ochosibut i guess i need to make room for a precise vm at some point, otherwise i have to try to fix greybird-precise bugs "in the dark"00:01
knomemmh, right00:02
* knome just fixed the 404 errors @ xubuntu.org00:58
knomenow to file a RT ticket..00:58
pleia2you are the winnar01:02
* knome bites the gold metal and breaks his teeth01:03
* pleia2 passes over a beer instead01:03
knomehttp://xubuntu.princessleia.com/i_like_beer <--01:03
* knome unmounts sshfs from pleia2's server01:05
* knome might not be able to attend uds even if he wanted01:07
knomenot that i'm too excited to travel to states to hack on a pc01:08
pleia2but california is lovely01:09
knomeyeah, but indoors?01:09
pleia2and in oakland01:09
pleia2but wednesday night we're doing tourist stuff in san francisco! the nice city :)01:10
knomewell, we have bachelor party @ may 1201:10
pleia2bring your wife, we're having an ubuntu women dinner thursday night at my place01:10
knomehah :)01:10
knomeshe's not really interested in FOSS (sorry! ;)) and not really able to come anyway (three-shift work)01:11
pleia2it's a nice place for a vacation :D01:11
pleia2my favorite vacation last year was as a tag-along to a networking conference my fiance went to, in Puerto Rico01:12
knomewell, seriously01:12
knomeit's damn far :/01:12
pleia2yeah, it is01:12
knomei'd have loved to attend @ europe01:13
pleia2it's nice to have it at home, but I was actually looking forward to another europe adventure01:13
pleia2dunno what they're doing in the fall01:14
* knome is keeping fingers crossed for EU...01:14
knomewhy not even finland!01:14
knomebut that's not going to happen.01:14
pleia2is there snow everywhere in october? :)01:14
knomeyou might have none, or you might have 50cm01:14
knomeand polar bears on the streets01:15
knomeand the iglu's on the suburbs01:15
knomehah, not really01:15
knomethe falls have been very non-snowy lately:)01:16
pleia2I don't actually know what goes into a venue decision01:16
pleia2seems random01:16
knomebut it snowed today :)01:16
knomewell, a big venue i suppose01:16
knomeand places where to accommodate lots of people01:16
knomeand maybe something interest to show to the sponsored guys and gals01:17
knomewell, we could always show those iglus01:17
pleia2the brussels one was in the middle of the woods01:17
* knome 's iglu is very humble, but there are nicer ones01:17
knomepleia2, that's something to see too...01:17
pleia2and your pet polar bear!01:18
knomemaybe organize it in lapland01:18
knomeand you can be in the middle of nowhere01:18
pleia2they had shuttles into the city each night so we could get drunk01:18
pleia2it was nice :)01:18
pleia2we got very drunk01:18
knomei'm sure you did01:18
knomewith all the belgian beer!!01:18
pleia2I actually took the opportunity to try every lambic I could find (they still aren't hugely common here in the states, when you find them it's always raspberry)01:19
knomethat would work for me...01:19
knomepleia2, mmh, too bad. there aren't many brands in finland either, but at least we got variety (not always just raspberry)01:19
pleia2madnick: wow :)01:19
pleia2those are some nice igloos!01:20
knomemadnick, do you know which was first, that or http://www.snowcastle.net/en/ ?01:20
knomei'd say the latter01:20
pleia2I blogged all my beer too: http://princessleia.com/journal/?p=299601:21
knomewhat did you think of delirium tremens?01:21
madnick"Existing each year between December and April, the Icehotel in the village of Jukkasjärvi, about 17 km from Kiruna, Sweden was the world's first ice hotel."01:21
knomebut the whole complex?01:22
knomewhich was first?01:22
madnickDont know01:22
knomefinns or swedes?01:22
madnickIt doesnt say01:22
pleia2knome: love delirium tremens, they have it here too, the hotel bar was pretty limited, only had things I already had01:22
knomethat's not my fav01:22
knomewhat bout la chouffe?01:22
pleia2love la chouffe too (have it here)01:22
knomeoh right01:22
knomeyou even blogged that :P01:22
knomethere was no mention of DT01:22
knomeor i just missed that...01:23
madnick"the shakes"?01:23
