lo33_odt_readonlI have a .odt file that wont let me edit it. using LibreOffice 3.3.4 on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty00:22
lo33_odt_readonli get the pop up "Readonly content cannot be changed. No modifications will be accepted00:22
lo33_odt_readonlwhen i type00:22
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head_victimblahdeblah: ping07:04
head_victimpm ok?07:04
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sagacijaddi27, ping11:53
jaddi27sagaci, Hi11:54
jaddi27Good to see that the column sorting on the translations page finally works, even if it is only sorting the rows on that page11:54
sagaciunder the Currently unused language packs, you wouldn't know how to get the latest (the top delta) language pack11:55
sagacifrom https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+language-packs11:55
sagaciin the form http://launchpadlibrarian.net/NUMBER/*update.tar.gz11:56
sagaciby determining the latest (highest number) through a bash script11:56
jaddi27I could probably write a script to sort them out11:57
jaddi27i am better with python than bash though, if that is alright11:57
jaddi27or php11:57
sagacisure, it's just that I can do it manually but I'd rather have it done periodically and automagically11:57
sagacisuch as: http://paste.ubuntu.com/836445/11:58
jaddi27i should be able to do one up. give be a bit of time to get it right though12:00
jaddi27i have a script to get the number of untranslated and total strings as well, which i want to deploy to my website to have stats on translations12:00
sagacithat's ok, no rush, it's just that the langpack are generated somewhat randomly and it's a guess as to when the next one is out12:00
jaddi27ah, ok. it shouldn't take too long i think12:01
sagaciand if you want to check for mistake strings, it's important that the latest pack is used12:01
sagaciand is there some way to check if the remote file, +latest-language-pack has changed?12:02
sagaciwait a sec, I'll try google first12:03
sagaciwhile the url stays the same12:03
dns53there is an option of wget to fetch if newer12:04
sagaciah yep12:04
jaddi27that might do it then12:05
jaddi27how is the latest unused pack different to the latest pack?12:07
sagacilatest delta is a subset of the packages that have been changed since the last base pack12:07
sagacithe latest unused is for merging with the deltas,12:08
sagacicheck once every 48hrs, download the latest delta if available, tar it up into a 8-9mb file and then upload the public server, rather than having to download both packs on different machines and chew through ~850mb each time12:10
dns53isn't it in version control anyway?12:11
jaddi27sagaci, I think I nearly have a working script. I will finish it off tomorrow and send it to you13:38
jaddi27sagaci, here it is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/836543/13:43
jaddi27hope it works alright. you will need to install the python-beautifulsoup package before you run it13:43
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