i am unable to connect to freenode using irssi -- http://paste.ubuntu.com/835381/ -- also, 2 different mailclient, evolution and thunderbird, won't accept my password - it is accepted in webmail -- hints & tips?16:18
ChipzzzMonkeyDust: I think the default ubuntu port in irssi is wrong... will check16:20
israelMonkeyDust: are u using proxy or firewall?16:21
MonkeyDustisrael: no and no16:21
ldiamondAnyone know if the zfs-native ppa is being updated regularly? The last update is about 2 months ago: https://launchpad.net/~zfs-native/+archive/stable16:21
israelMonkeyDust: mmm bloking by router ports?16:21
Scarra3Should I unplug my wireless, external drive, and webcam when installing ubuntu 11.10?16:21
ChipzzzMonkeyDust: in your ~/.irssi/config change the port to 8001 for the ubuntu server and you'll be ok16:22
ldiamondI'm on Oneric with kernel 3 and I don't see anything for kernel 3 on there...16:22
MonkeyDustisrael: strangly, it has always worked, until yesterday, i never changed anything16:22
PiciMonkeyDust: You'll probably want to ask in #freenode if you are being denied a connection.16:22
MonkeyDustPici: yes, but then there's still the mailclient issue16:23
CharminTheMooseAnyone know why when I copy a file into a tmpfs mounted directory, the RAM usage doubles or so from the size of the file? The file is a squashfs filesystem.16:23
minthy_freshScarra3: It is better imho to unplug ext drives when installing a distro, so you don't inadvertantly repartition it. WIFI and webcam can be on or off, makes no difference.16:24
Scarra3minthy_fresh: Thank you16:24
alkopop79hi there16:26
Nach0zis there a reason that doing 'sudo init 3' doesn't actually DO anything?16:26
alkopop79installed Libero SOC application on 32 bit ubuntu16:26
alkopop79and get an error when trying to run it from the terminal16:27
jpds!runlevel | Nach0z16:27
ubottuNach0z: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.16:27
alkopop79Could not locate the X libraries in LD_LIBRARY_PATH16:27
alkopop79any ideas how could that be fixed?16:27
alkopop79i cannot find the x libraries16:27
aFeijomysqld process wont quit, I try killall and kill -9, what else can I do?16:28
minthy_freshaFeijo: did u use sudo?16:28
WargasmaFeijo: gksu?16:28
WargasmI'm throwing it out there16:29
aFeijodont have gksu16:29
telnetterhey, trying to install onto a 4GB thumb drive. what settings do I use for the partition and where do I put the grub? thumb is seen as sdd thanks!16:29
seluk pasa?16:29
erasehi, can you name an app that displays the traffic volume (up + download) per month, in the wifi card?16:29
pangolinerase: I have been using knemo on Kubuntu, runs nice, keeps hourly/daily/weekly/monthly stats16:31
meerkatsDr_willis, created a new user, switched to it, no sound whatsoever16:32
minthy_freshaFeijo: try killing it as root by PID16:32
erasepangolin, i'm on ubuntu... don't care much for installing all those libs but thx anyway!16:32
Oermeerkats, maybe answer #7 is any help with oss >>> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=132974716:33
meerkatsOer, I dont understand that answer, I dont see any boxes to be clicked or turned on, or spaces to write oss4...16:33
Oermeerkats, you need the oss package, i think.16:34
meerkatsOer, also, im in unity16:36
zeozanis there any good fps games ?16:38
zeozanlike what ?16:39
JadedJacobFinally got ubuntu running on the live CD with out having to use acpi=off or any screen corruption!16:39
ChipzzzMonkeyDust: nmap says that port 6667 at freenode.org is closed16:40
JadedJacobi tried re-seating the video card and installing the live CD onto a flashdrive using a USB 2.0 pci card, now it works16:40
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userdatauserzeozan: OpenArena16:41
madmax_xhello world...i have a second hard drive in my ubuntu tower...what would be the easiest way to install ubuntu to this second drive for use in a differant tower?16:41
JadedJacobubuntu tower?16:41
userdatauserprobally means a desktop tower16:42
compdocmadmax_x, remove the drive from the tower, install it in the new system, and install16:42
madmax_xcompdoc thats the obvious solution but i dont have that tower here16:43
madmax_xim mailing the drive to someone16:44
nottheoilrigi can configure policy routing with "ip route ..." and "ip rule ..."16:44
madmax_xi dont have the new tower16:44
nottheoilrigwhere is the correct place to put these commands  so they "stick" when i reboot?16:44
compdocmadmax_x, you dont want to install ubuntu on the wrong drive, or have the installer mess with your grub, so I would unplug the existing OS drive16:45
pangolinmadmax_x: install to the drive, when install is completed reboot and don't install any proprietary drivers.16:45
pangolinmadmax_x: to be really sure you get grub on the proper drive, remove the existing drive that already has ubuntu on t.16:46
madmax_xya thats what i was afraid of compdoc...i guess ill use a VM16:46
compdocmadmax_x, and what would a vm do for you?16:46
madmax_xi thought there was a way to manually install16:46
madmax_xyou can boot a physical disc with a vm and attach an iso16:47
madmax_xthink of it as a walled garden16:47
