davkbod-ld<Tap, tap> Is this thing on?? CQ? CQ?02:38
AfdalHello, I'm having trouble installing GRUB Loader05:27
Afdal Executing 'grub-install /blah/blah' failed.05:29
AfdalFatal error occurred05:29
AfdalI have two HDDs in a RAID0 setup and another for storage05:29
AfdalIt lets me choose others partitions, including non-RAID ones05:29
AfdalAnd every single one gives that same error05:29
phillwAfdal: give me couple of minutes, I know there is a resource for this... I've just got to dig it up05:33
bioterrorAfdal, software or hardware raid?05:33
phillwAfdal: are you using desktop image or alternate?05:35
phillwbioterror: you are more up to speed than myself, are you okay to take over?05:36
bioterrorno I am not05:36
Afdalhardware RAID05:37
AfdalAnd I'm using the  Xubuntu desktop AMD64 CD05:38
bioterrorwith hardware raid it should show the drive just as /dev/sda if I'm right05:39
Afdal/dev/sda is what it defaults to but that's not what any of my partitions are called05:40
bioterrorgrub doesnt go to partitions05:40
AfdalI have my RAID0 partitions labeled /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb05:40
bioterrorit goes to drive05:40
AfdalWhat is IS doing however05:41
AfdalIs listing my RAID0 drives as /sda and sbd respectively05:42
phillwAfdal: are you on fakeraid?05:42
AfdalAlong with their combined drive as /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb05:42
AfdalNo, it's a hardware RAID05:42
AfdalSo it's recognizing the RAID setup along with the individual drives05:43
AfdalGParted, that is05:43
AfdalCan you point me to the grub loader installer on a Live setup?  I'd like to try this again05:46
AfdalMy non-RAID drive is listed as /dev/sdc and I don't remember trying that specifically05:46
bioterrorjust a moment05:47
AfdalMaybe it just can figure out how to put the loader on a hardware RAID setup05:47
bioterrortis is the newest way :P05:47
phillwhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1686184 gives some further info. It did take a while for Grub2 to handle RAID. if you still have probelms, try burg. But the grub people seem to have raid working now.05:49
AfdalUgh, I have to burn a new CD to use that?05:49
phillwAfdal: if you want to repair a system, then yes, you cannot boot from it.05:50
AfdalThat's not on the live CD?05:50
Afdalerr desktop CD, whatever05:50
phillwyeah, just drop it o command prompt05:51
AfdalWhat's the shortcut for that on xubuntu05:51
Afdalterminal emulator?05:51
AfdalStill there phillw?05:59
AfdalCan you give me some help with these GRUB options?06:00
AfdalI want to boot my Windows XP installation by default but it only lists my xubuntu partition on the "OS to boot by default:" menu06:00
phillwAfdal: back06:02
AfdalAnd what is the options "Separare /boot partition:" for?06:03
AfdalAnd what is the option "Separate /boot partition:" for?06:03
phillwin what order did you add ubuntu Vs windows?06:04
phillwie, windoes 1st installed?06:04
AfdalWindows then xubuntu06:04
phillwokies Afdal please give me a couple of minutes, as I've just done a re-install & need to track down my bookmarks06:05
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Afdalbrb, I'm going to see if this worked06:10
phillwAfdal: follow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1014708 to get your win system happy first, then put grub on when win can boot happily06:10
phillwAs you wish...06:10
AfdalWell that didn't06:22
AfdalThe Boot Repair utility didn't give any error when installing GRUB Loader, but it isn't appearing when I boot06:23
AfdalWhat was the link again phillw06:24
AfdalMy bookmarks are did since I'm still on a Live OS06:25
phillwAfdal: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=101470806:30
Afdalsudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/nvidia_aeedagcb /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb/06:43
Afdal/usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /media/nvidia_aeedagcb/boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).06:44
Afdal/dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb/ is my combined RAID0 drive06:46
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nlsthznSo I am trying to share my music collection on an Ubuntu machine with a Windows machine, enable sharing in Nautilus, it shows up in Windows but I only have access to a few of the sub folders, the others give me access denied... any ideas?07:02
bioterrorI have always shared with smb.conf07:03
bioterroras it handles permissions without a problems07:03
nlsthznbioterror, manual editing the file you mean?07:04
* nlsthzn goes off to look at it a bit... thanks07:04
bioterrorjust a moment07:04
bioterrorhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/836242/ like that07:05
nlsthznbioterror, k, cool...07:06
nlsthznbioterror, lol, that just borked samba for me... but I did figure it out... just gave other read access and applied to all sub folders... seems some of them where missing this07:19
