mhall119jono: LTP deployment RT should be in your inbox00:39
jonoawesome, thanks!00:39
mhall119thank daker00:39
mhall119it was his first deployment00:39
mhall119and the first with him as owner of LTP00:40
jonothanks daker00:45
jonowe really appreciate your work on the LTP00:45
jonothis is going to help us build a huge global Ubuntu community00:45
jonomhall119, any idea how long it will be for the RT to be services and deployed?00:45
dakeri hope jcastro could donate his PC as he said :)00:47
dakerjono: he told me he has an 8giga RAM PC, and he would be more than happy to donate it to me00:50
mhall119jono: depends on how busy IS is00:52
paultaghey, what ever happened with LWN memberships with ubuntu memberships02:17
paultagI was trying to get to a LWN page, and remembered I had an account at one point02:17
paultagand it looks like i'm not subscribed anymore02:17
pleia2paultag: should still work (mine does)03:41
paultagpleia2: odd03:41
jcastroI mailed them and was like "remove paultag"03:41
paultagjcastro: :)03:41
paultagjcastro: good to see you, man03:41
paultagpleia2: perhaps I was using an old account or something03:42
paultagjcastro: WHAT'S NEW?03:42
jcastrowell, I am trying to work with ruby right now03:42
jcastrowhich is basically "I hate myself and I want to die."03:42
paultagthat's the story, methinks :)03:42
paultagjcastro: how's this cycle treating you?03:43
paultagjcastro: met one of your boys working out of MA03:43
jcastrowhich one?03:43
paultagjcastro: he works from home, not lexington for some team I've never heard of -- I something or other, at canonical03:43
paultagwas at a python meetup03:43
paultaghad a grimy new ubuntu hat03:43
paultagpleia2: yeah, humm, it says I've not got an account03:45
paultagerm, it logs me in, but says I don't have a subscription03:45
paultagI used to get emails all the time that I loved, but I stopped getting them a while back03:46
paultagpleia2: do you remember the code or how we had to do it?03:46
paultagpleia2: I'd love to get my LWN membership back again03:46
jonohey all03:47
paultagjcastro: did you ever get that about.me for ubuntu'ers up?03:47
paultaghowdy jono03:47
jonoso I got the Ubuntu Accomplishments entirely working with U1 :-)03:47
jonothat means online verification03:47
jonohey paultag :-)03:47
paultagjono: I'll be in cali for pycon if you're in town03:47
jcastropaultag: never got past the idea phase03:47
paultagjcastro: damn, what a shame03:47
jonopaultag, oh dude...lets catch up03:47
paultagjono: totally, man03:47
jonopaultag, you back with us now?03:47
jonoI thought you were taking off from Ubuntu03:47
paultagjono: I just stopped back for my LWN membership, I was seeing if that was shut down a while ago03:48
paultagjono: I'm busy in Debian-land atm, but I might do a bit here and there03:48
paultagI'm about to apply for DD, which should be fun03:48
paultagpleia2: my last daily mail was on August 25, 201003:50
paultagand you need a subscription for that, so I guess it ran out then03:50
jcastroare you still in the ubuntu members group?03:50
paultagjcastro: yeah03:50
paultagI can't / won't bail on that group unless something nuts goes down03:51
paultagafter 5 years or so of having paultag@ubuntu.com, some things are linked to that I can't loose just yet :)03:51
paultagwait, 4.03:52
nigelbomg its a paultag!03:52
* jono uploads demo to Vimeo03:52
paultagnigelb: I'm just here for my LWN03:52
jonopaultag, the point of the LWN is for people who contribute to Ubuntu :-)03:52
jonomind you, Debian contributions are cool :-)03:52
paultagjono: are you saying contributing do Debian's not contributing to Ubuntu? :)03:52
jcastroyou can't use the LWN subscription until you become a DD iirc03:53
jonopaultag, I am saying that contributing to anything other than my new project is not valid03:53
jcastroor maybe DMs have them03:53
paultagjcastro: I am DM :)03:53
paultagjcastro: DDs have them too, sure03:53
pleia2paultag: I don't know, I've been getting the weekly emails straight on through for years, did your membership lapse at all ad maybe your @ubuntu.com address started bouncing?03:53