compdocdoesnt help when youre installing an OS to a drive16:47
pangolinmadmax_x: unplug the drive that is in the machine, boot from live cd or USB and install to the new drive. This is the simplest way.16:47
meerkatstesting sound, no sound at all, Im playing a video, even I try to tune the volume up, the bar will always be shown as muted16:48
MonkeyDustChipzzz: you said that port 6667 is closed, what do you suggest? can I choose any other port?16:48
meerkatsfor any media player16:48
meerkatsim still installing oss416:48
meerkatsincidentally, alsamixer comes together with the alsa-base package, right?16:48
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JadedJacobI've installed lubuntu, but it doesn't show the grub boot loader.16:48
JadedJacobIt just goes straight to the OS16:48
SteevcaI have just installed ubuntu 10.4.3 and i can't get the network to work.I have a ehernet connection and the icon on ubuntu is like i have wirelles.What can be the problem?16:49
JadedJacob(I only have 1 OS installed)16:49
ChipzzzMonkeyDust: I scanned all the popular ports there and they don't have an irc server running on any of them... maybe it's down for a while16:49
abdiJadedJacob, you have press shit right before boot16:49
abdiJadedJacob, sorry shift16:49
alessandrogood evening16:49
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utabwhere are the fonts -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--14-**16:51
utabI am going mad I could not locate them anyh16:51
=== djahanda1ie is now known as djahandarie
MonkeyDustChipzzz: fair enough, but on what port is connected now, then?16:51
minthy_freshabdi : Nice Freudian slip :)16:51
CharminTheMooseAnyone know why when I copy a file into a tmpfs mounted directory, the RAM usage doubles or so from the size of the file?16:52
LazyAngelWhat is included in the "Basic Ubuntu Server" package?16:52
=== notroot is now known as ninwa
SteevcaCan anyone help me with my problem?16:53
madmax_xwhats up Steevca16:53
ChipzzzMonkeyDust: you must not be connected to freenode.org... probably irc.ubuntu.com16:53
SteevcaI have just installed ubuntu 10.4.3 and i can't get the network to work.I have a ehernet connection and the icon on ubuntu is like i have wirelles.What can be the problem?16:53
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mustafaerhannhellooo there.16:54
MonkeyDustChipzzz: ok, i did not know that is different16:54
madmax_xSteevca, what happens when you click on it16:54
madmax_xdoes it show wired/wirells connections16:54
ChipzzzMonkeyDust: as I suggested earlier, change your ~/.irssi/config so that the port for ubuntu is 8001 and you'll be ok16:54
SteevcaIt shows wired connection eth1 i thnik but when i click i loads,and loads and stop working.16:55
SteevcaThere are also some names and under dissconected.16:55
madmax_xSteevca, is one auto eth116:56
Steevcamadmax_x Yes16:56
madmax_xSteevca, have you tried that (or any others in the disconnected16:56
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:57
SteevcaI have just that one.16:57
SteevcaAnd when i click the icon starts to "move" and after a minute or two stops working.16:57
utabany ideas on where to find -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--* fonts16:57
SteevcaAnd the small scren on the next popu out dissconected.16:58
madmax_xSteevca, right-click edit connections, edit the eth1 setting, make sure it is setup with automatic IP16:58
JadedJacobubuntu keeps changing my resolution when i restart, i'll try switching to proprietary drivers and see if it makes any difference.16:58
madmax_xSteevca, edit>ipv4 tab>automatic (DHCP)16:58
Steevcamadmax_x ok,one sec i have to rebote.16:59
wonderinggood day.. Is anyone here that can help me recognize a music player.. I have a creative mp3 that when usb plugged in, isn't recognized by the My Computer???  But it is "seen" because it is charging...17:01
Dr_williswondering:  it may have some 'disk drive mode' in its menus. check dmesg output when you plug it in.17:02
JadedJacobIs it a "drag and drop" player, or does it use specialized software like Windows Media Player or Itunes?17:02
wonderingdidn't need it with windows.  wondering if I am missing something.  sys is fully updated?17:03
Dr_willisIt could support both ways17:03
Dr_williscould need some drivers that you somehow installed in windows also. but that would be a little odd.17:03
meerkatsOer, installed oss4, now what?17:04
CharminTheMooseAnyone know why when I copy a file into a tmpfs mounted directory, the RAM usage doubles or so from the size of the file? Say I have a 300mb file, I copy it and free reports 600MB used as cache afterwards. :/17:04
Oermeerkats, now you should be able to select oss417:04
theadminwondering: It's not necessarily "seen" if it's charging. A charging means it just found a power source. Which it always will.17:04
wonderinggot it.. thx all.. The mp3 was dead.. dont think it had enough juice to be recognized... NOW it is.. THx all for what you do.\17:05
JadedJacobwondering: Silly question, but is the mp3 player, plugged directly into the usb port, or is it plugged into a hub?17:05
