Kilosmorning superfly and others05:12
psydroidmorning Kilos05:13
Kiloshi psydroid 05:14
Kilospsydroid, tell us a bit about yourself. like what you do, what OS you use etc05:33
Kilosi see you are in the netherlands05:33
psydroidKilos, yes, I am in the Netherlands05:34
psydroidI am a student here05:34
Kiloswhat are you studying?05:34
psydroidandI use K/Ubuntu Linux05:35
psydroidapplied physics and computer engineering05:35
Kilosah you will fing a few kubuntu friends here05:35
Kilosare you interested in joining us once a week so learning LPI05:36
Kilos*find not fing05:37
psydroidI would be interested in that, but it depends when you are doing so05:38
psydroidI am fairly busy during the week05:38
Kilosat the moment tuesday nights at out 8pm05:38
Kiloshere is the manual we are using05:39
KilosMaaz, lpi manual05:39
psydroidI think it helps that we're in the same timezone05:39
Kiloswe use this channel #linux-studies05:40
psydroidI'll join it05:40
Kiloswe are looking to grow our group. you can also write an exam after05:41
psydroidI would like to do that05:44
Kilosaw i missed neil05:45
Kiloswb nlsthzn you well?05:47
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos , always well and there?05:48
Kiloswe maintain ty nlsthzn 05:48
nlsthznCool... feels like blasphemy logging in here from Windows :p05:49
Kiloshahaha if you use xchat in winsucks it doesnt look so bad05:49
Kilosoh my you only got one desktop, that sucks05:50
nlsthznNot really... I have to many systems to use all at once... I suck at multitasking (this is a new system just for gaming as the wife was hogging the old gaming rig)... my lappy running 12.04 is behind me but was getting annoying turning around the whole time :p05:51
nlsthznI do miss global spell checking allready... windows can't do that yet :(05:51
Kilosspeak to billy he will find a way to chrge for it05:52
nlsthzn... and I suspect that after 30 days I will have to register to use xchat... just because this is windows :(05:53
Kilosno its free05:53
KilosMaaz, xchat for windows05:53
MaazKilos: Huh?05:53
KilosMaaz, google xchat for windows05:53
MaazKilos: "X-Chat 2 for Windows" http://www.silverex.org/ :: "Download - X-Chat 2 for Windows" http://www.silverex.org/download/ :: "XChat for Windows" http://xchat.org/windows/ :: "XChat: Multiplatform Chat Program" http://xchat.org/ :: "XChat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XChat :: "XChat 2 Build Lineup for Windows" http://b0at.tx0.org/xchat/ :: "xchat-wdk - Google Code" http://code.google.com/p/xchat-wdk/ :05:54
nlsthznit is free but they often like you to sign up in any case...05:54
Kilosi will ask ian when he comes on05:54
nlsthznI am even going to be using a open source cross platform media player... funny how I find them to be superior to many propriatary offereings05:55
Kilosim a vlc fan05:55
Kiloscan play anythinjg i have tried here05:55
Kiloscopied videos from boets win7 and they play kiff05:56
nlsthznI find the music managment side of it lacking... but no doubting the playing ability... when in doubt use vlc :)05:56
Kilosand dvs i copied to my external05:56
Kiloshe he05:56
Kiloseish hands and head working at different run levels05:56
nlsthznWow... Google is scary... I have Chrome installed on another system (@ work)... just installed it here and every site I go to that I have logged into @ work is ready to log in here allready...06:05
Kiloswow no checks to see if you the same guy?06:05
Kiloswent to gmail yesterday. quite a bit has changed there too06:09
Kilosbetter to just use evolution fo me06:09
nlsthznThing is this was on any site...06:11
nlsthznmy username and passwords where allready filled in...06:11
Kilosoh my06:11
nlsthznI think I need to go check out some of my privacy settings :/06:11
Kiloslo bmg505 06:12
Kiloseish the master eagle is struggling06:21
Kilosis frobnicate06:23
Kilos for you clever guys?06:23
Kiloshi chakkie 06:38
chakkiehi  kilos06:39
