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nhainesHere, not bad, huh?  http://ubuntuone.com/6exwwMYV1DawESL9OqMPQO00:48
nhainesI added the QR code from last time.  An interested bystander who will spread his stuff out to save seats emailed me and told me to remember to bring another printout to put on the community board.00:56
nhainesI want to make it even smaller, but a half-sheet isn't bad.00:57
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icarus81Hey everybody has anybody had problems mount an ext4 external drive in 11.10?02:36
icarus81I know the partition is good but ubuntu will not see it as vaild.02:37
akkDon't think I have any ext4 external disks, sorry. What does fdisk or gparted say it is?02:47
icarus81/dev/sdb1   *        2048      368639     1466368   83  Linux02:48
icarus81/dev/sdb2          368640   976740351  3905486848   83  Linux02:48
akkoh, well, fdisk is useless, I guess.02:48
icarus81gparted sees the 83 linux02:49
icarus81but it sees it as unreconized02:49
icarus81I just had this working in a windows computer an hour ago02:50
akkmaybe try fsck and see what it thinks it is?02:50
icarus81wouldn't hurt02:50
icarus81Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...02:52
icarus81fsck.ext2: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sdb202:52
icarus81The superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext202:52
icarus81filesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext202:52
icarus81filesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock02:52
icarus81is corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:02:52
icarus81    e2fsck -b 8193 <device>02:52
icarus81That is why it is not mounting... bad superblock...02:53
icarus81How do i fix that without re-formating02:53
akkBut that's fsck.ext202:53
akknow try fsck.ext4 and see what it says02:53
akkdon't fix the superblock with fsck.ext2 now if it was supposed to be ext402:53
akk(not sure how compatible they are)02:54
icarus81good point02:54
icarus81same shit02:54
akkStill superblock bad?02:55
icarus81yeah same exact thing02:55
akkOh, have you checked dmesg to make sure you're not getting any I/O errors? (Do that before you try to make repairs)02:55
icarus81[45083.763596] EXT3-fs (sdb2): error: can't find ext3 filesystem on dev sdb2.02:56
icarus81[45083.764715] EXT2-fs (sdb2): error: can't find an ext2 filesystem on dev sdb2.02:56
icarus81[45083.780721] EXT4-fs (sdb2): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem02:56
icarus81[45098.775089] EXT4-fs (sdb2): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem02:56
icarus81[45110.260339] EXT3-fs (sdb2): error: can't find ext3 filesystem on dev sdb202:56
akkokay, no I/O errors, anyway, good.02:56
icarus81I don't see any I/O errors02:57
icarus81that just tail |grep sdb202:57
akkAt this point, I would try to let fsck repair it -- but first, if I had another machine handy, I'd try it there02:57
akkand if it mounts on another machine, I'd umount it then try fsck there.02:57
icarus81well its the drive for my HTPC and it runs great in there02:58
akkd just found blkid -- apparently a cmdline way to test what filesystem the system thinks is on a partition02:59
icarus81do I need to be root?02:59
akkblkid -p -u filesystem /dev/whatever02:59
akkyes, have to be root02:59
akkshould include something like TYPE="ext4" if it can tell03:00
akk(but might not, in this case)03:00
icarus81I typed blkid -p u ext4 /dev/sdb2 and it say unknown argument ext403:01
icarus81I just assumed that where the filesystem went03:02
icarus81oh I am retarded03:03
akkNo, -u filesystem, literally03:03
akk(that wasn't obvious to me either at first)03:04
icarus81Yeah just releasied that03:04
akkIt doesn't print anything?03:05
akkokay, no help there03:06
icarus81no sudo blkid -p -u filesystem,other /dev/sdb203:06
icarus81$ sudo blkid -p -u filesystem /dev/sdb103:06
icarus81I just want to resize sdb203:07
akkthen I guess fsck repair is the only option, but I do think it's worth trying it in another machine if you have one handy.03:07
icarus81wait I do have another machine03:07
icarus81its like 10.10 or somthing like that03:08
akkSounds perfect (I think 10.10 had ext4, anyway)03:08
icarus81I am going to go hook it up brb03:09
icarus81same shit03:19
akkokay, then it probably really is a problem with the superblock03:22
akkand repairing it is probably the way to go.03:23
akkDoes it have important stuff on it?03:23
akkIf it has really important data, it might be worth backing up the whole thing with dd before attempting repair, just to keep the bases covered.03:23
icarus81its already backuped03:23
icarus81I am upgrading03:24
icarus81this is just a bigger drive03:24
akkGood! Then just try saying y to fsck.ext4 when it asks about the superblock.03:24
akk(and any other questions it asks, too)03:24
icarus81I tried this sudo fsck.ext4 -y -p -c -v /dev/sdb203:29
icarus81and it just complained about the superblock03:29
akkDid it repair it?03:39
akkI usually just run interactively without flags, and say y, that way I know what it's doing.03:39