utabany ideas on where to find -adobe-courier-bold-r-normal--* fonts17:06
erasedoes anyone know of a app like knemo for ubuntu ?17:06
erasebandwidth statistics17:07
theadminerase: KNemo works fine in Ubuntu (it's a Linux app)17:07
erasetheadmin, it's a KDE app. i can't get it to autostart on Unity17:08
JadedJacobI've just installed nvidia drivers, but under 'X server display configuration' it says 'unable to laod x server display configuration page: failed to query NoScanout for screen 0.'17:08
zeozan.─────────█████▒▒██▒▒▒▒██████████─────────── ───────██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒██▒▒▒▒▒███▒▒▒▒██───────── ──────██▒▒▒▒▒██▒██▒▒███████████▒▒▒██─────── ─────██▒▒▒███▒▒█████▒▒▒17:08
zeozan███▒█▒▒█▒▒▒▒██────── ───███▒▒▒█▒▒████▒▒▒████▒▒▒▒█▒██▒▒▒▒▒█████ ███▒█▒▒▒██▒▒▒▒▒██▒▒▒█▒▒▒▒▒▒█████▒▒▒▒███▒▒█ █▓▒██████▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█████▒▒▒█████▒▒▒█▒▒███▒▒▒▓█ ██▓▒▒▒17:08
FloodBot1zeozan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:08
pangolintheadmin: erase doesn't want to bring in kde libs and such i suppose17:08
theadminerase: Autostart? Just search for "Startup Applications" in the Dash and use that.17:08
erasetheadmin, tnx17:09
zeozanno ?17:09
s70rmhow to configure bridget vmware workstation network support?17:09
pangolinzeozan: Please don't paste nonsense in this channel17:09
meerkatsOer, thats the only sound control I can find: http://imagebin.org/19807617:09
zeozanpangolin: ok i am really sorry17:10
meerkatswhere do I add the oss4 lines?17:10
Oermeerkats, did you reboot like the forumpost says ?17:10
erase_yeah, it works! thanks theadmin and pangolin ! :D :D17:10
meerkatsOer, no, procceedding17:10
JadedJacobhow do i show x server who's boss ? :}17:11
BillCodWhen I installed Linux, I used the option "Encrypted Files". Can that be changed now?17:13
goathouse774Is Ubuntu working well on Android yet?17:14
Chipzzzdoes anyone know how I can modify the menu entries in unity (I want to add a gksudo in front of one of the apps)17:14
theadmingoathouse774: That doesn't make sense... Android is an OS, just like Ubuntu is17:14
vallishey guys. have a question i bet you can answer quick. I am trying to local nfs share a sshfs path. i am getting permission denied. when the sshfs is not mounted it works so i know its not a exports issue. any ideas?17:15
vallisex i have a main server everything sshfs to. i want to nfs it to my other satellite boxs17:15
goathouse774There's a ubuntu installer for rooted devices on the market.  why couldn't you switch between the two OS?17:15
pangolinChipzzz: in ~/Desktop you will see .desktop files, edit the proper one.17:16
blitzwhere can I tell what packages come standard with ubuntu 11.10?17:16
Nach0zblitz: if your ubuntu installation is brand-new you should do dpkg -l17:16
blitzit isnt17:17
Chipzzzpangolin: I thought of that but there aren't any .desktop files on my desktop17:17
Chipzzzpangolin: none in ~/ either :(17:18
JadedJacobafter applying updates in ubuntu17:19
pangolinChipzzz: .desktops files are hidden, I am assuming you are opening ~/Desktop with nautilus, hit ctr;-h to view the hidden files17:19
JadedJacobDo I need to boot into rescue mode and run grub-update17:19
JadedJacobI mean, 'update-grub'17:19
Chipzzzpangolin: I know, and I see other hidden files but no .desktop anywhere :(17:19
zgrhow to find out what program created directory inside my ~/17:20
pangolinChipzzz: :/17:20
vallisi g uess i should start with: is it possible to local nfs mount a sshfs directory?17:20
=== arges is now known as arges_
Dr_willisnfs mount a sshfs? You share via nfs a mounted sshfs?17:21
Scarra3I have a Netgear WNDA3100v2 for a wireless card that I want to use on my desktop for wireless but ubuntu 11.10 doesn't seem to have a driver for it17:22
ActionParsnipScarra3: how does it connect to the system?17:22
Dr_willisScarra3:  you need to determine the chipset its using. thats more imporntant then the brand.17:22
Scarra3Dr_willis: How do I determine that17:23
ActionParsnipScarra3: run:    lsusb    and use the 8 character hex ID to find guides.17:23
Dr_willisYou may want to check the askubuntu.com site for that exact device. see if anyone else has messed with it. or check the forums.17:23
ActionParsnipScarra3: most times, Netgear uses ndiswrapper (ndisgtk) plus the windows driver17:23
JadedJacobHow can I improve flash playback?17:23
JadedJacobI'm getting dropped frames17:24
cloudgeekwhere i can found mysqld17:24
cloudgeekso i can edit that17:24
Scarra3Dr_willis: lsusb says netgear WNDA3100 v2 Droadcom BC M432317:24
alexsimon877whats the ubuntu dev channel?17:24
ActionParsnipJadedJacob: what is the output of:  uname -a; lsb_release -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf|spark'      use http://pastie.com17:25
zgris it possible to find out what program created directory inside my ~/? Audiobooks for example17:25
ActionParsnip!broadcom | JadedJacob17:25
ubottuJadedJacob: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx17:25
ActionParsnipJadedJacob: Netgear have bough a wifi chip from Broadcom and made that adapter, try not to get hung up on what is printed on the plastic case, its not very useful for finding drivers in Linux17:26
