tjagodaAaron Thul's facebook says he's engaged01:39
tjagodamob him for congratulations immediately01:39
snap-lSomething tells me he'll be moving to Canada01:44
tjagodaI get that impression01:47
jrwrennever thought hed settle01:47
tjagodaDon't think he really enjoys Detroit all that much01:47
tjagodaI wonder if GeekNet will tell me if they decline01:50
snap-lI think they wil01:51
snap-lGOod morning12:23
snap-lApparently my alarm decided to go AWOL this morning12:23
WolfgerUh... Hmm... http://ubuntuportal.com/time-drive-a-user-friendly-utility-for-back-up-your-files-under-ubuntu/12:41
WolfgerThere's a 2-day-old article about software that hasn't been touched since October 2009, and the article doesn't even link to the most recent home page for said software...12:42
snap-lHas anyone tried timedrive?12:57
snap-lI'm not sure I'd trust it yet.12:57
rick_htimedrive? never heard of it12:57
snap-lWell, whatever ships with Oneiric that asks you to back up your machine12:57
snap-lBwahahaha. rick_h, check lococast spam. :)12:58
snap-lone of the spam bots puked up all of their responses into one post.12:58
snap-lWhat’s up, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post. It was funny. Keep on posting!12:58
snap-lHi there, I just wanted to say, you’re wrong. Your post doesn’t make any sense.12:58
rick_hsnap-l: nice, that's great. Now we can just block all of those12:58
Wolfgerthat's priceless13:15
snap-lHello from the other screens.13:39
brouschhello to the other screens13:41
snap-l"@davepell: I wish all those girls who ignored me in high school could see how many tabs I have open in my browser right now."13:45
snap-lI'm this close to turning off extension syncing in Chrome13:45
brouschhow many of those tabs have the FB pages of those girls up for stalking purposes?13:46
snap-lI swear, uninstall does not mean install it on the other browser ad nauseum. Honest.13:46
snap-lbrousch: None. I'm off FB13:46
snap-lAnd funny enough, they're not stalking me on my blog (That I'm aware of)13:46
brouschyou can't be off FB. that's being off the internet!13:46
brouschnext you'll tell me you don't use IE13:47
WolfgerYou can stalk people on FB without being on FB13:48
snap-lWolfger: I have FB blocked at the router (save for https, which for some reason doesn't work)13:48
brouschyou're gonna miss out on the $5 zuckerburg is sending every FB member after the IPO13:50
snap-lSOmething tells me that's not going to happen.13:51
WolfgerDid you really just put a $5 price tag on snap-l's soul?13:51
brouschi'm sure it won't, but i bet it would spread like wildfire if i sent it as an email forward13:51
Wolfgerdo it!13:52
Wolfgercreate a "Facebook IPO" page on FB and tell everybody that they have to "like" it to get the payout from Zuckerberg13:52
brousch"Mark Zuckerberg is going to make billions of dollars from Facebook's IPO, and he wants to share it with you! All you have to do is make sure your Facebook address and phone number are correct so he can send a $50 check once the deal is done."13:53
Wolfger...and then send that e-mail to the women you want to stalk. Brilliant!13:53
snap-lbrousch: Oh, my privacy is definitely worth $50. Sign me up13:54
brouschFB should do that. think of all the good info they could get from it13:54
WolfgerHell, who in America wouldn't sell their privacy for $50 to a trusted upstanding public company?13:54
WolfgerI think only the people who laugh at such tiny amounts of cash and wouldn't bend over to pick up a $50 bill.13:55
snap-lYeah, I mean,  they're having an IPO. That's like being part of the Better Business Bureau, isn't it?13:55
Wolfger.... http://programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/55728/as-a-programmer-what-would-you-use-a-personal-wiki-for14:02
Wolfger"either locally or online" ... WTF is the purpose of a personal, local wiki?14:03
brouschkeep your code snippets and notes14:04
Wolfgerwhy would you use a wiki for anything that isn't a collaborative effort, is really my wtf, I guess...14:06
WolfgerYou can keep code snippets and notes just fine in a non-wiki environment14:07
brouscheasy to edit and search14:07
Wolfgeror as the first comment says, "A wiki seems really complex. I've always used a text document"14:08
brouschthat's fine if you have 1 thing to note14:09
WolfgerHeh. Well, my organizational skills are the stuff of legend (i.e. you may have heard of them, but nobody's seen them and they probably don't exist)14:11
snap-lWolfger: Wikis are good for folks who want a simple way to organize a lot of text14:13
snap-lthough personally I find them to be a bit comples for my needs14:13
snap-lcomplex, rather14:13
