cndI can push in the stuff for non-semi-mt devices00:00
RAOFIt also depends on how bad the bad behaviour is.00:00
cndthough I guess I don't know that synaptics non-semi-mt don't do the same00:00
cndit's not that bad of behavior00:00
cndit's just a little faster than expected00:00
cndif I had to guess, somewhere between 1.5 and 2 times faster00:00
cndand only when you hold the button down00:00
cndso click+drag00:00
brycehhmm, that ratio sounds familiar00:01
cndin fact, it's hardly a regression since click+drag didn't really work at all before :)00:01
cndbefore this, clickpads would try to scroll if you did click+drag00:01
cndwhich isn't really what the user wants00:02
brycehoh, there was an input bug with touchpads when used on HD monitors that the X speed would be different from Y by the aspect ratio of the HD monitor00:02
RAOFbryceh: Yeah, that's the intended behaviour :)00:03
brycehRAOF, no, there was a period where it was mis-calculated.00:06
RAOFOh.  I didn't notice that :)00:06
RAOFcnd: Given its not a regression, the main concern would be that changing to the correct behaviour might be susprising.00:08
cndheh, I don't think that's really a concern00:08
cndclickpads are just broken broken broken on ubuntu right now00:08
cndand this makes them not be :)00:08
cndso it doesn't have anything to do with the X server's acceleration profile00:14
cndaha, I found the culprit00:18
cndthe estimate_delta function in synaptics00:19
cndtbh, I think there's way too many independent acceleration, dampening, etc. functionalities through synaptics + xserver00:20
cndand commenting out estimate_delta makes things behave normally00:20
jschallI have an nvidia gtx 560m... i get video tearing in all video players (incl. flash, mplayer) with compositing on, flash still tears with compositing off, mplayer is also seemingly dropping frames with compositing on, which is a lot more noticable when on battery (gpu clocks down to 202MHz gpu/324MHz ram)00:23
jschalland i NEVER had problems with the 8800gts on my desktop. what an insane regression.00:24
jschallany help? i've spent a lot of time trying to fix this... at the moment i'm running xorg-edgers, nvidia-current 295.17.00:25
RAOFjschall: You've got the relevant “sync to vblank” things flipped? (In Compiz, in nvidia-settings)00:29
jschallRAOF: kubuntu... i have vsync on in kwin, in nvidia-settings00:29
jschallwonder if noveau will ever be as good as the nvidia drivers00:31
RAOFDepends on what you mean by “as good”00:35
jschallwell, doesn't seem to even allow kwin compositing to work00:37
jschallbut maybe i didn't have a package i needed or something00:37
RAOFThe 560m is, I think, too new to get acceleration support.00:37
RAOFAt least in an Ubuntu release.00:37
jschallwell, anyway, i'm happy with this laptop apart from this stupid video tearing thing... love to get it fixed00:38
jschallRAOF: any ideas at all?00:38
jschallRAOF: other than vsync switches?00:38
RAOFNot really, sorry.00:39
jschallmaybe it'll be fixed in a new nvidia driver some day...00:40
RAOFPossibly ;)00:41
jschallRAOF: the juddering thing just seems weird, though... why wouldn't a modern video card be able to decode some video without dropping frames?00:41
jschallRAOF: the cpu can do it no problem...00:41
jschallRAOF: even though it's avc00:42
RAOFIt's not like we have much insight into the driver ;)00:45
bjsniderRAOF isn't the one to ask because he's a nouveau partisan00:49
* RAOF prefers drivers we can fix, sure :)00:49
Sarvattis it just fullscreen thats tearing? there was a change recently in kde to stop unredirecting fullscreen windows which might be why it changed for you that you might be able to undo with a setting somewhere but yeah KDE, dont use or know anything about it00:49
RAOFI also don't spend much time using the nvidia binary driver, so I'm particularly good at fixing problems with it.00:49
jschallSarvatt: it does tear in fullscreen with or without compositing on.00:51
