infinityGrueMaster: Shiny.00:05
pbuckley@0!0@ <-- ferengi00:10
micadeyeye_Hi, rabbitmq-server won't run on my ubuntu-arm (precision server edition)00:31
pbuckleytried activemq?00:31
micadeyeye_Here is the error i always get - http://www.fpaste.org/wRVS/ - on installing it.00:31
pbuckley/var/log/rabbitmq/startup <- whats in here?00:32
pbuckleythats useful :\00:34
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pbuckleyis there an init/upstart-job? looked at the init script to see how its calling it and tried calling it directly?00:36
pbuckleysorry im not a rabbidmq expert00:36
GrueMastermicadeyeye: I'll take a quick look at it.  It is on the list of needs testing for 12.04 release.00:36
micadeyeyeroot@localhost:/# /etc/init.d/rabbitmq-server start00:37
micadeyeyeStarting rabbitmq-server: FAILED - check /var/log/rabbitmq/startup_{log, _err}00:37
micadeyeyeGrueMaster, okay.00:37
* micadeyeye I can't run Openstack on Ubuntu-arm, at least for now. too bad!!00:38
micadeyeyeThat might be the reason I am getting this error - http://www.fpaste.org/E2LC/00:40
micadeyeyeI can't run any of the nova commands.00:40
GrueMastermicadeyeye: It may have been a libc issue.  There was an update that broke a lot of things.  It has now been fixed and should be uploaded to the pool today.00:43
GrueMasterIs this armhf or armel that you tried?00:45
GrueMasterOk.  I'm launching a couple of pandas to reimage to precise tip.  Will take ~20 minutes, then I can check.00:47
GrueMasterIt appears to be running ok on another test system even after updates to current.  I'll still need to wait for the other systems though.  This system has been thrashed and will need reimaging soon.00:50
micadeyeyeThat would be rabbitmq. right?00:50
micadeyeyeI will try and use 11.04. I am not too sure if the headless ver. would be better the netbook ver.00:52
GrueMasterUse 11.10.00:52
micadeyeyeheadless/netbook or armhf/armel?00:53
GrueMasterI know it was tested.  We did a "pipe cleaning" session last cycle.00:53
micadeyeyeDo you know of anyone running Openstack on Ubuntu-arm?00:54
GrueMasterNo, but it is also on the todo list.  rbasak may have done some work on it.00:54
micadeyeyerbasak, hi!00:54
rbasakwhat do you mean by openstack on ubuntu-arm, exactly?00:55
GrueMasterbrb.  Need to pick up a car from the shop.  Should be back in 20-30 minutes max.00:55
micadeyeyeI wanted to install the Openstack cloud project on my Pandaboard, which has the Ubuntu-arm OS on it.00:56
infinityDoesn't openstack rely on some functional virtualisation?  Or do we have it all working with lxc now?00:57
rbasakAll on one pandaboard?00:57
micadeyeyeI only need the nova compute.00:58
micadeyeyeI would like to use the PB as a node.00:58
rbasaklxc is working on armhf in precise00:58
micadeyeyeBut if I could install all, that would be great.00:58
rbasakand openstack does work with lxc. But I'm not aware of anyone having tried it thus far.00:58
rbasakDaviey might know, and if we have any concrete plans for lxc on precise. But like me he's in UTC+0 so tomorrow might be better00:59
micadeyeyeWHat's lxc?00:59
pbuckleylinux containers01:00
rbasakThe software implementation end of virtualisation on ARM isn't finished yet. AFAIK there is progress on both Xen and KVM01:00
rbasakLXC is pretend virtualisation - everything runs under the same kernel, but processes are shielded from each other so they see themselves as owning the machine01:00
infinityrbasak: Sure, but even if Xen and KVM were done, paravirt is only supported on the A15.01:00
rbasakYeah so KVM is never going to work on a pandaboard01:01
infinityWell, it could be done in full emu mode, but that would be a Very Bad Thing.01:02
infinityIf you want PV, you need an A15.01:02
infinityOf which we have so many...01:02
GrueMasterAnd I have rabbitmq-server installed on a freshly imaged panda running precise armhf.  Looking for some tests now.01:23
cooloneyGrueMaster: hey, man. -:)01:30
cooloneyGrueMaster: did you have chance to test kernel for AXP I handed to NCommander01:31
GrueMasterYou mean the ftbfs one???01:32
cooloneyGrueMaster: oh, no.01:35
cooloneyGrueMaster: it's just a kernel i prepared for uploading01:35
cooloneyit should be named as linux-armadaxp 3.0.0-1500.101:36
cooloneynot sure whether NCommander uploaded or not01:36
GrueMasterAll I know was he was building it in the canonical-arm-dev ppa (and failing).01:37
cooloneyGrueMaster: ok, let me take a look, thx01:37
