bigcalmIt works!00:05
bigcalmI sleep!00:05
directhexwindows for servers? lolz00:17
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ubuntuuk-planet[Jono Bacon] Ubuntu Accomplishments Video Demo - http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/10/ubuntu-accomplishments-video-demo/06:05
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diploMorning all08:14
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matttmorning morning08:34
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diplooimon, gitorious.org/owncloud has a Android App09:23
diploWill take a look later and let you know!09:23
gord_hrm, dejadup really can't do backups over ssh without asking for your password09:37
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gordonjcpgord: ssh keys?09:39
gordgordonjcp, yup09:41
oimondiplo: cool09:53
oimoni'm on u1 for the tomboy sync, but my job changes as of monday and i may be working a lot from laptop a lot and need cloud sync09:54
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:55
oimonyou're up early brobostigon09:57
aspirinanyone could help how to sync epub books from ubuntu to ipad?09:57
brobostigonoimon: it is 10am, i normally come on about this time dont i. ?09:58
oimonbrobostigon: i realise i am time shifting today cos my train was excessively delayed09:58
oimoni'm thinking its 9am09:58
brobostigonoimon: ah, i see, :(09:58
oimoncould be my last day here for a long while09:59
brobostigonwhy ?09:59
oimongot pulled onto another department for a bit10:00
diploGot it installed and logged into my local owncloud10:00
diploCan't see it does much yet though10:00
oimonwon't have much privacy or spare time10:00
gordaspirin, best thing i can suggest is calibre10:01
brobostigonoimon: eeek, good luck.10:01
gordno idea if it works with ipads10:01
oimonyeah brobostigon no extra moneys or aything10:01
brobostigonoimon: :(10:01
aspirinoh right i remember usinit in windows, thanks alot10:02
oimonguys, have a question about those scammers who ring up "you have a virus on your PC, press super-R"10:05
oimonmy mum admitted she'd spoken to them. she says she didn't give credit card details - what else do they try and do?10:06
daubersThey might try and get you to install something nasty, or go to a nasty filled website10:07
oimonshe told them she had antivirus, but i'm not sure if she knows exactly what happened on the PC (i.e. did she give remote acecss to someone)10:08
popeythey usually ask you to go to event viewer and just read out some numbers10:09
popeymost of them dont actually get you to install stuff10:09
popeythey just want you to pay for their stuff10:09
DJonesoimon: They tried to get my dad to connect to a website which would give them remote desktop so they could run a scanner10:10
oimonpopey: thanks, that tallies with something i'm reading on another site - she remembers that they said windows key+R10:10
popeyguy managed to record the call and screencast what the guy was getting him to do10:11
popeykids school is closed so they're home today10:12
oimonpopey: unity :D10:14
popeyoimon: hmm?10:16
oimonthe guy is on ubuntu with win VM :D10:16
oimonwasn't expecting that10:16
popeyah ☺10:17
popeyhe does lots of ubuntu videos10:17
gordhrm, i screwed up the dash code and made the dash about 18 pixels high. been using it like that for the past day and i must say, does pretty well for not being able to see the results, the first one is almost always what i wanted10:18
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JamesTaitOh, and good morning, world! Happy Friday! :)10:27
bigcalmYay Friday10:29
gordboo, wish it was wednesday10:29
bigcalmHi peeps :)10:29
webpigeon_laptopwhoops x.x10:41
kirrusgord: why, are you going on holiday?10:41
kirruswebpigeon_laptop: better than typing your password into a screen you think is locked :/10:41
gordfeature freeze next week10:41
webpigeon_laptopkirrus: very true :P10:42
kirrusgord: cool. Do you know where the discussion on replacing mysql with maria went in the end?10:42
gordno idea10:42
webpigeon_laptopkirrus: although have done that before - Luckly a text editor had focus10:42
andylockranhey guys10:43
andylockranhow does things?10:43
popeyI do not know. how does things andylockran ?10:43
webpigeon_laptopHey andylockran, things does good :), yourself?10:43
andylockranthigns does good with me10:45
andylockranaside from my typing, which seems a bit out10:45
andylockrananyone use the symfony framework?10:46
diploandylockran, I think bigcalm or BigRedS do10:47
diploWhoever runs myrant.net :)10:47
* diplo forgets10:47
* bigcalm looks up10:48
bigcalmAh, yes, hello from Symfony land :D10:49
bigcalmWow, somebody remembered that I run myrant.net? :D10:50
bigcalmandylockran: sup?10:50
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davmor2morning all10:54
davmor2czajkowski: prod10:54
bigcalmHi davmor210:55
czajkowskidavmor2: in 2 days in a row early10:55
bigcalmdavmor2: I gave up with PHP, now coding in vb.net10:56
davmor2czajkowski: only  a few minutes10:56
davmor2bigcalm: Quitter :P10:56
