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ashamsthelinuxer, dude, we need them to agree on membership method before talking about procedures, right?14:34
thelinuxerashams: methods and procedures are synonyms :D14:47
thelinuxerashams: you can add any subtopics you see appropriate to clarify it ..14:52
thelinuxerhi mgamal14:57
ashamsthelinuxer, I meant the whole *membership* idea aslan :D14:58
ashamsmgamal, hiiiiiiiiiiii14:58
mgamalhi guys14:58
ashamsmgamal, hi :)14:58
mgamalhi ashams14:59
ashamsthelinuxer, hi14:59
ashamsmgamal, hi14:59
ashamshell, hi14:59
ashamsstop saying hi, so I won't reply hi14:59
thelinuxerashams: this was the main idea behind having a non-elected council!14:59
thelinuxerto put some standards and start accepting members15:00
thelinuxerwho will have voting rights15:00
ashamsthelinuxer, man, I can't understand you these days :P15:00
thelinuxery r we talking in loops ?! we have been having this conversation for almost a year now!15:00
thelinuxera year a whole year!!!!15:01
ashamsthelinuxer, hi15:01
ashamsmeetingology, hi15:01
thelinuxerashams: i won't hi u back :P15:01
meetingologyashams: Error: "hi" is not a valid command.15:01
ashamsthelinuxer, lol15:01
thelinuxeri will jon an wazery15:01
thelinuxerwill call*15:02
thelinuxershouldn't they be here by now ?15:02
ashamsba7eb a3mel feha 3abeeet awiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :P15:02
thelinuxerwazery has ubuntu related problems :D he should be here in 2 mins15:03
thelinuxerjonathan should be here in 515:04
thelinuxermgamal: y don't u familiarize yourself with meetingology since u gonna be the meeting chair15:04
mgamalhow does it work?15:04
ashams5 points, maybe mins, maybe hours, maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe years15:04
thelinuxerjust send it msgs15:04
thelinuxerfor instance i will try to make u chair15:05
thelinuxermeetingology: #chair mgamal15:05
meetingologythelinuxer: Error: "#chair" is not a valid command.15:05
ashamsnon, he should startmeeting by himself15:05
thelinuxerthere is a chair command!15:05
thelinuxeri saw it in the wiki page!15:06
ashamsI assume it's to chane or set chair15:06
ashamsafter starting meeting15:06
thelinuxermgamal: you should use "startmeeting" when the time comes :D15:07
thelinuxerthen "topic" and "subtopic" ..etc15:07
jonathanhindiI am here now15:07
jonathanhindisorry for being late15:07
mgamalwaiting for wazery15:07
thelinuxerwazery should be here sooon15:07
jonathanhindiCan you send me the agenda ?15:08
ashamsjonathanhindi, hi (he don't know what I'm going to do next)15:08
mgamalashams, can u handle all those meetingology stuff?15:09
jonathanhindiashams: 7asies bi ma2lab gai :D15:09
ashamsmgamal, noooooooooo15:09
ashamsjonathanhindi, hi15:09
thelinuxerashams: just logistical stuff ... we would only need a link to the meetingology minutes page15:09
thelinuxerno need for "present" section ..etc15:09
thelinuxermgamal: we will all learn together :D15:10
ashamsok, I think we should forget about that bot this time15:10
ashamsok, let's learn15:10
jonathanhindiwhy i feel that i am not understanding anything now !15:10
ashamscoz you didn't reply the hi15:10
thelinuxerjonathanhindi: we have a meeting bot15:10
mgamaljonathanhindi: lighten up, we haven't started yet15:10
ashamsreply and I'll tell you :P15:10
thelinuxerashams: lol stop it15:10
ashamsthelinuxer, ok, mr op :(15:11
thelinuxerjonathanhindi: hi15:11
ashamsjonathanhindi, hi15:11
jonathanhindiashams: hi15:11
thelinuxerashams: hi15:11
ashamsoh nooooooooooo15:11
ashamsjonathanhindi, thelinuxer hi15:11
thelinuxerthelinuxer: hi :P15:11
jonathanhindiana zh2t :D15:11
thelinuxertab i will call wazery tany15:11
ashamsya3am 2ollo yenazzel windows wi yerayya7 dema3'ooo15:13
thelinuxerwazery lost his home (folder of course)15:13
ashamsgood start15:13
mgamalI am using Window$ btw15:13
thelinuxerhe will join us from a live cd session15:13
thelinuxercool here he is15:14
mgamalmy wireless is screwed on oneiric15:14
thelinuxerhi wazery15:14
