ActionParsniptigrang: does the system have a make and model?00:00
sovereignI have a .tar.gz file that doesn't open as a setup file but rather as a text file what could be the cause00:00
tigrangActionParsnip: Samsung RV51500:00
ActionParsniptigrang: why was that not in your initial question....00:00
ActionParsnipsovereign: you can extract it with:   tar zxvf filename00:01
ActionParsnipsovereign: or you can use unp00:01
Jordan_UGskellig: Keep in mind that most .dmg files are not intended to be burned to a disk. What are you actually trying to burn?00:01
GskelligJordan_U, extracting it would be fine too00:01
sovereignActionParsnip, do you mean in a terminal?00:02
Gskelligdmg2img is also failing, ERROR: Inflation failed00:02
ActionParsnipsovereign: its one way00:02
helo1ActionParsnip: there are echos in the script00:03
helo1ActionParsnip: I don't see the output on my screen (do echos show in the ssh session when the script is initiated by cron??)00:03
sovereignActionParsnip,  I just dont understand what you mean by zxvf filename00:04
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Jordan_UGskellig: Can you pastebin the output of "file /path/to/filename.dmg"?00:05
ActionParsnipsovereign: its the cli way to extract tar.gz file00:05
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Gskelligxar archive - version 100:05
sovereignAction thanks reading now\00:06
ActionParsnipsovereign: or use right click menu if you have a desktop gui00:06
ActionParsniphelo1: use notify-osd00:06
helo1ActionParsnip: what is that and how00:07
ActionParsniphelo1: its what makes the desktop notifications00:07
helo1this is a server installation so there is no gui00:07
sovereignActionParsnip, nothingin the right click menu worked to open the file00:07
helo1And the machine has no monitor00:08
helo1ActionParsnip: I just ssh into it (the physical machine is 200 miles away)00:08
ActionParsniphelo1: I see, no point with notify osd then ;)00:09
sovereigntar -zxvf truecrypt.tar.gz resulted in an error00:09
ActionParsnipsovereign: if you run:  ls    which is a lower case LS, do you see the filename listed?00:10
mattalexxIn Banshee, I have an album that contains multiple artists. I have edited the tracks' meta data and set the "Album Artist" field with a consistent value, but the browser interface still lists every artist individually. What can I do about this?00:10
sovereignActionParsnip, the file is not listed00:11
whoeverhi all is there a repo for quanta plus yet00:11
rick__hello all im looking for a ubuntu 11.10 software that is like windows device manager is thier somthing on my system already or in the software center00:12
ActionParsnipsovereign: then its in a different directory00:12
rick__ hello all im looking for a ubuntu 11.10 software that is like windows device manager is thier somthing on my system already or in the software center00:14
zykotick9!info gnome-device-manager00:16
ubottuPackage gnome-device-manager does not exist in oneiric00:16
crc32Where is the network manager? in Ubuntu.  There is not signal ICON or anyting on my panel. I can create connections but I can't enable them from network-connections. How do I enable a network connection such as an already configured VPN connection.00:16
urlin2ucrc32, which desktop are you running?00:16
crc32gnome withut gdm.00:17
rick__ hello all im looking for a ubuntu 11.10 software that is like windows device manager is thier somthing on my system already or in the software center00:17
whoeverrick__: look at settings, its on the menu bar00:17
urlin2ucrc32, not sure I understand nor can I probably help either.00:17
zykotick9crc32: you can try running "nm-applet" (NOTE: if you want to connect to wireless you might NEED GDM)00:18
crc32I installed netork-manager-blah-gnome to get the vpn stuff but Once I configure a conection from network-connections I see no way enable the connection.00:18
hernsbso, ive got minecraft and i can play it without any issues -- but, i cant put it in the dock (or whatever this is called :\ )00:18
crc32nm-applet is already running in the background with no visible windows to configure anything. All the docs keep saying there's supposed to be on icon to click on00:19
hernsbthe icon i mean00:19
PaulEycksWhat is the name of the GUI fax program in Ubuntu 10.11?00:19
rick__im not seeing it00:19
urlin2urick__, so whats the end goal here?00:19
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crc32I just want to turn on this Cisco VPN connection. All I can do is edit a connection there is not ENABLE CONNECTION button or anything00:20
rick__to shut off cooling fan if possible and monitor temp00:20
Guest43715say I have a process running (e.g. firefox) and it is PID 1501, how would I send that PID commands from the terminal?00:20
rick__wile i surf in steath mode lol00:20
Guest43715trying to manipulate firefox over ssh00:20
hernsb... how do i add minecraft.jar to the launcher?00:20
rick__stealth mode00:20
urlin2urick__, there would be a app for that, not sure what though.00:21
zykotick9!info lm-sensors | rick__00:21
ubotturick__: lm-sensors (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.0-4ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 98 kB, installed size 476 kB00:21
h00krick__: it depends on what browser you're using, check for 'private browsing mode'00:21
rick__yes i got lm sensors alreary00:22
dbuggerHey guys. I just installed oneric, and it only detects one monitor. What is wrong??00:22
crc32Ok so whats the deal theres a process called "nm-connection-editor" that lets me add network connections but how do I turn off and on the connections onces theyr configured.00:22
ubuntuwitam zwolenników ubuntu00:22
rick__how to shut off coolling fan????00:22
pinkfloydhtop is a great tool for manage pid's : )00:22
kurtulmy microphone works when i try with audacity. but with google-talk plugin in browsser it doesn't. how can i fix it?00:22
Oerrick__, shutting off cooling fan will damage hardware.00:23
rick__i wiil monitor temps00:23
crc32OMG where is the network manager?00:23
rick__i just want to run for a while to prove point00:23
zykotick9rick__: REALLY not a good idea00:24
r0z4Hi everybody, somebody can tell me if is possible make a backup from user and groups and some link or a how to do???00:24
crc32There is a Last used colunm in the connection editor but no way to use the actual connection. Am I the only one seeing this?00:25
rick__please dont question my methods and just try to help anser question00:25
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urlin2urick__, please recognize that if you have customized your set up you may be out of the channels help model. :)00:26
Oerrick__, then pull out the powerline, i think ACPI won't let you do that, it will shutoff immediatly00:26
crc32hey I have a question how do I turn on a network connection in Gnome?00:26
urlin2ucrc32, with the nrtwork manager00:26
XytOk i get a weird error when trying to install this raid controller. ../../../inc/linux/Makefile.def:85: *** Only kernel 2.4/2.6 is supported but you use 2.0.  Stop.00:27
rick__so noone knows if thier is system tool to shut fan off and turn on00:27
_cbif I press alt tab my desktop becomes unusable. Anyone heard of anything like that ?00:27
Xytany ideas?00:27
crc32urlin2u: Where is the network manager? Its like a mystery on my machine. Where do I click to pull out this magical program?00:27
ActionParsnip_cb: tried a different app switcher plugin?00:28
urlin2ucrc32, top panel on a desktop setup, you asked about gnome you also left out gnome 2 or gnome 300:28
zykotick9rick__: why would there be a system tool to physically break hardware?00:28
rick__good question00:28
sovereigni tried to install a program in terminal that failed is there anyway to undo what was done00:28
Xytbut im using Ubuntu 11.1000:29
_cbActionParsnip have not done anything to my desktop. A few days it started happening. Maybe after an update?00:29
cfhowlettrick__: http://trouble-maker.sourceforge.net/00:29
rick__its not going to break unless it reaches critical temp00:29
kionis there a way to pass commnands from a shell script to a telnet session? I am trying to write a script that will use a telnet connection.00:29
rick__fan is on pulse anyways00:29
zykotick9rick__: which will take, what, 10 seconds?00:29
crc32urlin2u: I'm on 10.04 with the default setup. I can't see any gnome version message at the time. So what is this gnome 1 2 3 How do I know?00:29
rick__im hopeing to get 2 minutes00:30
urlin2ucrc32, take a screenshot of the desktop and imagebin it.00:30
zykotick9crc32: verify that you have gnome-indicator-applet in your toolbar00:30
urlin2u!imagebin > crc3200:30
ubottucrc32, please see my private message00:30
_cbare there any desktop settings related to desktop switching I can look at in unity?00:30
rick__it should go into automatic shutdown anyway00:30
Jordan_UGskellig: I'm not sure why it's failing to decompress. Have you checked the file's md5sum?00:31
rick__out like a lite00:31
cfhowlettrick__: http://www.havetheknowhow.com/Configure-the-server/Monitor-server-temperatures.html00:32
Xytif i have Ubuntu 11.04 and upgraded to 11.10 would it carry over the drivers for the raid controller?00:32
Jordan_UGskellig: Why do you need to open a dmg file in the first place?00:32
urlin2uXyt, you don't have that installed right?00:32
Xyti have 11.10 installed amt00:33
Xytbut the drivers dont like the new 3.0 kernal it looks like00:33
karstenWhere can I find a specific current package in LTS (10.04)?  Specifically, offlineimap.00:34
karstenAlso trying to sort a problem in 11.10, with, you guessed it, offlineimap.00:34
Xytso would an upgrade by pass the install?00:34
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Xyt../../../inc/linux/Makefile.def:85: *** Only kernel 2.4/2.6 is supported but you use 2.0.  Stop. Is what i get when i run the Make command00:35
urlin2ukarsten,  here is the man page.  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/dapper/man1/offlineimap.1.html00:36
karstenurlin2u: LTS == dapper?00:36
hernsbhow do you run programs that are only offered for mac or windows? (i.e. Evernote)00:36
Nullifi3dThe man pages. For men.00:36
iceroot!wine | hernsb00:36
ubottuhernsb: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:36
karstenhernsb: ...that's way old IIRC.00:36
urlin2uall releases mentioned you will have to look I suspect karsten look at the link not the url00:36
karstenhernsb: In a VM.00:36
hernsbvirtual machine?00:37
iceroothernsb: also there is "nevernote" native for ubuntu which is supporting evernote00:37
cfhowletthernsb: virtualbox, vmware00:37
urlin2ukarsten, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/oneiric/man1/offlineimap.1.html  this make you feel beter. :)00:37
hernsbwill look into these things now00:37
mattalexxhernsb, I usually check if an app has good Wine support first. If not, I run it using Virtualbox.00:37
iceroothernsb: no need to look into vbox/vmware00:38
iceroothernsb: its running with wine00:38
hernsb*ive been running ubuntu for like 6 hours -- thats all my experience with non-windows machines*00:38
mattalexxhernsb, Welcome!00:38
hernsbwill look into wine00:38
iceroot!appdb | hernsb00:38
ubottuhernsb: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help00:38
hernsbthanks for all the assistance00:38
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karstenurlin2u: Apparently what I want is lucid.00:38
crc32http://imagebin.org/198142  <-- Can't find a way to enable this link. It always says last used never.  I don't see any process called gnome-indicator-applet.00:39
urlin2ukarsten, then click that link in the man I guess. Out of my pay area really, just giving you info to look at.00:39
zykotick9hernsb: finding native gnu/linux replacements for windows programs will serve you better in the long run.  I'd consider wine a crutch for those new to the system.00:39
karstenurlin2u: yeah, gotchya.00:39
hernsbso far Evernote is the only thing I dont want to give up/replace00:40
hernsbi can use the web app though00:40
tigrangWhen I put my Samsung RV515 laptop to standby and resume, all I get is a black screen, no backlight. My dmesg log says "hash matches /build/buildd/linux-3.0.0/drivers/base/power/main.c:587" but theres no hash device for me to go on. Is there anything else I can do to debug this?00:40