brouschevernote ftw14:13
snap-lvi + git FTW. ;)14:14
rick_hyea, sphinx + git + fabric ftw14:14
brouschright, that is not complex at all :P14:14
snap-lI'm not the one adding Sphinx and fabric to the mix. :)14:14
snap-lrick_h is the one lighting a cigarette with an acetalyne torch14:15
rick_hI like to start fires with gasoline, jump right to the point!14:15
rick_hI have a reputation for getting camp fires going without any problems :) off to on like a light switch!14:16
snap-lGod, what's that stuff that the conspiracy theorists say was laced inthe 9/11 towers...14:17
snap-lBurns like a mother14:17
snap-lI coould see rick_h using that for his grilling14:17
snap-l"Once I start a fire, I want it to stay lit, dammit"14:17
WolfgerHeh. My uncle used to light his cigarettes with an acetylene torch all the time..14:19
snap-l"Never send a boy to do a man's work."14:20
jrwrensphinx? fabric? wtf?14:37
jrwrengasoline might make a great charcoal starter14:37
snap-lYeah, but your food will taste like a truck stop14:44
Wolfgerhave you ever tried to light gasoline on fire? It's not easy to do.14:51
WolfgerI don't know why people think of gasoline as being a good way to light things up.14:51
jrwrenyes, I have.14:52
jrwrenits pretty easy14:52
jrwrenpoor gasoline onto grassy ground, in a path.14:52
jrwrenpoor lots of it at the point on which you will be lighting it14:52
jrwrendrop match.14:53
jrwrenwatch it burn and spread.14:53
jrwrenbut yes, most people have no concept of just how stable gasoline is.14:53
jrwrenits why its our fuel of choice, because its NOT unstable.14:53
jrwrenits not explosive14:53
jrwrenit doesn't burn easy14:53
jrwrencommon every day things like oxygen burn easier14:54
WolfgerI tried to roast a mountain of ants one time when I was a kid14:54
Wolfgerpoured gasoline over them, lit a match, dropped it in the puddle... the match went out14:54
jrwrenthere was a puddle or was it gassy asnd?14:54
brouschthe ants all urinated to put out the flames quickly14:55
Wolfgerit was a hard-packed sand, so a lot soaked into the ground, but there was a bit pooled on the surface14:57
WolfgerThe circle of dirt where the above-ground pool used to be14:58
Wolfgerwhich found second-life as a makeshift basketball court14:58
Wolfgerand, of course, home to thousands and thousands of ants14:59
snap-lThe fumes of gasoline are explosive, but the liquid itself is not15:02
Wolfgerso don't keep mostly-empty air-tight cans of gas lying down-range. :-)15:03
snap-lWhich is why I get nervous when folks say they're stockpiling gas in their shelters15:03
snap-lfirst off: if it's truly the rapture / end times, what makes you think you're going to be one of the ones who will make it?15:04
snap-lIf it's truly the end-of-the-world, there's not going to be much left for you to be standing / sheltering in15:04
snap-lALways found that thinking to be a bit off.15:05
WolfgerYou're mixing and matching15:05
snap-lenmlighten me15:05
Wolfgerrapture people plan on *not* being around after the world ends15:05
snap-lNo, but they're making plans for their pets15:06
snap-lI just don't understand this concept15:06
Wolfgerstockpilers of guns and fuel are planning for the end of civilization, not the end of the world15:06
Wolfgerpets don't need gasoline15:06
snap-lalso, if any conversation gets us on the FBI watch-list, I'm pretty sure it's this one. :)15:07
snap-lSEND IN THE ATF15:07
Wolfgerthe FBI doesn't have a watch list15:07
Wolfgerthey have a don't-watch list. It's extremely short15:07
snap-lWolfger: Hah15:08
jcastrorick_h: man I like this static S3 thing15:09
jcastroit's going to end up so much cheaper than just getting a VPS for a blog15:10
rick_hjcastro: yea, I've been doing a ton of s3 lately15:10
rick_hI stick all my crap there these days: I've got a bunch of shortcuts for uploading to buckets there15:10
jrwreni want to report a bug with pangolin's installer, anyone know the right lp project?15:10
jrwrenhi jcastro15:10
snap-ljrwren: DId it crash?15:10
jcastroubuntu-bug ubiquity is what you want15:11
snap-lIf it crashes, it'll try it's best to point you in the right direction15:11
jcastrorick_h: you just pushing up with s3 cmd?15:11
jcastrowhat kind of stuff you keeping there?15:11
jrwrensnap-l: it did not crash. it doesn't work with kvm -usb -usbdevice tablet15:11
jrwrenwhich means testdrive is not functional right now :(15:11
snap-ljrwren: Ugh15:11
jrwreni could file it with testdrive, but then someone else has ot triage it to right place.15:12
snap-lSomething tells me it'll be ping-ponged if you file it with ubiquity.15:12
rick_hjcastro: http://paste.mitechie.com/show/539/15:13