Sarvatti was going to suggest reporting it but apparently you did and they told you to come here, it really sounds like a kde/kwin specific problem though00:51
Sarvatterr reporting it at nvnews.net forums00:51
bjsnideri don't think the 560m is too new00:51
bjsniderif the blob supports it it should get compositing and whatnot00:51
jschallbjsnider: will it run games with nouveau?00:51
Sarvattprobably not as good as you want if you cared enough to get a good GPU :)00:52
jschallSarvatt: does it have support for all the opengl extensions that the proprietary drivers provide?00:53
Sarvattnowhere near it :)00:53
jschallSarvatt: honestly the only game i really ever run any more is heroes of newerth... that's going to change when d3 comes out.00:53
bjsniderthat's a laugh00:53
Sarvattyou really dont want nouveau00:54
jschallhmm. k00:54
jschalli just don't want screen tearing00:54
bjsniderhave you tried gnome?00:54
jschallthere is an option in kwin to unredirect fullscreen00:54
bjsniderit's pretty good00:54
* RAOF still contends that it's probably too new for acceleration under nouveau.00:54
SarvattRAOF: it should be fine in precise00:54
jschallbjsnider: you know, i haven't tried gnome but i really just don't want to use it. i did run a livecd to check for tearing00:55
Sarvattdid that have tearing too?00:55
Sarvattthen again that was nouveau :)00:55
bjsnideryes but i think it would be interesting to see if there was tearing in gnome00:55
jschallit didn't seem to have tearing00:55
jschallbut yeah, i guess it would've been nouveau00:56
bjsniderthere's no tearing by design in mutter, so i would try gnome-shell00:56
jschalli can't remember if i installed the nvidia drivers00:56
jschalli guess i couldn't have in a live usb00:56
RAOFOf course, there's no tearing by design in compiz either; that doesn't prevent tearing :)00:57
bjsnidersure there's tearing in compiz00:57
bjsnideryou can turn off vsync and screw up the frame rate00:58
bjsniderbut i'm an evil gnome-shell partisan so of course i'm going to recommend that00:59
Sarvattjschall: have you tried disabling gpu acceleration to see if its any different?00:59
Sarvattin whatever playback apps you're using01:00
jschallSarvatt: well, mainly its flash01:00
RAOFbjsnider: I just meant that vsyncing in the compositor is insufficient to ensure tear-free. (Indeed, I don't think it's possible to ensure tear-free)01:00
jschallSarvatt: and it does have that option but it makes no difference01:01
jschallSarvatt: i don't even think it does anything01:01
Sarvattah gotcha01:01
bjsniderjschall, in which playre?01:01
Sarvatthow about in smplayer?01:01
jschallbjsnider: that's flash01:02
Sarvattswitching to gl, or xv, or x1101:02
bjsniderjschall, are you talking about right-clicking?01:02
jschallSarvatt: let me try it again01:02
jschallbjsnider: yes01:02
bjsniderit doesn't do anything01:02
bjsniderthat has been disabled in linux because it causes minor aggravations like taking down x01:03
bjsnidersmplayer was abandoned01:03
jschallbjsnider: with xv if there's any tearing its unnoticeable in smplayer01:04
jschallbjsnider: only issue is decoding avc EATS cpu01:04
bjsniderxv is useless01:04
jschallbjsnider: why?01:04
bjsniderwhich version of ubuntu is this?01:04
jschallgl has tearing01:05
jschalland is kinda slowish01:05
jschallits not a lot of tearing though01:05
jschallgl (fast) seems better01:06
bjsnidergo ask uau in #mplayer2 which output driver you should use01:06
jschallgl2 also juddery01:06
bjsniderwhat version of ubuntu?01:06
jschalland tearing01:06
jschallkubuntu 11.1001:06
jschall-vo caca is perfect.01:07
bjsniderok, well, there shouldn't be more than 30% cpu usage decoding avc, because we have ffmpeg-mt now01:07
bjsniderunless you're doing that 3d crap01:07
jschall3d crap?01:08
jschallbjsnider: mplayer using 75% cpu decoding 1080p avc. cpu clocking to 2000mhz ish01:10
jschallbjsnider: with kwin compositing ("3d crap") disabled01:10
jschallbjsnider: that's with xv out01:10
bjsniderno, 3d video i meant01:10
bjsnider10-bit video01:10