paultagjono: I've been watching that :)03:53
jonopaultag, it is getting there03:54
paultagpleia2: it shouln't bounce03:54
paultagis "rachael.tripp (at)03:54
pleia2paultag: either way, it's odd and shouldn't happen :(03:54
paultagcanonical dot com" still the person I need to mail?03:54
paultagpleia2: yeah, it's lame03:54
jcastrowell, that address for sure will bounch03:55
jcastroer, bounce03:55
nigelbclearly jcastro's spelling is in the clouds :)03:55
paultagjcastro: that's the mail that's given in the email from a few years back03:55
paultagnigelb: it's all the rage lately03:55
jonoman, my office is boring with no metal playing03:55
paultagnigelb: the cloud03:55
jcastropaultag: I don't know who the new person is who handles that03:56
jcastrojet me a mail and I'll find out who03:56
paultagjcastro: you rock, man03:56
nigelbpaultag: I know. I was puling jorge's leg :)03:56
pleia2paultag: btw, didn't bail on you on debian packages, just got sick for a week+work got crazy+now playing catch up, I am part of the debian-python team now though :)03:56
jonojcastro, LWN?03:56
paultagpleia2: np :)03:56
jcastrojono: yeah03:56
jonoJaz handles it now03:56
paultagnigelb: :)03:56
jcastro2009! AWWW YEAH WIKI03:57
nigelbI think I emailed maria when I came on board as a member.03:58
jonocan anyone see https://vimeo.com/36525974 >04:00
jonocan anyone see https://vimeo.com/36525974 ?04:00
paultagjono: I get an uhoh04:00
paultagboom, contribution for the cycle, right there04:01
nigelbjono will now levae you a testimonial.04:02
paultagalright, got a super long day in the morning, and just got fluxbox backported. I'll idle around in case jcastro thought of something funny to say about ohio since i've been gone (by the way - you live in a state full of old people now, so there)04:02
nigelb"Helped with valuable testing of my new project's how-to video"04:03
paultagnigelb: dude, every contribution counts04:03
jcastropaultag: you know what I miss about you?04:03
paultagjcastro: dude, you had like 4 months to come up with something04:03
jcastronigelb: that's how I roll with paultag04:03
jonoharsh. but fair.04:03
paultagalright, paultag out04:04
jcastronite dude04:04
nigelbok, I need to get this conference marketting done.04:05
nigelbjcastro: dude, I now know how much trouble UDS was.04:05
nigelborganing an event is such a PITA>04:05
nigelbI'm running around a new city getting things done.04:05
jcastroOSS event organizers are like the unsung heroes04:06
jcastroSCALE, OLF, etc.04:06
nigelbJesse Noller is a superhero.04:06
jonohey cyphermox05:30
cyphermoxsorry about that possible logging in/logging off05:30
cyphermoxI was migrating a long-running quasselcore server to a new VPS and I wasn't sure of the procedure, hit a small road bump :)05:31
pangolinonly saw you quit twice05:32
cyphermoxpangolin: then it's much less worse than I thought05:32
cyphermoxI like killed and restarted the service about 10 times :)05:33
pangolinleast for us :)05:33
dpmgood morning all07:08
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bkerensabing bong07:36
jonohey bkerensa07:37
bkerensahello jono07:37
jonohey bkerensa07:38
jonohows things?07:38
bkerensauhh good my 12.04 install is borked :P07:38
bkerensaits trying to say I dont have ubuntu-desktop installed :)07:38
bkerensajono: You have been on pretty late as of recent :)07:39
jonobkerensa, been busy07:39
bkerensajono: Indeed your team is working on a lot07:39
jonobkerensa, that's what we do :-)07:40
jonoI am lucky, the guys are awesome07:40
bkerensaindeed.... I have had a chance to work with dholbach now for a month or two07:40
bkerensahe is pretty neat07:40
bkerensajono: We should poke fun at this https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-dex0VXK2RrA/TvHTcuOLSyI/AAAAAAAAA3k/T47A1vkX_VA/jwCampaign.png07:43
bkerensaremix it07:43
jonooh dude07:43
jonoif only I knew someone with an Ubuntu tattoo ;-)07:43
bkerensaI actually know someone else in Oregon who is talking about getting one07:44
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dholbachgood morning08:08
dpmmorgen dholbach!08:09