czajkowskibigcalm: go straight to the naughty step, vb!10:57
bigcalmczajkowski: I've never felt so dirty in my whole career10:57
czajkowskibigcalm: consider yourself moved to the step fr good mister!10:57
bigcalmIt's crowded on here10:58
BadgerUKim trying to follow the instructions, create bash script, into bin10:59
BadgerUKive pasted the script into an empty file in kate11:00
BadgerUKnow im trying to save into bin11:00
BadgerUKbut presumably i dont have permission11:00
BigRedSBadgerUK: what're 'the instructions' and do you know which 'bin' you're putting them in?11:00
BigRedSit should normally be the bin in your home directory11:00
BigRedSthat one you'll have permissions to write to11:00
BadgerUKyeah the one in hme directory11:00
bigcalmBadgerUK: if it doesn't have to be a system wide script, you could set up a bin directory in your home dir. Include the path in your .bashrc11:01
BigRedSyeah, stick it in ~/bin11:01
BigRedSbigcalm: ~/bin is in put into $PATH if it exists11:01
bigcalmBigRedS: goodo11:01
BadgerUKk, i am unable to paste anything into /bin or save11:02
bigcalmYes, use the bin dir in your home directory11:02
bigcalmIf it doesn't exist, create it11:02
bigcalmNote that ~/ is a shortcut to your own home dir11:03
BadgerUKim from a windows background if u hadnt already guessed :'(11:03
bigcalmFor me, cd ~/ puts me in /home/iain11:03
bigcalmWe have to start somewhere :)11:03
bigcalmAlso, please note that filenames and directory names are case sensitive in Linux11:04
BadgerUKso the bash script is in my bin in my home directory, now im goign to change my git config to use the script11:04
BadgerUKhow does the git config file know the bash script is in my home bin?11:04
BadgerUKinstructions are: [diff]11:04
BadgerUKexternal = git-meld11:04
bigcalmYou'll also want to chmod the script so that you can run it without having to call it with sh11:04
BadgerUKi think i know how to do that from playing with py exe11:05
BadgerUKthe external bit in external = git-meld. How does that know where external is?11:06
ormiretI think external will be the name it is using to refer to an external program. The git-meld part will be what it needs to find. If it uses a normal environment to run the external command then it will search all the directories in your PATH environment variable for that command (and should find it in ~/bin)11:09
BadgerUKthanx guys11:10
BadgerUKone day, many months from now; i'll be able to use linux aswel as windows11:11
gordawww, mark didn't put real <blink> tags in his post11:11
* bigcalm prods andylockran 11:16
BadgerUKk, so i made a bash script called git-meld.sh, made it executable, put in it in ~/bin, updated my git config file to [diff] external = git-meld, and then tried git diff11:29
BadgerUKi get the following error $ git diff11:29
BadgerUKerror: cannot run git-meld: No such file or directory11:29
BadgerUKand as stated, im trying to follow these instructions http://blog.deadlypenguin.com/blog/2011/05/03/using-meld-with-git-diff/11:29
BadgerUKhow do i specify the path for that script?11:30
kirrusBadgerUK: try renaming git-meld.sh to 'git-meld'11:31
BadgerUKin bin?11:31
BadgerUKwill it keep its exectuable status if i change it?11:31
BadgerUKit didn't work11:32
BadgerUKsame error11:32
BadgerUKerror: cannot run git-meld: No such file or directory11:32
bigcalmBadgerUK: if you open a terminal and run this, what do you get? echo $PATH11:34
BadgerUKwhat purpose does path serve?11:35
bigcalmiain@revo:~$ echo $PATH11:35
bigcalmMine includes the bin dir in my home dir11:35
BadgerUKbut why have $PATH; is it like a shortcut area for programs to use?11:36
bigcalmIt is the list of dirs that will be looked in (in order) for a given command11:37
BadgerUKthank you11:37
BadgerUKbig help xxx11:37
andylockranback in 511:40
TheOpenSourcererCool - Just got a letter from son's school. Tickets for Saracens vs Quins at Wembley (£15 adults and £5 kids). Looks like a good day out :-)11:40
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: your kids go to school today?11:41
TheOpenSourcererNo probs.11:42
popeyours didnt, school closed11:42
TheOpenSourcererThere was only an inch or so of snow11:42
popeyits at the bottom of a hill, snow makes it somewhat annoying ☺11:42
AlanBellpopey: no kids here11:45
bigcalmSomebody has been able to insert a google ads script into a client's WordPress theme. As I've got the account id for the google ads account, is it possible to report this to Google somehow?11:49
kirrusbigcalm: http://www.abuse.net/lookup.phtml?domain=google.com12:04
bigcalmAh, ta12:05
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BigRedSwhoop. Wrong pane12:19
kirrusBigRedS: seems to be going around today12:22
gordhrm, new gpu did not come with a little screw to screw it in... i'm sure it will be fine not screwed down.. yeah12:23
popeyuntil you wibble the dvi port12:29
popeyand it pops out of the pcie slot and locks the machine12:29
* smittix is back to normal woo12:40
gordpopey, well the last gpu that i've had for about two years never got overly wibbled, so maybe it'll be okay ;)12:42
