* hallyn out - maybe bbl00:01
stgraberhmm, and now my tty works fine ...00:01
stgraberhallyn: I'll do some more tests and e-mail you the results. I don't have a working C implementation though (and I believe you'd be much faster at doing that than I'm ;))00:01
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TohuwI'm reinstalling Ubuntu Server 11.10 on a system where I had previously setup an LVM to use software RAID 1. I no longer want to use software RAID, but now whenever I attempt an install, the installer reports it has found one or more disks containing a RAID configuration. How can I remove this configuration? I have reformatted the drives... I also ran dmsetup and cleared the device mapper... what am I missing?01:04
cloakableBlank the drives, iirc.01:05
cloakableJust zero the drives for a bit, enough to wipe the raid headers.01:06
Tohuwcloakable: what would be the most reliable way to do this? I have the server install and I can get to a shell from there using the "Rescue a broken system"01:06
kerframilwith the 1.0 metadata format, the superblock is at the end01:07
kerframilanyway, surely the installer can be told to shut up and proceed (it can via preseed, at least)01:07
TohuwI told it not to activate the raid devices, which lets me partition as I would expect, but the  resulting installation does not have a working GRUB01:08
Tohuwit blanks out before even displaying what stage it is loaading01:08
cloakableTohuw: "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<hard disk device>" iirc.01:09
cloakableMay take a while, depending on disk size.01:09
Tohuw2x 1.5 TB, SATA II... coffee breaks01:10
cloakableRun the command in parallel, leave it a while.01:11
TohuwCan someone point me to  TFM to R so I can understand superblocks, and the way partitioning actually works below the filesystem level?01:12
TohuwI understand RAID in a practical sense, and I understand LVMs, but not the mechanics; e.g. what's actually happening under the hood and where that is living in relation to what is actually visible to the OS01:13
Tohuwcloakable: what is the correct way to run this command in parallel? I'm having difficulty grokking parallel's page on GNU.org01:20
cloakableTohuw: "dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<hard disk device> &" will run the command in the background until it completes.01:22
Tohuwcloakable: yeah, I ended up doing that... I was trying to get all fancy with it >_< clearly coffee time01:33
BuenGeniohello, what are these  -- MARK --03:55
BuenGenio messages that keep being logged in /var/log/messages?03:55
savidHas anyone seen any issues where virtual interfaces won't show up in ifconfig?03:56
savidThe interface can be brought up, and it works, just not visible to ifconfig apparently03:56
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rf5hello. im trying to run the apache in my virtual server i installed apache2 but still cant access the ip04:22
fluvvellI found linux-ip.net stuff to help me set up two internet connections that I have, but the examples show them coming in on two different interfaces, whereas I have two routers that are connected on the same lan.04:29
fluvvellI want all traffic coming in on one connection, to go back out the same connection.04:29
PupuserHello, Linux noob here. Does anyone know if I can use wubi to install ubuntu server, or any other ubuntu distro?04:34
tashhas anyone had problems with apache2 and php5 on Ubuntu server 11.10?04:42
rf5i am having tash04:42
rf5mine is not even opening lol04:42
twbfluvvell: you can't have that04:43
tashI'm getting a white screen :)04:43
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tashI moved my site from old server to this, and can't get it to load ... :(04:43
tashthe only thing that I can get to work is the It Works! page04:43
fluvvelltwb, I cant have two incoming internet connections?04:43
twbfluvvell: it's possible if you have an AS (i.e. you're an ISP).04:43
rf5i cant get it working tash.04:44
qman___not like that at least, you need a load balancer04:44
tashI don't know if I'm missing VirtualHost config or what04:44
fluvvellwhat do you mean by an AS04:44
tashanyone able to help rf5 and I out?04:44
twbfluvvell: otherwise you can approximate it with a lot of fiddly netfilter and ip rule rules, which are beyond your capabilities04:44
rf5what did u do tash, just apt-get install apache2?04:44
tashI did apt-get install php5 and it installed apache2 for me04:45
tashand then apt-get install mysql-server php5-curl curl04:45
twbfluvvell: each ISP gets an AS number.  The backbone of the internet has an entry in each backbone router for every AS.  An AS means you are an autonomous part of the internet, you answer to no one.  This allows you to populate GRE tables with multiple routes from <the internet> to you.04:45
fluvvelltwb: http://linux-ip.net/html/adv-multi-internet.html, http://kindlund.wordpress.com/2007/11/19/configuring-multiple-default-routes-in-linux/04:45
twbI haven't investigated the cost, but getting an AS these days would probably cost in the tens-of-thousands range04:45
twbfluvvell: those URLs discuss the "appoximation that's over your head" approach04:46
fluvvelltwb, I'm always keen to learn further.  I try not to talk up my abilities, but I understand the concept of routing tables.04:47
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twbfluvvell: you should take this to #netfilter04:47
fluvvelltwb, ok. Its always good to get some advise anyway.04:48
twbfluvvell: when you go there, I will tell you more04:50
fluvvelltwb, thanks.04:50
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Guest22249hey, I need help please... I have an apt-mirror server which has updated now, with the normal things and debian-installer, running 11.10. I want to net install my computers on the network using a USB, everything work 100%, but there is no ubuntu desktop, i have to ssh in and tasksel multiselect ubuntu-dekstop. How do i get it to install ubuntu desktop? currently using kickstart and preseed together, but it does not install ubuntu desktop. my prese07:18
Guest22249ed.cfg tells it to install ubuntu-desktop07:18
Guest22249please note i am a newbe07:18
Guest22249how do i tell the USB installer to use ed.cfg?07:18
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Guest22249hey, I need help please... I have an apt-mirror server which has updated now, with the normal things and debian-installer, running 11.10. I want to net install my computers on the network using a USB, everything work 100%, but there is no ubuntu desktop, i have to ssh in and tasksel multiselect ubuntu-dekstop. How do i get it to install ubuntu desktop? currently using kickstart and preseed together, but it does not install ubuntu desktop. my prese07:18
Guest22249ed.cfg tells it to install ubuntu-desktop07:18
_rubenGuest22249: you're preseed file likely wrong then, also be sure to check the installer's logs for any oddities07:22
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_rubeni dont do desktop preseeds, so dunno if there's any caveas07:22
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armand-jhbwell... i took the preseed file from the ubuntu cd.... so it cant be wrong07:26
armand-jhbin there, there is no way that it can call other files07:27
armand-jhbthe preseed file tells it to also install ubuntu-desktop... but nothing07:27
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TribaalHI all08:14
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koolhead17hi all09:24
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linociscoi have created apt.conf under /etc/apt. I dont want to reboot. how to refresh or update that entry in apt.conf?10:08
Davieyjamespage: do you know why we have a karmic PPA on https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise/job/precise-server-ec2/ARCH=i386,REGION=us-west-2,STORAGE=instance-store,TEST=cloud-config,label=ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/3/console ?10:12
dns53linocisco why would a reboot be required?10:13
jamespageDaviey: yes - the cloud-config specifies it as a manually added PPA10:13
jamespagewe don't actually care that its karmic - just that its present (proves cloud-init did its stuff)10:13
linociscodns53, because i have put some entries in apt.conf like proxy authentication10:14
Davieyjamespage: I wonder, is it a good idea to use one which is outside ubuntu developers control? :)10:15
