blairsomethings change recently in precise, within the last few days my precise VMs have had all sorts of graphic artifacts00:02
urlin2ublair, do you have backups of the working OS, this is a development, using a virtual may be your problem hard to say.00:03
blairi'm just doing dev work, not production, in the VM, so i don't need to restore or downgrade00:04
blairi'm seeing this in two different host OSes, oneric and fedora 1300:05
blairusing VirtualBox00:05
dr3mrohello sorry for my bad english .. i am using the live daily ubunu 12.04 image and it's very fast and stable for me but i  noticed that all tooltips of unity 3d icons have a vertical extra line on the left of the first letter and the word "Unity desktop" when idle and also any application name when i open any application have an extra 1 pixel vertivcal line on the left of the first letter is this a known bug , sorry i couldn't get a screen shot00:07
kklimondais it safe to upgrade libc6 now that the 2.15-0ubuntu2 version has been released?01:13
Daekdroomkklimonda, I've read that it breaks the nvidia driver01:20
kklimondathat's why I'm asking if someone can confirm that the recent eglibc update has fixed it as suggested in the bug report01:21
Will123456hey guys. is there any OSX versions/autosave-like functionality being worked on for linux? where could i find it if so?01:38
bazhanglike time machine?01:39
bazhangcreating a restore point a la windows?01:39
Will123456bazhang: no, i don't think so01:39
bazhangautosave of what01:39
Will123456bazhang: it seems to be more for specific documents or work, on an edit by edit basis01:39
kklimondaautosave to be usable requires some sort of snapshotting imo01:40
Will123456kklimonda: do you mean snapshotting on the file system level, or?01:41
kklimondait's the cleanest solution imo01:42
kklimondaopensuse folks have created a tool for btrfs that does file level snapshots (it's called.. snapper)01:43
Will123456kklimonda: i think it's more complicated than that. it'd be the easiest way to get it working for all applications, but you can imagine some sort of tricky file format or strange way of managing files that makes versioning easy from the perspective of that specific program, but wasteful or confusing from the file system perspective01:43
Will123456i think OS X requires applications to specifically support the feature01:43
kklimondaWill123456: btrfs does block level snapshotting afair so it shouldn't be that wastful unless application developers were on crack when designing file format01:44
kklimondaobviously that still requires all applications to present users with a meaningful UI to browse through file history (or even multiple file history when applicable)01:45
kklimondawhat I'm saying is that I'd hate to do what Apple did with time machine (at least at start, don't know how it works now) - a bunch of hard links (plus a hack to allow hardlinking directories)01:45
Will123456kklimonda: fair enough, and you may be right regarding the crack and the developers. :P01:46
Will123456it does seem like the kind of thing that would require at least a bit of application support - such as the UI you mentioned. because there would be some files it would definitely not be appropriate to let the user roll back to01:47
Will123456and other situations where files perhaps should be linked in their versions in an application specific way?01:47
bazhangso just as I described, then01:47
Will123456i can't seem to think of any examples off the top of my head01:47
bazhangqo_op, bad connection?01:48
kklimonda"open file revision X in application Y"?01:48
kklimondadunno, btrfs allows access to all snapshots01:48
Will123456what about 'projects' or collations of files?01:49
kklimondawell, they are the same from the perspective of file system, you just snapshot a bunch of files. Then you have to create UI for application to allow using those snapshots01:50
kklimonda(so the building blocks should be there, and opensuse folks have already created prototype that proves it to work - we "just" have to write good high-level libraries to and good UI design for developers to implement them in their applications ;)01:51
Will123456how does snapshotting handle if a file is then deleted? the snapshot retains the full file, right?01:51
Will123456i'm trying to think about how difficult it would be to integrate such a feature into something like openshot. relatively complex 'project' file and multi gigabyte supporting files01:53
codepalI desperately need my serial Intous2 12x18 wacom tablet to work in Precise....01:53
codepalcould I sponsor a programmer to get it working?01:54
