quadrisprosee you soon guys00:01
Len-liveScottL: I don't quite see how that would work..00:06
Len-liveqjackctl.desktop has:00:07
Len-liveBut we want PA to run through jackd ... I thought.00:08
Len-liveScottL, some questions about jackd. Do you think it likely that a user will use jackd for one interface and pulse for another?00:12
Len-liveJack and pulse play well together if PA is configured not to connect to alsa.00:14
Len-liveSo if jack was to run all the time (from session login till logout) PA would just work00:15
ScottLLen-live, before i forget again, does the new mudita24 have a menu entry?00:15
Len-liveWhere do I look at it...? Is it in the repo?00:16
ScottLit should be installed00:16
Len-liveNope. I haven't seen any new software for a while.00:17
ScottLastraljava added it to the seeds i thought and it should have been in for a while00:18
ScottLthe new version would be automatically included as it hit the repos for precise00:18
ScottLbut of course if none of the version had a proper desktop file then it wouldn't include the menu entry though00:18
ScottLyou can always test it with 'mudita24' from the command line00:18
ScottL 00:18
Len-liveJust checking what synaptic says, it doesn't seem to be there from the cli00:19
ScottLLen-live, the original implementation (i believe) from 8.04 for pulse-jack integration was to run the pasuspender before qjackctl00:19
ScottLthis was because pulse was brand new (some would argue too new to include) and no integration was done at all with jack00:19
Len-livesynaptic says no mudita2400:20
ScottLonce jack moved to dbus (not sure if pulse was always dbus enabled) then we could start better integration00:20
ScottLonce we installed the pulseaudio-module-jack package it should work even better00:20
ScottLi believe we have added this to the seeds already00:20
ScottLalthough i may need to talk to davd h. more about this00:20
Len-liveI think it is already there.00:20
ScottLLen-live, if synaptic doesn't show any mudita24, either installed or available, then we may have a problem00:21
Len-livePA does automatically connect to jack.00:21
Len-liveIt shows it available, but not installed.00:21
Len-livemudita version on the repo is 1.0.3+svn13-300:22
Len-liveinstalliing now,00:23
ScottLLen-live, the svn version is the new one i believe...although i'm disappointed that it appears to not be installed already00:24
Len-liveScottL, Ive been looking for a list of new stuff... audacity too for one.00:25
ScottLLen-live, i am adding audacity but i wanted to do that when i looked at the work flows, which should be this month00:25
Len-liveOk, mudita24 has no desktop file.00:26
ScottLgrabbing the source, looking at the .desktop file (if extant), making a patch for it would be a good task for someone if they wanted to do it :)00:27
Len-liveWould that mean we are taking it over?00:28
Len-liveIt would be easy enough to rename the envy24control one and mod it.00:29
Len-liveThat much I could do, but not maintain it thereafter.00:33
ScottLLen-live, well, ideally we would either push the patch upstream (i.e. debian) or just file a bug00:41
ScottLi would want to patch our version right now, just so it works with 12.0400:41
ScottLbut we should always either file a bug or file a bug/send a patch "upstream"00:42
astraljavaIt could be that no one's been updating the metas after the change.00:42
Len-liveOur version being the one in ubuntu repo?00:42
ScottLLen-live, yes00:45
ScottLit wouldn't really mean we are maintaining it, just adding some functionality00:45
astraljavaI don't think there's much point in patching it. quadrispro will create on in an instanst for debian, then we just sync.00:46
Len-liveThat would be best, otherwise we loose the desktop every time a new patch gets added.00:48
astraljavaLen-live: Patches can of course be carried with it for longer, but that would be pointless in this case.00:50
ScottLastraljava, i was concerned that this late in the cycle we might now get it patched and synced in/from debian00:55
ScottLnot that we shouldn't try of course00:56
astraljavaScottL: I think for this case we should get an exception now problem. No one else will have it in their seeds for sure.00:56
astraljavaDamnit, where's me grammer todey?! ARRRR00:57
astraljavaI blame it on my hockey game watching. :)00:57
ailoLatest upgrade broke a lot of stuff on my system01:03
ailoHopefully it will fix itself, or one will have to reinstall01:03
ailopam and permission stuff01:04
astraljavaailo: What system are you talking about? precise, sid, or oneiric?01:04
astraljavaailo: Have you asked on #ubuntu+1, yet?01:05
ailoI'll just wait and see. Usually when they change things like this it sorts itself out after a while01:06
ailoIf it doesn't, I'll just reinstall01:06
astraljavaOk. I've just found, that using a dev release, and trying to fix the problems that occasionally emerge, teaches a whole lot of things of the internals. But then, I'm interested in that stuff. I acknowledge that not all people care. :)01:08
ailoI wouldn't have time to find out. I don't know much about how pam and permissions work, and for me to second guess what the devs are up to would take longer than for them to get it working again01:13
astraljavaYeah, just confirmed that mudita24 only gives ya a debian menu entry. I will talk to Alessio about this.01:31
len-nbScottL: unless I am lookiing in the wrong place...05:11
len-nbI don't see mudita in the seed files.05:11
len-nbI had been watching these for changes too so I would know what new things to look for.05:12
len-nb(feel free to leave comments to me if it looks like I am here or not, I do look through the logs)05:13
astraljavalen: It's not in the seeds, that's true. I'm not sure why, but perhaps because I realized that we're still getting envy24control from alsa-tools-gui, and I wanted to avoid the duplicating situation. I actually don't know what to do about that.08:14
astraljavalen: ScottL: Alessio has created a .desktop file and an icon for mudita24 in sid, so we just need to sync again.09:20
astraljavaI'll be gone for several hours now, catch ya in 10 or so.09:20
lenastraljava: re: mudita24 being a duplicate. Because they are named differently, they can exist together.14:59
lenin the same way that we tell envy24control not to show up in the multimedia menu, we can just not include it in the audio production menu either.15:00
lenThen it would be in the system, but not visible/confusing... I don't think we can get it not to install.15:02
lenThe correct solution would be to replace envy24control where it is. Perhaps by reporting a bug against envy24control about no peak detection.15:03
lenenvy24control has a peak detect reset, but doesn't show peaks. Mudita fixes that.15:05
astraljavaNews from the release people: DO NOT UPGRADE TODAY, if you have nVidia hardware. There is an issue between the recent libc and nVidia graphics drivers.15:21
astraljavaMore info at eleven. Err... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/92938415:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 929384 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update" [High,Confirmed]15:21
scott-worklen: i'm guessing that what astraljava meant was that we ship alsa-tools, which also includes envycontrol24, and originally this seemed a duplicate of functionality16:47
scott-worklen: although we realize that envycontrol24 hasn't been updated for a while and it seems that mudita24 addresses some issues present in envycontrol2416:48
scott-workso mudita24 is the proper path forward for our users16:48
astraljavalen: Yeah, what scott-work said.18:19
len bug 929384 seems to be the "free" driver. nouveau22:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929384 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update on i386 arch" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92938422:54
lenI don't know how it effects the closed ones..22:55

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