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* smb is now nearly past his first coffee08:21
apwsmb, already so soon, you will be high as a kite08:34
smbapw, Nah, I can stop anytime I want... Really!08:35
* smb starts cup #208:35
* apw looks jelous08:37
smbapw, I'd share if you would sit closer...08:45
* apw puts the kettle on08:45
apwbah there is yet another pulse update in my queue ... sigh08:45
bryceapw, one week til FF, everyone's hurrying to finish breaking everything08:45
apwyeah, great fun this week is going to be08:45
smbgo with the challenge08:45
apw210M of updates for me today, i guess i misses yesterday on this machine ... thats what a full 1/4 of everything installed08:46
smbMust be related to Friday...09:19
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diwicI'm trying the latest i386 live-cd on my (older) laptop, and I get the error message that it misses the "pae" feature.10:07
diwicIs there anything I can do to boot a Live-CD off this one, or is it just not supported anymore?10:08
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* ppisati -> out for lunch11:42
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apwdiwic, i suspect that that image is no good for you12:50
diwicapw, so assume I want to install precise on this laptop; which I'm currently IRCing from, btw.12:51
diwicapw, how would I do? Could I use the alternate install CD or is that also booting a pae kernel?12:51
apwdiwic, you know i have no idea.  i would have to refer you to cjwatson on what cds have which kernels ... hmm12:52
apwtgardner, hey ... on this hyper-v thing, do you know its the ata_piix driver which is picking them up or was that just an assumption ?12:53
tgardnerapw, um, I think it was in the email. lemme recheck12:53
apwtgardner, thanks, i want to do the right one as i can't test myself12:54
tgardnerapw, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/917135/comments/312:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 917135 in linux "Hyper-V: enable all hv drivers and export them in the initramfs" [Medium,Triaged]12:55
apwtgardner, thanks, there it is12:55
* apw pops to get a sandwich, i am famished13:02
tgardnerapw, are you using x86_hyper_ms_hyperv.detect(), or is there a better way ?13:02
* tgardner hates hardy openvz13:20
apwtgardner, there is a standard idiom used in xen where you check x86_hyper == &xxx13:24
apwtgardner, see chinstrap:~apw/P13:25
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tgardnerapw, looks about right13:29
apwtgardner, the naming is a bit ass, but hey.  will put some kernels up for them to test i guess and see what they say13:30
tgardnerapw, do you think its upstreamable ?13:30
apwwell the current situation is that you have to either use blacklisting or link order to determine which gets priority13:31
apwwhich to me is utter pants, so unless it has something like xen13:31
apwwhere you can backchat to the hypervisor and remove the disks from sata13:31
apwthen i suspect this is the sort of thing one would want13:31
* smb shudders13:31
tgardnerapw, how can you blacklist ata_piix when its built-in ?13:31
apwso ... they will not like it, but i think its a sensible solution13:31
apwtgardner, well indeed, you can't so then you have to use link order13:32
apwand build them both in, and as it is staging you arn't going to do that13:32
apwbut ... even if it was a full driver, that link order or blacklisting is needed13:32
tgardnernope, doesn't seem sensible to build in a staging driver13:32
apwthat cannot be a good situation13:32
apwand so i think some way to chose via the command line, with a logical default that works13:32
apwregardless of order, regardless of which are builtin is needed13:33
apwand this is that at least13:33
apwwill get them to test it and see13:33
tgardnerapw, so how are you gonna suggest they load their staging drivers in the initrd ? /etc/modules ?13:36
apwtgardner, i think i saw their modules are discoverable, there is some bus they have id's on13:38
apwso as long as they are in there they should load13:39
tgardnerapw, hmm, will we need to get them in udebs ?13:39
apwtgardner, i have that on my list too yes, to put them in the initrd and in di in both cases in the same place as the xen modules13:39
smbapw, Well, we built those in now, remember? :)13:40
apwheh yeah, but the configuration is still there in both cases just in case we ever can take them out again13:40
smbyeah, one never knows13:41
smbtgardner, Oh btw, about testability of that hardy cve: need to try, but it sounds like it should be possible by trying a mknod13:43
