prowerhello everyone :> i hate to ask a question that's probably been brought up many times but i haven't seen a clear answer online yet...since canonical is pulling financial support for kubuntu, what does that mean for the future of the project? is kde/qt even still going to be available in the repositories? :/00:30
DaemonFCprower: From what I've gathered, jridell hasn't been doing much for Kubuntu anyway since before 11.04 shipped00:42
DaemonFCbetween Canonical "borrowing" him for other projects and that car crash late last year, Kubuntu has had to push two releases without much involvement from him00:42
DaemonFCthat's not a good thing, but on the flip side it shows that Canonical's involvement isn't essential for Kubuntu to continue (and it would be bad if it did need them to go on)00:43
DaemonFCas for if there will be any more LTS releases, I'm not sure, but Xubuntu has pushed LTS releases without and official help from Canonical beyond what Kubuntu will be getting from now on00:45
DaemonFCso it's likely that LTS releases will still happen00:45
DaemonFC12.04 LTS will definitely still be an LTS00:45
prowerDaemonFC: Hmm...not good news overall definitely, but hopefully you're right...there are a lot of great qt based projects out there, it'd be a shame for qt to become deprecated in ubuntu "proper"00:46
DaemonFCit's at least no worse off than Lubuntu and Xubuntu are, and they manage00:48
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prowerDaemonFC: that's a very good point as well, yes :> i haven't run lubuntu but the last xubuntu release i tried out was quite well done...i just prefer kde as an environment and qt as a development platform (that i'm learning the basics on :>)00:50
DaemonFCif any project is so tied to one or two people in particular that it can't function without them, you should probably ask if you want to use it anyway00:53
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minkI want to install Kawai theme. I downloaded it from KDE-look.org. What do I do next? i tried moving folder to use/share/themes01:09
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dies_iraesound card not showing up in preferences01:43
dies_iraewussup with that?01:43
dies_iraeanybody knows about this?01:45
dies_iraewas working damn fine!01:46
dies_iraeuntil I plugged the damn webcam01:47
dies_iraeanyone around?01:55
dies_iraeI think i know what happened, kubuntu asked me something about permanently remove some audio devices and  i thought it woas the webcam so I said yes.01:56
dies_iraehow to roll back this mistake?01:56
dies_irae'Do you want KDE to permanently forget about these devices?'01:59
DaemonFCthey should still be listed under the audio hardware setup tab02:00
dies_iraehow to re-add the hardware?02:36
dies_iraeI accidenaly clicked 'permanently remove devices'02:36
dies_iraebad choice02:36
itgeohi, i created a file custom.menu how can i get the menu structure into my kmenu02:42
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit07:02
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OxymoronIs it true Canoncial are going to unplug Kubuntu?07:36
Unit193Oxymoron: No07:36
OxymoronUnit193: Read about it in the news earlier.07:37
Unit193Not going to "unplug", just not funding it (just like how they aren't for L, X, and Edubuntu)07:37
OxymoronUnit193: I would like Canoncial to ONLY develop Kubuntu. It is Ubuntu that sucks. ubuntu is the only one out for the public that they announce. I am pretty sure very much would like Kubuntu more.07:38
Unit193I won't comment on that, it's not on-topic either.07:39
Unit193Oxymoron: http://apachelog.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/how-kubuntu-did-not-change/07:40
OxymoronUnit193: Ah thanks for the reading, was clear it up a little :)07:43
OxymoronSomeday I hope Kubuntu is so stable and compatible with things like external devices, HDMI, new graphic cards, audio so I can throw away Windows for good.07:45
OxymoronIt is so close to being awesome.07:45
Tm_TOxymoron: it has been stable and compatible for me for years (:07:45
OxymoronTm_T: Well yes sorry kind of stable. But for me I got several problems with graphics, audio not working at all (pulseaudio/alsa problems), HDMI not working at all. Then not able to find iphone, mediastreamers etc.07:46
OxymoronTm_T: For instance, my audio has manually need to be switched if I plug in headphones, USB speakers or HDMI audio. It should be switch automaticly IMO.07:48
Tm_TOxymoron: YMWV07:49
OxymoronThen I do not understand why not anyone repolish/redesign the Kickoff menu, it locks ridicolous and is very unefficent to browse between software launches. Lancelot and alternatives are not better.07:49
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ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:29
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zaxorI need help updating Muon how do I go to the terminal and do it09:10
zaxorsudo apt-get install Muon09:10
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giantpunehi, has anybody in here used a wiimote with kubuntu?  i am able to connect the wiimote and use it with multiple programs.  but i have some issue when i go to disconnect it.09:18
zaxorhi folks I need help resetting muon09:19
giantpuneif i have used vmware and i disconnect a wiimote, my entire computer will freeze.  or if i have used a wiimote and disconnected it, and then start vmware, the computer will freeze09:19
giantpuneit doesnt happen if i do either vmware or disconnecting a wiimote or if i restart the computer in between using them.  but if i try to do both in the same sitting, it will lockup the computer completely09:20
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zaxormy muon keeps crashing can I get help on this please09:28
zaxormy muon keeps crashing can I get help on this please09:29
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zaxormy muon keeps crashing can I get help on this please09:30
zaxorThread 1 (Thread 0x7f2beac4b780 (LWP 2970)):09:31
zaxor[KCrash Handler]09:31
zaxor#6  0x00007f2be9910a5e in QtPrivate::QStringList_contains (that=0x7fff1206e1d0, str=..., cs=Qt::CaseSensitive) at tools/qstringlist.cpp:31809:31
zaxor#7  0x000000000042416b in contains (cs=Qt::CaseSensitive, str=..., this=0x7fff1206e1d0) at /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qstringlist.h:17109:31
zaxor#8  ApplicationWindow::populateViews (this=0x2332a20) at /build/buildd/muon-1.2.1/installer/ApplicationWindow.cpp:22909:31
zaxor#9  0x000000000042771c in ApplicationWindow::qt_metacall (this=0x2332a20, _c=QMetaObject::InvokeMetaMethod, _id=<optimized out>, _a=0x7fff1206e7a0) at /build/buildd/muon-1.2.1/obj-x86_64-linux-gnu/installer/ApplicationWindow.moc:11309:31
FloodBotK1zaxor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:31
