salgadowallyworld, hey, thanks for that review!  would you mind landing it for me as well as I don't have ec2-utils setup?00:04
wallyworldsalgado: np. will do it today. thanks for doing the work :-)00:04
sinzuiStevenK, after looking at formlibs processing of the form, visibility is excluded from the data because the input == false. So while the widget got input that we recognise as valid, it is ignored because of this "input" flag. I think "input" means the field is read-only00:07
StevenKsinzui: I set readonly=true in the visibility attribute00:09
StevenKI remember Zope de-praming its toys if it wasn't00:09
sinzuicorrect, but I think out mutator rules are in conflicts with form lib00:10
sinzuiWe may need to check the state of the widget ourselves, or as we have done before...copy a writeable field into the ITeamCreation schema00:11
StevenKsinzui: I've just removed readonly=True, let's see what Zopes does.00:11
sinzuiStevenK, mutator will kill startup00:12
StevenKTypeError: Only a read-only field can have a mutator method.00:12
sinzuiStevenK, We know at the time of creation, we can do what we want because there is no mutation00:12
wgrantAh, yes, that's right.00:12
wgrantYou need to override the readonlyness in setUpFields00:12
sinzuiwgrant, StevenK I see the widget got the value and it was valid. are you saying setupfields did something else to say do a lot of work, but I intend to ignore it later00:13
* sinzui must eat00:14
StevenKsinzui: Thanks for the pointer00:14
StevenKwgrant: How do I do that?00:14
wgrantStevenK: See BugSecrecyEditView for a way to do it without customising setUpFields00:15
wgrantThe copy_field business00:15
StevenKI'm tempted to do it in conditionallyOmitVisibility()00:16
StevenKThen everything gets it00:16
wgrantIt's not appropriate to do it there.00:16
StevenKclass schema? Wow, really?00:17
StevenKThat's what under BugSecrecyEditView does copy_field()00:18
wgrantI'm just wondering why you question it.00:18
StevenKSeems like a horrid hack :-P00:18
wgrantIt's a horrid problem with a not particularly horrid solution.00:19
StevenKHmm, but TeamAddView already defines schema = ITeamCreation00:19
wgrantYay, top OOPS fixed.00:20
StevenKThat was Product:+index?00:22
wgrantNo, loggerhead's DownloadUI00:22
wgrantProduct:+index rarely times out now, it's just 30% slower than it needs to be.00:22
wgrantAnd that fix is not on production yet.00:22
StevenKOr even qas?00:23
StevenKValueError: ('Duplicate name', 'visibility')00:23
wgrantOh, that fixed oops #5 too00:27
lifelesswgrant: so the question is where folk were getting bad links from00:27
wgrantlifeless: I would tend to suspect spiders, but loggerhead OOPSes don't contain any info.00:28
wgrantThe access logs might.00:28
* wgrant hunts.00:28
lifelessspiders don't make up urls though00:28
lifelessso if its spiders, something is broken00:29
wgrantThese are referring to fileids in head:00:29
wgrantThat easily linkrots.00:29
lifelessdownloadUI is quite new though00:29
lifelessthat one in particular...00:29
wgrantDownloadTarballUI is now00:29
wgrantDownloadUI isn't, is it?00:29
lifelessah, right right00:29
wgrantThere's far fewer requests in the logs than there are OOPSes.00:32
wgrantAll the problematic requests are from Android00:33
wgrantSo I wonder if the app is looking at that URL for updates.00:33
lifelesswgrant: the garbo job change landed?00:34
lifelesswgrant: I take it we're doing a one-off ?00:34
lifelesswgrant: hah, an android app updating from loggerhead. Aieee!!!! !!00:35
wgrantlifeless: No, just the DB patch so far.00:35
lifelessoh phew00:35
wgrantWill be deployed on Monday00:35
wgrantOh, blah.00:35
wgrantThis is going to take forever to branch.00:36
wgrantBecause it has Java disease.00:36
wgrantDozens of embedded jars.00:36
wgrantPerhaps we can alter the LP ToS00:36
wgrantTo state that if you embed dependencies, your forfeit your access to LP00:36
wgrantalert, alert00:39
wgrantWe are in the green for criticals in the last week :/00:39
StevenKIsn't that a good thing?00:40
wgrantIt can only mean one thing: our OOPS reporting system is broken.00:42