kklimondaheh, I was just going to joke about how much is desperately in USD ;)01:54
kklimondacodepal: did it work in oneiric?01:55
codepalnope, in fact it broke in 10.04 - with an upgrade of xorg01:55
Will123456kklimonda: i'm conscious of talking over someone asking for help, but would a renaming or moving a snapshotted file cause a 'duplication' of data?01:56
codepalbut I *need* my wacom to show up in that awesome new wacom utility designed for gnome3!!01:56
kklimondaWill123456: btrfs is copy-on-write so copying files don't really copy anything until you start modyfying them01:56
kklimondacodepal: I'd try asking upstream for help (fixing hardware bugs when you don't have hardware is problematic)01:59
kklimondacodepal: there is a bug report about Intuos2 tablets not working in 10.04 when plugged after booting up02:00
Will123456kklimonda: thanks for clearing things up :) i have to go to sleep now! take care02:08
bjsniderit used to be that the wacom driver would take down xorg if you plugged it in after already loading the desktop, but recent kernels have resolved that issue02:45
bjsniderso now it's hot pluggable02:45
joosengeeanyone have the problem about write the file into external harddisk.02:52
joosengeeubuntu 11.10 had show only that read-only mode.02:52
joosengeeI can't delete or create the files in that external harddisk.02:53
joosengeeI just found this problem.02:53
holsteinjoosengee: maybe in ntfs02:53
holsteinAFAIK, thats not a bug02:54
joosengeeit's on the ntfs format about the external Hard disk.02:54
joosengeebut in the ubuntu 12.04 alpha2 , it can delete or save files.02:55
holsteinjoosengee: it *cant* you mean?02:55
joosengeeThe way to solve this is, I will move to use the ubuntu 12.04 or not.02:55
holsteinyou should moung and chown and it will02:55
holsteinjoosengee: but as far as i know, this is common02:56
joosengeeHow's about to mount and chown.02:56
holsteinthat is what i have experienced02:56
holsteinntfs partitions are mounted read only02:56
joosengeethe syntax of command.02:56
joosengeeplease help me.02:56
joosengeeit's so long time to open this link.02:58
joosengeenow, it show the white board.02:58
joosengeeDon't have any data.02:58
bazhangsure it does. the link works fine02:59
holsteinjoosengee: it?02:59
joosengeeUse the long time .02:59
holsteinthe link you mean?02:59
joosengeeCan you tell me the syntax and command for me?02:59
holsteinjoosengee: you can probably run man03:00
holsteini usually google for the commands, though its likely just03:00
holsteinmount /path/to/partition03:00
joosengeethe syntax that you use it freqencely.03:01
holsteinmount /path/to/partition  where/you/want/it03:01
joosengeeexample of media.03:01
holsteinjoosengee: nah. you sould read... i dont know your file system03:01
holsteinjust know that its *nt* a bug, and you *can* mount it read and write03:01
holsteinhow about this one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB03:02
joosengeeI will test it.03:07
joosengeehow 's about ubuntu 12.0403:07
joosengeeIt's ok now or not.03:07
holsteinjoosengee: if you are asking "will running 12.04 fix this", 12.04 is in testing, and you should not use it03:07
holsteinthat is not a broken feature though, and you can get support int #ubuntu :)03:08
joosengeeok. I will move it to 11.10 now.03:08
joosengeeThank you so much04:14
joosengeeNow, I can access and delete, save into the external hard disk.04:15
joosengeeI use the command that "apt-get install ntfs-config"04:15
holsteinyup... not a bug joosengee04:16
joosengeeI'm so happy.04:16
joosengeeThank you so much.04:16
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joosengeeThis room , I can talk about ubuntu server also.04:25
bazhangjoosengee, #ubuntu-server04:25
holsteinjoosengee: this channel is actually exclusively for the upcoming 12.04 release04:28
joosengeeIn the future, ubuntu is free or commercial to paid.04:35
holsteinjoosengee: is that a question? .. this channel is *only* for 12.04... if you want to find about more about how freee ubuntu is, please /joine #ubuntu :)04:36
EvilResistanceyou mean /join #ubuntu04:38
holsteinEvilResistance: o/04:39
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Fudgeanyone in here well versed on fglrx, when i have it installed and open something in totem movie player my desktop stops responding card is ATI  AMD Radeon HD 6000 series05:46
crizzy_i'm using fglrx with hd687005:54
crizzy_updated to latest 12.1 catalyst though.. no probs05:54
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Fudgecrizzy_  whats 12.1 catylist06:16
crizzy_aka latest fglrx drivers from ati06:16
crizzy_damn percise, removed software center + ubuntu-desktop metapackage on update.. =P06:26
