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Will123456hey guys. is there any project similar to OS X's autosave being worked on?01:35
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htorquehi all! if indicator-applications leaks memory, does this mean an application causes this or the indicator itself?01:56
htorquehaven't had time to do any valgrind stuff, just monitored the indicators and indicator-applications leaked 30mb in just 3h of system idling.01:56
kklimondahtorque: I don't see how could application make another application leak memory - it looks like a bug in indicator-applications02:02
htorquekklimonda: i really have no clue how this all works together. ;-) well, will get a valgrind log of it and report a bug.02:05
htorquei just remembered a leak in the appmenu causing unity-panel-service to grow, so...02:06
snadgeis anyone working on fglrx issue ?02:29
snadgei understand its closed source etc.. but amd gpus are quite popular02:30
snadgeall the main compiz/unity devs must use nvidia like total fanbois or something ;)02:30
kklimondahmm, is someone working on rhythmbox support for the music lenses?02:31
kklimondasnadge: pretty much all seasoned linux users avoid amd and fglrx in particular ;)02:32
snadgewell.. that is true to an extent.. but as far as im aware, amd has significantly improved the situation02:33
kklimonda(but I'm sure that unity devs are working on fixing any issues that they are aware of)02:33
kklimondasure, so I've heard02:33
kklimondabut old habits die hard :)02:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 770283 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "[fglrx]title bar does not update on non-maximized windows" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:34
snadgethis one sucks.. and has been an issue for quite a while now :P02:34
snadgeif i use radeon driver.. which is terrible.. it doesnt have this problem02:34
snadgeby terrible i mean.. cant play minecraft or oilrush at a decent framerate.. doesnt have accelerated video support etc02:35
kklimondaah, I remember us going back to gtk-window-decorator for 11.1002:35
snadgeahh i see its getting some attention from daniel and sam.. excellent02:36
snadge<3 ;P02:36
snadgeapparently the problem used to exist in the open drivers.. intel/radeon etc.. some time ago (i've never seen proof of this)02:37
snadgebut if someone were to point out the specific fix .. perhaps that knowledge would be useful in creating a workaround and/or notifying amd02:38
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tsdgeosdyams|away: hi, could you merge shell again into your MultiMonitor-Shell, or prefer me to do it?08:48
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dyamstsdgeos: hi08:55
dyamstsdgeos: one sec08:56
dyamstsdgeos: i'll check it out08:56
greybackmornin' all08:57
dyamstsdgeos: All changes applied successfully.08:58
tsdgeosbzr in precise is broken08:58
* tsdgeos reports a bug08:59
dyamstsdgeos: Pushed up to revision 99408:59
* tsdgeos_ kicks tsdgeos09:08
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dyamstsdgeos: https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/MultiMonitor-Shell/+register-merge09:15
tsdgeosdyams: no, you've ben hit by the launchpad bug :D09:15
dyamstsdgeos: oops09:15
tsdgeosdyams: go back and forth and give me the url with the numer09:15
tsdgeosaccording to the devels the bug does not exist btw  :D09:16
ubot5`Launchpad bug 929422 in Launchpad itself "Fails to refresh the URL when making a merge request" [Undecided,Incomplete]09:16
dyamstsdgeos: :) here it is https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/MultiMonitor-Shell/+merge/9242809:16
tsdgeosdyams: you want to merge that into shell already?09:18
dyamstsdgeos: yes, that is the objective09:19
tsdgeosi think we don't want that09:19
tsdgeosshell has to die today09:19
tsdgeosand become trunk09:19
tsdgeoswaiting for Florian to show up to finish the last bits for that09:20
dyamstsdgeos: makes sense09:22
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mgedminoh, hey, now I have _two_ xchat icons in my launcher, and both are shown as active09:36
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htorquesbte: hi! i let the system idle for seven hours and compiz gained less than the half what it used to gain (it's now ~1mb per hour). definitely an improvement!09:44