lifelesshow wrong is it to call functions via exec function.__code__ in custom_globals00:54
wgrantThat ranks at roughly 11/10 evil points00:55
lifelessit is sad when language docs need to say things like:00:57
lifelessIn some cases, a fruitful optimization is to assign the attribute to a local variable and call that local variable.00:57
lifelessanyhow, func_code is the support attribute. win.00:58
wgrantIt is sad when the project is 10MB but the branch is 150MB because of the jars.00:58
wgrantcollectionista-library/res/values/strings-versioncheck.xml:    <string name="version_file_url">http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Epjv/collectionista/trunk/download/head:/collectionista_versi-20110605182324-0nll835704egr1kc-219/collectionista_versions.xml?file_id=collectionista_versi-20110605182324-0nll835704egr1kc-219</string>00:58
lifelessheaddesk deskhead01:00
wgrantIt's a reasonably strategy.01:00
lifelessnot with that url01:00
wgrantStrategy, not implementation :)01:00
* StevenK stabs NFS, and then twists the knife.01:27
lifelessits a bit disappointing that the vm bypasses __getitem__01:42
wgrantToo many bug statuses01:54
* wgrant becomes murderous.01:55
lifelesswin 3658  OOPS-11d83b82cd4d682e6c5cd63a9326e9db  Unknown01:59
wgrantIt's always in the top 501:59
lifelesstop today02:00
wgrantWith a count like that I would certainly hope so :)02:00
wgrantAh, process-apport-blobs02:04
wgrantI think it may have a somewhat serious bug.02:05
wgrant3658 queries, 3200 of which are made up of two massively duplicated librarian reads.02:05
wgrantAh, possibly it's chunked.02:06
wgrantlifeless: So, simply realising the join removes the Ubuntu FTI issue.03:00
wgrantI have most sensible orders with FTI pretty fast now, even on DF.03:01
wgrantI wonder if I can make a guess at how many rows there are and disable insane orders if there are too many.03:01
wgrantaaaaah launchbag03:43
StevenKKill it, it's moving!03:45
wgrantI have to say, it is somewhat pleasing to see dogfood reliably faster than production.04:08
wgrantOh no :(04:12
wgrantMy launchpad shared repo is now tainted.04:12
wgrantI accidentally branches collectionista into it, so it's now covered in revolting embedded jar residue :(04:13
wgrantlifeless: How are we looking for bug index bloat?04:53
wgrantOh, blah.04:54
wgrantThe massive PPR regression is the bug listings release.04:54
wgrantHowever, we have a serious xmlrpc-private regression start on the 26th and escalating since then.04:56
wgrantHm, unless it actually started on the 30th, when the session DB was put through pgbouncer.04:58
wgrantBut it seems to have been going slightly badly since the 27th.04:58
lifelessis it just me or is js calling conventions a tad idiosyncratic05:29
wallyworldStevenK: can't recall your previous issue exactly, but i can't create_initialized_view for a team with a rootsite specified eg https://blueprints.launchpad.dev/~teamname and have it render correctly06:34
wallyworldis that something you ran into before?06:34
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jelmerhey rick_h11:43
jmlI have a couple of questions:11:52
jmlIs there an IRC bot that can announce when new MPs are up on Launchpad (for a user-defined set of projects)11:53
wgrantjml: I think Landscape has one.11:53
jmlWould it be OK if I amend an existing IRC bot to do this? Are there any guidelines for the inevitable polling that I will have to do?11:53
stubjml: Rabbit FTW11:53
jmlstub: Rule Britannia.11:54
stubjml: txlongpoll + rabbit if not running in our DC11:54
jmlstub: do you mean that I can actually set something up today that wait for events from Launchpad and not run in the DC?11:55
stubjml: It is used by the merge proposal page at the moment to load the diff as soon as it is available, so all the pieces are in place.11:56
jmlstub: I don't see that behaviour...11:56
wgrantIt's restricted to ~launchpad until it's ready.11:57
jmlstub: also, that sounds suspiciously like a "No, not yet"11:57
stubjml: It means in theory yes, in practice ask the people who implemented it :)11:57
jmlstub: heh, ok.11:57
jmlwgrant: ok. I'll make a note to come back and ask about this some time in the future.11:58