schnellezaxor: it is a known problem but even a muon developer doesn't know why it is crashing09:32
schnellefor me it never crashed09:32
zaxorthank you for an answer09:32
zaxorhow do I update my system than09:32
schnelleyou can try to reset muon to its defaults with removing muons config files in09:33
schnelleremove muonrc file09:33
schnelleand then start muon09:33
FloodBotK1schnelle: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:33
schnelledid you try from konsole sudo apt-get update09:34
schnelleand then sudo apt-get upgrade ?09:34
zaxorthank you shnelle09:35
zaxoropps schnelle09:35
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schnellezaxor: what is your user name on your computer? I will type you few commands and you just copy/paste them to konsole :)09:36
schnellerm /home/zaxor/.kde/share/config muon-installerrc09:37
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zaxorcannot remove `muon-installerrc': No such file or directory09:38
schnellerm /home/zaxor/.kde/share/config/muon-installerrc09:38
schnellesorry it was typo mistake09:38
schnellerm /home/zaxor/.kde/share/config/muonrc09:39
schnellerm /home/zaxor/.kde/share/config/muon-updaterrc09:39
schnellethese 3 commands should work09:39
zaxorI think they did09:39
schnellenow try09:39
zaxoratleast they did not give me an error09:40
schnellesudo apt-get update09:40
schnelledoes it work?09:40
zaxorshould I try a reboot09:40
schnelleI don't know how experienced are u with konsole09:41
zaxornot at all09:41
schnellewhen you use commands with sudo you have to enter your password09:41
schnellebut you will not see what you are typing09:41
zaxoryes I got that part09:41
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schnellejust type the pass and hit enter09:41
zaxoryes sir did that09:42
schnelleso does this command work: sudo apt-get update   ?09:42
zaxoryes it did and it said done09:42
zaxorafter a long list09:42
schnelleok now sudo apt-get upgrade09:42
schnelleif there are updates it will tell you and you answer with y ( y is for yes)09:43
zaxorReading state information... Done09:43
zaxor0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.09:43
schnellezaxor: ok. your system is up to date09:45
schnelleyou can update muon to newest version09:45
zaxorthanks schnelle I appreciate that09:45
schnellei hope it will not crash09:45
schnelleit is not crashing on my system09:46
zaxorme too but no muon is sad09:46
schnelleto update muon:09:46
schnellesudo apt-add-repository ppa:echidnaman/qapt09:46
schnellesudo apt-get update09:46
schnellesudo apt-get upgrade09:46
zaxornow that is doing something09:47
zaxorldconfig deferred processing now taking place09:48
zaxoris the last line before I get the standard prompt again09:48
schnellezaxor: yes it is updating muon to newest version09:48
schnelleyou did all 3 commands i wrote above, correct?09:49
zaxoryes sir I believe so09:49
cypr1nushello, everyone. How is it called app that notifies about new mail or messages from kopete? it's very helpfull but i cannot find it in my distro09:49
zaxoryeah the software center works let me try the others09:50
schnellezaxor: yay! :)09:50
zaxorpackage manager works yeah09:51
zaxorbut I cannot locate the updater where is it09:51
schnellecypr1nus: maybe message indicator? you can check it in system tray settings09:51
schnellezaxor: hit alt+f2 and type update09:52
schnelleit should appear09:52
cypr1nusschnelle: i'll find it, thank you ;]09:52
zaxorwhat is the proper name for it as that did nothing09:53
schnelleit appears as muon update manager at my system09:53
schnellecypr1nus: right click on system tray>system tray setting09:54
zaxornope that didn't work either09:54
schnelleand then you should find it09:54
schnellezaxor: go to muon package manager and type muon09:55
schnelleand see if muon-updater is installed09:56
cypr1nusschnelle: yep, just found it. In kubuntu i had an envelope icon, but maybe it's just an icon issue, and the app in the background is the same09:56
zaxoryes it says it is installed09:56
zaxorokay by me it is moun-updater and it worked09:57
zaxorhow can I make sure it goes somewhere in the apps so I can use it09:57
schnellezaxor: reboot you system :) and then try typing in menu or in krunner (alt+f2 for krunner) muon09:58
schnelleand muon updater should appear09:58
zaxorokay thanks man appreciate it09:58
schnellezaxor: for updating you can use muon package manager09:58
zaxornope not to be found though when I type it is there10:05
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zaxornope not to be found though when I type it is there10:11
schnellezaxor: I think it is not intended to be found in menu. system automaticly checks for update and if there are updates it notifies you in system tray10:11
zaxorah thanks yours isn't there either10:12
schnellealso you can update your system from muon package manager10:12
schnelleopen package manager and there is button "check for update"10:12
schnellewhere there are updates button "full upgrade" apear10:13
schnellewhen there are updates button "full upgrade" apear10:13
zaxorokay thanks again I appreciate that10:13
schnelleno problem10:13
schnelleinjoy freedom (kubuntu) :)10:13
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Fudgeanyone have gnome-orca installed with qt-at-spi10:27
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BluesKajhiyas all13:13
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canis__in what folder are icons for add on programs kept?  Say for libre office?14:19
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tsimpsoncanis__: normally (somewhere) in /usr/share/icons or /usr/share/pixmaps14:20
midbifroidcan any help me?14:25
Kurdistanmidbifroid, bring it on.14:26
bazhangmidbifroid, with what14:26
midbifroidi want to active 2 monitors14:26
Kurdistanmidbifroid, graphical card?14:26
midbifroid2 graphics14:26
midbifroid2 ati radeon both14:26
midbifroidbut i havent /etc/Xorg.conf14:26
midbifroidi installed the oficial ati driver and... i had to reinstall kubuntu14:27
Kurdistanmidbifroid, do you use open or closed ati?14:27
midbifroidno idea :S14:27
midbifroidi supose  3ºsoftware14:27
midbifroidi tried X +xinerama in root mode console14:27
midbifroidand throws that error14:28
Kurdistanmidbifroid, do you want to create new xorg.conf?14:28
midbifroidcan not lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock14:28
midbifroidi have no more tricks :S14:28
midbifroidcommand aticonfig does not exists14:28
midbifroidi have... nothing :S14:29
midbifroidnothing o nothinf14:29
designbybeckI wanted to give a kudos to ALL of you that work on KDE and Kubuntu14:29
designbybeckI put it on my Dell mini netbook, and am very surprised how well it works14:29
midbifroidwhat package is to install the command "aticonfig" ?14:30