knomeshakes on the plane?01:23
madnickits a beer01:23
madnickI thought you meant the condition :P01:23
madnicki figured it was a really bad bar01:24
knomedelirium nocturnum is their other beer01:24
pleia2nocturnum is ok01:24
knomenot my fav either01:24
knomeother of them is a bit too tangy and the other is a bit too cardboardy01:24
* astraljava emerges when the topic turns to beer01:24
* knome is not the professional beer-rater01:24
knomeastraljava, well of course.01:25
knomeastraljava, have you ever tasted a rye beer?01:25
astraljavaYes I have.01:25
astraljavaI forget which, but I have.01:25
knomeokay, enjoyed?01:25
knomei just bought the one by stadin panimo01:25
astraljavaYeah, for sure.01:25
knomea small batch in the flagship alko01:25
* astraljava loves rye in pretty much every form01:25
knomemmh. never tried a rye beer before01:26
knomepleia2, you?01:26
pleia2I don't think so01:26
micahgknome: it's beta, so relatively stable for a power user01:26
knomei take that as a definite no ;)01:26
knomemicahg, okay01:26
knomemicahg, btw...01:26
knomemicahg, have you heard me complaining about some display issues when switching to an (imaps) inbox folder01:27
GridCubei did not remembered today's meeting :(01:27
micahgknome: not sure what you mean by switching01:27
knomemicahg, i mean, changing the account, or sometimes when running TB01:27
knomemicahg, sometimes the initial view is weird01:28
knomemicahg, no idea how to reproduce, but i can take a shot the next time i hit it01:28
knomepleia2, so have you even tasted rye bread? :)01:28
pleia2knome: not that I'm aware of01:29
GridCubeknome, i added my opinions to he wiki page about the default window manager shortcuts in its moment, please tell me those are not among the changes that are going to happen01:29
knomepleia2, okay, so haven't :)01:29
knomeGridCube, the ones under "detailed specification" are what we're pushing, the ones between "obsolete/superseded" not01:29
GridCube:D oh thats okay then01:30
GridCubethank you very01:30
micahgknome: screenshot might help, no idea what you mean01:31
knomemicahg, is there something that would make TB more closed than just closing the window?01:32
knomeis there some daemon or so that needs to be ran on boot, that is left open or so01:32
micahgknome: no, if it doesn't close in a timely manner, that's a bug (which I think might already be known)01:34
knomeno, that's not it01:34
knomei was just thinking because i think this might happen more when TB is opened the first time after buut01:35
knomebut that might be just me...01:35
astraljavaknome: I'm sorry, I havem01:37
knomehm? :)01:37
astraljavaI haven't followed the whole of the conversation.01:37
knomeno problem01:37
astraljavaBut I use TB, so can I double-check anything?01:37
knomewell, i'm wondering how to reproduce...01:38
astraljavaAhh... the opening view is strange.01:38
knomeI GET IT I GET IT01:38
knomeIT'S HERE01:38
knomeTHE BULL IS HERE!01:39
astraljava"Where is ze bull..."01:39
astraljavaOh man, this is one of those games for the Bruins... *frown*01:40
knomemicahg, http://temp.knome.fi/other/tb-bug-contentview.png01:42
knomemicahg, FAIL01:42
* micahg isn't sure what he's looking at01:43
knomemicahg, try the message area :)01:43
knomeand the headers area :)01:43
astraljavaknome: Were there some specific steps to reproduce, or is it just the full moon?01:45
knomeastraljava, i think, send a utf8-encoded mail as plaintext, might need to have scands in the title too01:45
micahgseems like a corrupted index or something, my guess is there's probably a bug for it upstream, but not sure01:45
knomewell yeah, but HOW DO I FIX THIS01:46
knomeit's pretty annoying01:46
knomeand yes, the most annoying part is that when you reload the message (open another and get back to the original one), it's displayed as it should01:49
knomeastraljava, can you repro?01:49
astraljavaknome: I couldn't, but I'm trying to double-check that the message actually leaves as utf-8.01:52
knomeastraljava, i can send you the exact same message01:52
knomeif you want...01:52