czajkowskidear software center why must you crash when I want to install items, not making my day run smoothly!12:45
bigcalmczajkowski: time to change to linux mint12:52
czajkowskiI only have mints after dinner12:53
popeyfiled a bug czajkowski ?12:53
czajkowskipopey: aye just about to do so, kept happening last night in the middle of CC meeting with chrome crashing and trying to install FF12:55
popeyfirefox should be installed by default12:55
popeyalso, if you have removed firefox chances are you have probably removed ubuntu-desktop, so may be missing other good stuff12:55
davmor2czajkowski: add you ~/.cache/software-center.log to the report12:55
czajkowskiaye I suaully remove it tbh12:56
czajkowskihmm it crashed saying didnt install FF but actually did12:56
popeybet if you run "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^" (with the caret, without the quotes) it pulls in loads of stuff12:57
bigcalmOh, hello mr snow12:57
czajkowskipopey: ahh ok will try that12:58
czajkowski115 packages to install13:02
popeynow.. don't remove firefox ☺13:13
czajkowskiI know.... I just don't like it, it's in the same category as green veggies, I'll eat em if forced!13:15
popeydont use it then?13:15
popeyI have loads of stuff installed i never use13:15
czajkowskipopey: aye, I'm just a lil odd in my organising of my machine, i tend not to have things installed that I don't use.  but tis back now so hopeully things wont keep crashing13:15
popeywell its not that firefox was missing that was the problem, its that it takes out ubuntu-desktop which is annoying13:16
popeymade me smile13:16
andylockranbigcalm: why the prod?13:16
ali1234popey: they don't mention that in jan 2011 ubuntu had 33M hits in those statistics13:24
ali1234and therefore unity drove away  around 10% of ubuntu's users by their own metric13:25
czajkowskipopey: aye tis rather unfortunate it removes the others, but lesson learnt13:25
popeyi dont believe the growth would be linear ali123413:26
ali1234if it was linear i could just look at the october result and say it drove away 50% of users13:26
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popeyi dont believe it's as simple as that13:27
ali1234what is it then?13:27
TheOpenSourcererOne other interesting thing to note is the number of 10.04, 10.10 visits vs 11.10 (why no 11.04?) Anyway - stats are easy to interpret however you want to ;-)13:27
ali1234probably because 11.04 was shockingly bad?13:28
popeyI am not drawing any conclusions from those numbers at all13:28
popeyit just made me smile13:28
popeythere's too many variables involved13:28
ali1234i would be surprised if anyone was still using it the week after 11.10 was released13:28
popeybut the number of ubuntu users (I believe) doesn't waver around in the millions per month13:28
ali1234i think there is an extremely high amount of churn13:29
ali1234with all operating systems13:29
ali1234the question is only do people churn in faster than they churn out?13:29
popeyamongst a certain set of the echo chamber of geeks on the internet, maybe13:29
ali1234no, it's more like "among anyone under the age of 25"13:30
ali1234considering that linux, by those stats, is still 0.5%13:30
davmor2ali1234: we get it you don't like unity, there are also loads of people that do, you can't base everything on your opinion,  the most interesting thing I see from the stats is both projects got additional hits which is good for Linux as a whole13:30
ali1234davmor2: ubuntu didn't get additional hits, they are down 10% since this time last year. that's a fact demonstrated by the stats, not my opinion13:31
sagacistats of one site13:32
sagacimust be legit13:32
ali1234anyway, as i was saying, if 1 in 10 computer owners tries out ubuntu for 1 month each year, that's 0.5% already13:32
AlanBellwell it is a somewhat better site than distrowatch to base stats on!13:32
ali1234so as you can see, it doesn't take very much *constant* users to keep these statistics at the current level13:33
ali1234and there is no way to measure how long people stay for13:34
ali1234perhaps you could count the number of distro upgrades somehow13:35
ali1234probably not accurate tho, i know i like to do a fresh install rather than upgrades13:36
TheOpenSourcererSomeone should write a "phone home" app for the Linux kernel ;-)13:37
popeyi think we do count distro upgrades13:37
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popeyTheOpenSourcerer: been suggested by a lot of people over the years13:38
TheOpenSourcererI _was_ joking.13:38
popeythey werent13:38
gordi'd like to write a firefox survey like thing for ubuntu sometime13:41
gordwould be very useful13:41
TheOpenSourcererAnyone ever come across any Open Source Physical Security Software systems? i.e. for building access etc.13:44
* bigcalm shivers his way back into the channel13:44
ali1234gord: like test pilot? that's what i was saying the other day...13:47
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: No commercial ones13:48
TheOpenSourcererI found this, which suggests not, as the author is an "expert" and this is less than 12months old. :-(13:50
