koolhead17hi all05:13
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gary_posterSpamapS, hazmat, hi.  we are planning to be ready for a charm review next week, Tues or Wed, so we'll try to find someone willing to work with us then.  We also plan to take time to assemble thoughtful feedback about what we've experienced with juju so far.  Our thoughts are that we ought to write that out among ourselves before the review, because we think it would be good to have a "before we've heard a lot of explanations15:26
gary_poster of what we did wrong or misunderstood" perspective.  Then we'd send that to the juju@ list or something.  However, the only reason to do that is to try to be helpful to you all.  So, should we do something like that?  Any suggestions??15:26
hazmatgary_poster, that sounds very useful and should help us improve how to give new users a good experience and things that need to worked on. i'm hoping some of it is just better documentation, in which case i'd invite you guys to help contribute to make it better its at lp:juju/docs15:31
hazmatuse case, or review, problems encountered, feedback is good15:33
gary_posterhazmat, us helping with docs: definitely willing to do that, if we all settle on that being a valuable action item for a given item15:34
gary_postercool thanks hazmat, we'll proceed with plans.15:34
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koolhead17hi all18:56
jcastroSpamapS: m_3_ can we have a G+later to catch up on charms?19:01
jcastroI have questions and ideas!19:01
koolhead17okey guys am done with my juju presentation today and there goes the slides http://www.slideshare.net/koolhead17/juju-1151693419:05
m_3_jcastro: sure man19:09
SpamapSnow is good for me19:10
SpamapSjcastro: ^^19:10
jcastrostarting up G+19:10
m_3_yeah, I guess now's a good time19:10
jcastrom_3_: SpamapS invite sent19:12
jcastrocan someone review my docs mp: https://code.launchpad.net/~juju/juju/docs/+merge/9075719:52
jdstrandhey, is it possible to specify the mirror I want to use to debootstrap with juju?19:54
jcastrohazmat: if you make a "juju-reviewers" subteam in charge of lp:juju/docs I'd be more than happy to rock that for you.19:56
jcastroand then I can fix the docs.19:56
jdstrandSpamapS: is it possible to specify the mirror I want to use to debootstrap with juju?20:01
SpamapSjdstrand: it uses apt-cacher-ng I think20:02
SpamapSjdstrand: so maybe you can tell apt-cacher-ng to use your preferred mirror?20:02
jdstrandok, thanks20:03
jdstrandapt-cacher-ng did seem to get pulled in20:03
SpamapShmm maybe not20:04
SpamapSjdstrand: the debootstrap part only happens once per release of Ubuntu per week..20:04
jdstrandthat has http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/20:04
SpamapSjdstrand: so /var/cache/lxc/{oneiric,precise,etc}20:04
SpamapSjdstrand: its possible that just setting 'MIRROR' before calling 'juju bootstrap' will actually work20:05
SpamapSjdstrand: but there's so much indirection between calling 'juju bootstrap' and calling 'debootstrap' .. no guarantees ;)20:06
jdstrandok, I'll fiddle with it20:06
SpamapS    debootstrap --verbose --components=main,universe --arch=$arch --include=$packages $release $cache/partial-$arch $MIRROR20:06
SpamapSThats where its called.. as part of /usr/lib/lxc/templates/lxc-ubuntu20:06
SpamapSno.. its called via sudo .. so probably will be sanitized out20:07
SpamapSoh .. hmm. maybe not20:07
jdstrandsudo dpkg-reconfigure -pmedium apt-cacher-ng might be all I need20:09
jdstrandif it indeed will use it20:10
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jdstrandSpamapS: I'm sorry. I feel like I am doing something wrong. I can't seem to get my juju/lxc out of state 'pending'20:40
jdstrandSpamapS: is there some juju/lxc docs I can be pointed at?20:41
jdstrandSpamapS: I don't mean to be a bother-- pointing me a docs or someone else to pester is fine20:41
m_3_jdstrand: it takes a long time for the first service to come up... it's installing an image in /var/cache/lxc20:41
jdstrandm_3_: how long is 'long'? how can I monitor its progress?20:42
m_3_if it's longer than 30mins, then there's a problem20:42
m_3_juju status, /var/log/juju/, lxc-ls, and `ls /var/lib/lxc`20:43
m_3_have you had it working before?20:43
m_3_or is this a virgin install?20:43
jdstrandno. first time is today20:43
m_3_ok, so things to check out... `groups | grep libvirt` shows something20:44
m_3_you;'ve rebooted since installing libvirt (juju lxc container)20:44
jdstrandwell, I am not new to libvirt20:44
m_3_`virsh net-list --all` shows something20:44
jdstrandI did instalI did get through bootstrap ok20:45