wazerysorry guys :(15:14
wazeryhi thelinuxer15:14
mgamalhi wazery15:14
ashamsmgamal,  shame on you15:14
ashamswazery, hi15:14
wazeryhi mgamal15:14
thelinuxermgamal: start the meeting?15:14
wazeryhi ashams15:14
ashamswazery, hi15:14
mgamalguys let's start15:14
mgamalashams: what's the first topic on our list?15:15
thelinuxerwho will be handling meetingology ?15:15
meetingologyMeeting started Fri Feb 10 15:15:45 2012 UTC.  The chair is ashams. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.15:15
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired15:15
ashams#chair mgamal15:15
meetingologyCurrent chairs: ashams mgamal15:16
ashams#topic council meeting II15:16
ashamsnow what?15:16
mgamalwhat's the discussion point now?15:17
thelinuxerproceed with the agenda15:17
ashams#startmeeting council meeting 215:17
meetingologyashams: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.15:17
ashams#meetingtopic Council Meeting 215:17
jonathanhindii have to go 4 15 mins15:18
ashamsok, let's pass15:18
mgamalwhat's the first topic on our agenda?15:18
ashamsHow can ppl join Council?15:18
ashamswe have membership method suggested for joining and voting15:19
mgamaldidn't we say elections are held on october and april?15:19
ashamsyes, but who can be nominated15:19
mgamaland what's the method?15:19
ashamsmgamal, membership15:19
mgamalthe question is, how can one be a member?15:20
ashamsthat's to make a somewhat threshold so one person won't get some of his friends to vote for him15:20
mgamalnow membership will be approved by the councik15:21
mgamalbut who can apply to begin with?15:21
ashamsit was suggested that 6months of contribution is enough15:21
mgamalnow this opnes another question15:21
mgamalon FGs15:21
mgamalshould the contribution be actually through the FGs?15:21
ashamsI guess yes15:22
mgamalif we go far an open model, then people join the FGs as they desire15:22
ashamsmgamal, not all fgs15:22
mgamalonce they contribute for 6 months, they are eligible for membership15:22
mgamalif we go for a closed model15:22
ashamsfgs need to be somehow not fully open15:22
ashamsso we keep quality15:22
mgamalthen people join FGs if and only if they are laready members15:22
ashamsmembers of the parent team, right?15:23
mgamalwhat parent team?15:24
ashamsI mean ~ubuntu-eg15:24
thelinuxerashams: I am sorry but isn't this a bit confusing ?15:25
thelinuxeri am gonna follow ur train of thought, how can one be a member of ubuntu-eg (the parent team)?15:26
mgamalnice one, thelinuxer15:26
ashamsI mean, mgamal means members of ~ubuntut-eg which is fully open or members of "ubuntu-eg members" which is not fully open15:26
thelinuxerashams: fine ..15:26
thelinuxeri have a point to say about FGs15:26
ashamsit's not a long train though15:26
mgamalno, members of FGs15:26
ashamsshooot me15:26
ashamsmgamal, that's good15:27
thelinuxerwe discussed the option of having core FGs and completely open FGs15:27
thelinuxercore are close and related to the day to day operations and event like graphics or web teams for instance15:27
thelinuxerwhile other FGs can be useful and everything but not as essential like a dev team (not that dev is not important ..) just an example15:28
ashamsso if any one is a member of a core fg, s/he can be nominated, right?15:28
thelinuxermgamal: i guess the 6 month rule should be followed15:28
mgamaland members of open fgs can be nominated if they contribute for 6 months :)15:28
thelinuxerjoining the FG means he was accepted by the FG leader, we can think he's on probation15:29
mgamalI have a different model in mind15:29
ashamsmgamal, go15:29
thelinuxeror he could become a member if he got a recommendation from the FGs members/leaders15:29
thelinuxermgamal: shoot15:29
mgamallook guys15:29
mgamalI hate too much hirearchy15:29
ashamswe can't look, it's irc15:29
mgamalI want to keep it as flat and open as much as possible15:30
mgamaldon't want to have too many "elites" in the group and os15:30
mgamalit's against open source principles15:30
