bdmurrayI've noticed the update-manager branch for lucid-updates is out of date.  Is there anything that can be done?00:34
spivbdmurray: possibly; at a glance it appears someone may be able to run the missing-chk repair script on that import to get it going again00:42
bdmurrayspiv: someone being?00:43
spivSomeone with admin access to the package-import.ubuntu.com system; poolie in this timezone, if he's around.00:43
spivIn general anyone on the ~canonical-bazaar team00:44
spivAnd maybe one or two other folks.00:45
bdmurrayspiv: okay, thanks00:48
lifelessa good thing to do is to file a bug on udd01:00
pooliehi spiv01:12
pooliehi bdmurray, i'll have a look in a bit01:13
bdmurraypoolie: thanks01:13
JesdiscipleLarstiQ, yeah I finally figured it out...  QtCreator is my default editor for bzr, and I was saving and closing the document but not closing the QtCreator window. So that process was blocking the progress of the commit, then I hit Ctrl+C to try again04:35
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pooliek night all06:55
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LarstiQJesdisciple: aha! Wonder if there is a way to signal QtCreator is done with the document without quiting07:30
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vilahi all !07:50
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AuroraBorealis_apparently freenode is getting ddosed07:57
vilafullermd: that's to exorcise my upgrade troubles07:57
fullermdOh, did mgz infect you?07:58
vilahehe, not even ;)07:59
fullermdY'know, you wouldn't have these sort of problems if you used a real OS   ;p08:01
fullermdInstead, you'd have totally different problems.  But they'd be problems I could solve with a wave of my hand and a condescending half-smile.  Which is kinda fun.08:01
vilahehe, yeah, I appreciate that when I use those kind of OS ;)08:01
kgoetzhi all. can i bzr add with excludes? 'bzr help add' doesn't mention it, but i thought i'd ask anyhow09:35
kgoetzjust tried, didn't work. ah well09:38
mgzkgoetz: you mean, more than just `bzr ignore` on files you don't want versioned?09:41
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mgzyou want to only prevent a subset being added, and only right then?09:42
kgoetzyeah. want to ignore half a dozen files and add 'other'09:42
kgoetzignore hten add instead of add then ignore could be a winner, thanks09:42
jmlhow can I set submit-branch to local trunk for all branches in my colo?11:26
mgzhow do you do it when not using colo?11:27
mgzjml: I guess that's a zen way of saying I'm not aware of any way of automatically setting the submit branch across multiple branches, so file a bug.11:33
jmlmgz: I think I can do it by editing my locations.conf11:37
jmlmgz: which is a bit yuck.11:37
mgzyeah, that would work provided you don't move the repo11:41
jmlit would be nice if there were a single character shortcut for 'file:,branch='11:43
jelmerjml: there's an open bug about that11:44
jmlI guess it would be better still if it could just be inferred11:44
jelmerjml: ideally most commands will just take a branch name without anything special (like switch)11:44
jmljelmer: what does 'file:' mean anyway? cwd? path to the repo?11:44
mgzit's a relative path11:46
jmlyeah, but relative to what11:46
mgzah, er, there was some question about what exactly locations.conf should be doing there11:47
mgzand I can't remember which is currently the truth :)11:47
jmloh well, at least my ignorance is in good company :)11:48
jelmerjml: It's a shorthand for "file://`pwd`/" basically11:49
jmljelmer: thanks.11:49
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AI-team[13:26] <AI-team> @anyone how is familiar with bzr on windows[13:26] <AI-team> "Doing on-the-fly conversion from RepositoryFormatKnitPack4() to RemoteRepositoryFormat(_network_name='Bazaar repository format 2a (needs bzr 1.16 or later)\n'). This may take some time. Upgrade the repositories to the same format for better performance. bzr: ERROR: An inconsistent delta was supplied involving '<unknown>', '4612@7d95bf1e-0414-0410-9756-b78412:35
AI-teamok so again, is there anyone that is familiar with bzr on windows?12:36
mgzfile a bug and attach the part of .bzr.log (running `bzr version` will tell you where that is) that ends in that error12:37
mgzafter that, what you probably want is to upgrade the source repository to 2a12:38
AI-teamit's not my repository it's just a branch12:39
AI-teambut I will attack the bzr.log12:39
AI-teamyou can skip the first part, it's just the lock breacking12:51
mgzAI-team: run `bzr upgrade C:/Users/Nik/Desktop/tron/0.4` from cmd12:54
mgzthen try `bzr push lp:~ai.tron/armagetronad/0.4-chat_layere` again from cmd as well12:54
AI-teamI'm getting exactly the same error again13:00
AI-teamjust tried upgrading again and now it worked o.o13:03
