DarkwingRiddell: ping00:24
Darkwingnigelb: ping00:27
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nigelbDarkwing: pong. I see your email.03:33
* ejat pokes nigelb :)03:43
nigelbhey ejat 03:46
ejathows ya day ?03:46
nigelbgoing to be long. I need to run around for some event related logistics.03:48
Darkwingnigelb: I was going to ask for your email but I got it. 04:04
Darkwingyay. new big bang theory. obbligatos04:05
Darkwingdamn auto correct04:05
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yofelapoi: put the new kde-gtk-config on my todo list, as I was working on gtk3 anyway06:18
yofeltab fail, sry06:19
yofelI've looked it kde-gtk-config for a moment yesterday, seems to work ok, but haven't looked at it codewise06:26
yofelI'll write up the changes for startkde today (as settings.ini need the same initial creation as gtkrc)06:26
amichair_afiestas: didn't see u here for a few days... is there a fix you'd like me to try to the suspend bug?06:52
amichair_afiestas: btw, I've experimented and confirmed my suspicion: suspend works ok until the first time an external monitor is connected - after that, it never works when the lid is closed (event after the monitor is later disconnected)06:54
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apachelogger_yofel: gtk just needs fixing!!$!! :P08:37
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apacheloggerTm_T: isn't that a compatibility package?09:44
apacheloggertransitional or what w ecall it :P09:44
Tm_Tapachelogger: could be, just noticed a 3rd-party package depend on it09:52
apacheloggeryes, they do that :P09:53
apacheloggerperhaps you should inform the 3rd party to update their package :P09:53
apacheloggerthis qt4-gui is not around forever :P09:53
apachelogger!find libqt4-gui09:53
ubottuFound: libqt4-gui09:53
apachelogger!info libqt4-gui09:53
ubottulibqt4-gui (source: qt4-x11): transitional package for Qt 4 GUI runtime libraries. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.7.4-0ubuntu8.1 (oneiric), package size 8 kB, installed size 128 kB (Only available for any all)09:53
apacheloggeryeah, that is transitional09:53
apacheloggerthe earlier they change to the prper package, the better for them09:54
Kurdistanhi dear user. there is some thing missing when upgrading to kde 4.8.0 for me in kwin. even if I can se them in kwinrc.09:54
Kurdistanfunctional check is not there09:55
Kurdistannor direct rending option09:56
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Tm_TKurdistan: AFAIK it's intended09:57
KurdistanTm_T, did not understand your last comment.09:59
Tm_TKurdistan: as far as I can tell, it's intended that functional check and accompanying options are gone from the configuration UI10:00
KurdistanTm_T, okey then it is not bug then :).10:00
Tm_Tatleast that's how I recall it was planned10:00
Kurdistanmaybe not they wanted people to not to break there system if they play10:01
Kurdistanit can easily be config. in kwinrc. but gui is always easiest :).10:01
apacheloggerfunctional checks?10:02
apacheloggerah, functionality check?10:02
Kurdistanapachelogger, exactly. :)10:02
apacheloggeryeah, that was removed10:02
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apacheloggerit works or it doesn't :P10:03
Kurdistanapachelogger, also direct rending option?10:03
Kurdistanapachelogger, not always true. when I enabled kwin effect to start at boot I can get error message even if effects works. 10:03
Tm_TKurdistan: what error message?10:04
apacheloggerthat is a driver bug then and should be fixed there10:04
apacheloggerdirect rendering is always on 10:04
Kurdistanapachelogger, yes it is more driver bug.10:04
KurdistanTm_T, that effects does not work. does I have enabled.10:04
apacheloggershadeslayer: stateness in rekonq is wrong10:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: the back button only becomes active *after* a new page was loaded10:05
apacheloggerwhereas it should be active after the old page was left (that is immediately after clicking a link for example)10:06
apacheloggernaturally back then cancels the loading10:07
apacheloggerand goes back10:07