TheOpenSourcererPhwoar... http://www.greatcurryrecipes.net/2012/02/10/how-to-make-british-indian-restaurant-bir-style-onion-bhajis/13:52
TheOpenSourcererI love onion bhajis :-D13:53
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: The various hackspaces have ones, but not off the shelf type things13:55
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davmor2mrevell: by the way bzr add has fixed everything I am once again a happy bunny14:23
mrevelldavmor2, Great!14:24
davmor2mrevell: out of interest is there a nice overview somewhere of all the commands?  By nice I mean not man-esque14:25
mrevelldavmor2, Not sure. otp just now.14:26
davmor2haha I would be more surprised if you weren't :)14:27
ali1234i must admit that even i didn't expect that strong of a trend14:29
popeyali1234: didnt we have a bug in firefox recently where we were mis-identifying ourselves?14:59
ali1234no idea14:59
ali1234what was it misidentifying as?14:59
popeypretty sure we went for a while with linux in the UA but missed the ubuntu release or something14:59
popeyi cant remember the details14:59
popeybut it made it harder to identify ubuntu users as a result, which _could_ be a contributing factor to the stats being skewy15:00
ali1234unless that bug was for pretty much all the 10.04 release, it doesn't look good15:00
popeybug 70912515:01
lubotu3Launchpad bug 709125 in AptUrlRedirector "User agent doesn't include Ubuntu in it so apt.ubuntu.com doesn't work" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/70912515:01
ali1234looks like that was fixed before release?15:01
popeynot sure thats the one15:01
JosssseHey. I'm trying to configure keyboard shortcuts for xubuntu. Does anyone know the commands for volume controlling?15:02
ali1234still doesn't explain the unprecidented amount of users clinging to 10.04 :)15:02
diploIt's an LTS maybe ?15:03
diploI still run 10.04 on my revo as it works well15:03
hamitronLTS is my only reason ;)15:03
ali1234ah yeah 9.04 wasn't a LTS15:03
hamitronpure laziness :/15:03
ali1234i wonder why they don't have stats for 9.1015:04
ali1234also notice that the recent upswing in the last few months appears to be caused almost entirely by 10.04 users15:04
ali1234hamitron: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Amam7h6Tso0TdDl5UGtHempRWkRtQUhNRnVhOXp3ZlE#gid=015:05
ali1234there is a lot of data missing. it's very unscientific15:06
ali1234but a swing like that isn't random error15:06
hamitronisn't 11.10 supported till around the same date as 10.04, but with newer software?15:07
hamitron3 years for 10.0415:07
hamitronthought it was 18 months for others15:07
ali12345 years for LTS, 2 years for the rest, except for some packages which are 6 months15:07
hamitron3 years for LTS on the desktop15:08
popey5 now15:08
hamitronoh, nice15:08
popey(for 12.04)15:08
hamitronbut for 10.04 it is 3 still?15:08
popeyi think so15:08
ali1234also the main difference between 10.04 and 11.10 is 10.04 has gnome 2, 11.10 has unity or gnome shell15:08
hamitron11.10 is up-to-date too15:08
diplopopey, what are you running ony our revo's now ?15:09
diploI've debated about running XBMC's new XBMCuntu15:09
ali1234i don't trust my html scraper tbh15:09
ali1234i might have to recompile these numbers by hand15:09
hamitronbut for someone who wants ubuntu on a desktop, most will choose the one with the latest software if they are supported till the same time..... is my point15:10
ali1234well that's not what these statistics say15:10
jpdsThere are lies, damned lies and statistics.15:11
ali1234will be interesting to see what happens in 2013 :)15:11
hamitronI'm sort of interested in 12.04 again now15:11
hamitron5 years support is ace15:11
ali1234do you even have any computers that can run it?15:12
hamitronI got maybe 5 or 615:12
ali1234maybe you could make a cluster to network render the UI15:12
hamitronwell, nothing to stop me using slower machines as thin clients?15:12
ali1234uh... nothing except accelerated graphics are required15:13
ali1234unless you want to use -2d15:13
ali1234or gnome shell fallback15:13
hamitronwell, I may upgrade15:13
hamitronI've already decided older machines are staying on something different for now15:14
hamitronas there is no point trying to get something like ubuntu working on machines it is not targeted for15:14
hamitronso what gpu will it need?15:15
ali1234a fast one with open source drivers15:16
ali1234ie one that doesn't exist15:16
hamitronwonder why 8.04 has an increase15:18
ali1234that's probably in line with random error15:18
ali1234the 10.04 increase is much bigger15:18
ali1234i'm wondering more why the last row is messed up15:19
hamitronthat too15:19
TheOpenSourcererdiplo: You missed out quite an important "b" in your 15:09 post! I thought "Nah. They wouldn't possibly call it THAT".15:19
diploon your*15:20
diploand I'm sure that's what they called it, maybe im wrong15:20
hamitrontime for tea and cakes15:21
popeydiplo: xbmc on both my revos15:21
diployeah what version OS ?15:21
* ali1234 posts charts on omgubuntu and waits for the inevitable flamewar15:37