akkIf it actually repaired because of the -y, then running fsck again should give no errors.03:39
icarus81mke2fs 1.41.14 (22-Dec-2010)03:39
icarus81Filesystem label=03:39
icarus81OS type: Linux03:39
icarus81Block size=4096 (log=2)03:39
icarus81Fragment size=4096 (log=2)03:39
icarus81Stride=1 blocks, Stripe width=1 blocks03:39
icarus8160956672 inodes, 243822006 blocks03:39
icarus8112191100 blocks (5.00%) reserved for the super user03:39
icarus81First data block=003:40
icarus81Maximum filesystem blocks=003:40
icarus817441 block groups03:40
icarus8132768 blocks per group, 32768 fragments per group03:40
icarus818192 inodes per group03:40
icarus81Superblock backups stored on blocks:03:40
icarus8132768, 98304, 163840, 229376, 294912, 819200, 884736, 1605632, 2654208,03:40
icarus814096000, 7962624, 11239424, 20480000, 23887872, 71663616, 78675968,03:40
icarus81102400000, 21499084803:40
icarus81I am looking at this http://linuxexpresso.wordpress.com/2010/03/31/repair-a-broken-ext4-superblock-in-ubuntu/03:40
akkUm, you're giving up and making a new filesystem instead of what was there?03:40
icarus81I was just trying to repair the superblock03:41
akkoh, I've never had to tell fsck where to look for superblocks03:43
akkit's always been able to figure out where the backups are03:43
icarus81I have all the data it would sadly might be easier to just do it in windows 703:44
akkI doubt it would be easier to repair ext4 in windows.03:45
akkIt doesn't work to just type fsck.ext4 /dev/whatever and say y when it asks?03:45
icarus81this same drive was in a windows system not more than 2 hours ago03:45
icarus81with a ext4 driver on the system03:45
akk. o O ( I wonder if that's how it got corrupted? )03:46
icarus81it's possable03:47
icarus81this is the driver I used03:47
icarus81well I am going to reboot and try windows. If it dosen't work I guess I will just copy it again. Thanks for your help03:49
akkIf anybody's reading, interested in astronomy and has binoculars, train them on Venus right now (that's the really bright thing low in the west)04:06
akkand if you hold the binocs steady enough, you can see Uranus as a faint greenish dot to the left and a little down.04:06
akk(Mentioning it here because people here are in the right timezone, they haven't set yet.)04:06
pleia2neat (too bad I have no make-things-seem-closer devices!)04:47
DonkeyHoteimy neck is in no condition to look outside; i got rear-ended AGAIN tonight04:50
pleia2yikes :(04:50
DonkeyHoteii don't want to pursue an injury claim this time; more trouble than it's worth. i'll just try to self-treat with the exercises the PT prescribed last time04:51
DonkeyHoteiEureCA: seen em04:52
EureCAFactoid seen em not found04:52
DonkeyHoteioh right, not a supy04:53
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philipballew_Can someone tell me where I would load grub onto if I am reinstalling grub?19:28
akkWith grub2, generally it writes a little bit onto the MBR of the disk, and a whole bunch of stuff onto /boot/grub19:28
akkthat's for grub-install ... if you're installing the grub package, that puts things in normal places like /usr and /etc and so forth.19:29
philipballew_yeah, bur i still have to pick a sda1,2 and so on? correct? like i have to pick the best one when i reinstall it to. I think it oringally had grub 9519:30
akkWhen you're partitioning you pick where /boot goes (or if it's part of /)19:31
akkand grub has to know about that (because it's mounted when you're running grub-install)19:32
philipballew_Well im actually trying to reinstall grub as grub boots into a prompt when I boot19:32
philipballew_because sda1 would be my live cd right? then is some weird windows partition, then I have my swap? on sda519:33
akkOh, you're trying to install grub from a liveCD, not from the running booted machine?19:34
akkYeah, that's different.19:34
philipballew_okay, yeah, I cant boot into the hd :)19:34
akkAnd yes, you'll have to tell it which partition /boot is, and probably where you have / mounted that has all the grub info on it.19:35
philipballew_so I need to mount the internal harddrive, thats right19:35
akky'know, back in the dawn of linux, installers always used to have a "boot from hard disk" option, for when the bootloader got messed up19:36
akkand it's a real loss that Ubuntu doesn't do that (I think fedora still does)19:36
akkYes, you'll want the ubuntu partition on the internal hard drive mounted19:36
akkand probably also /boot if that's different19:36
philipballew_alright. ill do that19:36
philipballew_but before I mounted it, it would still show up in fdisk -l right akk ?19:37
philipballew_yeah, but then what one would I mount. It seems that the drive has a weird table? http://pastebin.com/bHDQuRnT19:38
akkLooks like sda1 is the likely candidate, but it could be on sda2. Try mounting them both and see what's on them.19:41
philipballew_okay. just to mount with the filesystem type and see what happens.19:43
akkmount should be able to figure out the filesystem type, usually19:43
philipballew_mount /dev/sda1 says wrong fs type or bad supererblock. Might be a bad partition?19:44
akkMight be19:44