cooloneyGrueMaster: looks like it is still building, started 2 hours ago01:40
cooloneymaybe NCommander fixed something and upload again01:40
GrueMasterYes, this is the third attempt.01:40
cooloneyGrueMaster: cool.01:40
cooloneyGrueMaster: thx. i will check with NCommander, maybe need to apply some fixing patch to the kernel git tree01:41
GrueMasterI think he already has.01:41
GrueMastermicadeyeye: I found a rabbitmq benchmark tool.  running it now.  https://github.com/chirino/stomp-benchmark02:04
twbWhat SoCs / SKUs whip with mali GPUs?02:33
twb(ref. LWN post re lima mali FOSS GPU drivers)02:33
GrueMasterI would assume the ones listed here?  http://limadriver.org/Hardware/02:53
GrueMasterInteresting.  "A Single Board Computer with a 4210, called origen, is available with android and ubuntu support."  Must be a Linaro enabled board, cause I know I don't have images for it.02:56
infinityGrueMaster: Yeah, there are Origens all over here.  But we've never been asked to enable it in the distro.03:35
twbObviously it's just so easy to get Debian on there they never bother with Ubuntu :-P03:53
allquixotic_Hi, I have a ThinkPad Tablet (slate), a Tegra 2 based tablet that runs Android 3.1 by default... I have it perma-rooted and can thus do anything to the device (in principle), so does anyone know if I could theoretically install Ubuntu on it similar to the way the Toshiba AC100 is done?04:29
twbtegra2 support is still alpha quality04:41
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TheMusoAnd whats more, the kernel source for the device would need to be available, so there is source for the device speicifc hardware, like the touchscreen.04:48
allquixotic_TheMuso: Good point. I'm not sure that Lenovo has released their kernel source yet. So they are technically not in compliance with the GPL, as I never received any written offer for the source either.05:00
twballquixotic_: they don't have to do that, but they are obliged to respond if you ask05:02
allquixotic_twb: Interesting. I don't think anyone has posted the source yet, be it Lenovo or someone else, so I might send them a letter to get the ball rolling, or see if they will brush me off and tempt me to contact the SFLC05:04
TheMusoThe board itself is likely based on something tegra ish, like ventana, or harmony.05:04
allquixotic_oh... it's Ventana actually, I figured that out from some of the low level stuff I was messing with as I was rooting it :-)05:04
twbSFLC has no power except where the copyright holders delegate to them05:06
twbventana's a dev board for the tegra2 AFAIK, so it's probably a tegra2 in production05:07
TheMusotwb: Yes thats right, but as I said above, there is additional stuff like touchscreen. The transformer as you know has more than that, there is keyboard dock code, battery for the dock, etc.05:07
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cooloneyNCommander: ping13:44
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carli2I have a OMAP3 board and installed the omap3 drivers. after restarting X, the screen was black14:24
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pnphiexcuse me16:15
pnphii want to have GUI for ARM ubuntu or Qemu , what i do ??16:16
prpplaguepnphi: install ubuntu on a pandaboard?16:18
pnphiqemu ! ! !16:18
pnphiARM ubuntu on qemu16:18
pnphiand on a beagleboard16:19
pnphiexcuse me16:20
prpplaguepnphi: sorry you said "or" first, which is different than "on"16:20
pnphisorry ..on not or16:21
lctoaihow install desktop ubuntu after install ubuntu for arm in qemu16:24
pnphiexcuse me16:52
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pnphii want to have GUI for ARM ubuntu on Qemu , what i do ??16:52
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GrueMasterpnphi: You might ask in #linaro.  They do more direct work with qemu and may have a solution.16:59
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GrueMasterppisati: Ping - When will we see a fix for bug 925069?  There appear to be a couple of patches attached to the bug, and one user has already added them to the 1405 kernel and tested that they work.17:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 925069 in linux-ti-omap4 "No analog audio on omap4 panda" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92506917:08
ppisatiGrueMaster: i think i already pulled those patches, let me check17:44
ppisatiGrueMaster: yep, the patches are there, i'll cut a new kernel17:46