popeyali1234: you've seen the bit at the top of http://stats.wikimedia.org/wikimedia/squids/SquidReportOperatingSystems.htm15:46
popeyabout data loss15:47
ali1234to mobile sites15:47
ali1234oh, also 7% loss?15:47
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ali1234that still doesn't account for the 50% drop in hits :)15:48
popey* Modify the UA string to add "Ubuntu" to the platform component15:48
ali1234was that also broken in natty?15:49
ali1234cos that would explain a lot15:49
popeyi don't know15:50
ali1234it still doesn't explain the growth in 10.04 though15:52
ali1234did some government do 1 million installs or something?15:52
popeyali1234: yeah, it's an interesting question15:55
popeythe popularity of 10.04 doesn't entirely surprise me15:55
popeywill 10.04 be our xp ☺15:56
ali1234it was an extremely good release15:56
ali1234heh, yeah15:56
popeywas 11.04 our vista, and 12.04 our 7 ?15:56
ali1234i think there's still a way to go and a few more u-turns to be made15:56
popeywhat kinds of u-turns?15:57
popeyswitching to GNU/Hurd15:57
ali1234nah, just individual design decisions15:57
* popey notes some might take offence at 'u-turn' and might prefer 'design iteration' ;)15:58
ali1234unity isn't really that bad, just some small parts of it are incredibly annoying. like the way overlay scrollbars are implemented, and the way window switching works15:58
ali1234i mean a really good design you don;t even notice it15:58
ali1234that's why people have such a hard time explaining why they don't like unity, and just engage in flamewars instead15:59
ali1234those people obviously aren't UI designers, so telling them to go away and make their own thing if they don't like it isn't really helpful15:59
ali1234i actually like the always-hide thing16:00
ali1234i mean it's hidden 99% of the time anyway16:01
ali1234i'd like it to be less annoying to reveal it though16:01
AlanBellthat has changed16:01
ali1234sensitivity on edge push and monitor edge crossing is too low16:01
AlanBellit is always-show this week16:01
ali1234sometimes it takes be 5 or 6 tries to get from one monitor to the other16:01
popeyyeah, like your mouse going through treacle between screens16:02
ali1234yeah but you can configure always-hide or always-show16:02
ali1234dodge was just too buggy16:02
AlanBellnot for long ...16:02
ali1234well if they remove always hide I AM GOING TO QUIT FOREVER etc16:02
davmor2ali1234: you can increase the sensitivity and then you don't hit it16:02
popey#archlinux is →  that way16:02
ali1234davmor2: how?16:03
AlanBellI think the monitor divsion treacle things should not be there if I am dragging a window16:03
ali1234AlanBell: yes absolutely agreed16:03
davmor2ali1234: it is in system setting Appearance behaviour reveal sensitivity I got mine on high for my laptop due to the track pad and it is fine16:04
AlanBellI will try and finish the window quicklists thing this weekend, I think that will help a lot16:04
ali1234a wild bug appears16:05
ali1234davmor2: cool. that's new. it affects multimonitor edge resistance too it seems16:05
ali1234still i'd much rather have the launcher on the left side of the left monitor and the right side of the right monitor16:06
davmor2ali1234: not so sure about multi-monitor I don't have it setup16:06
ali1234haha this dialogue is buggy16:07
ali1234it says displays that "you are not using default settings" message only if you are using default settings16:07
davmor2ali1234: you might want to keep your eyes open on that one as there might be more features thrown at it maybe,  I only noticed due to OMGubuntu :)16:09
ali1234yeah lets hope so16:09
JosssseHello boys and girls. I'm trying to install ubuntuone. After I apt-get the installer, I run it and when I click on the "I already have an account!" link it does nothing. I see no "connect to ubuntu" window. Any ideas?16:22
popeyubuntu one is installed by default on ubuntu16:22
popeywhat are you installing it on?16:23
JosssseI'm in xubuntu.16:23
popeyprobably better off asking in #ubuntuone16:23
popeythats where the developers hang out, and they're a nice bunch16:24
JosssseThe funny thing is that I did it simultanieously on my laptop and it works just fin.16:24
JosssseAhhh, thanks popey . Didn't know this channel existed.16:24
TheOpenSourcererAmazing conclusions really: http://digital.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/2012/02/10/west-coast/16:59
ali1234oh jesus, now i'll need a paypal acct to pay my taxes?17:02
ali1234DO NOT WANT17:02
hamitronI'm sure they'll take your money off you any way they can17:04
hamitronjust make it harder to get refunds ;)17:04
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diploevening all18:56
* MartijnVdS plays with the arduino19:07
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cliftontshi all19:11
cliftontsAlanBell: Just thought I'd check if you're stopping by this weekend and if so what day?19:11
matttomg it's col21:07
matttand i can't get my house to heat up fast enough21:07
gordonjcpMETAR EGPF 102050Z 00000KT 6000 -DZ SCT012 BKN016 04/02 Q103221:11