Davieymind you, it can't be uploaded it.. the release is EOL'd10:15
dns53linocisco i had assumed that it was always read when apt is used and it would be used on the fly10:16
jamespageDaviey: feel free to raise a bug - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-server-ec2-testing/+filebug10:16
jamespageits good point but low priority IMHO10:16
linociscodns53, no10:21
linociscodns53, there is no apt.conf in 10.04 LTS server version10:22
smbThere is no apt.conf by default, but it is honoured as soon as it is there10:23
smb(only using it to change the proxy myself)10:24
smbdns53, If you sort of did the same, the next time you run apt-get it is in effect (without rebooting)10:25
dns53that is what i have seen in the past, it will read an apt.conf first, then apt.conf.d/* then command line options to apt so it should not require anything to update10:26
dns53it has been a while since i had to use a proxy but it did just require updating /etc/apt/apt.conf with the settings10:27
smbdns53, right. Oh and I think I confused person asking and anwering. sorry10:28
smblinocisco, ^10:28
linociscosmb , what?10:28
smblinocisco, The file is not present by default but it will get used the next time you use any apt-get command10:28
dns53linocisco no need to reboot, just run apt again and it will use the settings,   there are also command line options where you could specify the proxy server if you want to test things before updating the config file10:29
linociscodns53, apt again means ?? apt-get update or what?10:30
smbOr apt-get install10:30
dns53linocisco yes, apt-get, aptitude, synaptic etc10:30
linociscodns53, the error i got is "extra junk at the end of the file10:31
dns53linocisco with the config file or during a transfer?10:32
smbdoes the line in apt.conf look like10:32
smbAcquire::http::Procy "http://<host>/";10:33
linociscosmb, I got it now10:37
linociscosyntax error10:37
smblinocisco, ok10:37
linociscosmb, are you samba expert?10:37
smblinocisco, not really. using it only a bit10:38
linociscowho is using vbox with windows to host  ubuntu server guest?10:43
dns53so you want to mount a windows share under ubuntu?10:45
dns53is your computer part of a windows domain?10:48
linociscodns53, no. our server is NOvell10:49
linociscodns53,  clients are windows XP10:49
dns53they still exist? i thought they died with the dinosaurs10:50
linociscodns53, actually I want to setup ubuntu mail server and mail clients from windows will use10:50
dns53do you want to connect to the novell network?10:50
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linociscodns53, all clients XP are installed with Novell clients for widnows software to authenticate network drive and internet access. now10:51
dns53so you want the users to be able to login to email etc using their novell credentials?10:54
linociscodns53, no. it is to test for my own with my test users10:55
linociscodns53, I have only windows XP which has internet. now it hosts ubuntu server with vbox (NAT) setup. i have installed mail server role with internet site.10:56
linociscodns53, before I start anything, I am trying to start "ping" from host to guest and guest to host10:58
dns53you don't want nat you want a bridge, you can ping up the chain but not down the chain in nat10:58
linociscodns53, yes. I can ping from guest to host. but not host to guest11:03
linociscodns53, what do I do?11:03
linociscodns53, what type of adapter would be better or more suitable?11:04
dns53linocisco well you will need to set the vm to use bridge networking (other computers on the network can connect to the vm) or internal (only your computer can connect to the vm)11:07
dns53windows i believe you just need to shut down the vm, go to the networking config page and you should have the option of specifying the type of network11:10
linociscodns53, in my setup, i dont need other computers to connect to my ubuntu mail server. Just host XP's mail clients thunderbird has to connect to Guest" ubuntu server.".11:14
dns53linocisco so configure the network interface in virtualbox to use internal networking11:17
linociscodns53, so , i think i should make virtualbox host only adapter on my xp and ubuntu-server's eth0 in same subnet or network. right?11:28
dns53linocisco i believe so, just choose an ip that does not exist on your normal network11:32
linociscodns53,  pretty sure. thanks alot11:33
jamespagelynxman, around - have a rabbitmq-erlang-client query for precise11:35
linociscobtw, how to give shutdown/reboot right to normal user or first user created on ubuntu server11:43
linociscomaning default user during installation11:43
linociscomeaning default user11:43
dns53you can add a user to the admin group,    sudo   usermod -a -G admin  username11:46
lynxmanjamespage: sorry wasn't paying attention, shoot :)11:50
jamespagelynxman, OK; so I noticed that that rabbitmq-erlang-client is still at 2.5.011:50
jamespagein precise11:50
lynxmanjamespage: hmm I sent all the packages to zul to pump them to 2.6.111:51
lynxmanjamespage: at the Budapest rally11:51
lynxmanjamespage: there's erlang client and stomp11:51
jamespagelynxman, OK - looks like this one got missed - I'll take a loop11:51
linociscodns53, is "admin" a group name already created?11:51
lynxmanjamespage: darn11:51
lynxmanjamespage: it's on my PPA11:51
jamespagerabbitmq-stomp FTBFS at the moment11:51
lynxmanjamespage: I'll ping zul later then11:51
dns53yes, the admin is the group that the first user gets that makes sudo etc work11:52
lynxmanjamespage: it'll fail if erlang-client is not there, it depends on it11:52
lynxmanjamespage: I'll ping zul when he's awake and get back to you as soon as it's sync11:52
jamespagelynxman, great - if he is busy I can upload for you11:53
jamespageI think friday is openstack upload day!11:53
lynxmanjamespage: if you wish so... :) it's in https://launchpad.net/~lynxman/+archive/ppa/+packages11:54
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uvirtbotNew bug: #930115 in php5 (main) "php5 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.13 introduced regression" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93011512:15
jamespagelynxman, OK - I'll check with zul and upload12:18
DavieyAnyone fancy giving me a peer review of a diff?12:23
lynxmanjamespage: thanks :)12:24
lynxmanzul: morning!12:24
lynxmanDaviey: looks good, pretty straight forward12:24
Davieylynxman: you missed something :)12:25
lynxmanDaviey: ? it's just adding a patch innit12:25
Davieylynxman: missed the bug number on the d/changelog :)12:26
lynxmanDaviey: lol12:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #930116 in lxc (universe) "lxc slow start & unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93011612:26
lynxmanDaviey: it's on the patch12:26
lynxmanDaviey: it's always required in both?12:26
Davieynah, but the fact that there is one - means it should be in the cl12:27
lynxmanDaviey: aah I see12:28
* lynxman always pays not much attention to changelogs12:30
jamespageDaviey, looks OK to me - just uploaded a very similar one for dahdi-linux12:30
Davieyjamespage: yeah, you sponsored it right?12:30
* Daviey strikes that off his todo :)12:31
KiallDaviey: I wen't with the 3.2 mainline on oneiric due to constant CPU stalls and and kernel panics with the stock kernels...12:31
Kiall(I filed / added to bugs.. but nothing ever came of them sadly)12:31
DavieyKiall: crikey, smb/apw ^^ is that news to you?12:31
KiallThis is on a bunch of HP DL165 G7's BTW..12:32
DavieyKiall: can you point me to the bug numbers please?12:32
ikoniaKiall: are these the amd or xeon 165's ?12:32
jamespagezul: rabbitmq-erlang-client needs an upload for 2.6.1 - lynxman has prepared - OK if I upload for him?12:32
smbDaviey, not sure which stalls and panics actually. Running the oneiric kernel without those12:32
ikoniaKiall: there is a bug on the intel12:32
KiallWill see If I can dig them out.. There were a few others filed that I didn't comment on though. Probably never going to find those ones again...12:33
apwDaviey, ?12:33
zuljamespage: yep12:33
apwDaviey, we use oneiric kernels routinely on servers, so i assume its not a generic issue12:34
KiallDaviey: here is one .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/90521912:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 905219 in linux "Linux Kernel crash in Netfilter both in Natty (2.6.38-8-server) and oneiric(3.0.0-13-server/3.0.0-14-server) kernels" [High,Confirmed]12:34