philipballew_that would explain why grub is having errors booting19:45
akkyes, definitely could19:46
akkmaybe try fsck and see if it can figure anything out?19:46
philipballew_If i run that from the live cd it still checks the unmounted hd?19:47
nhainesUse testdisk to see if the partition table is corrupt.19:47
nhainesphilipballew_: no, 'fsck' by itself doesn't do anything.  You have to tell it what filesystem to scan.19:47
philipballew_yeah, but do they need to be mounted nhaines ?19:49
nhainesphilipballew_: they need to not be mounted.19:50
akkNo, for fsck you don't want them mounted.19:50
philipballew_thats right19:50
philipballew_nice! I got a superblocck error19:52
nhainesThose aren't nice . :)19:52
akkWow, this is just like last night, when someone else had a corrupted filesystem with a bad superblock19:54
akkbut they'd been using it on windows with some ext4 driver add-on, which I suspect might have been the problem19:54
philipballew_should I clear the invalid journal?19:54
akkWith fsck I usually say y to everything, unless the filesystem has really important data I need to recover19:57
akkthen I consider making a dd backup just in case fsck messes something up19:57
akk(that's never actually happened to me, fsck has always done the right thing, but I'm paranoid sometimes)19:57
philipballew_alright, I made a image with like clonezilla last week so I am good there19:58
akkGood. Then you're probably safe saying y to everything.19:59
philipballew_this thing is pumping out errors. Must not be a happy partition20:04
* philipballew_ considers just holding down y20:04
akkTry Y (capital) -- it might take that as "Y to everything", can't remember20:04
philipballew_no, ill pull up the man page again maybe20:06
philipballew_I recall capitol Y working a year or so ago20:06
philipballew_you just have to say fsck -y /dev/sdawhatever apparently20:10
philipballew_it fixed them. not to try it on sda220:11
nhainesThere are no file systems on sda220:11
philipballew_thats right. sda1 finished. Maybe ill try to mount it now20:12
philipballew_it mounted20:12
* philipballew_ figures out where it mounted20:13
philipballew_it mounts fine, but still boots into grub promt. ill look look at the directory and see if I need to reinstalol grub20:25
philipballew_Can I figure out what distro a system is from looking at the file system easily21:26
broderuh, /etc/lsb-release is a good place to start21:26
broderi believe that's fairly cross-distro21:26
broderdebian and its derivates have /etc/debian_version21:27
philipballew_alright. need to make sure what i am running brfore i try to chroot into it21:27
broderi think redhat/fedora/centos and its derivatives generally have /etc/redhat_version or something like that21:27
brodernot all distributions change those files, though - e.g. i think mint doesn't21:27
* philipballew_ wonders if mint changes anything :)21:29
philipballew_yeah, im trying to find errors in this hd. I think all the files in etc appear to be gone. I might try to reinstall all together21:30
philipballew_or errors in the syetem21:31
philipballew_yay! the system is broken!!!!21:38
akkUnfortunately /etc/lsb-release isn't very cross-distro, but it does work on ubuntu.21:40
broderis it just the lsb_release command that's supposed to be cross-distro?21:41
akkI think they're both *supposed* to be, except nobody but ubuntu actually agrees with that.21:42
akk(haven't checked fedora, but debian and arch don't have it)21:42
broder...really? i would have sworn lsb-release at least was a debian invention21:43
broderor at least that ubuntu inherited its implementation21:44
broderoh, nope. debian has an lsb_release, but does it completely differently21:46
akkJust checked debian squeeze: it has an empty directory called /etc/lsb-base, nothing else matching /etc/lsb*21:46
broderdebian's lsb_release looks at your apt configuration to figure out what version you're on21:46
akkOh, hey, it does have the lsb_release binary, though.21:46
akkSo you can find out what you're running if you're running it, but not by just examining the filesystem.21:48
akkI would so love to see a standard file, like /etc/version, that all distros used, so you could tell which filesystem was which.21:48
nhainesI could go for /etc/conf/make_it_work22:00
nhaineshaha!  :D22:46
pleia2interesting that he doesn't talk to people, I find talking to people before the talk helps (gets my mind off of it, so relaxes me)22:47
nhainesI find that talk time means I can't prepare any longer, but I like to greet people as they enter, etc.22:47
pleia2practicing my talk 10+ times is what has helped with anxiety the most22:48
pleia2it was nice when I learned that even accomplished speakers spend 8+ hours practicing :)22:48
nhainesOh yeah.  :)  I never seem to get around to practicing straight through more than twice, but I'll practice sections.22:50
pleia2yeah, I'll take a 20 minute break from work and practice a bit at a time22:51
akkI'm not sure practice helps with nervousness, but it sure helps with delivering the talk.23:07

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