mgamalso anyway15:30
mgamalmy idea is that FGs are open15:30
ashamsgood point15:30
ashamsbut quality15:30
ashamswe can't give ppl a very bad support for ex.15:31
mgamalthere are no quality concerns in FGs15:31
mgamalit's all natural selection15:31
ashamswhat about support fg?15:31
mgamalin other words15:31
mgamalUbuntu-eg is a collective of all FGs15:31
mgamalyou contribute to FGs15:31
mgamalfor 6 months15:31
mgamalonce you do so15:31
mgamaland are approved by FG leader/community15:32
mgamalyou can apply for membership15:32
ashamswhy membership ba2a?15:32
wazeryashams: I think the quality is the responsibility of the leader of the fg15:32
ashamswe can make it just get nominated15:32
ashamswazery, good point15:32
thelinuxermgamal: fine by me .. as a membership process, types of FGs and their responsibilities should be discussed separately15:32
jonathanhindiam back15:33
jonathanhindithelinuxer: thanks15:33
ashamsmgamal, if we're doing all of this, why we put "membership" in their way15:33
mgamaldon't get you ashams15:34
thelinuxerashams: it's not in their way, it's not blocking them from doing anything ..15:34
ashamsI think if one spent 6m in any core fg, he can get nominated for council15:34
ashamswhy we put them somewhere else while they'll be in their place with their record on that fg15:34
ashamsrecomendation from fg leader will be received anyway, who would say no?15:35
ashamsmgamal, is it clear now?15:36
thelinuxerashams: a side point but we will need a list of emails for the voting process, so we will need to collect those who has voting rights somewhere ...15:36
mgamalnot really15:36
ashamsthelinuxer, I'm talking about nomination only for now15:36
thelinuxermgamal: were u replying to him or me ?15:37
mgamalto ashams15:37
thelinuxerashams: it's the same for me, any member can nominate himself15:37
ashamsany member of what?15:37
thelinuxerany members who passed the membership process with status approved15:38
ashamsguys, you keep "member" while we have a lot of memberships in here...15:38
mgamallet me clarify my idea15:38
mgamalignore core FGs for a moment15:38
jonathanhindiguys, ana etl5bat, you are discussing the membership of fg ?15:38
mgamaland this will lead us to ubuntu-eg mebership15:39
mgamaland thus to council15:39
mgamalfor open FGs15:39
mgamalanyone joins15:39
mgamalcontributes 6 months15:39
mgamaland is eligible to apply for membership15:39
mgamalif their quality is bad15:39
mgamalwe simply would filter them out and not vote them for membership15:40
mgamalfor core FGs15:40
jonathanhindimgamal: +!15:40
mgamalwe don't need to follow this procedures15:40
thelinuxermgamal: +115:40
jonathanhindimgamal: +1*15:40
mgamalbecause membership is already closed, and only good members are allowed in15:40
mgamalso being a member of a core FG means you can automatically apply for Ubuntu-eg membership15:41
mgamalUbuntu-eg membership is to be approved by the council15:41
mgamalthat's all15:41
mgamalwho agrees?15:41
ashamshow can we measure quality then? and who are we in "we simply would filter them out and not vote them for membership"15:41
mgamalthe council15:43
thelinuxerare we voting now ?15:43
thelinuxerashams: can u start a vote ?15:44
ashams#vote 6m at fg > membership15:44
meetingologyPlease vote on: 6m at fg > membership15:44
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)15:44
meetingology+1 received from mgamal15:44
meetingology+0 received from ashams15:44
meetingology+1 received from wazery15:44
meetingology+1 received from jonathanhindi15:44
thelinuxerashams: close vote15:45
meetingologyVoting ended on: 6m at fg > membership15:45
meetingologyVotes for:3 Votes against:0 Abstentions:115:45
meetingologyMotion carried15:45
mgamalnow, which are the core FGs and what are open ones?15:46
ashamsmgamal, I think all fgs we agreed upon are core?15:46
ashamsI guess so15:47
mgamalcan you remind me which were which?15:47
jonathanhindimgamal: till now we said that we will start with the core fg15:47
