xujuansoy nuevo alguien me podria ayudar con un problema?00:56
knome!es | xujuan00:57
ubottuxujuan: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.00:57
brobriJust checking XChat out01:33
ButternubsXubuntu is quite the excellent distribution01:50
knomethanks, and good to hear you're enjoying it01:50
sancrisyup...indeed it is01:50
ButternubsReally the best I've tried recently01:51
Butternubsbefore this year, I used slackware back in 05 or something and haven't used linux since01:51
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itsadantewould anyone here have experience with jetway motherboards?08:23
itsadantei'm trying to install xubuntu and my screen is totally out of whack08:24
BezNalogovHello. I have installed xubuntu. The strange thing is that after I log in I get a black screen with a terminal screen. No desktop. How can I solve this?09:55
Kaapahello - how can I configure my laptop to automatically switch from ondemand to powersave while on battery?10:35
ThePendulumHello there10:46
Fudgewhats the command to unmute sound? is it alsactl set-sink-volume 100 100 or something like that11:34
TVasEyesFudge: I use alsamixer from a console or xterm and manage settings visually  (is a ncurses frontend), then use alsactl store to make settings permanent.11:36
Fudgehey TVasEyes , i use that too but i'm figuring out a command  for when sound is muted since i use text to speech and would have no way of knowing what is happening11:37
TVasEyesah, ok. sorry.11:38
Fudgeah pacmd set-sink-volume 0 100%11:39
Fudgeno need to be sorry its  a good suggestion :D11:39
TVasEyesglad you found it though.11:39
Fudgegrep'd logs, now to read up on that man page, i really wanna try the daily of xubuntu coz i like xfce but have never been able to get it to work that great with gnome-orca unless you basically use all the apps you would normally use in a gnome desktop11:41
lordjjHi. I have a primary partition holding a windows, and an extended partition with 6 logical partitions inside it, 3 of which are /, /home, and swap for an existing distro. I want to set up a new distro with only a /, and swap. What's the best course of action? Creating a new primary partition for the new distro's /? And if I do so, can I share the swap of the existing distro? Or should I make a logical partition for the new distro inside the extended partit11:42
Fudgewell u can share swaps yes, only one OS will use it at any one time11:43
lordjjIf I set up the new distro on a new primary partition (say sda3), can it access the swap partition that's in the extended partition (sda7)?11:45
Fudgeyou will notice when you are on the live cd that it will use your swap as well11:45
lordjjThey don't have to be inside the same primary/extended partition then, if I understand correctly.11:45
TVasEyesnot even on the same hard drive.11:46
lordjjOk, thanks.11:46
lordjjI understand windows needs its own primary partition11:46
Fudgeyou could always shrink an existing partition within your extended and use the space for your new OS on a /11:46
lordjjThe same is not true for having multiplr distros?11:46
Fudgesome BSD flavours require primary11:47
TVasEyesfor instance lordjj, I've /boot in a primary and / and swap in logical partitions.11:47
lordjjAh, alright.11:48
Fudgei have wondered if you could install windows ot a primary then use gparted to move it into a logical and tell grub where it is, if it would work11:48
TVasEyesno idea, sounds dicey.  (I got rid of my last Win XP a couple of weeks ago :) )11:48
lordjjAny advantage to having the new distro's / on its own primary partition? Performance, or anything?11:49
TVasEyesFudge: wouldn't try though since C: drive is first partition on first hd, I think11:49
TVasEyesshould make little difference lordjj, the distinction is largely historical.11:50
Fudgei could always dd a windows machien and throw it at a linux machine and see what happens, even though it would have a hissy fit with the hardware and basically not work11:50
Fudgei'm told even wubi ubuntu still runs as good as native11:51
TVasEyesyes, "Windows Advantage has detected ...."  :)11:51