Davieyapw: Kiall is saying he had regular freezes with a class of HP servers on Oneiric.12:34
apwDaviey, and i assume as a server person you are doing lots of testing too and would have noticed12:34
KiallRegular as hell ;) https://launchpadlibrarian.net/89219509/uptime-day.png12:34
Davieyapw: I was more wondering if you had come across bugs with it.12:34
apwDaviey, i am sure we arn't aware of it, unless you have been made aware and made either of us aware :/12:34
Davieyapw: Heh, ok.. (i don't triage incoming kernel bugs fwiw.12:35
KiallDaviey: Another two https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/870168 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/88196812:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 870168 in linux "Kernel Oops - Oneiric KVM/OpenStack triggers 'Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer deference'" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:35
ikoniaDaviey: there is a HP bug filed also I'll see if I can get that, although it's on the Intels' not the AMD12:35
ikonia(so may be a different issue with similar symptoms)12:36
apwDaviey, indeed, and nor does anyone else, there are far tooo many to get any real depth on any of them12:36
smbfirst one seems to require netfilter involved12:36
ikoniait's the 165's and a certain blade model12:36
Kiallikonia: I'm seeing those three issues on AMD 165's12:37
ikoniayes, the issue (same symptoms) is known to HP on the intels but not the xeons12:37
jamespagelynxman, rabbitmq-erlang-client uploaded12:38
Kiallnot on AMD I assume? anyway.. the 3.2 mainline has been rock solid for me on the same hardware.12:38
smbAnd is this real hw? I see kvm_mmu blah in the first bugs dmesg12:39
KiallYea, Its real hardware hosting KVM vms12:40
KiallAlso - I actually know of another person who's been experiencing #905219 (the first one), but fairly infrequently and not on HP hardware.12:44
KiallLet me dig out the email to see if the trace is identical...12:44
linociscohi i made"   sudo   usermod -a -G admin  username" but still can't shutdown with that username12:46
smbapw, It would help if those bug reports would not have a mix of various traces. Some with the beginning, some from the end ...12:46
* cwillu_at_work is impressed by the screenshot of a remote viewer of a remote viewer12:48
Kiallcwillu_at_work: that would be mine ;)12:49
cwillu_at_workKiall, that "view" menu doesn't maintain more of a log? :p12:49
cwillu_at_workand you can't copy/paste out of it?12:49
KiallWhich bug was that BTW, because that was likely a dell server from memory12:49
KiallNo - Its a VNC session12:50
Kiall(Via a RDP session)12:50
cwillu_at_workKiall, conveniently, both things which support shared clipboards :p12:50
KiallThis VNC server doesn't do clipboards ;)12:51
KiallDaviey: re http://pb.daviey.com/bWFR/12:54
Kiallshould that not have been a new file in /usr/src/iscsitarget- ?12:54
linociscoanybody help me to setup working email server?12:56
ikonialinocisco: what are you not sure on ?12:56
linociscoikonia, i have just install ubuntu server on vbox and i chose mail server option during setup. now postfix is running at loading message12:57
linociscoikonia, i want to make it running mail server12:57
ikonialinocisco: ok - so what part are you not sure about ?12:58
linociscoi read flurdy page. too complicated12:59
Kialllinocisco: there are plenty of guides online, It would be worth going through one of those.. Without a specific problem, IRC tends to be fairly useless :)13:00
KiallThis one looks decent https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto13:00
linociscoikonia, i just want to know if I need internet to install any component to mail server13:00
ikonialinocisco: you will need the internet to install software from the repos and updates, or use the CD to get software off the CD13:01
linociscoikonnia. now i just wanted to email from one user to another13:01
linociscocan i quickly make it done in simple way ?13:02
ikonialinocisco: ok - so you want to mail internally over the internet, or internally on the same server ?13:02
linociscoikonia, first only between internally13:02
linociscoikonia, from user1 to user2 and vice visa13:03
ikonialinocisco: ok, so when you setup the mail server there was an option that allows you to send internet over the internet or internally, which did you select13:03
linociscoikonia," internet site"13:04
ikonialinocisco: why did you select "internet" if you wanted to mail internally ?13:04
linociscoikonia, first i thought it might be easiler13:04
ikonialinocisco: why ??? what reason would it be easier ?13:04
ikonialinocisco: the whole point of that menu is to ask you what you want to do, and you select the option you need13:05
ikonialinocisco: you wanted to "mail internally" yet you selected "mail internet", I cannot grasp how that would be thought of as an easier option than the option that did exactly what you wanted13:05
linociscoikonia, actually in real setup with virtual box, it is not easier to give mail access to host connected to internet from guest ubuntu server13:06
linociscoikonia , so should I choose dpkg-reconfigure postfix and setup  again?13:06
ikonialinocisco: to be honest, I think you need to look at what you actually want to do, then research what you need to do to set that up, then ask questions on anything you are unsure about or something that is not working13:07
linociscoikonia,  i agree you will think so13:08
linociscoikonia, i want to get it done fast. i chose my final dream setup13:08
ikonialinocisco: getting it right/secure is the priority13:09
ikonialinocisco: getting something done "fast" as the priority for a mail server is not a good model13:09
linociscoikonia,  i m not seting up production server now. i just want to feel myself i setup working test mail server13:09
ikonialinocisco: again right/secure is still (in my view) what you need to focus on13:10
ikoniaanyway, it's up to you, good luck13:10
linociscoikonia, i wish you could suggest what to install and how to configure13:11
uvirtbotNew bug: #930139 in keystone (universe) "Add dbconfig support in Keystone" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93013913:11
ikonialinocisco: you've been given a link13:11
ikonialinocisco: if you want to learn how to setup a mail server, get researching rather than asking "what do I type"13:11
linociscoikonia, that is for internet site13:11
ikonialinocisco: apply thought and change approach for internal13:11
linociscoikonia, i m linux newbie. so please kindly understand me13:12
ikonialinocisco: I do understand you13:12
linociscoikonia, i run dpkg-reconfigure postfix. should I choose locally?13:13
ikonialinocisco: apply thought process in your head. Do you want to send mail locally or over the internet ?13:13
linociscoikonia, it has "no config", "internet site", "internet with smart host", "locally"13:13
linociscoikonia, locally in meaning. but not emailing from system to root13:14
linociscoikonia, i want locally between two users13:14
ikonialinocisco: root is a user, so again, think it through, do you want to send mail over the internet13:15
linociscoikonia, not now13:15
ikonialinocisco: do you want "no configuration"13:15
linociscoikonia, just between two users at least and i can sleep well tonight13:16
ikoniaok - I give in now13:16
ikoniaI shouldn't have to spoon feed at this level for a mail server, good luck13:16
linociscoikonia, if i choose no config, what do i do next?13:16
ikonialinocisco: you don't choose that, I'm not going to help you with this. Please ask someone else13:17
linociscoikonia, thanks anyway13:17
ikoniano problem, good luck13:17
linociscoikonia, having no physical server sucks13:17
ikoniait makes no difference13:17
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linociscowhat is the error "update-alternatives"warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/bin/bsd-mailx because link group mailx is broken"?13:28
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lynxmanjamespage: can I ask you a couple ipxe related questions? :)13:45
jamespagelynxman, fire away!13:48
lynxmanjamespage: when I do the upstream merge, you told me I could do that and my changes to the debian structure in a single commit? Or do two commits but keep the package version the same?13:49
* jamespage scratches his head13:50