AI-teammgz: alright a different error is appearing now13:09
AI-teamhow come it says "~ai.tron/armagetronad/0.4-chat_layere" with an "e" at the end?13:10
wgzis that not what it should be?13:21
wgzdid seem a bit odd13:22
AI-teamand it only says "layere" at the end of the file13:22
AI-teamhowever in the beginning it's without the additional e13:22
AI-teamhmm according to the arguments I said layere13:23
AI-teamwhich I did not do as you can see at the first line13:23
wgzif you run `bzr info` in your local branch what does it say?13:24
wgzyou might just want to correct the parent_branch config setting13:24
AI-teamStandalone tree (format: 2a) Location:   branch root: .  Related branches:     push branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ai.tron/armagetronad/0.4-chat_layer/   parent branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/armagetronad/0.4/13:25
wgzodd, probably just a display bug then.13:26
AI-teamI hope so13:26
AI-teamok so back to the actual error13:26
AI-team"has no revision"13:26
wgzokay, so the current issue is:13:26
wgzFile "bzrlib\vf_repository.pyo", line 2547, in _walk_to_common_revisions13:26
wgzNoSuchRevision: CHKInventoryRepository('file:///C:/Users/Nik/Desktop/tron/0.4/.bzr/repository/') has no revision picnik2@online.de-20120209231332-zv4rslfrlsel5bmt13:26
AI-teamofc it has to revision yet13:27
AI-teamas I can't even push to it13:27
wgzthis is basically a sign of your local repo missing some revision your locale branch thinks it has13:28
wgzas in bug 90390613:28
ubot5`Launchpad bug 903906 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with NoSuchRevision in _walk_to_common_revisions(): CHKInventoryRepository('file:///home/username/code/unity/.bzr/repository/') has no revision <email address hidden>" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90390613:28
wgzit's generally related to moving a branch with a stacked or shared repo13:29
AI-teamso I just fetch the files again?13:30
AI-team(and delete the old ones)13:30
wgzthe easiest way to fix is probably to convert your local branch to use a shared repo13:30
wgzthen branch upstream into that same shared repo13:30
wgzso, `bzr init-repo C:/Users/Nik/Desktop/tron/`13:31
wgz`bzr branch lp:<whatever_upstream_is> C:/Users/Nik/Desktop/tron/trunk`13:32
wgz`bzr reconfigure --use-shared C:/Users/Nik/Desktop/tron/0.4/`13:33
wgzyou follow me?13:33
wgzthen your upstream copy and local branch with changes use the same repo, which should contain all the revisions needed after the change13:33
AI-teamkk I folled all the steps13:38
AI-teamwill try to push it again13:38
AI-teammy upstream copy is empty yet, so it even make sense to branch it?13:45
wgzyou want the actual upstream, or the 0.4 series to be specific13:48
wgzit appears to be lp:armagetronad/0.4 - you want to branch that into your shared repo13:49
AI-teamI'm an idiot13:50
AI-teamI branched my empty one13:50
wgzwell, no harm, delete that dir and branch the right one instead13:50
AI-teambazaar hates me13:57
AI-team"RemoteRepositoryFormat(_network_name='Bazaar pack repository format 1 with rich root (needs bzr 1.0)\n') to RepositoryFormat2a(). This may take some time. Upgrade the repositories to the same format for better performance. bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.ErrorFromSmartServer: Error received from smart server: ('error', 'InconsistentDelta', "An inconsistent delta was supplied involving '<unknown>', '4612@7d95bf1e-0414-0410-9756-b78462a59f4413:57
AI-teamI guess upgrade would do the job?13:57
jelmerAI-team: hmm, that almost looks like there's something problematic in your original branch13:58
jelmerAI-team: is this an import from svn?13:58
AI-teamnot sure13:59
AI-teammight be13:59
wgzAI-team: it's possible the upstream branch is what really needs fixing14:01
AI-teamis there a way to make sure it's the upstream branch that's causing the error?14:02
wgzjelmer may have some more ideas14:05
jelmerI don't really have any other ideas, other than that the original branch might be broken in some way14:07
jelmerwhat's the original branch, perhaps one of us could verify that?14:07
AI-teamjelmer so?14:26
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mgzAI-team: two things you can usefully do14:50
mgz1) tell one or both of the project maintainers and launchpad that you can't branch the project14:51
AI-teamyeah that's what I was gonna do asap14:51
mgz2) file a bug against bzr with the log extract from the simplest way you can get the error14:52
mgzthe ~launchpad-users team mailing list is a reasonable place to start14:53
mgzif you can do a fresh branch, to a new location, of the upstream 0.4, then upgrade that local copy, then try and branch that into the shared repo,14:54
mgzthat may either work or fail with a more useful error than the ErrorFromSmartServer you got last14:55