lordjjI tried wubi once, it got corrupted after a power failure11:51
Fudge:D bbs booting xubuntu precise11:51
TVasEyeslordjj: you could install new distro(s) as virtual machines on existing system.11:52
TVasEyesI really rate working with VirtualBox.11:52
lordjjYes, I understand, but I'm aiming for a full install.11:52
lordjjI supposed I'll default to ext4. Anyone recommends ReiserFS?11:53
baizonnot me :)11:54
baizonbtrfs :)11:54
TVasEyesI use journaled FS only for /home and for my database partition. / and /boot are largely static, so ext2 is fine.11:54
baizonbut its not solid stable :D11:54
lordjjThis discourages me baizon "Warning: Btrfs has not yet implemented a fsck utility. The filesystem cannot be repaired if corruption occurs."11:54
baizonyes thats what i ment in my last line :)11:55
Sysiext4 is solid and fast enough11:56
lordjjdo you consider /var static though?11:56
baizonSysi: agree11:56
Sysiyou want ssd anyway11:56
baizoni use ext4 for all my partitions11:56
baizonext4 is optimized for ssd, am i right Sysi ?11:57
Sysinot really11:57
baizonbut its the best file system11:57
Sysinot reallywell, TRIM might be ext4 only11:57
baizonif not then i have to research11:58
baizoncause im planning to buy a ssd in the next month11:58
lordjjI'm a bit concerned about what Grub will show me after I install the new distro. I suppose that's always a simple fix though.12:02
phillipmaloneywhat do you expect grub to show you?12:04
lordjjWell I had it where Grub had 2 linux entries that pointed to the same newly isntalled distro once12:05
phillipmaloneythats odd12:07
Fudgeok guys maybe someone can give me some really simple info on xubuntu how it boots12:22
Fudgesince i cant really see what's happening on the screen, can someone fil me in on what happens12:23
Fudgeis it like ubuntu, boots into a live desktop?12:23
Fudgeat the boot screen does f5 still have accessibility boot options, f5, choosen language then screen reader is # 3 etc12:24
Fudgeif anyone has a live image they could boot from to tell me that would be really helpful :)12:25
* metasansana pulls out the boot usb12:40
metasansanaFudge: give me a second12:40
Fudge:D thanks12:42
metasansanacrap I forgot I put Debian on this thing12:43
metasansanaIll have to reconnect my dvd drive12:43
Fudgeahahah loL its all good12:43
Fudgethe xubuntu installation guide says The installation process for Xubuntu is basically the same as for Ubuntu. Please refer to the Ubuntu Installation Guide for more information.12:44
Fudgewhich tells me that hopefully the new accessibility method from oneiric pushing control S when you hear the drums sound should activate accessibility, not sure for xubuntu though since gnome-orca i believe is not part of the iamge12:44
Fudgeimage, maybe they shoudl fork it to zoo-orca loL12:45
metasansanayou mean ctrl+s at log in12:46
metasansanaor at boot time ?12:46
Fudgewhen the desktop loads on live cd12:48
metasansanawell xubuntu is xfce12:48
Fudgei think it is the same as the boot otion pushing f5 and choosing language, the accessibility you want and then proceeding that way12:48
Fudgeyep i know12:48
Fudgeall i could see is a box coming up when i hit enter and going away again after hitting enter again, loop.12:49
metasansanaok let me check12:49
metasansanaI am on 11.10 btw12:50
Fudgenot finding much joy on google12:56
* Fudge yawns12:56
Fudgeill poke head in morn mate :D12:59
cYmenI have super+l set as shortcut for xflock4 in my keyboard shortcuts13:13
cYmenit doesn't work13:13
cYmenfrom experience I would say it works if I set it again now but stops working after reboot13:13
cYmenany suggestsion?13:13
lordjjisn't there a file in your home to set keyboard shortcuts?13:37
cYmenuh...I don't know? :)13:42
lordjjYou're setting them in ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml ?13:42
cYmenNo, I'm setting them using the settings manager....13:42
lordjjYou can check out that file with a text editor.13:43
cYmen...but it's in there.13:43
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baizona quick question, there is a package unity-2d-launcher. Is it possible to integrate it into xubuntu?14:09