Kilosplustwo twice must be four06:48
superflymorning Kilos06:48
Kiloshi superfly 06:49
Kiloswb nlsthzn 06:49
Kilosoh my, peer doing his thing again06:51
superflylooks like it06:52
=== nlsthzn_ is now known as nlsthzn
Kilosdag Kerbero[dsp] 07:05
Kiloswb cocooncrash 07:08
Kiloswb marcog 07:18
Kilosnet splitting again07:18
inetprogood mornings07:18
inetproand helo Kilos07:18
Kilosgood morning inetpro  and how is goosie today07:19
inetproheh, looks like we have some cell divisions taking place today07:19
Guest22249hey, I need help please... I have an apt-mirror server which has updated now, with the normal things and debian-installer, running 11.10. I want to net install my computers on the network using a USB, everything work 100%, but there is no ubuntu desktop, i have to ssh in and tasksel multiselect ubuntu-dekstop. How do i get it to install ubuntu desktop? currently using kickstart and preseed together, but it does not install ubuntu desktop. my prese07:20
Guest22249 ed.cfg tells it to install ubuntu-desktop07:20
=== Guest22249 is now known as armand-jhb
inetprobeen a long time since I did a net install, never did it on Ubuntu before07:22
inetprothose were the redhat days before fedora07:22
armand-jhbcan i swear? Thats how bad it is07:22
Kilosdoes one have terminal access07:22
armand-jhbunfortunately not07:23
inetproarmand-jhb: I guess google is your friend07:24
armand-jhbthe whole installation happens, but just not ubuntu-desktop, in ky kickstart file i told it to install ssh-server... so at the end i have to ssh in and tasksel ubuntu-desktop07:24
* inetpro sadly can't help searching and spending time on it now even if it sounds like an interesting exercise07:24
armand-jhbi tried that.... my last resort was here07:24
armand-jhbit is quite useful, but hell! Its allot of making sure of things, moving this editing that an all of that07:25
Kiloscan that help you armand-jhb 07:26
Kilosinetpro, dont you get cli one servers?07:27
armand-jhbin other tutorials they said to use @ ubuntu-desktop, but just going to try ubuntu-desktop in my ks file07:29
armand-jhbkickstart fiel07:29
Kilosi know nothing about servers but without a terminal have no idea how one can do anything07:30
inetproarmand-jhb: when you figured it out please give us a short summary on how you did it07:30
armand-jhbwill do07:30
* inetpro unfortunately has some work to do07:31
nlsthznoohh... freenode got ddos'ed silly script kiddies07:33
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nuvolario/ mornings07:34
Kiloslol new face07:35
Kiloslo nuvolari 07:35
nuvolarilo oom Kilos 07:35
superflyarmand-jhb: there 's an ubuntu-desktop package... if you can set your kickstart script to install ssh-server, why can't you tell it to install ubuntu-desktop?07:36
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Kiloswb nlsthzn 07:43
Kiloshi abantu 07:44
nlsthzn_I wonder if it is netsplits or my connection causing me to be on and off :/07:47
Kiloschristel said there are attacks nlsthzn 07:48
Kilosdidnt you see the message07:48
Tonberrysilly scriptkitties07:48
Kiloshi tnt07:50
nlsthzn_I saw the message, was wondering if that was my reason for issues07:50
Kilosthings bad again today superfly__ 07:50
Kiloswith a tail07:51
superfly__yeah, look at my tail!07:51
Kilosyeah nlsthzn when they have them dos attacks everything crashes07:51
* nlsthzn_ will be offline then until the script kiddies are nuked...07:51
Kilosoh my he missed that07:51
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
Kiloshehe at least i dont get tailed then i would have to look in notes to see how to fix it07:52
Kilosall that ghost stuff07:53
inetproKilos: you don't like ghost stories?07:54
Kilosha ha ha07:54
Kilosno man its the effort trying to find where i wrote down how to fix it07:55
Kiloseasier to go off and wait for timeout07:55
armand-jhbsee, i can do that.... thanks, but i thought only tasksel can do that.......07:58