dholbachhey dpm - na, wie geht's?08:09
dpmFreitag ist immer gut08:10
jonohey dholbach, dpm08:10
dpmheya jono08:11
dholbachhey jono08:11
dholbachdpm, stimmt :)08:11
jonolooking forward to our little demo G+ tomorrow08:11
jonoshould be fun08:11
jonoI suspect mhall119 may show off his loco dir work or maybe singlet08:11
* dholbach didn't get around to doing anything exciting and new :-(08:12
jononp :-)08:12
* dpm missed completely the first 20% day too :/08:12
dholbachI guess I'll move my dev update day to another day than Thursday :)08:12
jonoyou can show off other cool stuff if you like08:12
dpmyeah, we were talking about it with Daniel last night08:12
jonostuff you have seen, played with, etc08:12
dholbachlike Koala videos08:13
jonoor request others to show stuff...I would like Jorge to demo Juju for example08:13
dpmI got new heating fitted at home last night, I can make a tour08:13
jonodholbach, maybe write some accomplishments and show them off ;-)08:13
jonodpm, totally!08:13
dholbachor show jcastro what Dubstep is ;-)08:14
dpmpap pap Americano...08:14
dpmI've been working a bit with a translations community member with a django tool to upload localized images, I'll see if I can spend some time on it today to get it up and running for a demo08:14
jonodpm, ooh that sounds cool08:17
dpmyeah, he's been awesome with the code. I've been less awesome trying to set up a django server on Canonistack for him to play. I'll see if I can get to it today after this morning's e-mail catch up08:19
bkerensajono: Whats a term for ubuntu users?08:22
bkerensathey use the phrase red hatters08:22
jonodpm, cool08:23
jonobkerensa, awesome ubuntu rockstars08:24
dholbachit's sponsorship friday08:25
bkerensajono: http://ubuntuone.com/3vur8ioVACmmUFMB9eEHrH08:27
bkerensadholbach: Hmm?08:27
bkerensadholbach: http://ubuntuone.com/3vur8ioVACmmUFMB9eEHrH <-- check this out08:28
jonobkerensa, you are legend, bro08:28
dholbachnice :)08:28
bkerensadholbach:  https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-dex0VXK2RrA/TvHTcuOLSyI/AAAAAAAAA3k/T47A1vkX_VA/jwCampaign.png <-- redhats08:28
bkerensamy gimp skills are something awful08:28
jonodholbach, looking forward to seeing the progress :-)08:29
jonodholbach, maybe your show and tell will be a giant dent in that damn graph :-)08:29
jonohitting the sack08:29
jononight, folks08:30
dholbachseb and I are piloting right now08:30
dholbach<seb128> dholbach, let's drive carefully, it's snowing out there ;-)08:30
dholbachnight jono08:30
bkerensagood night08:30
benonsoftwareHello nothingspecial09:10
nothingspecialhi benonsoftware09:10
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dholbachjames_w, https://twitter.com/#!/lnxwalt/status/16744907781296947311:42
* dpm lunches12:57
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jonohey everyone15:46
jonodholbach, jcastro, dpm, balloons, mhall119 demo session in 14, make sure you system is dist-upgraded so we can avoid the G+ problems from yesterday (hopefully)15:47
jonobrb, making a coffee15:47
balloonstime to grab a munchie and plug in the headste15:48
dholbachانشاء الله15:48
mhall119jono: let me reboot so everything is applied15:56
jonowill be one sec and then will start it15:57
dholbachgo go go16:00
jonoyou guys see the hangout invite?16:02
mhall119jono: still rebooting16:03
mhall119did one last dist-upgrade16:03
jonomhall119, we are all here, seems to be working16:04
jonojcastro, can you invite me back?16:10
dholbachjono, just join 24698742697642976429764297-642786428642 :-P16:11
MrChrisDruifGood afternoon Chris16:37
* cjohnston is wishing he was still asleep.. final day out here at Connect16:40
* MrChrisDruif also wished he was still sleeping...16:49
MrChrisDruifFrom #ubuntu-beginners-team "<MrChrisDruif> A bit of a zombie actually. Sleep felt more like a coma, still recovering from it"16:49
MrChrisDruifGhehe, I just made a small comment in the weekly release meeting...haha ^_^16:56
jonoballoons, damn, I realized we didnt get to you17:03
jonosorry, pal17:03
balloonsit's cool.. I've got soe stuff to demo, but I'll do it next time17:03