snap-lBut, if it's a problem with ubiquity, I'd file it there.15:13
rick_hjcastro: I haven't gotten the s3cmd thing going15:13
jrwrenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubiquity  :(15:13
rick_hjcastro: I've been using that python script and a series of aliases for the common places I dump things15:13
jcastrojrwren: "type this in a terminal"15:13
rick_hjcastro: so I've got up_lp up_lococast up_mitechie etc15:13
jcastro"ubuntu-bug ubiquity" and follow the instructions15:13
jrwrenjcastro: ty15:14
jcastrorick_h: is the cost low? I'm assuming it will be trivial with like, a blog.15:14
jrwrendoesn't matter that its mismatched versions?15:14
jcastroNot sure, if it is it will bail right away15:14
rick_hjcastro: I dump postgres backups 2x a day for bookie http://bmark.us all the podcast files for lococast, personal backups, screenshots I use like pastebin stuff15:14
jrwrenbah, i dont have X.15:14
jrwrenneed an Xless ubuntu-bug :)15:14
rick_hjcastro: yea, I htink s3 was some $7 last mont15:14
jcastroit runs in the terminal I thought15:14
jcastrorick_h: hah yeah, as I suspected, why have a vps15:15
snap-lY'know, that mismatched versions thing is nice, but man, it can be a bit of a PITA15:15
jrwrenyes, my bad, for some reson DISPLAY was set15:15
rick_hjcastro: yea, I've moved form the colo to dual ec2 instances15:15
rick_hjcastro: but starting to keep files on s3 for redundant/easy to share/etc15:15
rick_hjcastro: I use that index.html I linked you G+ to browse them like an apache directory listing15:16
rick_hjcastro: like http://uploads.mitechie.com/index.html15:16
rick_hhmm, broken? well lococast one http://media.lococast.net/index.html15:16
jcastroheh, awesome15:16
jcastroI don't even have EC2 for the blog15:16
snap-lrick_h: Worked for me15:16
jcastroI just use amazon to serve the http15:17
jcastroI am going to connect it to cloudfront tonight15:17
jrwrenubuntu-bug gathers some B.S. report that is entirely wrong. so how to file it??? does ubuntu-bug work from installer?15:17
jcastroyou know, because I need a CDN for a blog.15:17
rick_hjcastro: yea, I was checking that out.15:17
jrwrencan I ctrl-alt-F1 from installer and run ubuntu-bug ?15:17
snap-ljcastro: You might. :)15:17
jcastrojrwren: hmm not sure with that one15:17
rick_hjcastro: I need to create a new bucket for the bookie js docs and I can host it like that: http://files.bmark.us/jsdoc/index.html15:17
jcastrogive it a shot15:17
snap-l500 angry nerds have to let you know they're rather unhappy with Unity15:17
snap-land they're rage-quitting Ubuntu15:17
jcastromore like the same 5 100 times15:17
jcastrorick_h: hah I love how we're all excited about serving static content15:18
jcastroI will not go into the brutal horror that it took for me to install and use ruby15:18
snap-ljcastro: RVM, or something else?15:18
rick_hjcastro: yea, I've been meaning to port my blog over to a git driven tool like that15:18
jcastroI wasted like 2 hours on rvm15:18
jcastroand then rbenv worked the first time15:18
rick_hjcastro: yea, there's a python one cofee house wifi is broken as @#$#@$ so I can't find the link15:19
jcastroI saw it15:19
jrwrenfor what are you using ruby?15:19
rick_hjcastro: http://www.blogofile.com/15:19
jcastrothey all aren't as nice as octopress15:19
snap-lI got RVM working for Tracks15:19
jrwrenarent' you a huge puppet fan anyway? puppet is ruby, is it not?15:19
rick_hthat's the one I want to port to15:19
jcastrojrwren: http://octopress.org/15:19
snap-ljrwren: puppet hides ruby. :)15:19
jcastrojrwren: I'm into service orchestration now, not config management.15:19
jrwrena great tool hides its abstractions15:19
jcastroI no longer care about each individual machine15:20
jrwrenjcastro: buzzword bingo? I don't even know what that means.15:20
rick_hjcastro: but yea, s3 + the index.html JS for directory listing ftw as a grat "pastebin" for files15:20
snap-ljcastro: You sound like a hipster when you say that. :)15:20
rick_hjcastro: what's the state of same machine multiple charms? That's the killer I need15:20
jcastrojrwren: puppet and chef are "I want a machine to look like this, give it to me."15:20
jcastrojuju is "I want wordpress, go get me what I need."15:20
jcastrorick_h: it's close to landing. That's called subordinate charms btw if you ever need to ask.15:21
snap-lqq: these static blogs don't serve comments, do they?15:21
rick_hjcastro: awesome15:21
jcastrothey do15:21
jcastrooctopress has built in disqus support15:21
jrwrenyes!  ubuntu-bug does work from installer. YAY!15:21
rick_hdamn, I need to find a seat by power so I can get the mifi up...this is painful15:21