jmlwgrant: I feel a bit stupid for asking, but, any guess on when it'll be opened up to a broader group?11:58
wgrantjml: There's one current show-stopping bug which I might get bored and illicitly fix at some point.11:59
jmlwgrant: ok, thanks.12:02
wgrantIn fact, why don't I try to fix that now.12:09
* wgrant fixes.12:09
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matsubarahey guys, I replied to a merge proposal by email but my reply didn't show up in the web ui. should I have signed the email?12:13
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bachello adeuring12:36
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bacmatsubara: i did the same yesterday with this MP:  https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/charms/oneiric/buildbot-slave/02-09/+merge/92340 . you'll see my second comment showed up just fine.  the email was unsigned.12:37
bacbut i wondered as i hit 'send'12:38
matsubarahow strange. In any case I copy and pasted my reply into the MP12:39
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adeuringmorning bac12:44
StevenKrick_h: O hai. You agree with my Evil Plan?12:49
rick_hStevenK: your plan works for me I believe12:53
rick_hand I can start landing fixes like a mad man once that's there and we get some testers12:54
StevenKrick_h: One thing I'd love for you to look at is why the AJAX drop-down doesn't work.12:54
rick_horly? ok, where is this?12:55
rick_his there a bug to look at?12:55
StevenKrick_h: On any page, it's the green "AJAX log" next to your name.12:55
rick_hoh that, ok. I'll peek12:56
StevenKrick_h: It's only shown for us, but it hasn't worked since our fixes from the epic were deployed12:56
StevenKrick_h: I'm guessing it's something trivial12:56
rick_hStevenK: ok, I had hoped it was part of the single LPJS thing12:56
StevenKSo had I12:56
StevenKIt wasn't. :-(12:56
rick_hif it's still broken today, then I'll peek at it12:56
StevenKrick_h: I'm not sure if there is a bug. wgrant may have filed one.12:56
rick_hk, I'll look, thanks for the heads up12:57
StevenKrick_h: Do you also want to prod sidnei to review my convoy branch? :-)12:57
rick_hah ok, I haven't peeked over there. Will do.12:58
rick_hStevenK: he's in Brazil so should be mid day now I tink12:58
rick_hStevenK: ok, didn't see a bug, so added one and got the card on the board13:06
StevenKrick_h: I'd be very curious to find out what the issue was.13:07
jelmerwhat's the best way to check if a call exercises the database again?13:10
StevenKIn a test?13:11
jelmerStevenK: yep13:11
jelmerI'm testing to see if something that's supposed to cache will actually cache13:11
StevenKjelmer: Right, we have an existing pattern for that. Have a grep for StormStatementRecorder13:12
jelmerStevenK: I don't recall seeing that before, is it new?13:13
jelmerStevenK: either way, that seems to be exactly what I'm looking for - thanks!13:13
StevenKI think it's been around for a little while13:13
rick_hStevenK: sidnei is +1'ing your MP13:13
StevenKrick_h: Sweet. Feel free to merge it in13:14
rick_hwill do13:14
StevenKThen we should automagically get a new version of convoy in the PPA.13:14
rick_hStevenK: awesome13:14
gary_posterjelmer, hi.  Congrats on colocated branches!  Where do we read about how to use them?13:18
jelmergary_poster: Hi13:22
jelmergary_poster: they're not really prime-time material yet; most of the documentation there is can be found in my last post on them to the bazaar mailing list13:22
gary_posterjelmer, ok.  So should we not try to rely on them?13:23
jelmergary_poster: their format is stable, but the support in the UI is still a bit awkward13:23
gary_posterjelmer, hm, ok.  I'll review the post and see if we can give it a whirl.  I'm guessing testers would be good. :-)13:24
gary_posterthank you13:25
jelmergary_poster: yep, definitely - thanks :)13:26
jelmergary_poster: see also the list of bugs tagged 'colocated' in bzr13:26
wallyworld_jelmer: colocated branches are not new are they? i've been using branches switching between a single working tree ever since i started13:28
wallyworld_lp is too large to do anything else imo13:29