jamespageI think that you get one commit for the import of the upstream tarball13:50
jamespageand then you have todo another for the packaging changes13:50
=== MTecknol1gy is now known as MTecknology
lynxmanjamespage: so two commits but keep just one package version in changelog then, right?13:51
jamespagebzr commits != changelog entries13:51
jamespagelynxman, it might work out like that once the package gets imported to the official branch post upload13:52
lynxmanjamespage: yeah of course, I just wasn't sure what was the procedure on this one13:52
jamespageso takes as many commits as you like on your working branch - they get flattened post upload13:52
lynxmanjamespage: fair enough, thanks :)13:53
Tixoshi, is anybody knowledgeable in DNS that could help me configure BIND?13:54
linociscohi all , I am following "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto". but i have question on "Setting Postfix Support for Maildir-style Mailboxes"13:56
linociscowhen I  su - fmaster,13:57
linociscomail  , I found no mail13:57
linociscowhat do I do?13:59
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DavieyKiall: No, it's a distro patch.14:07
KiallAh - fair enough14:07
KiallI had thought they were distro patches too, considering they are only used by debian/rules14:07
Kiall(a different kind of distro patch that is..)14:07
KiallI had figured that style of patch was used to allow for a broader range of kernel support in a single package.. with a normal patch, it always gets applied regardless of the target kernel version14:09
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uvirtbotNew bug: #898355 in swift (main) "Some scripts from "bin" are not installed" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89835514:16
linociscoi got problem with netcat14:18
linocisconetcat: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known14:19
linocisco"netcat: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known" . what do i do??14:19
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linociscoUrsinha-lunch, hello14:21
linociscohi all14:23
linocisconetcat: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known14:23
greppylinocisco: what is the command you are trying to use with netcat?14:24
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
linociscogreppy, netcat mail.mydomain.com 2514:25
greppydoes mail.mydomain.com exist?14:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #930172 in bacula (main) "bacula-director-mysql config results in bad bacula-dir.conf " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93017214:26
linociscogreppy, it is on server14:27
linociscogreppy, not registered domain name on ICANN14:27
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linociscosoren, hi bro14:29
linociscosoren, as a long term geek, could you help me?14:29
greppylinocisco: so, can you do "ping mail.mydomain.com"?14:31
linociscogreppy, from CLI ?14:31
linociscogreppy, unknown host14:32
greppywell, there is your problem with netcat as well.14:32
linociscogreppy, so what do I do?14:34
linociscogreppy, actually I want to setup postfix only one local user to another14:34
linociscogreppy, first. before I can setup internet based mail14:34
greppywhen you installed postfix it should have asked if you wanted to be a local only mail site, if you selected that, it should work.14:35
linociscogreppy, i run dpkg-reconfigure postfix with locally14:39
linociscogreppy, stil netcat is not working14:39
greppylocally it won't be listening on port 2514:39
greppybecause it's a local only server14:40
linociscogreppy, so what to test if I m setting up mail server from one user to another like user1@mydomain.com to user2@mydomain.com14:40
greppyfrom a shell, "echo 'testing' | mail user2@mydomain.com"14:41
greppythen check the logs in /var/log/mail.* to see what happens.14:41
linociscogreppy, "echo 'testing' | mail user2@mydomain.com" shows nothing14:45
greppythat should end up with an email sent to user214:46
linociscogreppy, if mail server setup is so difficult, let it be14:46
linociscogreppy, i will just try how to give shutdown right to default server user14:47
linociscogreppy, "sudo   usermod -a -G admin  username" doesnot work14:47
greppylinocisco: so the user can't do "sudo shutdown"?14:48
linociscogreppy, yes. it said need to be root14:49
greppyis the admin group in your /etc/sudoers file?14:49
linociscogreppy," sudo   usermod -a -G admin  username", admin group should exist?14:50
greppysudo visudo14:50
greppyor, add that user to the sudo group instead of the admin group.14:50
greppyalso, you will need to log out that user and log back in for the change to take affect, when you put a user in a new group.14:51
linociscogreppy, i typed sudo visudo, and i found sudoers file , what to do next?14:51
greppycheck to see if there is an 'admin' group specification14:51
linociscogreppy, where to check?14:52
linociscogreppy, %admin=ALL14:52
greppyok, so that should wokr.14:52
linociscogreppy, my default user is not found in that sudoers file14:53
linociscogreppy, how to add default user to admin group ?14:53
linociscosudo   usermod -a -G admin  username is not enough??14:53
greppythat adds them to the group14:54
linociscogreppy, but i didn't see that user name in sudoer file14:54
greppyif you type 'id' in a shell, it should list the groups.14:54
greppyit won't be.14:54
greppythe user will be in the /etc/group file14:54
greppyif you don't see 'admin' in the output of 'id', then you need to log out and log back in.14:55
linociscogreppy, i tried logout and logi  n. i found my username is in the list twice14:56
greppyso what happens when you type 'id'? does 'admin' show up as one of the groups?14:57
Davieyroaksoax: around?14:58
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linociscogreppy, uid=1000(myusername) gid=1000(myusername) groups=4(adm), 20 (dialout), 117(admin)14:59
linociscogreppy, 1000(myusername)14:59
linociscogreppy, is that correct?14:59
greppyyup, so myusername is in the admin group, so 'sudo reboot' should reboot the box.15:00
linociscogreppy, not ok15:02
linociscogreppy, rebooting is done. not ok yet15:02
linociscogreppy, thanks anyway15:02
linociscogreppy, cu15:02
roaksoaxDaviey: im here15:17
Davieyroaksoax: sorry, can i re-ping in 40 mins, on a call.15:20
roaksoaxDaviey: sure15:21
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Tixoscan anyone help with this error, i installed apache2 and php as you would, so i dont see why there would be permission issues?16:08
TixosPHP Notice:  session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir:16:09
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Davieyzul: bug 930139 is fixed in both ks and ksl?16:11
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 930139 in keystone "Add dbconfig support in Keystone" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93013916:11
zuljust ks ill get to the ksl after im done the uploads16:11
Davieyzul: cool16:15
Davieyadam_g: How are the charms looking for ksl?16:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #930231 in samba (main) "smbd crashed with SIGABRT in set_nt_acl()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93023116:16
Tixoscan someone please paste me their cron for php5.316:22
undecimWhat does it mean when my (10.04) server responds to a ping, but I can'16:24
undecimt ssh to it, and there is no sign in /var/log that the system even booted16:24
Tixoshow are you seeing /var/log if you cant ssh in16:25
undecimTook the hard drive out16:25
undecimlooking at it with a SATA-USB adapter16:25
undecimIt's clearly using the static IP from /etc/network/interfaces. I changed it and the IP changed16:25
Tixoshow do you know if ssh was running16:25
Tixoswhat error did you get from trying to connect via ssh?16:26
undecimBecause every other time I started the system (though admittedly only twice) ssh started16:26
undecimThis time the system doesn't even seem to be booting, except that it responds16:26
Tixosso boot it again16:26
undecimconnection refused16:26
undecimnmap indicates all ports are closed16:26
Tixoshow have you installed this?16:27
lynxmanjamespage: question for you, what would be the best way to clean a copyright file?16:27
Tixoswhat changes have you made?16:27
Tixosif it worked before, it indicates you broke something :)16:27
jamespagelynxman, update it? hmm16:27
jamespagelicensecheck -r * is a good start16:27
lynxmanjamespage: cool ty16:27