hernsbi just have too many notes to bother switching to a different program now00:40
crc32anyways. How do you enable a network connection.00:40
zykotick9crc32: do you have indicator-applet in your menu?  Use "Add to Menu" to verify.00:41
crc32I'm on gnome desktop 2.30.200:42
crc32If I right click something from the menu it gives the option to add to panel00:42
zykotick9crc32: add indicator-applet00:42
crc32bear with me I usually launch everything from the command line.00:43
rick__ok pal it tells me how to set shut down temp but still nothing about shutting off fan00:43
urlin2u!tab > rick__00:44
ubotturick__, please see my private message00:44
crc32zykotick9 it looks like a speaker with a red X appeared along with an ICON of email00:44
urlin2urick__, please use nics if you can :)00:44
Oerrick__, you can't, fan 0 won't be accepted in acpi00:44
zykotick9crc32: try running nm-applet again00:44
rick__urlin2u: ok00:44
urlin2urick__, cool. :)00:45
karstencrc32: ifup <interface> generally. Details may vary.00:45
hernsbwhat about Steam?00:45
zykotick9hernsb: i hear it works with wine, but check the appdb to verify00:45
cfhowletthernsb: http://www.linoob.com/2010/04/steam-platform-for-ubuntu/00:45
eeriksHi, i have two Os on my computer linux and windows xp. i can reash windows now for some reason. when i started linux it said something about /tmp  can i do something via linux ?00:45
crc32zykotick9: nm-applet warns that its already running and also warns it coulden't initialize the D-Bus manager.00:46
eeriksi understand if it is difficult to answer because it is abit foggy question00:46
urlin2ueeriks, can you clarify that ore specifically. :)00:46
zykotick9crc32: try "killall nm-applet" then "nm-applet" from a terminal00:46
crc32ok so I just uploaded a picture does this image look out of the ordinary?00:46
urlin2ucrc32, we need the url00:47
eeriksi just "built" this computer from this old computer and my old computer. everything is working but when i try to start windows the screen turns black and it does not boot.00:48
eeriksbut i can log in to linux (im logged in via ubuntu now00:48
crc32yea nm-applet does nothing. I can't even find a man page for it so I don't know what the "--sm-disable" flag  even does.00:48
zykotick9crc32: what's is the icon to the left of teh speaker?00:48
crc32the is the network connection editor. It launches the 2 windows you see in the picture. Like I said it lets me add and edit connections but I'm at a loss as to how to enable them.00:49
mavrick95 am having trouble on mounting my hdd via terminal00:49
eeriksi took parts from two not working computers and got one working one :P00:49
urlin2uzykotick9, its the network tweaking icon, not the regular network manager00:50
cfhowletteeriks: how exactly did you install ubuntu00:50
crc32the docs online say click on them in the network manager. But I don't see a network manager, Just this connection editor. (Unless thats what the docs where reffering too).00:50
eeriksit was allready installed on the disc00:50
zykotick9crc32: no, you "should" have another icon00:50
cfhowletteeriks: I thnk we might see the issue...00:50
eeriksi did install it via windows i think00:50
crc32so its missing from the picture then.00:51
zykotick9crc32: yup00:51
cfhowletteeriks: you can boot windows, yes?00:52
zykotick9crc32: do you have network-manager-gnome installed?  verify with "apt-cache policy network-manager-gnome" in a terminal00:52
eeriksone of the old computer was ready to be crashed or recycled, also i am not that good with computers. i think it is great that it actually worked ^00:52
eeriksno, i cant boot windown00:52
cfhowletteeriks: so no windows no ubuntu, right?00:52
crc32yes  I do I installed these00:52
crc32sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome network-manager-openvpn-gnome network-manager-openconnect-gnome network-manager-pptp-gnome network-manager-vpnc-gnome00:52
eeriksi have windows and ubuntu on the disc00:53
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zykotick9crc32: well, I'm out of ideas, good luck.00:53
cfhowletteeriks: can you boot anything at all?00:53
crc32After installing those the new VPN modules appear in the network connection editor but again no way to activate them.00:53
crc32 gdm00:53
crc32So I'm not crazy this is brain damage right?00:54
eerikswhen i log in on the computer i can log in to linux or windows00:54
eeriksmy english is bad00:54
zenonbrain damage!00:55
zenonwhat was I saying again?00:55
crc32so is there no way to start the network manager form  the command line?00:56
zenonerror your brain is damaged.00:56
zykotick9crc32: nm-applet (i think we went over this?)00:56
eeriksat boot so I can choose if I want to log on linux or windows.00:56
crc32zykotick9: Nothing you've gone over was ever conclusive.00:57
eerikswindows doesnt work for some reason00:57
zykotick9crc32: right well good luck.00:57
cfhowletteeriks: does ubuntu work?00:57
eeriksi am logged in on the computer i am talking about now, but on linux00:58
eeriksyes, i am logged in there now00:58
mattsweheyo, I'm working on log forwarding using rsyslogd. is there any way to have rsyslog deal with an intermittent internet connection, when sending logs to a remote server?00:58
zenoncan anyone help me with soundcard?00:58
cfhowletteeriks: what's your first language?00:58
eeriksi have two operator systems on this computer00:58
ubottueeriks: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntustöd hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se. Tack!00:59
MrNazok so i have a machine that will be doing nothing but running a script in a cron job, and that script needs root privs... what is the best way to avoid the password prompt when running a script as root? enabling the root account or is there a proper "Ubuntu Way" of doing this?00:59
mattswerun it from the root crontab?01:00
MrNazthis box is a dedicated appliance for this purpose, security is a non-issue01:00
zenonCM8738 I found this but it is beyond me right now. http://www.opensound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=420001:00
whoeveri am having a problem with bind , i get this error when i tail syslog on start /etc/bind/named.conf.local:7: expected quoted string near '“'01:00
MrNazmattalexx occasionally the script will be invoked manually... i want to avoid the passwd prompt there too01:00
whoeverbut the line is already quoted, can someone assist01:00
zenonthe synth wave is not working01:00
crc32whoever whats on line 7?01:00
rectecExcuse me I'm trying to launch brasero but it gives me: brasero: error while loading shared libraries: libunity.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory01:00
zenon& in's not checked outs01:00
mattalexxMrCraig, Huh?01:00
crc32whoever lets see the line in pastebin./01:01
kindkidIs there a guide for getting one of these images to run in VirtualBox locally? http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/11.10/release/01:01
whoevercrc32:  should i just paste the whole file01:01
whoevercrc32: http://paste.ubuntu.com/835985/01:02
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crc32I think you need IN before the {01:04
crc32let me see01:04
crc32mine looks like this01:05
crc32The default zones don't show that you need the IN keywords but they quote the word localhost01:06
spriteswhat scripting languages do yall like best01:06
chidhow do I disable windows from one desktop flowing into the next?01:06
zenonwhen talking about code, entering?01:06
chidusing compiz, 11.1001:06
kindkidSo far, I've run VBoxManage convertfromraw -format VDI oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64.img oneiric-server-cloudimg-amd64.vdi, renamed the -floppy to have .iso on the end, which I used to try to boot from. but after the grub bootloader, got a bunch of errors and then it "Gave up waiting for root device"01:06
zenonat least can someone tell me how to exit info bash?01:08
crc32Is that some kind of unicode representation of a quote? Does bind accept that?01:08
kindkidthe only helpful thing I found via google was this: http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-cloud@lists.ubuntu.com/msg00190.html … but it's for an older version, i don't understand it ;/01:08
Flannelzenon: 'q'01:08
zenon=) thanks01:09
erik32533hello all01:09
cfhowletterik32533: greetings01:09
erik32533is there a way to get firefox 8 or 901:09
chidhow do I disable windows from one workspace flowing into the next?01:10
vacho_I am running ubuntu 11.04 and I want to update my apache to latest version, what is the best approach??01:10
chiderik32533: download it from the website01:10
crc32whoever: I don't think bind likes those funky unicoded open and close quotes. Use plain old ascii code 3401:10
chidvacho_: how latest? svn latest?01:10
erik32533it redirects me to version 1001:10
chidyou go to the ftp website01:10
chidand it'll have old one01:10
vacho_chid: upgrading to 2.2.2201:10
vacho_currently have 2.2.1701:11
whoevercrc32: i made the change with IN ad got the same error http://pastebin.com/MEU65y4y01:11
chidhttp://releases.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/ for erik3253301:11
chid2.2.20 is in repo01:12
vacho_chid: does that mean I can use apt?01:12
erik32533is that for windows01:12
mavrick95i am trying to mount my hdd while booting fron liveUSB. i already got the address with command "fdisk -l", but when i type: "sudo mount /dev/sda" it says that it was not found on /etc/fstab or mtab. Can someone please help me?01:13
crc32yea don't use that funky open and close quote use "  instead01:13
zacariascan't read commercial cd's. They are mounted and I have a notification asking if I want to open with Bnashee. But nothing happens. It doesn't play any wav file. I tried with other players: the same01:13
chidvacho_: yes01:14
whoevercrc32: the quote also resemble the quotes in your file so don't know what you mean01:14
chidapt-get update, apt-get install apache2+tab01:14
erik32533that firefox is for windows01:15
crc32your quote is unicode character u'\u201c'01:15
vacho_chid: so using apt will not give me latest version of 2.2.22 :( how do I upgrade to latest?01:15
erik32533chid there is nothing to download foir linux on the link u gave me01:16
holsteinerik32533: you can add the stable PPA... from https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable ... sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable01:16
holsteinerik32533: then you can just sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade and you should have the latest stable version01:16
vacho_chid: btw, thanks for taking time and helping me :) I appreciate it.01:17
whoevercrc32: are you saying to chang to u'u201"01:17
whoevercrc32: or to use u/22 which is double quote01:17
erik32533look i dont want 1001:17
holsteinerik32533: look?01:17
erik3253310 crashes01:18
holsteinyou can choose in synaptic what version you want01:18
erik32533on me01:18
crc32forget it just replace your qquotes with single ticks '01:18
crc32that will make it easier01:18
holsteinerik32533: or you can troubleshoot the crashing in 10... if you havent tried *that* pacakged 10, you might want to try it01:18
vacho_how do I check what version of php is in the repo?01:18
Oer!info php01:19
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ubottuPackage php does not exist in oneiric01:19
vacho_im on 11.0401:19
holsteinvacho_: i would just fire up synaptic or whatever package manager and search and look :)01:19
Oer!info php501:19
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.3 (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 20 kB01:19
erik32533there is no version 9 in syaptec package manager01:19
holsteinerik32533: did you add that PPA ?01:19
holsteinerik32533: i read at that link i gave you that 9.0.1 is in that PPA01:20
erik32533ok now how do i add it01:20
holsteinerik32533: otherwise, i wouldnt have suggested it.. OR, you could use the link chid gave you and build your own01:21
zingarohey its me i was on the account killerfx earlier01:21
zingarobut i wanted to ask? i dont have that gump thing i have like gump 2?01:21
holsteinerik32533: you can look at that link i gave https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/firefox-stable ..or copy and paste what i gave you before... sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable01:21
