wzssyqaI'am building our own launchpad now, and confusing about how to work with dak?01:35
mwhudsonlaunchpad is entirely separate from dak01:37
wzssyqamwhudson: what tool is used to manage ubuntu archive?01:40
mwhudsonwzssyqa: that part of launchpad is called soyuz01:40
mwhudsonwzssyqa: https://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/HowToUseSoyuzLocally has some documentation01:40
mwhudsonbut it's not the friendliest thing ever01:40
dpb_hi all -- is there some trick to deleting a revno on a recipe?  I delete it, and it keeps coming back.  I can change it to another number, but not delete it01:41
wgrantdpb_: What do you mean by deleting a revno?01:43
dpb_so I put a revno:<num> after the branch, to temporarily test something01:43
wgrantCan you link to the recipe?01:43
dpb_wgrant: yes, I think so...01:44
dpb_wgrant: tell me if that is visible01:44
wgrantdpb_: Ah, on the initial branch.01:45
wgrantIt removes from a "merge" directive fine01:45
wgrantCould you file a bug?01:45
dpb_wgrant: sure, against launchpad project?01:45
dpb_wgrant: so, should I just delete this recipe and recreate?01:45
wgrantdpb_: You can probably replace 'revno:HEAD' with '-1' to use the latest rev.01:47
dpb_wgrant: #929938, fyi01:48
wgrantdpb_: Thanks.01:48
dpb_wgrant: great, will try the build again with -101:48
blairi made a small mess with a new team and new ppa for the team, if i delete the ppa it appears to not be fully deleted, so i deleted the team.  can i then make a team with the same name again?02:15
wgrantblair: Yes.02:16
blairwgrant, thanks!02:16
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pabs3a couple of my mails to bug 844306 gave me some oopses, anyone able to help? OOPS-9753a47081192ce223e3f728ba34fb0b OOPS-c7dd1a8d47d6d8e1c35474494e88444908:06
ubot5`Launchpad bug 844306 in dwarfutils (Ubuntu) "dwarfdump crashes on malformed input" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84430608:06
wgrantpabs3: You can't currently use email to change the privacy status of a bug with attachments.08:29
wgrantBug #79673308:29
ubot5`Launchpad bug 796733 in Launchpad itself "Changing private status of bug report per mail violates DB permissions" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79673308:29
pabs3wgrant: I didn't think I was changing the privacy status. I only set security yes importance high08:30
wgrantpabs3: Hm, reasonable point.08:31
wgrantpabs3: ugh, setting security to true through the API also makes it private. That's meant to happen if it's set at the time the bug is filed, but not later.08:33
pabs3aha, lp bug I guess?08:33
pabs3could you file those?08:33
wgrantOne is already filed, the other will be solved when we finish our complete rework of privacy in a couple of months.08:34
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tsdgeosrobert collins around?09:10
gesertsdgeos: his nick is lifeless09:36
tsdgeosgeser: oki, tx09:36
tsdgeoslifeless: answered the bug about the merge request thing09:36
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tsdgeoslifeless: other people is getting it, since someone just told me09:37
tsdgeos"tsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/MultiMonitor-Shell/+register-merge"09:37
tsdgeosunaware that the url had not refreshed09:37
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pmjdebru1jndoes anybody have a clue what's going on there?10:09
pmjdebru1jnseems like a signature issue?10:09
pmjdebru1jnis that because I have a "local" customized eglibc version there?10:09
wgrantpmjdebru1jn: Something (probably the customized eglibc, indeed) is causing e2fsprogs and hostname to be removed.10:15
wgrantPerhaps try in a chroot locally, with your PPA enabled.10:15
pmjdebru1jnwgrant: the change I made is VERY minor10:17
pmjdebru1jnI did up the epoch though10:17
pmjdebru1jndo those packages have if version < checking?10:17
pmjdebru1jnnis (<< 3.17-30)10:20
pmjdebru1jnthere my problem10:20
pmjdebru1jnthe thing is, I can't upload an epochless version now10:20
pmjdebru1jnsince the PPA will only take newer versions10:20
pmjdebru1jnis there a way to have to PPA reset? or do I just need to make a new PPA?10:20
pmjdebru1jnanyhow, mistery solved10:21
wgrantIf you delete the package and wait a few hours it should let you.10:21
wgrantBut this is one reason why you should never use an epoch unless you are absolutely sure.10:22
pmjdebru1jnwgrant: yeah10:24
pmjdebru1jnmakes sense now10:24
pmjdebru1jnI was trying to use epoch as a nasty way to "pin" stuff :D10:24
pmjdebru1jnin my very particular case that actually makes sense to a degree10:24