JadedJacobubottu: how do you know i'm running a broadcom chipset?17:26
ubottuJadedJacob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:26
Chipzzzcloudgeek: "locate mysqld"17:26
ActionParsnipJadedJacob: read your output, then read what ubottu said.17:26
rymate1234I have a small issue17:26
rick_ok can any one help me use ubuntu 11.10 to change a ora file to image file17:26
rymate1234I would like to install http://www.levien.com/type/myfonts/inconsolata.html17:27
herodudeerror: unknown filesystem17:27
herodudegrub rescue >17:27
rymate1234how would I go about doing that?17:27
tioxI've been askng this question for days looking for a straight answer. I compiled a package with a modified control file, Debian Wheezy's ZSNES 1.51 to function on Ubuntu without having to seek out an obscure update to ia32-libs. When I do install it, it does install, but debconf pops up at the last second (Not sure why there) and unlike other packages, this one doesn't want to provide the option to reinstall in case of install failure.17:27
cloudgeekChipzzz: write in bash17:27
tioxCan I fix this, and how?17:27
Chipzzzcloudgeek: yes17:27
ActionParsniprick_: what is an ora file?17:27
tioxIt's kinda irrelevant, more for user-friendliness and experience consistency.17:27
JadedJacobhaha, I didn't realise I was talking to a bot.17:27
Chipzzzcloudgeek: you'll probably find it in /etc or /usr/share17:28
JadedJacobubottu cheers for the url ;)17:28
ubottuJadedJacob: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:28
=== jan is now known as Wesselaar
rymate1234so yea17:28
cloudgeekChipzzz: under share yeah17:28
rymate1234How to install this font http://www.levien.com/type/myfonts/inconsolata.html17:28
madmax_xSteevca, ya17:28
rick_its a file generated by the my paint program in software center17:28
ActionParsnip!font | rymate123417:28
ubotturymate1234: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/17:28
Chipzzzcloudgeek: :-)17:28
rick_i want to publish my paint work on face book17:28
ActionParsniprick_: try installing imagemagick and run:   convert whateverfileyouhave outputname.png17:29
Steevcamadmax_x i have tried what you gave me and it's already setup like that.I have tried folowing a tut from the web and this is what i got http://paste.ubuntu.com/835463/17:29
JadedJacobActionParsnip: thanks, i'm just running some updates at the moment, will post that command you sent me soon.17:29
=== lsm-desktop is now known as lsm
mongytiox, try the smaxein ppa version, I use it on my 64bit ubuntu17:29
rick_i beleave it will only accept image file17:29
=== lsm is now known as ls47
ActionParsnipJadedJacob: no worries, having a wired link makes it a lOT easier17:29
rymate1234never thought it would be that easy17:29
rymate1234ActionParsnip: thx17:29
rick_how do i install imagemagick17:29
ActionParsniprymate1234: a simple search for:  ubuntu font  would have given the same links...17:30
ActionParsniprick_: same way as any other package..17:30
rick_soft ware center???17:30
ActionParsniprick_: yes117:30
madmax_xSteevca, there is no dhcp werver on your lan17:30
madmax_xare you at work/school?17:31
Steevcamadmax_x i am at home.17:31
madmax_xis your house setup with mac filtering17:31
Steevcamadmax_X nope17:32
JadedJacobhow many different versions of flash player are there for linux?17:33
meerkatshow do I establich oss as the default sound architecture with the command line? alsamixer doesnt exist in my machine, but alsa-base is installed, gnomealsamixer is installed, but if open, it only shows a blank screen and if I try to use any function, it segfaults17:33
madmax_xare you doing anything weird like trying to connect your xbox via cat5 to share your wifi?17:33
cloudgeekChipzzz: can you help reset password for my root plz17:33
madmax_xcloudgeek, did you set your root passwod to begin with?17:33
Steevcamadmax_x I don't have an xbox or a wifi.17:34
cloudgeekmadmax_x: first i close and start mysql again then i put  sudo mysql -u root17:34
cloudgeekERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)17:34
madmax_xSteevca, do you have a router or are you trying to connect to a dsl modem17:34
rick_i cannot find imagemagick17:34
Oercloudgeek, there is no rootaccount in ubuntu, it is disabled.17:34
Steevcamadmax_x a dsl modem.17:34
llutzcloudgeek: mysql -u root -p17:34
madmax_xSteevca, whats at the other end of your ethernet cable17:34
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo17:34
madmax_x\me facepalm17:35
cloudgeekmadmax_x: soory then i skip grant table 117:35
mongyrick_,  apt-cache policy imagemagick says it's in the repo for my 11.1017:35
cloudgeekyep i have a dsl modem17:35
meerkatsalsa force reload in the terminal will unmute, temporarily, the sound icon17:35
Chipzzzcloudgeek: restart the machine, hold down the shift key while it's booting and get the grub menu... start ubuntu in rescue mode and you'll be able to reset it17:36
JokesOnYou77Hi all17:36
madmax_xSteevca, http://bit.ly/z94tLb17:36
cloudgeeki am using ubuntu 11.10 server but not able reset my password , i forget my password17:36