kklimondawell, don't run partial upgrades ;)06:29
crizzy_well the fun part was that i think software center committed suicide because it realized apt-get is better.. =P06:30
crizzy_aaand it's finally nice to have a laptop which has everything working in linux... !06:32
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Kevin`what service in ubuntu is responsible for the gui07:49
=== |Slasher| is now known as Slasher`
Kevin`you know, the thing that displays the login screen, like xdm, only apparently not07:50
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BluesKajhiyas all13:13
=== ts2 is now known as tsimpson
zzecoolI cant believe that they decide to remove the "Dodge Active Window"  Behavior of the unity launcher..........13:37
ryeHello, has anybody used shotwell lately with Precise? It seems to flicker a lot on my hardware and it is the only application that I found doing this13:42
zzecoolrye: i can help oyu13:43
zzecooltell me what you do13:43
zzecoolso i can try on my machine13:43
ryezzecool, just open any photo from the library13:44
zzecoolrye: i just did13:44
zzecoolits rock solid13:44
zzecoolwhat kind of Monitor are your using ?13:45
zzecoolis it a Tft - lcd monitor?13:45
ryezzecool, let me upload video, with the flicker - the display is built-in LVDS on an Intel HD 3000, Unity3D13:45
ryezzecool, yes, that's a tft monitor13:46
zzecooltft monitors dont flicker because of refresh rate13:47
zzecoolso this is not your problem13:47
zzecoolprolly the vga driver13:47
zzecoolupload the vid13:47
zzecoolim curious13:47
ryezzecool, the thing is that only the image within shotwell image panel is flickering, not shotwel window13:47
ryeas if it draws the image, then drops the view and redraws again13:48
zzecooli s13:48
zzecoolprobably the shotwell  renders form image to texture or something like this13:48
zzecooland there may be a bug within shotwell or the the vga driver13:49
zzecoolim waiting for the video so we can continue13:49
ryeyeah, it would take a while since gtk-recordmydesktop produces a weirdly encoded videos now, will get back here once I have a nicely looking video, thanks!13:50
zzecoolyou can try kazam  ;p13:50
zzecoolrecordmydesktop is quite good too13:50
zzecoolGnome shells build in video recorde is unbeatable though13:51
ryeeh, kazam does not get enough framerate and I am resisting making a video with the camera :)13:55
zzecooltry 10 or 15 fps in kazam13:57
zzecoolits a trick13:57
zzecoolif you try 30 or more you gonna fail and video will look like 5 fps or less13:58
zzecoolI will let you live if it is a Canon if you are nikonist YOU DONT HAVE A CHANCE !!!13:59
zzecoolj/k  =)13:59
jo-erlendI've noticed that more controls have gotten lighter backgrounds. Is this just temporary? I didn't hear any news about a switch in themes.14:01
zzecooljo-erlend: example ?14:05
jo-erlendzzecool,  menus are almost white, for instance.14:06
zzecoolwhat gtk theme ?14:06
zzecooljo-erlend: ?14:08
ryejo-erlend, i recall that was a bug with gtk undergoing some changes and light-themes were not updated14:13
ryei.e. light-themes are not completely up-to-date with gtk14:13
jo-erlendthis is the default theme. I haven't done anything. The menus that used to be dark, are now light.14:14
Fudgedidnt they just get pushed to archives today14:14
zzecooli got a light-themes update14:14
zzecoolin the last updates14:14
zzecoolthis morning some hours before14:14
zzecoolbut i cant see any difference14:14
zzecoolbecause i use adwaita as default14:15
zzecoolwhich is a lot more on the white side14:15
zzecooljo-erlend: let me open the virtual machine and see ubuntu in earlier stage14:15
ryefinally, got it14:15
zzecoolill brb14:15
zzecoolrye: ?  :)14:16
zzecoolthe video ?14:16
ryezzecool, kazam captured the blinking14:16
zzecooloh i see14:18
zzecoollet me check mine again14:18
ryechecking on older intel hw now14:19
zzecooli though you was meaning a constant flicker like the old low Hz monitors14:19
zzecoolthis is somehow a flash14:19
zzecoolonly while loading the photo14:19
zzecooland stops14:19
zzecoolrye: im not having this problem14:21
zzecoolim on nvidia vga though14:21
zzecoolyou can file a bug14:22
zzecoolits easy i can help you with the walkthrough14:22
ryezzecool, thanks, just found that unity 3d on an older hw which used to have awesome performance is also flickering like strobe light now14:23
ryesomething changed14:23
ryeunity2d as well14:23
zzecool:O ;/14:24
ryei guess this means that i'll go pay yorba trac a visit14:24
zzecoolso its a Driver  - lib problem14:24
zzecoollol what is yorba trac ?14:24
ryezzecool, yorba company is the developer of shotwell, trac is their installation of bugreporting something14:24