undecim10.04 server amd64, sda1 for / and sdb, sdc in RAID 1 for /home16:27
hallynSpamapS: jodh: say, exactly which script sections in an upstart job are run with 'set -e'?16:28
hallynonly pre-start?16:28
undecimTixos: Yes, I'm sure I broke something, but that's what I'm trying to find16:28
undecimTixos: What boggles my mind is that the network is started, but nothing is logged16:28
lynxmanjamespage: I'm trying to solve lintian complaining about ipxe source: syntax-error-in-dep5-copyright paragraph 6 after the field16:28
cjs226running into an issue where omrelp doesn't send all logs to the remote server even though *.* is used.  for example, php errors aren't sent.  any ideas?16:28
jamespagelynxman, read http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/16:29
jamespageits probably an empty line in a license block16:29
lynxmanjamespage: k16:29
hallynno, i guess 'script' is also16:30
hallynand post-stop.  ok, not sure why i thoughtonly pre-start did.  oh weel16:31
SpamapShallyn: all16:31
hallynSpamapS: yup, thanks :)16:34
lynxmanjamespage: ipxe pushed to the branch ready for review (again)16:36
jamespagelynxman, OK - lemme take a look16:38
roaksoaxDaviey: so what's up?16:43
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Tixoscan someone please paste me their PHP cron job !16:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #930255 in keystone (universe) "Keystone's precise dbconfig uses incorrect case for roles." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93025517:03
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jamespagelynxman, all looks OK apart from the get-orig-source target - mind if I take a stab at getting it working right?17:07
lynxmanjamespage: oh please do :) both Daviey and I worked on that one but somehow it wasn't 100% right on the spot17:08
lynxmanjamespage: will be happy to copycat your optimisation for future packages *whistles*17:08
jamespageits not helped by the crap version numbering17:09
jamespagesorry  I should have said 'bad'17:09
lynxmanjamespage: since the upstream maintainer didn't want to change it I couldn't myself :/17:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #930266 in ntp (main) "Add samba4 ntp signing socket to ntpd apparmor profile" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93026617:11
hallynSpamapS: if job b is 'start on starting a', will b start before a's pre-start script section?17:15
SpamapShallyn: yes17:16
hallynexcellent.  thanks.17:16
SpamapShallyn: b will start before a's goal is even changed to 'start'17:16
hallynSpamapS: and pre-start runs after 'goal' is set to start?17:27
hallynstgraber: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff is working for me so far.  do you have time to do the ureadahead+udevtrigger changes?  (then i'll try the console changes in lxc source, and a kernel patch for remount,ro)17:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #930280 in bind9 (main) "AppArmor profile for named prevents reading of samba4 zone and keytab" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93028017:31
SpamapShallyn: right.17:31
stgraberhallyn: any reason not to keep --no-restart-on-upgrade?17:34
hallynstgraber: because the upstart jobs are smart enough not to mess up (i hope)17:35
hallynstgraber: lxc.conf won't shut down containers unless entering runlevel [016],17:35
hallynand lxc-net.conf won't shut down network if there are attached nics17:35
hallynso, it wouldn't hurt, but i don't think it's needed17:35
jamespagelynxman, OK I think this works  - http://paste.ubuntu.com/836806/17:35
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lynxmanjamespage: and it looks a lot smoother than mine :)17:36
jamespagethe rules file was trying to parse an iso/unix date from the version string which did not exist17:36
jamespagethis just grabs the latest snapshot and increments that awkward prefix number used in the upstream version17:36
stgraberhallyn: I "think" I'd prefer that we drop these checks from the job and use --no-restart-on-upgrade. Because I can see some people expecting "stop lxc" to stop their containers and "start lxc" to start them17:37
stgraberhallyn: with the current jobs, they'd have to figure out they need to set RUNLEVEL17:37
jamespagelynxman, so 1.0.0+git-3.55f6c88 -> 1.0.0+git-4.d3630b617:37
jamespagebased on the snapshot now...17:37
lynxmanjamespage: sounds good to me17:38
lynxmanjamespage: all the changes I did are good anyway17:38
hallynstgraber: hm.  guess that makes sense17:38
hallynSpamapS: so if b is 'stop on stopped a', will b's post-stop happen after a is stopped?  (I assume so)17:39
SpamapShallyn: yes17:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #930285 in lxc (universe) "lxc & hpsa driver" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93028517:41
SpamapShallyn: init/job.c job_next_state is quite easy to read the state progressions, and then job_change_state shows what happens when each one changes17:41
hallynstgraber: so what do you think lxc-net.conf should do at post-stop if lxcbr0 has attached interfaces?  exit with failure?  forcibly detach?17:42
hallyni'll continue to just not shut it down and NOT return error17:43
hallynSpamapS: ok17:44
stgraberhallyn: I belive the current behaviour of lxc-net is correct17:44
jamespagelynxman, all looks good (did a quick test as well)  uploading now17:48
lynxmanjamespage: cool, thank you sir :)17:48
jamespagelynxman, np - thanks for being patient with my constant feedback!17:49
lynxmanjamespage: my pleasure17:51
* lynxman goes back to his jamespage shrine to pray some more17:51
smoserutlemming, was just thinking as this bit me.17:51
jamespageSpamapS, hey17:51
smoserubuntu-cloudimg-query uses https to cloud-images.ubuntu.com17:51
jamespagenice spot on the jenkins reload problem17:51
jamespagecould be an issue with java server stuff generally TBH17:52
smoserthats good (to avoid spoofing), but for the data transfer, it means that it wont be proxied (http_proxy=) which sucks.17:52
* jamespage ponders whether zookeeper does the same thing17:52
smoserso just thinking that with the new data, including checksums and signatures, hopefully we can get the important data over https and the bulk over http17:52
utlemmingsmoser: that is what I was just thinking17:53
utlemmingsmoser: the new meta-data coming over https will give the authenticity with checksums, which should be more than adiquete to discover a man-in-the-middle17:54
utlemmingsmoser: for the bulk data17:54
smoserso maybe we need to publish 'mirrors' at /query2 ?17:55
SpamapSjamespage: HUP needs to be handled. :)17:55
SpamapSjamespage: enjoy your weekend, we'll discuss that next week. :)17:56
smoserdo you think ? so you could actually discover that http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com is a http mirror of https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com17:56
utlemmingsmoser: I am not sure I follow your line of thought here17:58
smoserth file data has some 'file_path' right?17:58
utlemmingsmoser: yes17:58
smoserand you have to somehow know that that file_path is to be appended to https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/17:59
smoserto actually get a full url17:59
smoserbut in /query, should we have data that indicates mirrors17:59
smoserauthoritative_mirror: https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/18:00
utlemmingsmoser: ah, that makes sense18:00
smosermirrors: http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com, http://cloud-images-data.s3.amazonaws.com18:00
smosersomething like that.18:00
utlemmingok, I follow now18:01
hallynstgraber: all right, new http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff appears to be working perfectly  (shoulda done this ages ago)18:11
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hallynarguing with myself over whether to push this, or wait until i fold in another change18:14
stgraberhallyn: looks good18:18
hallynman, all these snprintfs in lxc start should be checked for overrun...18:18
roaksoaxsmoser: ping18:19
smoserhere roaksoax18:20
roaksoaxsmoser: bug #930233 so... while I don't have any argument against using squid-deb-proxy, back when we decided to go with squid directly was because using default s-d-p created lots of archive errors so we decided to go with our own custom squid confug18:20