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* czajkowski waves at mrevell_ 12:09
mrevell_czajkowski, hi12:09
=== mrevell_ is now known as mrevell
matsubaraczajkowski, hey team mate!12:20
czajkowskimatsubara: hey hey :)12:21
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benji___I just heard the news, czajkowski.  It's very exciting to have you on the front lines of LP support!12:37
=== benji___ is now known as benji
* benji wonders when he grew a tail.12:37
StevenK_And you just chopped it off!12:40
StevenK_Argh, when did *I* grow one?!12:40
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czajkowskifreenode has some issues this morning12:48
StevenKs/ this morning//12:55
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rick_hadeuring: so I guess that's your last irc duties now that czajkowski is here to be awesome!13:00
adeuringrick_h: seems so.13:01
adeuringczajkowski: welcome in the LP team!13:01
czajkowskiah monday is going to be fun!13:01
czajkowskiadeuring: thanks folks13:01
rick_hczajkowski: is never going to have to buy a drink next time we all get together :)13:01
jelmerwelcome czajkowski :)13:23
czajkowskijelmer: cheers13:24
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dobeyczajkowski: oh you are joining the lp team?14:06
czajkowskidobey: yup14:08
dobeyczajkowski: cool. in what capacity. lp is a pretty big thing ;)14:08
czajkowskidobey: launchpad support14:10
dobeyczajkowski: cool. i'll fill your ear with complaints ;)14:10
czajkowskidobey: I'll continue to file U1 issues ;)14:10
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davmor2dobey: just tickle czajkowski she loves it, /me runs for cover14:12
czajkowskidavmor2: one of these days mister!14:16
sinzuiwgrant, I added a ^null rule to https://launchpad.net/+nameblacklist to stop users from recreating the null project14:19
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wgrantsinzui: aha, thanks!14:41
wgrantForgot we could do that.14:41
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
sinzuiwgrant, We might be the only two developer who remember that we control all the anmes14:41
johnlhi, my builds on launchpad have been failing with "tar... Cannot open: Permission denied" errors regarding .pc directory. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug?15:43
rick_hhi johnl let me see15:44
johnlI found a post on answers about something similar and applied a workaround, but it didn't seem to workaround it :)15:45
johnlah, looks like my workaround didn't get imported. might have mis-pushed it. will check15:45
rick_hjohnl: k15:46
johnlok, I pushed to wrong git repository. I've pushed and imported now and am running another build.15:48
johnlfyi, the workaround is this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~brightbox/brightbox/deb-ruby1.8-ee/revision/3415:48
johnlheh, so that works. finally ask for help only to notice I didn't push a commit. sigh. sorry to bother!15:56
rick_hjohnl: no problem, my favorite issues :)15:57
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deryckrick_h, Ima take IRC from ya16:00
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rick_hderyck: ty16:00
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blairouch, a 5 hour wait for a PPA build :)16:39
johnlrick_h: hi, actually, my workaround only worked on maverick and up. didn't work on lucid: https://code.launchpad.net/~brightbox/+recipe/deb-ruby1.8-ee16:40
rick_hjohnl: darn...16:41
rick_hjelmer: bigjools around for a hand ? ^^16:42
* rick_h needs to poke at this recipe stuff and figure it out16:42
johnlah ha, I knew I'd commented on this bug the other day. It got marked as a dupe and I didn't get a notification. https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/92121316:42
ubot5`Launchpad bug 760735 in Launchpad Auto Build System "duplicate for #921213 Daily recipe: failure because of Permission denied accessing build/patch directories" [Critical,Triaged]16:42
rick_hjohnl: ah ok, so jelmer thought he had it licked...bummer16:44
rick_hjohnl: yea, so I'd say monitor that bug. With the weekend might not hear back for a bit16:44
rick_hjust to set expectations16:44
johnlta :)  I've set myself as to be notified.16:47
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mgzwhen did this system wide thing for launchpad api clients land?17:18
mgzmaking me type a password three times is cute.17:20
mgzhaving an error about due to the Referer header is less so.17:20
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deryckmgz, I think that's been out for awhile now.  lucid or maverick, I think.  I could be recalling wrong though.17:33