llutzcloudgeek: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/resetting-permissions.html17:36
cloudgeekChipzzz: okay try to do same17:36
=== Earl_ is now known as Guest11431
madmax_xcloudgeek, boot into single user mode17:36
Steevcamadmax_x Thanks17:37
tioxcloudgeek: There are two things, both of which this channel will frown upon you for doing, so I will PM instead.17:37
llutzcloudgeek: resetting systems password won't affect mysql17:37
JokesOnYou77I'm using Ubuntu server 11.10 and I17:37
cloudgeekmadmax_x: i don't want rest my root password i want reset for my sql one17:37
llutzcloudgeek: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/resetting-permissions.html17:38
madmax_xcloudgeek, oh idk17:38
bigpreshI run an official Ubuntu mirror which is likely to be changing IP in the near future; anyone know if I need to inform anyone of this in advance, or who I should talk to?17:38
ActionParsnipcloudgeek: use:  sudo -i    and you can run what you wish :)17:38
JokesOnYou77I'm using Ubuntu server 11.10 with no gui and I'd like to see my total network usage since power on, is that possible?17:38
llutzActionParsnip: how should that help to reset mysql-passwords?17:38
ActionParsnipllutz: you will need the access to run the sql command17:39
JokesOnYou77bigpresh: sounds like you might want to give Canonical a call17:39
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: ntop may help17:39
bigpreshJokesOnYou77: ifconfig should show you the bytes transferred and received; the counters can roll over though, I believe17:39
Nach0zhey what was the first version of Ubuntu that used grub2?17:40
llutzActionParsnip: no17:40
ActionParsnipllutz: so users can run the sql password reset command/17:40
=== dduffey is now known as dduffey_afk
rick_ok its installed now i cant find it to open it17:40
_monk_it may17:40
JokesOnYou77@ActionParsnip and bigpresh thank you both17:40
pangolinNach0z: 10.10 iirc17:41
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: np17:41
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
lordjj40GB for / (including home and everything) should be enough (knowing that I store all my media on other partitions) right?17:41
Nach0zpangolin: hm. 'cuz EasyBCD claims fedora16 is the first linux distro to use grub2. I'm FAIRLY sure ubuntu 10.10 came out before fedora 16.17:41
ActionParsniprick_: run:  convert inputfilename outputfilename      chnage the file names as you need17:42
mongyI thought 9.10 was first to use grub2 (grub v1.99)17:42
mufflonhello all, does "screenlets" work with openbox/lxde?17:42
andygraybealdoes anyone know if the power regression issues in upstream debian will be fixed before ubuntu 12.04 release?17:42
andygraybealshould i go to +1 ?  i didn't think of this till after i asked.17:42
CharminTheMooseAnyone know why when I copy a file into a tmpfs mounted directory, the RAM usage doubles or so from the size of the file? Say I have a 300mb file, I copy it and free reports 600MB used as cache afterwards. :/17:43
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: Hang on, if I try to install ntop it looks like it wants to install X, which I'm really not interested in doing, does ntop require a gui?17:43
_monk_whats your opinion?17:43
=== dduffey is now known as dduffey_afk
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: shouldn't do, its a CLI app.... let me search :)17:43
ActionParsnip_monk_: works well17:44
llutzJokesOnYou77: "apt-cache depends ntop"17:44
tioxcloudgeek's problem is solved and I gave him the means to also lock down root when He is done faffing off. Though, He can't blame us if someone hijacks his system. :P17:44
bigpreshJokesOnYou77: vnstat may also be worth a look; it doesn't meet your requirement of just showing usage since boot, though17:44
tioxOh hi cloudgeek. Hopemy answer was satisfactory.17:45
=== siric is now known as sitic
JadedJacobActionParsnip: my chipset is ralink rt7317:45
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: this is what it wants to install: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835490/17:45
cloudgeektiox: yep17:45
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: or rather, those are the new packages that will be installed17:46
cloudgeekBTW what does sudo -i means17:46
sun_devilinstalling NTP package17:46
tioxthe -i switch basically gives you root in terminal.17:46
rick_ ActionParsnip did you mean type that in terminal17:46
tioxSo insyead of user@node$, it becomes user@node# (# meaning root)17:46
cloudgeektiox: okay how it differ from sudo -s sudo -su17:47
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: so not all of xorg, but I can't imagine why it wants the fonts and a total of 22.7 MB of disk space17:47
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: what is the size of the packages to install..17:47
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: yikes17:47
tioxNot sure. But the Ubuntu documentation encourages using sudo for single commands.17:47
sun_devilhee hee17:47
ActionParsniprick_: yes but change it obviously17:47