designbybeckthe only problem I have right now is it crashes when I tr to do an update14:30
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midbifroidor to install xinerama good14:30
midbifroidi think to clone the monitor in Xorg.conf, but file not exists14:31
Kurdistanmidbifroid, 1. ctrl+alt+f1 2. sudo service kdm stop 3. sudo X -configure  4. sudo service kdm start 5. Open terminal and write: kdesudo dolphin 6. Move xorg.conf.new from your home direct. to /etc/X11/ and rename xorg.conf.new to xorg.conf14:31
Kurdistanrestart your computer14:31
Kurdistanthat will make a new xorg.conf14:31
midbifroidsudo service kdm stop : unknown instance (i am in recovery root mode) ???14:32
Kurdistanmidbifroid, do exactly the way I writed.14:32
midbifroidX -configure : running..14:32
Kurdistanfirst ctrl+alt+f114:32
midbifroidyes i am in the first console14:33
Kurdistanthen follow 2-614:33
midbifroidi know14:33
midbifroidbut X -configure throws could nock create lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock14:33
Kurdistanmidbifroid, sounds like drivers are bad or not correctly removed14:34
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midbifroidi ve indstalled xorg ati driver14:34
Kurdistanmidbifroid, from ati homepage or from jockey?14:35
midbifroidinstalled by default14:35
midbifroidwas here yert14:35
midbifroidthe second card is ATI Raedon 6800 (PowerColor) that not works and the firs card (integrated) is Ati Radeon 4250 (working)14:36
Kurdistanmidbifroid, cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep 'Driver'14:36
midbifroidfile not exists14:37
midbifroidis the most strange14:37
midbifroidi ve not this file14:37
Kurdistanmidbifroid, okey, you do not have any xorg.conf14:37
Kurdistanmidbifroid, thats okey.14:37
CombatjuanHello.  I'm trying to enable desktop effects in kde4.  When I try and enable them I get a message saying they failed to load.  Looking at .xsession-errors I see "Couldn't find framebuffer configuration for depth 32 (no ARGB GLX visual)!".14:37
Kurdistanmidbifroid, open command line type xrandr14:37
midbifroidxrandr : cant open displat ... should i go start session?14:38
CombatjuanI'm using the blob nvidia driver, kde 4.8, xorg 1:7.6, on kubuntu.14:38
CombatjuanMy Xorg.0.log has no errors and none of the warnings seem relevant.  My screen sections in Xorg.conf have depth '24' and if I try and change them to '32' it says they are unsupported.14:38
KurdistanCombatjuan, have you tried kwin --replace14:39
CombatjuanIf I run glxinfo and look through the list of GLX Visuals, none of them have depth 32, but I don't really understand who is demanding that they be 32.  From everything that I've read, compositing should expect 24.14:39
CombatjuanKurdistan: I have not.14:39
midbifroidKurdistan wait i m going to star session14:39
midbifroidi was talking from another pc14:40
CombatjuanKurdistan: Ok.  It gives some information about my nvidia driver, and then I get the same 3 errors (starting with no ARGB GLX visual, then failed to initialize compositing, then a link to techbase.kde.org)14:40
KurdistanCombatjuan, glxinfo | grep render  give information14:40
Kurdistanpaste it to pastebin14:41
Kurdistanglxinfo | grep render  <<--- this is the command line14:41
Kurdistanlooks fine. now last command: kwin --replace & disown14:43
midbifroidok going on14:43
midbifroidi sudo services kdm stop14:43
Kurdistanmidbifroid, sorry helping Combatjuan wait sec.14:43
midbifroidX -configure OK but errors14:43
CombatjuanKurdistan: http://paste.kde.org/263072/  Nope, sorry.14:44
midbifroidwhat command is to list the file content? used with | more14:45
Combatjuanmidbifroid: cat?14:45
KurdistanCombatjuan, https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=12371514:45
CombatjuanKurdistan: Yeah, I've seen that one.  But I've also seen counter-claims that people can use Xinerama and nvidia with desktop effects on the newer drivers.  I'll see if I can find one.14:46
CombatjuanTwinview is not an option because I have 3 monitors.14:47
KurdistanCombatjuan, maybe "Okay, I fixed it. The problem was that I had XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS environment variable set to "1". Unsetting it fixed the problem and now I get working OpenGL compositing with KDE 4.1."14:47
CombatjuanKurdistan: I've seen that as well.  I assumed they meant as an environment variable?  $ env | grep XLIB give me nothing.14:48
KurdistanCombatjuan, try alt+f2 (krunner)14:48
Kurdistanthen copy/paste14:48
Kurdistanenv  KWIN_COMPOSE=O kwin --replace14:49
CombatjuanKurdistan: Seems to have done the same thing as running kwin --replace.  So after krunner I ran it in a konsole and again received the output I pasted before.14:49
KurdistanCombatjuan, hmm it can på driver-related14:50
KurdistanI can not get effects working in 290.* nvidia drivers14:50
KurdistanI am running latest beta driver14:50
CombatjuanKurdistan: Also with Xinerama?14:50
KurdistanCombatjuan, no, with twinview.14:50
CombatjuanKurdistan: Yeah, mine is (I think) the latest beta driver.  It was at the top of the list yesterday for Linux 64.  Though there is a newer one on windows (295).14:51
CombatjuanKurdistan: Alas, I can get compositing to work with twinview.  But I would have to toss out a monitor.14:51
KurdistanCombatjuan, I am using 295.1714:51
midbifroidKurdistan now i have the file xorg.conf in etc/X11 :) bur some errors in x -configure, now waiting :)14:52
KurdistanCombatjuan, have you looked to .xsession-errors ?14:53
Kurdistanmidbifroid, hope it works for you.14:53
CombatjuanKurdistan: I can't find the 295 driver for linux 64 (GeForce 200 series, English US).  I'm looking at http://www.geforce.com/Drivers/Beta.  Can you post a link to download it?14:54
CombatjuanKurdistan: Yeah, .xsession-errors has the same error message as kwin --replace is giving me plus various nepomuk, soprano, and other silly errors.14:55
KurdistanCombatjuan, yes I can: http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?s=cecdcf11693308398de1ef1fd177e5a9&t=12260614:55
BluesKajCombatjuan,  for what it's worth my older nvidia 7600gt is using the nvidia-current driver which is the 290 ... yes the 295 is W7 driver atm, but it's not recommended even for dev OS like 12.04 which I'm running ...nvidia-current is your best bet14:55
jimmy51_when i boot the livecd, it makes it to the graphical portion and my monitor goes to sleep.  i can hit ctrl-alt-f5 to get text only (the system is running) but it appears graphics aren't working.  what should i do?14:56
CombatjuanKurdistan: Thanks.  I'll give that a try.  Hmmm...  Ok, nvidia-current wasn't giving me any love either.  I guess I'll poke it some more.  Might be back later.  Again, thanks so much for the help.14:56
KurdistanBluesKaj, :) I compiled 295.17 with  buntu specs. :P14:56