KurdistanDoes Aleix visit the channel?10:09
Kurdistanwanted to ask him about two package I think should be installed by default. One of the package is not in the repo.10:09
Kurdistankde-gtk-config is really important if kubuntu wants a serious impression. espacially the lack of gtk integration we are wll aware of with kubuntu.10:11
RiddellKurdistan: yes, he's apol_ 10:12
Riddellhe agrees it should be done10:12
KurdistanRiddell, :) I am happy.10:12
KurdistanRiddell, then I know Kubuntu will rock even more.10:13
Riddellit's not as simple as that, it needs someone to do it10:13
KurdistanRiddell, do you mean package?10:14
Kurdistanpacking I mean10:14
Riddellpackage, test, MIR, QA, CD inclusion and resizing10:14
Kurdistanpackage I can help out, but the others I do not know.10:15
apol_Kurdistan: hi10:17
apol_i'm aleix10:17
apol_I have to go now10:18
apol_if I can help you, don't hesitate to contact me, either here or by e-mail10:18
apol_Riddell: as I said yesterday, there's someone in debian already packaging this10:18
apol_can kubuntu use that? how do you guys manage?10:19
Kurdistanapoi, hi. nice. I really wanted kubuntu to be the best damn kde distro out there.10:19
Kurdistanapoi, I know chakra/arch use it, also kubuntu based netrunner. 10:19
apol_well, i have to go10:20
Riddellapol_: yes we can use debian packages10:20
Riddellbut feature freeze is next week10:20
apachelogger(Dot.) In the default mode, this matches any character except a newline. If the DOTALL flag has been specified, this matches any character including a newline.10:21
apacheloggerwho makes up stuff like that?!?!110:21
KurdistanRiddell, when I looked to there debian folder directery and wanted to build from source it did not really work.10:21
Kurdistankde-config-grub2 is in the repo. it also nice tool have installed by default. 10:24
Kurdistanfor me it is more important then cd size to be honest10:24
Kurdistanevery tool that can help user to like kubuntu even more is good10:24
Riddellthat needs more QA than we have capacity for10:26
KurdistanRiddell, what is QA?10:26
Tm_Tquality assurance10:27
Tm_Tor in the other words: test, fix, test, fix, test, fix, test... and then find out there's whole group of cases you cannot test yourselves but have serious problems10:28
KurdistanTm_T, I understand. but if a package is in our repo it should be save10:29
Tm_TKurdistan: every app that do exist on the repositories do help people to like kubuntu even more10:29
Kurdistanbecause why then have it in the repo?10:29
debfxKurdistan: how does kde-gtk-config store the gtk{2,3} theme config?10:29
Kurdistandebfx, good to be honest. 10:30
Kurdistandebfx, even libreoffice, pavucontrol and stuff like that looks great now.10:30
debfxok :)10:30
Kurdistanbefore libreoffice it was hard to read letters10:30
debfxKurdistan: but where does it store the config?10:30
Tm_TKurdistan: having in repositories doesn't mean it has gone through proper QA10:30
debfxwe only want to set the gtk theme for kde sessions10:31
KurdistanTm_T, okey. I have used both for weeks without any problem.10:31
Kurdistandebfx, do you wanted I can take screenshot?10:31
Tm_TKurdistan: good, so that's a start (:10:31
KurdistanTm_T, it have helped people I have helped in swedish ubuntu loco10:32
debfxKurdistan: no, I'm interested into which file it writes the gtk config10:33
Kurdistankde-gtk-config settings look like this: http://imgur.com/GylUW10:34
Kurdistandebfx, https://projects.kde.org/projects/playground/base/kde-gtk-config10:34
debfxok, so it writes to ~/gtk-3.0/settings.ini10:37
debfxthat approach won't work unless apachelogger proposes a patch for gtk3 so it reads from a different config file10:38
Kurdistandebfx, are you sure?10:39
Kurdistanfor me it is .gtkrc-2.0/.gtkrc-2.0-kde410:40
Kurdistandoes are related to kde-gtk-config10:40
debfxyeah for gtk2 it isn't a problem10:40
Kurdistan~/.config/gtk-3.0  <<--- debfx 10:41
Kurdistandebfx, is there any problem if it is in .config directery?10:42
debfxKurdistan: no, but it's a problem that it sets the gtk3 theme for all sessions10:43
Kurdistandebfx, and it should not?10:43