tgardnersmb, the patch seems like the right thing to do. at the very least, I don't think we can make things any worse then a BUG()13:44
smbtgardner, Yes, but you are right. I'll set up a vm and see if we cann get some more proof as well13:45
smbAnd no, BUG seems the worst possible way of a falltrhough13:45
ckingone wonders how such code exists in the first place really13:50
tgardnercking, it seems like forgotten debug code, or was considered a possibility that could never happen (but just to be safe we'll BUG)13:51
ckingglad automotive firmware isn't like that 13:55
tgardnercking, or aeronautics software :)13:55
ckingperhaps I'll take a boat next time I travel..13:56
* tgardner works on hardy build breakage13:56
tgardnercking, just not one of those cruise ships that sail too close to the reef13:56
ckinghrm, maybe telecommuting is the only way forward after all13:57
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apwcking, is rather risk averse today14:10
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ckingapw, kids made me that way14:12
apwheh, you should have been more adverse earlier 14:16
smbtgardner, Ok, no clue how whether there is a way to exploit or not. I cannot make the stupid thing allow me to do any real mknod on nfs4 and fail that way...14:22
tgardnersmb, were there any instructions on mitre.org about how to exploit it ?14:23
smbtgardner, hell there is not even a single piece of any info there14:23
tgardnersmb, I'm wondering if this is one of those theoretical exploits. maybe we can just ignore it.14:24
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apwhave you tried looking for the lkml thread on the patch that fixed it ?14:25
apwas if it was theoretical it seems odd that they would bother fixing it14:25
tgardnerapw, I'm wondering if it applies to 2.6.24 at all. the upstream patch is ginormous14:26
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smbWell I am pretty sure there, they just used an opportunity to change that as well14:29
tgardnerBenC, hardy openvz was such a bad idea. how did we ever get roped into that ?14:29
smbapw, But there is no thread pointed to directly14:29
smbapw, Just a rh bugzilla and you know how useful those are14:29
BenCtgardner: we were swooned by a sharp tongue 14:30
BenCtgardner: does anyone actually use it?14:30
tgardnerno doubt. where are they now? maintenance is a huge pain in the ass14:30
smbapw, But maybe I misread the description. They talk of mknod() as the C function and ordinary files14:30
smbapw, So I may need to have something compiled to check14:30
tgardnerBenC, I'm seriously considering discontinuing openvz maintenance.14:31
apwtgardner, was it ever anything other than a port ? 14:32
tgardnerapw, its always been a community supported flavour, as was xen14:32
smbThere was a community? or just zul ? ;-P14:33
apwtgardner, so perhaps it is time to ask for a volunteer or lose it14:33
zulbest community ever :)14:33
tgardneractually, at the time, there was a fairly rabid bunch of openvz dudes14:33
apwyeah, but is there any chance they are still on .2414:34
tgardnerapw, bjf - I'm gonna float the idea of dropping openvz on ubuntu-devel14:35
apwit is a vast heap of crap sitting on the top14:36
tgardnerapw, either that, or flatten the development tree like we discussed a few months ago and simply not apply some CVEs. I dunno which is better.14:36
apwtgardner, i have those patches sitting in my hardy tree.  meant to talk about them at rally and we never got round to it14:39
* apw will dig them out14:39
tgardnerapw, I'm just gonna hit this with a big hammer. I don't care how big the damn repo gets14:40
apwtgardner, ok14:40
apwsmb, this squid thing, have you used it in the context of a chroot build ?14:48
smbapw, No in the context of cobbler installs first, and now actually as a current replacement for apt-cacher-ng14:50
apwbut you haven't converted your chroots to use it14:50
smb(so for all other things) but not yet used it to feed a schroot setup14:50
apwbah i was hoping to not be first runnign down this road14:51
smbThe problem with the schroots was that the did not work wekk with normal proxy config. I used (maybe only a feature of apt-cacher-ng) the way to have it act as a mirror14:51
BenCtgardner: wasn't there a company that was supporting it?14:54
* smb wonders whether precise-desktop will become installable before the weekend14:55
tgardnerBenC, too long ago, can't remember14:55
smbtgardner, apw Ah, it seems I got a reproducer now15:00
apwsmb, sounds good15:02
apwsmb, i think i have found a way to do the configuration in a chroot as well, not using avahi15:02