mgamalI guess we can discuss this division offline, but let's move on15:47
ashamsmgamal, ok, grabbing them15:47
ashamsPR: Marketing + Social Media + Spokespersons?15:48
ashamsfrom last meeting15:48
ashams#subtopic PR: Marketing + Social Media + Spokespersons?15:48
mgamalfine by me15:49
mgamalany concerns?15:49
ashamsjonathanhindi, objected having sp inside PR15:49
ashamsit's irrelevant15:49
ashamscan we kick it out?15:49
jonathanhindiashams: can't understand you?15:50
ashamssorry, should we collect votes on this issue?15:50
thelinuxerwe would also need a group for inter-teams affairs :D like with other Arabic teams for instance15:50
ashamsmovin spokespersons outside pr15:51
ashamsthelinuxer, that would be community15:51
jonathanhindiashams: movin spokespersons outiside marketing15:51
ashamsoutside PR15:51
jonathanhindiashams: please name it marketing15:52
ashamsit's not my name, after all15:52
ashamsyou suggest to change PR to marketin and kick SP outside it?15:52
ashamswhat you think guys?15:53
ashamsmgamal, current FGs are: A)Support15:54
ashamsC)PR: Marketing + Social Media + Spokespersons15:54
ashamsE)Website Maintainers15:54
thelinuxeri really don't have a say in this technically they are different15:54
mgamalplease weigh in15:54
thelinuxerweigh in what ?15:54
mgamalsay why you think they're different15:55
jonathanhindithelinuxer: technically they are different social media is a part of marketing but pr is a different field15:55
thelinuxerjonathanhindi: yes exactly what i mean15:56
thelinuxerfor instance the PR should be the one dealing with ArabNet15:56
mgamalwe should make them separate then15:56
jonathanhindibezabt :D15:56
thelinuxerwhile the marketing team should be trying to increase our followers with any means necessary15:56
jonathanhindithelinuxer: 3lik nour :)15:56
ashamsso, Marketing, PR and SP....15:57
mgamalI agree to this15:57
ashamsany objection before collecting vottes?15:57
jonathanhindiashams: i think sp should be under the pr because it is very related but 3ashan el remote areas we should make it different15:58
thelinuxerjonathanhindi: i disagree ...15:58
jonathanhindii am just confusing my self.15:58
thelinuxerit depends on what a spokes person means15:58
thelinuxeris he someone who can represent the team in events by giving lectures ?15:59
thelinuxeror is he someone who would get us sponsorship deals ?15:59
ashamsthelinuxer, a representative while no council members in area15:59
thelinuxerrepresentation for what ?16:00
ashamsthat simple16:00
ashamsrepresentative of the team16:00
thelinuxerany approved members should be a representative of the team in general16:00
ashamsgood point16:01
thelinuxerif they are a team they should have specific responsibilities16:01
jonathanhindithelinuxer: yes i am with you in this point, Ubuntu-eg member is ubuntu-eg ambassador anywhere any time16:01
thelinuxeri guess we don't really have a definition for SP team, so we should cancel it all together ..16:03
ashamscool, let's do it for now16:03
jonathanhindithelinuxer: +1 to cancel the sp team16:03
ashams#vote Marketing + PR (No SP)16:04
meetingologyPlease vote on: Marketing + PR (No SP)16:04
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)16:04
jonathanhindibut any Ubuntu-Eg Approved member is an Ubuntu-Eg ambassador16:04
meetingology+1 received from jonathanhindi16:04
meetingology+0 received from wazery16:04
thelinuxerjonathanhindi: we can write this in the membership page ...16:04
meetingology+0 received from mgamal16:05
meetingology-1 received from ashams16:05
meetingologyVoting ended on: Marketing + PR (No SP)16:05
meetingologyVotes for:1 Votes against:1 Abstentions:216:05
meetingologyDeadlock, casting vote may be used16:05
thelinuxeri will be the tie breaking, cool ?16:05
jonathanhindihehe :)16:05
ashamsnow what?16:06
thelinuxerok np let the record show my big +1 :D16:06
jonathanhindiniah :_16:06
thelinuxerashams: next item in the agenda ...16:06
ashamsGuys, plz say why you gave +0 and what are your suggestions?16:07