KurdistanCombatjuan, have you tried the legacy nvidia drivers?14:56
BluesKajKurdistan,  well , no matter , it's still a bleeder , espacially on 11.1014:57
CombatjuanKurdistan: I have not.  I got the impression reading forums that the older ones explicitly don't work with Xinerama.14:57
KurdistanBluesKaj, true, but the only one working for me at the moment.14:57
CombatjuanKurdistan: Should I be installing 32 bit open gl libs with the blob installer?  Or is that almost certainly completely orthogonal to this problem?14:58
KurdistanCombatjuan, try to install 173.* (legacy)14:58
Kurdistanmaybe it would work14:58
CombatjuanKurdistan: I'll try that as well.  But probably not until the end of the day.  If I fail you'll probably see me about this time Monday.  (-814:59
KurdistanCombatjuan, I hope it will be fixed.14:59
Kurdistanif I am online I will try help you14:59
CombatjuanActually you probably won't.  My wife was due with our second child 3 days ago and still hasn't popped.  But I'll bet I'm not around Monday.14:59
CombatjuanKurdistan: Are you paid support or just generally awesome?15:00
KurdistanCombatjuan, :) daddy.15:00
KurdistanCombatjuan, not paid. I am only liking kubuntu.15:00
CombatjuanKurdistan: Well have a great day and a nice weekend.15:00
KurdistanCombatjuan, you to. take care.15:00
Kurdistanjimmy51_, do you have hybrid card?15:01
BluesKajCombatjuan,  we're all volunteers here15:01
jimmy51_Kurdistan: it's the standard VGA adapter on an HP Proliant DL 160 G615:01
Kurdistanjimmy51_, again graphical card?15:02
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midbifroidX :1 +xinerama (and monitor 2 lights on) but nothing :D its a great step15:02
jimmy51_Kurdistan: maybe a MGA-G200E.  windows just says standard VGA.15:03
jimmy51_Kurdistan: (by matrox)15:03
Kurdistanjimmy51_, lspci -nn | grep VGA15:03
Kurdistanjimmy51_, this is not windows support channel.15:04
Kurdistanmidbifroid, great :).15:04
midbifroidmonitor 2 disconnected, but, detected as DVI-0 :(, know it have 2 connectors 1 vga and 1 hdmi, but i want not to use hdmi, only vga15:05
Kurdistanmidbifroid, install arandr15:06
midbifroidwhat next step Kurdistan ?15:06
midbifroidxrandr ?15:06
Kurdistanarandr is xrandr gui15:06
Kurdistanmidbifroid, sudo apt-get install arandr15:07
midbifroidno vga detected15:08
midbifroid2º vga sorry15:08
Kurdistanyou should be able to enable/disable15:08
midbifroidno i can not15:08
midbifroidi only have VGA-0 and DVI-0 (untouchable), but it must be VGA-0 VGA-115:09
midbifroid1º card is VGA, 2º card is VGA+HDMI15:10
Kurdistanmidbifroid, xrandr --output S-video --same-as VGA-015:10
Kurdistanmidbifroid, when you write xrandr15:11
midbifroidnot fund but: xrandr --output DVI-0 --same-as VGA-015:11
Kurdistanwhat kind of output do you get?15:11
midbifroidno erros15:11
midbifroidbut no mesages15:11
midbifroidsimple ok15:11
midbifroidstill can not active dvi-0/vga-115:12
midbifroidis my linux knowing that my 2º card have 2 connectors ?15:14
midbifroidi think not15:14
Kurdistanmidbifroid, lspci -nn | grep VGA15:14
midbifroid0 lines15:15
midbifroido surry15:15
midbifroidcase sensitive15:15
midbifroidyeah 2 atis15:15
midbifroidthats the problem15:15
Kurdistanmidbifroid, how can you have 2 ati cards in one computer?15:15
midbifroidAti Radeon HD 6800 PowerColor is detected as AMD Radeon HD 650015:15
Kurdistansudo aticonfig --initial   <<<----- what do you get when you run this15:16
midbifroidaticonfig : command not found15:16
jimmy51_Kurdistan: xforcevesa noapic irqpoll got it to boot15:16
midbifroidi never had to buy that card :S15:16
jimmy51_Kurdistan: not sure which of those (or a combo)... i guess i'll have to experiment15:17
midbifroidi dont think about 2 cars of same brand15:17
Kurdistanjimmy51_, great. :)15:17
Kurdistanjimmy51_, if you wanted to save remenber sudo kate /etc/default/grub15:17
jimmy51_Kurdistan: yeah... i'm relieved.15:17
Kurdistanand make the change and then sudo update-grub15:17
jimmy51_Kurdistan: i think it will be more complex than that... since this is a livecd and not an installed environment.15:18
Kurdistanjimmy51_, okey then you do not need it.15:18
jimmy51_Kurdistan: to top it off, i've actually got it PXE booting, mounting NFS share, and then booting.  i'll have to dig around for where the grub config is again.15:18
Kurdistanjimmy51_, good lyck.15:18
Kurdistanmidbifroid, have you looked for drivers in jockey15:19
Kurdistanany avaible for you?15:19
midbifroidwhat is jockey? sorry15:19
jimmy51_Kurdistan: thanks... the livecd is cool but not too many people customize it (or at least not enough to leave a plethora of forum posts pointing to how to do stuff).  it's all old fashioned investigation.  have a good one.15:19
Kurdistanmidbifroid, alt+f2 and then type: jockey15:20
midbifroidwho is jockey !! what are he doing in my pc? XD lol15:20
Kurdistanmidbifroid, no password should be asked.15:20
tsimpsonlog in first ^ then type commands15:20
midbifroidis asking for password15:21
tsimpsonuse your username and password to login15:21
tsimpsonhold on (reading backlog), are you at a TTY?15:21
tsimpsonor just running a command from the runner15:22
KurdistanTscheesy_, tty.15:22
midbifroidi found aticonfig15:22
Kurdistanmidbifroid, install it :).15:22
midbifroidin /usr/lib/fglrx/bin/aticonfig15:22
midbifroidis installed here i dont know why15:22
midbifroidbut : No supported adapters detected15:22
Kurdistanmidbifroid, systemsettings and then screen15:23
Kurdistanhave you tried active that way?15:23
midbifroidtsimpson i was in TTY215:23
midbifroidhow ?15:23
Kurdistanalt+f2 type systemsettings15:24
Kurdistanthen you have section with hardware15:24
Kurdistanthere it should be monitor/screen/display15:24
midbifroidSreen and monitor15:25
midbifroidit apears 215:25
midbifroidthe second inactive15:25
midbifroidand intouchable15:25
Kurdistanmidbifroid, maybe thats the name, I am not using english kubuntu.15:25
midbifroidthe second monitor can not be actived, and appears as DVI-0 not as VGA-115:25
Kurdistanmidbifroid, out of ideas.15:26
midbifroidis detected as ati hd 6500 but is 680015:26
midbifroidand xinerama?15:26
Kurdistanmaybe if you tweak in xorg.conf15:26
midbifroidi think about copy screen in the file15:26
midbifroidit already exists15:26
Kurdistankdesudo kate /etc/x11/xorg.conf15:26
Kurdistankdesudo kate /etc/X11/xorg.conf <<-- sorrry should be like this.15:27
midbifroidsection device Card0 ok ati working15:28
Kurdistancat /etc/X11/xorg.conf <<--- can you pass this information to us? use pastebin.15:28
midbifroidi think the problem may be in the BusID "PCI:2:0:0" but i dont understand the parts of that nomenclature15:34
midbifroidin the bios i confiured interal graphics , has something to do?15:35
midbifroidit was necesary to have 2 screens in windows715:35
Kurdistanmidbifroid, you have hybrid card?15:38