astraljavaknome: Yes please. firstname.surname@gmail.com01:54
knomeastraljava, i don't need your permission. sent.01:54
knomei sent to kapsi01:54
knomebut just a sec01:54
astraljavaNah, I use mutt on there.01:54
knomeokay, done01:54
knomecomes from knomex@samedomain01:55
knomeboo google for not allowing five-letter mail accts01:55
astraljavaWow. That's strange.01:57
knomedo you have imaps or just imap01:57
knomeor pop(s)01:57
astraljavaIMAP with SSL/TLS01:57
astraljavaIt's not showing up.01:58
knomeat all?01:58
astraljavaHaha. Marked as Junk. :)01:58
knomeso, when you first click the message01:58
knomehow does it look?01:58
astraljavaIt looks totally correct to me.01:59
knomei need to do some more tests then02:00
knomeit's kind of delicate02:00
knomebut, i'm off to bed now02:01
knomesee you later!02:01
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mr_pouitknome: oui ?11:30
knomemr_pouit, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Precise/DefaultShortcutKeys11:44
knomemr_pouit, can you update xubuntu-default-settings with those?11:44
knomemr_pouit, thanks13:11
mr_pouitAppfinder 13:46
mr_pouitSuper R (Run) 13:46
mr_pouitknome: xfce4-appfinder or xfrun4?13:46
knomeisn't xfrun4 in alt+f213:46
knomeyou should ask ochosi, but i'm relatively sure it means appfinder if it reads appfinder :P13:46
knomeand yes, that makes sense too :)13:47
mr_pouitand super1/2/3/4 is a bad idea with non-english layout I'm afraid (let me test)13:49
knomehmm, really?13:51
knomenot the numpad keys, those, of course :)13:51
mr_pouitanyway, shortcuts with KP_? numbers don't work13:53
mr_pouitknome: e.g. with a french layout, to write 1 you have to use <shift>&13:53
ochosimr_pouit: what version of appfinder will we have in precise?13:54
mr_pouitso <super>1 won't launch gmusicbrowser, and <super><shift>& neither13:54
knomemr_pouit, huh, how is it so??13:54
mr_pouitochosi: the 4.8 one13:54
ochosisame as oneiric or will it include the merged version?13:54
ochosiok, that sucks a bit13:54
ochosithen probably super+r should trigger appfinder, as xfrun is already on alt+f213:55
mr_pouityep, I did that13:55
ochosiok, ty13:55
ochosiabout the other xfce-components, we'll mainly be staying at 4.8, right?13:55
mr_pouitknome: because 1 doesn't exist, it's a combination of other keys (just like 'E', you can't use that as a shortcut, it's <shift>e actually)13:56
ochosimr_pouit: you mean with a french layout there's no easy way to type "1"?13:56
mr_pouitochosi: yeah, I only backported things to xfce4-settings13:57
mr_pouitochosi: yeah, you have &é"'(-è_çà in place of 123456789013:57
ochosithat is really wrong :)13:57
knomeyes, that's totally wrong13:57
knomewhat if we just forget the french users?13:57
ochosiabout the xfce-cherry-picking. i wanted to ask about the xfwm-tabwin-theming patch13:58
mr_pouitbah :<13:58
knomeor add the shortcuts for those buttons too13:58
knomeshift+& for gmb13:58
mr_pouitochosi: yes, and that13:58
ochosiphu, we will never know in what other layouts that creates conflucts13:58
knomeochosi, well yeah but you know, the FRENCH13:58
knomelet's just add the numbers13:58
knomeand tell in release notes that they might not work for all layouts13:59
ochosimr_pouit: ok, not sure there is much more to cherrypick. if we have a decent version of ristretto (anything above 0.1 should be ok) then that's all i originally intended13:59
ochosimr_pouit: i mean the merged appfinder might be nice, cause i think that should work without updating other stuff, no?14:00
ochosimr_pouit: but it depends on how much time you have, it's nothing of too much importance i guess14:00
knomei typoed my vbox P machine name14:00
knomevery precise indeed14:00
ochosiknome: i think the "ochosi to invest cherrypicking from upstream" can be closed in the meeting-agenda14:00
knomeyeah, thanks14:01
knomei'll just not repost it in the next meeting then14:01
ochosiyup, that should be fine14:01
ochosiother than that, i'm afraid we might have to postpone the bluebird-port, now that i have greybird-bugs to fix :(14:01
knomei'm doing this only because this way, people don't forget their stuff14:02