cfhowletterik32533: http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/products/download.html?product=firefox-9.0&os=linux&lang=en-US01:21
holsteinerik32533: you can grab it from there ^^ or where i linked it to you before01:22
whoevercrc32: ok, now i get that localhost zone already exists01:22
Oerholstein, there is no FF9 for oneiric there..01:22
LiENUSanyone have suggestions for a good text editor i can use from the command line over ssh?01:22
holsteinOer: ive been using it ;)01:23
whoeverso is it better to  merge my localhost into the one that already exists or just rename my localhost to something else ?01:23
zingarohow can i boot into windows?01:23
zingaroi installed ubuntu from a usb01:23
erik32533i save that file01:24
dies_iraesound dead01:24
dies_iraehow to fix?01:24
holsteinzingaro: if you are in ubuntu, open a terminal and type: sudo update-grub01:24
cfhowletterik32533: sudo dpkg -i filename.deb01:24
dies_iraealsa shows card but not preferences.01:24
holsteinzingaro: see that you see windows in the output01:24
dies_iraewhat kind of pulse sorcery is this??01:24
holsteinzingaro: then reboot and you'll see it in GRUB... assuming you didnt install over top of it01:25
whoevercrc32: now it starts thx for help , now only hope that it does what i extpect01:25
zingaro@holstein i tryed that and all it did was not boot ubuntu01:27
zingarothus making it unusable and then i had to reinstall ubuntu01:27
holsteinzingaro: well, you chose to do that.. there are other ways to repair... not sure whats going on .. what does grub show you at boot?... do you see and/or can you mount the windows partition?01:28
erik32533no such file or director error01:28
dies_iraehelp appreciated01:28
holstein!details | erik3253301:29
ubottuerik32533: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:29
zingaro@holstein idk what you mean and when i boot my pc it comes up as a video error like something it says about in resalution errr on my comp screen, then it goes black and the idle light is on then linux(ubuntu) is loaded01:29
erik32533do i add that to package manager01:30
zacariasHow can I liesten to commercial cd's? When I insert one I have it mounted and with the list of wav files, but no player plays them, even Banshee, the suggested one01:30
bazhang!addppa | erik3253301:30
ubottuerik32533: Since Ubuntu 9.10, a !ppa can be added using a single command «  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name » See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding%20PPAs for more details01:30
holsteinerik32533: which ever way you choose to go... i have used that with oneiric though the prefered method would be to donwload it from mozilla where cfhowlett suggested http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/products/download.html?product=firefox-9.0&os=linux&lang=en-US01:31
Masterman467i dont speek spanish01:31
Ben64I just got a server, but it has a custom kernel. I want to use the standard ubuntu one so I can use vmware and upgrade easily. I apt-got the kernel and grub-pc, yet the server still doesn't boot. What should I do?01:31
dies_iraehow to force pulse to re-scan sound devices?01:31
dies_iraeit's vanished01:31
dies_iraebut it do exist in alsamixer01:31
zingaroidk well ima reboot my pc hopefully the grub comes up01:31
erik32533do i add the launch pad to package manager01:31
holsteindies_irae: i usually kill it, or just restart alsa, or both01:31
dies_iraecould've to do with rm -rf .pulse* ?01:31
Masterman4671500 people in a chat? holy fuck01:31
zingarowait it said something about grub???01:31
bazhangMasterman467, no cursing01:32
avierosAnyone know how to connect to a WPA2-EAP in Oneiric? I'm using an ASUS USB-N13 wireless adapter01:32
holsteinerik32533: if thats what you want to do.. otherwise, download from the other location and insatll01:32
crc32found it.01:32
Masterman467realy? are you all 12?01:32
crc32Had to set managed=true in /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf01:32
Masterman467no swearing01:32
zingarocan anyone help me?01:32
Masterman467is bs01:33
erik32533i cant figure out how to add01:33
bazhangMasterman467, do you have an actual support question?01:33
zingaroi think i have grub 2 not grub01:33
erik32533im not good at command line01:33
Masterman467what is a suport question?01:33
holsteinzingaro: likely.. whats the issue?01:33
Masterman467suport for what?01:33
bazhang!ot | Masterman46701:33
ubottuMasterman467: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:33
dies_iraeholstein: kill what?01:33
crc32no I finally get a network manager icon01:33
dies_iraeMasterman467: u lost?01:33
zingaro@holstein i have grub2 i think and how can i use that to boot windows?01:33
Masterman467wut is unbuntu?01:34
holsteindies_irae: pulse... i usually just make sure its not running and start it, and/or restart alsa01:34
avierosAnyone know how to connect to a WPA2-EAP in Oneiric? I'm using an ASUS USB-N13 wireless adapter, it keeps asking me for authentication but it won't accept it01:34
bazhang!ubuntu > Masterman46701:34
ubottuMasterman467, please see my private message01:34
holsteinzingaro: for me, it just automatically works... install ubuntu beside windows, and grub gives an entry for both ubuntu and windows01:34
zacariasHow can I listen to commercial cd's? When I insert one I have it mounted and with the list of wav files, but no player plays them, even Banshee, the suggested one01:34
dies_iraewhy restart alsa? alsamixer shows the card alright, by the way is the second one.01:34
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:34
rick__ok now when i try to open a image file in the my paint program it opens ubuntu 11.10 directories but none of my images are thier i know they are acsessable from browser download tab so why cant i find them from the directorys that pop up when i click file then open in the my paint program01:34
Masterman467oh, so its apple? fuck apple01:35
erik32533whatr am i to do at lauunchpade page01:35
zingaro@holstein yeah ik i installed it besides windows but idk :/ ill restart brb01:35
holsteinerik32533: you can just type hol and hit tab, and it'll autocomplete holstein01:35
MrNazhow often does the cron daemon refresh the crontab file?01:35
holsteinerik32533: you can either choose to add that PPA to your sources with that command i gave you, or download from mozilla01:35
erik32533after i download01:36
erik32533from mpzills01:36
=== cafuego_ is now known as cafuego
erik32533how do i 9install01:36
holsteinerik32533: there should be a read me in there.. we are not responsible for making those packages01:36
zacariasHow can I liesten to commercial cd's? When I insert one I have it mounted and with the list of wav files, but no player plays them, even Banshee, the suggested one01:36
holsteinthough, i will help you if you elaborate erik3253301:36
rick__ ok now when i try to open a image file in the my paint program it opens ubuntu 11.10 directories but none of my images are thier i know they are acsessable from browser download tab so why cant i find them from the directorys that pop up when i click file then open in the my paint program01:37
holsteinzacarias: you likely need codec support.. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/products/download.html?product=firefox-9.0&os=linux&lang=en-US01:37
erik32533i download01:37
erik32533from firefox01:37
erik32533tar.bz2 file01:38
holsteinerik32533: correct.. you can literally right-click on that and extract it01:38
erik32533there is no readme file in the one i download01:40
holsteinrick__: seems like its just a navigation issue.. if these are things you downloaded, they should be in ~/Downloads01:40
zingaro@holstein can i edit the grub files? in ubuntu????01:40
zingaroto load windows auto?01:40
holsteinerik32533: OK.. whats there?.. why do you want to upgrade? is it features or security?.. the packaged one is going to recieve security updates automatically01:41
urlin2uzingaro, have you run sudo update-grub01:41
zingaroi already did01:41
lastchis there some way to boost the audio -- sort of the way VLC player lets you go to 200 % -- but just on everything?01:41
erik32533will the one on lauchpad01:41
holsteinzingaro: sure... but when i have seen that issue, i have ran sudo update-grub as urlin2u suggests, and that i mentioned earlier, and it just picks up windows... which is why i asked if you could see/mount the windows partition.. and i didnt hear back from you on that01:42
erik32533im running version 701:42
zingaro@holstein i can see the windows file yes :D01:42
erik32533i did all the updates01:42
erik32533i goto play yahoo spades01:43
erik32533firefox crashes01:43
zingaro@holstein and i ran that termianl command and it updated so i shutdown and turned it on again and nothing happend01:43
holsteinerik32533: right, so unless you are missing a feature from FF9, just relaxy01:43
urlin2uzingaro, canyou post the output ion a pastebin of sudo fdisk -lu01:43
holsteinerik32533: that is likey a flash issue.. i suggest you try that game in chrome and see if it crashes01:43
urlin2u!pastebin > zingaro01:43
ubottuzingaro, please see my private message01:43
erik32533ill be turning off updates01:44
holsteinerik32533: yeah?... thats not what i implied01:44
erik32533it working now01:44
erik32533so ill not let a update01:44
holsteinturn off updates if you are aware of the consequenses, and are comfortable with that01:45
erik32533break the system01:45
holsteinerik32533: well.. it broke that games functionality.. not the system01:45
holsteinand it was likely a flash issue that you will see again... but enjoy :)01:45
_cbhow does one set the Ubuntu DNS servers?01:45
zingarodid it work?01:45
DLabzhey, guys. Having a problem with MBR01:46
erik32533ill ignore flash  an firefox updates01:46
zingaro!pastebin http://pastebin.com/d21ze0sf01:46
karsten_cb: /etc/resolv.conf01:46
erik32533maybe the other issuses be fixed in next release of ubunru01:46
DLabzWhat I did: used dd to create an image of my /dev/sda01:46
karsten_cb: they're also usually set via dhcp configs unless you override them.01:47
holsteinerik32533: its not an ubuntu issue, so likely not.. we are not able to maintain flash, nor do we do anything with that game online01:47
lastchanyone know how to boost the audio on this machine?01:47
_cbkarsten how do I override them?01:47
DLabzthan, on a second macine, used dd to copy that image on the hdd01:47
holsteinlastch: i would look in the terminal in alsamixer01:47
DLabzall worked, exept no MBR01:47
lastchwill look, thanks01:47
DLabztried boot-repar, no luck01:47
zingaro!holstein http://pastebin.com/d21ze0sf01:47
_cbkarsten I have static ip on the server, cleare the nameservers from resolv.conf but it is still resolving names01:48
DLabzwhat now?01:48
urlin2uzingaro, cool that does show windows being there run this script and pastebin the results.txt  http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/01:48
karsten_cb: /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf or /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf01:48
holsteinzingaro: yeah.. assuming those are windows partitions, is should just work.. will you run sudo update-grub in the terminal and post that output to pastebin?01:48
urlin2uDLabz, run this script and pastebin the results text you may already have a copy. http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/01:49
karsten_cb: also check to see if they're specified in /etc/network/interfaces.01:49
holsteinzingaro: acutally, go with urlin2u .. i didnt realize we had both been pinged.. though i can understand this can be frustrating01:49
zingaro@holstein what do you mean?01:49
karsten_cb: Though AFAIK they're not set from there.01:50
urlin2uholstein, just wanted to see if the windows boot files were there with the bootscript01:50
holsteinzingaro: 20:48 < urlin2u> zingaro, cool that does show windows being there run this script and pastebin the results.txt   http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/01:50
holstein^^ do that.. then if you want, you can run sudo update-grub and post that output01:50
DLabzurlin2u: http://paste.ubuntu.com/836006/01:50
DLabzfrom he last boot-repair01:50
Ben64!info linux-image-server01:50
ubottulinux-image-server (source: linux-meta): Linux kernel image on Server Equipment.. In component main, is optional. Version (oneiric), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 all armel powerpc)01:50