jschallbjsnider: oh01:10
bjsnideri'm assuming this is standard 1080p01:10
bjsniderwhat cpu?01:11
jschallbjsnider: vdpau out clocks the cpu down to 1200 and mplayer uses 10-25%01:11
jschallbjsnider: i7 2670qm01:11
bjsniderare you kidding me?01:11
jschallbjsnider: no01:11
bjsniderthis is absurd01:11
bjsniderthese numbers can't be correct01:11
jschallbjsnider: they are01:12
bjsnideryou should get 5% with vdpau, and around 30% with ffmpeg-mt01:12
jschallbjsnider: as reported by i7z and top01:12
bjsnideris this just kde suckage?01:12
jschallbjsnider: no.01:12
jschallbjsnider: that's how much cpu it takes to decode avc01:12
bjsnideri've got an nvidia card that's crap compared to yours and i do much better01:12
bjsniderwhat about 1080p x264?01:13
jschallbjsnider: dunno if i have any01:13
jschallbjsnider: i can run mplayer with no output i assume01:13
bjsniderthat's alright, just search for and download big buck bunny01:14
bjsniderwhat is the mplayer command you're using?01:14
jschallbjsnider: mplayer -vo null filename01:16
jschallbjsnider: 80% usage at 1.8-2.4ghz01:16
jschallbjsnider: kde not being used at all01:16
jschallbjsnider: compositing still off01:16
bjsnidermplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffvc1 -ao pulse file01:17
jschallCannot find codec matching selected -vo and video format 0x31637661.01:18
jschalland then just the audio plays01:18
bjsnidermplayer -vo vdpau -vc ffh264 -ao pulse file01:18
jschallthat's the one it uses normally01:19
jschallmaybe i have an h264 file and not an avc file01:19
bjsniderno, it's the same thing01:19
bjsniderwhat's the cpu at?01:19
jschallbjsnider: 80%01:20
bjsniderare these actual blurays?01:20
jschallbjsnider: no01:21
jschallbjsnider: probably ripped from them though01:21
bjsnideralright, download big buck bunny and play that01:21
bjsnidergive me the url and i will play it too01:22
bjsniderthen we can compare01:22
jschallbjsnider: mmm firefly bluray rips01:22
jschallbig buck bunny won't be avc so won't eat cpu01:23
jschallwhich version of bbb should i download?01:23
jschallmp4, h264, ogg?01:23
bjsniderh264 1080p01:24
jschallyeah, 40-60% and 1500-1800mhz01:26
jschallwhich comes out to like 20% at 3400mhz01:26
jschallwhich is what it can clock up to if it wants01:26
jschallwhat i should really be doing is power consumption tests01:27
jschallbecause that's what i care about if i'm going to watch on battery01:27
jschallanyway, something i noticed with mplayer -vo vdpau is that it didn't tear with compositing on...01:27
jschallso maybe its an smplayer thing01:27
bjsniderok, try -vc ffh264vdpau01:28
jschallbjsnider: yeah usual slowness and tearing01:29
jschallbjsnider: but low cpu usage!01:29
bjsniderhow low?01:29
jschallbjsnider: 1501:31
jschallbjsnider: oh and...01:31
bjsniderit should be around 5% maximum, so i expect this is a kwin issue01:32
bjsniderand watching it that way is the way to get around power issues01:32
jschallbjsnider: and like 1ghz01:32
jschallbjsnider: so at 3ghz it'd be 5%01:32
jschallbjsnider: well lets find out watts up01:32
jschallbjsnider: =P01:33
jschallbjsnider: pulled battery, plugged into watt meter01:33
jschallbjsnider: 66.5 watts with this01:33
bjsniderwith vdpau?01:33
jschallbjsnider: 78w with no vdpau on -vc01:33
jschall66.5 with vdpau01:34
jschallwith no vdpau can jump to 8001:34
bjsniderto be fair you'd have to run the cpu to full throttle01:34
jschallbjsnider: 72 with -vo xv and no vdpau in the codec01:34
jschallbjsnider: vdpau is the way to go for watts01:36
jschallbjsnider: for sure01:36
bjsniderwe've known that for years01:36
bjsniderit's no surprise01:36
bjsniderbut playback should be smooth and relatively judder-free01:36
bjsniderwhat's your screen's refresh rate?01:37
jschallbjsnider: but wait, different results with compositing off: vdpau uses MORE power than xv01:37
jschallbjsnider: wait, no01:37
bjsnidervdpau is superior to xv though01:37
jschallbjsnider: ran the test again, didn't give the meter enough time i guess01:37