gordonjcpclouds clearing, 4C21:11
* gordonjcp listens to the cheery WHUMP of some more dead dinosaurs being turned into heat21:11
BigRedSI like to think there was something other than just gordonjcp involved in that translation21:12
gordonjcpBigRedS: hm?21:13
BigRedSfrom that all caps to "clouds clearing, 4C". I assumed the former inferred the latter in some way21:13
BigRedSmostly because it began "MET"21:13
gordonjcpBigRedS: METAR indicates it's a METAR report, EGPF is Glasgow Airport, 102050Z is 10th day of the month, 2050 Zulu time (GMT, near as)21:14
gordonjcp00000kt is no wind, 6000 is 6km visibility21:14
gordonjcp-DZ I don't know offhand, SCT012 scattered clouds at 1200', BKN016 is broken clouds at 1600'21:15
BigRedSah, fair enough. I'll let you off21:15
MartijnVdSooh mr pilot man  ;)21:15
gordonjcp04/02 is 4C with 2C dew point, Q1032 is air pressure at the airfield (for setting altimeters)21:15
BigRedSwait, the windspeed is padded so as to allow for over 10000 knots?21:16
gordonjcpsorry, wrong way round21:16
gordonjcpQ1032 is QNH, or air pressure at mean sea level21:17
gordonjcpno, it has direction too21:17
BigRedSah yeah21:17
BigRedSthat'd be handy, too21:17
BigRedSclearly they've thought this through :)21:17
gordonjcpso if it was 27710KT it would be 10 knots at 277 degrees21:18
BigRedSah, right21:18
gordonjcp-DZ is apparently "light drizzle"21:18
MartijnVdSkelvin? fahrenus? Celsenheit?21:18
BigRedSI've some perverse desire to go away and learn all this now...21:18
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: direction21:19
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: ah.. *stupid me* :)21:19
MartijnVdS"there's a 277°C wind..."21:19
* MartijnVdS runs21:19
AlanBellMartijnVdS: it is a touch colder than 277K right now21:41
diploI can attest to that, bloody cold out there, can't get warm in this house tonight21:42
AlanBellright, back to dbus and signals and callbacks21:43
czajkowskiAlanBell: add wine will all work then21:43
AlanBellalready had some pink stuff with bubbles in it21:44
DethSonehey people!21:52
DethSoneI have not used IRC in quite a while, how do I go about reg'ing my name on the server again?21:53
zleapnot sure on freenode21:53
DethSonethere's a command, but I forgot it21:54
DethSoneit requires a username, password and e-mail21:54
lubotu3Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode21:54
DethSoneI can not be bothered to go to that link, could you please jus' type an example, but put a space before the example command so it doesn't work?21:56
zleap   /msg nickserv register password_of_your_choice your@email.address21:57
zleapthen check e-mail21:58
DethSoneTHANK YOU!21:58
zleap   /msg nickserv identify your_nickname your_chosen_password21:58
zleapthen use the above when you next come inor set ur client to do that automatically21:59
AlanBellyay, callbacks work. QI time.21:59
DethSoneah, the good ol' days, I remember doing that, like every day man!21:59
zleapme too21:59
zleapanyway welcome to irc and #ubuntu-uk22:00
DethSoneI'm only 17yrs old, but it has been about a year since I last used IRC22:00
zleapits nice that in this age of text messaging, e-mail etc  irc is still popular22:00
DethSoneIRC is THE BEST form of online communication in my opinion22:00
zleapeasier too,22:01
DethSoneso nice and standardized to use, and there are so many clients for it!, even ones for phones!22:02
zleapDethSone, may also be interested in #ubuntu-youth,  which is kinda quiet but thats due to it needing more people22:02
DethSoneyou know what, once I reg this new nick, I will check out that chan22:02
DethSonehaha, the last time I was using IRC was when I was trolin' AnonOps network XD22:03
DethSonegood times22:03
zleapi used irc back in 199522:03
zleapgot auto kicked once for using caps by accident22:03
DethSonehaha, 1 yr after I was born!22:03
zleapback in the early days of linux that too22:04
DethSoneIRC is so flexible, depending on the client of-course22:04
=== jutnux is now known as jutnux|away
gordonjcp1995 wasn't the early days of Linux22:04
zleapwell 1991 was then22:04
zleapearly years then22:05
DethSoneIRC sure has gone a long way from a hacky terminal.22:05
zleapits sitll useful having a console irc client22:05
zleapjust in case there are issues with the gui22:05
gordonjcpby 1995 it was mainstream, and I'd moved on to NetBSD22:05
gordonjcpzleap: I don't see the point in a GUI IRC client22:05
gordonjcpirssi + screen22:05
gordonjcpthere, now I'm on my android tablet, sitting on my sofa22:06
zleapi can use irc via ssh22:06
zleapif i ssh into my other computers22:06
gordonjcpzleap: yup22:06
DethSoneI dis-agree, I think the command line was really holding IRC back22:06
gordonjcpI'm ssh'ed into one of my servers, which runs irssi inside screen22:06
gordonjcpDethSone: really irssi is a GUI app22:07
DethSoneIRC is SOOOOOO much nicer to work with as a GUI22:07
gordonjcpDethSone: in what way?22:07
DethSoneXChat is my fav IRC client, is also the most dominant, and it's obvious why.22:08