Kilosquestion when mavericks support ends in 2 months does that mean one can no longer do sudo apt-get update for a new install07:58
Kilosthats the important part08:01
Kilosif everything is rsynced08:01
superfly__armand-jhb: tasksel is for "tasks" - but tasks are not packages. fortunately there seems to be an "ssh-server" package, and I know there's an ubuntu-desktop package08:24
=== superfly__ is now known as superfly
armand-jhbit worked! just finished it now08:24
armand-jhbanyone want the specs of what the little trip was.... i can give you my documentation....08:25
superflyarmand-jhb: have you got a blog?08:25
superflyblogs are great for stuff like that08:25
armand-jhbno... i dont.... but maybe i should try invest in that....08:26
superflyget a wordpress.com or blogspot.com blog08:27
Kiloseish peer got me looks like08:45
Kilosand goosie08:45
KilosMaaz, coffee on08:45
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:45
Kilosmorning maiatoday 08:46
Kerberoweird dat al my irc clients nou fail09:14
=== Kerbero_timeout is now known as Kerbero[dsp]
inetproarmand-jhb: if it boils down to it even a plain text pastebin summary at http://paste.ubuntu.com/ will do09:21
=== inetpro_ is now known as inetpro
KilosMaaz, coffee on11:51
* Maaz flips the salt-timer11:51
* Kilos thinks coffe and a peanut butter sarmie will go down well11:52
KilosMaaz, ty for nlsthzn 11:54
MaazKilos: Huh?11:54
KilosMaaz, tea for nlsthzn 11:55
MaazCome on Neelsie bring your cup with the tea bag in11:55
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!11:55
KilosMaaz, ty11:55
MaazYou are welcome Kilos11:55
nuvolarilo oom Kilos 12:18
Kiloslo nuvolari 12:19
Kilosill be back tonight12:39
Kiloswork hard guys12:39
armand-jhbgo check out armandeg.blogspot.com15:48
Kilosnice job armand-jhb 15:53
Kilosdont be scarce now15:53
Kilosbecome part of this community15:53
KilosMaaz, lpi manual15:55
Kilosarmand-jhb, **15:56
Kilosgrrr ^^15:56
Kiloshi dLimit 16:00
dLimitSup Kilos 16:01
Kilosquiet mostly16:02
dLimitNice eh?16:03
Kilosare you interested in doing the LPI course that kbmonkey is doing16:03
nuvolaribooyah! a productive day behind the back16:05
dLimitWell I'm currently doing Linux+ but so I don't know if LPI would make more difference.16:05
dLimitHi nuvolari 16:05
Kilosgo safe nuvolari 16:05
dLimitBye Kilos 16:08
tnt_<bakuman> hallo oom kilos16:18
Kiloshi tnt_ 16:18
tnt_how goes?16:19
Kiloswell ty and you tnt_ 16:19
tnt_<bakuman> almost time for my braai to start16:20
Kiloswhy you got this mixed up nick16:21
tnt_<bakuman> im on a friend's (tnt) pc16:22
Kilosclever kid this armand, he uses xchat16:26
manexxhie all, any cpt ladies? 16:32
Kiloshi drubin you well?17:37
zerefit's friday :-) :-) :-) :-)17:46
Kilosyo kbmonkey you poegaai lad17:54
Kilosis it hard laying macadam17:55
kbmonkeywhy? are laying roads Kilos? :)17:56
Kilosyou said thats what you gonna be doing man 17:57
Kilosgot 2 more that wanna join lpi17:57
kbmonkeygood! :)17:57
kbmonkeyI wil need the weekend to catch up with the work17:58
Kilosthat section 101 is 5 mins for you guys17:58
Kilosbut i still doff,  are you starting with a clean hdd and a centos live cd17:59
Kilosbecause there lots on partitioning and that comes before installing17:59
kbmonkeykvm, it runs a virtual computer in a window. I use that18:01
kbmonkeyit thinks it's a computer, but its really not. it doesn't know, he he18:01
kbmonkeyand you?18:02
Kilosdo you understand what i am trying to say18:02
kbmonkeyyes, that we need to partition disks18:03
Kilosand me what?18:03
Kilosya this course is aimed at someone already using linux and then teaching how to fix another one18:04
Kilosdoesnt centos have a live cd that does the partitioning part and gives you the option to make your own18:05
kbmonkeydo you have a spare pc/drive/something to test the partitioning?18:05
Kiloshave the p3 and/or can use its 6g drive as a second drive here18:06
Kilosbut that drive hass xp on so i can find smses on my usb modem18:07