balloonswe're flat out of time17:04
jonoballoons, double-awesome Nick demo, next week17:04
balloonshehe.. I hope so..17:04
* dpm hugs balloons17:04
balloonsI'll be further along.. it can only be better17:04
jonojcastro, invite sent17:04
dpmok everyone, have a nice weekend!17:12
dholbachyes, I'll echo dpm here17:12
dholbachI need to rush out and find a birthday present17:12
dholbachso have a great WE everyone17:13
dholbachbig hugs17:13
dpmdholbach, yeah, let's get out of here before someone finds something for us to do17:13
dpmhugs everyone too :)17:13
popeydo we have a way to supress notifications when giving a presentation yet?17:44
jonomhall119, http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/globaljam/17:46
jonopopey, I think it depends on the presentation tool17:46
jonomhall119, looks like you mixed your markdown up a little17:46
jonoa link is []()17:46
mhall119jono: ah, thanks17:47
mhall119jono: do you happen to know how to do nested lists too?17:47
snap-lWonder if notifications could be suppressed when an app goes into full-screen mode17:47
jono * list item17:47
snap-llike evince / open office, etc.17:47
jono * list item17:47
jono  * nested17:47
jono  * nested17:47
jono   * more nested17:47
jonofirst Ubuntu Accomplishments bug has been filed17:48
mhall119jono: hmm, it doesn't seem to work for me17:48
jonomarkdown on my blog works that way17:48
jonoit is probably not being styled in the CSS17:48
jonocheck if the html is nested17:48
popeynot a presentation tool, giving a demo17:50
mhall119jono: it's not nested in the html17:51
jonothen your markdown thing is broken :-)17:51
mhall119jono: ah, it needs 4 spaces, got it now17:53
mhall119jono: what are your thoughts on using #globaljam instead of #ugj17:55
jonomaybe we should just use #ubuntu ?17:56
* cjohnston thinks we should stop using the #uds hash tag because of all the spam we get17:59
mhall119jono: #ubuntu is pretty generic though, we don't get chatter about just the global jam18:00
mhall119jono: with #globaljam we can tweet things like "On my way to the #ubuntu #globaljam"18:00
jonomaybe it will get more eyes on the jam though?18:00
jonoI wonder if we segment ourselves too much18:01
jonobrb call18:01
balloonswhat about #ubuntu-globaljam.. lol or really unique.. #ubuntu-globaljam1218:01
balloonsetc etc18:01
mhall119balloons: identica doesn't like hyphens18:02
mhall119or twitter doesn't18:02
mhall119or both18:03
mhall119I  don't remember, but hyphens haven't worked in the past18:03
pleia2they aren't clickable on the twitter web interface (cut off before the -)18:03
jcastromhall119: I think you need dashes to nest18:04
jcastro- blah18:04
jcastro   - blah18:04
mhall119jcastro: no, just 4 spaces instead of 218:04
balloonsno hyphens?18:04
balloonsyou can annoy/impress java programmers and do this #ubuntuGlobalJam18:05
balloonsshow the c guys love with this #ubuntu_global_jam.. or even enum #ugj #ubuntuglobaljam18:05
mhall119balloons: too short for C18:06
mhall119it would have to be something like #canonical_ubuntu_community_jam_global_event_hashtag18:06
balloonsspeaking of twitter anyway..  @ubuntuTesting is alive now18:08
mhall119jono: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/18:13
mhall119embedded your video18:13
jonoballoons, woo!18:13
jonomhall119, nice!18:13
balloonsmhall119, wow.. that looks amazing18:14
balloonsreally nice18:14
balloonsjust cross your fingers about nsfw images showing up below ;-)18:15
jonomhall119, that page looks sweet :-)18:16
jonocan you bold the date?18:16
mhall119jono: on the right-hand side?18:17
jonomhall119, int he description18:17
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mhall119jono: better?18:18
jonocool :-)18:18
mhall119my burndown chart is going to be looking a lot better now18:20
jonocool :-)18:30
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pleia2is Ubuntu doing GSoC this year? Cat asked me last year why we didn't apply, not sure who is responsible for such things18:41
bkerensapleia2: GSoC would be fun18:44
pleia2bkerensa: we've done it in the past, but not in 2011 for whatever reason18:44