m_3_that's another potential problem... :) ... do you have existing libvirt nets defined?20:45
m_3_ok, then we're probably just waiting for the initial lxc image to be cached20:45
jdstrandthis is in a precise vm. I redefined the libvirt default network to use 192.168.123 like I normally do when testing libvirt20:46
jdstrandI am in the libvirtd group20:46
hazmatjdstrand, you can verify if the containers are running with lxc-ls if its listed twice its running20:46
hazmatjdstrand, can you pastebin the contents of $data-dir/units/master-customize.log20:46
jdstrandthat bit I was not sure about (I am new to lxc)20:46
jdstrandis lxc-ls supposed to require sudo access?20:47
jdstrand$ lxc-ls20:47
jdstrandjamie-local-0-templatejamie-local-nagios-0  jamie-local-wordpress-120:47
jdstrand/usr/bin/lxc-ls: line 35: cd: /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc: Permission denied20:47
jdstrandls: cannot access jamie-local-wordpress-1: No such file or directory20:47
jdstrandls: cannot access jamie-local-nagios-0: No such file or directory20:47
jdstrandso I think I may be missing another group20:47
jdstrandthis vm doesn't have an admin group20:48
jdstrand(only 'sudo')20:48
* jdstrand looks at lxc-ls20:48
hazmatjdstrand, that $data-dir/master-customize.log might have some useful debug information, $data-dir from environments.yaml for the local provider20:48
ejathazmat: where to define for exposing the ports/services ?20:48
m_3_jdstrand: right, not /var/log/juju, but $data_dir/**/*.log20:49
jdstrandI don't seem to have a master-customize.log20:49
hazmatjdstrand, it would be in jamie-local/units/master-customize.log20:53
hazmatejat, invoke open-port /close-port in your hooks20:54
jdstrandhazmat: yeah, that file doesn't exist. sudo find . -name master-customize.log returns nothing20:54
hazmatjdstrand, strange indeed.. the container.log and unit.log might have useful info.. if the links there are active, then at least things are starting up20:55
ejatat any file ?20:55
hazmatejat, from within any hook20:56
_mup_Bug #930404 was filed: timestamps in status <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/930404 >20:56
jdstrandunits/wordpress-1/container.log claims the container is running20:57
jdstrandI'm going to blow away the vm and try again20:59
jdstrandand make sure the vm is up to date precise20:59
ejathazmat: wondering why juju asking my key passphrase ?21:09
hazmatejat, it stuffed the public portion of the key onto the containers, if your connecting to a container via ssh, and the key has a password, ssh will prompt for it21:10
ejatim just checking juju status21:10
ejatprevious its not given me any prompt21:11
hazmatejat, it shouldn't do that with local provider21:11
hazmatsorry mixing the streams21:11
hazmatejat, yeah.. the ssh connection is nesc to allow the client to communicate with juju's db (zookeeper)21:12
hazmatejat, you can specify a key without password via environments.yaml or use an ssh agent if you want a password protected key21:13
ejatnoted .. me trying to destroy environment 1st then trying to redo .. btw .. i already put open-port 80/tcp in my file but its not exposing the service21:13
hazmatejat, you also have to do juju expose <service-name>21:16
ejatalready did .. but .. let me rerun the test so i can post the status21:16
hazmatejat, which hook are you doing the open-port in?21:18
ejatsince i referring to wordpress hook21:20
ejatso its in the db-relation-changed21:20
ejathazmat: brb21:21
jdstrandok, so it seems juju is changing the perms on /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc21:28
jdstrandI started a new vm, made sure it was up to date, did the bootstrap and everything was ok21:28
jdstrandI then di juju deploy --repository=/usr/share/doc/juju/examples local:oneiric/wordpress21:29
jdstrandI immediately did 'lxc-ls' and it worked without error and returned jamie-local-0-template21:29
jdstrandlater I ran it to see how my machine was coming up and I got:21:30
jdstrand$ lxc-ls21:30
jdstrand/usr/bin/lxc-ls: line 35: cd: /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc: Permission denied21:30
jdstrand(notice jamie-local-wordpress-0 is there now)21:30
jdstrandthe permissions on /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc are 700 now21:30
jdstrandthis is with up to date precise21:31
jdstrandI have a master-customize.log now21:31
jdstrandjuju status tells me that wordpress/0 is still pending21:32
jdstrandand I see the problem:21:33
jdstrandErr http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ oneiric-updates/main libfreetype6 amd64 2.4.4-2ubuntu1.121:33
jdstrand  Could not connect to ( - connect (111: Connection refused)21:33
