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dholbachgood morning08:08
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etneg_hey kenvandine13:55
etneg_wow lot of feedback13:55
MrChrisDruifOn what etneg_ ?13:56
etneg_oh gwibber logo13:56
MrChrisDruifAh, that ^_^13:56
kenvandineetneg_, oh... i just noticed OMG picked it up :)13:58
etneg_kenvandine: ye13:58
etneg_lot oftrolling going on there13:58
etneg_kenvandine: people are beginning to think the "logo" is the icon13:59
etneg_i didnt do a version for the logo13:59
etneg_oops correction13:59
etneg_i didnt do a version for the icon13:59
etneg_as an icon the logo would have to be brought down a bit,some elements removed14:00
etneg_but thats pretty sweet, lot of feedback14:02
etneg_kenvandine: based on what's going on now, do you want revisions or new concepts?14:03
kenvandineetneg_, it would be nice to also include icon versions based on the logo14:05
etneg_yeh i'll do that now14:05
kenvandineas for revisions, if you want to update the existing concepts lets make them like 1.1 , 1.2, etc14:06
kenvandineso they can gather feedback separately from the original14:06
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etneg_i didnt get you, sorry14:07
etneg_i label it 1.1 and 1.2 and so on ?14:07
kenvandinewith separate space for feedback14:09
kenvandineetneg_, you can just post them right on the wiki page14:10
kenvandineso put concept 1.1 under the feedback section of concept 1 and add a heading and empty bullet line for feedback14:10
MrChrisDruifWhat are the differences between the logo and the icon? =/14:13
etneg_well sometimes if the logo is "busy" you tone it down for the icon14:15
etneg_icons are kept simpler14:15
etneg_you just pull out the key elements that make up the logo for the icon and you're done14:15
etneg_atleast that's what i usually do14:15
MrChrisDruifBut busy logo are wrong in the first place ;-)14:17
MrChrisDruifHowever, sometimes/most of the time "logo's" include the name in a certain font14:18
etneg_some use wordmarks and some dont14:20
etneg_depends on the client's taste really14:21
kenvandinei really prefer not having the name in the logo14:24
MrChrisDruifI've heard once that the Dutch were experts in the use of fonts etc back in the 1900's14:24
etneg_kenvandine: really?14:24
kenvandinepersonally, i prefer logos that are recognizable without that14:24
kenvandineetneg_, like on the website we would have the name in the header next to or below the logo14:24
kenvandinebut the logo should represent the spirit of the app, not the name of the app14:25
MrChrisDruifkenvandine; I agree14:25
etneg_did you mean no text in the icon ?14:25
MrChrisDruifOr company!14:25
kenvandineetneg_, yeah... no text in the icon for sure14:25
kenvandinebut even for the logo14:25
etneg_oh ok14:25
kenvandinedon't make the name part of the logo14:25
etneg_for the icon i just toned it up a bit14:25
MrChrisDruifkenvandine; depends on the situation I'd say14:26
etneg_no text and the smiley glass faces are not visible there14:26
MrChrisDruifI should reinstall this PC...or remove all the cruft from things I don't use14:26
kenvandineetneg_, personally i really love concept 114:26
MrChrisDruifIt's a bit slow14:26
etneg_kenvandine: if you want to keep the logo without text, no issues there but just seeing a logo without a name on it is almostlike faceless14:27
etneg_you know what i mean14:27
etneg_if im someone who doesnt know nothing about gwibber, and im looking at a gwibber logo on some ref page along with twitter and the rest, it doesnt tell you14:27
kenvandinethat is why in places like the header of a website you would put the name near it, for identity purposes14:27
etneg_what if someone used the gwibber logo on their page?14:27
etneg_without a name you cant tell14:28
etneg_you're talking about using it on the gwibber.com page which is fine14:28
kenvandinein that case we should probably have a horizontal version with the name next to it14:28
kenvandineand some branding guidelines14:28
kenvandinefor use14:28
etneg_oh ye14:28
etneg_i could remove the text and for those wanting to use it on their page or something, we could have one with the name on it i suppose?14:29
etneg_have you seen the (RED) logo concepts?if you got the time, take a look at it14:30
etneg_it's an interesting way to have people use your logo and incorporate their product logo into it wthout killing the aesthetics of the key product logo14:30
MrChrisDruifetneg_; I'm not catching your drift?14:32
etneg_key product logo (RED)14:33
etneg_on that page other products trying to collaborate with it14:33
etneg_(CocaCola)^red. Cocacola has kept their logo there and supports red but they key element there is still the red logo because of the curved brackets14:34
etneg_so if i took " MrChrisDruif " and put it in a red bracket as ( MrChrisDruif )^red, it'll instantly hit me that you're part of the red foundation14:35