midbifroidwhat means with hybrid ?15:38
Kurdistansome vendors let you disable one in the bios15:39
midbifroidvga+hdmi ?15:39
Kurdistanmidbifroid, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics15:39
midbifroidthe internal graphics mode option in bios15:41
midbifroidthere are 4 options15:41
midbifroid1) gfx0-gpp-igfx-pci15:41
midbifroid2) gpp-gfx0-igfx-pci015:42
midbifroid2) pci-gfx0-gpp-igfx15:42
midbifroid3 sorry15:42
midbifroid4) igfx-gfx0-gpp-pci (the only mode that i can have 2 screens in windows7)15:42
midbifroidreally i dont understand this at all, but i think it is selector between internal graphicx / card1 /card 2 / etc...15:43
Kurdistanmidbifroid, does type of cards I am not so good at.15:43
KurdistanI hope some one else can help15:43
Kurdistanmidbifroid, you can read the link I posted, maybe it will help.15:44
midbifroid:S i am going to restart 3 times trying other graphics mode, and i tell you , ned i to do something before? like remove xorg.conf etc..15:44
midbifroidthe idea is set linux able to autodetect screens15:45
midbifroidi think with xorg.conf it is no autodetect, so i really dont understand xD15:45
midbifroidok reading the link15:47
Kurdistanmidbifroid, you can backup xorg.conf15:47
Kurdistanif you are making some change in bios15:47
Kurdistankdesudo dolphin and go to xorg.conf and rename it to xorg.conf.old. then you can bring it up if you need it later by undo.15:48
midbifroidscreen flashing when using only the 2º vga15:56
midbifroidU_U i suspect since i bought it, i thought "dont buy same graphic"15:58
midbifroidei dont flashing, working but only the 2º sceen15:59
midbifroidnow the first graphic dont work, now backwards xD15:59
midbifroidnow detecting 3 cards16:00
BluesKajmidbifroid,  what path is your xorg.conf  ... /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?16:02
midbifroidyes BluesKaj but now it is disabled, i renamed xorg.conf._back16:09
midbifroidnow i have HDMI-0 (disabled) DVI-0 (disabled) and VGA-0 current16:10
BluesKajok midbifroid . i was wondering if xorg was still in the same path ...I don't have an xorg.conf16:11
midbifroidevery second i understand less16:11
midbifroidwell im going to try next opcion, 2 options left16:12
midbifroidin this option i have zero monitors16:15
midbifroidwell there is no more options16:17
midbifroidi m going to suicide :) thanks Kurdistan16:17
midbifroidthere is not remedy to active the damn ati raedon hd 6800 powercolor16:18
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pangolinI just ran apt-get update; apt-get upgrade and 3 packages: libssl1.0.0 libssl1.0.0:i386 openssl were upgraded. What I want to know is why both i386 and x64 packages got installed for libssl?16:54
tsimpsonpangolin: maybe you have some (32-bit) application which requires the 32-bit version of the package16:55
pangolintsimpson: I just did install a few days ago with the 64bit iso.. I don't believe I installed anything 32bit16:56
pangolina clean install*16:56
pangolintsimpson: not that important, just noticed it because it was so few packages and it peaked my interest :)16:57
pangolintsimpson: is there a command I can run to find out what 32bit packages I may have installed?16:58
tsimpsonI used to use aptitude to see why something is installed, ie "aptitude why <package>", only just noticed I haven't installed it yet16:59
tsimpsonpangolin: oh, apt apparently does it too, try "apt-cache rdepends libssl1.0.0:i386"17:01
pangolinah, flashplugin-installer is the culprit17:02
pangolinthanks for the info tsimpson :)17:03
tsimpsonno problem, nice to know apt-cache has rdepends too, now I don't need to install aptitude :)17:04
reisihi everyone, running 11.10: an app is nicely filling up $HOME/.xsession-errors: it's now 20GB; does anyone have any tips on which might be causing it, or how can i find out? i'm trying to do uniq -c .xsession-errors |sort -n to find out something about it, but at a glance, didn't seem that descriptive17:08
reisii'm up to date with mostly default repositories17:10
reisiapparently uniq -c |sort -n does not scale too well :D17:12
reisi/does not scale too well/is not web scale/17:13
reisicould i somehow truncate the file even when lsof reports there are a lot of process that have the file open?17:21
tsimpsonreisi: you could do that, sure17:22
reisitsimpson: if i just unlink it will consume hard disk space (which i don't currently have)17:23
tsimpsonreisi: if you unlink it, then the space will become available again, same with truncation17:24
reisitsimpson: hmm, it seemed to continue consuming 20GB until i logged out (killed the processes)17:25
reisitruncate did however immediatedly release free space17:25
reisiknotify4: gstreamer criticals and warnings, there's nothing else17:26
reisiwritten out at 20MBps17:26
reisiit must be damn kmail trying to complain that it has again lost the imap connection; does knotify4 handle those notifications?17:27
reisii tried to stop akonadi, now knotify4 still uses one core and writes out at 20MBps17:28
tsimpsonkontify4 is the general KDE notification system (I think), so any kind of notification would probably go via knotify17:29
Tm_Treisi: knotify gstreamer, how akonadi has to do with those two? (:17:29
reisiTm_T: i noticed that akonadi runs the mail checking processes (or at least, those were prefixed by "akonadi"); mail checking is the only one giving me notifications17:29
reisithough, currently there are no notifications either17:30
Tm_Treisi: I wonder if killing knotify makes any difference17:30
reisii'm only running konsole..17:30
reisiTm_T: well i can sustain this level of use; if anyone would have an idea on how to proceed i could get a bugreport filed17:31
reisiin ps uxf report no other process than konsole and knotify4 have any significant runtime either17:32
Tm_Treisi: I believe knotify will get respawned if it's killed17:33
reisijust killed SIGTERM'd it, not at least yet17:34
reisistarting ktorrent spawns the knotify417:36
reisino immediate problems17:37
reisiTm_T: do you know what knotify4 does? is the notifications or filesystem events?17:37
Tm_Treisi: notifications, including sounds, popups, running commands on events if you like, or do simple logging17:38
Tm_Tit's quite configurable17:38
reisiwell.. i'll need to try to figure out how i made this runaway situation happen again; this was not the first time17:43
Tm_Treisi: suspend?17:44
reisiTm_T: no17:44
reisiTm_T: uptime is over a week17:44
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Tm_T!es | Newboy18:10
ubottuNewboy: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:10
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ses1984hi, just installed kubuntu and ran a script a used to run all the time before, that rsynced some stuff to a flash drive18:32