cYmenlordjj: That configuration file also says that super+e should launch thunar but that doesn't work either. What should I do?14:17
junglejimhi - Google around but could not find an answer. How do I connect to windows share from xubuntu?14:22
lordjjDon't know beyond that cYmen14:22
GridCube!info gvfs | install this junglejim14:23
ubottuinstall this junglejim: gvfs (source: gvfs): userspace virtual filesystem - server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.10.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 327 kB, installed size 1096 kB14:23
Sysigvfs-backends actually, then use gigolo or ctrl L in thunar14:24
GridCubeoh correct... i always forget about the backends part :(14:25
SysicYmen: do you have xfce4-settings-helper running14:27
cYmenSysi: don't know what is that?14:27
junglejimokay .. installed ... now using ctrl L in thunar - but what is the format for and H_Shared14:27
cYmenSysi: ps says I do14:27
cYmenxfce4-settings-helper --display :0.0 --sm-client-id 23c3f0ee2-fc95-422d-bbbc-1e5e51ea7ca814:28
Sysihotkey daemon14:30
Sysips -e | grep settings14:30
junglejimGridCube: Installed gvfs but not sure of the format for ctrl l in thunar14:30
GridCube!info gvfs-backends14:30
ubottugvfs-backends (source: gvfs): userspace virtual filesystem - backends. In component main, is optional. Version 1.10.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 343 kB, installed size 1168 kB14:30
GridCubejunglejim, ^^^^14:30
GridCubei forgot about the backends part, as Sysi_ pointed out14:30
=== Sysi_ is now known as Sysi
junglejimGrideCube: Thanks - installed it. When I click CTRL L in thunar, it asks to open a location. How do I specify my windows machine and share name?14:32
lordjjcYmen said: Sysi: ps says I do  (just in case Sysi didn't see that when he got disconnected :) )14:33
junglejimGridCube: Thanks - installed it. When I click CTRL L in thunar, it asks to open a location. How do I specify my windows machine and share name?14:34
cYmenlordjj: ah, thanks! I have joins/quits on ignore. :)14:35
Sysiah, I reconnected when lag hit 90s14:35
GridCubejunglejim, use gigolo first? i don't know never used it :P14:35
Sysigigolo is nice gui, you can also check thunar help from net14:36
junglejimgigolo worked thanks ... thunar would not let me click ok ... I'll browse for some thunar help. Thanks GridCube and Sysi14:38
xujuancomo va todo14:52
GridCube!es | xujuan bien pero...14:53
ubottuxujuan bien pero...: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.14:53
XartaoXcan anyone recommend a GOOD IRC client? now using xchat ... i'd really like one where i can drag-n-drop re-order the tabs of channels i have open14:53
XartaoXi likez options, but criminey!!!14:54
GridCubeXartaoX, on xchat, uncheck "sort channel names by alphabetical order", then you can sort them as you please14:57
XartaoXit IZ unchecked14:59
GridCubeoh, well, enjoy testing other irc clients :P15:03
XartaoXfair nuf i guess15:03
XartaoXi also find, with XChat, that no matter WHAT colors I customize, whatever I type shows up grey in the channel15:04
GridCubeoh, what YOU type is shown to YOU grey, for the rest its how you meant it15:05
XartaoXi see15:06
GridCubeOH, no, i lied, it does not15:06
XartaoXi see15:06
GridCubeit does show colors, but i can't use them in this channels15:07
GridCubecolors are against the rules :P15:07
XartaoXi just want classic black background, what I've said gree, what others say red15:07
GridCubeoh, that can be fixed rather easy15:08
XartaoXi'm listening :)15:09
GridCube>configuration >preferences >colors15:09
XartaoXunder $HOME? or somewhere in /usr/???15:10
XartaoXerr wait .. u mean IN the program, not text config15:10
XartaoXyou see ... it seems no matter WHICH colors i set, it doesn't affect what I've typed15:11
GridCubethats one of the colors15:11
XartaoXoh never mind15:13
XartaoXi found it15:13
XartaoXi guess it wasn't grey, it was dark blueish something15:13
XartaoXand thx15:13
XartaoX... still can't drag-reorder my tabs tho15:13
XartaoXoh well15:13
GridCubeXartaoX, did you restarted xchat after uncheckig?15:14
XartaoXit was already unchecked when i started it15:15