mongycloudgeek, http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6188826&postcount=417:47
sun_deviltrying to use cups to print17:47
Chipzzzcloudgeek: it's specific to ubuntu because of the way ubuntu creates its root user17:47
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: may help: http://www.hecticgeek.com/2011/12/command-line-based-network-bandwidth-usage-monitor-ubuntu-linux/17:47
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip: yeah, my thoughts exactly.  It's not like I don't have the disk space, I do, it's just that this seems fishy, and I'd rather run a clean system if possible17:48
rick_i typed exacly  run: convert input assionisizor.ora output assionisizor.png17:48
cloudgeekthnaks to all now i am on the way after geeting mysql password to setup my laptop as a hosting mywebsite17:48
tioxOkie dokie cloudgeek17:49
cloudgeeksure best irc that support a newbie17:49
Chipzzzcloudgeek: :-)17:49
cloudgeeknot like other those disourge newbie17:49
tioxUhm, /quit17:49
cloudgeek:) thanks all again17:49
tioxcloudgeek: They mean well.17:49
llutzJokesOnYou77: ifconfig eth0|grep "RX bytes"                 no need to install anything17:49
tioxAfter answering the same questions for ten years, you'd say "STFU & RTFM" too.17:50
ActionParsnipJokesOnYou77: oh absolutely :)17:50
tioxBoth, of course, discouraged (and kick-worthy) terms here.17:50
pangolin!language | tiox17:50
ubottutiox: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:50
rick_ActionParsnip:  typed exacly  run: convert input assionisizor.ora output assionisizor.png17:50
sun_devilTrying to use cups with home network printer17:50
pangolintiox: if you are so aware of the rules, why break them?17:50
ActionParsniprick_: looks good, if imagemagick can read the file it will be converted17:50
dies_irae what was the part to delete in order to have pulseaudio working again?17:50
dies_iraeit went off17:51
tioxI was using it as an example, not directed toward anyone, you scary anteater.17:51
cloudgeekSTFU & RTFM what is meaning of this17:51
JokesOnYou77ActionParsnip and bigpresh vnstat looks like exactly what I wanted.  I'm going to need to take a look at the configuration file, but it really looks great17:51
rick_ActionParsnip: it said run:command not found17:51
dies_iraecloudgeek: that no nice17:51
tioxcloudgeek: Never mind.17:51
tiox\If you really wanna know, put them after define: in a google search.17:51
ActionParsniprick_: remove the words 'input' and 'output'17:51
JokesOnYou77llutz: I'll give that a try as well.  grep really is amazing17:51
dies_iraethere was a file to delete about pulseaudio in order to have it working again.17:52
tioxBut now noise > signal and it's best to get back on topic.17:52
ActionParsnipdies_irae: try:   killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*    wait a few seconds then retry sound17:52
dies_iraeActionParsnip: thanks, lol I think it was u who told me last time.17:53
rick_ActionParsnip: still says run :: command not found17:53
cloudgeektiox: I hate commercial guys like google who make opensouce a part od eraning rather then serving freedom17:53
sun_devilcups recognizes printer17:53
ActionParsniprick_: you don't need the word run, you don't type:  run sudo apt-get update    do you ?17:53
cloudgeekdies_irae: thanks for me that is enough that is not nice,But i never use google tough17:54
rick_no i type exacly what i said above17:54
ActionParsniprick_: the command is:    convert assionisizor.ora assionisizor.png17:54
th_how do i change my locale in irssi?17:54
sun_devilNTP Kerberos17:55
rick_ActionParsnip:  convert assionisizor.ora assionisizor.png17:55
rick_convert: no decode delegate for this image format `assionisizor.ora' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/533.17:55
rick_convert: missing an image filename `assionisizor.png' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2940.17:55
sun_devilNever been able to print in Ubuntu17:56
xystHi.  Does anyone have a good working reference for how to network-install Ubuntu?  I've found a few, and I can already PXEboot/etc, but the installer is failing now and I can't find a reason why on google.17:57
xyst(10.04.3 in this case)17:57
Picirick_: Whats an .ora file?17:57
sun_devilIs it easy to send a print job to a home network printer...Kodak17:58
rick_its a file for the my paint program in the software center17:58
=== recon69_lap is now known as recon_lap
Picirick_: Its not likely that imagemagick will be able to process that.  Can you not save it as a more generic filetype from Open Raster?17:59
=== xangua1 is now known as xangua
rick_how do i do that18:00
Picirick_: Or whichever program you're using?18:00
sun_devilNTP cups config18:00
dewarhello, i wonder if some can help me, i ran a program on kubuntu and now the boxes flash on and off when i move the mouse over it18:01
zykotick9sun_devil: what does Network Time Protocol (NTP) have to do with CUPS?18:01
Picirick_: Oh. I misread. You're using "My Paint".  I'd be very surprised if the Save As... menu item doesn't support saving as PNG. See http://mypaint.intilinux.com/?page_id=318:02
