blairlet's say there was a python 2.8 and ubuntu wanted to recompile all source packages to include it, how would one easily do that to ensure packages are built in the correct order?00:25
blairi'm wondering how to put 2.6 modules back into my PPA for precise00:25
blaireven trying to get distribute or python-setuptools built has a number of dependencies00:26
lifelessthe buildd system does that automatically00:28
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dholbachgood morning08:08
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mitya57dholbach: I updated a branch for bug 927602, can you please look again at it?12:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 927602 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] unity-mail" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92760212:47
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pabelangerjamespage: thanks for uploading the dahdi-linux package13:40
pabelangerworking on seeing if I can get membership to help maintain it13:40
jamespagepabelanger, hey  - no problem - thanks for taking the time to fix it!13:41
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achianghello, what is the strategy of maintaining a package in both debian and ubuntu, re: apport hooks?15:57
achiang(nb, i realize there aren't individual package maintainers in ubuntu ;)15:57
micahgachiang: only install them in Ubuntu?  There's a helper, dh_apport16:22
achiangmicahg: hm, is there an example of that? i guess my real question was, "do i need to fork this package" or can i upload the apport hook to debian but only install in ubuntu, as you say16:26
micahgachiang: no need to fork, idr offhand what a good example is for this though, you just check in debian/rules if you're on Ubuntu or a derivative and run dh_apport16:35
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tumbleweedLaney: sorry, was afk17:36
achiangmicahg: interesting. is there a standard way to check if you are on ubuntu/derivatives in d/rules? that's a new one for me18:11
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micahgachiang: take a look at #4: http://raphaelhertzog.com/2010/09/27/different-dependencies-between-debian-and-ubuntu-but-common-source-package/18:14
achiangmicahg: ah, nice! thanks18:14
dupondjejbicha: around ?18:44
jbichadupondje: aloha18:56
dupondjejbicha: could you check ubuntu.dupondje.be/freerdp_1.0.1-0ubuntu1.debian.tar.gz18:57
dupondjepackaged new version :)18:57
micahgdupondje: they're planning on putting it in through Debian Monday I think18:59
dupondjeoh ok :)19:00
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jbichadupondje: for .symbols, leave off the debian revision. In other words 1.0.1 instead of 1.0.1-0ubuntu119:20
dupondjejbicha: oh ok :)20:42
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jtaylornice only 3 problematic packages for the numpy transition20:52
jtaylorone of them probably no problem, another has a fix in unstable20:52
brendan0powers_1I'm looking to get a package into Universe, and the Ubuntu Wiki suggested I come here before filing a request to package bug21:03
brendan0powers_1I realize that the feature freeze is monday, what is the chance I could get an exception?21:03
micahgfor a new package, it shouldn't be that hard right after feature freeze unless it changes the way other apps work21:04
micahgbut IANA release team member21:04
brendan0powers_1I've gone through the first stage of package, run lintian with no errors, tested with pbuilder, and have a package building in launchpad now21:05
micahgDo you have any interest in maintaining the package in Debian?21:05
brendan0powers_1At some point, I'd like to get the package into debian21:06
brendan0powers_1But I'd really like to get it into Ubuntu 12.04 if I can21:06
brendan0powers_1So, If I understand this right, I just file an intent to package bug, assign it to me, and wait for someone to see it?21:11
micahgbrendan0powers_1: I'd suggest getting it uploaded to Debian, see http://mentors.debian.net/, then you can request a sync21:12
micahgin Debian, you only need one sponsor, in Ubuntu, you need 2 people to review it21:13
micahgthere are some DDs that hang out here that might be able to help, there's also #debian-mentors on OFTC21:14
micahgand there's always backports even if it misses the release21:14
jtaylorapropo new packages: anyone know the problem he has: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=indicator-bug21:15
jtayloralso could need a second review21:15
jtaylordo new upstream versions of ubuntu only packages also need 2 reviews?21:16
micahgidk, maybe bad source package creation? or could be a problem on the server, maybe ask in #ubuntuwire21:16
micahgjtaylor: nope21:16
jtaylorI should do wakeup this weekend then :/21:17
achiangmicahg: is adding an apport hook to an existing package justifiable past FF ?21:17
jtaylorI'd still appreciate more eyes on that code, the current version is full of security flaws, no idea if I spotted all :/21:17
micahgachiang: IMHO, sure, that's to make bug reports better21:17
micahgbut IANA release team member21:17
jtaylor(most certainly not)21:18
achiangmicahg: ok, thanks21:18
micahgjtaylor: ugh, that's not good, I'd suggest to keep iterating then, there's always backports (which may be open pre-release if broder ever makes it so)21:19
ajmitchspeaking of broder...21:19
* broder 's irc client was flaking21:19
ajmitchbroder: don't worry :)21:20
jtaylormicahg: the currently proposed version is much better than what we have in ther archive, so that would be better than backports21:20
jtaylorit should not introduce new security bugs21:20
ajmitchintroducing new security bugs is generally a bad thing21:21
micahgjtaylor: oh, it's already in :)21:21
jtaylorneeds a -sec update in oneiric at some point21:21
micahgI don't see it in the archive :)21:21
micahgoh, that one :(21:22
broderjtaylor: i was just looking at your svn merge, and the test suite failed: http://paste.ubuntu.com/83708921:22
broderany ideas?21:22
* ajmitch needs to go & sync a new coffeescript before it's too late21:22
jtaylorbroder: thats new, it succeeded for me when I did it and for one other person just a few weeks ago21:23
jtaylorlet me try it21:23
broderi can try again21:23
broderit did do me the favor of waiting to fail until it had been churning for about 45 minutes :)21:23
jtaylorzzzZZZzz bzr branching takes its time21:30
jtaylorbroder: did you try without the patch if the testsuite then succeeds?21:36
brodernope, not yet. i can21:37
jtaylorI just also started one build with patch one without21:38
jtaylorlets hope its not random ._.21:38
jtaylorthe failure does not look related, its a wc test, the patch touches the authentification with the repo21:39
broderyeah, that's what i figured21:40
micahgjtaylor: you might want to talk to the security team and get CVEs assigned if appropriate (wakeup)21:41
broderjtaylor: build worked this time, so must be intermittent or something22:30
jtaylorbroder: I got a successful build too, a second failed due to my disk being full :(22:31
broder*shrug* well, i've uploaded it22:31
jtaylorgreat thanks22:31
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