snap-lWhat id you don't want disqus?15:21
jcastroand twitter, g+, etc.15:21
rick_hsnap-l: yea, most of them hook up disqus15:21
snap-lI can see that becoming a huge pain point15:22
jcastroheh, all the benefits of the static speed from S3 and then you get crushed perf wise by adding disqus15:22
rick_hjcastro: meh, at least you can make it async15:22
snap-lpartially that, and partially what happens when disqus decides to change their TOS.15:22
jcastrowait, WHAT.15:22
rick_hjcastro: and when was the last time comments were productive :P15:22
jcastrooh I don't care much about their TOS.15:22
rick_hsnap-l: yea, lmorchard fought that15:22
rick_hsnap-l: they have an export method I believe15:23
jcastroI'm a stackexchange addict now, comments are worthless.15:23
jcastroI am trained to not care about comments15:23
jcastrothis is quite cool though15:23
jcastroAll I need to do tonight is buy a domain and set up cloudfront15:23
* snap-l sees jcastro starting to blog from jorge.stackexchange.com15:24
snap-land comments get voted up, or flagged by the community.15:24
jcastrowell, one of the reasons I liked octopress is now that I am into SE I am all about Markdown15:24
jcastroand the octo posts are just plain text Markdown15:25
snap-lYeah, markdown is nice.15:25
jcastrohell, I'm even writing emails in markdown now, I don't know what's wrong with me15:25
snap-lalso means when you make your blog memoir, it'll be easy to convert to PDF. ;)15:25
jcastroI actually like tumblr (it has markdown support)15:26
jcastrobut I felt the need to dogfood the cloud more15:26
jcastroand what better way to learn than by moving all my stuff15:26
jcastroplus, there's like this weird vibe when you read a tumblr15:26
jcastrosort of like finding a band on myspace, you're like "what?"15:26
jrwrenhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+filebug/e690dcca-53fa-11e1-a30c-002481e7f48a?  can anyone help me make this bug better?15:27
snap-l"I just made a tasty sandwich". bob liked this, sarah liked this, alice liked this.15:27
krondorI'm having way too much on octopress http://missionpenguin.com now that ruby is unscrewed on my box15:27
snap-ljcastro: God, MySpace is hell for band pages15:27
krondordisqus is heavy though15:27
Wolfgersnap-l: sudo make me a sandwich15:27
Wolfger++ for "at the Rusty Nail"15:28
snap-lWolfger: You're welcome.15:28
snap-lJoDee used to live by there. THat place is an institution of shitty bands everywhere.15:29
krondoranyone used akamai before? or have any clue how much they charge for dns?  I'm thinking too much whatever it is.15:31
WolfgerI used to drive past it all the time when I lived in Mount Clemens15:31
rick_hkrondor: route53?15:31
rick_hkrondor: I keep meaning to move my dns to that15:32
jcastrorick_h: oh, octo has built in gist support too15:32
snap-lOK, Google Reader has done something to make instapaper not work.15:32
snap-lGetting really close to not using Google Reader anymore15:32
WolfgerOh dear lord... it's a little over 2 months until Penguicon, and their flier only list one guest of honor, and it's somebody who's there every year?15:32
WolfgerJohn Scalzi15:32
krondorrick_h: I hadn't considered route53 for non aws.  Hmm...15:33
rick_hjcastro: yea, there's actually a cool app I want to try out for that https://github.com/justinvh/gitpaste15:33
rick_hjcastro: we run one of these internal and replace the pastebin with it :P except the gitness would freak peeps out15:33
jcastroyeah but the current pastebin doesn't do any dvcs15:34
jcastroman dude, can you charm that?15:34
jcastrothat'd be SLICK15:34
rick_hjcastro: the current one has no way to reply or anything...drives me nuts15:35
rick_hjcastro: yea, was thinking of trying to charm that as an open space at pycon15:35
jcastroman that would be really great15:35
jcastroyou can just run it on canonistack, problem solved15:35
rick_hjcastro: heh yea. and it shold be single server since it's dbless I think15:36
jcastroI assume it just puts the paste in git repos right?15:36
rick_hjcastro: just git and whoosh for fulltext index, but not tried it out yet, just following it15:36
* jcastro nods15:37
rick_hjcastro: right, it uses GitPython to create it, indexes the contents for search into whoosh15:37
rick_huses django to web-ize the views15:37
jcastrowe have a mostly functioning django charm15:38
jcastroit's about to get a whole lot better15:38
brouschok, i know i should have read up on this stuff, but what does that mean?15:38
rick_hwhat does what mean?15:38
brousch"a mostly functioning django charm"15:38
rick_hyou can do juju install django and get a server up and running with django ready to go. I'm assuming the charm would support extending it some how to get your app in there?15:39