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 930233 in orchestra "consider using squid-deb-proxy for proxy solution" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93023318:20
roaksoaxsmoser: the squid config is based on the config used internally IIRC18:21
smoserthat was commonly believed18:21
smoserbut i dont think true18:21
smoseranyway... it makes all the sense in the world to get it done right in one place.18:22
roaksoaxsmoser: i agree with you18:22
roaksoaxsmoser: either way, s-d-p is just squid3 + custom config + avahi for auto discovery18:22
smoseryeah, the avahi is a wart to us18:22
roaksoaxsmoser: i don't have a problem switching completely to stock s-d-p as long as we can ensure that nothing breaks18:24
roaksoaxand we save ourselves the hasle of having to ship a custom squid config18:24
smosersounds like a plan to me.18:25
smoserthe one thing i wish squid could do that i don't think it can is to say "this group of base urls are all the same"18:25
smoseri think apt-cacher-ng can do that.18:26
smoserie, http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu are the same18:26
smoserbut squid does not know that.18:26
roaksoaxsmoser: right, but isn't it that archive.u.c is in the UK while us.a.u.c is actually a mirror in the US?18:27
smoserthat would make sense, wouldnt it18:28
smoserthey're the same.18:28
smoserbut the knowledge of "just act like these are the same" is beneficial18:28
smoseras if you have one machine that uses archive.ubuntu.com and most use us.archive.ubuntu.com18:28
smoseryou get no benefit on the one machine18:28
smoserand duplicate data all throughout your squid cache18:29
smoser(even if they weren't *actually* round robin mirrors anyway)18:29
roaksoaxsmoser: yeah18:33
hallynstgraber: doing the lxc console and tty move during lxc startup doesn't work because /dev gets remounted by the container itself...18:39
hallynstgraber: i think we might just have to leave that bug open until next cycle and use it to drive device ns18:39
stgraberhallyn: hmm, no, /dev is mounted by lxc and left alone by mountall18:41
mgwis there a way to keep the orchestra-server installer from doing an immediate import of various ISOs upon install?18:43
hallynstgraber: well hmm.18:46
hallynd'oh.  lemme try again18:47
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uvirtbotNew bug: #800520 in lxc (universe) "default fstab could be expanded" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80052018:57
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undecimHow do I automatically start my RAID before partitions are mounted?19:20
WarDekarhey I'm running 10.04LTS with command-line only and am having trouble figuring out how to connect to a PPTP server and route all network traffic through it, does anyone have any good links on how to set it up? there are so many on google and every one i've tried hasn't worked19:23
kirklandsmoser: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/orchestra/+bug/930233 :-)19:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 930233 in orchestra "consider using squid-deb-proxy for proxy solution" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:33
hallynstgraber: all right, well i think i have all the devices set up right, but either getty or login appears to be unhappy with 'lxc/console'19:33
kirklandsmoser: that's where we started :-P19:33
hallynstgraber: d'oh19:33
hallyni'm a loser today.  i know the problem.19:33
smoserkirkland, yeah. i know.19:34
smoseri sent some flame bait to an internal list, hoping to get some people to tell me "you're doing it all wrong"19:34
smoserand what i got back was "really... you should be using squid-deb-proxy"19:34
hallynstgraber: id on't have any speed issues like you had.  works fine for me.  only issue is, lxc/* needs to be added to securetty, not sure where we want to do that19:34
smoserit makes sense to have one thing that is done right.19:35
hallynlemme wrap this up and put a bow on it and hand it over to you19:35
kirklandsmoser: fair enough, i *so* wanted squid-deb-proxy to "just work"19:35
smosersmb, you still around ?19:35
kirklandsmoser: but it "just didn't"19:35
kirklandsmoser: so hopefully you'll have more success than me there19:35
kirklandsmoser: good luck ;-)19:35
smosersmb, if so.. bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ec2/+bug/92994119:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 929941 in linux-ec2 "Kernel deadlock in scheduler on m2.2xlarge EC2 instance" [Undecided,New]19:35
smoserkirkland, well, the issue that made me stay away from it was no ppas19:36
smoserbut that has since been easily configurablelly resolved.19:36
smoserand then i think we *thought* we saw more missmatch issues with it compared to some other solution19:36
stgraberhallyn: yeah, I'm really not sure what went wrong with the speed configuration here ... anyway, if it works the way you did it, yeah!19:36
smoserbut i doubt we had hard data on that.19:36
undecimcan someone tell me wtf is going on with this /proc/mdstat? http://pastebin.com/6rJ4DUFr19:37
kirklandsmoser: I think we also needed support for s-d-p in the server installer itself19:37
kirklandsmoser: whereas it was pretty trivial to just set an http proxy in d-i19:38
kirklandsmoser: but that may have been solved since then too19:38
smosers-d-p is just a squid proxy19:38
hallynstgraber: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc2.debdiff   that works (on top of http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc.debdiff for upstart),19:39
=== crass_ is now known as crass
hallynstgraber: but like i say there's the issue of /etc/securetty19:39
hallynstgraber: (if we decide to go through with it we can squash them into one commit of course)19:41
hallynwhile you stew on that i'll go see about the kernel patch19:41
hallynalthough, maybe we're better off just using an apparmor mount rule to say "you can't mount --remount /"19:44
stgraberpatch looks good, for securetty it's indeed problematic especially as our default user is root ...19:48
stgraberfor 12.04, it's easy, we can simply add them to securetty in the login package19:51
stgraberas usual previous releases and other distros are the problem19:52
stgrabercan we make the feature optional requiring a flag in the container config?19:52
stgraberthen we could have it off by default in lxc itself and turn it on for lxc-ubuntu for >= precise19:52
hallynor, we could take the opportunity to add 'ubuntu:ubuntu' everywhere and recommending doing 'su root' with password root19:56
hallynthat would sync with the ubuntu-cloud template19:56
stgraberhallyn: I guess we should do that on top of the rest, people upgrading their machine to Precise won't understand why they can't enter their old containers and some people will also wonder why they can't login as root after setting a password to root20:00
hallynall right - i just hate adding cruft into the config namespace if we dont' have to20:05
stgraberagreed though this one seems worth it as it's a high potential for regression on upgrades not to mention being confusing to users20:07
hallynlag.  hate lag.20:07
stgraberhallyn: can you confirm that adding lxc/console lxc/tty1 lxc/tty2 lxc/tty3 and lxc/tty4 to /etc/securetty works for you?20:08
hallynstgraber: ok.  it'll make the patch a bit more involved.  do you think we should push the upstart patch now?20:08
stgraberif so, I'll upload login20:08
stgraberyeah, I guess you can upload the upstart change now, that'll give more time for people to complain about potential regressions :)20:08
hallynupload login?20:09
hallynstgraber: yes, it works for me.20:09
stgraberok, will upload login in a few minutes then20:11
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mgwso… is it possible to use in-target late command to run a puppet manifest that installs additional packages?20:15
=== fenris_ is now known as Guest28407
hallynhm, kernel patch may have been even simpler than i'd hoped.  (but let's see if it compiles :)20:20
=== Guest28407 is now known as ejat
smoserutlemming, you have thoughts on boto 2.2.1 ?20:25
Davieysmoser: have you smoked it?20:26
smoserfor 10  minutes.20:26
smoserduring development of https://review.openstack.org/#change,402520:27
Davieyi don't follow, that isn't your code?20:28
smoserwell, when i was doing that, i was using new boto.20:28
smoserthats not my cde ?20:28
smoserit has my name on it.20:28
Davieyah, sorry - i opened the wrong tab20:28
DavieyETOOMANY gerrits20:28
