cfhowlettanyone here able to help with a video issu?00:49
cfhowlettwillfrand: no one home at the moment so check back00:51
willfrandhello, how about, I need help with a video. avi, apparently has been damaged and need repair, I used DivFix and ffmpeg, and not how to fix it, help me please?00:53
Guest47959hi !!14:04
Guest47959i search to read a player of myspace,14:04
Guest47959i have a flash player message error ...14:05
Guest47959is it the same for you14:05
Guest47959my sys 11.10 86_6414:05
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Guest8469anybody know how connect jack to pulse audio16:44
Guest8469so how create a virtuel output16:47
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cfhowlettjen_: what's teh question?20:44
jen_okay okay okay...so I have this commision i was doing for a friend and now it will not load on mypaint D: its maybe too big? I mean I took some time on it and had it PERFECt. I do NOT want to do it again, could anyone help me with it?20:45
holsteinjen_: just the facts20:45
holsteinwhat do you have?20:45
holsteina .jpg?20:45
cfhowlettjen_: "won't load"?  any error messages and what app did yo use to do the painting20:45
jen_a ora20:45
holsteinhow is whatever you have failing to load in what?20:45
jen_I zoomed out fully when I drew it on MyPaint20:45
holsteinjen_: zoom will not have much effect on the actual resolution20:46
jen_I know but it seems to go slower20:46
jen_all I use is mypaint20:46
jen_it has a lot of layers and stuff20:46
holsteinif its a professional endevour, you might want to consider a more professional tool20:46
holsteingimp or whatever20:46
holsteinanyways.. whats the error?20:46
jen_let me try to open it20:46
cfhowlettjen_: http://wiki.mypaint.info/Main_Page  && http://forum.intilinux.com/index.php#920:46
jen_Traceback (most recent call last):20:47
jen_  File "/usr/share/mypaint/gui/filehandling.py", line 306, open_cb(self=<gui.filehandling.FileHandler object>, action=<gtk.Action object at 0x9ec4914 (GtkAction at 0x9c4cdc0)>)20:47
jen_                    dialog.hide()20:47
jen_                    self.open_file(dialog.get_filename().decode('utf-8'))20:47
jen_            finally:20:47
jen_  variables: {'decode': (None, []), 'dialog.get_filename': ('local', <built-in method get_filename of gtk.FileChooserDialog object at 0xa75ebe4>), 'self.open_file': ('local', <bound method FileHandler.wrapper of <gui.filehandling.FileHandler object at 0x9ead96c>>)}20:47
jen_  File "/usr/share/mypaint/gui/drawwindow.py", line 43, wrapper(self=<gui.filehandling.FileHandler object>, *args=(u'/home/jen/MyPaint/Misc/gill.ora',), **kwargs={})20:47
jen_            try:20:47
jen_                func(self, *args, **kwargs)20:47
jen_            finally:20:47
jen_  variables: {'self': ('local', <gui.filehandling.FileHandler object at 0x9ead96c>), 'args': ('local', (u'/home/jen/MyPaint/Misc/gill.ora',)), 'func': ('local', <function open_file at 0x9e568b4>), 'kwargs': ('local', {})}20:47
jen_  File "/usr/share/mypaint/gui/filehandling.py", line 227, open_file(self=<gui.filehandling.FileHandler object>, filename=u'/home/jen/MyPaint/Misc/gill.ora')20:47
jen_            try:20:47
jen_                self.doc.model.load(filename)20:47
jen_            except document.SaveLoadError, e:20:47
jen_  variables: {'self.doc.model.load': ('local', <bound method Document.load of <lib.document.Document instance at 0x9eadc8c>>), 'filename': ('local', u'/home/jen/MyPaint/Misc/gill.ora')}20:47
holsteinjen_: this is a slow channel, but use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ pleast20:48
jen_  File "/usr/share/mypaint/lib/document.py", line 284, load(self=<lib.document.Document instance>, filename=u'/home/jen/MyPaint/Misc/gill.ora')20:48
jen_            try:20:48
jen_                load(filename)20:48
wxl /kick20:48
holsteinjen_: please*20:48
jen_            except gobject.GError, e:20:48
jen_  variables: {'load': ('local', <bound method Document.load_ora of <lib.document.Document instance at 0x9eadc8c>>), 'filename': ('local', u'/home/jen/MyPaint/Misc/gill.ora')}20:48
jen_  File "/usr/share/mypaint/lib/document.py", line 520, load_ora(self=<lib.document.Document instance>, filename=u20:48
jen_err I should have used pastebin >.<20:48
jen_yeah I never think of that20:48
holsteinyeah.. jen_ stop flooding pleasee20:48
jen_well anyways20:48
jen_yeah I will20:48
jen_but um thats the only thing it has come up20:48
holsteini would load up another user, and try... seems like it might just be the config for mypaint20:48
holsteinif all is well as the new user, you will konw what to do20:49
jen_what do you mean?20:49
jen_re-install it?20:49
holsteinjen_: i mean, in your home directory are config files20:49
holsteinif you create a new user temporarily, you can bypass those and use fresh ones20:50
jen_yeah so now what do I do?20:50
holsteinthis will confirm what the issue likely is20:50
jen_ohhhh so make a new account on the computer?20:50
holsteinand you can remove the config files in the current use20:50
jen_brb :P20:51
jen_nope didnt work :(20:54
holsteinjen_: ok.. so you can reinstall paint... you can try opening the project in the gimp.. you can try loading another project in paint20:55
jen_doesnt work :( i tried that20:56
cfhowlettholstein: how about if she tries mypaint in the guest user account?20:56
jen_I try to rename it in my folder20:56
jen_it doesnt let me load it20:56
holsteinjen_: you've tried all of that?20:56
holsteinjen_: elaborate on what doesnt work, and how20:56
jen_yes I have, but not re-install20:56
holsteincfhowlett: im assuming that what was just tried, and failed20:57
jen_well just that, it doesnt let me open is ONE durn thing20:57
holsteinjen_: try reinstalling paint20:57
cfhowlettholstein: ah.  I missed due to multi-tasking :(20:57
holsteinwhere did you get paint?20:57
jen_will do20:57
holsteincfhowlett: no worries.. i dont mind getting confirmation, and an extra set of ideas20:57
jen_how do I uninstall?20:59
holsteinjen_: i would *reinstall*... and i would do that where you feel comfortable20:59
holsteinsoftware center20:59
holsteinin the terminal21:00
jen_I got it haha I do it my own way21:00
holsteinjen_: OK.. i gotta run... if you are using 11.10, you can try getting help in #xubuntu if this channel is slow... good luck :)21:02
jen_okay thanks alot :)21:02
ubottujen_: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org21:02
falktxI love that bot21:05
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cfhowlettthefluffyone: so when are we going to see your gallery?21:09
thefluffyonehaha I dont think anyone here would like my stuff21:09
cfhowlettthefluffyone: art gallery/exhibition21:09
cfhowlettthefluffyone: I think I can safely say that we like ALL digital art produced with FOSS21:10
thefluffyoneerr haha I have deviantart21:10
cfhowlettthefluffyone: url link?21:11
cfhowlettthefluffyone: LOL @ Party Hard!21:12
cfhowlettthefluffyone: do you use #ubuntustudio or plain vanilla buntu?21:13

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