jdstrandthat should be in my configuration21:34
* jdstrand wonders where to adjust that21:35
jdstrandproviders/local/network.py looks promising21:36
jdstrandlooks like the 122 could be changed...21:37
jdstrandok, if I destory the service lxc-ls works again21:39
jdstrandbut /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc is still 70021:40
ejathazmat: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837113/21:45
ejatstate : started but open port null21:47
hazmatejat, i'd check the unit log on the symphony unit, and verify the hook output containing open-port21:50
hazmatejat, the relation doesn't exist, so the db-relation-changed hook hasn't been executed21:51
ejatowh ..21:52
ejatso i need to remove the db-relation ? then where is suggested to put the open-port /21:52
ejatfor now .. i dont want to make a relation to db yet .. (next step)21:53
* ejat since im still crawling making the charm21:53
hazmatejat, that's a relation hook, its only going to be called when the relation is established.. if you always want the same port for the unit you can just do it install in start or even install.. alternatively in your current environment.. you can deploy a database and add a relation between it and symphony so the db-relation-changed hook is executed, and the port is opened21:55
hazmatport opening is a two step process, the user has to have had exposed the service, and a charm has to have executed a hook that calls open-port21:55
hazmats/charm/service unit21:56
ejatso can i put the open-port in install ?21:56
jdstrandhazmat: how do I specify that my container and everything should be using the 192.168.123 network that I configured with libvirt?22:02
jimbakerejat, if that makes sense for your charm, sure22:02
ejatjimbaker: ok .. thanks . ill try to do that way 1st and see the outcome22:03
jdstrandI'm hoping it is something in .juju/environments.yaml22:03
m_3_jdstrand: I think virbr0 is hard-coded... didn't think the 122 was though, I thought it picked it up from the default network22:05
jdstrandI don't mind the virbr0 bit22:05
jdstrand$ virsh net-dumpxml default|grep 19222:05
jdstrand  <ip address='' netmask=''>22:05
jdstrand      <range start='' end='' />22:05
m_3_is default using virbr0?22:06
jdstrandbut if I use sudo lxc-netstat --name jamie-local-wordpress-0 -ie I can see it has
jdstrandoh, virbr0 does have
jdstrandyour right22:06
jdstrand(that was eth0 that had
m_3_so your default's on virbr0, active, and rewritten to use 123?  hmmmmm22:07
m_3_dang, that should totally be working22:08
jdstrandthe host's ip is
* m_3_ vaguely remembers something about lxcbr0 in precise22:08
jdstrandlxcbr0 is there and has
jdstrandhmm, so maybe it is something else22:08
m_3_but I tdon't think anything's listening22:08
m_3_dnsmasq is up for 12322:08
jdstrandlibvirt's dnsmasq is 12322:09
jdstrandlxc's is 10.0.322:09
jdstrandwell, remember, I did reconfigure my default network22:09
jdstrandI am running juju in a libvirt vm22:10
m_3_lemme spin up a precise vm and playing with rewriting default22:10
jdstrandso my 'host' in this case is a vm that is trying to spin up lxc guests22:10
m_3_right... we do this all the time, but in ec222:11
m_3_so the 122's free :)22:11
jdstrandI was trying to save the company some mony and use lxc :)22:11
jdstrandm_3_: fyi, I am using the steps I outlined in bug 930430 (which hallyn asked me to file)22:12
_mup_Bug #930430: lxc-ls requires root access after deploying an LXC instance <juju (Ubuntu):New> <lxc (Ubuntu):New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/930430 >22:12
m_3_`find /usr/share/pyshared/juju -name "*.py" | xargs grep 122` => <sad_face>22:12
m_3_jdstrand: ok, thanks for the ref22:13
jdstrandm_3_: bummer. I was hoping I could do something like:22:13
jdstrand  local:22:13
jdstrand    type: local22:13
jdstrand    ...22:13
jdstrand    subnet: 12322:13
jdstrandor something22:13
jdstrand(in the yaml)22:13
m_3_I filed a bug for juju to create and use its own libvirt network... so it wouldn't conflict with existing ones22:14
jdstrandI thought I saw '131' floating around in there22:14
m_3_but I like the idea of it being an environments.yaml setting better22:15
hazmatjdstrand, juju will use the 'default' libvirt network22:15
m_3_really 'subnet' should be probably the virsh network name?22:15
m_3_hazmat: but he's changed 'default' to 12322:16
hazmatm_3_, shouldn't matter22:16
hazmatm_3_, we query the attributes/netinfo out, and just define the default if it doesn't exist22:16
m_3_right... his default sounds like it's up and working correctly... we're not picking it up tho... it's catching onto a 122 net first as I understand22:17