sbtehtorque, if you could give me a new valgrind log of that that would be great ;)09:45
sbteI'm making one myself too09:45
htorquei'll first have to get one of the indicator-applications-service → 10mb/h :(09:46
sbtehtorque, that's ok too09:46
sbteI want to fix ALL the leaks :P09:46
htorquesbte: that's going to be a tough weekend :P09:50
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dyamstsdgeos: hi09:59
dyamstsdgeos: how can we have screens one top of other?10:00
tsdgeosdyams: maybe my wording was not good enough10:00
tsdgeosi mean vertically aligned10:00
greybackI'm guessing he mean the bottom of screen 1 touches the top of screen 210:00
tsdgeosisntead of horizontally alligned10:00
dyamsgreyback: true10:01
dyamstsdgeos: well, pls read it as topLeft  :)10:01
tsdgeosdyams: sure, then use the topLeft corner10:01
tsdgeosas i said :D10:01
dyamsand ScreenInfo::TopLeft is not the same in this case10:01
tsdgeoswe have that already10:01
tsdgeosit is10:01
tsdgeosand if it is not10:01
tsdgeosyou'll have to tell me why we have two topLeft's and they return different stuff10:02
tsdgeosyours is RTL "aware"10:02
tsdgeosi'm not sure i want that10:02
dyamsScreenInfo has four ctors10:02
dyamsso, we m_screen can be valid but corner could Invlid10:03
tsdgeosok, i told that to saviq and he did not fix it10:04
dyamsin this case, m_screen is the screen number while ScreenInfo::InvalidCorner10:04
tsdgeosdyams: fix screeninfo so corner is properly defined when you give it a screen10:04
tsdgeosin the constructor10:05
dyamswhile creating instance of ScreenInfo, we don't know the corner the screen belongs to10:08
dyamswe can have 3*2 screens, no?10:09
dyamstsdgeos: moreover, isLeftMost is only to simplify the whole task10:11
tsdgeosdyams: sure, if it does not belong to a corner set corner to invalid10:12
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didrocksgreyback: hey, how are you?11:54
greybackdidrocks: could be better :) You?11:54
didrocksgreyback: still on compiz, but fine :)11:55
greybackdidrocks: what can I do for you?11:55
didrocksgreyback: just a head's up, we are freezing on Monday (midday?)11:55
didrocksgreyback: I think the removal of intellihide (even from the code) needs to be done at that time for aligning with -3d11:55
greybackdidrocks: yep, is on my list for today. How long is the freeze expected?11:55
didrocksgreyback: really depends on how things are going for both -2d and -3d11:56
greybackRemove intellihide from the code too? JohnLea said it can be kept as advanced option11:56
didrocksgreyback: I hope we can release on thursday11:56
didrocksgreyback: hum, it's been removed from an executive decision on 3d11:56
greybackdidrocks: We'll have plenty of stuff to merge in next week11:57
didrocksgreyback: features?11:57
didrocks(this release of for thursday: feature freeze)11:57
greybackdidrocks: yeah. I'm working right up to FF 16th11:57
didrocksgreyback: well, the 16th, it should be *in* ubuntu11:58
didrocksan that's why we have this freeze process to make a release11:58
didrocksgreyback: can I discuss with you what's going in?11:58
greybackdidrocks: sure. Mumble?11:59
didrocksyeah :)11:59
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ryeCan I help with anything if I am experiencing bug #926385 at this moment?13:55
ubot5`Launchpad bug 926385 in unity (Ubuntu) "applications appear twice in windows switcher and launcher" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92638513:55
mgedminheh, /me too!13:57
mgedminthank you for mentioning the bug number, now I won't have to search ;)13:58
ryewow, now both kazam and shotwell "have" 2 windows13:58
ryedear things, please stop breaking, I was just trying to record a video of shotwel flickering during switching from preview to viewing the image13:59
ppdhi there. I just experienced something weird with unity/compiz on latest precise. Whenever I extend my desktop to a second monitor with nvidia twinview compiz displays a scrambled desktop for a few seconds and afterwards restores to correct behaviour. I do not experience this behaviour with e.g unity 2d. So my question is: Is this expected/acceptable behaviour for the binary driver as I somehow did not manage to find a bug/report re13:59
ppdlated to this while I can hardly be the first one to encounter this. (is the same on oneiric btw.)13:59
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ryelet's see how it is on intel now...14:00