nlsthznthanks for the assistance07:19
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* phillw waves to pleia2 :)07:40
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Unit193I am on one, quite stable there, but not as many active09:09
phillw(09:07:13) TGS: I thought I was the only one that used the term script kiddy anymore.09:10
phillw(09:07:26) unlist3d: 50Gb/s dos would require 100,000 botnet09:10
phillw(09:07:31) pagz: to prove they have something really big buts its small irl :)09:10
phillw(09:07:31) unlist3d: jayne that is not common09:10
phillw(09:07:53) phillw: just because they can.. it lets them massage their genital regions to know that they have taken down freeniode :(09:10
Unit193Wrong channel09:10
phillwwe cannot beet them on resources of bot-nets :(09:11
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AfdalCan anyone tell me how to get Grub2 on a floppy?19:42
Afdalfrom a Live OS?19:43
AfdalGRUB installer is being literally retarded and won't let me install it on any of my hardware RAID0 partitions19:46
AfdalSo this will just have to do for now19:46
phillwAfdal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy19:47
AfdalWhen I try  mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy19:49
AfdalIt says "mount point /media/floppy does not exist"19:50
Afdalwat do :>19:51
* Afdal pokes phillw20:41
phillwAfdal: ??20:42
AfdalIt says "mount point /media/floppy does not exist"20:42
AfdalWhen I try  mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy20:42
phillwAfdal: tioyu have to create the mount point first.... sudo mkdir  /media/floppy20:44
Afdalah thanks20:44
Afdalthat guide has those steps out of order for some reason20:44
AfdalNow I'm in /boot/grub20:46
Afdaland cp stage1 stage2 /media/floppy/boot/grub20:46
Afdalcannot stat 'stage1': no such file or directory20:47
Afdalcannot stat 'stage2': no such file or directory20:47
AfdalIs that because I'm on a Live OS?20:48
AfdalI can't get into my actual installation without a bootloader D:<20:49
AfdalSeriously, is there at least a way to boot the system OS from a Live CD21:11
AfdalSo I can at least save stuff while I'm trying to figure this out?21:11
philipballew_Afdal, chroot into it after you mount your hd21:14
AfdalDo what now?21:15
AfdalWill that run the whole system off my HDD or just allow me to run a command prompt?21:15
Afdalwell either way that should let me access my /boot/grub/menu.lst21:16
AfdalCan you explain to me how to do that?21:16
ubot2GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)21:27
MrChrisDruifphilipballew; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub21:27
AfdalHow do I "chroot" into my actual installation from a Live CD?21:31
AfdalI need some serious help now22:16
urlin2uAfdal, can you give the channel a hint?22:17
AfdalI managed to get grub installed on my RAID0 dual drives22:17
AfdalBut it won't actually load Xubuntu22:18
AfdalIt just loads this BusyBox built-in shell22:18
AfdalFurthermore, now I can't access my Windows XP boot22:18
AfdalWhat do I do?22:19
asdf___I seem to have broken something in windows after installing ubuntu on a partition22:56
asdf___windows shows up in grub and I can select it, but everytime i boot into windows it loads a system recovery program22:57
asdf___and it can never resolve the issue22:57
asdf___any suggestions...22:57
Unit193Are there two listings for Windows?22:57
asdf___just one22:58
asdf___im on Ubuntu right now on the second partition22:58
Unit193Alright, can you install and run os-prober? It's a CLI program.23:00
AfdalI've got a similar problem23:00
asdf___i installed os-prober23:00
asdf___with no arguments to os prober i get: /dev/sda1:Windows 7 (loader):Windows:chain23:01
Unit193Did it also update grub? It should tell you.23:02
urlin2uasdf___, this you only linux install?23:02
Unit193Err... Yeah, that question.23:03
asdf___If its the only linux OS on the partition.  Yes23:03
Unit193On your computer?23:03
urlin2uasdf___, I mean altogether?23:03
urlin2uasdf___, you sure windows is still there?23:03
AfdalWell I'm tired of dealing with this garbage right now23:04
AfdalCan anyone point me to a grub removal tool on a Live OS?23:04
asdf___during the install procedure i selected "install alongside windows7"23:04
AfdalSo I can at least get this off my drives and load up XP again23:04
urlin2uAfdal, you just relaod the MS bootloader usually with an XP disc, raid not sure.23:05
asdf___or something along those lines, and in grub i have the option to load win7, after selecting win 7, it begins to load but into a "recovery state" not sure what its called23:05
AfdalYeah with RAID on XP you need a floppy to load drivers so it'll recognize it23:05
AfdalLuckily I have that23:05
Afdalall right then, I'll try that23:06
urlin2uasdf___, have you tried again after the update-grub?23:06
asdf___ill run it now23:07
asdf___is it sudo update-grub?23:07
