Arnautovicanybody speaking english here?01:04
Emmanuel_ChanelYes. Where are you from? Croatia?01:08
ArnautovicEmmanuel_Chanel From Germany01:12
ArnautovicWhere are you from?01:12
Emmanuel_ChanelFrom Japan. I'm Japanese. Emmanuel CHanel is just a nick.01:12
ArnautovicPleased to meet you. I have this sword that has japanese written on it could you possibly tell me what it reads?01:13
Emmanuel_ChanelI hear that many from former Yugoslavia have a surname with -vic. So I asked that.01:14
ArnautovicIts just a football player that I like :D01:14
ArnautovicHe is from former Yugoslavia01:14
Emmanuel_ChanelIch spreche nicht gut Deutsch.01:15
ArnautovicIts alright01:15
ArnautovicCan you read whats written on the sword I told you about and translate it for me please?01:15
ArnautovicBoth sides.01:15
Emmanuel_ChanelThe former: 越中守(= Govornor of Ecchu)藤原(= Fujiwara)高平(=Takahira, Kouhei, or so on...)01:18
ArnautovicIs that name of the owner?01:19
Emmanuel_ChanelThe latter: 元和八年六月??? = Year Genwa 8, Month 6. Now Japan, Month 6(六月) is June. But probably, the author of that phrase didn't use Gregorian calender.01:22
ArnautovicWhat calendar is used here?01:50
ArnautovicHere is the entire blade01:52
Arnautovic92.8 cm01:53
Arnautovicand to the edge its 71.5 cm01:53
Emmanuel_ChanelCorrection. 元和 = げんな http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%85%83%E5%92%8C_%28%E6%97%A5%E6%9C%AC%2901:53
Emmanuel_ChanelBut I don't find what calender.01:54
Arnautovicso Genna?01:54
Arnautovic17th century basically?01:54
ArnautovicVery interesting01:55
ArnautovicThe first side mentions a specific person and a place yes?01:55
ArnautovicThe guy who sold it to me said its 200 years old01:57
ArnautovicHe wasnt a japanese though01:58
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ArnautovicThanks Emmanuel_Chanel02:02
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