ryewww.yorba.org -14:25
ryezzecool, so on nvidia/precise this is not happening for you, right?14:25
zzecoolwhats the reason ? if it happens in unity 3d and unity 2d as well14:25
zzecoolno its not happening14:25
ryezzecool, what's the version of shotwell package?14:25
ryeso i have the same14:27
ryeAdam already knows about it - http://redmine.yorba.org/issues/471614:29
=== ikonia changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Discussion and support for Precise Pangolin | Release schedule: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule | Oneiric Support in #ubuntu | Alpha 2 Released! http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/precise/alpha2
popeybah at libwebkitgtk16:18
AmpelbeinYeah, 5++ hour long builds + out-of-memory issue on i386 buildd == much pain for updating.16:22
popeyAmpelbein: yeah ☹16:34
popeywonder if i can build it locally in a pbuilder16:34
kklimondahey, are the changes made to the ambiance theme (light context menus) intentional?16:37
Ampelbeinpopey: Well, it should be fixed by the current retry, as far as I understood it runs on a more powerful machine now. So it's just a matter of 2-3 hours16:37
popeykklimonda: i have been wondering that, i think not, because i logged out / in and they were 'fixed'16:40
popeylooks like a bug16:40
kklimondahmm, I actually like it this way ;)16:40
popeydoes anyone else have a problem with the mouse wheel scrolling too far sometimes?16:47
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DebolazWill 12.04 support full disk encryption with BTRFS?18:54
pangolinI don't believe so18:54
pangolinis BTRFS even close to ready for the masses18:55
DebolazBTRFS works just fine normally.18:55
DebolazIn Ubuntu I mean.18:56
om26eryeah but its slow18:57
DebolazBut it needs a few fixes for Ubuntu to boot properly in full disk encryption. This used to work until the current version of Ubuntu was released though.18:57
DebolazSo technically, BTRFS not working under FDE is a regression.18:57
DebolazBut I haven't seen any plans to fix it.18:57
Debolazom26er: When you use FDE, speed isn't your primary concern anyway. :)18:57
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DebolazIn any case, it's not a must-have thing for me. I was just curious because it was nifty having it. :)19:02
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gnomefreakanyone else have a broken unity?20:43
gnomefreakbroken == things crashing/only background image visable/no menus no nothing20:44
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Ampelbeingnomefreak: Do you use the nvidia binary driver? Is your eglibc package versioned 2.15-0ubuntu2?20:48
gnomefreakAmpelbein: no ati20:48
gnomefreakdont off hand know the driver but6 it should be derfault20:48
gnomefreakunity is crashing well unity-support and a couple others so im gonna say unity is the problem20:49
Ampelbeingnomefreak: There was an issue with the nvidia drivers, apparently it was enough for the libraries to be installed to cause mayhem, bug 929384. Can you confirm you have the newest eglibc package? (apt-cache policy eglibc)20:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 929384 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "nvidia drivers broken by the recent libc update on i386 arch" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92938420:50
* gnomefreak still cant figure out why ati ussers have to have nvidia-current installed by default20:50
Ampelbeingnomefreak: erm, apt-cache policy libc6 of course20:50
gnomefreaki dont have the package20:51
gnomefreakits not nvidia problem here since i dont use it20:51
gnomefreakas for looking at the bug i cant atm20:52
yofelnot nvidia-current bug nvidia-common20:52
gnomefreakyofel: yes either way it doesnt belong :)20:52
Ampelbeingnomefreak: You don't have libc6 installed?20:52
yofeland nvidia-common has some checks for the GPUs used by ubiquity20:52
gnomefreakAmpelbein: it is mandatory to have libc620:53
gnomefreakwithout it system wont run20:53
Ampelbein[21:51] <gnomefreak> i dont have the package.20:53
gnomefreakyou dont have libc6?20:53
gnomefreakoh i dont have eglibc20:54
Ampelbeingnomefreak: Yeah, I corrected myself, see the next thing I said. That's why I was confused.,20:54
gnomefreakit was unable to locate package == needs a different name20:54
gnomefreakAmpelbein: that is the last thing you said, only other thing was buyg #20:55
gnomefreakoh i see it20:55
gnomefreakyes i have libc620:55
AmpelbeinAnd what version do you have?20:55
gnomefreak2.15-0ubuntu2 is version20:56
Ampelbeingnomefreak: ok, and did you reboot after upgrading to that version?20:56