KurdistanI do not se the harm or problem with it10:44
debfxKurdistan: it's bad if you use kde and another DE in parallel (xfce, gnome, ...)10:44
Kurdistandebfx, I okey. I am only using one DE, maybe thats the reason I have not seen any problem with it.10:45
Kurdistandebfx, how common is it if a person wants to run more then one DE if he/she uses Kubuntu?10:48
debfxKurdistan: I don't know but it's something that we have supported so far and I wouldn't want to drop it10:50
Kurdistandebfx, okey, we other words it will be impossible to get kde-gtk-config installed by default. can we atleast have it the repo?10:51
apacheloggerdebfx: I do not think we should waste time on making 1% get better GTK theming10:58
Kurdistanapachelogger, then kubuntu should remove libreoffice by default.10:59
apacheloggerparticularly since they will not have it because GTK3 is not particularly cross desktop10:59
Kurdistanbecause it looks bad in kubuntu10:59
apacheloggerI do not see why we should spend time on workaround around GTK dev's inability to consider cross desktop envrionments11:00
apacheloggerif they do not care, we should not care all that much either TBH11:00
Kurdistanapachelogger, I understand you, but then again kubuntu suffers if they have gtk stuff installed and it looks bad.11:00
Kurdistanit is impossible to read letters in libreoffice with kubuntu11:01
Kurdistanblack against black looks ugly11:01
Kurdistanapachelogger, I have fixed it, so I do not need it.11:01
apacheloggerI want a screenshot of the issue11:02
debfxLO looks fine with the default color scheme11:02
Kurdistandebfx, have your mouse over example "save" and you will notice you can not read save by default in kubuntu.11:03
Kurdistanit looks bad.11:03
Kurdistandebfx, I can not take screenshot on that.11:04
Kurdistandebfx, http://pavel.frimix.se/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/Markering_006.png  it looks like the dark in that picture on the toolbar.11:05
apacheloggerthat is hardly a reason to remove the one and only office suite?!!11:07
debfxKurdistan: works fine for me http://imgbin.org/images/6715.png11:08
Kurdistandebfx, it is not the text you write that is the main problem.11:09
Kurdistanhave your mouse over toolbar11:10
Kurdistanover save and you should not be able to read11:10
Kurdistaninstall pavucontrol same there11:10
Kurdistanbut you guys decide, I know for sure that this is something that effects a lot of user.11:12
debfxaha so you are talking about unthemed gtk?11:12
KurdistanI am active in support session in loco11:12
Kurdistandebfx, yes.11:13
debfxKurdistan: no one is arguing for having unthemed gtk11:14
Kurdistankde-gtk-config fix the problem but again you guys decide.11:14
KurdistanI know the problem does not existed in mandriva/pclinuxos11:15
Kurdistanso they are not effected but kubuntu users are11:15
debfxit fixes a problem but introduces another so I think we should first try to get xsettings-kde working11:16
Kurdistandebfx, it there is another fix I am glad. my wish is that it will be fixed.11:17
Kurdistanwhat will fix it does not matter for me11:17
Kurdistandebfx, I hope you are not offended. I only wanted things to just work for user.11:23
Kurdistanthen my work :) with support kubuntu/ubuntu in swedish loco will be easier.11:24
yofeldebfx: with xsettings-kde and the patch from fedore, it doesn't do a thing on my thinkpad(64bit) which might be due to my gtk settings being a mess. On my eeePC (32bit) it crashes at a place where it shouldn't crash (except if it's a thread issue)11:25
Kurdistanyofel, you mean fedora patches fix it for you?11:26
yofelno, they break it11:26
yofelbut without them it doesn't do what we want either11:26
Kurdistanyofel, maybe we should look what mandriva and pclinuxos have done11:26
debfxKurdistan: don't worry, I'm not offended :)11:26
debfxyofel: with the latest xsettigns-kde version?11:26
Kurdistanyofel, the problem is not presented there.11:27
yofelwith 0.12.3 or whatever latest I could find was11:27
yofeldebfx: package is here if you want to give it a try: https://launchpad.net/~yofel/+archive/ppa/+packages11:28