smoseri was concerned i'd forgotten my name again20:28
smosernew boto has that hot new function everyone is talking about20:29
Davieythat is a must have20:30
mgwis there any reason an in-target script that installs orchestra-server would hang indefinitely? I finally got the install to continue by logging in on another console and killing the dpkg command20:32
smosermgw, rabbitmq?20:34
mgwsmoser: rabbitmq?20:34
smoseri sweare i saw a hang like that the other day, but dont remember when20:34
smoseroh.. nah it wasnt in install, it was thorugh devstack.20:34
smosermgw, the dpkg can take a logn time.20:35
smoserbut it should not hang permenently.20:35
hallynstgraber: do you think we should make it "lxc.ttydir = lxc" (more flexible) or just "lxc.devlxctty = 1" (0 by default)?20:35
mgwthere was zero outputto /var/log/dpkg.log for 30 min20:35
mgwand nothing to syslog either20:35
jdstrandhallyn: hey, if I am using juju, am I supposed to expect that the container is going to come up right if lxc-start is confined with apparmor?20:35
mgwafter doing a chroot20:35
mgwto the installed system20:36
hallynjdstrand: on precise?  yes20:36
mgwsmoser: I'll paste the dpkg command20:36
hallynprobably, though i don't know what weirdness juju introduces i suppose20:36
jdstrandlet me try to disable the apparmor profile to see if that helps20:36
hallynbut we're nto doing any pathname-based restrictions right now20:36
stgraberhallyn: we can go with the flexible option (assuming not setting it will just default to nothing => /dev)20:37
jdstrandhallyn: are there any limitations with using lxc inside of kvm?20:37
mgwsmoser: https://raw.github.com/gist/4d81aa0b55fe2f01ac49/43f981b1594ef3fbd0ea5a9ffe625959988c6d0e/gistfile1.txt20:37
mgweverything I checked had already been installed20:37
hallynjdstrand: none20:37
smosermgw, do you have a client that pastebins' to gists?20:37
stgraberhallyn: shadow uploaded for the securetty change20:37
mgwno, why?20:37
smoserjust curios20:37
smoserbecause i've wanted one20:37
mgwsmoser: wget ?20:38
mgwor curl20:38
mgw2012-02-10 11:37:04 status half-configured ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server 2.21-0ubuntu2.120:38
mgwthat was the last line of dpkg.log20:38
jdstrandhallyn: should I be using a precise guest or is precise host enough?20:39
mgwfrom another server where I did the orchestra install outside of the ubuntu installer, i see there's one more line:20:40
hallynjdstrand: older guests are supposed to work20:40
mgw2012-02-07 17:16:03 status installed ubuntu-orchestra-provisioning-server 2.21-0ubuntu2.120:40
mgwsmoser: would it be normal to take 30+ min between those two log entries?20:40
smosermgw, i dont know.20:40
smoserits the kind of thing you only pay attention to when it fails20:41
Davieysoren: around?20:41
smoserone thing that could have gone wrong.. there is no libperl5.12 now20:41
smosermgw, but also possible tha tthere is a quesiton being asked in debconf.. i'n not sure if that'd cause hang or not.20:42
smoserroaksoax, ^20:42
Davieyzul: are we not using UNRELEASED pcoket for openstack staged uploads?20:42
zulDaviey: yes we are20:42
Davieyzul: ah, great - thanks20:42
mgwsmoser: I think it would, but this exact puppet manifest I've installed many times from a regular shell and there are no debconf questions20:43
smosermgw, it might not in the installer20:43
smoserbut if it is, then we should fix that.20:43
smoserDEBIAN_FRONTEND=non-interactive and force conf old20:43
smosermgw, you did this in late_command ?20:44
smoservia cobbler?20:44
smoseri'm being prompted for nagios3-cgi20:44
mgwDEBIAN_FRONTEND=non-interactive and force conf old20:45
mgwWhat does that do?20:45
smosermakes debconf not ask you annoying questions20:46
mgwdoes that need to be done in-target/20:46
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smosermgw, i'm not sure actually. i know at one point i pulled haair out20:48
smoserand fought to get the in-target environment set up well.20:48
mgwone sec, posting my late command20:48
sorenDaviey: Um... Ok.20:49
sorenDaviey: 'sup?20:49
mgwsmoser: https://gist.github.com/088aab0ed8bd3ee8dc7520:49
Davieysoren: Did you say you were unhappy with using UNRELEASED pcoket in d/changelog?20:49
mgwmaybe I should add what you pasted in my in-target subshell20:50
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smosermgw, well, what i suspect has happened is that some process has stdin or stdout open20:53
smoserand by doing that, the chroot (via in-target) wont exit20:53
mgwso something puppet is installing perhaps20:54
smosermgw, i asked specifically about rabbitmq because i'd seen that there20:54
smoserbug 87860020:54
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 878600 in rabbitmq-server "service start rabbitmq-server' does not fully detach from parent" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87860020:54
jdstrandstgraber: is lxc-ls supposed to require sudo?20:55
stgraberjdstrand: no20:55
mgwsmoser: thanks; any suggestion (once I get back to that point in the install process) how to determine what, if anything, has stdin/out open?20:55
jdstrandstgraber: /usr/bin/lxc-ls: line 35: cd: /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc: Permission denied20:55
jdstrandthat is indeed root owned and not world readable20:56
guntbertare there known issues when installing in a XEN PV vps? I keep getting dropped to busybox with the error message "ALERT! /dev/disk/by-uuid/....... does not exist. In fact /dev/disk-by-uuid   doesn't exist itself..20:56
stgraberjdstrand: hmm, it works here ... (no permission denied)20:56
stgraberhallyn: ^20:56
guntbertafter the reboot after installing, that is...20:56
stgraberthough lxc-list seems to require sudo for some reason (it doesn't crash but it doesn't show the running containers)20:57
hallynsmoser has seen this before20:57
hallynstgraber: it's supposed to show running containers without sudo20:57
hallynjdstrand: do you have cgroup-bin or cgroup-lite installed?20:57
jdstrandI do have cgroups-lite installed20:58
smosermgw, you can swear a lot.20:58
smoserthat might help20:58
smosermgw, i think it was just plain bisecting stuff that got me to finding rabbitmq.20:58
hallynjdstrand: uptodate precise for sure?20:58
smosermgw, its probably a daemon process running (and see what is running with 'ps' the list is likely not that long)20:58
jdstrandhallyn: the host might be out of date. let me try that20:59
smoserhallyn, i tihnk i fixed this in a branch somewhere.20:59
hallynsmoser: fixed it in what?20:59
smoserah. i fixed the  lxc-ls bug20:59
smoserbut you nack'd it.20:59
jdstrandhallyn: cgroup-lite is what I want though?20:59
stgraberstgraber@castiana:~$ lxc-info -n qatracker0121:00
stgraberlxc-info: failed to get state for 'qatracker01': Permission denied21:00
smoserbut i  must have not really submitted it.21:00
stgraberhallyn: ^21:00
stgraberhallyn: that's why it doesn't show up in lxc-list for me21:00
hallynoh, lxc-info21:00
smoserjdstrand, do you have btrfs ?21:00
jdstrandsmoser: I like my data :P21:00
jdstrandsmoser: that means 'no' :)21:00
hallynstgraber:lxc-ls doesn't use lxc-info21:01
stgraberhallyn: indeed and lxc-ls works for me21:01
smoserjdstrand, well, good, then you are hitting it outside of my code, that i thought might be cuasing it.21:01
stgraberhallyn: I said above that I couldn't reproduce jdstrand's issue with lxc-ls but that I seem to have an issue with lxc-list not showing running containers21:01
stgraberhallyn: I guess we'd need to make lxc-list either not use lxc-info or have it require root21:02
hallyni feel a certain resentment having lxc-list dumped on me21:03
hallynbut more to the point, i can't find where lxc-info comes from21:03
sorenDaviey: Yes.21:03
hallynoh there21:03
sorenDaviey: I mean.. it's fine (and expected) for work-in-progress stuff.21:03
hallynstgraber: yeah, bc lxc-info require perms to get state appears to be a feature (in src/lxc/state.c)21:06
Davieysoren: Did you encounter one that got uploaded?21:06
sorenDaviey: Perhaps I'm getting thrown off by the fact that ~openstack-ubuntu-packagers/nova/ubuntu isn't the packaging branch you're using.21:08
sorenDaviey: ..beucase I think that's where I saw it.21:08
hallynjdstrand: i think your lxc would have to be older than 0.7.5-3ubuntu6 to have the error you're getting.  or older than 0.7.5-3ubuntu8 to get something similar21:09
hallynelse the bug perlexes me21:09