MrChrisDruifGhehe ^_^14:36
etneg_nice concept eh?14:36
MrChrisDruifAh, and IT is for/against AIDS14:37
etneg_the logo belongs to U214:39
etneg_it's unlikely one of us could get away with that bracket + RED as a logo without someone suing our ass for some sort of trademark infringement14:40
etneg_i bet he must have paid quite a sum to get by that, just my 2 cents assumption14:40
MrChrisDruifetneg_; /s/red/blue ;-)14:44
etneg_heh gl14:45
etneg_ok just uploaded 1.1 icon version14:51
etneg_kenvandine: if you have another concept in mind i could do one now15:05
etneg_something different to concept 1 or 215:05
kenvandineetneg_, nothing now... but if you have ideas :)15:07
etneg_i do, but if you have one, i could work on that first15:07
etneg_but ok15:07
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etneg_kenvandine: ping21:00
kenvandineetneg_, pong21:02
etneg_kenvandine: http://i41.tinypic.com/t0rhio.png21:02
etneg_didnt put it on the wiki yet, but your thoughts21:02
kenvandineetneg_, sorry, i don't get the concept.  a book with a page turned?21:03
kenvandineit's nice looking, but i don't see it as being "social"21:04
etneg_blogging as in writing down in a diary21:04
etneg_oh the social part i didnt convey in this21:05
kenvandineetneg_, sorry...  yeah concept is a bit of imho21:05
SirLinux`what image size we should use for the wallpapers ?21:06
etneg_kenvandine: ok21:07
SirLinux`for the  Precise Pangolin wallpaper submissions21:07
etneg_do you want me to modify it to add  social element21:07
etneg_or i could work on another concept21:08
kenvandineetneg_, something else21:08
kenvandinethx though21:08
etneg_ok np21:08
kenvandineetneg_, i still love concept 1 :)21:08
etneg_do you want to modify concept 1 ?21:08
kenvandineetneg_, it is up to you, if you want to take some of the feedback and make some revisions21:09
kenvandinethat would be cool21:09
etneg_well i did a revision for the icon part21:09
etneg_removed the faces for the icon21:09
etneg_i'll see what i can come up with21:09
kenvandineetneg_, thx21:11
thorwilSirLinux`: aiming at 2650 x 1600 allows use on any common monitor21:28
thorwilSirLinux`: you might want to take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Documentation/Backgrounds#Templates21:30
etneg_kenvandine: http://i43.tinypic.com/mald1w.png21:37
etneg_i havent colored it or prettified it, the concept ok?21:37
etneg_kenvandine: ping22:35
SirLinux`made it 1920x108022:58
etneg_what is that?22:58
etneg_using blender?22:58
SirLinux`excuse me ?22:59
MrChrisDruifWhat did you use to create that SirLinux` is what etneg_ meant23:00
SirLinux`oh .. i used cinema 4d.23:00
MrChrisDruifSo a reference to the old colouring scheme?23:00
SirLinux`yeah and a 3d logo :)23:01
etneg_ah cinema 4d23:03
etneg_like what 20 mins work i bet23:04
etneg_if i had to vectorise that sucker, well atleast an hr23:04
MrChrisDruifetneg_; "sucker" might not be a very friendly word for it, maybe you could try "piece of work" next time? ^_^ Just sayin' ^_^23:06
etneg_oh right ok23:07
etneg_just saying, vectorising that would be so time consuming23:07
SirLinux`etneg_ well , kinda23:07
etneg_ive been meaning to go into 3d as well23:07
SirLinux`20 - 30 minutes23:07
etneg_atleast for some tasks23:07
etneg_havent gotten my new machine yet, once it's here, either cinema4d or blender and the awesome zbrush = total awesomeness23:08
etneg_ive heard some good stuff aboout cinema4d23:13
SirLinux`yeah but you need good pc23:14
SirLinux`this notebook i use for such works, is a i7 cpu with 4 gb ram ( sony vaio ) and is kinda slow while rendering23:14
etneg_well the machine im building and i just orderered for the parts23:15
etneg_is an i7 2600k, sli 580s with 3gb, and a nice cooling system, 16gb ram 1800, etc23:16
etneg_i'll oc that and i should do fine23:16
etneg_even if i didnt oc it, it'll do fine23:16
etneg_rendering is tricky23:17
etneg_gpu or cpu?23:17
etneg_varries with each23:17
etneg_i mean solidworks + GTX = poor performances23:17
etneg_solidworks + quadro = major performance because of the drivers that are customised for solidworks23:18
etneg_blender and a quadro? forget it, might as well stick with teh GTX23:18
etneg_you have to understand, 5 yrs ago people did some awesome work in 3d without all this hardware, think about it...23:19
etneg_so i wouldnt exactly count on a rock solid machine to produce quality work, might need some talent too:P23:20
SirLinux`nice specs there23:21
SirLinux`rendering  : cpu23:21
etneg_ah k23:21
etneg_oh a laptop?23:22
etneg_seriously get a workstation, it'll be less painful23:22
etneg_or just a desktop23:22
etneg_i have the new xps but you dont wanna heat those guys up, they'll cry for miles23:23
SirLinux`i was thinkin to get a imac full speks23:23
SirLinux`specs *23:23
etneg_for that price?23:23
etneg_why bother23:23
etneg_build it dude23:24
etneg_alrihg togtta jetfor a bit23:25

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