dies_iraehow to restart alsa?01:50
holsteindoes sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart still do it dies_irae ?01:52
lion42dies_irae: sudo alsa force-reload01:52
lion42(I think. But I'm typically wrong.)01:52
holsteinyeah, thats the better one ^^01:52
urlin2uDLabz, what exactly is the ubuntu on and how was it installed the script is missing some key stuff.01:53
DLabzubuntu is on the zotac zbox01:54
zingaro@holstein http://pastebin.com/RumZCUfJ01:54
DLabzruning from usb live version01:54
DLabzurlin2u: ^^01:54
holsteinzingaro: looks good.. i would run sudo update-grub .. you can run that and paste the output here if you'd like01:54
urlin2uDLabz, So you can't repair this with a bootrepair it is a ISO with a persistent file I assume, Did it just stop booting all of sudden?01:56
urlin2uzingaro, Did you resize windows before the install or as part of it with ubuntu?01:57
DLabzno, I'm trying to clone the OS01:57
_cb/etc/network/interfaces only has the static ip, netmask and gateway but the server is still resolving names. how?01:57
zingaroive always had windows so i didnt mess with it01:57
DLabzurlin2u: Specs are same, exept that the hdd is a bit bigger on this one01:57
zingarothats the grub update01:57
urlin2uDLabz, beyond my pat rate sorry.01:57
holsteinzingaro: one of the windows ones will boot windows.. sometimes i find they can be mis-labeled01:58
zingaro@holstein how do i boot windows?01:59
holsteinzingaro: when you reboot the machine, you'll see a grub list.. you choose windows and boot it01:59
sansnumbersare you able to resize an extended partition using gparted from a livecd?01:59
zingarowhen i reboot i dont see the grub list?01:59
urlin2usansnumbers, yes02:00
sansnumbersurlin2: how?02:00
urlin2usansnumbers, turn the swap off though02:00
rick_im having trouble with ubuntu 11.10 when i try to open image file in the my paint program it opens the direcories but i cant find my images i know if i go into browser and click downloas they are thier so how do i open them in the my paint program02:01
urlin2usansnumbers, right click the swap partition and the resize.02:01
holsteinzingaro: check in gksudo gedit /etc/defaut/grub02:01
holstein!grub2 | zingaro02:01
ubottuzingaro: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:01
holsteinyou can refernce that as to what should be there, or paste it to a pastebin02:02
zingaro@holstein how to i see what is in gksudo gedit /ect/default/grub?02:02
sansnumbersurlin2: there's some unallocated space between two partitions preventing me from making it as small as possible02:02
sansnumbershow do i move it?02:03
rick_ im having trouble with ubuntu 11.10 when i try to open image file in the my paint program it opens the direcories but i cant find my images i know if i go into browser and click downloas they are thier so how do i open them in the my paint program02:03
its_meHi, is it true that Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will allow users to choose Unity or GNOME 3.x?02:03
holsteinzingaro: you can open a terminal, and run the command: gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub02:03
urlin2usansnumbers, we talked about this yesterday right? imagebin a screenshot of gparted.02:03
sansnumbersurlin2: i wasn't in here yesterday but okay02:04
holsteinrick_: *yes*... downloads will be in ~/Downloads just naviagte there :)02:04
zingaro@holstein http://pastebin.com/FqsjLANL02:04
urlin2usansnumbers, sometimes there will be a unallocated space that is rather small thts haow it goes.02:04
urlin2uthats how02:04
_TristanHi. I just got a new laptop and installed ubuntu alongside windows 7, but when I boot I just go straight to windows 7. What do?02:04
rick_when i open downloads it opens then the window turns light orange and i dont see any downloads thier02:05
urlin2u_Tristan, you boot the ubuntu cd or thumb, identify which please.02:05
its_me_Tristan : which did you install first?02:05
holsteinzingaro: i would change that from "#GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0" to "GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=8" ... removing the "#" and changing 0 to 8 or so02:05
its_me_Tristan : First Windows 7 and then Ubuntu I guess?02:05
sansnumbersurlin2u: http://imagebin.org/19815102:05
holsteinzingaro: then, you *must* run sudo update-grub again02:06
zingarowhy 8?02:06
zingaroand ok02:06
_Tristanit was fresh out of the box when I installed ubuntu, but windows as already on the drive02:06
_TristanI just hadn't gone through the install process02:06
_TristanI used a usb drive02:06
webirc1419hi im trying to adjust brightness of my laptop screen i tried the system settings  power settings there is no display brightness option there02:06
holsteinrick_: you dont see any downloads that that particular application can see/use.. sometimes at the bottom you can change it to search "all files and folders"02:06
rick_holstein: ok02:07
holsteinzingaro: 8 seconds.. again, you can refernce that wiki02:07
its_me_Tristan: I dont understand. Did you install Ubuntu or are you saying that the LiveCD is not booting and you are being taken straight to Windows 7/02:07
zingaro@holstein what line is that on?02:07
holsteini just know the options i mess with regularly zingaro02:07
_Tristanits_me: I installed ubuntu, but now when I boot to the hard drive it doesn't show grub, just windowws02:07
urlin2usansnumbers, right click the sda4 not in the top window but in the lines identifying the partitions then resize.02:07
holsteinzingaro: #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 to GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=802:08
its_me_Tristan: oh, weird.02:08
rick_holstein: that doesent help02:08
holsteinzingaro: and i would read the that wiki.. make sure you are "unhiding" grub02:08
zingarowait i think i know how to fic02:08
holsteinyou might want to change GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true02:08
urlin2usansnumbers, the sda4 is the container of sda5 it is on the edge of sda5 easier to just use the lines naming the partitikons.02:09
its_me_Tristan: Looks like you need to run boot repair. Follow this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows02:09
holsteinrick_: OK.. then ~/Downloads is empty or you are in the wrong place or there is an error, or a bug... try opening from the terminal... application /path/to/fil02:09
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its_me_Tristan: And before you do what I just said, install Ubuntu startupmanager ($ sudo apt-get install startupmanager / or / via Ubuntu software center) and see if you can solve it from there.02:11
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_Tristan"The boot of your PC is in EFI mode, but no EFI partition was detected. You may want to retry after creating a EFI partition (FAT32, >200Mo, start of the disk, EFI flag). Do you want to continue?" < WAT02:12
urlin2uits_me, startup manager will not change boot stanzs with kernel ujpdates as of about maverick.02:13
egaregaDoes anybody know how I can tweak my unity side bar behavior? I'm trying to disable mouse calls02:14
its_me_Tristan: hmm, no idea. Like I said, do this first as it's safer: install Ubuntu startupmanager ($ sudo apt-get install startupmanager / or / via Ubuntu software center) and see if you can solve it from there.02:14
urlin2u_Tristan, what Ubuntu release did you install?02:14
synapseegarega: right click -> preferences -> disable02:14
_Tristanurlin2u: latest02:14
rick_holstein: got it thanks i just went in threw main folder and right clicked it and used open with but then i had to rename it with .png on the end02:15
urlin2uits_me, if this is a oneriric or natty or maverick install a kernel upgrade will leave then unbootable.02:15
urlin2u_Tristan, don't install the starup manger.02:15
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doug_hello all02:16
doug_I need some help with an 11.10 partition that refuses to boot02:17
egaregaWhat's the problem you're having/02:17
urlin2u_Tristan, even better since you getting a uefi response this is not a noob area go to the ubuntu forums and start a thread.02:17
doug_I've had 11.10 on sda3 for a couple of months, and over time, the OS began to run slower and slower, to the point it will not boot...02:18
doug_I've run a SMART check, and all is ok02:18
urlin2udoug_, can you be more descriptive like if you have other OS's and what led to this.02:18
doug_I'm using my mythbuntu partition right now, which has no problems02:18
urlin2udoug_, is it ubuntu or mythbuntu?02:18
holsteindoug_: i would fsck it from a live CD02:18
_Tristanubuntu just needs this ext4 partition and linux swap, right? If I delete everything else and resize it to fit, then install grub, this will work right?02:19
_Tristan(I don't need windows)02:19
doug_I did that, and when I fsck the partition, it locks up with no results02:19
Ben64_Tristan: depends how you install grub02:19
holsteindoug_: i would troubleshoot that then...02:19
_TristanBen64: so how do I install grub02:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:20
its_me_Tristan: If you don't need Windows, you can re-install Ubuntu again on the whole hard disk, removing Windows entirely02:20
urlin2u_Tristan, the UEFI is aproblem that can be removed I believe02:20
Ben64_Tristan: or what its_me said02:20
doug_I've had this problem in the past... Would it matter if im running the HD on a GUID setup?02:20
urlin2uIf you want windows gone _Tristan02:20
devsysHey guys, quick question I am running ubuntu 11.10 server and want to make sure I have my web root secured. When I do a ps -aux | grep apache, I see that apache2 is running as user www-data. The confusing thing is if I do a ls -lah on /var/www, www-data is not listed as a user or group -- root is listed as the group. I checked /etc/groups and it isnt a member of the root group. The webserver works and serves files, just a little confused02:21
devsysIt's prettu much a outof the box install02:22
doug_if fsck is not working, how would I troubleshoot that?02:22
Ben64devsys: www-data doesn't need to own files to read them02:22
Ben64doug_: what is the error02:22
holsteindoug_: if fsck half-way worked, and stopped, or i thought it stopped, and i stopped it, i would expect some problems02:23
tigrangWhen I put my Samsung RV515 laptop to standby and resume, all I get is a black screen, no backlight. My dmesg log says "hash matches /build/buildd/linux-3.0.0/drivers/base/power/main.c:587" but theres no hash device for me to go on. Is there anything else I can do to debug this?02:23
flowerpotdoes ubuntu cache dns results locally by default in 11.10?02:24
egaregatigrang: what version are you using?02:24
holsteintigrang: i would try a different kernel.. you can usually test that from live CD's too02:24
tigrangegarega: 11.1002:24
tigrangcurrent kernel is 3.0.0-15-generic02:24
doug_Ben64_: when I try to boot the partition, I get nothing, just a blinking cursor. When I run fsck, the test locks up and I have to hard restart02:24
egaregaDid you get this with earlier kernels?02:24
Ben64doug_: run fsck with -v02:25
tigrangegarega: I had 3.0.0-12 before, didn't work. Havent tried any other02:25
bagels_Hi evrywun!02:25
doug_Ben64_:  Ill try that. Also, when I tried to do a rcovery, it came up with a kernel panic, a VFS error i believe02:26
holsteintigrang: i would want to try 10.04.. the last LTS (long term support)02:26
bagels_Does anyone know a way to burn an mp3 playlist into an mp3 data cd?  Looking on google doesn't give me much useful info.02:26
holsteinbagels_: an mp3 data CD is just that.. just the data files.. if you have the mp3's, just drag them over on a data layout in the order of the playlist02:27
tigrangholstein: can I just use the kernel version 10.04 uses? And do you know which one that is?02:27
bagels_holstein the point would be I make a playlist, then burn it without having to recreate the playlist by hunting through different folders to find the ding dang songs manually02:28
holsteintigrang: i wouldnt even bother with that.. i would literally load up the live CD and check.. but i usually take the hard drive out of machines like that and test from CD so i can force powerdown or whatever02:28
tigrangholstein: try puting the computer to sleep from the live cd?02:29
holsteinbagels_: right.. but the burner wont care about that playlist...02:29