Kurdistanagain maybe we should look for xsettings-kde with mandriva/pclinuxos. 11:29
Kurdistanif thats the best solution11:29
debfxyofel: I think you have the old version of the patch11:31
debfx"fix use-after-free bug in my patch" so that could explain the crashes :)11:32
yofeltalk about me being tired -.-11:32
yofelI'll fix that up later11:33
Kurdistandebfx, the patch fix the xsetting-kde for you?11:34
debfxhaven't tried yet11:35
debfxeww that package uses cdbs11:36
Kurdistandebfx, okey. if it works then we do not need a package outside the repo :).11:36
yofelwe'll still need a MIR for xsettings-kde then11:45
debfxyofel: I've updated the package: http://people.ubuntu.com/~debfx/xsettings-kde.debdiff11:55
debfxseems to work fine11:55
yofeldoesn't work on my thinkpad, but as I said, my gtk setup is broken here12:04
yofel(it uses oxygen-gtk whether I have xsettings running or not)12:04
debfxyofel: rm ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini doesn't work?12:06
yofelthat's gone already, including any gconf/dconf/gsettings config files that I could fine. Maybe I missed something12:07
kubotuyofel meant: "that's gone already, including any gconf/dconf/gsettings config files that I could find. Maybe I missed something"12:07
yofelI'll try this on my eeePC once the package built in my ppa, should work there12:09
debfxok, I've filed a MIr for oxygen-gtk312:10
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Riddelldebfx: if it doesn't get in by early next week we'll need to poke people and worst case pre-promote it12:58
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BluesKajhiyas all13:13
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Riddellskaet: I'm off ill and unlikely to make the meeting later13:53
apacheloggerRiddell: when is the meeting, shall I attend instead or do we have nothing worth mention anyway?13:55
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Riddellapachelogger: oh the release team meeting?  if you can stay online for an hour during it yes that would be good14:01
Riddellit's in two hours (or is it 2.5 hours?)14:02
Riddellmention we haven't done anything much useful, telepathy, rekonq, owncloud, oxygen-gtk3 still to be done before FF14:02
apacheloggercan someone pleaes fix bug 810529 before FF14:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 810529 in kubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "[regression] Kubuntu contributors using broken editors" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81052914:15
Kurdistanapachelogger, is FF, firefox?14:19
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yofelKurdistan: Feature Freeze14:44
* apachelogger would totally love to have jira as BTS14:52
ScottKapachelogger: release meeting is on.16:01
yofeldebfx: new xsettings-kde works, but only at login. If I want to change the gtk3 theme I need to change it any logout 16:02
yofel*and logout16:05
debfxyofel: we could restart xsettings-kde in kcm-gtk ;)16:37
yofeltrue, that helps..16:38
yofelfolks, welcome grmls, a future potential iso tester16:46
grmlsthx for welcome yofel ;)16:47
BluesKajhi grmls16:58
grmlshi BluesKaj 16:59
apacheloggerwelcome grmls17:01
apacheloggeryofel: you better be finishing the gtk3 stuff, otherwise you will have to explain at the next release meeting why we need an ffe for that stuff17:01
grmlsthx apachelogger 17:01
apacheloggeryofel: incidentially enough you will also have to take part for kubuntu :P17:02
debfxyofel: I guess we should add a comment to kcm-gtk saying that you need to logout for settings to take effect17:05
yofelor we actually try to do what you said, but I'll need to read up on how to kill and re-launch a process from Qt then17:06
yofelworst case logging out kills it anyway17:06
* yofel looks at marble patches on packagers17:07
debfxyofel: xsettings-kde reloads its config when it receives an kipc x11 event17:40
debfxwhich is apparently the way settings changes were communicated in kde317:40
debfxyofel: http://people.ubuntu.com/~debfx/kcm-gtk-kipc.debdiff17:44
debfxseems to work fine for me17:44