SyLI'm trying get vhosts and modrewrite to work on ubuntu 11.10, any pages I should be looking at?18:02
th_how do i change my locale in irssi?18:02
sun_devilKerberos config.  Saying I need NTP installation18:02
Picith_: Best to ask in #irssi18:03
sun_devilUsing cups to install printer but says it needs authorization?18:03
sun_devil1st time trying this, eventually I will get it18:04
dies_iraeAO: [pulse] Init failed: Connection refused Failed to initialize audio driver 'pulse'18:05
dies_iraew00t pulse being unruly18:05
esuavequestion.. how come when i enter a command in terminal it sits... than i have to hit another key for it to show the results..18:05
JTS000IDI have a Lenovo W520 and I need to install Ubuntu. The Ubuntu Partners page my laptop is compatible with the Pre-Installed image. I called Lenovo and they say they don't support Ubuntu. The Ubuntu website says W520 is compatible with 10.10 (pre-installed only, with notes).18:05
esuavefor example.. when i type: w... it sits.. than i have to hit like the spacebar key to see the results18:06
sun_devilKerberos wants authorization and time stamp of tickets has to be correct, that is NTP18:06
axisyshow come thunderbird launcher icon does not show selected like the other apps and also does not show in alt+tab18:06
JTS000IDif I install the most recent version of Ubuntu - my battery life is shrunk to couple of hours18:06
JTS000IDshall I install 10.1018:06
esuaveanyone know?18:06
=== ubuntu is now known as sandy
memandhey guys, can one of you help me explain how to make a startup usb from terminal?18:06
bullgard4!enter | Ralph_G18:07
ubottuRalph_G: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:07
Piciesuave: What does   echo $SHELL   say?18:07
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:07
zykotick9memand: for 11.10?  just cat the ISO to teh USB device.18:07
sun_devilI refuse to call Kodak, I know they dont support anything  now they are going BK18:07
esuavePici: /bin/bash18:07
JadedJacobwhat is gnash swf player for firefox18:08
Piciesuave: And you're just typing a command and pressing enter?18:08
esuavePici: yep18:08
zykotick9!gnash | JadedJacob18:08
ubottuJadedJacob: gnash is Gnash is an open-source Flash replacement. It is still beta software. For current status or for more info http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/18:08
memandzykotick9, it's in 10.somthing18:08
zykotick9memand: then catting won't work.  Good luck.18:09
CharminTheMooseAnyone know why when I copy a file into a tmpfs mounted directory, the RAM usage doubles or so from the size of the file? Say I have a 300mb file, I copy it and free reports 600MB used as cache afterwards. :/18:09
memandzykotick9, thanks -_-18:09
sun_devilAnyone ever use CUPS for printing?18:09
Piciesuave: I've never seen anything like that before.  Have you by chance been playing with your environment variables? Has this ever worked?18:10
Oersun_devil, obviously we all do, cups is standard in linux.18:10
sun_devilYour right18:10
esuavePici: yeah i know it is weird.. i havnt been playing with any variables.. ill dig deeper to see if i can find anything18:11
Piciesuave: Let me know if you figure it out.  I'm curious now.18:11
esuavePici: will do!18:11
bullgard4[Ubuntu 11.10] '<user>@<hostanme>: ~$ sudo shutdown now; ... The system will be shut down now for maintenance purposes!  ... * Asking all remaining processes to terminate [fail] ... 'The system is going down for maintenance NOW!' Actually the system does not shut down. Why can this  'sudo shutdown' not terminate all processes?18:12
zykotick9bullgard4: "sudo shutdown -h now"18:12
mivulfi want to open every .txt file in vim (runned on terminal), when I double-clicking on them. How can i make it? (ubuntu 11.10)18:14
axisysthunderbird does not get the focus with alt+tab (switching applications)18:14
zykotick9mivulf: use something like "gnome-terminal -e vim"18:14
axisysis this a bug?18:14
mbeierlCharminTheMoose, is the tmpfs ram-backed?  Cache from reading the file from the original and then the ramfs backed tmpfs, perhaps?18:15
bullgard4zykotick9: 'man  shutdown': "-h     Requests that the system be either halted or powered off after it has been brought down, with the choice as to which left up to the system." <- What does here mean "to bring down"?18:15
etheretic2why is pulseaudio hardwired to the ubuntu system? it's lo-fi!!!18:15
zykotick9bullgard4: -h actually turns the computer off18:15
zykotick9etheretic2: it's actually a requirement of gnome these days18:16
zykotick9!es | badwolf6518:16
ubottubadwolf65: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:16
bullgard4zykotick9: I accept although I don't understand.18:16
mbeierlesuave, is it that the display lags, or there really is no output?  Is this in a gnome-terminal, x-term, or...?  What happens if you attempt to copy-n-paste the output using the mouse to select over the text that ought to be there?18:17
kulhasis this the official channel of ubuntu ?18:17
aeon-ltdkulhas: yes18:17
mbeierlbullgard4, is your question "why does it not power off", or "why are some processes still running and the shutdown never completes?"18:18