gnomefreakwhen was the update released?20:57
gnomefreaki did updates but i dont recall libc6 being updated but ill try to restart anyway. brb20:57
gnomefreakok part of unity is fixed thanks21:04
gnomefreaknow just crashes are back21:04
gnomefreaki hate broken websites alot21:10
arno_____i try to add all package of ubuntustudio on the 12.0421:11
arno_____or other package music of other distro with it21:12
gnomefreakarno_____: install ubuntustudio-desktop  it should bring everything in21:12
blairapt-get dist-upgrade wants to remove "apturl gir1.2-webkit-3.0 nautilus-share rhythmbox-plugins software-center", is this expected?22:32
urlin2uyou see any reinstalls of these in te list?22:32
urlin2ublair, if you run the update manager do you get a partial upgrade warning?22:38
blairurlin2u, yes22:39
urlin2ublair, I would wait then till it doesn't is the general advice given, may be that all needed packages have been synced in the mirrors.22:40
urlin2uhave not *22:40
blairit's been saying this since yesterday22:41
urlin2ublair, you have an image of the working OS?22:41
blairits a VirtualBox image22:41
urlin2ublair, even better you can copy and paste the working one into another file. This sometimes happens it is a development, it might upgrade and be fine I wouldn't risk it though without a image though.22:42
blairi'll try that22:44
Z_Goddoes anyone know when ia32-libs will be working again in precise? :))22:48
jtayloris that still in precise? :O22:52
jtaylorI would have though its obsolete by now22:52
yofelI would believe some 3rd party stuff probably needs it, and yes, it's still in precise - doesn't work though22:53
jtaylorwhat remains in it that can'T be multiarched?22:55
jtayloror is it more a problem of packages depending on it that aren'T updated yet?22:56
Z_Godjtaylor: yes it's the deps23:33
Z_Godit depends on all kinds of :i386 packages that cannot be installed23:34
Daekdroomjtaylor, I think ia32-libs is a dummy package for compatibility purposes.23:38
Z_Godit seems to be depended on by programs like wine23:38
Z_Godand it itself depends on a whole bunch of 32-bit packages23:38
Z_Godso that when you install wine, it'll have all it's 32-bit libs23:39
Daekdroom!find ia32-libs23:39
ubottuFound: ia32-libs-multiarch23:39
Daekdroom!info ia32-libs-multiarch23:39
ubottuia32-libs-multiarch (source: ia32-libs): Multi-arch versions of former ia32-libraries. In component universe, is extra. Version 20090808ubuntu33 (precise), package size 4 kB, installed size 39 kB (Only available for amd64 ia64 i386)23:39
Daekdroom!info ia32-libs23:39
ubottuPackage ia32-libs does not exist in precise23:39
Z_GodDaekdroom: it shows up here ...23:41
Z_GodI'm on precise23:41
DaekdroomIt shows up over here too23:41
Z_GodI can't install wine now23:42
Z_Godbecause it seems libogg0 i386 and amd64 conflict23:42
Z_Godand maybe a few more23:42
Daekdroom"This is a transitional package depending on ia32-libs-multiarch, an i386-only metapackage that depends on all of the libraries that were previously included in this package.  If no other packages are installed that depend on this package, it can be safely removed."23:43
Z_Godyeah ia32-libs-multiarch depends on all the libs23:43
Z_Godbut it doesn't install either23:43
DaekdroomSo ia32-libs is pretty much empty now.23:43
tsimpsonthe bot runs on amd64, so some i386-only packages won't show up in !info23:43
Z_Godthis would be an amd64-only package though23:44
tsimpsonhmm, I forget if I hacked it to be 386 only23:47
Z_GodI wonder if I should report such issues somewhere23:48
Z_Godor whether they are known23:48
tsimpsonah, it is 386, so no amd64 only packages23:48
tsimpsonor, any non-386 package really23:49
Z_Godthere are also still a few issues in KDE 4.823:49
Z_Godit should be ok for most cases, there are more packages in i386 than amd64 as far as I know23:49
DaekdroomMostly because of -data packages and similars23:50
Daekdroom(that are used across all archs)23:50
Z_Godwhat do you mean?23:51
Daekdroom!info light-themes23:51
ubottulight-themes (source: light-themes): Light Themes (Ambiance and Radiance). In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 109 kB, installed size 545 kB23:51
DaekdroomHm. It doesn't show there, but in launchpad, it only builds for i38623:52
Z_Godyeah, also zsnes never had an amd64 version23:52
Z_Godonly i38623:52
Z_Godin ubuntu at least23:52
tsimpsonDaekdroom: "all" is not "i386"23:53
Daekdroomtsimpson, they're treated differently?23:53
tsimpsonwell, all means "this package is not tied to an architecture", so it works on all23:54
tsimpsoni386 is _only_ i38623:54

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