GrueMasterExcellent, thanks.17:46
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TonyWatertownHi.  I need help installing ubuntu-arm on a BeagleBoard XM, Rev. C.  I followed the steps in the wiki page, but I'm having problems installing the image on the board.18:37
GrueMasterTonyWatertown: First, which image are you using?  Second, what issues are you seeing?18:39
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: I am using the image specced in the wiki page for Rev C. (i.e. beagleXM-natty.tgz.  when extracted produces vmlinuz-2.6.38-8-omap)>18:41
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: The problem is that the installation hangs at 15% at keyboard configuration and then starts over from the beginning (i.e. stuck in loop).18:41
GrueMasterAh, I think I know the problem.  Try switching to a console (ctrl-alt-F1) and logging in using the user & password you entered in oem-config.18:42
GrueMasterThen run "sudo oem-config-remove && sudo reboot".18:43
GrueMasterThere is an odd timing issue with oem-config that the slowness of the SD interface has brought out.  It has been fixed recently in 12.04 (faster SD performance, race in dbus).18:44
GrueMasterAlthough you may want to try 12.04 alpha 2 (released last week).  The armhf improvements really are noticeable.18:45
TonyWatertownGrueMaster:  Thanks.  Yeah, I think I'd like to try out 12.04 alpha 2.  Newb q: Where can I get it?  Are the installation steps the same as for 11.10?18:46
GrueMasterYou can find it at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/alpha-2/ .  Same basic instructions (except you don't need to replace the kernel).18:48
GrueMasterSame as 11.10, yes.18:48
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: Excellent.  Thanks!18:48
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: in your opinion, any reason not to go with the hard-float image for 12.04?19:18
GrueMasterNone.  I have been testing both armel and armhf releases, both are equally stable, and the armhf seems faster.  I haven't done any benchmarking per say, but I know my netboot installs are 5 minutes faster with the same preseed.19:20
suihkulokkisounds odd as installer shouldn't really use much floats19:21
GrueMasterI have yet to find an armhf bug that also isn't in armel.  And 12.04 alpha 2 seems almost as stable as any prior full release (there are still minor glitches, but no show stoppers).19:21
GrueMasterThe installer itself will when working with compressed packages.19:22
GrueMasterPlus the binaries are a bit smaller.19:22
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: That sounds great.  I'm really excited about using the FPU.  Question: does the USB hub work fine in 12.04?  That was the big issue I had with previous releases.19:25
suihkulokkiGrueMaster: unless you use lossy compression, usage of floats with compressed packages is unlikely ;)19:26
GrueMasterTonyWatertown: I have a rev B and with the 20120207.1 daily-preinstalled it seems to work even better (for me).19:27
GrueMastersuihkulokki: I don't know how the packages are compressed.  I do know that two pandas using the same USB drives and the same network, one images ~5 minutes faster than the other.  Internal mirror.19:28
GrueMasterI have a pool of 4, and constantly reimage them to a base ubuntu-server w/ openssh-server and openjdk-6-jre-headless.  Maverick takes ~35 minutes, Natty & Oneiric take ~25 minutes, Precise armel takes ~20 minutes and armhf takes ~15 minutes.19:30
GrueMasterPreseeds are identical for all images.  All packages are on a local mirror in my basement.  House is wired 1Gb.19:31
suihkulokkisuch processes are usually IO bound, so perhaps it's the smaller binaries19:33
GrueMasterPossible.  Like I said, I don't know the full details of why, I just know that they are faster.19:35
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TonyWatertownWaiting for the 12.04 armhf image download to complete.  Another question: where can i grab the source and the kernel config file for this image?  I need to compile a 3rd party kernel module once I get 12.04 installed.19:59
rbasakTonyWatertown: there's git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-precise.git (and a ti-omap4 branch), also you can apt-get source linux-image-`uname -r`20:35
TonyWatertownrbasak: Thanks!  Is the kernel config file for the image located at /boot?  Or do I have to grab it from somewhere else?20:39