wallyworld_plus it suits modern IDE's13:29
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jelmerwallyworld_: colocated branch support in bzr itself is new13:30
jelmerwallyworld_: perhaps you mean bzr-colo?13:30
wallyworld_yes, i think that's what i meant13:31
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bigjoolswallyworld_: jelmer: bzr switch I suspect?13:41
wallyworld_bigjools: yes, i use bzr switch13:41
bigjoolsme also13:41
wallyworld_with a single working tree, and no-tree branches13:41
wallyworld_i'm not 100% sure what colocated branch support is, have to rtfm13:42
jelmerwallyworld_: switching a single working tree between multiple branches has been supported for a long time13:56
jelmerthis is just the support for having the branches live in the same location as the tree13:56
jelmerrather than having to have a separate shared repo with the branches elsewhere13:56
wallyworld_ah, ok. i follow now. thanks for the extra explanation.13:57
jelmerhi adeuring, bac13:57
wallyworld_although for my use, i want the branches and working tree separate13:57
adeuringhi jelmer13:57
bachi jelmer13:57
jelmerwould either of you have time for the review of a small branch?13:57
adeuringjelmer: sure13:58
jelmerwallyworld_: why do you need to have them separate?13:58
jelmeradeuring: thanks!13:58
wallyworld_jelmer: i like the working tree to be "pure" and not have extra VCS directories in it like with svn or cvs. but i guess if they are hidden then it's ok14:00
wallyworld_jelmer: so now i have a lp-branches dir, and all my branches are directories named after the branch containing .bzr etc, and my working tree sandbox is nicely uncluttered14:01
jelmerwallyworld_: that's still the case with colocated branches, they all live under .bzr/branches14:02
wallyworld_ah, ok. then that sounds cool :-)14:02
wallyworld_although now i can ls to see what my branches are easily14:03
wallyworld_and use ls -lort to see what the most recently checked out one is14:03
adeuringjelmer: r=me14:03
jelmeradeuring: merci :)14:04
jelmerwallyworld_: the difference once it's set up is quite small14:05
jelmerwallyworld_: we have a 'bzr branches' command that can list all branches and pinpoint which one is active at the moment14:05
jelmerwallyworld_: the main advantage in colocated branches vs the the traditional setup with a lightweight checkout and shared repository, is that it requires less setup14:05
jelmerwallyworld_: you can just go "bzr branch lp:foo" and then run "bzr switch -b newbranch" in the resulting directory14:06
wallyworld_makes sense. atm i just go "bzr switch ../foo" to changes branches so i guess it comes down to what you are used to14:08
wallyworld_the setup was a one time thing, not too onerous from memory14:09
wallyworld_but anything to make it easier is good :-)14:09
wallyworld_the reason i like ls -lort is that sometimes i need to recall what the last few branches were that i worked on because i need to switch back to one and can't recall it's name14:10
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deryckadeuring, abentley, rick_h -- https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/talk.google.com/orange-standup14:28
derycksuperspeed standup today.14:28
rick_hderyck: ok14:28
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deryckI'm stuck waiting on plugin in FF.  switching14:28
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deryckabentley, adeuring, rick_h -- I'm back now.15:21
abentleyderyck: Cool.15:22
rick_hderyck: yay15:22
deryckrick_h, hey, so just to be clear, you don't need reviews from me now, thanks to wallyworld_ right?15:26
rick_hderyck: not for those two, I'm making the changes there and will put up the next set for you :)15:28
deryckrick_h, rockin'! :)15:28
rick_hderyck: 3 is up, 4 says conflicts to looking into that15:29
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abentleyderyck: talk in 2 minutes?16:00
deryckabentley, yup.  firing up a hang out now.16:01
deryckabentley, actually, warming coffee.  but here's the linkā€¦.  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/extras/talk.google.com/go-for-deryck16:01