ses1984it seems liek kubuntu is deferring the writes to the flash drive because when I rsync to it, the command completes instantly and I get no activity lights on the flash drive, but when i try to unmount it it takes forever18:32
ses1984i dont know why it's doing this but i don't like it...i like to see rsync --progress --human-readable to see how long it's going to take18:32
BluesKajses1984,  dunno anything about rsync , but if the flash drive is empty why not just copy the files over18:37
ses1984it's not empty, and even if it was rsync can be way faster if the data is compressible18:38
ses1984this also happens if i use the gui to drag files to the drive. it seems like the transfer takes place instantly, but nothing actually happened until you try to unmount the drive.18:39
ses1984if you wait long enough, sometimes 5 seconds or sometimes a minute, it seems like the activity lights blink and it starts to actually do the file op18:39
BluesKajses1984,  does rsync need a client side app ?18:44
ses1984if you don't know what rsync is i suggest you google it. it's amazing18:47
ses1984it's indispensible18:48
designbybeck_reading up on rsync now, seems pretty cool ses198418:55
Toctizis kubuntu better than ubuntu?19:00
BluesKaj!better | Toctiz19:01
ubottuToctiz: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:01
ubottukubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde19:02
Toctizso er dies kubuntu have more of a "desktop" than ubuntu19:02
designbybeck_Toctiz: I've used Ubuntu for 3 years and checked in on Kubuntu every now and then, but am using Kubuntu now on my netbook and loving it so far19:03
BluesKajToctiz,  try kubuntu and find out , you can burn a live-cd19:04
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.19:04
designbybeck_it is running very smooth for me on this lil' netbook19:04
Toctizgood enougth for me19:04
designbybeck_i find it more overall polished and feature rich19:04
Toctizyes i like a desktop19:05
Toctizdoes it have wubi19:05
designbybeck_i would not recommend wubi19:05
BluesKajwubi only runs on windows19:05
designbybeck_for best results just do a dual boot install19:05
Toctizyes i have windows can it be installed along side?19:06
BluesKajit's not really a good linux-experience19:06
designbybeck_correct Toctiz19:06
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot19:06
Toctizisn't that for ubuntu*19:07
designbybeck_works the same Toctiz19:08
Toctizoh ok19:08
designbybeck_they are both 'buntu19:08
designbybeck_Ubuntu uses the Gnome/Unity desktop Kubuntu uses KDE19:08
designbybeck_hello Guest182619:09
=== Guest1826 is now known as sila
silau ok19:11
silawhat's the topic?19:17
silatalk man19:18
silaI'm going19:20
silaits too boring19:20
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BluesKajsil this is a kubuntu support cahannel , it's not meant for chit chat , if you a question regarding kubuntu then please ask your question19:23
BluesKajgood , too late , but good19:23
jimmy51_Kurdistan: got it.  easier than i thought... the grub boot options are in the pxelinux config file... single text file on pxe server.19:26
jimmy51_Kurdistan: added xforcevesa and all is well.19:26
jimmy51_along the same topic though... is there a grub boot option that will force a certain resolution?19:26
jimmy51_i'd like to be able to force 1024 x 76819:27
BluesKajjimmy51_, http://harrison3001.blogspot.com/2009/09/grub-2-graphical-boot-tips-to-set.html#.TzVwnG881hE19:32
BluesKaj!pl | gre3n19:33
ubottugre3n: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.19:33
silaI'm waiting19:34
silafuck thiSssss19:35
maco2watch the language, please19:35
Tm_Tsila: language and patience, please19:35
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LynoureI'm trying to use ktimetracker, but get an error message upon trying to save a new task19:38
Lynoure"Error storing new task. Your changes were not saved. Make sure you can edit your iCalendar file. Also quit all applications using this file and remove any lock file related to its name from ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/lock/ "19:38
Lynoureand I checked, there was no locks and no calendars configured19:38
kde185anyone know how to temporarily turn off X?19:45
kde185init 3 isn't working anymore...19:45
BluesKajkde185,  ctl+alt+f1 , sudo service kdm stop , then when you need the desktop , startx19:47
designbybeckI want to learn more about keystrokes in Kubuntu to make me more productive and efficient19:47
kde185BluesKaj: thanks19:47
designbybecklike on Ubuntu Unity, you can just press the superkey and start typing a program name and it searchs for it19:47
designbybecknothing like that on Kubuntu?19:47
kde185designbybeck: alt + f219:48
designbybeckhmm that isn't working for me kde18519:48
kde185designbybeck: if it doesn't work there's a pretty easy fix19:48
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  or kmenu search19:48
designbybecki'm running kubuntu 11.10 on a netbook19:48
kde185designbybeck: open system setting19:48
designbybeckso the screen changed a lil19:48
kde185designbybeck: Under Startup and Shutdown19:49
kde185designbybeck: click on desktop file, then add program19:49
kde185designbybeck: type in krunner19:50
kde185designbybeck: then  ok19:50
kde185designbybeck: unless you want to logout/login then you'll need to run krunner in a terminal this one time19:50
designbybecki don't want to log in and out with it19:51
designbybecki just wanted a quick way to call up my programs i'd like to run19:51
designbybeckLike the super key in Unity19:51
designbybeckor alt space in GnomeDo and Synapses19:52
designbybeckor what ever it was19:52
kde185designbybeck: I think this is like that19:53
kde185designbybeck: just for some reason krunner doesn't start automatically19:53
kde185designbybeck: adding krunner to your autostart fixes that19:54
designbybecki'm not finding krunner19:54
kde185designbybeck: you don't need to find it, just type in krunner19:54
designbybecki'm in the netbook view i am thinking19:55
designbybeckso i'm trying to learn this interface19:55
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  you can run synapse on kubuntu as well , if you wish19:55
kde185designbybeck: you went to the the Startup and Shutdown and clicked "Add Program"?19:56
BluesKajkde185,  how does krunner link to the shortcut key he wants to implement ?19:57
designbybeckok i found it19:57
kde185BluesKaj: not sure what you mean, krunner is a quick tool to run programs and do other stuff19:58
designbybeckyeah i am wanting something like that kde18519:59
BluesKajkde185, I think he wants a shrtcut key on the KB to run certqin apps19:59
designbybeckkrunner now shows to be in the startup20:00
designbybeckbut yes, how do i cue it up with a keystroke like the super key?20:00
kde185designbybeck: k, now it will work every time you startup or login20:00
