bazhang@mark #ubuntu Masterman467 chatzilla@71-82-175-223.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com on join trolling/cursing then quit01:37
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:37
phillwI'm going to have start idling in #ubuntu!01:49
phillwbazhang: because I'm busy with stuff, and each time I see a !ops arrive it is already too late for me to see what happened without pulling up the logs about an hour later when they get posted :)01:51
phillwoh. and I do actually answer questions in there, even though I am mainly lubuntu :)01:53
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bazhang@mark #ubuntu flyback (~flyback@c-98-219-134-156.hsd1.pa.comcast.net  join, rant and quit05:04
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Flannelflyback in #ubuntu?05:22
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Myrttikeep an eye on kode009:56
ikoniawill do09:57
phillwMyrtti: a pm if I may?10:02
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bazhangthere is no factoid for conky, perhaps a link to the beginners guide?13:41
ikoniabazhang: there used to be13:42
bazhangubottu, conky13:42
Tm_Twhy not torsmo?13:42
bazhang<ubottu> Sorry, I don't know anything about conky13:43
ikoniathere was a good factoid,13:43
Tm_Thalf-joking here, torsmo was what became conky13:43
bazhangthat forums link is the definitive beginners guide afaict13:44
Tm_TI'm not sure if conky needs factoid13:44
bazhanglots of resources there13:44
ikonialooks a good link13:44
ikoniaworth it, it's a common question13:44
ikoniaand the link is good13:44
bazhang<libnotify> ubottu you are offtopic14:00
theadminCan someone please get rid of libnotify in #ubuntu ? Seems to be a troll14:05
oCeantheadmin: we're watching14:05
Myrttimany of us are14:06
bazhang<libnotify> will ignore you    <---- bad idea14:06
bazhanghow can people like that get and/or keep a cloak, I have no clue14:07
ikoniabecause their project doesn't care14:08
theadminMeh everyone can get an unaffilated cloak nowadays14:08
ikoniacloak != good manners14:08
ikoniait's not like the ubuntu members cloak14:08
theadminThanks oCean, and see you all14:09
oCean* natschil (~nathanael@
MyrttiI know14:29
MyrttiSudanese tho14:31
vibhavIs it right to mention 4chan here14:59
ikoniawhere ?14:59
Myrttiwhy wouldn't it be? a lot of the internet culture today is starting from there14:59
vibhavcause its NSFW14:59
ikoniahe said the word "4chan" - he didn't actually do anything14:59
vibhavone might google it up14:59
vibhavIts not family friendly15:00
MyrttiI have no words15:00
ikonialook - it's fine,15:00
ikoniahe wasn't saying go there, he made a passing comment, which at worse, ask him not to do it again15:00
ikoniahe didn't say "check it out", "go there" post a link or anything like that15:00
ikoniahe made a passing comment, which if you don't like it, ask him not to do it again15:00
ikonia14:58 < vibhav> if my ISP were on IRC , I would slap him/her15:01
ikoniasaying you'd "slap him/her"15:01
ikoniathat is not "family friendly"15:01
AmpelbeinHi again. The notice about the binary nvidia drivers not working with eglibc2.15 can be removed, the problem has been found and resolved.15:15
AmpelbeinIn #ubuntu115:15
ikoniano problem15:15
Ampelbeinarghs. #ubuntu+115:15
Ampelbeinikonia: Thanks.15:16
ikoniano problem15:16
ubottuIn #kubuntu-offtopic, em said: !puregnome is <reply>A big mistake.16:08
ikoniajust ban her16:11
ikoniait's a waste of time16:11
* h00k beeps LjL 16:27
ubottupangolin called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic (Bladerunr)18:04
mneptokpangolin: sup?18:06
* mneptok returns to the cupboard18:06
h00kTm_T: I banned his host, too18:29
sdfoCean youre a bad person18:35
oCeanthanks for the heads up18:36
sdfha ha ha18:37
sdf<irony>youre a master of irony</irony>18:37
Tm_Tsdf: may I ask what is this about?18:38
tsimpsonsdf: is there anything we can help you with?18:38
oCeanI think sdf is just trying to tell me something18:38
oCeansdf: okay, if that was all you had to say, please /part the channel18:39
pangolin!guidelines | sdf18:40
ubottusdf: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:40
pangolinPlease read that so you better understand how we expect users in Ubuntu channels to act.18:40
sdfi leave if you unban me18:41
oCeansdf: do you even know why you were banned?18:41
Tm_Tsdf: sorry, it doesn't go that way18:41
sdfi know it. I were banned because i breach the Coc. Im sorry18:44
oCeansdf: don't you think your behaviour was unacceptable?18:44
LjLsdf: so you breaching the CoC makes oCean a bad person?18:44
oCeansdf: do you want to discuss this now, if not, please /part18:45
sdfI have a good excuse, I'm bipolar18:46
pangolinThat is not a good excuse18:46
Tm_Tthere's no excuse for bad behaviour18:46
Tm_Tand that's not bipolar behaviour either (:18:46
sdfwhy not18:46
pangolinin fact it is the worst excuse you can use.18:46
pangolinTrying to use a mental affliction to justify bad behaviour is wrong on so many levels18:47
phillwsdf: if you join aol/aim there is a health buddy channel there. If you are truly bi-polar, I will put you in touch with that team.18:49
sdfif you unban me I promise that I will not bother in # ubuntu.18:49
pangolinsdf: Please think about why you got banned for a couple of days and come back in 48 hours. We can discuss removing the ban then.18:49
sdfIf i repeat an offender you ban me forever18:51
pangolinno, take 2 days off and we can see about removing the ban then.18:51
sdfi part18:51
pangolinthank you.18:52
phillwand no blood to mop up :) I'm very impressed - no I'm not jesting18:53
pangolinWe try to keep the death toll to a minimum18:54
phillwpangolin: your reputation pre-ceeds you.... he's lucky to leave with his jugular vein intact :P18:54
pangolinI'm really not a bad guy :/18:55
pangolinI just play one on IRC18:55
phillwnor am I... but trying to claim bi-polar did make my blood boil.18:56
pangolincommon tactic.18:56
phillwmakes a change from turettes!18:57
pangolindon't let this IRC stuff get to you, take it to personal and it will make you more crazy than you already are18:57
phillwI'm already too crazy... I run pubs for a living ;)18:57
* h00k is out of popcorn18:58
pangolinphillw: you aren't in our super secret channel which is not so super secret -ops-team18:58
phillwI'm on pidgin,,, freenode & it have problems if I join too many channels18:59
Tm_Tphillw: then drop some other channel (;18:59
pangolinwell, it is kinda recommended you join that channel19:00
phillwi dropped -team to be on here.19:00
h00kalso, perhaps try something other than pidgin :(19:00
Myrttipidgin is a sad, sad IRC client19:01
phillwh00k: when they have one that entails my MSN, Yahoo, and AOL/AIM accounts in one programme I'll use it :)19:01
pangolinif it works for you fine, but it doesn't seem to be19:01
h00kphillw: this ^19:18
phillwMyrtti: does it work on CentOS / Red Hat?19:24
Myrttiit's not too difficult to compile yourself either, I've done it once because I had to apply a bugfix patch19:24
Myrttiafter you've got bitlbee you can use whichever IRC client you can think of for your IM needs19:27
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Myrttihas anyone  looked at -offtopic?19:43
Tm_TMyrtti: only that the topic was something I wasn't interested involve with, not going well?19:46
MyrttiBS is mentioned several times, I don't mind letting it slide but I would mention about it if it continues19:46
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h00k!away > jutnux|away22:05

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