kbmonkeywell, what are you going to partition? a spare drive?18:07
kbmonkeybecause if you partition your current drive, you will lose all your data!18:07
Kiloslol my drive i parted to /, /boot, /home and /storage18:08
Kilosbut from the live cd not cli18:08
kbmonkeyyes centos uses a text installer. it has a 'live' mode, but you install through a text mode18:09
kbmonkeyits not any harder as the GUI, the steps are quite clear and understandable18:10
Kilosnow i getting to savvy18:10
kbmonkeyi wonder how large the kvm is18:10
Kilosyes they look pretty basic cli usage18:10
kbmonkeyi know virtualbox is quite big18:10
kbmonkeyhey, I think you can even install it onto a usb drive, like it was a hard drive.18:11
kbmonkeymust find out...18:11
Kilosmy pc dont run virtual, tried and it didnt work and the fly said its too slow18:11
kbmonkeya P3? hmm, thats not too bad18:11
Kilosthen i will have to run those commands from live cd18:12
Kilosin cli18:12
kbmonkeymine was also slow. 18:13
Kilosbut i member i had to mount the drive from livecd once18:13
kbmonkeyI enabled sometthing to fix it18:13
Kilosand you need lotsa ram to virtual18:14
kbmonkeyhow much do you have?18:14
kbmonkeythe 6G has XP you say. I take you use it as well18:19
Kilosyeah it wouldnt open the virtual drive18:19
Kilosno its just to check smses on the modem so they dont subscribe me again and steal my airtime18:20
Kilosi also use the 6g drive to test other releases18:21
kbmonkeyso if you can check your sms's without XP, you won't need it?18:21
kbmonkeyI check and load my sim airtime. must be a way to read texts too.18:21
Kilosi dunno how to read whats on the modem with ubuntu18:22
Kilosi can see the storage  but cant open it18:22
kbmonkeymaybe some programmetjie can read the text for you18:23
Kilosif i go places then computer i see the storage18:23
Kilosyou missed the new guy here today18:23
Kiloshe been doing linux 7 months18:24
Kiloshe is joining lpi18:24
Kilosquite a clever kid18:25
kbmonkeyah, you are now a mentor then! he he ;D18:26
Kiloslol no man i just collect them you gotta teach them18:27
Kiloshere is his blog of what he did today18:27
Kiloshe had a prob with a server18:27
Kiloshe didnt even have a blog, the fly got him to start one18:28
kbmonkeyits a good way to jot down what you learn18:32
Kiloswhat kinda tool will read a usb modems storage area18:33
Kilostried text editor file goodie etc18:33
kbmonkeyI suspect to read that data you need a program18:34
Kiloswait i ask maaz18:34
Kiloshe dunno gives windows links but the modem installs on windows18:35
kbmonkeythat issues special commands to get the data out18:35
Kilosi wonder if i can install the modem on wine18:37
Kilosbut wine crashed me once so i purged it18:38
kbmonkeyfound something18:38
kbmonkeyno dont do wine18:38
kbmonkeywine is good to interpret software, but not that good the interface hardware18:38
Kilossec i go see18:41
Kiloswill try that morrow. i have had gammu and wammu before but my modem is an arab modem so didnt get it working that way18:47
Kilosmaybe this time i will find it in their modem refs18:47
kbmonkeylooking at those connection strings, you can try some of the common ones18:50
kbmonkeyalso try find what hardware it is18:50
kbmonkeyfor example, vodacome modems are not made by them. huawei makes them and vodacom just rebrands them. -- for example18:51
kbmonkeyperhaps a lsusb -v will give details on the hardware18:51
Kilosit is a alcatel modem with stc the provider18:52
Kilosholy moly all that in that little modem18:56
kbmonkeythere is alcatel in that phone list19:05
Kiloskbmonkey, dont worry bout this, you had a long day/week. rest19:05
kbmonkeywell im going now anyway :)19:06
kbmonkeybeing summoned19:06
Kilosok sleep tight laddy19:06
Kilosty for the help19:06
kbmonkeyyw Kilos 19:06
Kilosi go crash too19:06
kbmonkeyenjoy you sleep!19:06
Kilosnight everyone19:06
Kilostywill do19:06

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