BluesKajright click on the desktop brings up the run command , it's the krunner20:00
kde185designbybeck: you'll hit alt + f.  Though you'll need to open konsole and type krunner first20:00
kde185designbybeck: you'll only need to do the konsole thing this once20:01
kde185designbybeck: *alt + f220:01
designbybeckok i'm seeing how it works i think20:02
BluesKajdesignbybeck, ok , pls clarify what you mean by the superkey20:02
designbybeckcan then I can go back to that Kmenu to change the keystroke?20:02
designbybeckWindows Key20:02
designbybeckbetween the ctrl and al20:02
kde185designbybeck: there is...not sure where exactly20:03
kde185designbybeck: if you open system settings again there's a search field at the top right20:03
designbybecki'm there20:04
designbybecki see Custom Standard Global keystrokes20:04
designbybeckbut not finding ALT+f220:04
kde185designbybeck: under Global Keyboard Shortcuts, you'll want to select "Run Command Interface" for the Kde component20:05
designbybeckah i see i guess KDE calls it the meta key20:06
designbybeckit will not let me do just the meta key by itself20:07
designbybeckthank you guys for your help with this20:08
designbybeckon another note, does KDE support any on screen overlaid annotation20:09
designbybecklike Compiz Annotation20:09
designbybeckif I have a tablet to draw on the screen20:09
designbybeckI work in Education and I try to streamline tools20:09
designbybeckand being able to write anywhere anytime on anything is very nice20:10
kde185System settings -> Desktop Effects -> All Effects -> Mouse Mark20:11
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designbybeckwell i found the spot and turned it on but it doesn't seem to be working20:13
designbybeckusing meta key shift and mouse20:13
designbybeckoh i had to apply the last box as well20:13
=== Jordan_U_ is now known as Jordan_U
designbybecknow if only we could get erases from the wacom tablet as well as presure sensitivity :D20:14
kde185well goodluck I've gotta get going20:15
designbybeckI very well might have to install Kubuntu on my main box now20:21
designbybeckerr laptop that is20:21
designbybeckafter seeing David Revoy take to KDE it made me excited20:21
designbybeckbecause of all the graphics he does20:21
designbybeckwhich is what i do20:21
designbybeckIn most gnome products spell check is on in most boxes by default, anything like that for KDE?20:24
designbybeckI think I might have found it20:26
designbybeckYep! That will work! :D20:27
designbybeckOk It's all your fault!21:07
designbybeckI installed Kubuntu on my main box now21:07
sandraG'day my fellow Kubuntu inmates :-)21:07
sandraI trust you are all doing well today :-)21:07
designbybeckbecause it has Ubuntu on there, and I had all those packages, is it safe to delete some of those other apps from within kubuntu or do i have to go to ubuntu to do that?21:08
designbybeckI am now sandra21:08
designbybeckKDE is running like a champ, so far so good21:08
sandradesignbybeck: Good glad to hear it :-)21:08
designbybeck I get a crash when i try to run the muon package manager21:10
designbybeckThis would happen on my netbook as well21:10
=== gerrit is now known as Guest45394
designbybeck:( now the System Settings is crashing at random21:14
designbybeckgiving SegFault errors21:14
sandraCould someone here please tell me if it is possible under Kubuntu to install a right click on the desktop option "Open in Terminal" as is found in Ubuntu "nautilus-open in terminal" command ? Thanks in advance for your thoughtful replies.21:15
designbybecksorry sandra, i've only been using KDE for 30mins ;)21:16
gnomefreaksandra: there used to be a package to allow terminal option in context menu but dont recall the package namne. im pretty sure it was for all desktops not just kde21:19
sandradesignbybeck: Thanks all the same I hope someone here has a answer :-)21:19
designbybeckthis Quassel IRC is so much better than XChat!21:19
designbybeckall of KDE is from what I'm finding out, just not sure I like the random crashs when doing basic system setting changes21:20
sandragnomefreak: I know that option can be found under gnome but so far I have been striking out finding that option under Kubuntu.21:20
gnomefreaksandra: the thing im recalling is a package you install21:20
gnomefreakim looking for it now21:20
gnomefreakand gnomne doesnt have it by default21:21
sandragnomefreak: Thank you so much :-)21:21
gnomefreakgnome even21:21
sandragnomefreak: under Ubuntu the install package is "nautilus-Open in Terminal"21:23
gnomefreaksandra: thanks21:23
flintwingelsandra: i'm running a faily vanilla kubuntu install   and a right lick on a folder gives me "Open Terminal Here" under the Actions option21:23
gnomefreakno its not21:24
gnomefreakgnomefreak@Development:~$ show nautilus-open21:24
gnomefreakN: Unable to locate package nautilus-open21:24
dies_iraehow to restore sound??21:24
dies_iraeI accidentaly removed the interface21:25
gnomefreakthanks Pici21:25
dies_iraeteh card is there, restartding alsa does nothing so definately something to do with KDE.21:25
gnomefreakreinstall what you removed21:26
sandragnomefreak: But Kubuntu of course does not use nautilus. Yes  know clicking on folder gives me that option but what I want is the ability to click on a open area of my desktop and have the option "To Open in Terminal" thus pulling up the terminal w/out clicking on a folder :-)21:26
dies_iraegnomefreak: lawl, ur obviously cluless.21:26
gnomefreaki dont know if kde uses pulseaudio or not21:26
gnomefreaksandra: correct but iirc there was a package that allowed you to have the option outside of fiiles/folders21:27
gnomefreakinstalling nautilus-open-terminal doesnt change anything at all21:28
sandragnomefreak: KDE does use pulse audio and pulseaudio is present in Kubuntu.21:28
dies_iraewhat I am talking is about 'Do you want to permanently remove these devices??'21:28
gnomefreakdies_irae: see if you have pulseaudio installed21:29
gnomefreakdies_irae: thats up to you but i suggest no21:29
dies_iraethat's the most idiotic message ever. Do you think average clueless user know wtf do in that case??21:29
sandragnomefreak: What I need is a equivalent of that gnome nautilus package for KDE to"Open in Terminal"21:29
dies_iraeask the user about hardware devices??21:29
gnomefreaksandra: i know what you need im still looking21:29
sandragnomefreak: Thanks :-)21:30
gnomefreaksandra: open up package manager and search too :)21:30
sandradies_irae: Don't remove those devices21:30
dies_iraeI even un-installed pulse and still no sound, so definately KDE did something.21:30
sandradies_irae: what sound card are you currently using ?21:31
gnomefreakkde doesnt just "do things"21:31