ethereticzykotick9: so there are an unholy alliance between the pulse/gnome/ubuntu developers? haven't mentioned unity yet...18:18
esuavembeierl: when i input a command for example: w, i hit enter.. and it moves to the next line.. than just sits there.. if i hit spacebar it processes the command and shows me the results of w18:18
zykotick9etheretic: it's NOT ubuntu specific, it's Gnome18:19
mivulfzykotick: exactly "gnome-terminal -e vim"?18:19
zykotick9!tab | mivulf18:19
ubottumivulf: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:19
aeon-ltdmivulf: yes18:19
ethereticzykotick9: erk.18:19
bullgard4mbeierl: My question focuses more on: ""why are some processes still running and the shutdown never completes?"18:19
aeon-ltdmivulf: that's if you use gnome terminal of course18:19
mbeierlesuave, and input the command into...?  What type of interface?  gnome-terminal, xterm, tty (ctrl-alt-f1)?18:19
captainjamieHello everyone. Is it off topic if I ask for recommendations on which tablet I should buy? Because I want to know which type is best at installing Ubuntu on (or at least the Kubuntu mobile one)18:19
SimeonKhi, how can i run a command in chroot mode without having to type the full path. (e.g. "chroot /chrt /bin/bash -c ls")18:20
mbeierlbullgard4, do you happen to have remote filesystems, such as NFS, mounted?18:20
bullgard4captainjamie: Google for 'HCL' and 'Ubuntu'.18:20
zykotick9mbeierl: "sudo mount IP:/Sharename /MOUNTPOINT" should autodetect for NFS18:20
esuavembeierl: im using ubuntu server.. ssh'ed in how can i tell?18:20
mbeierlbullgard4, I've seen systems refuse to halt due to I/O locks in NFS, but that's been a while18:20
captainjamiebullgard4: Ok thanks18:21
mbeierlesuave, oh.  you just told me.  You are using ssh.  What is the local computer running?18:21
esuavembeierl: mac18:21
bullgard4mbeierl: There is no NFS installed on this computer. --18:21
mbeierlesuave, could it be a problem with the mac ssh client setting somehow?18:22
esuavembeierl: ok thanks lemme try restarting the client18:22
bullgard4mbeierl: '~$ mount' does not show any remote filesysrewm18:22
bullgard4mbeierl: '~$ mount' does not show any remote filesystem.18:23
mbeierlbullgard4, k.  there should be a sysreq key combo that tells what programs are still running during the shutdown.  Gimme a moment to look them up18:23
mbeierlbullgard4, there it is: "T".  ctrl+alt+sysrq+t should list what program is still running, preventing the shutdown.  q.v. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key18:25
mbeierlcan anyone correct me, or is the stock kernel compiled with sysrq support?  I'm not on an ubuntu system at the moment.18:25
pangolinmbeierl: it is18:26
occupantso why are ubuntu kernels so large? why isn't everything just a module?18:26
pangolinoccupant: not really a question for this channel, my want to ask the kernel team.18:27
munxsorry, been a couple years since i've been here18:28
mbeierlpangolin, thanks!18:28
bullgard4mbeierl: I am using a Thinkpad T61. Ctrl+Alt+SysRq+T responds: "[timestamp] SysRq : Show State" with a _ prompt on the new line. Nothing more. How to proceed?18:29
pangolinoccupant: #ubuntu-kernel should be the proper place to ask18:29
occupantah, thanks18:29
pangolinoccupant: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam#Communications could be helpful to you also18:29
bullgard4occupant: Because Linus Torvalds wants it so.18:30
pangolinbullgard4: that is not helpful.18:30
occupantcompared to other distros, I mean18:30
mbeierlbullgard4, you did that combo during the shutdown, or at a tty?18:30
aestetixHey, if there's a package on ubuntu LTS that is outdated, is it safe to manually update the package?18:31
pangolinoccupant: yeah, #ubuntu-kernel can probably help you a lot more.18:31
crizzy_aestetix: define manually.. i'd rather find some PPA for that package18:32
bullgard4mbeierl: at a tty. The same virtual console where I issued  the shutdown command before.18:32
aestetixcrizzy_: ok. What's the benefit of using LTS, then?18:32
aestetixIt seems like a lot of stuff is outdated, even on the latest version18:32
pangolinaestetix: LTS aims for stability and packages do get security updates and major bug fixes.18:32
esuavePici: it was the terminal application i was using locally to ssh into my machine.. lol there was nothing wrong with the server its self.. thanks mbeierl18:32
crizzy_aestetix: exactly what it says, 'long term support'18:32
mbeierlbullgard4, there's also sysrq+w that should show only blocked processes.  but it sounds like something is not quire right with this.  Once in that state, could you try a forced reboot with "sysrq+reisub"  (that's sysrq+r, then sysrq+e, etc)18:33
crizzy_aestetix: for regular desktops, the answer is "not much", for corporate employments.. "a lot"18:33
crizzy_aestetix: new LTS release will come in 2 months, anyway18:33
mbeierlesuave, great!  pici (fyi^)18:33
aestetixAh, ok.18:33
pangolinaestetix: basically it means that the latest and greatest packages won't be always be ported back to 10.04 but LTS will remain stable.18:33
mbeierlesuave, sorry - I see you let pici know too, thanks!18:33