FudgeAlanBell  poke :)00:02
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AlanBellhi Fudge 08:03
AlanBellto answer the question, I have no idea about the other derivatives08:03
AlanBellhowever it is an interesting question and I will download a few of them and find out08:03
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FudgeAlanBell thanks, I have dailies of xubuntu kubuntu and ubuntu precise but no joy with the first two. i had hoped that accessibility stuff was part of ubuntu core which wuold be in the others10:32
PendulumFudge: unfortunately, most desktops other than Gnome don't have the same level of accessibility11:04
Fudgeindeed mate11:13
PendulumThe problem is less in what Ubuntu has and more in what is or isn't already in those desktops to talk to the accessibility features11:16
PendulumKDE should be getting better now that there's qt-at-spi (I think that's what it's called)11:16
Pendulumit means that Orca can now be installed and that it can talk to many KDE programs11:17
Fudgeqt-at-spi yeah11:19
Pendulumsorry, I've had a long week so my brain is not as functional as I'd like11:38
Fudgeall good Pendulum12:41
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