dpmgood morning all07:18
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trijntjegood morning people09:00
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dpmmorning, well, afternoon now, trijntje :)12:27
artnayhi all. any idea when ubuntu-docs will have a string freeze?12:34
artnayI've gone through mailing lists and wiki without finding a hint12:34
sagaciisn't it like, ages... at least a month away?12:34
artnaysagaci: so there is a date, eh? care to give a link or something?12:35
sagaciwell the doc freeze is Mar 22nd12:35
artnayerrr, oh. found it.12:36
artnaywonder why I couldn't locate it earlier12:36
sagaciactually looking forward to kubuntu being dropped/moved into universe, translations numbers should drop significantly12:38
artnayspeaking of kubuntu, what's the situation with kubuntu-docs? "There are no programs available to be translated." for precise12:47
artnayoneiric works fine12:47
sagacihttps://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+sources/kubuntu-docs/+translations -- looks like you can still do them by template basic12:51
dpmsagaci, are you sure Kubuntu will move into universe? I'm well aware of Kubuntu not being funded by Canonical, but I haven't heard any discussion of moving packages to universe12:56
sagaciSo what changes for real? section12:59
sagacinot sure if he's a Canonical employee but it makes sense13:00
sagacibefore Ubuntu/Kubuntu was all main, Xu, Lu, etc all universe...13:01
sagaciand thus I don't see those packages to be in main if they aren't officially supported13:02
kelemengaborsagaci: but this will happen only after 12.04, if I understand it correctly13:04
sagacidoesn't look like a Canonical employee, but a core-dev nonetheless13:04
dpmapachelogger is not a Canonical employee, and yes, he's a core dev. I did not know that the packages themselves would need to be moved to universe, though, you're right14:44
dpmTLE, I'm having a second go at setting up django. What's the current directory structure the docs tool expects?15:17
jokerdinoI wrote something about translations :)15:31
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dpmjokerdino, awesome, I've just posted it to the translators g+ page: https://plus.google.com/u/1/b/102330453873285638035/10233045387328563803515:59
dpmand in a sec in Facebok15:59
jokerdinoOh nice :D15:59
jokerdinoGood night for now. Talk to you later16:00
dpmgood night and thanks jokerdino :)16:00
jokerdinoSure :)16:01
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