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rick_hderyck: ok, branch 4 is fixed and pushed as well and setup for review16:28
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deryckrick_h, I'm working on them now.17:11
rick_hderyck: let me know where to send the beer to in payment17:13
deryckrick_h, not necessary. :) It's actually easy to review this stuff to me.17:14
rick_hhah, you say that now! I know my steam is slowing down in writing it, I'll bet the review does as well :P17:14
deryckrick_h, r=me for #3 branch.17:16
rick_hderyck: ty much17:16
deryckrick_h, it helps that I'm a really fast reader anyway, and I know these tests really really well. :)17:17
rick_hI like to remind myself that the worst I can do is cause a test failure because I broke it really17:18
deryckrick_h, yup. it's really a very safe change, despite the diff size.  r=me on #4.17:24
rick_hderyck: ok thanks.17:24
rick_hderyck: since 5 is just the html files getting a lot more files into there, still working. Almost done with /bugs/17:24
rick_hso I'll be back! bwuhahahaha17:25
rick_hlol, there's a 'test_me_too.js' never noticed that one17:25
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sinzuibac, do you have time to review changes to commercial subscription rules: https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/apply-commercial-subscription/+merge/9254718:19
bacsinzui: yes18:19
* james_w curses incompatible bson libraries18:19
salgadorick_h, hi there. when you have a minute, we could do with another review on https://code.launchpad.net/~linaro-infrastructure/launchpad/workitems-model-classes/+merge/92174 :)18:25
rick_hsalgado: loading up18:26
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beunothis new thing of not changing the URL when a merge proposal is files18:47
beunoand it still being +register-merge18:48
beunois tehre a bug yet?18:48
rick_hsalgado: looks good, passed onto jcsackett for final ok18:51
rick_hsalgado: thanks for both of you for the updates to the storm way vs sqlobject way.18:51
salgadorick_h, thank you for the reviews! :)18:52
lifelessjames_w: patches...18:58
james_wlifeless, unpossible!19:00
james_wI think we'll just have to cut oops-* over to pymongo everywhere19:01
lifelessjames_w: I'm no particular objection to that19:02
james_wI'm just not sure how for the tendrils will stretch yet19:03
james_wfor instance, we may end up deleting the rfc serializer as part of the change19:03
lifelesswhy ?19:04
lifelessI mean, no great loss IMO, but why?19:05
james_wbecause this will change the semantics of what you get back from oopses19:05
lifelesshow so ?19:05
james_wpymongo always returns naive datetimes19:05
lifelessthats totally bogus19:06
lifelessalso error prone19:06
lifelessdo they have a fixed point of reference? or does stuff build on mongo vary by the tz of your server?19:07
lifelessso, ok, I do have an objection.19:07
james_weverything in the serialized form is UTC19:08
james_wwith the rule that you can't put a naive datetime with a non-UTC tz as input19:08
lifelessnaive has no tz19:10
lifelessso that rule doesn't make sense to me19:10
james_wit has an unrecorded tz19:11
lifelessyou *can't tell* if someone is messing up if you accept naive tz's19:11
james_w"everyone that decodes the bson will assume that datetimes are UTC, so don't break that assumption for them"19:11
james_wso we're back to...19:12
* james_w curses incompatible bson libraries19:12
lifelessif they were here, I would say to the authors: "There is a way to do that in python, its called tz aware datetimes"19:12
lifelessI mean really, it is astonishingly bad19:12
james_wlifeless, you do realise that the bson library already in use does pretty much the same thing?19:13
james_wit just returns non-naive datetimes19:13
lifelessyes, thats the right way19:14
lifelessstrict on emission, broad on acceptance but tell folk they are being daft19:15
james_wthey just add a warning, and return a non-naive datetime with the same assumptions19:15
lifelessthe wire protocol is defined as being utc19:15
lifelesswhich is great19:15
lifelessso, we could warap pymongo, we could give them a patch providing an option for folk that want nicer coding environmens19:16