knomeand we can remind them14:02
ochosiyeah, makes sense14:02
knomemeh for bluebird14:02
ochosiwell, i'm the only one working on all of this, it's simply not enough time14:02
ochosii didn't expect having to fix greybird-bugs at all14:02
knomei understand, and np :)14:02
ochosimr_pouit: what's the deadline for having the greybird-bugs fixed?14:03
mr_pouitochosi: I'll see what I can do (as xfrun4 was merged in it, it will conflict with xfce4-utils though)14:03
mr_pouitochosi: final freeze, so plenty of time14:03
ochosiknome: maybe i can improve bluebird so far that it can be shipped with precise, even if it's not great. but no promises there...14:03
knomeochosi, i postponed your bb work item14:03
ochosimr_pouit: ah, good to know.14:03
knomeochosi, if you get it done, great, then change the status to DONE14:03
ochosiknome: ok, let's do it this way. at least now the status is more accurate14:04
knomeand now i'm not worrying about it14:04
knomei only track the BLOCKED-TODO-INPROGESS -progress14:04
ochosiproblem with bluebird is: i have to apply all those fixes i have to do for greybird now to bluebird as well :(14:05
ochosiwhich basically means rebasing it14:05
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mr_pouitsome work is needed for the icon theme too :)14:09
mr_pouit(wrt missing icons)14:09
ochosimr_pouit: ah, true. mainly the category items are missing now, right?14:12
ochosimr_pouit: i mean the keyboard-icons are already in git14:13
knomemr_pouit, 14:20
knomewhen i write a message in thunderbird14:20
knomexubuntu is "misspelled"14:20
GridCube:P thats normal14:20
knomewhen i check the spelling, it suggests to replace it with "Kubuntu", "Ubuntu" or "Edubuntu"14:21
GridCubeD: thats not14:21
knomehow do we add "Xubuntu" to the correctly spelled list?14:21
ochosisubmit a bug in aspell? :)14:22
GridCubeaspell works with thunderbird? isnt it the firefox dictionary?14:23
astraljavaNews from the release people: DO NOT UPGRADE TODAY, if you have nVidia hardware. There is an issue between the recent libc and nVidia graphics drivers.15:22
astraljavaMore info at eleven. Err... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/92938415:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 929384 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update" [High,Confirmed]15:22
knomemr_pouit, so, are the shortcuts updated ? ;))15:50
knome17:58  tejaswidp: Why are lex and yacc installed by default (along with flex and bison)? Are there applications which use these programs?16:01
knomemr_pouit, ^16:02
mr_pouitknome: yes, I'll commit/upload when I'm home16:33
mr_pouitknome: gthumb16:39
mr_pouit   * Add runtime dependency (as Recommends) on bison and flex,16:39
mr_pouit     needed by the webalbums plugin. They're Recommends because they16:39
mr_pouit     don't harm the core functionality of the program.16:39
mr_pouitI could demote them to suggests16:40
mr_pouit(but someone who uses gthumb regularly should confirm that these plugins aren't that useful)16:41
knomeapparently they are for "webalbums"17:05
knomebtw, is there a reason to keep seeding gthumb now that ristretto is fine?17:05
mr_pouitimport from cameras?17:08
mr_pouit(and the plugin is for static webalbums, apparently there are different plugins for picasa, etc.)17:08
knome hmm. isn't most cameras mounted to /media ?17:12
ochosidepends on what protocol they use17:13
ochosibut i dunno, i mean xubuntu never supported camera-management by default17:13
mr_pouitalso, there's no use at all of pastebinit byd efault, really17:16
mr_pouit(if we start cleaning the seeds)17:16
ochosi+1 :)17:17
mr_pouitand the list of panel plugins installed by default could be cleaned/improved too (it hasn't changed for several years I think)17:21
mr_pouit(probably cpugraph/systemload/netload have some feature overlap)17:22
ochosiyeah, i agree on the plugins17:23
ochosii think i've asked that a few times before, but vinagre by default?17:24
mr_pouitremote desktop :>17:25
ochosiyeah i know17:25
ochosibut really, i've _never_ used that17:25