jschallbjsnider: and now akonadi is doing something that uses 40% cpu...01:38
jschallbjsnider: oop, it just stopped01:38
jschallbjsnider: time to put battery back so i don't forget it's not there01:38
jschallbjsnider: anyway, interesting experiment01:39
jschallbjsnider: vdpau just sucks with compositing01:39
bjsniderconstantly throttling the cpu down to the level of an old pentium isn't going to help performance01:39
jschallbjsnider: and flash just always sucks no matter what01:39
jschallbjsnider: umm, it works great...01:39
jschallbjsnider: it throttles it when it needs to01:40
jschallbjsnider: its a laptop01:40
bjsniderkeep in mind that vdpau and compositing both use the gpu, at the same time01:40
jschallbjsnider: if i turned throttling off it'd eat a solid 40 more watts01:40
jschallbjsnider: yeah, but so does running heroes of newerth (should use a LOT more gpu than vdpau)01:40
jschallbjsnider: and heroes of newerth runs like 200fps if i turn vsync off01:40
bjsnideri doubt it01:41
bjsniderh264 is awfully hard on any cpu/gpu01:41
jschallbjsnider: why can my phone play it then?01:41
bjsniderif we didn't have ffmpeg-mt your sandybridge cpu couldn't play it01:41
jschallbjsnider: my phone plays sintel on youtube with no tearing just fine, but my $1400 laptop can't, apparently01:41
jschallbjsnider: but then, my phone isn't playing it at 1080p01:42
jschallbjsnider: and my phone has hardware decoding01:42
bjsnidermy q6600 kentsfield cannot play 1080p consistently without multithreading01:43
jschallbjsnider: my q6600/8800gts played all the content i wanted to consistently, but i had it clocked at 3.4ghz...01:43
jschallbjsnider: 2.8ghz was the lowest i ever had it clocked to over a long period of time...01:44
jschallbjsnider: and it played anything i wanted perfectly with kwin compositing on01:44
jschallbjsnider: and i don't think the 8800gts was doing vdpau... if so i wasn't using it because i always used vlc01:45
jschallanyway i have to do my precalc homework for tomorrow01:46
jschallwonder if i can sell a netbook with linux on it on craigslist01:47
jschallbecause there's basically no way to reload win7 starter on it...01:47
cndbryceh, RAOF: I ran out of time to get to the X uploads today02:25
cndI don't have anything big planned tomorrow, so I should be able to get to them02:26
brycehcnd, ok02:26
brycehheh, I had a system with two dual head monitors, hot swapped them for two new monitors (different brand but same resolution), rebooted and it came up mirrored.  Obviously.02:27
cndbryceh, RAOF, tjaalton, Sarvatt: I just sent a couple patch series out to xorg-devel02:53
cndthey enable proper clickpad support02:53
cndI want to get this into precise02:54
cndI would suggest putting everything up through the first series (the synaptics touch handling) into precise asap (i.e. tomorrow)02:54
cndI can put the second series into a ppa and put out a CFT02:55
brycehcnd, you sound a lot more confident than earlier!  :-)02:55
cndbryceh, I was afraid the motion issue was unresolvable02:55
cndbut it turns out to just be a bad algo02:55
* bryceh nods02:56
cndbefore I put out a CFT, if you could smoke test it I would appreciate it02:56
cndgit://people.freedesktop.org/~cndougla/xf86-input-synaptics branch clickpad-synaptics-ubuntu02:56
cndbryceh, it should help your netbook02:57
brycehheh, the one computer I *haven't* updated so far today02:57
cndand I bet the four of you have a few clickpads around02:57
brycehcnd, ok will do02:57
brycehseriously my fibre has been on fire today02:58
cndnote that you will need to manually set the "Synaptics ClickPad" property to 102:58
cndin most cases02:58
RAOFIt's not possible to detect that easily?  Bah.03:01
cndRAOF, it is, if the kernel driver tells us03:02
cndI need to add it to the magic trackpad driver03:02
RAOFFair enough.03:02
cndbut I don't know what the state of it all is for synaptics03:02
cndthe detection logic is in the synaptics patch set03:02