jcastroit only sort of works15:39
jcastroyeah frameworks are tricky15:39
rick_hshould be more around the app if they can get it to be python packaged15:39
rick_hbut it's a tough nut, why I don't have a bookie charm atm15:40
jcastrothere's like 50 lower hanging fruit before I can get there15:40
rick_hbut why I like that gist app, should be easy there15:40
brouschhow does it know where to make the server? in a config file you feed juju?15:40
jcastroeither local, openstack, or ec215:41
jcastrorick_h: man that would be an awesome charm15:41
rick_hbrousch: yea, you tell it15:41
jcastrotalk about juju at the next CHC15:41
jcastroI am hurting on new charms, I need a win baby!15:41
rick_hjcastro: yea, we've brought it up. I want to try to do a 'talk' on it at the long one at the end of hte month if I can get time15:41
jcastroplus if you get a charm in the store you get a free ubuntu mug and tshirt!15:41
rick_hbut most things are db server, web server, etc and I don't want to fire up 3 ec2 instances for a blog15:42
jcastrojust test on canonistack15:42
rick_hthus my severe interest in the sub charm stuff :)15:42
jcastroor LXC15:42
rick_hyea, I've not messed with either yet15:42
krondorrick_h:  ++ I'd want to hear it.  I haven't played yet, but I'm very interested.15:42
brouschso a charm is the packaging of what goes on the server, and juju is what creates the server and deploys the charm?15:42
jcastroplus if you're working on a charm it's an easy expense15:42
jcastrobrousch: right15:42
jcastro"apt get for the cloud"15:42
rick_hkrondor: yea, when canonical was shipping me to pycon I was pitching that stuff as how to justify my way. but now it's a bit lower priority to bookie itself15:43
jcastroexcept instead of packages, you deploy services across multiple machines15:43
jcastrorick_h: find me charmers, we already have like 40 something, I need 100!15:43
rick_hbrousch: yea, there's some talks on it15:43
jcastrobrousch: right so let me just show you in commands how you deploy wordpress15:43
rick_hjcastro: I'll see if I can get time to put something together at pycon in open space format15:43
brouschi know. i just haven't looked into it because it's bigger scale than i deal with right now15:44
* snap-l would be very interested in this15:44
jcastrojuju bootstrap; juju deploy wordpress; juju deploy mysql; juju add-relation wordpress mysql15:44
jcastrojuju expose wordpress15:44
jcastroand then you just go to the URL.15:44
rick_hyea, go read jcastro's blog posts. I particularly like the idea of "good practice" in charms15:44
jcastrothen you realize, crap, I can't scale.15:44
jcastrojuju deploy varnish15:45
jcastrojuju add-relation varnish wordpress15:45
jcastrothen point your DNS to the varnish IP instead, done.15:45
krondorrick_h:  yeah, me too.  Only I think people argue so much over those settings.. It can defintely be better than stock though for sure.15:45
jcastroor memcached, whatever floats your boat.15:45
snap-ljcastro: juju add-relation phpbb wordpress. ;)15:45
brouschall of the user passwords, mysql passwords are set in the charm?15:45
rick_hkrondor: yea, but everyone admits that the default pgsql settings are complete nonsense15:45
jcastroyes, or you can set them15:46
rick_hkrondor: so just getting a better default pgsql would be a huge win15:46
jcastrolike juju set mysql password=blah (my syntax isn't right but that's the idea)15:46
jcastroI have a postgres hero looking at that charm right now15:46
jcastroit's going to be /epic/15:46
rick_hjcastro: yea, that'll be a good one15:46
krondortrue .. back in a few (evil meetings)15:46
rick_hand that opens up a lot more LP folks since we're pgsql everywhere15:46
jcastroif any of you ever need hadoop let me know15:47
jcastrowe can fire that up in ec2 in about 6 minutes15:47
jcastroand as many slave nodes as you have dollars.15:47
brouschand the purpose of this thing is that people who need to scale are already doing this, but there's no standardized methods for it, so juju and charms are trying to be that standard?15:48
jcastrojuju deploy hadoop-master; juju deploy hadoop-slave; juju add-relation hadoop-master hadoop-slave15:48
jcastrobrousch: exactly15:48
snap-lI wouldn't say standard, but a way to lighten the load15:48
rick_hbrousch: a bit, but I think the "apt-get of infrastructute" makes a lot of sense when you htink about it15:48
snap-lSeriously? Juju is trying to be a standard?15:48
rick_h"apt-get install a memcache server" and one fires up on your account in edc215:48
jcastro^^ then when you want 10 nodes: juju add-unit --n=10 hadoop-slave15:49