bagels_holstein, you know how Brasero makes CD's from playlist?02:29
holsteintigrang: like i said, you can usually sleep from live CD's and test that just fine.. thats on my normal routine that i do with new machines02:30
holsteinbagels_: sure.. but not data discs from audio playlists AFAIK..02:30
tigrangholstein: ok, ill try02:30
bagels_holstein I'm looking to burn 3 hours on one disc.  I know brasero doesn't, but it's you know, a pain to sift through all your music folders02:30
bagels_I mean if anyone's got a better idea02:31
nelson_where is panish ubuntu??02:31
holsteinbagels_: if i did i would suggest it.. you can ask in #opensourcemusicians02:31
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:31
urlin2unelson_, ^^^02:31
bagels_holstein, there is no such channel, I just tried to /join #opensourcemusicians02:32
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holsteinbagels_: ill just paste it right from irssi 2:freenode/#opensourcemusicians02:33
bagels_all right now I'm confused.02:34
telnetterhi all. got a book from the library to learn from. it's a guide to ubuntu. but it's 8.04/8.10 version. Is this book too old, or will it still give me a good beginners guide to how this linux stuff works any how?02:34
negativebagels_:  type '/join #opensourcemusicians' in your status tab to join02:34
Ben64telnetter: its quite old02:34
holsteinbagels_: i just copied it right from my irssi window so i was sure not to typo.. you can cut and paste too.. im not an op so i cant invite you :/02:35
bagels_negative I did type it and I got this: * opensourcemusicians :No such channel02:35
telnetterBen64, is it not worth reading at all?02:35
Ben64telnetter: the linux stuff would still apply, but the ubuntu specific stuff won't be relevant most likely02:36
negativetelnetter: you would probably benefit more from a newer guide02:36
telnetterany recommendations for a book? I am recently unemployed, so funds are tight. thanx02:36
Ben64telnetter: what are you trying to learn02:37
negativetelnetter: what is your goal?02:37
webirc1419hi im trying to adjust brightness of my laptop screen i tried the system settings  power settings there is no display brightness option there. i've installed redshift for temporary relief02:37
doug_Ben64_: ok, fsck -v came back with "dev/sda3 contains a file system with errors. check forced." and then locked up.02:37
telnetterBen64, I want to learn how linux works. I am new at this but hope to learn it well enough to do scripting, and perhaps system admin type stuff. maybe it will help me get a better job.02:38
Ben64doug_: you sure it locked up? it won't always say things all the time02:38
doug_yes, i'm sure. the mouse stopped working as well02:38
holsteinbagels_: not sure what to tell you.. i pinged an op to have you invited.. i assure you im there..02:38
negativetelnetter: does your library have a subscription to SafariBooksOnline?02:39
holsteinbagels_: you need the #... /join #opensourcemusicians02:39
Ben64telnetter: google is a good place to find information, and pretty much any linux book would have good information02:39
telnetternegative, I can order books from the libary but it takes a week. If you guys can recommend a book, it may help better than just a google search.02:39
webirc1419is there a different ubuntu chan that might be able to help me?02:40
Ben64telnetter: order books? why not go to the library and grab some?02:40
telnetterBen64, my library had the ubuntu 8.x book, thats it!02:41
omit72hey all. im building a server for my home network on an eeepc1005hab using ubuntu server. im going to be installing to a 4GB sdhc card to allow easier swapping of the internal hard drive.  what is the appropriate amount of swap space to use for this build?02:41
doug_Ben64_: It seems every time I try to mount that partition from my other linux partition, it locks up as well. any ideas?02:41
Ben64telnetter: it doesn't have to be ubuntu02:41
negativetelnetter: Do you have any previous experience with programming? I'm looking at possible recommendations02:42
telnetternegative, I don't have any programming experience, no. I worked in tech support02:43
itgeohi, i created a file custom.menu how can i get the menu structure into my kmenu02:45
=== bagels_ is now known as bagel-Away
joosengeeanyone had the problem with ubuntu 11.1002:46
joosengeeI can't delete or save files on the external harddisk02:46
negativetelnetter: that's fine. if your goal is to get started with administration, you might want to request "Essential Linux® Administration: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners" (1-4354-5956-3)02:46
HeathHomeHey, how do I change PHP's ./configure when I installed using apt-get?02:46
subb1'Update Manager' shows nvidia driver updates which is not relevant for me. But every time manager is started, they come along in the list. How to remove such unwanted driver updates. (there is no nvidia ppa that i have added though)02:46
negativesubb1: what's the name of the package?02:47
joosengeesomeone help me please?02:47
itgeojoosengee: did you deleted your in graphic mode or from the terminale02:47
joosengeeas same about the terminate and graphic mode02:47
joosengeeBut if I used the ubuntu 12.0402:48
subb1negative, nvidia-173-modaliases, nvidia-93-modaliases, nvidia-current-modaliases.02:48
joosengeeit can?02:48
telnetternegative, thanks.02:48
joosengeeSomeone help me?02:49
subb1negative, gimp also comes along everytime. don't want that also.02:49
=== aaron is now known as Guest29133
itgeojoosengee:  try with sudo rm from the terminale02:49
joosengeesomeone have this problem.02:49
=== jtrucks is now known as skynet
joosengeeit 's also can delete.02:49
joosengeeit shone read only.02:49
=== skynet is now known as jtrucks
negativehave you tried apt-get clean autoclean?02:50
joosengeeBut now ubuntu 12.04 has so many bugs.02:50
joosengeeI can't use teamviewer run in that.02:51
bazhangjoosengee, #ubuntu+1 for that, NOT here02:51
joosengeeAnd can't install dropbox also.02:51
negativesubb1: did you 'apt-get clean autoclean'?02:52
subb1negative, no. I'll try02:53
subb1negative, they still appear02:54
negativesubb1: hm. what repository are they coming from?02:56
=== josh_wines is now known as joshwines
subb1negative, LP-PPA-ubuntu-x-swat-x-updates02:57
subb1negative, the nvidia comes from there02:57
negativesubb1: is there a reason you subscribed to that ppa?03:00
jed852Hello.  Am looking for some assistance with unpacking and installing a tar.bz2 for my new wireless adapter03:01
illidariI recently installed ubuntu and trying to pair a wii controller to the bluetooth and having little success. I got it to randomly work in wmgui in unbuntu but cant get it to work outside of wmgui. I can connect it fine on my windows 7 os , anyone have any suggestions?03:01
subb1negative: I think i added it during my radeon driver installation. its mentioned here > http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Lucid_Installation_Guide#Ubuntu_X_Team.27s_PPA03:02
jed852To be more specific I am installing a Alfa AWUS036NH wireless adapter.  I have blacklisted my integrated drivers which has me to where I am no longer being able to connect wifi.  I have attempted to unpack 2 seperate tar.bz2 files and execute make.  But when I execute make I get an error =/03:03
negativejed852: what error03:03
javierf_Hi! I installed rhythmbox in ubuntu 11.10 but it comes with no plugins (a month ago, when I installed it, it had many of them, like showing cover art). What can be happening? Someone knows how to install them=03:03
xanguajavierf_: F9 to show sidebar03:04
negativesubb1: well the easy way would be to just remove the ppa and then 'apt-get update' but it's not ideal03:05
javierf_xangua, ops, but sidebar is there all the time. But no cover art. If I go to plugins/extensions, there is nothing there, and I remember there used to be many of them03:05
jed852With this tarball I get a Linux 1 error.  cp: cannot create regular file '/tftpboot' : Permission denied03:05
subb1negative, I assume there is no way to specifically remove a package provided by PPAs?03:06
negativejed852: are you sudo?03:06
xanguajavierf_: then go to software center and install the plugins you want that are listed in rhythmbox03:06
javierf_xangua, I think something goes wrong in the instalation after I unistalled it once, because not I have no plugins, there is no indicator... I tried normal install and from repositories03:06
jed852ah I did not try sudo make03:06
jed852hrmm ok sudo make ran with no errors03:07
xangua!info rhythmbox-plugins | javierf_03:07
ubottujavierf_: rhythmbox-plugins (source: rhythmbox): plugins for rhythmbox music player. In component main, is optional. Version 2.90.1~20110908-0ubuntu1.2 (oneiric), package size 409 kB, installed size 1764 kB03:07
jed852lsmod not showing the module do i need to reboot?03:08
negativesubb1: in the way that you want, not as far as I know. you could always install and then apt-get remove them, but that's a pain03:09
javierf_xangua, thanks, they were there :) One more question. I would like to install third-party plugin coverflow, which normally is installed in .gnome2 folder. But my rythmbox version is 2.95, which is GTK3. Is there a problem then?03:10
xanguajavierf_: no idea about that plugin03:10
xanguagnome2 is dead... well at least no longer maintained03:11
javierf_xangua, ok. Just thought it might be for GTK2 not 3 if it's installed in .gnome2, but don't know if I'm wrong03:11
lotrpywhat about python 2, is it dead too.03:11
=== nate__ is now known as motherbrain
negativehi aaron_03:16
subb1negative, okay. thanks for help :)03:17
negativesubb1: no problem. good luck03:18
shafeeqeshow to install classic desktop in ubuntu 11.10 ??03:19
xangua!nounity | shafeeqes03:19
ubottushafeeqes: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic03:19
jed852So the one tar file went through with no errors using sudo make but still no wifi.  Tried rebooting, unplugging wifi adapter etc.  Try to run a sudo make on the other tarball which is the newer one and get errors during make.  Stuff like expected UCHAR ** but argument is of type 'UCHAR *"  also a Linux Error 203:20
jed852Warning : operation on 'Tab-> BssOverlapNR' may be undefined [-Wsequence-point]03:21
uponis there a nice ubuntu newb guide i can check out03:21
ubottuupon: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/03:22
holsteinupon: really depends on what you are doing... the wiki's are great.. i would try and get a task, and sort out the how-to's03:22
uponessentially, ive got this netbook -- it had windows 7 on it, couldnt open a web browser in under 3 min... put ubuntu on it -- got minecraft... now im here03:23
mikej2Anyone here used live-boot with Ubuntu? I'm having some problems with creating a network boot image with a plain chroot filesystem (squashfs just works).03:23
illidarianyone good with bluetooth in ubuntu, trying to connect wii controller and it fails to pair instantly03:24
skilzHey I have a question to ask, I installed 'tropic-gdm-theme' But the theme is still the same after rebooting?03:26
skilzits the default ubuntu background03:26
cfhowlettskilz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAEm7AjkCFE03:26
=== DerFIash is now known as DerFlash
xanguaskilz: ubuntu oneiric no longer uses gdm, you'd have to install gdm i guess03:27
skilzThis is what I am seeing... http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-sP03tOYz4v8/TjEX-mNrMvI/AAAAAAAAFi0/PLS0VUtgMIQ/s2000/gdm3_ubuntu_11.10_oneiric_ocelot.png03:27
skilzThats my login screen, what is that and how do I change it?03:28
skilzIt's really annoying me, I have been stuck on this for ages now03:28
Oerillidari, there is a tool wiican >> http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/wiccan-maps-your-wiimote-to-ubuntu-linux-for-remote-control/03:30
holsteinskilz: just enter your password and you'll be over it ;) ..try http://it-diary.com/linux/ubuntu-linux/tweak-ubuntu-11-10-login-screen-lightdm-manager/03:31
jed852Only thing confusing me in this tarball readme is it says to define the GCC and LD of the target machine.. What exactly does that mean?  I opened the specified file and located the GCC and LD section, but not sure what to enter03:31
Oerillidari, it is in softwarecentre, so no need for external download03:31
Yabdenthat wonderful feeling of cut up hands from old PC cases03:34