bkerensajono: Canonical needs gift cards in the shop :)18:49
jcastroas awesome as Pandora is18:53
popey\o/ jcastro18:53
jcastrosometimes it just makes /odd/ choices18:53
jcastrolike, Dokken, who ever listened to that, ever.18:53
bkerensajcastro: You try Spotify?18:53
jcastronot really18:53
bkerensajcastro: Well its pretty nifty especially with the Top 10 app :D18:58
bkerensaI would say though that the Linux client is not yet up to par though18:58
nothingspecial+1 to the gift cards idea bkerensa19:07
cjohnstonbkerensa: I'd rather just not have $30 shipping than gift cards19:09
nothingspecialI appologise, I was thinking of the music store19:10
bkerensacjohnston: +1 for not paying Canonical exorbitant shipping costs when they could have a U.S. Shipping point too!19:20
bkerensaThey do have a office on the east coast too :(19:20
bkerensanothingspecial: Yeah I would like them so I could give them to contributors19:21
nothingspecialbkerensa, I would like to give them to my kids :)19:21
bkerensacjohnston: For the price of shipping and product you could easily have a few things produced locally19:22
nothingspecialFind some more people who want some stuff and split it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=191901219:25
nothingspecialget intouch with your loco or lug :)19:25
bkerensa:P I have pitched the idea of a quarterly buy but no luck so far19:27
bkerensaI just checked.... So it costs $62.98 for two shirts and shipping from Canonical but for $47.20 I could have the same exact design printed and shipped (free)19:28
bkerensaIf I had 10 made I would pay even less19:28
czajkowskipleia2: re GSoC pretty sure I saw a mail from dholbach recently about it on one of the lists19:31
czajkowskiI think this time they wanted more concrete ideas rather than look at brainstorm tons of ideas over there we'll pick one19:31
snap-ljcastro: Last time I listened to Dokken was, oh, college. :)19:31
pleia2czajkowski: ah, thanks, found it on u-devel :)19:32
czajkowskipleia2: ahh ok too many mails this week.19:32
pleia2yeah, and I haven't caught up on -devel this week19:32
JanCbkerensa: Canonical doesn't ship t-shirts, their promo items provider does, so the US offices of Canonical aren't really relevant  ;)20:05
JanChttp://www.merchandisemania.co.uk/ --> so shipping from this company20:09
JanCbkerensa: we made our own locoteam t-shirts too20:17
pleia2they had a vendor in the US for a while but they didn't continue (not enough business to be worthwhile?)20:17
pleia2I ordered from them once20:18
bkerensaJanC: Yea we have had our own shirts printed for every event so far... for $200 or there about I can get a t-shirt for every one in our loco20:19
JanChttp://www.flickr.com/photos/woutervddn/5552340881/in/photostream/ --> photo from back when they were new last year20:20
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JanCI think we pay about 7-8 € for an organic & fair-trade t-shirt + printing + shipping when ordering at least 10020:21
JanCthta's 2-colour printing20:22
JanC(which includes around 20% VAT)20:22
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JanCalso, these are our beautiful rollups: http://www.flickr.com/photos/woutervddn/6052761120/ :)   (they go together with flyers that explain the icons on the left side: secure, fast, etc.)20:25
duanedesign /2320:29
bkerensaJanC: Does you guys have a svg for those rollups... I would pay for our LoCo to get one or two20:30
JanCbkerensa: I'm sure we have something somewhere  ☺20:31
JanCbkerensa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/PromotionMaterial/Rollup2011 --> looks like there is a Scribus document there20:32
JanC(also, make sure to change the locoteam URL ;) )20:33
JanChttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/PromotionMaterial/Flyers2011 --> images of the flyers (in Dutch & French)20:35
bkerensamhall119: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837191/23:01
popeybkerensa: sudo apt-get install dialog23:08
bkerensapopey: Thanks that fixed the dialog portion :)23:24

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