ochosii once tried, and it didn't work17:25
ochosianyhoo, i propose we drop the mount-plugin and the free-space-checker17:26
ochosii think that's fsguard, no?17:26
ochosigah, sry17:26
ochosii just tried the smartbookmark-plugin17:27
ochosithat one doesn't even work17:27
mr_pouityeah, I propose to drop mailwatch and smartbookmark (too buggy)17:27
ochosiso those three i17:27
ochosihm, mailwatch works ok actually17:27
mr_pouitwe could add xkb-plugin by default, recent versions should have improved17:27
ochosiat least for my gf17:27
ochosiyeah, why not17:27
ochosidrop: fsguard,mount,smartbookmark17:28
ochosiadd: xkb17:28
ochosiknome: ^17:28
ochosii think that roughly makes sense17:28
mr_pouitdrop: places too, I think17:28
ochosiyeah, it's still based on thunar-vfs, no?17:28
mr_pouitno, I included a patch from upstream bugzilla17:29
ochosioh ok17:29
ochosiso it works ok again now?17:29
knomeimo pastebinit is ~okay17:29
mr_pouitI'm not sure it's that tested/used in xubuntu, since we dropped it from the default panel layout though17:29
ochosiyeah, well pastebinit is a power-user thing. no "normal" user would ever use that17:29
knomeochosi, well, it helps when giving support @ #xubuntu 17:29
knome"do 'pastebinit /eat/poop/you/cat'"17:30
ochosimr_pouit: mounting etc seems to work in places17:30
ochosiso that's nice17:30
knomeok for me to drop vinagre17:31
knomei mean, it is clearly a power-user tool17:31
knomeand for the panel plugin changes: OK17:32
knomegoing to buy some milk, quark and other stuff17:32
knomeincluding some beer :P17:32
ochosibtw, parole has been unmaintained for quite a while now17:32
knomei never liked it17:32
ochosii talked to the others at fosdem, no-one wants to touch it17:32
* knome hides17:32
ochosiso we might start to think about alternatives there17:33
ochosimaybe just use mplayer2? :)17:33
knomedon't know17:34
knomemaybe start by writing a wikipage of the alternatives17:34
knomeand then doing some sort of quick comparison17:35
knomeand discuss that at next meeting17:35
ochosihm, maybe17:35
ochositotem totally sucks in oneiric btw17:35
knomecould get it changed for precise17:35
ochosithe icons are completely broken17:35
knomeimo, most video players suck17:35
knomeanyawy, i'm off to the store17:35
ochosigmb doesn't play videos18:20
micahgtotem is staying on 3.x due to unwanted dependencies for the LTS18:21
micahgerr, 3.0.x18:21
astraljavaOh. I just thought people were throwing three-letter acronyms up in the air.18:21
ochosimicahg: is that the same version as in oneiric?18:21
ochosioh, then we're probably better off with parole as it is :)18:22
micahgparole works fine for me in precise18:22
ochosiyeah, it just has some serious design-issues imo18:23
* knome is back18:58
knomesomebody been testing the iso's ?20:53
knomei installed precise in vbox today and maybe-ubiquity looked okay20:53
Unit193Just synced up, but I hate maybe-ubiquity anyway20:54
knomeget used to it20:54
knomebut is it looking okay?20:55
knomesomebody said it's purple, but i didn't see that20:55
knomemaybe that's fixed?20:55
Unit193You can skip it if you set your video ram down, but I´m not supposed to do that :/20:57
knomei wonder if i missed it then.20:57
knomehow low do you need to set the video ram?20:57
knomeor, how much do you need to have to get the purple?20:57
Unit19336 Seems to pick it up (IIRC)20:59
* knome checks20:59
knomeno, in the "Try"/"Install" -screen, i don't have any purple - is that where it should appear?21:02
mr_pouitgmb 1.1.9 uploaded to precise21:03
knomemr_pouit, woohoo21:03
micahgquadrispro got to it first :)21:03
mr_pouit(that wasn't me)21:03
Unit19336 I don{t think got it, but 50 sure did. It is a black screen21:08
mr_pouitknome: new shortcuts committed to bzr (somebody can upload when there are more changes ready, or when he/she's bored)21:22
knomeha :)21:26
knomeand thanks :)21:26
* knome has the 'bad elf' in glass21:26
knomeochosi, what's the status of the new elementary-fork? it doesn't seem to be in precise yet23:28

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