brokenfingersbug 203704 Ready to be triaged?04:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 203704 in reiserfsprogs (Ubuntu) "mkreiserfs does not clear metadata from previous device users (heat: 3)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20370404:34
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giantpunehi, i am experiencing a bug with kubuntu where the entire computer becomes unresponsive.  i can reproduce the issues 100% of the time, and i have found an old bug report describing what i believe to be the same issue.09:29
giantpunesince the old issue was closed due to lack of information, im not sure how to proceed.  should i open a new one, or report the issue here or what?09:37
astralja1agiantpune: What's the bug # ?09:37
giantpuneBug #10336509:38
ubot4`Launchpad bug 103365 in ubuntu "Complete hang after a bluetooth device disconnects" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10336509:38
astralja1agiantpune: As Brian clearly states in his latter comment, feel free to reopen it with further details on how to reproduce, so the devs can investigate.09:40
astralja1aWhich Kubuntu release is this?09:40
giantpune11.10 64bit09:40
giantpuneis it ok still to add to this bug report?  i dont know if you guys have them tied to a certain distribution or anything like this09:42
astralja1aI was just thinking, as that is indeed quite old.09:42
astralja1aI'm sure the bluetooth stack has developed immensily since those times.09:43
astralja1aMaybe it's best to create a new one, and mention that bug in the new report. After all, kernel has moved lots, and it's a different arch, too.09:44
astralja1aTriager can mark the new one as duplicate, if that's how it is seen.09:45
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om26erhey anyone know if the nvidia issue was fixed in precise?14:10
zzecooli think they released a fix14:11
zzecoolim not sure14:11
zzecoolbecause im running 64bit14:12
zzecooland i think it only affects 32bit14:12
zzecoolim on latest nvidia driver 290  , in precise 64bit14:12
seb128om26er, it's fixed, cf bryce's follow up on the ubuntu-devel list14:18
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om26erah, great thanks zzecool seb128 ;-)14:20
zzecoolom26er: :)14:22
om26erwe have a bug control application show love people :)15:42
om26erbtw how many +1's are required for a BugControl member to join in ?15:49
om26erhggdh, ^15:49
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hggdhom26er: 2 +1, no -116:17
hggdhom26er: I will look at it when I am back (around 4 hours)16:18
om26erhggdh, cool, thx :)16:19
hggdhom26er: IIRC, you gave him a -116:21
om26erhggdh, that's change it'll be +1 now ;-)16:22
hggdhom26er: :-)16:22
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ghostwalk71Hello all. Is this where I may get some assistance reporting a bug?17:24
ghostwalk71Hello yurau.17:25
s9iper1yes you can17:26
s9iper1ghostwalk71: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs17:28
ghostwalk711I already looked at the URL and all it did was confuse the matter. I already posted the bug on launchpad and got a bot that complained because I didn't mention a specific package.17:30
ghostwalk711I can give you the bug number if you like.17:30
s9iper1ghostwalk71: that a intresting bug  i guess its of xserver-xorg-input-mouse bug17:35
s9iper1or xserver-xorg17:35
ghostwalk711okay, so should I file it under xserver-xorg and pray that it goes to the right place?17:35
ghostwalk711I don't mean to sound snarky. I do appreciate your help s9iper.17:36
s9iper1ghostwalk71:and ask this in #ubuntu-desktop there are bryce  and ROAF is dealing with them i guess so17:37
s9iper1or you can also ask in #ubuntu17:38
ghostwalk711I'll try both of them, thank you for your time s9iper1 :)17:38
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s9iper1bdmurray:  hggdh : this one bug was subscribed by bug control i have closed this one because kenvandine said to me thanks21:15
ubot4`Launchpad bug 741621 in gwibber (Ubuntu) "gwibber-service crashed with DBusException in call_blocking(): org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.desktopcouch.CouchDB was not provided by any .service files (affects: 20) (dups: 21) (heat: 176)" [Medium,Invalid]21:16
s9iper1he told me to close all the dbus bugs and time out bugs21:17
bdmurrays9iper1: yes, that's correct as we rather want the crash from the server / service taht couldn't be connected to21:22
kiraHi there, I'm just starting out on Bug Triage, and I'm curious how I actually go about confirming a bug?  Do I just see the "new" bug, then try to recreate it, then hit confirm?21:25
bdmurrayit helps to add details about how you confirmed it though21:26
bdmurraye.g. I tried it with this version of the package on this release and was able to confirm it21:27
bdmurrayadditionally improving the steps to recreate the bug can be a big help21:27
bdmurrayif there is a specific bug you are looking at I'm sure somebody would be happy to help21:27
mrburnsHi there, I am also just starting out do you have any suggestions on what types of bugs to start on that are kinda simple?21:30
s9iper1mrburns: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage/21:31
s9iper1and ping us here if you need any help21:31
bdmurraymrburns: I would look at bugs about an application you like or use21:37
bdmurraymrburns: as it provides you a way to learn about it and its something you already know about21:37
mrburnsyeah...sounds good21:40
bdmurraymrburns: if you have specifc questions feel free to ask21:42
mrburnsthanks bdmurray, most of the programs that i use are either proprietary or web browser but i use rhythmbox and empathy so i will start there21:48
bdmurrayrhythmbox would be good21:49
JechsSo we're using VM Virtual Box in our CS course where we're doing some work with Ubuntu, would that cause issue with Bug Triage? My gut says yes but I'm not sure.21:52
bdmurrayJechs: it depends on the type of bug for most software type bugs no22:00
bdmurrayJechs: kernel and hardware bugs yes that would be an issue22:00
Jechsbdmurray: Alright, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.22:02

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