* satyanash looks at his bandages..03:34
amazingrandois there a way to rsync or scp to multiple systems at once if they have the same user/login?03:34
amazingrandoi want to send one new directory to several systems03:35
negativeamazingrando: if you're using keys, you could throw a bash script together pretty easily03:35
satyanashamazingrando, you re probably not the only one wanting to do that, running one command on several servers at the same time.. try googling, I'm sure you'll find it..03:36
amazingrandoi was looking for a shortcut so i wouldn't have to write a scripts, but i can do that03:36
amazingrandogoogling it has been a pain.  i always get answers for mulitple files, not multiple systems03:37
YabdenI recall that there is a specific way to do it, but I don't remember how03:37
amazingrandoyabden - do you remember which tool it was.  i can look through documentation if you know which03:37
Yabdensorry, I don't remember03:38
amazingrandonp, thx03:38
negativeamazingrando: there might very well be, but the script could simply be scp -r $1 <server1>; scp -r $1 <server2>; etc.03:38
negativeamazingrando: where $1 is the name of the folder you list as the first argument03:39
amazingrandothanks, i've been doing scp -r but I was hoping for something more elegant03:39
negativeI've been called many things, but elegant was never one of them :(03:40
amazingrandome either03:40
amazingrandoi'm doing it russian style - brute force03:40
meoblast001i'm using the gnome-classic session, and accidentally put a link in my top bar03:41
meoblast001the problem is, when i right click it, there's no remove option03:41
xanguameoblast001: alt+drag, or something like that03:41
meoblast001oh, alt+right click03:42
meoblast001xangua: thanks :)03:42
xsinicklaptopis that alt+right on the main menu03:43
xsinicklaptoptool bar03:43
meoblast001i just did that on the item i wanted to remove03:43
meoblast001seems you can remove an entire toolbar that way03:43
meoblast001if you select the toolbar03:44
xsinicklaptopanyone used blender on a dual screen?03:47
guest-sRaXrrHi, is there a channel I can ask about programs like John?03:47
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=== aaron is now known as Guest52588
linociscolhi all03:59
linociscois anyone using ubuntu-server on vbox?03:59
holsteinlinocisco: i have... i had "fakebook" at a school where they couldnt use facebook :)04:00
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
linociscoholstein, what is the purpose of fakebook with my question?04:01
holsteinlinocisco: i just thought i would elaborate a bit rather than just saying "yes"04:01
=== jlen is now known as monstercookie
mavrick95people, please, i need help for the following issue: after purging fglrx and xorg, tryiing to solve the black screen issue, i reboot the computer but it again goes to black screen after ubuntu splash. please...04:05
holsteinmavrick95: see if there is an xorg.conf in /etc/X11... try the recovery console04:05
urlin2uholstein, hehe you said fakebook. ;)04:06
holsteinurlin2u: :) ...it was ubuntuserver with wordpress running the buddypress plugin04:06
urlin2uholstein, yeah, when I hear fakebook I think of another actual compositions book.04:08
linociscowho has experience using ubuntu server on virutal box?04:08
holsteinlinocisco: i do..04:08
linociscoholstein, host is linux or windows?04:09
holsteinlinocisco: i have done both04:09
holsteini have not done the headless vbox yet though04:09
linociscoholstein,  I am going to install vbox on windows XP , will host ubuntu-server on it04:09
holsteinurlin2u: ond of the kids came up with the name, and didnt know about the jazz fakebooks at all04:09
holsteinlinocisco: sure.. congratulations!04:10
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
urlin2uholstein, ;)04:10
linociscoholstein, i hope you could kindly guide me or suggest me in case i need help.04:10
holsteinlinocisco: sure.. theres not much to it... you just install Vbox, and its got a rather clear GUI... download the server iso and go for it.. you'll likely want to read about the netorking so the guest OS gets a normal IP from the router or gateway... thats bridged i believe04:11
monstercookiealias foobar='ls'; echo 'type foobar' > ~/__Z.sh; sh ~/__Z.sh <--produces an error, why?04:12
verdavI am such a new newbie that I've gotta to ask how in heck in Ubuntu 11.1 do I adjust the theme, color of my folers, headers, font size etc ?04:12
linociscoholstein, default is NAT. I thought.04:12
holsteinlinocisco: thats why i mentioned it.. that setting *wont* get you an IP from the gateway.. you wont be able to easily forward ports to the guest as if it were on the actually network04:13
linociscoholstein, that is why vboxonly host adapter04:14
KatronixHi all, I'm looking for a version of NAnt that is for linux and is version .86 or higher. So far I have only found one that requires Windows or Mono, can someone suggest where I should look?04:14
holsteinlinocisco: its just a loose suggestion to review the documentation on netorking.. seems like you know what you are doing04:15
linociscoholstein, yes. as our office is only allowing windows machine, i m thinking to use/try/test ubuntu server on vbox04:16
kindkidFinally found a ridiculous solution to my problem. I was trying to find a way to boot any of the cloud images (http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/releases/11.10/release/) in VirtualBox. Kept getting errors related to ahci module. Solution: In addition to using the -floppy file as a CD iso, I also mounted the .vdi image (converted from .img using VBoxManage) on… the IDE controller instead of the SATA controller. I removed the SATA04:16
trismverdav: install gnome-tweak-tool, although it only has control for the themes and fonts, not colors like the old appearance settings04:16
batbratHi. I've run into some trouble using my external HDD with ubuntu. I was wondering if someone here could help me troubleshoot.04:17
batbratAlso, if this is the wrong thing to ask on this channel, please do let me know where I can get some help. I'll provide specifics as soon as I'm sure this isn't considered off topic on this channel.04:19
negativebatbrat: what's the probalem04:19
rf5hi guys im trying to activate the http of my server but im in trouble. i already instaled the apache2 what else should i do04:19
batbratMy external HDD, Seagate, 500MB USB drive doesn't show up in Nautilus. The drive LED is blinking. lsusb shows the disk alright04:19
batbratI tried sudo mount -l and that doesn't show it either04:20
holsteinKatronix: you can look for PPA's04:20
holsteinrf5: is this a desktop as well? can you navigate to localhost and see it? can you see it locally with the IP address?04:20
negativebatbrat: when you plug in, does it show in your /media ?04:20
batbratAh! Didn't check. Give me a second to see if it is in /media04:21
darksmurfAny way to configure, via command line, wlan0 without iwconfig?04:21
rf5its a online server. im able to wget stuff tho, but i wanna use it to host some stuff04:21
rf5holstein: i just have ssh access to it04:21
batbratThe only thing on my /media is apt. On an aside, the drive LED is now glowing steady, like it usually does whuen it is working04:21
holsteinrf5: see that apache is running... you'll need port 80 open... other than that, try #ubuntu-server04:22
batbratnegative: I'm sure my other drives will show up on /media once mounted.04:23
batbratThis one doesn't04:23
batbratDefinitely doesn't show up.04:23
rf5in the ps its showing apache04:23
negativebatbrat: hm. and the drive definitely works on other systems?04:24
* batbrat keeps his fingers crossed04:24
wildbatanyone know is there is way to set persistent cache for SSHFS say i preconfg the cache on disk 100M?04:24
batbratWell, I just checked on another machine04:24
batbratDoesn't work there04:24
batbratI literally just tested it there. Ouch CRC failed04:24
batbratnegative: I don't know if this is a hardware issue or not, but I know that the CRC cheksum being wrong is bad04:25
batbratnegative: Also, that machine kept trying to get me to format it. Any ideas on how to work around this and recover my data? I suspect that the partition table may be dead. Windows box - says that hte file system is "RAW"04:26
negativebatbrat: the fact that it's not working on the other system and the checksum is wrong seems to point to hardware04:26
batbratnegative: In that case, I had better recover my data. I have no idea how to go about that though. Any advise?04:26
negativewhat filesystem, btw?04:27
batbratnegative: I think it was NTFS originally.04:27
rf5hi guys im trying to activate the http of my server but im in trouble. i already instaled the apache2 what else should i do, im running it in a virtual server.04:27
holsteinrf5: you'll need to check with you host about the port 80 access04:28
rf5how do i check in iptables if the port 80 is blocked?04:28
negativebatbrat: since it's NTFS, do you have access to a windows machine?04:28
holsteinrf5: if you know what firewall, you can add a rule.. sudo ufw allow 80 or whatever04:28
batbratThere is also the minute possibility that it was FAT32. That is rather unlikely though. It's been a while since I used this drive. But it has absolutely vital data. It's my backup drive. My original copy of the data is beyond recovery at the moment and through no fault of my own.04:28
batbratYes, I do have access to a windows machine.04:29
skilzHow can I install old GDM?04:29
skilzThe one that supports themes and ubuntu tweak?04:29
holsteinskilz: maybe you want ubuntu 10.0404:30
holsteinthough, ive been told tweak can really break things04:30
batbratholstein, skilz: Out of curiousity, what is tweak. I don't think I've used it before.04:31
negativebatbrat:  data recovery in this context is not something I'm really comfortable with. My best advice is to try mounting it on a windows machine. sorry, wish I could be of more help04:31
mavrick95holstein: hi, i have checked and ther is no xorg.con file in /etc/X1104:31
holsteinbatbrat: think of it like a GUI for all kinds of tweaking... PPA's, package purges... things that can break other things for sure04:31
mavrick95holstein: hi, i have checked and there is no xorg.conf file in /etc/X1104:31
batbratnegative: Ah! I've tried that and run into a host of issues.04:31
batbratholstein: Thanks04:31
batbratnegative: I mean I tried it now. I ran into issues mounting, then into issues running chkdsk04:32
batbratnegative: Thanks for the help anyway.04:32
holsteinmavrick95: OK... so, you can put one there forcing the vesa driver... you can try the recovery console04:32
mavrick95holstein: i had already deleted it while booting from liveUSB04:32
goddardwhats the best video converter and what is the smalest04:33
skilzVirtual packages like 'gdm3' can't be removed04:33
mavrick95holstein: i can access  my hard drive via liveUSB, and then create an xorg.conf in the folder /etc/X11 , but i dont know what instructions to write in it so the standard drivers are loaded04:33
holsteinmavrick95: i usually get a knoppix live CD, load that up, and copy the xorg.conf from it... editing as needed... but you should also be able to create one from the recovery console04:34
=== Gskellig is now known as gskellig|mobile
mavrick95holstein: i did not understand.  in the filesystem of the liveUSB (when i select to run the OS from the USB drive) there is no /etc/X11/Xorg.conf file, so I can not just copy from there to my hard drive04:37
goddardanyone home?04:37
mavrick95holstein: do you know any other way? i mean, can i download a "healthy" xorg.conf file and place it there?04:38
holsteinmavrick95: correct.. thats why i say, you can use the recovery console to create one, or like i do, get a knoppix live CD and copy it from there04:38
holsteinmavrick95: i have found them occasionally by google searching the card name04:38
negativegoddard: what are you converting to and from?04:38
zivesterwhats the command to to show package versions... i know `sudo apt-cache search packagename` but how do i also display the version?04:39
=== dduffey is now known as dduffey_afk
PupuserHello, Linux noob here. Does anyone know if I can use wubi to install any other ubuntu distro or remix, like server, or one I configure myself?04:44
negativePupuser: It's doable to use wubi with ubuntu server, but not recommended.04:46