apwsmb, not sure if i can use it when buildign or not, but maybe able to frig that using 'http_proxy'15:03
smbapw, MAybe, just remember it was not straight forward using the mirror argument to debootstrap as that wanted a real mirror not a proxy15:04
apwyeah, i remember using that special form that apt-cacher-ng groked15:06
apwsmb, i suspect that setting http_proxy will do the trick too though15:06
apwwill try it next time15:06
smbapw, Would be interesting to know15:08
apwit is an http proxy after all, if you think about it15:09
smbapw, Sure, I just wonder whether debootstrap honours that variable15:10
smbat least for the initial setup15:10
apwi guess we'll find out shortly15:10
apwit would be stupid if it didn't really15:10
apwyou still have to hand configure it inside of course afterwards15:10
smbtgardner, If you succeed in un...15:11
smberr correct hardy repo, let me know15:11
tgardnersmb, yeah, it'll take a bit yet15:11
apwtgardner, you gonna turn them back into patch stacks sitting on diffent parts of the directories ?15:13
* smb remembers something about unpacked additional subdirs15:14
tgardnerapw, to start with I'm just gonna flatten openvz and implement some checks to make sure patches applied to root sources have also been applied to flattened sources. likely at insertchanges time15:14
apwtgardner, ok, we'll maybe want a way to not do so15:15
apwi guess we can put a fake commit down of course15:15
tgardnerapw, right, an exceptions list15:15
tgardnerit might be a bit of a pain in the ass, but certainly less of one then the way we're doing it right now15:15
apwtgardner, so you gonna like look for patches in pairs, or that each patch if its not in debian, that its got components in 'main' and 'openvz'15:16
tgardnerapw, dunno, haven't gotten that far yet.15:17
apwtgardner, if we did the latter, then we could do the exceptions by simply editing openvz/exceptions and it would pass15:18
apwtgardner, would it help if i spin you a 'patch' validate to do that ?15:21
apwtgardner, i have a framekwork here which does something similar to categorise patches for the reconcile stuff leann uses15:21
tgardnerapw, isn't it beer time for you yet?15:22
apwtgardner, not for a couple of hours yet15:22
apwtgardner, i'll put a prototype together, you can make what you will of it15:22
apwtgardner, where are you putting the non-main flat trees in the main tree as it were15:23
* ogasawara back in 2015:23
tgardnerapw: debian/binary-custom.d/$*/src15:24
apwtgardner, ok in chinstrap:~apw/validate-patch-range is a perl thingy which will look at a list of commits ... those not marked Ignore: yes and which affect outside debian; it checks that each affects files in each of the places mentioned in '@ports'15:52
apwtgardner, this fits with the 'one patch for all ports at once' approach15:53
tgardnerapw, does it accept a range of SHA1s ? it shouldn't check anything before Ubuntu-2.6.24-30.9815:53
apwtgardner, it takes a sha1 pair, and uses them to make foo..bar for checking15:54
apwtgardner, i envisioned you using it in printchanges ... which has those two at least in precise15:54
tgardnerapw, ok, I'll get it in a couple. I just got the build working.15:55
tgardnerthe falttened15:55
tgardnerthe flattened build*15:55
apwtgardner, sounds good15:55
apwi suspect the following added to 'insertchanges:' will do teh trick15:58
apw        perl -w -f debian/scripts/misc/validate-patch-range Ubuntu-$(release)-$(prev_revision) $(HEAD)15:58
apwit should exit appropriatly15:59
tgardnerapw, git://kernel.ubuntu.com/rtg/ubuntu-hardy.git custom-binary16:04
tgardnerbbias, need breakfast16:04
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ogasawaraapw, tgardner: I was planning an upload today, but there's a gcc update coming down the pipe.  So I'll probably wait till monday to load since there's nothing critical.  If there is anything you want included, shove it in the tree.16:15
apwogasawara, yay ...16:15
tgardnerogasawara, ack. that'll give us time to finish the azure changes16:16
apwapw@dm$ fdr insertchanges16:32
apw7bce357ca6063903b2061d31a78080575abeb9d6: not ported to openvz16:32
apwmake: *** [insertchanges] Error 116:32
apwtgardner, git://kernel.ubuntu.com/apw/ubuntu-hardy.git custom-binary16:34
bjfbrendand: still testing 3.0.0-16.28 ?16:39
brendandbjf - pretty much done. one problem system16:41
apwtgardner, that works pretty well16:41
bjfbrendand: ack, thanks16:42
apwtgardner, though i am going to need more disk space for the working-directory :/16:42
tgardnerapw, a bit more, yes16:42
apwtgardner, is this going to tripple the size of the sourcepackage ?16:42
apwtgardner, or do you render it to a patch still for the upload16:43