cndit's just not likely that people will have drivers that tell us they're clickpads03:03
cndRAOF, actually, maybe most synaptics clickpads will work OOTB03:04
cndI see support for setting the clickpad property in the kernel driver03:04
cndI think it's just my specific trackpad on my older dell netbook that doesn't appear to the driver to be a clickpad03:04
cndok, off to get dinner03:05
brycehcnd, make check fails03:14
brycehmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/bryce/ubuntu/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/clickpad-synaptics-ubuntu/test'03:14
bryceh/bin/bash: line 5: 28107 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) ${dir}$tst03:14
brycehFAIL: eventcomm-test03:14
cndbryceh, hmm. interesting03:31
RAOFThat's a symbol-mismatch, right?03:32
cndRAOF, bryceh, no, it's an issue with the new mechanism for instantiating SynapticsHwState03:33
cndI missed that the test program needs to be updated03:33
cndbryceh, thanks for catching it, I'll fix it tomorrow03:35
cndit's not hard to fix, but not something I can fix in 30 seconds03:35
brycehno prob, I worked around it (just hacked out the test)03:36
brycehI've got it installed and will play with it this evening while watching Dexter03:36
brycehcnd, are there any lp#'s associated with this work?03:37
brycehwell I already see a problem03:38
brycehcnd, with one finger moving, if a second finger happens to touch the touchpad, the pointer stops dead03:39
brycehhmm, including if second finger is just carefully touching the left mouse button.  IOW drag and drop becomes impossible.03:40
brycehso.. no dexter for the netbook03:40
cndbryceh, no lp#s03:41
cndbryceh, drag and drop should work...03:41
cndthat's the point of the clickpad support03:41
cndcheck to make sure the "Synaptics ClickPad" property is set to 103:42
brycehoh, right!03:42
cndbryceh: testing to see if I'm connected on my iPad03:44
cnddo you see this?03:45
cndbryceh: did setting the property fix things?03:49
brycehcnd, no, mouse cursor doesn't work at all03:52
brycehcnd, after setting the property in xorg.conf.d03:52
cndbryceh: how did you set the property?03:53
cndI suggest using xinput as it's faster to test03:54
brycehwell, wife's calling me to dinner so I'm out of time03:54
cndif you do xinput list-props <device id> it will show it03:54
cndand set-prop to change it03:54
cndthanks for trying though... I hope it works better when you try again03:55
brycehcnd, alright lets try03:57
bryceh        Synaptics ClickPad (266)       103:57
brycehstill, same behavior03:57
cndso when you put two touches down, the pointer stops moving04:00
cndwhen you press a button, it still doesn't move?04:01
brycehI've put packages up of what I used at https://launchpad.net/~bryce/+archive/clickpad-synaptics-ubuntu04:01
cndwhen two touches are down but the button isn't pressed, it will emit scroll events (if enabled) or do nothing04:01
brycehcnd, yes if I depress the button it will begin moving again04:01
brycehif I just touch the button, it stops04:02
cndbryceh, ahh, so click and drag works, right?04:02
brycehanyway, gotta go04:02
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tjaaltonsyncing pixman07:27
tjaaltonnot possible yet it seems07:27
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tjaaltonwhoa, xorg dev position open?08:07
tjaaltonnot one but two..08:11
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tjaaltonamazing what a piece of hair in front of the mouse laser does to it's accuracy..09:50
jschallRAOF: btw, flash 11.2 beta fixed my screen tearing11:30
tjaaltonchecking for glXCreateContext in -lGL... no12:32
tjaaltonwhy the #&%#¤ does it fail on sbuild but not pbuilder12:33
tjaaltondon't care anymore, ship it12:45
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tjaaltonwhee, patch to fix scrolling from whot.. will test asap15:37
tjaaltoncnd: whot posted a patch to fix bug 925785 and I verified it works15:50