holsteinPupuser: yeah, you'd be better off with virtualbox04:47
holsteinassuming you have the resources... i should say04:47
ubuntu-0854keep the puppy!04:47
negativeyou could also use VMware04:48
Pupuserok, but I can use it for a customized remix that I create from my own install?04:49
negativePupuser: I'm not sure what you mean by customized remix04:50
EvilResistancenegative, i think he wants to have a customized version of the installer for wubi...04:51
holsteinif you have the resources, you can virtualize whatever you like in Vbox or VMware04:52
ubuntu-0854Pupuser,  Just burn a customized iso and boot04:52
PupuserSo, if I install ubuntu, remove and add packages, change settings, etc., can I then save that to an ISO or live cd to use elsewhere?04:52
negativeyou can save it in your vmware virtualbox install04:52
negative*vmware OR vbox (two different things)04:53
ubuntu-0854Pupuser, ya but ya goota use software to get it all saved right04:53
ubuntu-0854Pupuser, If it where slackware like puppy you could just mod it up.  ubuntu works off dkpg04:53
ubuntu-0854custom hardware settings etc04:54
negativePupuser: maybe I'm misunderstanding you. Are you using this on only one machine, or do you want to take it to others as well?04:54
mpabsti notice that when i go to sound settings (11.10), i can increase the main volume past 100%. is there a way i can permanently set "100%" to be higher?04:55
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as Gskellig
PupuserI would like to make changes, then save them to a disk I can then use to boot up or install from, with everything the same, on different machines, or to give to other people.04:56
ramstahi, what are some alternatives to skype?04:56
holsteinPupuser: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization04:56
ubuntu-0854pup you can used isomaster to add packages to the download file and run a quick script to dkpg04:56
mavrick95holstein: i followed the following commands while in root terminal during recovery mode: "X -configure" and "cp /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf". Rebooted, but the black screen continues...04:57
negativeramsta: you could try QuteCom http://trac.qutecom.org/04:57
mavrick95holstein: to have or not an xorg.conf file makes little difference, imho.04:58
holsteinmavrick95: you can try forcing the vesa driver there though... in the driver section... change it to vesa04:58
PupuserI'm completely new to Linux, don't know too much about scripting and stuff.04:58
mavrick95holstein: i am not an advanced user, i dont know where and how to do that04:59
roastedhello! Can someone explain to me what happens with Ubuntu populating host names of samba machines on the network? Reason I ask is my HTPC has a samba share. If I go on my mac immediately after booting up and do smb://htpc, it works fine. On my ubuntu laptop, nope. I HAVE to use IP address. Why is that?04:59
=== grap3_ap3 is now known as what
linociscohi i want to install vbox on ubuntu without internet04:59
mavrick95holstein: that is why i need help from the ubuntu official channel04:59
skilzHow can I remove gdm3?04:59
=== what is now known as grap3_ap3
linociscoi have downloaded .deb file. but installation not ok04:59
skilzVirtual packages like 'gdm3' can't be removed04:59
skilz0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.04:59
skilzI done sudo apt-get remove gdm305:00
holsteinmavrick95: it'll be pretty obvious though... the driver section... just change it to vesa.. and this *is* the official channel05:00
mister2anybody know a utility to print a file tree to a text file?05:00
urlin2ulinocisco, you can download the deb a virtualbox I believe05:00
linociscourlin2u, i tried to install with that05:00
PupuserI saw that Puppy has a way to save everything like that, but it's too limited. was wanting to do the same thing with ubuntu...05:00
linociscourlin2u, not ok05:00
urlin2ulinocisco, what happened?05:00
flyback3 years+ and they still can't fix the volume profile for dell precision m9005:00
flybackat this rate I will get laid first and I am 3805:01
linociscourlin2u,  i could not find in software center or apps. mine is 11.1005:01
negativePupuser: have you taken a look at http://uck.sourceforge.net/?05:01
negativePupuser: * http://uck.sourceforge.net/05:01
bazhangflyback, thats not appropriate for here05:01
mavrick95holstein: i can not get to the desktop, unless in text mode, and i am sincerely not understanding where i can find the drivers section05:01
urlin2ulinocisco, install gdebi and uuse it to install with05:01
mister2hrm, internet issues or dead channel?05:01
flybackneither is bug fixing apprentely05:01
bazhang!bugs | flyback file one then05:01
ubottuflyback file one then: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:01
urlin2ulinocisco, you have no internet at all with the computer05:02
linociscourlin2u, gdebi and install with it using internet?05:02
flybackit's been long files by many people05:02
linociscourlin2u, right no internet with ubuntu computer05:02
flybackno one seems to care05:02
urlin2ulinocisco, not sure then.05:02
flybackso I am just writing it off at this point05:02
linociscourlin2u,  i m thinking to download complete installer from windows machine at work now i m using and take it home and install in on my ubuntu computer05:02
holsteinmavrick95: in that xorg.conf file we were discussing.. you can open it ... gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf then look for the drivers section and change it to vesa05:02
Pupuserthat UCK looks like it might do the trick. Thank you! :)05:03
bazhangflyback, thats your choice. this is not the complaints channel, but the troubleshooting channel05:03
flybackyeah doesn't really matter anymore05:03
mavrick95holstein: ok, i will try that now. i just hope that the xorg.conf file i created is not empty :/05:03
flybackadding this to the things in life I have given up on, including life itself05:03
=== vega is now known as Guest97996
holsteinmavrick95: you can also grab them from the live CD's like knoppix or puppy.. i like that becuase i can see that it is working when i grab it05:04
urlin2ulinocisco, I tried looking for a tar.gz that would make it straight forward, I don't see one but there may be one on the web if you look.05:06
mavrick95holstein: yeah, me too. i think it is kinda because i came from windowsXP OS, so i tend to trust more when i drag and drop.05:06
linociscourlin2u, installing with tarball is offline. but I dont know where to extract05:07
urlin2ulinocisco, it would just be a cd make install I assume05:07
CivilDoes anybody knows if ubuntu lucid's initrd can understand root on nested lvm?05:08
linociscourlin2u, for exammple , if i got vbox.tgz., i put it on desktop generally, but when I run to extract, where should I put or extract to?05:08
roastedhello! Can someone explain to me what happens with Ubuntu populating host names of samba machines on the network? Reason I ask is my HTPC has a samba share. If I go on my mac immediately after booting up and do smb://htpc, it works fine. On my ubuntu laptop, nope. I HAVE to use IP address. Why is that?05:08
urlin2ulinocisco, I just download the deb to downloads it is in Downloads and with a right click open with the ubuntu softwrae center it is there ready for reinstall I have it already.05:09
urlin2ulinocisco, I think the deb will work to be honest with the softwrae center, not sure of the problems you had.05:10
skilz0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 7 not upgraded.05:10
skilzHow can I remove gdm3?05:10
skilzHow can I remove gdm3?05:10
skilzI done sudo apt-get remove gdm305:10
FloodBot1skilz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:10
skilzVirtual packages like 'gdm3' can't be removed05:11
holsteinskilz: maybe try synaptic05:12
negativeskilz: is it a .deb?05:12
mavrick95holstein: i opened it and there are two "section 'device'": in the firt one the driver is "fbdev" and the other is actually the "vesa" one, but i tried reboot and the black screen issue continues05:13
negativeskilz: actually, disregard. have you tried 'dpkg -r gdm3' ?05:13
AfdalHello, I'm trying to install Xubuntu and I'm having trouble getting GRUB Loader to install.05:13
negativeAfdal: what's the problem?05:14
holsteinmavrick95: not sure what to tell you.. if you specify the vesa driver properly it has to work05:14
AfdalI'm running on a hardware RAID0 partition05:14
Afdaland I keep running into this fatal error05:14
=== charles__ is now known as charles_____
AfdalExecuting 'grub-install /dev/sda' failed.05:14
AfdalExecuting 'grub-install /dev/mapper/etcetc/' failed.05:14
Afdal/dev/sda isn't a real partition and I can choose other ones05:15
Afdalbut it gives the same error05:15
goddardnegative: im trying to convert some wmv and mov files05:16
goddardi found ffmegg05:16
goddardthat seems to convert the suckers05:17
goddardbut the quality it spits out is horrible05:17
goddardim trying to get the quality to stay about the same but smaller file size05:17
negativegoddard: are you specifying a bitrate?05:18
goddardnegative: im new to this whole thing so any advice is welcome05:18
negativewhen you call ffmpeg, you can use the '-b' switch to specify the bitrate05:19
negativehigher bitrate -> higher quality05:19
goddardit says if i set a bit rate i have to specify buffer05:20
goddardhow do i know what these should be?05:20
Civilgoddard: try to read about x264 and it's parameters. In theory you can acheive high quality and small video size, but your enconding performance will be slow...05:20
bazhangskilz, are you trying to remove gnome3-session?05:20
Bsimsany beefs with sandybridge on a current Natty?05:20
urlin2ulinocisco, so I got virtualbox to reinstall from the downloaded deb in the software center.05:20
negativecan you show us how you call ffmpeg?05:21
bazhangBsims, check launchpad for bugs05:21
goddardnegative: i was just reading the man page05:21
Bsimsbazhang: did, all are from a year ago05:21
goddardnegative: whats a good bit rate to try?05:21
AfdalIs there a channel for GRUB loader...05:21
goddardCivil: ok05:22
skilzbazhang, I want to remove the login manage so I can use the original gdm05:22
negativeAfdal: have you checked out this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID ?05:22
skilzand set themes05:22
urlin2ulinocisco, hars to say if there was a download at the same time I didn't look at the downloads in conky, but the deb installs with gdebi generally when  use it, I suspect you have dependencies missing.05:22
Bsimsme is thinking a boring intel branded mb as its the vanilla option and one can assume drives will be there if anywhere05:22
Bsimser drivers05:22
AfdalNo I haven't05:22
bazhangskilz, what version of ubuntu are you on05:22
AfdalMy RAID0 is a hardware RAID05:23
skilz11.10 I think05:23
negativeAfdal: ah right, you said that. Sorry!05:23
negativegoddard: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bit_rate#Video might be of interest too05:24
roastedhello! Can someone explain to me what happens with Ubuntu populating host names of samba machines on the network? Reason I ask is my HTPC has a samba share. If I go on my mac immediately after booting up and do smb://htpc, it works fine. On my ubuntu laptop, nope. I HAVE to use IP address. Why is that?05:24
goddardnegative: thanks ill look into this stuff05:25
jamesmk2003does anybody know how to shrink (make tinner) this funnny bar on a left? I want to shave it a bit look childish so big.05:25
zgris it possible to find out what program created certain directory inside my ~/? Audiobooks for example05:26
urlin2ujamesmk2003, install the compiz cofig setttings manager if you mean in unity and use its plugin.05:27
no1homeroasted: you could add the IP address to /etc/hosts on your laptop.05:27
mavrick95holstein: i did. i am serious man, this ubuntu problem is draining my life force... really, i've been coming here for the past three days straight and i feel that every time i get close to solve, it doesn't... very frustrating.05:27
silareIs there a good Rational UML equivalent on Linux?05:28
roastedno1home: that's not the point. The point is mac can resolve hostnames, ubuntu can't. I want to figure out why.05:28
mavrick95holstein: maybe it is time to blame something else for the black screen issue, maybe the amd64 alternate i downloaded right before the crash?05:28
