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CIA-128choose-mirror: cjwatson * r1173 ubuntu/ (choose-mirror.c debian/changelog): Manage memory for 'country' variable more carefully.13:51
CIA-128choose-mirror: cjwatson * r1174 ubuntu/ (choose-mirror.c debian/changelog):13:54
CIA-128choose-mirror: If the selected country has no mirror (excluding all-countries mirrors),13:54
CIA-128choose-mirror: then fall back to the default (LP: #919356).13:54
CIA-128choose-mirror: cjwatson * r1175 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.39ubuntu313:56
cjwatsonstgraber_: any luck with tracking down that ubiquity window size regression?13:57
stgraber_cjwatson: no, I've mostly been dealing with friendly-recovery and resolvconf yesterday. I was hoping to have some time to look at ubiquity today.14:08
stgraber_cjwatson: I noticed some other gtk weirdness on the desktop though where some fields (mostly text entry fields) would change nice with the recent light-themes upload14:09
stgraber_*would change size14:09
cjwatsonmaybe it was a theme thing; I just noticed that it started failing for me just after I upgraded GTK14:11
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stgrabercjwatson: OK (skipped=2)16:16
stgrabercjwatson: running tests/run on my laptop16:17
cjwatsonhmm, maybe a local problem then16:18
* cjwatson upgrades everything and tries again16:18
* stgraber needs to find a way to make test_usersetup pass in a container that doesn't involve hardcoding the real hostname in the test ...16:18
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cjwatsonstgraber: hm, yes, works for me now.  Maybe I was only partially upgraded or maybe it was transient.  Odd, but I shan't worry about it then.16:43
cjwatsonthanks for the cluebat :-)16:43
stgrabernp, happy to see it's not just a local weirdness on my machine ;)16:44
stgrabercjwatson: do you have some more things to land in trunk or should I tag and upload what we have so it makes it to the dailies?16:45
cjwatsonAlways, but nothing urgent16:49
cjwatsonI can do it myself if you like16:49
stgraberthat'd be great, thanks16:54
CIA-128ubiquity: cjwatson * r5174 trunk/ (d-i/manifest debian/changelog):17:27
CIA-128ubiquity: Automatic update of included source packages: choose-mirror 2.39ubuntu3,17:27
CIA-128ubiquity: netcfg 1.68ubuntu11.17:27
CIA-128ubiquity: cjwatson * r5175 trunk/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.9.1717:33
cjwatsonstgraber: test_usersetup> the powerpc build failed there; is that the same problem?19:36
stgraberI doubt it, the problem I have here is that the check expects "<hostname>.local" or "<hostname>" would resolve, which they don't in my case because arkose generates a temporary hostname that doesn't exist in the dns, in /etc/hosts or over avahi19:37
cjwatsonI wonder if the right answer for powerpc is to provide a mock version of Gio.Resolver.lookup_by_name_finish19:38
cjwatsonwhich I think would fix your problem too?19:38
stgrabercould be that /etc/hosts on the specific buildd is wrong though19:38
stgraberyeah it'd indeed19:38
cjwatsonor indeed .lookup_by_name_async19:38
cjwatsonperhaps both19:39
* cjwatson tries to convert from Gtk[HV]Box to GtkBox, and refreshes his memory of XPath20:12
cjwatsonxgrep -x '//object[@class="GtkBox"][count(child/packing/property[@name="expand"]) = 0]'20:12
CIA-128ubiquity: cjwatson * r5176 trunk/ (22 files in 8 dirs):21:14
CIA-128ubiquity: Convert from deprecated GtkHBox/GtkVBox to GtkBox, and from21:14
CIA-128ubiquity: GtkHButtonBox to GtkButtonBox.21:14
CIA-128ubiquity: cjwatson * r5177 trunk/ (debian/changelog src/panel/panel.c): Use g_object_unref instead of deprecated gdk_pixbuf_unref.21:21
CIA-128ubiquity: cjwatson * r5178 trunk/ (debian/changelog src/panel/panel.c):21:35
CIA-128ubiquity: Use gdk_error_trap_pop_ignored rather than gdk_error_trap_pop when21:35
CIA-128ubiquity: ignoring errors.21:35
cjwatsonstgraber: I committed what I think is a better fix for whiptail path hardcoding to debconf upstream: http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=debconf/debconf.git;a=commitdiff;h=43ca07c027ac609294fc8a020d1912ab606a4f2e23:29
cjwatson(no rush though, we can probably just take that on the next sync)23:29
cjwatson(well, merge)23:29
stgrabercjwatson: indeed much better, I was actually wondering how to do the equivalent of type/which in perl for a second, then gave up ;)23:36

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