ubot4`Launchpad bug 925785 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Starting to scroll is erratic with edge scrolling on touchpad or mouse scrollwheels (affects: 10) (heat: 50)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92578515:50
cndtjaalton, ok, I'll be sure it's folded into the packages I upload today15:50
tjaaltoncnd: I can add the patch, have it locally15:51
cndtjaalton, if you don't mind, I'd rather add it15:52
tjaaltonsure :)15:52
cndso I can keep track of what are patches vs what are merged from upstream15:52
tjaaltonyeah this is pretty fresh (posted 20min ago), so probably not upstream yet15:52
cndhasn't come across xorg-devel yet even :)15:53
tjaaltonnope, took it from bugzilla15:54
tjaaltonnow to see if a newer kernel fixes nouveau on my laptop..15:55
tjaaltonit's failing to use nouveau dri, falling back on swrast15:56
tjaaltonpromising, plymouth splash15:56
tjaaltonnah, "error creating GPU channel: -19"15:57
tjaaltonok, accel disabled by default15:58
cndtjaalton, do you have a clickpad?15:59
cndSarvatt, you too?15:59
tjaaltoncnd: no, just the thinkpad15:59
tjaaltonSarvatt does15:59
tjaaltonmacbook air15:59
Sarvattthis isnt a clickpad16:11
Sarvattbroadcom BCM5974 touchpad16:11
tjaaltonwhat's a clickpad then?16:11
Sarvattactual synaptics touchpads that click16:11
Sarvattthis just uses the synaptics driver16:12
Sarvatti dont even have any systems with real synaptics touchpads in them anymore, crazy16:12
cndSarvatt, no, I'm meaning clickpad in the functional sense17:13
cndso macbook trackpad counts17:14
cndnot in the Synaptics ClickPad (R) sense17:14
Sarvattoh! let me read the scrollback and see what ya asked17:14
cndSarvatt, install the package from https://launchpad.net/~bryce/+archive/clickpad-synaptics-ubuntu17:14
cndthen, use xinput to set the "Synaptics ClickPad" property to 1 if it's not already17:15
cndthen see if you can drag and drop with two fingers17:15
cndand if everything else seems sane17:15
brycecnd, from last night, yes click and drag worked.  Anything else need tested?17:16
Sarvattcnd: going to invalidate any testing if i use it against 1.12?17:16
Sarvattah it doesn't even build against 1.1217:16
Sarvattdamn, gonna take me about 45 minutes to remove edgers17:16
cndSarvatt, you can fetch from git and build from sources17:16
Sarvatti did last night and it failed the same way17:17
cndbranch clickpad-synaptics17:17
Sarvattoh clickpad-synaptics, i used the ubuntu one17:17
cndyeah, the ubuntu one has two patches for the 1.11 backport17:17
brycecnd, what's the cleanest way to install (and uninstall) it if you build from source?17:17
cndbryce, I usually use --prefix=/usr17:17
cndthat way when I reinstall the dpkg everything is overwritten17:17
cndbryce, does the trackpad now behave as you expect?17:18
cndany issues?17:18
cndmy hope is this makes these devices much saner17:18
brycecnd, well there's the issue that when both fingers are on the pad, the pointer does not move17:19
cndbryce, that's expected17:19
cndit will either perform scrolling or do nothing17:19
cnddepending on your scroll options17:19
cndor send touch events17:19
brycecnd, ah, there's a way to configure that?17:19
brycelike, a way to get it to just ignore the second mouse touch?17:20
cndbryce, in gtk mouse settings you can enable two-touch scrolling17:20
cndbryce, are you asking if there's a way to make the cursor move when you have two touches on the device?17:20
Sarvatt        dh_auto_test || echo "Test suite failure, but keeping on anyway"17:20
Sarvatt ftw17:20
brycecnd, that's correct17:20
cndbryce, no, that's not possible anymore17:21
cndit would interfere with sending touch events17:21
cndSarvatt, yeah, I'm going to fix that today17:21
cndbryce, did you often do that?17:21
cndmove the cursor with two touches?17:21
brycecnd, yes, typically when I'm going to click something I'll rest my finger momentarily on the button without pressing it while I finish moving the pointer with my other finger17:22
brycewith this setting, I find the cursor halting suddenly17:23