jcastroblam, a 10 node cluster, ready to crunch15:49
brouschrick_h: i'm sure it does, it's just that i have not personally encountered the need so my ignorance is holding back my comprehension15:49
jcastrosnap-l: right so why would I want to set up hadoop by hand when the "archive" has it.15:49
jcastroand then we make the charms be smart out of the box, so you don't end up like this guy:15:50
rick_hbrousch: yea, it's a bit nice for that VM hit/run world for our use cases15:50
snap-lStandard implies more than Ubuntu taking this up15:50
rick_hbrousch: so like when I run bookie tests against pgsql I have to have a pgsql server to test against15:50
rick_hbrousch: how could would it be if testing was "fire up pgsql server, conncet bookie, runtests, shut down them all"15:50
rick_hbrousch: and since bookie has to work against sqlite, mysql, pgsql that's a few servers15:50
rick_hand next up is getting rabbitmq and such involved15:51
brouschi am starting to see the appeal15:52
rick_hbrousch: that's my main reason, testing and such.15:52
snap-ljcastro: heh15:52
snap-lI just recently moved from Apache to Nginx for my blogs.15:52
rick_hbut since you can run it against your own ubuntu cloud setup, imagine you're getting slammed today and need to fire up more app servers15:52
rick_hbrousch: so a company can fire up some more instances of the app server for christmas for instance15:53
rick_hand then they rnu out of space on their internal cloud, so they start firing up more instances of the app servers in ec2 land for the day15:53
brouschright, my own ubuntu cloud setup, that old thing15:53
rick_hsince it's the same "charm" it's the same version of everything, just the machines are now on ec215:53
rick_hso I can see it some for larger places as well as my little testing needs15:53
jcastrosnap-l: right, so my argument is, if everyone says nginx is the way to do it, we should ship that ootb!15:54
jcastrobasically, make smart choices, but over entire deployments (which is why you can't just do this in packages)15:54
snap-ljcastro: This desperately needs to replace CPanel.15:55
brouschthanks for explaining it. i think i at least understand what it is now15:59
rick_hbrousch: yea, it's the kind of thing that starts to make more sense when you see it16:00
rick_hsnap-l: https://twitter.com/#!/voidspace/status/16801238197954560016:45
snap-lrick_h: Oh, pretty17:17
snap-lWow, it requires Twisted to run? :)17:19
snap-lSheesh, that's not particularly light-weight. :)17:19
rick_hwell it's got to perform :)17:19
rick_hoh come on, pip install :P17:19
snap-lDefinitely a different use-case than what I'm checking17:20
snap-lBut if I ever need to test an ISP, I'll know where to go. ;)17:20
rick_hwahoo! mission accomplished: https://twitter.com/#!/garybernhardt/status/16802133965393920017:22
rick_hsnap-l: do you just have a google alert for things with 'homework' in the name?17:23
snap-lNo, I don't17:23
rick_hoh heh...that looks familar17:23
snap-lbut apparently it's a similar student.17:23
snap-lYeah, it's the same guy17:25
snap-lsomehow I wouldn't think going to rediit for homework help would be productive.17:25
snap-lrick_h: https://twitter.com/#!/garybernhardt/status/168021339653939200 <- That is so true17:27
snap-lhttp://arstechnica.com/business/news/2012/02/critics-slam-ssl-authority-for-minting-cert-used-to-impersonate-sites.ars <- can we please stop  with the trust authorities for SSL? It's clear it's broken beyond repair17:33
tjagodaSo, there's a twitter spambot in our LoCo portal Microblog17:41
tjagodaEither that, or somebody REALLY thinks #ubuntu-us-mi needs AppleTV17:42
tjagodaAnd French watches17:42
brouschyou mean a spammer on identica?17:42
snap-lTHat's actually twitter.17:42
greg-gyeah, the spammers on twitter are harder to block since it is just a hashtag17:43
snap-lBecause someone figured out quickly that they can get some link juice via putting #ubuntu-17:43
greg-gidenti.ca it is a group that snap-l and I moderate17:43
snap-lWith an iron fist17:43
snap-lIf anyone else wants admin, LMK. :)17:43
tjagodaAppears to be teh spamzor17:44
tjagodaYou should go to your twitters and spam report him/her/it17:44
snap-lI did17:45
brouschi like to think that if i ever meet a spammer in real life i will kick him in the testicles once for every spam i've received17:45
snap-lI wonder if they could put in a rule that aonyone using more than one #ubuntu- tag doesn't get added to the microblogging role-call17:46
tjagodaQuickly, to the blueprints!17:50
tjagodaI hopped on your Bug wagon, because I'm cool like that17:53