XartaoXhowever, i have to restart due to some color settings i just made, so we'll see after that15:15
XartaoXnope. still no dragging tabs about15:16
GridCubeXartaoX, i suppose you will be hapier on #xchat :P15:16
XartaoXthere's a #channel for everything, eh XD15:17
GridCubeprobably :P15:17
GridCubethey know xchat magic15:17
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tejaswidpWhy are lex and yacc installed by default (along with flex and bison)? Are there applications which use these programs?15:58
hobgoblinno music players working in 12.04 - anyone got the same issue - all updated to current16:25
Sysihobgoblin: gsyreamer-plugins installed? (bad, ugly ffmpeg)16:33
hobgoblinSysi: yea - all was working fine till last night :)16:34
hobgoblinI think that it might be a gstreamer update - bad I think16:34
hobgoblingood job I keep 3 machines in different states of update16:35
Sysiwhat's exactly broken? or how16:39
hobgoblinI have clementine, gmusicbrowser, parole - start it playing - they don't start playing16:39
hobgoblinthen they appear to hang16:40
hobgoblinjust looked at the laptop - there were updates for both the good and the bad queued - guessing it's to do with that16:40
hobgoblinjust updating the lappy - see if it breaks the same :)16:41
Sysihave you tried rebooting?16:42
hobgoblinmore than once ... just waiting for the laptop to finish then at least I can say it's not just this machine16:42
hobgoblinthen I guess a bug report :)16:43
hobgoblinSysi: yep - fail - but slightly different, first track plays ok then when it goes to the next one it hangs16:47
cYmenSysi: What17:05
cYmenSysi: What were you going to say about xfce4-settings-helper?17:05
Sysiit's xfce:s hotkey daemon17:05
=== burn__ is now known as burn
Sysido you use compiz? I think it could mess things up too17:06
mongywish my media keys worked.  well volume does, but next/prev/play/pause track and eject don't17:09
Sysienable gnome services in settings -> sessions and startup17:10
Sysisudo apt-get --no-install-recommends install gnome-settings-daemon17:11
mongytried that out once, and onboard loaded, but apart from that I never really saw anything else happening.. did not think to try the keys17:11
hobgoblinSysi: well no idea what's up - but I've reported it against audacious/parole/gmusicbroswer - I suspect one would have done and the others are dupes though - thanks for help17:24
hobgoblinI've had a few other people check in ubuntu - no problems17:28
lordjj40GB for / (including home and everything) should be enough (knowing that I store all my media on other partitions) right?17:41
hobgoblinI'd say so17:41
SpiKe_SpiegelIt's ok, I personnally use 20 GiB for / , so it lets you 20 GiB for /home17:46
hobgoblinmy / is about 16GB - use about 9Gb - but most of my data is music and that lives elsewhere17:47
lordjjI'm just gonna put it all in one partition17:48
hobgoblinit'll be fine17:49
lordjjYeah my current install is only using 9.5 GB. I wonder if 40GB is too much now :p17:49
hobgoblinI stopped using a seperate /home long ago17:49
lordjjI used to at first, but I'd always fill it up, and end up having unused GBs in the / partition17:50
hobgoblinIf all your data is elsewhere then I would think that 40 is too much - depends what you intend to do and install I giuess17:50
lordjjI usually store my stuff elsewhere.17:51
hobgoblinlordjj: I stopped once I started using other drives for data - seemed pointless, if I wanted I could just symlink - but as it is moutning in /mnt suits me fine17:51
lordjjI might experiment with DEs though, not sure how big those can get17:51
hobgoblinmmm - you want me to have a look?17:52
hobgoblinubuntu - 96Mb, kubuntu - 375Mb - other *boxes won't be much at all17:53
lordjjhm, there's enough space then17:53
lordjjMaybe I'll go 30GB17:54
hobgoblinyou can always remove them - as long as you actually remove not just the *-desktop package17:54
lordjjYeah, i'd have to find 'em ony by one17:55
lordjj*one by one17:55
hobgoblinlong command - but it is only one, though if you have any oddities installed they might need resintalling17:57
lordjjAh, handy17:57
hobgoblinindeed it is :)17:57
lordjjI'm thinking of just using blackbox17:59
