waltmanMutantTurkey: I don't know that they're mine to give away, but you're welcome to come in and see what we have.03:43
MutantTurkeyokay great03:44
MutantTurkeyI'll be around next week03:44
MutantTurkeygoing skiing at shawnee tomorrow03:44
waltmanhave fun03:45
waltmanYou should go down the mountain in the burger suit!03:46
MutantTurkeythinks my irc client just tried to upload a meme to ssweeny over the irc...03:55
* ssweeny agrees03:57
MutantTurkeyI am lost03:57
MutantTurkeyfor words03:57
ssweenyi'm sorry MutantTurkey but i don't know you well enough to accept your files03:57
MutantTurkeyI don't even know how I did it03:58
MutantTurkeyI didn't even know konversation did it03:58
MutantTurkeymore importantly, how does that even work over irc?03:58
* MutantTurkey must have dragged and dropped by accident onto the window03:58
jthanMutantTurkey: using kde these days!?04:01
MutantTurkeyNo, just TDE04:01
MutantTurkeyI played around with 4.8 and it doesn't fit my needs.04:01
jthani see.04:02
MutantTurkeyDo you use it?04:03
jthanNo. I played with it at one point for a little while04:03
MutantTurkey4.8 had no quirks or anything, it was quite smooth. I found myself much less productive with it.04:03
MutantTurkeyGnome3 is a usability nightmare as well as Unity.04:03
jthanI am upset with the state of all desktop environments available at this point :-p04:04
MutantTurkeyunfortunately they haven't realized that 99% of people don't use a tablet device to work with linux04:04
MutantTurkeyjthan: I am hoping TDE to be the solution04:04
MutantTurkeyXFCE is also a longterm (sane) solution04:04
jthanYes. I use xfce now04:04
jthanwell.. "now"04:04
MutantTurkeyIt is a bit basic for my needs04:04
jthanI have for the past year and a half04:04
MutantTurkeyI find thunar to be crippling04:05
MutantTurkeybasically it's just a rip of nautilus as I see it. ( which sucks too)04:05
MutantTurkeybut, overall it is nice04:05
MutantTurkeythe window manager is fantastic - probably my favorite04:05
jthanI am so discontent with the whole kde/gnome situation that I pretty much have resorted to using Windows more often on my desktop machine.  . . .04:08
Sadin.me yawns04:09
MutantTurkeyTrinity is my choice now04:14
InHisNameIf one dip in Unity isn't good enough, try 3 dips into trinity !04:46
waltmanwhat's Trinity?04:46
MutantTurkeyTrinity is a continuation of the KDE3.5 series05:06
MutantTurkey3 point releases past the last KDE release, about 4 years running.05:07
MutantTurkeyIt provides a traditional desktop oriented towards people using the Keyboard and Mouse HCI model05:07
waltmannever liked kde much, personally. it reminded me too much of windows.05:07
MutantTurkeyKDE3 I never even used until I found trinity -  I love it.05:07
MutantTurkeyI don't see windows in any of the environments ( i dunno, I havent used windows in some time either )05:08
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JonathanDMorning rmg51.10:48
JonathanDHappy Friday.10:48
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jedijfChinnoDog: what's new at hacdc?15:11
ChinnoDogjedijf: I don't know. I signed up and haven't been back since. lol. Sad, right?15:12
ChinnoDogI need to get Kubuntu installed and configured the way I want on my laptop and then I will go15:12
jedijfChinnoDog: i did the same with planet fitness, but got there this week15:18
jedijfalso a hive76 member that rarely goes15:18
ChinnoDogYea, that is bad15:19
JonathanDjedijf: who needs a gym if you go to hive...15:19
ChinnoDogI am going tomorrow though15:19
JonathanDJust skip the elevator.15:19
ChinnoDogHam class!15:19
jedijfme tries to make Monday Monthly Microcontroller Madness at least15:19
jedijf /doh15:19
ChinnoDogham radio, not ham and bacon15:20
jedijfJonathanD: i need a gym to work up to the stairs at hive15:20
JonathanDjedijf: heh :)15:20
JonathanDjedijf: stairs are like a free gym.15:20
ChinnoDogI wish I had a deceased family member with a call sign so I could claim it15:20