jdstrandlet me get apt-cacher-ng out of the equation (it was recommended to be installed)22:18
hazmatm_3_, hm.. yeah22:21
jdstrandok, so the image did pick up a 192.168.123 address22:21
jdstrand(seen in syslog)22:21
hazmatjdstrand, can you ssh into it?22:21
jdstrandI tried and a get a prompt22:22
hazmati'm curious if its resolv.conf is wrong22:22
jdstrandso that is good, but I am not automatically logged in22:22
jdstrandis there a password I should use?22:22
hazmatjdstrand, it should have setup key auth22:22
* jdstrand wonders why each step forward was pain...22:22
jdstrandthat is what I thought22:23
jdstrandI specifically did 'ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048'22:23
hazmatjdstrand, do you have a master-customize.log in your $data-dir/units directory?22:23
hazmatthis time22:23
jdstrand.ssh directory has wrong perms22:23
jdstrandfixed perms, ssh -i ./.ssh/id_rsa, still password22:24
hazmatm_3_,  jdstrand, it is  hardcoded to for the nameserver config, thats a bug22:24
m_3_jdstrand: use ubuntu@192...22:25
jdstrandm_3_: thanks!22:25
m_3_hazmat: good catch22:25
jdstrandI made it in :)22:25
hazmatsame for the apt-rpoxy22:25
jdstrandactually, the resolv.conf picked up nameserver
m_3_local provider can get that from SSH_CLIENT maybe?22:26
jdstrandok, so the machine is up. state is still pending and even though I exposed the service, public-address is null and no open-ports22:27
jdstrand(this is just workpress with no relations)22:27
jdstrandjuju ssh wordpress/122:28
jdstrand2012-02-10 16:27:55,163 INFO Waiting for unit to come up.22:28
hazmatm_3_, i wonder if its because we're installing getting nested libvirt installations because of the recommends22:28
jdstrandI can ping www.ubuntu.com from the guest22:28
hazmatjdstrand, cool22:28
jdstrandbut the 'juju' commands don't seem to be working. maybe I haven't it right22:29
m_3_we definitely need to do the no-install-recommends and at least take that moving part away22:29
* jdstrand tries to read up on that22:29
m_3_jdstrand: `ip addr show | grep virbr` on the instance22:30
jdstrandm_3_: in the lxc guest? nothing22:31
m_3_ok, thanks22:31
jdstrandon the kvm host running the lxc guest, I can give you that (it is 192.168.123)22:31
m_3_jdstrand: right... just checking that we weren't installing another layer of libvirt on each instance... we were doing that for a while22:32
jdstrandno libvirt in the lxc instance22:33
m_3_ec2 got... um... sluggish in the last few minutes22:35
m_3_netflix spinning up on the east-coast22:35
m_3_and hulu.. and <insert fav stream svc>22:36
ejatjimbaker: i try my install script in local machine manually on precise is working fine22:48
ejatbut when i try on oneiric22:48
ejatsomething happen that require updating the instances then its work22:48
ejathow ?22:48
ejatneed to put the update & upgrade into the install ?22:49
ejathazmat & jimbaker : is it ok if my charm to have this result : http://ec2-175-41-185-95.ap-southeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com/symfony/web/22:51
ejatthen ill try to work out the db-relation22:51
ejatsince its a php framework22:56
_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r456 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com23:11
_mup_Added purge queued hooks test23:11
jimbakerejat, i'm not familiar with this charm, but it is exposed :)23:12
ejatyeah .. finally ..23:12
* ejat need to some additional to my install hooks .. since its differ deploying through juju and manual install at the instance23:13
ejatto do*23:13
* ejat wondering ... 23:14
jimbakerejat, in general you probably don't want to open-port until the service is ready. so you shouldn't see an intermediate state like the current page. of course, it's good for debugging right now23:15
ejatyups .. agreed ..23:16
ejatits more toward file n folder permission23:19
* ejat hmm ... 23:19
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TheTinyToonHi everyone - I've started to test an ubuntu private cloud with some local virtualbox instances. I've created an orchestra server and two nodes. However, upon running "juju status", I get an error connecting to the environment. --verbose shows, that orchestra tries to connect to port 2181 on the (possible?) zookeeper node, but netstat does not show anything behind that port. Any hints?23:33
TheTinyToonI've found this IRC log of this channel, where jorge seems to have the same problem: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/01/26/%23juju.txt23:34
TheTinyToonhowever, destroying the environment did not help me, as did installing the zookeeper-package.23:35

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