lordjjIt's amazing to login so fast17:59
hobgoblinnot used that - have used fluxbox in the past - liked that18:00
lordjjWhat happens when I install gtk and kde applications though? They'd download gtk & kde libraries?18:01
lordjjFluxbox and blackbox seem very similar18:01
hobgoblinlordjj: see the difference between installing ubuntu and kubuntu above :)18:02
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MsPelledgreetings.  newbie here.20:06
GridCubegrettins newby MsPelled :)20:07
MsPelledIf anybody friendly wants to point me at how to fix my catfish app, I'd be eternally grateful.  Just doesn't respond.20:07
MsPelledhi grid20:07
GridCube!details | MsPelled20:07
ubottuMsPelled: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:07
MsPelledah, okay, thanks for your patience20:08
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.20:08
MsPelledokay, recently, catfish is greyed out.  clicking on it does absolutely nothing (not even sitting on the couch...).  tried uninstalling and reinstalling.  didn't change anything20:09
MsPelledlike I said - complete newbie20:09
MsPelledend-user loser.  :/20:09
MsPelledbut an eager learner...!20:09
GridCubeMsPelled: run it from a terminal20:10
XartaoXHey. Wondering what sort of 'hit' windows apps get when running under Wine?20:10
GridCubeMsPelled: run it from a terminal and paste what it says to a pastebin20:11
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:11
SebastienGridCube: Using Copy/Paste is easy, it saves you time and efforts to share doccuments, scripts, and other kind of text. We DO encourage to use this feature, simply not in here. This chat room is not a pastebin. Please use www.pastebin.com to copy/paste if its more then 3 lines. Thank you. (failure to comply may result in a kick/ban from the channel ops)20:11
Sebastien[This information is sent as a courtesy, feel free to notify me for removal in #xubuntu]20:11
GridCubeXartaoX: what do you mean by 'hit'20:12
MsPelledGridCube: thanks for the info.  I think I need an even more primitive bootcamp on how to use ubuntu generally.20:13
MsPelledawesome idea, but sooooo unintuitive20:13
GridCubeXartaoX: ^^^^^ there you get info on how some apps behave on wine20:13
MsPelledI think I have to go back to a stupid corporate OS.  Sigh.20:13
XartaoXthere's some astronomy apps i kinda need .. altho there are native linux alternatives, or stuff i can compile20:13
GridCubeMsPelled: :P its not unintuitive if you use linux for a few months, using the terminal is always better :D20:14
XartaoXsteam, eh? hmmmm .... perhaps I can play X3: Reunion on this box after all20:14
GridCubeXartaoX: check here http://appdb.winehq.org/20:14
MsPelledI've actually been using linux for a year or so, but only the surface stuff. now that something is wrong, I realize how little I know...20:14
MsPelledp.s. been at LEAST ten years since I used IRC, too!  This is a last-ditch attempt20:15
GridCubeMsPelled: thats actually pretty cool, it means *buntu people is doing stuff right :P20:15
XartaoXlooks like i'm installing Wine today .... .... BUT THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A WORKSTATION, NOT FOR GAMES!!20:15
* XartaoX apologizes for the yelling20:15
MsPelledlol xartaox20:15
MsPelledwork/play - where's the line, after all??20:16
GridCubeXartaoX: :P you could scream and offtopic20:16
mongyMsPelled, open a terminal and type catfish, then left click select the output and right click copy.  then goto paste.ubuntu.com and paste in there and then copy  paste the link it gives you.20:17
XartaoXoh dear. Oblivion too ... Xd20:17
MsPelledmongy: tx so much.  output = "RuntimeError: Bad magic number in .pyc file"20:17
GridCubethats everithing it outputs MsPelled ?20:18
MsPelledyep, that's it, Grid20:18
MsPelledand thanks Mongy for letting me know wth a pastebin is!20:18
MsPelled< --- is a fast learner, but woefully uninformed20:19
mongyand what does /usr/bin/catfish do20:19
MsPelledin terminal?20:19
MsPelledsame output - bad magic number, etc20:19
MsPelledgive it to me, straight, doc.20:20
MsPelledis it terminal?20:20
MsPelledbwahahahaha...sorry, cracked meself up with a pun20:20