ashamsthelinuxer, "on" istead of "in", comment:  ya wad ya daqeeeq...16:08
ashamsguys we didn't settle to anything thing in this regard so far.....16:08
thelinuxerno we did16:08
thelinuxerif i would be the tie breaking vote16:08
wazeryI have no suggestions about the sp :), I leave it for you guys16:09
thelinuxeri voted +116:09
ashamsthelinuxer, that would be 2/516:09
ashamsi gave -116:09
thelinuxerso the whole score is +116:09
mgamalsame as wazery16:09
thelinuxerashams: i don't really understand what r voting against ? what other structure you would like ?16:10
thelinuxerwould you* :P16:10
ashamshow would teams with no experienced persons make their way through16:11
ashamsthey will need a lnamed leader16:11
ashamsto move the wheel16:11
thelinuxeri think this unrelated to the structure itself ...16:11
mgamalashams: just like we did with the council16:11
thelinuxerthis is*16:11
mgamalcurrent active members can be assigned to lead FGs16:11
ashamslet's pass?16:12
mgamalnext item on the agenda?16:12
thelinuxerso this structure is accepted, right ?16:12
ashamsyes, to me16:13
mgamalsame here16:13
thelinuxerproceed ..16:13
mgamalMarketing + PR with no SP team, I am getting this right?16:13
ashamsmgamal, would you look for the next item yourself, sorry I'm confused16:13
mgamal#subtopic Eventing16:14
ashamshow can we increase online events? or should we do aslan?16:15
ashamspong :-)16:15
mgamalwas just going to ask16:15
mgamalwhat are online events?16:15
mgamalI guess we have things like global jams16:15
thelinuxeronline events like ubuntu user week16:16
mgamalbut I can't really think of any more online events on the LoCo leevel16:16
thelinuxerand ubuntu developer week16:16
thelinuxerwe can have in the Arabic teams level ..16:16
mgamalbut the LoCo has nothing to do with these16:16
thelinuxerevents like this in Arabic language16:16
ashamsthat's it, in arabic16:16
mgamalexcept probably promoting them16:16
mgamalwe can do dour own events definitely16:16
mgamalbut this is something that can be taken in its time16:16
mgamalI don't see a need for much discussion here16:17
ashamspostpone it?16:17
thelinuxermgamal: sure i think it can be postponed ..16:17
ashams#subtopic Finding fund for events.16:18
ashamsit doesn't work :-(16:18
mgamalI don't have much to weigh in here16:18
ashamswe have no fund for anything16:19
mgamalwe probably needed Anas to tell us about it16:19
mgamalwe will need to make Funds16:19
ashamsour work on the new structure is almost useless16:19
ashamsunless we make events16:19
ashamswhich need more money16:19
mgamalevents need funds16:19
ashamsso, we need funds16:19
jonathanhindiself funded16:19
mgamalIMO we can fund ourselves in two ways16:20
jonathanhindiminimum contribution16:20
mgamal1- Self-funding16:20
mgamal2- By getting sponsors16:20
jonathanhindimgamal: i think doing the two together is a good idea16:20
thelinuxeri think funding is a tricky issue, legaly i mean16:20
mgamaljonathanhindi: I never said the two are mutually exclusive16:20
thelinuxerwe don't want to be accused of getting foreign funds :D16:21
jonathanhindiwe already discussed the min-contribution before in a public meeting16:21
mgamalthelinuxer: making a gam3eyya isn't illegal I think :)16:21
thelinuxermgamal: sure16:21
mgamalin other words16:21
mgamalmembers can pay voluntary monthly payments16:21
mgamalthey will be kept to fund team activites16:21
ashamsWe almost can't receive funds from any organizations, simply coz they pay i to get subtracted from taxees16:21
jonathanhindiso min-contribution 15 L.E from every approved member16:22
ashamstaxes, even16:22
thelinuxerjonathanhindi: mgamal back to the collecting issue ..16:22
thelinuxerwe want to make more meetings online16:22
thelinuxerhow would we collect the contribution every month?16:23
ashamsok, what about biannually?16:23
mgamalthere was one bulletpoint before funding16:23
mgamalI have no idea why ashams skipped it?16:23
jonathanhindibiannually for students it is nearl imposible16:23
mgamalRegulating ground events, by location and term.16:23