tgardnerabout, but it got pretty ;arge when it was copied to the build dierctory anyways16:43
apwthe build is less of a problem than the src package itself as that is 'real'16:43
tgardnerapw, no, I took the simple approach and flattened it. the source package will get much larger.16:43
tgardnerbut its all compressed16:44
apwtgardner, one option would be to exclude the */src directories, and make insertchanges build the diff between the top and the each src and add it as 0000-everything.patch16:44
apwbut i'll let you see how much bigger they get, as you say they are comprssible16:44
tgardnerapw, yeah, developing a patch at package time is a possibility16:45
apwtgardner, so how big is a src package right now without doing that16:56
apwtgardner, as the ones in precise are of the order of 90M already anyhow16:56
tgardnerapw, dunno yet16:56
apwand i think hardy was a lot smaller at base, so we have some space to play with16:57
tgardnerapw, I'll run a quick package phase to see.16:57
tgardnerafter first getting the orig tarball16:59
apwtgardner, i worry that as we have an orig for hardy that what will happen is the diff will become the size of the original tarball as it cannnot share the identicle files17:06
tgardnerapw, I think the diff will be twice the size of the orig17:06
apwtgardner, we won't be popular :/17:07
tgardnerI'll look at building a patch at package time. I'm still working out build issues.17:07
apwtgardner, i guess if you do that you don't need to change the build support then, you can just use the existing, making 0000-patch17:07
tgardnerapw, 17:11
tgardner-rw-rw-r--  1 rtg rtg 4.7M Jan  3 01:06 linux_2.6.24-30.98.diff.gz17:11
tgardner-rw-rw-r--  1 rtg rtg 2.9K Jan  3 01:06 linux_2.6.24-30.98.dsc17:11
tgardner-rw-rw-r--  1 rtg rtg 121M Feb 10 10:09 linux_2.6.24-31.99.diff.gz17:11
tgardner-rw-rw-r--  1 rtg rtg  57M Jan 13  2011 linux_2.6.24.orig.tar.gz17:11
apwtgardner, ow17:11
tgardneryeah. I'll finish up the build fixes, then look at packaging17:11
apwtgardner, well that was my point, if you decide you are making patches17:11
apwtgardner, then ... you don't need any build changes, just zap the patches we have17:12
apwtgardner, and place the generated one in the same place17:12
tgardnerapw, how is that any different then what we had before ? you're still working on a patch of a patch. I'd rather generate the final patch at package time.17:13
tgardnerfrom the flattened sources17:13
brendandbjf, all ready to go17:20
apwtgardner, ok so what do you think about adding the hyper-v modules to the virtio-modules udeb17:21
tgardnerapw, that I'm OK with. I just didn't think we should build 'em in17:21
apwyeah, they are not stable enough to be definatly initialised on everyones machine, yack17:21
tgardnerapw, they are going mainline with 3.3, so maybe we can pull 'em back to 3.217:22
vanhoofbjf: ping17:22
vanhoofbjf: usb 3 device has arrived17:22
vanhoofbjf: whatever you need done, happy to do17:22
vanhoofbjf: I am running Oneiric though, but can do a fresh install of Precise if needed17:23
tgardnervanhoof, you could just install the precise kernel. no need to wreck your user space17:23
bjfvanhoof, plug it in, don't choose "remove safely", just pull it out17:23
vanhooftgardner: complete test machine, so I dont care to reinstall17:23
vanhoofif you'd like "pristine" testing done :)17:24
bjfvanhoof: then plug it in and see if the port is "dead"17:24
vanhoofbjf: also do you have a preference of native uefi or legacy bios mode?17:24
bjfvanhoof: not that i know of17:24
vanhoofbjf: ok, let me pxe boot this thing and get precise installed17:24
ckingvanhoof, perhaps UEFI to start with17:25
vanhoofbjf: any conditions around fs on the device?17:25
bjfvanhoof: oneiric17:25
vanhoofbjf: oh you want this on oneiric?17:25
bjfvanhoof: yup17:25
vanhoofbjf: would you like me to move back to the -15 abi kernel?17:25
vanhoofcurrently running this -16 build ogasawara put together for me17:25
vanhooffor this: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-precise.git;a=commit;h=35970f2894ffe2ecbddfa776995883a96a828fe017:25
bjfvanhoof: any oneiric should do17:25
bjfvanhoof: this is to verify an existing, non-fixed bug does indeed exist17:26
vanhoofbjf: ok doing so now17:28
vanhoofone sec17:28
vanhoofplugged it, it automounted17:30
vanhoofpulled it out, it dissappered from my screen17:30
vanhoofplugged it back into the same port, it automounted17:30
bjfvanhoof: i'll forward the email to you to make sure you read it the same as I do17:31
vanhoof-1 is just when I plugged it in and a few other tidbits, -2 is full dmesg17:32