ryeppd, i experienced this every time on nVidia 8400G even in compiz/gnome14:02
ppdrye, but just with compiz or maybe mutter, right? have you tried with metacity/unity 2d?14:02
ryeand the second thing is you can't move mouse pointer slowly between the screens because of push-to-reveal code kicking in even if launcher is always displayed14:03
ppdtrue thing. Next thing I don't get is why to display a launcher on every screen when it's already set to never hide. But that is maybe just taste14:04
ryeppd, i recall running compiz on that machine, not mutter. As for metacity - i am not sure. That machine's nVidia card fried itself due to poor cooling design14:05
ppdrye, I just tried. It seems related to compiz. Unity 2d pretty much instantly extends to the second monitor as one would expect14:06
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ryebug #93016514:11
ubot5`Launchpad bug 930165 in unity (Ubuntu) "Unity launcher push-to-reveal code continues working in always-show - makes multimonitor navigation harder" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93016514:11
ppdseems not to be an issue with the intel driver and xrandr. Compiz extends with a pretty short delay and a clean black transition screen, no "pixel garbage"14:13
htorque_hello all! i ran valgrind with the application indicator and got this leak: http://paste.ubuntu.com/836605/14:47
htorque_is it enough to report this snippet, because i forgot to install a couple of debug symbols, so the rest of the log isn't complete. :-/14:47
mhr3htorque_, sorry that doesn't really help much since it's mostly in slice allocator, running with G_SLICE=always-malloc G_DEBUG=gc-friendly might produce something more useful14:57
mhr3still it does say that the variants from gdbus are leaking...14:57
htorque_mhr3: i did run it that way (followed https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valgrind)14:59
mhr3htorque_, oh :(15:00
htorque_mhr3: the next entry in size is just 304 bytes, so this one is really all i got. any way to produce something more useful for you guys?15:04
mhr3htorque_, patching and compiling glib with systemtap support for gvariants and getting something useful from that? :)15:08
mhr3did i mention it's a *bit* advanced? :)15:08
htorque_sounds easy :P15:10
mhall119didrocks: ping17:24
didrockshey mhall11917:32
didrockssorry, was catching up on email17:32
mhall119didrocks: was just checking to see if you had time to work on the singlet template17:33
didrocksmhall119: I had to postpone that and I had to jump on trying to make a compiz release17:33
didrockswhich took 2 days but is now ended17:33
mhall119come on, is compiz really more important?17:33
didrocksmhall119: sure, it can't compare to quickly! :)17:34
didrockswe should make a windowmanager template :p17:34
didrocksI hope to get some start next week, like tuesday/wednesday17:34
didrocksI just hanged the boiler plate to be generic17:34
didrocks(and fixed a bug in Quickly ;))17:35
mhall119someone please tell me we will be able to install new Dash lenses without restarting Unity before 12.04 is released18:43
rye<thisfred> oh joy, I minimized everything again by alt-tabbing into stoopid19:53
rye<thisfred> ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: spent quality time unminimizing windows19:53
mhall119or press super+d to unminimize everything in one shot19:54
ryemhall119, hm, does not seem to work, letter d is sent to window19:55
mhall119rye: super+d?19:56
mhall119whatever the "show desktop" shortcut is, should unminimize everything19:56
mhall119at least, it does for me19:56
ryeyes, ctrl+alt+d, according to the unity hint overlay, maybe i am running with the older shortcut settings19:57
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mhall119rye: how about a alt-tabbing to the desktop again, does that restore them all?20:11
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Petkoguys (and gals) , I'd like to draw your attention to the communitys frustration with the removal of the dodge windows feature (discussed at lenght in ayatana) . The proposals are the following :20:44
Petko1. Bring dodge back , so it's configurable through myUnity20:44
Petko2.Replace auto-hide with dodge20:44
Petko(since it was made clear only two options are wanted)20:44
Petkois any of the developers willing to push this back in Unity ?20:45
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