urlin2uasdf___, could be the boot flag is on the wrong NTFS partition, number of answers here.23:07
Unit193os-prober just happens to be useful (or has been in the past.)23:08
asdf___i wanna say that its something explicitly wrong with win723:08
urlin2uUnit193, should be installed already.23:08
asdf___Found Windows 7 (loader) on /dev/sda123:09
asdf___Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-3.2.0-14-generic23:09
Unit193urlin2u: I'd think so, but didn't appear to be installed by defualt in the info page.23:09
asdf___thats after sudo update grub23:09
urlin2uasdf___, run this script in ubuntu and pastebin the results.txt  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/23:10
urlin2u!pastebin | asdf___23:11
ubot2asdf___: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:11
asdf___...had to install gawk23:14
asdf___when I run boot info i get a error23:14
urlin2uawk or gawk needed at times asdf___23:15
asdf___ "(" unexpected (expecting "fi")23:15
Unit193Just to be clear, you used  sudo bash script.sh  ?23:16
asdf___sudo sh boot.sh23:16
Unit193Need bash23:16
asdf___ran it23:16
urlin2uasdf___, drag it to the desktop and run this. sudo bash ~/Desktop/boot_info_script.sh23:17
asdf___how do I paste the results to irc23:17
urlin2ulook above at the pastebin from the bot23:18
urlin2uasdf___, ^^^23:18
asdf___i http://paste.ubuntu.com/837210/23:18
asdf___like that ?????23:18
urlin2uasdf___, no the results.txt generated23:19
asdf___how about now23:20
urlin2uasdf___, thas it. :)23:21
urlin2uasdf___, so where did this install of W7 come from?23:21
asdf__im back23:23
asdf__my laptop froze23:23
urlin2uasdf__,  so where did this install of W7 come from?23:24
asdf__i installed win7 first...then after i installed ubuntu ...does that answer your question23:24
urlin2uasdf__, where did you get the disc to install windows?23:24
urlin2uit has some unusual notations just wondering asdf__23:25
asdf__got a copy from a friend23:25
urlin2uasdf__, I can't really help sorry. :(23:25
asdf__why not23:26
urlin2uthe /grldr is not part of a standard MS disc fior install. asdf__23:27
urlin2uas fra as I kmnow anyway23:27
asdf__hmmmm is that whats causing it not to load win*?23:28
urlin2uasdf__, I'm not accusing you here but it is seen in pirated copies.23:28
urlin2uor cracked keys23:28
Unit193Unit193: grldr = grub4dos23:29
asdf__so what would you suggest23:29
asdf__is that whats causing it to not boot?23:30
urlin2uasdf__, not sure, but ethically and per channel poicy I feel uncomfortable here, and you also running precise that is the #ubuntu+1 channel.23:32
asdf__ok, i appreciate your help23:32
urlin2uasdf__, cool. :)23:33
urlin2uasdf__, if you might ask your friend whats up if you don't know.23:34
urlin2uUnit193, that was a pirate install windows does not use a grub4dos, hehe.23:38
Unit193Heh, not by default it sure doesn't. :P23:40
urlin2uyeah, I had one on the windows channel yesterday the user was lieing about all sorts of stuff stock hp purchase with no upgrade form XP but the boot had all the XP and thegrldr in it.23:41
urlin2uFunny thing is a cracked copy can have all kinds of malwarer keyloggers rootkit possibilities why people do that is beyond me.23:44
Unit193Free == AWESOME!1!1  :P23:44
urlin2ulol windows can be gotten very cheaply if a person looks hard enough, I got W7 fpro or 25$ with an student upgrade23:45
ubuntuWhelp, that didn't work23:46
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AfdalGoing into XP's recovery console to replace the NT loader didn't get rid of GRUB23:46
AfdalI either need to fix this issue or remove GRUB entirely from my drives if I want to boot up Windows XP again23:47
urlin2uAfdal, you put grub in the mbr right?23:47
AfdalWhat do you mean?23:47
urlin2uAfdal, sda23:47
urlin2uno partition #23:47
Afdalsda and sdb are my RAID drives23:47
AfdalI used /dev/mapper/nvidiablahblah, my RAID0 setup that was recognized23:48
Afdalsdc is my storage drive and I think I put it in that too23:48
urlin2uAfdal, right where did you install grub to, and as soon as I see blah blah I disconnect by the way.23:48
AfdalBecause I was having so much trouble I just wanted to see if it worked23:48
AfdalI installed it to dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb23:49
urlin2uAfdal, since this is now a recover XP boot go to ##windows.23:49
AfdalAnd dev/sdc23:49
AfdalNo, I want to solve this stupid grub problem23:49
AfdalSo I can dual boot both23:49
AfdalRight now grub isn't loading xubuntu23:50
AfdalIt's just loading this console called BusyBox built-in shell23:50
AfdalI'm on my Live CD23:50
urlin2uAfdal, I can't really help I know nothing about raid, and you have sort of been haphazard here as well. in your frustration.23:51
bioterrorbusybox sounds more l ike grub is working23:51
bioterrorbut something else is broken23:51
AfdalHow do I tell grub to load xubuntu?23:51

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