cndbryce, hmmm... do you think it's a problem if that's not possible anymore?17:23
cndor will people get used to it?17:23
brycealso, the way the netbook works I often have stray touches while cursoring, but I'd have to examine my usage more17:24
bryceit does not feel to me like something people would get used to, it feels more like a severe bug17:24
bryceI do have to say I haven't seen the weird random go-to-0,0 problem that it had before17:25
cndI don't think I ever used my trackpad like that17:25
cndI always hover my button finger above the trackpad17:26
cndand then press when I'm in the right spot17:26
cndmaybe that's because I always have two-touch scrolling enabled17:26
cndin previous versions, if you had two-touch scrolling enabled you'd have the same issue17:26
cndthe pointer would stop as soon as you touch with the second finger17:27
Sarvattfirst really annoying thing is i can't move while clicking when clickpad is enabled17:29
Sarvattso no highlighting text17:29
bryceSarvatt, did you set the xinput setting?17:30
Sarvattit was fine without it set17:30
bryceI had that problem before I changed the setting, but it worked (more or less) after17:30
Sarvatttwo finger click doesn't right click17:30
Sarvattso cant right click at all17:30
cndSarvatt, can you press with one finger and drag?17:31
Sarvattno, pointer doesn't move17:31
cndwhat about pressing with one finger and dragging with a second?17:31
brycetwo finger click works here for bringing up the context menu17:32
Sarvattit all works properly on the mac trackpads without clickpad turned on17:32
cndSarvatt, hmm... I'll play around some more here17:32
cndit works fine on the magic trackpad17:32
cndI haven't tested on my macbook17:33
cndI assumed it would work17:33
Sarvattwhy are we changing the default speed in a patch?17:47
Sarvatthad to adjust it because it was way too slow17:47
cndSarvatt, it's likely a side effect of a change, which we had patched in a speed change for a month ago19:02
cndI think when I package stuff up it will be resolved19:02
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Sarvatterr, whats the deal with xbitmap and xbitmaps?21:22
Sarvattx11-apps in debian recommends: xbitmap but the package is xbitmaps it looks like21:23
brycebug #93017621:23
ubot4`Launchpad bug 930176 in x11-apps (Ubuntu) "x11-apps recommends xbitmap but it doesn't exist (xbitmaps is in the archive) (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93017621:23
Sarvattwas just looking at that21:23
bryceI think we dropped it a while back21:24
Sarvattwas xbitmap a separate package from xbitmaps?21:24
Sarvattit looks like just a typo21:25
brycewhen I first joined the X apps were all packaged individually21:25
brycetbh I don't remember there ever being an 'xbitmap' tho21:26
Sarvattasking in debian-x21:27
jschallif i run xset -q, i see dpms is randomly getting reset to 180 270 360. How can i fix this? It's really annoying, I've set my distro's power management to not blank the screen when power is connected.  i've grepped /usr and /etc for dpms and come up with nothing that seemed relevant. I can probably fix it by just setting up a cron job to xset -dpms every minute but I'd like to find the source of the problem. on kubuntu, btw21:47
jschallhow can i set nvidia's nologo option in 11.10? isn't xorg.conf deprecated?22:01
broderjschall: no, it's just not needed by default. you can still create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf file22:05
brycehI'm going to delete the canonical-xorg team, since we have canonical-x for the same purpose23:42
brycehI vaguely recall canonical-xorg was set up so I could be included in dell hardware bug reports23:43
brycehhowever these days those issues are handled by hwe and oem groups23:43
brycehif there's value to having us on that, might want to have the dell team sub canonical-x instead23:44
cndargh... the allowevents struct stuff seems to be broken...23:53
brycehboom, canonical-xorg gone.23:55

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