tjagodaI love when my users try to flush pandas down the IT toilet.18:04
tjagodaAlso, it is now snowing lightly in Port Huron.18:04
brouschwe have about 1/2" since noon18:05
jjesseit was snowing at 8:30am on the way to work18:07
brouschthat was dandruff18:08
tjagodaIt makes me sad that I have a decent contingent of users who believe that the internet will only work if they have a desktop shortcut which leads directly to each web page they need.18:09
tjagoda"Can you make a shortcut for xxx"18:09
snap-ltjagoda: And get indignant when you tell them to use the address bar or bookmarks18:10
krondorrick_h:  looks like I can't use route53, no DNSSEC support18:10
tjagodaYes, as if I am telling them that they must climb up a snow covered hill18:10
tjagodaChisel the address into a stone tablet18:10
greg-gsnap-l: we're talking about the global jam hashtag right now in -locoteams18:11
tjagodaand then perform a complicated ritual involving sacrificial lambs and the gods of OpenDNS.18:11
krondorwhich sucks because it sure is cheap18:11
rick_hkrondor: :(18:11
rick_hoh well18:11
greg-gsnap-l: scroll back http://paste.mitechie.com/show/540/18:11
krondorI'm expecting akamai to call me and ask for 1 million dollars lol.  Just means I continue down the self hosted route I was looking at.18:12
snap-lgreg-g: Oh for fucks sake18:12
snap-lAlso, I don't know why I report anything on launchpad18:14
tjagodasnap-l: Launchpad is SERIOUS BUSINESS18:15
snap-lSeriously, I have nothing to contribute because it's all a dupe18:15
tjagodaI am intimidated by the dudes who smite me for duplicates18:16
tjagodaHow many hours have you spent committing bugs to memory to tell me what I am a duplicate of?18:16
snap-lGah, and one of them is a dupe that I entered. :)18:16
tjagodaA bug so serious I feel compelled to report it 6 times18:17
tjagodasnap-l is launchpad senile.18:17
tjagodaHe'd be an excellent user study18:17
snap-lOf course it's marked as "in progress" since last year18:17
snap-lI'm sure this is getting fixed REAL SOON NOW.18:18
tjagodaFind code, prune, commit?18:18
snap-lfuck it all, I'm going to start selling viagra18:18
brouschsnap-l: then you'd better gird your loins next time i see you18:19
snap-lbrousch: If I'm on viagra, you'll break your foot18:19
tjagodaoh my18:19
tjagodaI need to stop reading this channel at work, the random laughter is hard to conceal under pseudo coughs!18:19
tjagodaMaybe that should be this weekends project18:21
brouschsnap-l: don't use your own product. isn't that one of the rules of thumb for drug dealers?18:22
tjagodabranch the loco portal and punch the microblog in the face18:22
snap-lHmmm.... :)18:31
snap-lI guess the mantra of "patches welcome" would apply here.18:31
* snap-l stops bitching18:32
WolfgerOK, I just found out P-con has a second confirmed GoH: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Gettys18:32
snap-lYeah, that's pretty cool18:32
tjagodaI got that GoH confirmed in 2011.18:33
tjagodaI may or may not have failed to issue any sort of press release on it however.18:34
tjagoda<---- Penguicon PR not this guy's strong suit18:34
Wolfgertjagoda: A flier was released earlier today (well, re-released... it was released a while back) and it only had "John Scalzi and more!" on it18:35
Wolfger"This one guy who shows up every year, and more!"18:35
tjagoda"And more" was my idea. =(18:35
WolfgerI was like, oh noes, tjagoda destroyed penguicon. :-D18:36
tjagodaThe current ConChair looks like he has a good grip on things18:36
tjagodaChuck is much better at stimulating a community than I am18:37
tjagodaIn no small part due to the fact that I try to avoid stimulating communities which are not entirely composed of tech people =P18:37
tjagodaWolfger: http://www.penguicon.org/CMS/?page_id=17818:43
tjagoda...where was the announcement?18:43
Wolfgerpenguicon-general mailing list18:44
tjagodaI never read that18:44
WolfgerSo who all is going to the P-con bring-a-friend party?18:45
Wolfger...and bringing a friend?18:45
brouschwhat is 12.04 code name? poopin penguin?18:49
Wolfgerbrousch: Precise Pangolin18:50
WolfgerI'm looking forward to Quiet Quaalude. Oh, wait, Quaalude isn't an animal... ;-)18:51
snap-lHasn't Q been announced yet?18:52
rick_hnot yet, at least I don't recall seeing it18:52
Wolfgerwe'll know it within 76 days18:53
brouschthe global release party event is not in the loco pages yet18:53
snap-lAh, somehow I thought it had18:53
rick_hgrrr, this stuff just pisses me off https://github.com/blog/1036-about-this-week-s-availability18:54
rick_hfroget about spending time making crap better, just waste time trying to fend off DDOS retards18:54
snap-lYeah, it sucks18:54