zleapyeah but if your gui breaks, or in my case the other day didn't load due to ubuntu-desktop being removed, the only option would be to either log in elsewhere or use the console client22:08
gordonjcpDethSone: it's not obvious to me...22:08
DethSoneconsoles break too22:08
Azelphur^ wat22:08
AzelphurI prefer GUI clients, but consoles break?22:08
gordonjcpDethSone: if I use xchat, how can I switch from one computer to another?22:08
zleapi was thinking as a back up plan having it installed22:08
Azelphurgordonjcp: with a BNC, I can use a native client on any platform I like and be connected to IRC22:09
DethSonelog into it on another device?22:09
zleapit is there if you need it then22:09
gordonjcpDethSone: right, and that'll have all my scrollback?22:09
AzelphurDethSone: yep, with a BNC you get scrollback too22:09
gordonjcpAzelphur: I never really had much success with BNCs22:09
DethSoneI'm sure there is a work-around22:09
gordonjcpI find GUIs too hard22:09
DethSonea plugin maybe22:09
Azelphur*shrug* Been using ZNC for years now, it's awesome22:09
AzelphurI connect with pidgin/yaaic/xchat/...22:10
gordonjcpclick on whatever weirdass little squiggle the author has decided they want to use for some function, try to guess what it does22:10
zleapfreenode is or was blocked by south west grid for learning,  who provide the network stuff to my local library,22:10
DethSoneXChat = the future of IRC22:10
gordonjcptoomuch like work22:10
gordonjcpzleap: bet ssh isn't22:10
gordonjcpDethSone: what does xchat actually do that's so great?22:10
zleapgordonjcp, good idea22:10
AzelphurDethSone: xchat is ancient22:10
DethSonehave you ever used XChat?22:11
gordonjcpa long time ago22:11
gordonjcpI used it, it sucked22:11
zleapwell i used my local lug server for irc,  that isn't blocked22:11
DethSonetry it today22:11
zleapguys i think u need to agree to disagree on stuff22:11
AzelphurI have tried it today, it's largely not different to how it was a lot of years ago22:11
gordonjcpwhat could it possibly do that irssi doesn't, that I actually want?22:11
gordonjcpthe screenshot don't look a whole lot different22:11
DethSoneI'm sure there was a shit load of development for XChat, now is perfect22:11
gordonjcpDethSone: it's a GUI app, is there a terminal version?22:12
diploI use xchat, quite liked irssi but could never get it set up correctly22:12
zleapa few of my local lug still use stuff like mutt for e-mail, i tried alpine and found it pretty good actually22:12
gordonjcpdiplo: startup channels are a bit of an arse22:12
gordonjcpI use mutt as a backup22:13
DethSoneat-least XChat is not like Empaphy22:13
diploWhat i hate about xchat is no tiling22:13
gordonjcpit's awfully handy when I'm ssh'ed into the server anyway22:13
zleapgordonjcp, yeah, this was my point earlier having console clients installed is handy22:13
zleapanyway got a lug meet tomorrow22:14
gordonjcp_2E0BXQ: de MM0YEQ GE OM22:14
zleapi am sure i had my system set up once so I could ssh in via my netbook and a usb mobile broadband dongle22:14
DethSoneI think I can at-least speak for everyone here when I say, as pretty and user-friendly as Empathy is, it is a fail IRC client.22:15
gordonjcpzleap: easy enough22:15
gordonjcpDethSone: I never really got my head round either empathy or pidgin as an IRC client22:15
gordonjcpthe whole model is wrong22:15
zleapDethSone, never used it, i just like using xchat22:15
DethSoneI mean, XChat has gotta be better than Empathy right?22:15
gordonjcpI *am* interested in writing an Empathy plugin for AX.25 though22:15
AzelphurDethSone: XChat hasn't seen much active development in a very long time22:15
AzelphurDethSone: it's very much the same now as it was 10 years ago22:15
zleapwe don't want develiopment and added bloat22:16
DethSoneAzelphur, it hasn't needed any.22:16
AzelphurDethSone: indeed22:16
zleapif it ain't broke don't fix it22:16
Azelphur^ :P22:16
zleapi need to set that ssh thing up again, and show some of the kids at the rugby club why Ubuntu is good22:17
zleapi also need to figure out what is missing and stopping the game pad working properly on open arena22:17
DethSonewell, I'm sure you all here have valid points about your choice of IRC clients, if you like them, good for you, but I think my heart is set on XChat.22:17
Azelphurhehe, it's a good client, I got nothing against it :)22:18
gordonjcpI just prefer being able to hop on quickly and check IRC when I'm out and about22:18
DethSonegordonjcp: what client you use, I might try it22:18
gordonjcpDethSone: irssi, which I run inside screen on one of my servers22:18
gordonjcpDethSone: just sits there in the background, until I connect22:19
DethSonethat's a CLI based client righ'?22:19
gordonjcpit's worth pointing out that at any given moment I have ssh connections from about three or four "user" machines (laptops, desktops, PC in the van) to three or four servers ;-)22:20
DethSonemeh, I could live with that, but I wouldn't like it much.22:20
gordonjcpI seriously don't get what xchat offers22:20
gordonjcpI'm looking at a screenshot22:20
gordonjcpit looks much like the terminal window I have open, with an IRC channel scrolling up it22:20