mgzis this a known issue? <http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/836804/>17:34
mgzI wasn't getting the fun with 1.6.2 ... okay, that was an old version17:35
deryckmgz, I haven't seen that before.  But hard to be sure without trolling the bugs.17:35
mgzbut updated to packaged 1.9.12 recently17:35
mgzwill try moving the credentials dir out of the way17:35
mgzno good. the credential string in binary junk, no idea why it's trying to encode it as utf-817:39
mgzbad porting to py3k attempt?17:40
mgzwhy's it only borked for me...17:40
mgzdifferent keyring version17:41
mgzpython-keyring is at 0.2 not 0.717:41
mgzno, 0.6.217:41
mgzso not that far behind, but apparently with api breakage17:42
* mgz updates17:43
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mgzupgrading python-keyring to 0.7.1 worked, after I deleted ~/crypted_pass.cfg18:08
mgzclearly launchpadlib in now incompatible with earlier versions,18:08
mgzthe package says depends >= 0.5 though, which is all lies.18:09
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deryckabentley, over to you, cool?19:06
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abentleyderyck: cool.19:07
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bitplane_Hi. I've got a (small?) feature request but don't want to code it myself. Is the correct way to request it a bug report or a blueprint?19:42
lifelessa bug19:44
lifelessblueprints are for project planning and so on; until a feature request is about to be worked on, there is no point doing detailed planning19:44
bitplane_excellent, thanks19:48
bitplane_added, thanks again :) https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/93036819:57
ubot5`Launchpad bug 930368 in Launchpad itself "Add XFN profile link to user profile pages" [Undecided,New]19:57
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smoseris rabbitmq fixable at http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/ ?20:57
jelmersmoser: hi20:59
jelmersmoser: probably best to send an email to the udd list about it20:59
smoserwell, that one was "lock contention"21:00
smoserseemed like simply something broken21:01
lamalexi'm trying to copy from a PPA into another from a jenkins job, a python script seems best (but if there's a better way please let me know!)21:17
lamalexbut i dont see how to get the ppa of a team that im a member of21:18
lamalexI see getPPAByName21:19
lamalexbut teams dont seem to have that method21:21
lamalexno i am just a doofus.21:23
Ampelbeinlamalex: lp.people[team].ppas_collection is a index of all archives21:23
lamalexnice, got it- thanks21:34
john_doe_jrI'd like to download a previous build of Chromium....I think the archive is stored @ https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/dev/+build/2677755 but I don't know for sure...I'm new21:41
john_doe_jranybody in here?21:43
dobeyjohn_doe_jr: i don't think all builds ever get left around; especially not 6 month old builds in a daily builds archive :)21:50
john_doe_jrdobey: do you have any idea how I could get a previous version of chromium on ubuntu?21:50
dobeyjohn_doe_jr: it depends on what exactly you mean by previous version i guess. in the PPAs i think generally only the last successful build is kept around in the archive. or maybe last 2 builds, for a particular arch/series.21:52
dobeyand why would you even want an 6 month old build of it?21:52
john_doe_jrdobey: testing something21:52
dobeyi guess you might be able to find an old version somewhere, or for an older ubuntu series perhaps, and try to use it21:53
john_doe_jrdobey: do you mean install an old image of ubuntu?21:54
dobeyyou could use a vm; or grab the chromium from ubuntu itself for an older series and try to install it21:54
dobeyyou could pull an old revision of the code out of the source repo for chromium, and compile it, too21:55
john_doe_jrdobey: what is this website hosting? http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/chromium-browser-snapshots/index.html?path=Linux_ChromiumOS/21:58
dobeyjohn_doe_jr: no idea; i guess something related to chromiumos21:59
john_doe_jrdobey: so it's not chromium browser...its the actual Chrome OS?22:00
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dobeywell, the open bits of it i would guess22:00
dobeyyou'd have to ask whoever manages that exactly what it is. clicking on a zip file in there gave me a 40322:01
dobeyit's not related to launchpad22:01
john_doe_jrdobey: alright22:02
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