snap-lops is a thankless job18:54
snap-lwhich is why it tickles me when I hear things like "Dev Ops taking over for sysops"18:55
rick_hnot so much that, but just wasting ops vs real advancement/work18:55
snap-lWEll, and especially somewhere like github18:55
snap-lwhy not put that energy to something useful18:55
greg-gwait, you think DDOS care about usefullness/productivity/the betterment of society?18:56
greg-goh ye of too much faith in humanity18:56
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, I'm a hippie at heart.18:56
brouschusually there's some kind of motivation18:56
rick_hgreg-g: no, I mean it prevents usefullness/productivity18:56
greg-grick_h: yeah, it does, but the DDOSers don't care is my only point18:56
snap-lrick_h: I think he was directing that towards me18:56
rick_hI'm mean that the github folks, instead of doing useful crap, are spending time/$$ getting anti DDOS gear that serves no other useful purpose18:57
brouschit's probably those sourceforge guys18:57
greg-gbrousch: lolz18:57
rick_hah, sorry, half reading18:57
greg-gme too18:57
brouschjjesse: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-michigan/1535/detail/18:58
WolfgerLaunchpad DDOS'd GitHub?18:59
snap-lbrousch: Would you relate that to the global event?18:59
WolfgerOr was it the Mercurial guys? ;-)18:59
rick_hyea, I'm here to rant so it throws off the scent Wolfger :)18:59
brouschi can't. it doesn't exist18:59
greg-g"Github and its fancy social features must die!"18:59
snap-lfeh, there is no release party event.18:59
tjagodaI just sent an email to penguicon-general clarifying who Jim Gettys is18:59
brouschjust have to remember to do it when it gets added19:00
tjagodaI partly expect to be murdered by Matt Arnold in my sleep19:00
tjagodaHis responses always read as very hostile to me19:02
tjagodaThat could just be perception, however19:02
WolfgerShould I find the guy in charge of scheduling, and propose an outdoor "panel" named "Burning Trevor Jagoda in Effigy"?19:03
Wolfgerthen at least you know who to watch out for.19:03
tjagodaroast tjagoda19:04
tjagodaIt is a very bitter meat19:04
* Wolfger isn't going to touch tjagoda's bitter meat19:06
* tjagoda approves of this 19:06
* brousch washes his mind's eye with bleach 19:08
tjagodaIt occurs to me that I surfaced from the nether to post in a mailing list poop fight between Matt and Jer19:08
tjagodaIn what universe was that a wise course of action?19:08
tjagodaIs there any traffic in ubuntu-us-mi?19:12
tjagodaI never read that list anymore either19:12
brouschusually just around bug jams/release parties19:13
tjagodaI like to think that IRC is what I would experience if I were to climb inside the mailing list19:14
tjagodaand read everyone's witty ass remarks that they backspace from their mailing list responses19:14
WolfgerI'm supposed to backspace those?19:18
Wolfgeractually, I do that more and more lately... I must be getting old19:19
tjagodaI think the socially acceptable term is "Wise"19:21
WolfgerWise Old Wolfger....19:23
brouschok vimmers, having some trouble with y and p21:15
brouschi say '21y' and i assume it going to copy 21 lines from my cursor down21:15
brouschwhere is it really starting the copy?21:16
Blazeixbrousch: 21yy21:16
brouschBlazeix: you win a cookie!21:16
rick_hbrousch: I find it much easier to visually highlight what I want, then y21:37
snap-lAnyone available for some CSS template work for a Joomla site?21:40
brouschok, opinions: http://office.vdiw.net:800021:42
brouschi gave up on mobile first, so it works pretty well for >700px wide21:43
snap-lbrousch: Seems to scale pretty well21:44
brouschit technically works on mobile, but it is messy21:44
brouschis it pleasing to the eye?21:44
snap-lYeah, it looks nice.21:45
brouschAbout needs more content21:45
Blazeixi really like it. adding something like `.menu-item:hover {background-color: #579;}` would make it seem more interactive21:47
brouschgood idea21:47
Blazeixjust imho, of course21:47
brouschyou're right. i usually do a hover on menu items21:47
brouschthe new site basically has all of the functional pieces of the old site, so now i feel like it can rip out the old21:48
brouschthen i can actually make improvements21:49
brouschholy Zeus' poopstained undies, it looks the same in IE921:53
snap-lbrousch: COngratulations. :)21:53
brouschi didn't do anything21:53
brouschnot even sass21:53
brouschah, IE8 is a mess21:57
brouschusable, but ugly21:57
brouschhm, how many of my users will be using winxp?22:00
* brousch looks around the office22:00
brouschthanks guys. see ya later22:01

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