gordonjcpexcept it's got a list of channels at one side and a list of usernames at the other22:20
zleapDethSone, useful to have when you can ssh in and use it22:20
DethSonegordonjcp: easy menu selections and easy to navigate list of channels, + a shit load of other useful features, and a layout to die for.22:21
gordonjcpmenu selections of what?22:21
gordonjcpand, what could be easier than pressing a key on the keyboard to select which channel you want?22:22
zleapmost of the menus u can access via commands anyway22:22
DethSonegordonjcp: you'd have-to use it22:22
gordonjcpDethSone: I don't think I'd like it, tbh22:22
gordonjcpDethSone: I just don't find GUI apps easy to use22:22
DethSoneI've seen screenshots, they don't make it look good.22:22
DethSonegordonjcp: okay ol' timer XD22:23
zleapi guess its like comaring word with emacs22:23
gordonjcpso, to change channels, I'd have to take my hand off the keyboard, find the mouse, wibble it about until I find the mouse pointer, mouse over to the channel list, click it, and switch back to the keyboard22:23
DethSoneay ef kay22:23
gordonjcpI could press <ESCAPE> <0>22:23
gordonjcpthere are very few GUI apps that don't flat out suck22:23
gordonjcpmostly because the people who write GUI apps are focused on the shiny22:24
gordonjcpand not the actual workflow22:24
gordonjcpfuck the shiny22:24
zleapLaTeX ftw22:24
gordonjcpget the workflow right and the shiny will become obvious22:24
* mgdm looks for te Show Desktop button in Unity22:24
gordonjcpmgdm: that's on a key I don't even have22:24
zleapwell it is in 11.10 anyway22:25
gordonjcpit's mapped to a button that wasn't invented when my IBM Model M was built22:25
mgdmzleap: not in unity 2d, at least22:25
zleapdunno then22:25
zleapcan you add it22:25
zleapwell i will try and promote irc where i can22:26
zleapi need to also promote ubuntu22:26
popeyzleap: meet issyl022:27
popeyyou mailed the list about http://codingforkids.org/wiki/Contacts_page22:27
popeyissyl0: is on that page22:27
zleapsorry missed that22:28
zleaphi issyl022:28
issyl0I didn't actually realise that.22:28
popeyyeah, bet you dont ever get any contact via that page do you issyl0 ?22:28
popeythought not22:28
zleapi have posted to the list,22:28
issyl0zleap: Which list?22:28
zleapcoding 4 kids22:28
zleapAsked about YRS posters22:29
issyl0Ah, yeah.22:29
issyl0There were some for last year - they'll probably make some for this year too.22:29
issyl0They'd be silly not to.22:29
zleapjosh pickett is doing some now, will be ready for the 12th22:29
issyl0Yeah, cool.22:30
zleapI can give em out at park field and this computing group,  hopefully22:30
issyl0Josh is brilliant.22:30
zleapwell contacting schools etc is a waste of time,  they are clueless or e-mail goes to the clueless which means info does not get to the people its aimed at22:31
zleapsetting up computer programming group,  so can promote directly22:31
issyl0Heh, cool.  :-)22:31
zleapnot sure if it should be a coding group or hacking (as in programmer sense) group,  as latter would also cover hard ware hacking22:32
issyl0zleap: Start small, work up.22:32
zleapwell once a crb is done,  then the local youth centre are going to promote it22:32
issyl0Heh, CRB checks.22:33
zleapi want to encourage peer supported development as in help each other etc22:34
zleapbut also hopefully get people in to OSS projects as that is real world development22:34
zleapwill see what happens anyway22:36
zleapso which sounds better coding group or hacking group ?22:36
zleapwb imexil22:37
zleapwb imperial22:37
zleapwb imperial22:38
zleaphello Pernig22:41
zleaphow are u22:42
zleapok what do i need for tomorrows lug meet22:43
zleapnetbook, ubuntu cd's  poster for next months meet, :D,  11.10 poster22:44
Perniggood thanks22:47
zleapi am good22:47
PernigSD cards?22:48
zleapheading to bed early got lug meet tomorrow22:48
zleapi have usb flash disks22:48
popeygord: x220 claims it can get another 5 hours out of this 9 cell with the brightness on minimum and the kb light on22:49
* mgdm wants one of those22:51
zleaplol pc world site FAIL22:52
zleapsort by prce low to high,  lists with the most expensive first22:52
zleapsort by high to lowl  lists cheapest first22:52
ali1234ooo libc update22:54
zleapchat later22:58
DethSoneI tried reging, but no conf mail, what I do?22:58
AlanBellask in #freenode22:59
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ali1234my apt has exploded again23:17
ali1234and i now have 6 apport bugs trying to submit at the same time23:18
ali1234and, oh look, the bug where it doesn't submit properly still isn't fixed23:18
ali1234what's the command to manually redo apport bugreport when you only have a crashdump and it crashed the first time around?23:20
gordonjcpapportpocalyse now23:20
ali1234oh yes, apport-cli23:22
=== mgdm is now known as x64-HULK
=== x64-HULK is now known as mgdm
ali1234i'm getting the "ubuntu-desktop is marked for removal but is in the removal blacklist" thing again :(23:54

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