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dholbachgood morning08:08
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ubot2The Loco Council is cprofitt, czajkowski, greg-g, itnet7, SergioMeneses and xdatap1 - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com17:45
mhall119I'd like to suggest changing the hashtag and pictag for the upcoming global jam from #ugj to #globaljam17:46
mhall1191) #ugj is being used for something else already, #globaljam isn't17:46
mhall1192) #globaljam is relatively short, and can be used in combination with #ubuntu 17:46
mhall1193) #globaljam is more descriptive than #ugj17:46
greg-gmhall119: what is #ugj being used for?17:55
greg-gand there are hashtag collisions many times for the really short ones17:56
mhall119greg-g: seems an expression of exasperation17:57
greg-g(which, since microblogs are temporal it isn't much of an issue)17:57
mhall119probably an alternative to or misspelling of #ugh17:57
greg-gmhall119: how about just saying "please use #globaljam (or #ugj) for jam-related posts" ? I mean, I don't really care, honestly18:01
mhall119greg-g: we'll say that, yes, but I need to know what to use for the microblog and photo feeds on loco.ubuntu.com18:01
greg-gcan you do both?18:03
mhall119not currently18:03
* greg-g nods18:04
mhall119greg-g: the other suggestion is to just use #ubuntu for those feeds18:04
greg-gmhall119: I was thinking that, might be the most simple18:09
greg-gso we disrecommend #ugj and #globaljam, then since we can't look for more than one18:10
mhall119greg-g: ok, that's 2 votes in favor of #ubuntu, good enough for me18:10
mhall119greg-g: czajkowski: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/18:14
mhall119you guys (LC) can now use markdown and straight HTML in the global event descriptions18:14
mhall119we also have a dashboard page just for the global jam:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/globaljam/18:15
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head_victimInteresting, just checked out the globaljam dashboard and apparently there is now a Ubuntu Streetkids Theatre - http://www.ubuntutheatre.org/EN/mission.htm (saw some weird pictures in the flickr stream for Ubuntu)22:50
mhall119 head_victim interesting22:59
bkerensahead_victim: Yeah Ubuntu is being used quite a bit outside the realm of FOSS lately22:59
mhall119I know there's an Ubuntu restaurant somewhere in California too22:59
bkerensathere is a restaurant called Ubuntu in San Francisco22:59
bkerensaand Ubuntu Cola22:59
bkerensaand many other Ubuntu things22:59
mhall119oh, I thought Ubuntu cola was made for the software22:59
bkerensaprivate company :D22:59
bkerensaCanonical doesnt enforce their trademark very effectively23:00
czajkowskibkerensa: you do like the one word per sentence don't you23:01
czajkowskithought there was life going on in here till I realised it was you one per lining :) 23:01
bkerensaMost sorry about my IRC habits unfortunately I was unable to curb the habit a decade ago23:02
bkerensaI also enjoy smileys 23:02
pleia2bkerensa: it's not in San Francisco, it's all the way up in Napa23:08
pleia2and you can't actually enforce dictionary word trademarks broadly outside your industry23:10
pleia2(apple music label and apple itunes, problem; ubuntu operating system and ubuntu cola, no problem)23:11
bkerensapleia2: I see23:20
bkerensaI thought trademark powers were much broader... I guess thats a good thing23:20
bkerensaHmm... Napa23:20
mhall119bkerensa: trademark only applies when there is the possibility of consumers buying one product thinking it is the other23:21
mhall119since nobody is buying food from Canonical, or buying OS support from a restaurant, there's no problem23:21
bkerensaHow does Google enforce their trademarks against typo domains then? Unless the site using a typo domain is a search engine or engaged in offering similar services?23:23
mhall119bkerensa: probably the domains are registered and hosted in a country with less that effective trademark enforcement policies23:25

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