mgamalwe need to say first how the group meets16:23
mgamalhow frequently16:24
thelinuxermgamal: good point16:24
ashamsmgamal, yes I skipped it16:24
mgamalmonthly meeting?16:24
wazeryGuys aside from our topic, we should also discuss making an event before the next release, because I have a lot of ready CDs and stickers16:24
mgamalwazery, let's discuss this later16:24
thelinuxerlets focus on one point now16:24
mgamalin Sakia :)16:24
mgamalso anyway16:24
thelinuxerwazery: bring CDs with you please ...16:24
mgamalwhat's your opinion that the group makes a monthly meeting?16:25
wazerythelinuxer: ok16:25
ashamsmgamal, +116:25
thelinuxeru mean physical meeting ?16:25
mgamalshould be attended by council members and FG leaders16:25
mgamalI mean a physical meeting16:25
mgamalwe can just discuss, have fun, be geeks, and most importantly, collect funds :)16:25
thelinuxerhmm ..16:25
thelinuxerdidn't we try this over and over again ?16:26
mgamalwe never set it in stone :)16:26
thelinuxerwe always have problems committing to meetings every X16:26
wazerymgamal: +116:26
ashamsyes, it was never regualted16:26
ashamswhat about 3rd friday of each month16:26
mgamalwhat about the 1st friday of every month16:27
mgamalthat's easier to remember :)16:27
ashamsmgamal, +1 even16:27
thelinuxerashams: mgamal wazery please guys tell me how is this different from what we did before ?16:27
thelinuxerhow is this regulating it ?16:27
mgamalwe never had a regulation to start with16:27
mgamalattendance should be mandatory for council members and group leaders16:28
ashamsthelinuxer, dude, we need to make it in a way or another16:28
thelinuxerok lets try this once more16:28
ashamsit happens everywhere16:28
thelinuxerthat's what i am saying tell me the way ..16:28
thelinuxerok i agree too16:28
mgamalthelinuxer: now we have set dates for meetings, all we need is to discuss meeting places on the ML before we meet16:28
mgamallet's take a vote?16:29
thelinuxerok i guess we will need 1 online council meeting + 1 phsyical every month , right ?16:29
ashams#vote 1 physical meeting + 1 irc meeting every month?16:29
meetingologyPlease vote on: 1 physical meeting + 1 irc meeting every month?16:29
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)16:29
meetingology+1 received from ashams16:30
meetingology+1 received from jonathanhindi16:30
meetingology+1 received from wazery16:30
jonathanhindiGuys, I have to go now16:30
jonathanhindiI am sorry16:30
meetingology+1 received from mgamal16:30
ashamsok, bye16:30
meetingologyVoting ended on: 1 physical meeting + 1 irc meeting every month?16:31
meetingologyVotes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:016:31
meetingologyMotion carried16:31
wazerybye jonathanhindi16:31
mgamalwe didn't say when btw? :)16:31
thelinuxer1st and 3rd fridays ?16:31
mgamal1st friday every month for physical, + 3rd friday for IRC?16:31
wazery1st for both16:31
ashamsmgamal, can it be 1st for irc and 3rd for physical?16:32
thelinuxerwazery: it's a good idea actually ...16:32
thelinuxertiring for the council but good :16:32
mgamalwhy ashams ?16:32
ashamsso, we pre-discuss things on irc then we meet to finish it16:32
mgamalwe still can do that if it's the other way round? :)16:33
thelinuxerdoesn't really matter pic one guys, bas fe3lan I like wazery's suggestion16:34
ashamsthelinuxer, why?16:35
thelinuxerbecause if i am in the council I would like to finish the meetings in only one day16:35
thelinuxerlike today for instance we are meeting16:35
wazeryguys, I need to go16:35
thelinuxerthen we have a communitty outing16:35
ashamsthelinuxer, cool16:35
ashamsI +1 it16:36
thelinuxerwazery: vote for this then go16:36
ashamswazery, ok, bye dude16:36
wazerythelinuxer: ok16:36
thelinuxerashams: start the vote16:36
mgamalvote what exactly?16:36
ashams#vote both meeting on 1st friday?16:36
meetingologyPlease vote on: both meeting on 1st friday?16:36
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)16:36
meetingology+1 received from wazery16:36