ogasawarabjf, vanhoof: I think you had to "eject" or unmount from the command line, then remove the device to trigger it?17:33
bjfvanhoof: ogasawara is correct17:40
vanhoofbjf: same manufacturer, but diff device17:40
vanhoofi bought 17:40
vanhoofsince it was a lot cheaper than the one linked in the email17:41
vanhoofso you want me to plug it in17:42
vanhoofeject /media/foo17:42
vanhoofthen pull it out, pop it back in and see it it works?17:42
vanhoofis that right?17:43
vanhoofi just yanked it out w/o ejecting it17:43
vanhoofbjf: works for me17:48
vanhoofbjf: plug in (it automounts); eject /media/foo; unplug it; plug it back into the same usb 3 port; it automounts; I can write to it just fine17:48
vanhoofdmesg from that test17:49
ckingdidn't fail after a S3 or was that me making things up?17:49
bjfvanhoof: thanks, i think that is the right sequence17:49
* vanhoof wonders if bjf is pulling his leg17:50
bjfvanhoof: would i do that?17:50
vanhoofbjf: yes :)17:50
vanhoofogasawara: let me go back to -1517:52
vanhooffor fun17:52
bjfvanhoof: you are using the USB3 port right? and the "bios" has USB3 enabled?17:54
bjfvanhoof: the dmesg looks like it is17:55
vanhoofbjf: yes :)17:57
vanhoofthe pretty blue one17:57
vanhoofand have used the same port each time17:57
ckingsmb, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_BX6GB-b0017:58
vanhoofbjf: this might be interesting17:59
vanhoofnotice when I eject, the error that spits out18:00
vanhoofbut its not listed as mounted anymore, and I pulled it out and plugged it back in and its fine18:00
vanhoofhttp://ouwish.com/~vanhoof/pickup/bjf/bjf-5.txt [ full dmesg ]18:00
bjfvanhoof: thanks for testing, not sure what to say at this point18:01
ogasawarabjf, vanhoof: I think it was mentioned the bug might only triggered for a specific device or system, so you might not have the right combination18:05
vanhoofogasawara: well you know which system I have for sure :)18:06
vanhoofogasawara: on the latest bios as well, and the upgrade kit18:06
vanhoofogasawara: so maybe this isnt that big of a deal if i cant reproduce with a run of the mill usb 3.0 stick from the same manufactorer18:06
vanhoofogasawara: bjf: if they come back w/ anything else lmk18:08
vanhoofbjf: ogasawara: if either of you want shell access to it I can set that up too18:10
bjfvanhoof: thanks but that won't be necessary18:14
apwogasawara, tgardner, ok i have the fixes for the hyper-v stuff all ready, am wainting on the requstor to test the combination18:20
apwogasawara, i will push the d-i bits shortly so that they definatly make the next upload18:20
vanhoofanyone know of any good benchmarks for usb devices?18:20
vanhoofi'd like to see exactly what kinda performance increase this thing has to offer18:20
ohsixdd? :O18:20
vanhoof(and can you even boot from usb3 yet) ... last I checked you couldnt18:20
ogasawaraapw: ack.  I just pushed one last patch, so you may need to rebase.18:20
vanhoofohsix: I thought there was something the Linaro folks had, flash-bench or something like that18:21
vanhoofi cant recall18:21
ohsixi just use the benchmark thing in palimpsest18:21
* smb is now know as done-for-the-week18:21
apwogasawara, ok pushed that piece, waiting now for confirmation of the other bits18:23
ogasawaraapw: ack18:23
* apw calls it a day ... will be vague at best from here on out18:27
* tgardner -> lunch18:56
hrwhi people19:15
hrwhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/930340 - how can I help to check it?19:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 930340 in linux "WiFi usage makes kernel panic" [Undecided,New]19:15
vanhoofohsix: I have too as well :)19:19
* vanhoof loves that picture19:19
jsalisburyhrw, I just posted some comments to bug 93034019:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 930340 in linux "WiFi usage makes kernel panic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93034019:29
jsalisburyhrw, basically a request to test the latest mainline kernel, and to confirm that the latest Oneiric kernel does not have the issue.19:30
hrwjsalisbury: the problem is that this bug is not reproductible19:30
hrwI was able to work 6h without oops19:30
jsalisburyhrw, Hmm, so did it only happen once, or does it happen randomly, but will eventually happen.19:30
hrwbut also I got 3 oopses during 10 minutes19:30
hrwfetching mainline one anyway19:31
jsalisburyhrw, great thanks.  It would be good if you could run that kernel for some time and see if the panics still happen.19:31
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* tgardner -> EOD21:31
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