hallynperplexes even21:09
smoserhallyn, bah. you're just pretending to not see things.21:09
jdstrandwell, I've blown away the vm and trying another21:09
smoseri reported with something newer than that.21:09
hallynsmoser: wer eyou also using juju?21:10
smoserjuju just uses lxc21:10
mgwsmoser: thanks for your help, i'll let you know if i figure anything out21:11
smosermgw, fwiw, i just tried http://paste.ubuntu.com/837080/21:11
smoseron a fresh instance21:11
smoser(or 'to' a fresh instance)21:11
sorenDaviey: I'm beginning to sound like a broken record... but where is your packaging branch again?21:11
smoserand it came back21:11
* jdstrand is downloading 0.7.5-3ubuntu22 now21:12
smoserso, mgw what i'm saying is I didn't see any issue with one of those packages launching a daemon incorrectly.21:12
mgwsmoser: at the moment I'm running my same script but with puppet installing fewer packages21:12
smosermgw, oh.21:13
smoserone thing you could do21:13
smoseris just close stdin and stdout  and stderr21:13
smoserthen they *couldn't* be left open21:13
smoser(ie, close them before running anything in shell)21:13
mgwright… how do you do that?21:13
sorenAh, yes.21:14
mgw(or rather, How do I do that021:14
sorenDaviey: found it.21:14
smosermgw, sh -c ' exec 0<&- 1>&- 2>&- ;'21:14
smoserthat closes stdin out and err21:14
mgwsmoser: thanks21:15
smoserfor you you might just want to close stdin and redirect stdout and err to a file even21:15
smoserbut one inside the chroot21:15
mgwyeah —ll just add that to the beginning of my bash -c line in late command21:15
sorenDaviey: What's the logic behind naming it "essex" rather than "precise"?21:15
smosersh -c ' exec 0<&- 1>/root/in-target.stdout 2>/root/in-target.stderr ; .... '21:16
smosermgw, ^21:16
smosermgw, but if a package/daemon is misbehaving that will just hide it21:17
hallynjdstrand: say, can you pastebin output of /proc/mounts and ls -l /sys/fs/cgroup and ls -l /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset?21:17
smoserand i'd like to fix it.21:17
hallynjdstrand: (i couldn't reproduce here with new oneiric container, but of course i'd have to start with fresh cgroup mounts to recreate bad mkdir of /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset/lxc)21:18
jdstrandhallyn: ok, I got my precise vm up to date, rebooted, then install lxc etal and now it seems to be working21:20
jdstrand$ lxc-ls21:20
jdstrandI had a kernel update in there-- maybe it was that21:20
hallynjdstrand: ok if it happens again with uptodate precise please open a bug.21:20
jdstrandhallyn: thanks and thanks for trying to reproduce21:20
hallynactually apparmor *coudl* be it with an olde rkernel, though not for cgroup accesses...  <shakes head>21:21
jdstrandI removed the lxc-start profile21:21
jdstrandhallyn: meh, now I see it :(21:25
hallynwithout even a reboot?21:25
jdstrand$ lxc-ls21:25
jdstrand/usr/bin/lxc-ls: line 35: cd: /sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc: Permission denied21:25
jdstrandnotice, before I could see jamie-local-0-template fine21:26
jdstrandI tried to start jamie-local-wordpress-0 via juju, and got this error21:26
jdstrand/sys/fs/cgroup/cpuset///lxc is 70021:26
hallynok juju must mess with it somehow21:27
hallynespecially if it worked before, then you ran juju, and it change the perms21:27
jdstrandI tend to agree21:27
hallynstgraber: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/lxc4.debdiff21:39
hallynstgraber: with that, if you add 'lxc.devttydir = lxc', then console + tty{1-4} get set up in /dev/lxc/21:39
hallynstgraber: (i could'nt just to 'lxc.ttydir' bc of shortxcomings in the confile parsing)21:40
jdstrandhallyn: if I destroy the service (the lxc instance), lxc-ls works again, but the directory is still 70021:40
hallynjdstrand: yes, lxc doesn't chmod it, it just specifies a good mode when it mkdirs21:40
hallynjdstrand: you can just chmod it by hand21:41
hallynchmod 755 /sys/fs/cgroup/*/lxc21:41
jdstrandhallyn: well, I'm saying I get back to seeing jamie-local-0-template21:41
jdstrandI think it is a different code path that is being taking21:41
hallynall in lxc-ls?21:41
jdstrandhallyn: yes in lxc-ls21:42
stgraberhallyn: cool!21:42
hallynstgraber: do you midn testing that debdiff - and maybe adding a 'adduser + chroot' for ubuntu:ubuntu in the lxc-ubuntu.in template, if you're ok with the patch?21:42
hallynjdstrand: can you open a bug against juju+lxc with very precise reproduction instructions?21:43
stgraberhallyn: yeah, I can test it and do the template changes21:43
hallynstgraber: thanks!21:46
mgwsmoser: on a different (related) subject — do you know if there is a debconf option to *not* run orchestra-import-isos on install?21:47
mgwactually, nm21:47
mgwbug 89232821:47
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 892328 in orchestra "debconf question to run orchestra-import-isos or not during installation" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89232821:47
smosermgw, yes. ther eis.21:47
stgraberhallyn: does setting "lxc.ttydir = " mean the same thing as not setting it?21:47
mgwsmoser: but that's not in a stable release yet :-(21:48
hallynstgraber: heh, i didn't test that.  ideally yea21:48
smoserstable, what fun is that.21:48
mgwhey, i'm pushing things going with non LTS21:48
mgwWe might be bleeding edge company, but we still have to keep our systems sta ble21:49
mgwbtw, my late command ran fine without the orchestra install — now i've added the redirects and am trying again with orchestra21:49
jdstrandhallyn: bug 93043021:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 930430 in lxc "lxc-ls requires root access after deploying an LXC instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93043021:51
hallynjdstrand: thanks21:51
Davieyzul: why do we build-dep on python-all-dev ?21:52
Daviey(for nova)21:52
uvirtbotNew bug: #930430 in lxc (universe) "lxc-ls requires root access after deploying an LXC instance" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93043022:01
mgwsmoser: awesome, it worked!22:02
mgwwould it make sense to patch in-target to automatically do the redirect?22:02
mgwactually it didn't work22:06
mgwsmoser: it caused everything after it to simply not run22:09
mgw(after the redirect)22:09
smosermgw, i suspect you had some syntax error.22:10
smoserbut i dont know where it would have gotten placed.22:10
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smoser(ie, where youd' see the output of the error.22:10
smoseri have to run..22:10
mgwsmoser: ok22:10
stgraberhallyn: running test build now, did quite a few more changes in the template22:11
stgraberhallyn: for some reason we were modifying /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf to basically set the same value "<hostname>" in it means, use whatever is the current hostname22:12
stgraberhallyn: I also made the code removing tty[56] to be < Precise22:12
stgraberhallyn: and moved another udev config change to also < Precise (this one might need fixing in udev if it still affects us)22:13
hallynstgraber: sounds good.  now are you also adding the to the template to add 'lxc.devttydir = lxc' for precise+ contaienrs?  cause i didn't...  or should we leave that up to the user for now?22:14
stgraberhallyn: yep, I'm also setting devttydir for >= Precise22:15
hallynand adding ubuntu:ubuntu for all releases?  or did you decide against that?22:16
hallyn(it sort of seems like unnecessary tweaking, but...)22:16
stgraberubuntu:ubuntu for all releases, guessing what's the sudo group based on the release22:17
uvirtbotNew bug: #930444 in keystone (universe) "Keystone Ubuntu Precise dbconfig install broken - show stopper" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93044422:21
hallynstgraber: oh, ok - i was figuring we'd count on su and ignore sudo, but that works22:23
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hallynstgraber: thanks a lot.  ttyl22:23
hayerHow can I give the www-data user access to the program hddtemp?22:52
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stgraberhallyn: seems to work fine, uploading to my ppa now23:18
hallynwhats ff date again?  still need to get the ureadahead and friends ... :(23:23
stgraberhallyn: 16th23:23
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stgraberhallyn: lxc built and published in my experimental ppa if you want to give it a try23:55

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