JonathanDI have 8 flights to my office every morning, thats my gym.15:20
jedijfChinnoDog: let me know how the ham thing goes, someone at hive is interested and we have ham people at pacs15:25
JonathanDNeed ham booth at fosscon kthx.15:26
jedijfJonathanD: that's very doable15:26
JonathanDjedijf: also a bacon booth, while we're at it. Next to the ham booth.15:26
ChinnoDogjedijf: ok. it is two Saturdays in a row; tomorrow and next Saturday.15:26
jedijfremind me or rmg51 in a week and we'll put people in touch with you from pacs15:26
PennBotTitle: Amateur License Test Preparation Class | HacDC (at www.hacdc.org)15:27
jedijfChinnoDog: yeah, find out if hac is planning to venture up to HOPE9 too15:27
JonathanDjedijf: will do.15:27
JonathanDjedijf: maybe an intro level talk, too.15:28
ChinnoDogThe test is the week after but I won't be in town. Taking the test March 1015:28
jedijfJonathanD: a talk should be cool too - foss ham apps - digital ham15:28
* jedijf was a cb'er in the 70's15:29
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jedijfcq cq cq dx.....15:30
waltmanjedijf: 10-4 good buddy!16:43
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andrewtoday could be better16:45
ChinnoDogWhy do I keep running out of memory?!17:51
ChinnoDogI have lots of memory but my computer grinds to a stop with tons of disk activity until I free a few megabytes by closing chrome tabs17:51
pleia2crashed chrome tabs sometimes make my other system go wonky17:51
pleia2(but everything makes that machine go wonky, I really need to figure out my graphics card problem, but it feels so much like work...)17:52
PennBotTitle: [Bash] Low on memory? - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)17:53
ChinnoDogthey aren't crashing17:53
ChinnoDogthey just seem to take up a lot of memory17:53
waltmanIs there the equivalent of File/Open in Chrome? I was trying to figure out how to open a local index.html, but finally gave up and went with Firefox instead.17:53
pleia2tabs do that17:53
ChinnoDogI have a script that calculates memory usage and says it is at 3.2gb. I have 4g of physical memory.17:54
pleia2waltman: just type it in the addressbar? file:///home/waltman/index.html17:54
pleia2ChinnoDog: how many tabs do you have?17:54
ChinnoDogRight now I have 14 open17:54
ChinnoDogchrome is using 2.2gb of memory17:54
pleia2that's not very many17:54
ChinnoDogI know!17:54
waltmanSure, I could do that, but a) I never remember how many /'s I need, and b) I wanted to use a gui to select the file, which was about 6 levels down.17:54
ChinnoDogIt seems to be shrinking the longer my machine runs too17:55
waltmanChrome has a tendency to create zombies too, at least on my box.17:55
pleia2waltman: if it helps your brain, it's just like http://, but file:// and then the path, which would include starting with another /17:55
pleia2so, three17:55
PennBotTitle: [Bash] Memory Usage - Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)17:56
ChinnoDogThats how it breaks down17:56
waltmanpleia2: A quick ddg tells me that ctrl-o works!17:57
ChinnoDogI have lots of memories but Ubuntu hits the limit and pages anyway17:57
ChinnoDogmy swappiness is set to 1017:57
pleia2waltman: yay!17:57
pleia2ChinnoDog: I vote not using proprietary crappy browsers17:57
pleia2it's fine when it works, but you can't really debug it17:57
ChinnoDogI don't think this has anything to do with browsers17:59
ChinnoDogIt has to do with memory allocation. I am aware Chrome is using a lot of memory17:59
ChinnoDogbut my system memory usage is still reasonable17:59
ChinnoDogI have a bunch of plugins installed. some of them are probably using memory on each process17:59
waltmanChinnoDog: how many tabs do you have open?18:00
waltmanoh wait, you answered that already :)18:00
waltmana little swapping is generally a good thing imho18:00
ChinnoDogEven if I had 300 open though I don't think that alone is a problem18:00
ChinnoDogit is a lot of swapping18:00