yofelthat's it? :O17:46
* yofel tries17:46
debfxgood old kde3 technology ;)17:49
* apachelogger is totally looking forward to 2012, when we will switch to wayland18:02
yofeldebfx: shipit (kcm-gtk and xsettings-kde)18:04
yofelapachelogger: does it already make coffee for me?18:06
yofeljust wondering: could we put a checkbox in ubiquity below the propiertary one that installs our -extra packages that don't fit on the CD?18:08
BluesKajrekonq is constantly refreshing on my setup , it wont hold a zoom that i need for reading fonts on this large monitor 18:23
debfxyofel: we should add a kconf update script to remove ~/.kde/env/gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh18:28
yofeldoes it matter? it's not like it breaks anything. But we can drop the copy command for it from startkde at least18:29
yofelah, and we need to add an explicit "gtk-theme-name=oxygen-gtk" to the default gtkrc18:30
debfxhm yeah, I guess it doesn't hurt setting the GTKRC variable18:33
yofeldebfx: ideally xsettings-kde should read $GTK2_RC_FILE anyway, but I don't feel like messing with that even more18:34
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-default-settings/kubuntu-default-settings] Philip Muškovac * 467 * (debian/changelog usr-share/dot-gtkrc-2.0-kde4) set gtk-theme-name in dot-gtkrc-2.0-kde4 so xsettings-kde picks it up18:39
debfxhow do we currently set oxygen as the default theme?18:41
yofelstartkde copies the initial rc file from kubuntu-default-settings if it's not there18:41
yofelhm, which means for update we would need a script that makes sure gtk-theme-name=  is in there18:42
debfxyeah but that doesn't actually set the theme name?18:42
yofelwell, the default file has:18:42
yofelinclude "/usr/share/themes/oxygen-gtk/gtk-2.0/gtkrc"18:42
debfxaha, I guess 'engine "oxygen-gtk"' does that18:44
apacheloggerdebfx: bug 85195319:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 851953 in plasma-widget-menubar (Ubuntu) "Rebuild for transition away from desktop file stripping" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85195319:01
apacheloggerScottK: can haz jira for bts? :(19:01
ejatapachelogger: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=293264 19:04
ubottuKDE bug 293264 in widget-misc "plasma-widget-menubar menus not visible since 02-03 updates" [Normal,Resolved: downstream]19:04
ejatis it solve ? 19:04
debfxapachelogger: what about that bug?19:04
apacheloggerdebfx: can we close them rubbish as all should be rebuilt for sure19:04
apacheloggeralso you should answer that question in the last comment or something19:05
ejatim having the same issue with the bug .. 19:05
apacheloggerejat: on 11.10?19:05
* apachelogger is not on 12.0419:06
apacheloggerworks for me on 11.1019:06
apacheloggerI guess that something in the dbusmenu stuff changed19:06
apacheloggerejat: agateau is the guy to talk to19:06
* ejat ping agateau19:06
yofelcurrently we remove gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh when k-d-s is missing, as that's obsolete now, should we remove the rc file itself?19:06
yofelor make xsettings-kde use the env var after all19:06
debfxapachelogger: I doubt all those packages have been rebuilt and we still need to figure out how to translate desktop files for projects that don't use the KDE i18n infrastructure19:07
debfxyofel: I've uploaded xsettings-kde, could you file the MIR?19:07
apacheloggerdebfx: so we should probably get cracking?19:08
apacheloggerwe = you19:08
debfxapachelogger: first we need to check what happens to launchpad translations once our packages are demoted19:15
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 610 * debian/ (changelog patches/kubuntu_gtk2_engines_oxygen_config.diff) (log message trimmed)19:32
CIA-42* kubuntu_gtk2_engines_oxygen_config.diff: - set gtk-theme-name to the current19:32
CIA-42value if it's missing in gtkrc-2.0-kde4 - remove gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh on19:32
yofelsomeone review that ^19:32
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-default-settings/kubuntu-default-settings] Philip Muškovac * 468 * (usr-share/gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh debian/changelog) * Drop gtk2-default-theme.rc.sh, not needed anymore19:36
