dakermhall119: which format ? MO ?00:00
mhall119daker: PO00:00
dakermhall119: i think i know why we didn't get the mail00:01
dakerno no i think i am wrong00:02
mhall119I'm going to blame cjohnston until proven otherwise :)00:02
dakerthe contact email is empty00:03
cjohnstonwhat did I not do00:03
mhall119cjohnston: we didn't get an email when the translations template was imported by LP00:04
dakermhall119: and after requesting the tar.gz00:05
dakermhall119: got it00:06
dakermhall119: i am at #700:08
mhall119daker: we'll have one additional thing to add to the email at #15 that is specific to this release00:09
dakermhall119: i'll passe #800:09
mhall119that's fine, I'll update my staging box after you do #1200:10
mhall119daker: on #9, to 'bzr st' and make sure there aren't any new translations files that need to be 'bzr add'ed00:11
dakermhall119: #12 done00:15
mhall119ok, let me update00:15
mhall119daker: looks good00:16
mhall119daker: for #13 and #14, use ~ltp-devs instead of ~loco-directory-dev00:17
dakermhall119: done!00:23
mhall119daker: is staging, running from the production branch00:23
mhall119everything looks good00:23
mhall119daker: did you send the email already?00:23
dakernot yet!00:23
mhall119good, we need a couple things for that00:24
mhall119first, I updated the email text on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamPortal/ReleaseProcess to use the new ~ltp-devs00:25
mhall119second, we need to add "apt-get install python-markdown" as the first step in the email00:25
mhall119third, please cc me and jono on the rt email (mhall119<at>ubuntu.com and jono<at>ubuntu.com)00:26
dakermhall119: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835962/00:31
mhall119daker: looks good to me00:33
dakerok sending to rt at ubuntu.com00:33
mhall119and me and jono please00:33
dakeryes yes00:35
dakermhall119: done!00:36
mhall119daker: \o/00:38
mhall119congrats, your first deployment00:38
mhall119not too bad is it?00:38
dakeri forgot to set the object :/00:39
mhall119should be fine00:39
dakerbed time :)00:45
mhall119cjohnston: I have a work item from last UDS to "Polish bootstrapping process" for LTP, do you remember what needs to be done?01:08
cjohnstonno. maybe nigelb does01:10
mhall119I'll ping him in the morning01:12
cjohnstonmhall119: i just pushed an update to the import_live_data script01:36
cjohnstonits not 100% yet...01:37
cjohnstonbut its not bad01:37
cjohnstonmhall119: it doesnt seem possible to get most user information01:37
cjohnstonnor to guarentee that the user id in live matches the user id that's imported01:37
cjohnstonthe first one we could deal with, the second would be a problem01:37
cjohnstonjamestunnicliffe: the import seems to take about 10 minutes01:39
mhall119cjohnston: you'll have to keep a mapping dict, like I did for other objects02:15
nigelbmhall119: Its the initial setup process. We wanted to make it as easy as possible.03:33
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mhall119daker_: cjohnston: Ronnie: new version of LTP is live!18:17
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Ronniemhall119: great18:17
dakeri saw that18:17
Ronniewhats new?18:18
mhall119Ronnie: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/globaljam/18:18
mhall119Ronnie: we also have markdown formatting support in almost all of the large text fields18:18
Ronniemhall119: is the layout broken, i see dots between de nav and page18:19
mhall119Ronnie: try ctrl+refresh?18:19
mhall119it looks right to me18:19
Ronniemhall119: CTRL+F5 fixed it18:19
Ronnieit definitly needs some new layout tough18:20
mhall119Ronnie: yeah, that's the best I could do in this timeframe18:25
mhall119I'm hoping you'll still contribute a new layout for it18:25
cjohnstonwould be nice to get a layout done for user profile stuff, then it will be done18:25
cjohnstonthat would be a gread add18:26
Ronniei hope i can make time for it some day, but small chance. Got like 2 jobs atm18:27
pleia2mhall119: should blog about improvements! :)18:31
mhall119pleia2: I plan to18:32
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Ronniedaker_: a while ago you posted some new designs for LTP here. how is going the progress on that?18:40
daker_Ronnie, can you just wait, i need to go home ツ18:40
Ronniedaker_: sure18:43
mhall119Ronnie: unfortunately LTP development has been idle for a while18:48
mhall119we're trying to get things rolling again18:48
Ronniehard to find new devs?18:49
mhall119yeah, and our old devs keep getting jobs and stuff18:49
cjohnstondamn jobs18:49

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