thelinuxermgamal: physical and IRC in the same day16:37
wazerymeet you in sakia iaA16:37
thelinuxerwazery: ok bye16:37
meetingology-1 received from mgamal16:37
ashamsbye man :D16:37
mgamalplease vote guys16:38
ashamsmgamal, why?16:38
thelinuxerashams: finish the vote!16:38
ashamsmgamal, why you -1'd ?16:38
mgamalprobably won't have much time for the meetings this way16:38
ashamsthelinuxer, one sec, let's lestin to mgamal 's logic16:38
mgamalas you can see wazery and jon already left because they probably need that time to reach Sakia :)16:39
mgamalso it confines the time for the IRC meeting16:39
ashamsI agree with this16:39
meetingology-1 received from ashams16:39
meetingologyVoting ended on: both meeting on 1st friday?16:39
meetingologyVotes for:1 Votes against:2 Abstentions:016:39
meetingologyMotion denied16:39
thelinuxerthat's decided too16:39
ashamsso 1st and 3rd fridays?16:40
thelinuxercan we list some action items ?16:40
mgamal1st friday physical, 3rd IRC16:40
ashamsmgamal, this month is a special case?16:40
thelinuxerstarting march isA16:40
ashamsthelinuxer, ?16:40
thelinuxeraction items ..16:41
thelinuxeri guess we all agreed upon the core FGs16:41
thelinuxeri will create these core FGs and make the council the owner16:41
ashamsdon't know16:41
thelinuxerwhat do u mean don't know ?16:41
mgamalwe still haven't completely agreed about which ones will be core ans which will be open16:42
mgamalwe'll discuss this when we meet16:42
ashamshave we agreed on marketing + PR?16:42
thelinuxerand i think graphics(not sure if we discussed this)16:42
ashamsI'm not comfortable with fully open FGs16:42
ashamsOpen teams never helped16:43
thelinuxerand i think we should start asking people to join these teams ASAP16:43
thelinuxerashams: we said we will have both16:43
ashamsyou'll get teams filled with ppl but noone  do nothing16:43
ashamsit won't help this way16:43
mgamalyes, but this will create a closed hierarchy in the community16:44
ashamswe need some regulation to let ppl in16:44
mgamalwe don't16:44
ashamsmgamal, it's not closed, let's make a procedure16:44
mgamalwe can discuss this offline16:44
ashamswe can't invite ppl without discussing this16:44
thelinuxerok we can continue this discussion on the mailing list too ..16:44
mgamalwe have to discuss this tonight16:44
mgamalin the outing16:45
ashamsmgamal, I won't come :(16:45
mgamalmailing list then16:45
mgamalstart a thread and we would discuss16:45
thelinuxerhere is what i am worried about ..16:45
thelinuxerwe only have 2 month, and the process should be running before the next elections16:46
ashamsby "Regulating ground events, by location and term" I meant making events like sessions or lectures or so, not just meetings16:46
thelinuxerso we need to finalize the parts related to the membership/FGs ASAP16:46
ashamsthelinuxer, yep16:47
thelinuxerok i think this meeting is adjourned16:48
thelinuxerwe can continue on the mailing list16:48
ashamsmgamal, ?16:48
meetingologyMeeting ended Fri Feb 10 16:48:47 2012 UTC.16:48
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-eg/2012/ubuntu-eg.2012-02-10-15.15.moin.txt16:48
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-eg/2012/ubuntu-eg.2012-02-10-15.15.html16:48
thelinuxeri like the output from this bot!16:49
mgamalyeah! *me gusta*16:49
ashamsyeah, I like it too16:49
thelinuxermgamal: lool16:50
thelinuxerok here is what we did wrong16:50
thelinuxermeeting topic is wrong16:50
thelinuxerand all topics are sub topics ..16:50
ashamsno problem will fix it :)16:50
thelinuxerwe should do better next time :D16:50
thelinuxerdon't fix it16:50
thelinuxerit doesn't matter we were learning16:51
thelinuxermgamal: 7asaly el 3esha we anzel 3ala tool isA16:51
mgamalI am in Agouza, so I'll be in Sakia in no time isA16:51
thelinuxerbye ashams catch u later16:51
thelinuxermgamal: cool16:51
mgamalbye everyone16:52
ashamsthelinuxer, bye :-)16:52
ashamsmgamal, bye16:52
mgamalashams: bye16:52
ashamsmgamal, bye16:52

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