ChinnoDogeverything freezes18:01
ChinnoDogKDE cries and disables effects18:01
ChinnoDogRaising my swappiness value might alleviate this somewhat by swapping sooner but it doesn't explain why it is swapping when I have 1gb free yet18:02
ChinnoDogthe output of 'free -m' suggests that it is being used as cache and the kernel won't give it up18:02
ChinnoDogactually I don't get how 3640mb of cach is being used in that output18:03
ChinnoDogit doesn't really make sense18:03
pleia2linux always caches as much as possible18:03
pleia2that's normal18:04
* waltman notes that ram's cheap these days :)18:04
ChinnoDogthat is not the point. idk where the rest of my RAM went18:04
waltmanIn your 14 tabs18:05
ChinnoDogThat only accounts for 2.2gb18:05
waltmanrun top, then press M to sort processes by their memory usage18:05
waltmanhow much swap do you have?18:06
ChinnoDogchrome uses 21.8%18:06
ChinnoDog669mb used18:06
pleia2that's a lot to be swapping18:07
ChinnoDogI have a total of 5gb of swap which is rediculous18:07
ChinnoDogI know!18:07
waltmanIt's hard to tell on my box because all my chromes are separate processes.18:07
pleia2you really just need more ram :)18:07
ChinnoDogThat is what it seems like18:07
ChinnoDoggremlins are stealing my RAM18:07
waltmanIt doesn't hurt to restart chrome every once in a while18:08
pleia2and stop feeding it after midnight18:08
ChinnoDogMy problem is not with chrome, it is that I can't account for all of my memory18:08
waltmansome of it's being used for disk caching18:09
ChinnoDogI am changing my swappiness to 4018:09
ChinnoDogthat should spread out my swapping a bit18:09
ChinnoDogOne tab is using 906mb by itself 0_o18:12
ChinnoDogSomeone load this and tell me how much memory it takes: http://gphangouts.com/hangout/extras/18:13
pleia2like a zillion memories18:13
pleia2I can't even use google hangouts on my netbook18:13
waltmanIf you go into chrome's task managed you can see how much ram each tab's using.18:13
ChinnoDogThat is where I am looking18:13
pleia2(I don't know about the specific plugin)18:13
* waltman goes to make some lunch18:15
ChinnoDogSo... why does it take 906mb of my system but only 374mb on yours18:15
ChinnoDogplugin bloat?18:16
pleia2could be caching data from the last time you used it, or a million other things18:17
ChinnoDogMy desktop pc needs a web cam18:26
InHisNameGood afternoon y'all18:34
jedijfernobody wants to see that18:34
pleia2I don't really get the draw of video conferencing, but I think that's because I'm afraid of people18:37
pleia2I'm quite content to use google hangout with just voice18:37
pleia2plus, I don't need to brush my hair or change into daytime clothes!18:38
rmg51pleia2: use Stitch as a stand in ;-)18:39
InHisNameI loaded that page into firefox.  Old top 495Mb,  with page added - 494Mb     Hrrmmm, it went down.18:44
waltmanChinnoDog: I'm on an i386 box. Maybe you're running 64 bits?18:46
* waltman shrugs18:46
InHisNameMy compiz gobbles more memory over time.  Is there a way to reset compiz back to basic usage without rebooting ?  rhpot1991 suggested disabling unity & reenabling it in CCSM.  Might that be "Ubuntu Unity Plugin" that I UN check and REcheck ?18:50
rhpot1991InHisName: sounds right18:57
rhpot1991InHisName: there is a ppa with updates to compiz and unity that might help too18:57
rhpot1991I started running that and ti seems better18:57
* rhpot1991 tries to find that18:58
rhpot1991InHisName: read that ^19:00
PennBotTitle: Bug #803943 in unity: “compiz consuming a lot of cpu” (at bugs.launchpad.net)19:00
rhpot1991ppa is in there19:00
InHisNamerhpot1991: OK, I'll check it out.19:00
InHisNameNot so much CPU consumption but RAM consumption19:01
rhpot1991InHisName: ppay may help, check for similar bugs though19:02
InHisNameThey give tests to try to see if it applies.  I'll try tests.19:02
InHisNameMine shot up from 0% to 76% with moving window around desktop for compiz CPU consumption.19:06

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