MsPelledseriously, I dunno what's wrong20:20
MsPelledhell, I dunno what's right.20:20
mongywhat version are you using?20:20
MsPelledcept that catfish sits on the couch all day20:20
MsPelledummm...how do I find out which version I'm using?20:21
MsPelledxfce 4.820:21
MsPelleddoes that help?20:21
GridCubecatfish --version20:21
GridCubeon a terminal20:21
MsPelledoh.  sorry.20:21
mongyis your xubuntu an upgrade?20:22
MsPelledmongy: not sure what you're asking20:22
MsPelledthis is an old laptop that I resurrected with ubuntu rather than going out and buying something from The Man.  :/20:22
GridCubehe asks if its a clean install or you did a software center updaet20:22
mongysudo apt-get remove --purge catfish20:22
MsPelledoh....yes, clean install20:22
mongysudo apt-get clean20:23
mongysudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install catfish20:23
MsPelledremoving catfish now20:23
mongyin fact.... just to be sure,  stick a sudo rm /usr/share/catfish -rf after the clean20:23
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:25
SebastienMyrtti: Using Copy/Paste is easy, it saves you time and efforts to share doccuments, scripts, and other kind of text. We DO encourage to use this feature, simply not in here. This chat room is not a pastebin. Please use www.pastebin.com to copy/paste if its more then 3 lines. Thank you. (failure to comply may result in a kick/ban from the channel ops)20:25
Sebastien[This information is sent as a courtesy, feel free to notify me for removal in #xubuntu]20:25
MsPelledremoved, cleaned, -rf'd, installed.20:25
GridCubemongy:  dont you ever say that again20:25
GridCubenot on an open channel20:25
pangolinSebastien: please disable that script for Ubuntu channels and please ask permission before enabling any talking scripts in the future20:25
MsPelled*stares stupidly* what did mongy say?20:25
PiciSebastien: in ubuntu channels that is.20:25
MsPelledshould I be blushing??20:25
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:26
MsPelledtx, ubottu - got the link20:26
mongyand what if that file is a problem and it's not removed by apt?  then what20:26
GridCubeMsPelled: to delete files use a file manager, try to never use a terminal to do rm its VERY VERY DANGEROUS TO USE IT20:26
XartaoXyet another query from me: I'll be around now and then 'til I get up to speed here =]20:26
XartaoXcan anyone direct me to some help with applying seperate ICC profiles to each monitor in my dual-head setup?20:27
MsPelledgridcube: too late?20:27
XartaoXi've created a profile for each monitor already, using LProf20:27
mongyok then.   try and run it then20:28
GridCubeMsPelled: ok, but you could pretty much do a lot more of harm doing it than anything you actually had20:28
MsPelledwill read some more before I screw up more files... and maybe that's why catfish is acting silly?  did I screw it up??20:28
GridCubeMsPelled: catfish depends on python, and its version number, and md5 number does not coincide with what you have, so its saying "lol this is not what i know is safe to run so i wont run it"20:29
GridCubeyou see, if you google your error its a pretty common one20:30
MsPelledOhhhhh. I think I know what I did!  I had to install TextSTAT - which needed an older version of Python20:30
MsPelledso there's a mismatch20:30
GridCubethere you have it20:30
MsPelledgrid, I tried to google this, but didn't find anything20:31
MsPelledso ... fixing python is key?20:31
MsPelled*runs off to research "how to unscrew-up Python" on google.20:31
GridCubeMsPelled: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=%22RuntimeError%3A+Bad+magic+number+in+.pyc+file%2220:32
MsPelledLOL @ lmgtfy.  Very insulting20:33
MsPelled< -- not an idiot, just new! ;)20:33
GridCube:P its just a joke20:33
MsPelled< -- and grateful, even for tongue-in-cheek help!20:33
GridCubeMsPelled: use /me20:34
mongyMsPelled, you seem quite capable, as you were aware of the python downgrade20:38
ThePendulumHow do I set <Alt>Print as an Application Shortcut? It accepts either <Alt> or another key, but not <Alt> i.c.w. another key21:34
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