dies_iraesandra: it popped up when the webcam was un-plugged, but it had other devices that I did not pay attention and I accidentaly clicked 'yes'21:31
dies_iraesandra: I got the mobo and a PCI21:31
dies_iraethe PCI is not sounding any waves throgh the air.21:31
dies_irae'Do you want KDE to permanently forget about these devices?21:32
dies_iraeThis is the list of devices KDE thinks can be removed:21:32
gnomefreaksandra: im not finding anything here.21:32
dies_iraethat's the ass retarded message ^^^21:32
sandradies_irae: Go System Settings then select multimedia and check your preferences there.21:32
dies_iraeisn't kubuntu supposed to be luser friendly?21:32
dies_iraesandra: I've done that a trillion times already.21:33
gnomefreakdies_irae: depends on the user21:33
sandradies_irae: yes it's friendly enough but like any friendship there is a getting to know you period :-)21:33
dies_iraeaplay -L or -l DOES report  my card.21:33
sandragnomefreak: I appreciate all your help. Thank you :-)21:34
dies_iraeok re-installing pulse and see if the issue gets fixed automagically.21:34
gnomefreaksandra: np sorry21:34
sandragnomefreak: nothing to be sorry about :-)21:35
designbybeckI am trying to find the setting where I can resize a window with ALT + MMB instead of RMB21:35
designbybeckany idea where that is?21:36
dies_iraelawl, my download speed 6 B/s21:36
sandradies_irae: I know your not going to like this but my suggestion for now is reinstall Kubuntu and once you perform your updates update your kernel to 3.2.0-15 and see if that solves your sound issues I know it solved my wireless issues for me perhaps it also includes a sound driver for your on board sound chip.21:37
dies_iraecouldn't be more correct BS download speeds!!21:37
dies_iraesandra: this is LiveCD21:37
sandradies_irae: running Kubuntu from a live CD or even from a USB key has it's limitations, especially when it comes to upgrading system hardware.21:39
sandradies_irae: Or trouble shooting.21:39
sandradies_irae: I wish you the best in regards to sound issues.21:41
=== r3v0_desktop is now known as zz_r3v0_desktop
sandrawell take care my fellow Kubuntu inmates :-)21:42
dies_iraeping of death :(21:42
sandraEnjoy the day :-)21:43
profaan-Khi all?21:54
designbybeckhello profaan-K21:55
designbybeckGOODNESS!!! Quassel kept crashing, I couldn't get back in here22:05
designbybeckthese things worry about usein Kubuntu, does everyone have these kinds of problems with random crashing?22:05
BluesKajodd , quassel is pretty stable22:06
designbybecki'm not sure if i wasn't connected and i'd click on #kubuntu22:06
designbybeckand that is what it crashed22:06
BluesKajgotta reboot22:07
designbybeckwe have our TexOS project starting next weekend. I used LinuxMint 11 last time for the first one we did22:07
designbybeckbut I'm considering going with Kubuntu now22:07
designbybeckI'm just worried this might turn people off with all the random crashes22:07
designbybeckCould it be because I have Ubuntu on here as well?22:08
designbybeckhow do I see what version of KDE this is?22:10
lethudesignbybeck, go into settings22:11
lethusystem setting22:11
lethuthen >> help22:11
lethuthen >> about22:11
designbybeckthank you lethu22:11
lethudesignbybeck, yw22:11
designbybeckKDE 4.7.422:11
designbybeckisn't 4.8 out?22:12
lethudesignbybeck, still in release candidate stage22:12
lethulast time I checked22:12
designbybeckah gotcha22:12
lethuanyway, even if it goes gold22:13
lethuthere will be a delay before Kubuntu gets it22:13
designbybeckhmm I am trying to install some software in the Muon Software Center22:13
designbybecki click install and it says "This operation cannot coninue since proper authorization was not provided"22:14
designbybeckbut It never asked for a password?22:14
lethuprobably a bug22:14
designbybeckthis isn't good for me22:14
lethutry launching it from console with "sudo"22:14
designbybeckI was going to install Kubuntu on 11 computer to give to kids22:15
designbybecklethu: how do I figure out if it is a bug or not?22:17
lethudesignbybeck, launch it from console and watch for error message in the console22:18
designbybeckhow do i find the command for the software center?22:18
lethudesignbybeck, try $ sudo muon22:19
lethuthen type the pass22:19
designbybeckthat opened the package manager22:19
lethuwhen asked22:19
designbybeck sudo muon22:19
designbybeckError: "/var/tmp/kdecache-beck" is owned by uid 1000 instead of uid 0.22:19
designbybeckthat is what It gave me but it did open22:20
ubottuIn KDE use « kdesudo <program> » (or « kdesu <program> » for Feisty and earlier) to run graphical applications with root privileges when you have to. Never just use "sudo"! | See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to find out why22:20
lethugenii-around, try $ sudo gdebi-kde22:21
BluesKajdon't use sudo for a gui app , use kdesudo22:21
lethudesignbybeck, I mean22:21
lethuyeah, sorry I wasn't aware of this detail22:22
designbybeckso that should be kdesudo22:22
lethuI have always used sudo, and it worked for me22:22
lethudesignbybeck, apparently yes22:22
=== aldo is now known as aldo___
designbybeckwell i typed that command and it did pop up the password lethu22:23
designbybeckbut then i put it in, and it just went away22:24
designbybeckCreating accessible with different object than the original interface!22:24
designbybeckshow QWidget(0x1ae18c0)22:24
designbybeckCreating accessible with different object than the original interface!22:24
designbybeckshow KDialog(0x7f6418040350, name = "error")22:24
designbybeckCreating accessible with different object than the original interface!22:24
FloodBotK1designbybeck: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:24
designbybeckCreating accessible with different object than the original interface!22:24
lethudesignbybeck, something must be wrong22:24
designbybeckmaybe i should try to restart22:24
lethuit wouldn't hurt22:25
designbybecki use Ubuntu 11.10 64bit22:25
designbybeckbut just today I decided to try Kubuntu and installed kubuntu-desktop from the software center in ubuntu22:25
lethuwrong way22:25
lethunot surprising you get unexpected behaviour22:26
lethuif you want Kubuntu, install it via the dvd, on a fresh formated hd22:26
lethueven updates from Kubuntu to a newer version are known to give unexpected results22:27
designbybeckI have Ubuntu and Linux Mint on two differnet partitions22:27
designbybecki don't need the LinuxMint one anymore so I guess I could put a full, clean install on there22:28
lethuyes, barely one of the possibilities22:28
designbybeckok thanks for the help lethu i've gotta run for now. I'll be building my core LinuxMCE box this weekend, maybe I'll try Kubuntu clean install on that first22:30
=== jbailey is now known as Guest70299
netrunner_hello all23:36
jessieOh, netrunner left. :-(23:39

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