james_wthere's an option19:18
lifelessamqp coming soon I presume ?19:28
james_walready done19:34
lifelessjames_w: wait, what? :)19:34
timrcflacoste, I must be living in the past because it says this policy was approved 17th Feb 2012.. https://dev.launchpad.net/PolicyAndProcess/MaintenanceCosts :)19:55
flacostetimrc: nah, it's only lifeless living in the future20:05
timrcflacoste, that oddly makes sense..20:06
flacostebut he's usually only one day ahead20:06
flacostei think he must have made a breakthrough in his timewarp machine20:06
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bacsinzui: done.  sorry for the delay20:22
sinzuiThat okay, I almost have my next branch complete20:23
lifelessbah no20:29
lifelessits me confounding dates20:29
sinzuiThe cursing and screaming upstairs in English, German, and Japanese, can mean onyl two things. Firstly, I taught my daughter well, and secondly, she has reached the mind-f**k ending of Evangelion You Shall Not Advance.20:54
jelmersinzui: :)20:59
sinzuiI just advanced the film to the closing scene after the credits. She at lease knows that world will not end.21:00
lifelesssinzui: :)21:04
lamalexHey, is this right place to ask questions about the API usage, or is that better suited for #launchpad21:05
lamalexi'm trying to copy from a PPA into another from a jenkins job, a python script seems best (but if there's a better way please let me know!)21:06
lifelesslamalex: #launchpad21:14
sinzuibac: I think you are about to EOD, but if you have time I have a branch that could be reviewed: https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/launchpad/contact-team/+merge/9258921:48
bacsinzui: probably.  otp atm21:50
bacsinzui: i don't understand this comment in the MP21:59
bacADDENDUM: I cannot 'hit' the cancel link. I do not think the cancel21:59
bac      is a verb and suffices.21:59
bacsinzui: can you clarify?21:59
sinzuibac The text instructs me to "hit" "cancel"22:01
sinzuibac https://launchpad.net/~lifeless/+contactuser22:01
sinzui^ We might have had a Cancel button in the past22:01
bacit should read 'hit lifeless' ?22:01
bacsinzui: thanks.  that makes sense now.22:02
sinzuiI press keys and tap buttons. maybe I should tap lifeless22:02
bachmm, maybe not22:05
bacsinzui: done22:05
bacsinzui: my stupid irc client won't let me edit the topic.  would you remove abel and me from the topic, please, while i go search for a less dumb client?22:06
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lifelessrick_h: ola!23:28
* wgrant glares at the Web.23:39
wgrantBut I think I have three ways of inter-tab communication that cover all major browsers except maybe IE...23:39
wgrants/cover/together cover/23:40
lifelesswgrant: sweet23:42
lifelesswgrant: evil. But sweet.23:42
lifelesswgrant: and if you are around; I have some js questions; up for a [briefish] voice call ?23:43
wgrantlifeless: Well, since we can't reasonably maintain one connection per tab, there's not much other choice. And only one of the ways is evil.23:43
lifelesshangout invite sent23:44
wgrantI've not used one before, but let's see how it goes...23:45
lifelessah, you'll be a minute installing the binary blob plugin then23:46
lifeless(yes, twitch)23:46
wgrantDo invites show up somewhere?23:47
wgrantI don't have an email.23:47
wgrantIn the unified Google bar of stupidity.23:47
wgrant"Installing Google voice and video chat will add the Google voice and video chat repository so your system will automatically keep Google voice and video chat up to date."23:48
wgrantwtf is this shit23:48
lifelessits the HTML5 web23:48
wgrantI wonder if I can apparmor this to death.23:48
wgrantwtf plain http download link23:48
lifelessif you do, submit a patch to the ubuntu apparmour config!23:49
wgrantAha, there's one on the wiki already.23:49
wgrantYeah :(23:51
wgrantFirefox has hung twice, but it seems to be loading...23:54
lifelesswgrant: anything in dmesg ?23:57
lifelesswgrant: also check top; precise has a horrible habit of *not killing hung things*23:58

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