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mibbhey, I've got a problem, I don't get any sound output, most probably because the default soundcard is set wrong - its a brand new installation19:46
mibbcan anyone tell me how to set the right default soundcard? the AVR is plugged into the mainboards hdmi port19:46
rhpot1991mibb: odds are you need to unmute your hdmi in alsamixer19:54
rhpot1991unmute anything that says says s/pdif19:55
rhpot1991and figure out which one it is19:55
mibbk sec19:58
mibbhm in alsamixer I only have a field in the middle, S PDIF19:59
mibbnot sure how to unmute that19:59
mibbcan't get it to work :(20:09
rhpot1991the answer is 'm' but you aren't here anymore20:41
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