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debfxyofel: you can simplify it a bit with: if grep -q gtk-theme-name $HOME/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4; then19:38
debfxinstead of if [ -z "`grep gtk-theme-name ...19:38
yofelah, thanks, didn't know about -q19:38
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 611 * debian/patches/kubuntu_gtk2_engines_oxygen_config.diff use a simplier grep query19:40
debfxthe gtk-theme-name setting could break for custom gtkrc files (e.g. multiple include statements)19:41
debfxmaybe we should just check if "/usr/share/themes/oxygen-gtk/gtk-2.0/gtkrc" is included and then set the theme to oxygen-gtk19:42
yofelhm, should one include more than one gtkrc?19:44
yofelbut agreed that the check is too lax19:44
debfxno, but you can write whatever you want to that file19:47
jussihrm, are we aware that Libre office only shows a generic icon in the taskbar in precise? 19:48
yofeldebfx: how about this? looks ugly but works for me:19:48
yofelecho "\ngtk-theme-name=\"`grep \"include \\\"/usr/share/themes/.*/gtk-2.0/gtkrc\\\"\" $HOME/.gtkrc-2.0-kde4 | c    ut -d/ -f5`\"" >> $HOME/.gtkrc-2.0-kde419:48
jussi(ie. the X with the yellow/orange circle)19:48
yofelthe .* is lax too though :/19:49
ScottKapachelogger: No jira for U.19:50
debfxsplitting that up into multiple lines might be a good idea :)19:50
debfxand the amount of character escaping is scary ^^19:50
debfxyou could use [^/]+ instead of .*19:51
yofelnow: http://paste.kde.org/26331219:52
yofelthe [^/]+ needs egrep19:56
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 612 * debian/patches/kubuntu_gtk2_engines_oxygen_config.diff tighten the check on the gtkrc include20:00
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yofelMIR filed for xsettings-kde20:25
DarkwingScottK: ping20:46
ScottKDarkwing: pong20:46
schnelleguy, is anybody alowed to write to kubuntu-devel mailing list?21:21
schnellei mean can i (user) write to kubuntu-devel mailing list? 21:21
Riddellschnelle: yes, if it's about kubuntu development21:27
Riddelland if you're subscribed21:28
schnelleRiddell: ok thanks. I will write and explain everything. It is about this bug (look at my last comment) : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/+bug/91173321:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 911733 in qt4-x11 (Ubuntu) "Patch Qt to fix annoying KDE bug 275469 (ghost taskbar entries)" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:31
ejatRiddell: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29326421:33
ubottuKDE bug 293264 in widget-misc "plasma-widget-menubar menus not visible since 02-03 updates" [Normal,Resolved: downstream]21:34
ejatresolved downstream mean in ubuntu ?21:34
ejatsorry kubuntu?21:34
yofelejat: downstream means us, right21:44
yofelexcept that those packages are from gnumdk?21:45
ejatso its fixed? 21:45
yofelno idea?21:46
yofelI don't use it21:46
yofelejat: the packages in the bug aren't from us though21:47
yofel4.8.0b-11.10ubuntu1~gnumdk10 != 4:4.8.0b-0ubuntu1~oneiric1~ppa121:48
ejatbtw .. yofel r u in precise or still oneiric ?21:48
yofelright now I'm on precise21:49
* ejat just want to know .. if i opening quassel for example .. there is no menu bar ? 21:49
ejatbut some other apps got it .. 21:49
yofelmy menu bar is there. in *quassel*21:49
ejatlike kontact .. 21:50
yofelI don't use that widget21:50
ejatis it install by default ? 21:50
ejatsince i remember .. i didnt install that widget .. so to so call "resolved" it .. by removing the widget ? 21:50
yofelI think it is21:51
ejatowh ok .. will try it shortly since i just logout and now in unity .. 21:51
ejatbut .. if by installing that widget .. to triger the menu bar is by using krunner? 21:51
* ejat ping agateau21:52
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 613 * debian/patches/kubuntu_gtk2_engines_oxygen_config.diff the check needs to be inverted here22:37
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