TonyWatertownHi.  Doing an apt-get source linux-image-`uname -r` results in the following error: E: You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list21:45
pbuckleycat /etc/apt/sources.list21:45
TonyWatertownWhat should I add to my /etc/sources/list file?  Thank you.21:45
TonyWatertownpbuckley: deb file:/var/lib/preinstalled-pool/ ./21:46
TonyWatertown# /etc/apt/sources.list21:46
TonyWatertowndeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ precise main restricted universe multiverse21:46
TonyWatertowndeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ precise-security main restricted universe multiverse21:46
TonyWatertowndeb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/ precise-updates main restricted universe multiverse21:46
pbuckleydepends on what your install target is21:46
TonyWatertownpbuckley: just installed the alpha 2 release for 12.04, the armfb version.21:46
pbuckleythis is my sources.list21:46
pbuckleyalso dont forget to do a sudo apt-get update21:46
pbuckley(but after you have a sources.list file)21:47
TonyWatertownpbuckley: thanks!  giving it a shot now after an update.21:49
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TonyWatertownpbuckley: dumb q.  do you know where the source is installed?  I expected to find it at /usr/src. but that directory is empty.22:14
pbuckleyapt-get --only-source source linux-ti-omap4 or something like that22:15
TonyWatertownpbuckley: nevermind.  i'm being dumb.  it was installed in the directory from which i ran the apr-get src command22:16
GrueMasterTonyWatertown: When you install source, it is usually installed in the current directory.  So "apt-get source linux-image-`uname -r`" should install the source in ./linux-image-`uname -r` , along with a tarball of the original and a dsc file for building.22:16
GrueMasterAh, you found it.22:17
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TonyWatertownHi.  I'm trying to compile a kernel module for 12.04 alpha 2.  I see that there is no asm directory in the include directory for the source.  How can I generate the right asm link?23:11
TheMusoTonyWatertown: Which linux-headers packages do you have installed?23:12
TheMusoIt sounds like you are missing one.23:12
TonyWatertownI installed the entire source.  So i'm pointing the kernel module makefile to the source directory.23:13
GrueMasterTonyWatertown: Try "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-omap4" to make sure you have all of the headers.23:13
GrueMasterThen you can build a module using the out-of-tree module build steps.23:14
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: I'm on a beableboard xm.  Is omap4 still correct?23:14
GrueMasterOh.  Wrong platform.  Use linux-headers.23:15
GrueMasterThat is a meta that should pull in all the relevant header files for your system.23:15
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: apt-get install linux-headers-`$(uname -r)`?23:17
GrueMasterNo, just linux-headers.  There are multiple packages, one is generic, another is specific to uname -r.23:17
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: E: Package 'linux-headers' has no installation candidate23:18
GrueMasterwait one.23:18
GrueMasterlinux-headers-omap is the meta (my bad).23:19
GrueMasterThat will pull in linux-headers- and  linux-headers-
GrueMaster(or a newer one if it has updated in the last couple of days).23:22
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: downloading now.23:22
TonyWatertownGrueMaster: Should I point the kernel module makefile to the linux-headers-3.2.0-15 or linux-headers-3.2.0-15-omap directory?  Both directories are present at /usr/src.  Incidentally, uname -r returns 3.2.0-12-omap23:28
GrueMasterUse uname -r.  That directory should have symlinks to the other directory for generic headers.23:29
TonyWatertownGrueMaster:  Hmm.  Pointing to the headers resulted in the following badness: /usr/src/linux-headers-3.2.0-15/include/linux/kconfig.h:4:32: fatal error: generated/autoconf.h: No such file or directory23:33
GrueMasterTonyWatertown: Look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild.  It may have better information on this than I can provide.23:36
GrueMasterTheMuso: I've posted a merge request for alsa-lib to update our ucm configs.  Simple tweak, has absolutely no effect on other platforms.23:45

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