AI-teamthat's what I'm trying right now14:55
mgzthanks for persisting.14:57
AI-teammgz I created a new branch on the launchpad website and now it's working o.o15:11
mgzwell, that's fine too15:11
AI-teamthanks for all your help :)15:11
mneptok /m cr3 meep15:33
vindolinhello, how do I view a file from a specific revision without checking it out first?15:41
vilavindolin: bzr cat -r<specific revision> file15:45
vindolinoh.. cat.. thanks :)15:45
djfroofyso ... i think the git concept of "cherry-pick" is not exactly anolgous to "bzr merge -r <revno> some-other-branch" so far as a i can tell15:47
jelmerdjfroofy: no, that's not a cherrypick - that's merging the changes up to <revno>15:48
jelmerdjfroofy: a cherrypick merge would be 'bzr merge -cX'15:48
djfroofyjelmer: right, that's what i was noticing15:48
djfroofywhat is X? the rev no?15:49
jelmerdjfroofy: yep15:49
djfroofyand is there an additional arg after that for the branch?15:49
jelmerdjfroofy: yes15:49
djfroofyjelmer: awesome. thank you.15:49
crisbis there any way to get the value passed to --fixes in the pre commit hook?16:20
jelmercrisb: I think it might be in the commit object, in the revision properties16:21
crisbthanks jelmer16:22
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djfroofyback to my cherry-pick question ... what's the correct way to cherry-pick from someone's branch and note the real author's name? (give credit where credit's due etc)17:00
djfroofysomething like [a=whoever] in the commit message?17:01
djfroofymgz: so bzr commimt --author lpusername ...?17:07
mgzsee `bzr help commit`, format is Real Name <email@example.com>17:07
mgzsame as for `bzr whoami` / committers17:08
djfroofyno bzr whoarethey?17:08
mgzgenerally if you know the lp username that page will give you the info you need17:08
mgzand can get that via the lp api17:08
mgza whoarethey would be nice though :)17:08
djfroofyhow so?17:08
djfroofyyeah, like bzr whoarethey djfroofy mgz ...17:09
mgzwhat's your lp nick?17:09
djfroofymgz: djfroofy17:09
mgzbah, slowed down by the auth mess17:13
mgzand sso is borked since last I did this... so much for demonstrating how easy it is17:16
mgzokay, hoops jumped17:21
djfroofyhehe no17:21
mgzand... a UnicodeDecodeError on the new password handling17:23
mgzI think I should have just downgraded launchpadlib instead17:24
mgzI'll try upgrading first in vain hope17:24
djfroofyso i'm finiding bzr's merging less smooth than git's. or at least i'm having way more merge conflicts that are messy and hard to resolve. placebo effect?17:27
djfroofyi wish that's something i could help with. good merge algos are above my head.17:27
mgzit's possibly workflow related?17:27
mgzif you're used to just copying files around or creating them in multiple branches,17:28
djfroofywell, i'm trying to cherry-pick certain revisions from old branch (started in 2009), so possibly17:28
mgzthen tracking fileids hurts rather than helps17:28
djfroofyi should probably take that branch and try to merge trunk into it first or sth17:28
djfroofyi'm used to git, not copying files around17:29
mgzokay, I forgot what a massive pain launchpadlib is to do anything with17:29
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mgzdjfroofy: sooo... about how easy that was18:03
mgz>>> from launchpadlib.uris import LPNET_SERVICE_ROOT18:03
mgz>>> from launchpadlib.launchpad import Launchpad18:03
mgz>>> #lp = Launchpad.login_with("gz throwaway script", service_root=LPNET_SERVICE_ROOT)18:03
mgz>>> djfroofy = lp.people['djfroofy']18:03
mgz>>> "%s <%s>" % (djfroofy.name, djfroofy.preferred_email_address.email)18:04
mgzthe only fun part is the dance needed for login18:04
djfroofymgz: thanks. i think we should expose this as a command to bzr. i'll note this and see if i have time to contribute such a thing: whoarethey or whatever18:20
djfroofyor i'll just open a ticket noting this18:20
mgzyeah, file a bug, it's the kind of thing bzr's launchpad plugin could supply a command for, and would be a good thing to try writing if you're interested18:21
djfroofymgz: under bzr project?18:21
djfroofycool: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/93031918:24
ubot5`Launchpad bug 930319 in Bazaar "Add a "whoarethey" option for lp plugin" [Undecided,New]18:24
djfroofyugh .. add a "command" not "option"18:25
mgzyou can edit :)18:26
djfroofyrighto ... did that. thanks :)18:27
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djfroofyare there ways to link current branch to tickets with the bzr command line or does this need to be done on lp?22:36
jelmerdjfroofy: you can link particular commits to bugs by using "bzr commit --fixes"22:39
jelmerdjfroofy: launchpad will recognize that and create links in the web UI22:40
djfroofyjelmer: thanks23:07
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