=== Chat8859 is now known as Ineedhelpwiththi
urlin2umavrick95, how long you been running ubuntu now?05:29
no1homeroasted: ok understood, thought you were looking for a quick fix.05:29
urlin2uor any open source mavrick9505:29
roastedno1home: no, I can use the ip and get t to work, I just dont understand why its not.05:30
IneedhelpwiththiGuys I need a little help05:30
bazhangIneedhelpwiththi, with what05:30
IneedhelpwiththiWell, I get an error message that says05:30
mavrick95urlin2u: when it crashed, i was running ubuntu with little issues for about 2 months (first time using linux on homePC)05:30
goddardCivil: hah i use it to convert a video and now it is super fast haha05:31
Civilgoddard: if you need both quality and size you should play a lot with it's parameters05:31
urlin2umavrick95, I would say that some things take a while and if it is just a matter of understanding rather tehn a software or hardware problem, you willl unlikely forget how to do it in the end.05:32
Ineedhelpwiththi'E:type'ain is not known on line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Ubuntu-wine-ppa-natty.list'05:32
Civilyou can make good quality but very slow encoding (~0.1x real time or even slower, if you want)05:32
urlin2umavrick95, I have been lucky all my computers run on drivers installed in the install.05:32
bazhangIneedhelpwiththi, please pastebin that section of sources.list.d05:33
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: what's the first line in your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Ubuntu-wine-ppa-natty.list say?05:33
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
IneedhelpwiththiIt says "ain"05:33
IneedhelpwiththiIt won't let me edit it out05:33
bazhangIneedhelpwiththi, pastebin it please05:34
IneedhelpwiththiWhat's that mean?05:34
negativeto edit files in /etc you need sudo. can you stick it on pastebin so we can see the whole file?05:34
urlin2umavrick95, not sure any of that helps, but it took me 6 months to understand what to not delete, I removed the whole home file at one point lol.05:34
mavrick95urlin2u: the thing is that i messed a little bit with synaptic, trying to get better drivers for my video card, and then "black screen"! it doesn't even tell me what is wrong.05:34
negativepost it here http://pastebin.com/05:34
IneedhelpwiththiWell, let me explain05:35
urlin2umavrick95, were the stock drivers working or what you had?05:35
IneedhelpwiththiMy computer will not connect to the Internet, even with 5 bars wifi, using that error as an excuse05:35
goddardCivil: crazy stuff this encoding im gonna have to learn more about it05:35
IneedhelpwiththiI'm using IrC on my phone05:36
Civilgoddard: you can use some of x264 params from ffmpeg05:36
jeeves_mosshow can I delete a secure parition on a 32Gb MicroSD card?  I keep getting this http://pastebin.com/L8RLjrCF and I can't delete or access it05:36
Civilit maybe a bit easier05:37
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: did you try commenting out the first line?05:37
mavrick95urlin2u: it was working ok, even with fglrx still in, it messed up bad, i GUESS, after i downloaded amd64 alternate05:37
IneedhelpwiththiHow do I do that negative?05:37
mavrick95i download a lot of things from synaptic, and one of them was that05:38
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: make the first character of the line a #05:38
IneedhelpwiththiIt won't let me type on it05:39
mavrick95can i copy the standard drivers to my hd from a liveUSB, or i have to use your knoppix?05:39
urlin2umavrick95, so you have alive cd right, back it up what you need to save and reinstall it. Now that is what I do I have everything cloned so I weigh the reinstall time with fixing and go with the shortest time.05:39
negativeyou need to be sudo05:39
IneedhelpwiththiHow do I get to sudo05:40
urlin2umavrick95, just a how I react, I'm not always interested in where I messed up but having a working OS, but thats me. I rarely mess up the OS now though.05:40
mavrick95urlin2u: i still feel that the damage is too little to reinstall the OS again...05:40
rubst3rhello all!05:41
mavrick95urlin2u: i still feel that i can "heal" it, i just dont know how! lol05:41
bentkushow do you mess up your OS?05:41
urlin2umavrick95, cool that is your prerogative but the frustration is what I avoid your stronger then I would be.05:41
Fudgeanyone know a mailing list or channel where i can discuss fglrx problems i am having?05:41
mavrick95bentkus: downloading proprietary drivers... :/05:41
IneedhelpwiththiGuys how do I get to sudo?05:42
bentkuswhy do you need them?05:42
urlin2u!sudo | Ineedhelpwiththi05:42
ubottuIneedhelpwiththi: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo05:42
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: oh I thought you were in command line05:42
mavrick95bentkus: ati video cards run better with proprietary05:42
bentkuso ati05:43
bentkuspoor guy05:43
IneedhelpwiththiCommand line is the same as terminal right?05:43
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: yeah, are you in the terminal?05:43
mavrick95bentkus: hey, ati's are good gpus! lol05:43
urlin2umavrick95, I will say in watching your situation you have had some of the best help on this channel.05:43
IneedhelpwiththiNow I am05:43
bentkuswith shitty linux support05:43
bentkusnvidia are no heroes, but ati sucks evenmore05:43
jeeves_mosshow can I delete a secure parition on a 32Gb MicroSD card?  I keep getting this http://pastebin.com/L8RLjrCF and I can't delete or access it05:43
negativeok what text editor are you using?05:43
presonic tryin to get a screen shot of a teriminal window , 11.1005:44
conductorsso, i just opened the terminal and typed 'wine'05:44
skilzjeeves_moss, gparted05:44
conductorsand now im downloading and installing wine?05:44
IneedhelpwiththiI went to applications>accessories>terminal05:44
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: actually, disregard. type 'sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Ubuntu-wine-ppa-natty.list' that will open up an editor so you can edit the file05:44
urlin2ujeeves_moss, you have gparted installed do it with that.05:45
jamesmk2003I want to change icons to smaller in 11.10 i am in compizconf set manager nothing is changing05:45
bentkuspresonic just make a screenshot of the entire window05:45
jeeves_mossskilz, doesn’t see it!!  hence why I'm here.  I can't see it in Windows or in Linux05:45
presonicbentkus: how?05:45
presonicscreen print?05:45
jeeves_mossurlin2u, all I want is to delete or overwrite the parition, etc05:45
urlin2ujeeves_moss, not sure of your definition of a secure partition though.05:45
bentkusjust google it05:45
jamesmk2003i am in unity plugin05:45
mavrick95urlin2u: aand i thank YOU very much, because much of that help came from you!05:46
IneedhelpwiththiNow it's empty05:46
jeeves_mossurlin2u, the card was in a Windows Mobile 7 phone.  They use the "secure" feature on the SD card, and now I can't kill the partition on it05:46
negativewait what05:46
mavrick95and also ActionParsnip and Dr_willis helped me a lot05:46
urlin2umavrick95, I would not consider the better helper in this channel though I'm just a poser really. :)05:47
IneedhelpwiththiNow it's empty05:47
negativeWas there only that one line in the file?05:47
urlin2ujeeves_moss, there a switch on the card?05:47
IneedhelpwiththiYes, but I don't see anything now05:47
jeeves_mossurlin2u, nope, it's a microSD05:47
negativeare you sure you typed in the right filename?05:48
conductorsis there a nice guide for getting familiar with the terminal?05:48
urlin2ujeeves_moss, hmm you might try the ##windows or ##linux channel or call MS .05:48
conductors(zero programming exp)05:48
IneedhelpwiththiIt says in the terminal that I failed05:49
jeeves_mossurlin2u, I'm tempted to take it back to the store and "claim" it's dead.  I can get out of Linux is from DMESG "[sdd] Attached SCSI removable disk"05:49
negativeIneedhelpwiththi:  what did it say?05:49
mavrick95t one noob questiobfor i leave for the day: do i have to format my whole hdd in order to install the ubuntu 11.10 OS again, or is it possible to overwrite the OS while leaving the personal files intact?05:49
mavrick95*just one noob question before i leave for the day: do i have to format my whole hdd in order to install the ubuntu 11.10 OS again, or is it possible to overwrite the OS while leaving the personal files intact?05:50
urlin2ujeeves_moss, have you tried a windows computer  http://www.ehow.com/how_7460866_partition-micro-sd.html05:51
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: If there was just that one line "ain" in there, you'd might as well just delete it "sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Ubuntu-wine-ppa-natty.list"05:51
Ineedhelpwiththi2 things ,(gedit:3869):Gtk-WARNING **: attempting to store changes into '/root/local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed, no such directory05:51
jeeves_mossurlin2u, yep,  but shhhhhhh, don't tell anyone I work in a M$ shop.  I'll loose my Linux cred05:52
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: Did you try removing it yet?05:52
urlin2ujeeves_moss, lol. :)05:52
IneedhelpwiththiI didn't let me05:53
jeeves_mossurlin2u, I'm one of the "elders"05:53
IneedhelpwiththiIt won't let me edit05:53
djanikïðèâåò âñåì, íàðîä ïîäñêàæèòå êàê èìïîðòèðîâàòü/ýêñïîðòèðîâàòü ïîëüçîâàòåëåé â ubuntu05:53
jeeves_mossurlin2u, <hangs head in shame>05:53
IneedhelpwiththiOne thing I can edit has nothing, and the other one with ain I can't edit05:53
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: Try just removing it: "sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Ubuntu-wine-ppa-natty.list"05:53
crizzy_anyone remember what was the trick for restoring grub splash back to default? (gnome metapackages install debian grub splash)05:53
urlin2ujeeves_moss, most on here that have any skills know windows as well, they work in the industry or started on windows originaly I suspect, personally I started on open source then learned some windows.05:54
jeeves_mossurlin2u, I started with hardware hacking "degree in electronics", then Windows05:55
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: did you do it? Now run "sudo apt-get update"05:56
IneedhelpwiththiI'll do the same for the other05:57
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: the same for the other what?05:57
Ineedhelpwiththiyay it worked!!!!05:57
negativeok good05:57
negativeall set?05:57
IneedhelpwiththiIT WORKED05:58
bentkusit always works05:58
IneedhelpwiththiOk. One last thing05:59
mavrick95i disconnectede, so i dont know if anyone responded:*just one noob question before i leave for the day: do i have to format my whole hdd in order to install the ubuntu 11.10 OS again, or is it possible to overwrite the OS while leaving the personal files intact?05:59
IneedhelpwiththiHow do I triforce?05:59
IneedhelpwiththiPeople keep telling me I can't triforce05:59
negativeIneedhelpwiththi: Hahaha well played. I'll leave that to the others. I'm off to bed06:00
IneedhelpwiththiPeople keep calling me newfag06:00
IneedhelpwiththiAnd say I can't triforce06:00
IneedhelpwiththiHow do I triforce?06:01
urlin2uIneedhelpwiththi, please be careful with using pejoratives aimed at oppressed groups. :)06:02
cloudgeeki am using ubuntu server and running ubuntu in virtualbox but vm machine ubuntu didn't have intrenet but on system intenet is workign what to do now06:02
IneedhelpwiththiUrlin2u, people keep saying newfags can't triforce. How do I triforce?06:03
urlin2u!language | Ineedhelpwiththi06:04
ubottuIneedhelpwiththi: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:04
cloudgeekIneedhelpwiththi:  what us Triforce06:04
IneedhelpwiththiHow do I triforce?06:04
bazhangIneedhelpwiththi, that has ZERO to do with ubuntu support. please stop06:05
IneedhelpwiththiSorry. Where do I go to find out?06:05
bazhangIneedhelpwiththi, not here.06:05
IneedhelpwiththiOk. Sorry06:06
cloudgeekin virtual box how to fix intenet is not workign there06:08
cloudgeekanybody can help06:08
cloudgeekvm os is ubuntu06:08
cloudgeekand main host os also ubuntu06:08
somsipcloudgeek: try swapping NIC type from NAT to bridged or vice-versa?06:09
Blueshiftgoog morning all06:09
Blueshift* good06:09
crizzy_to answer myself is someone wonders: uninstalling 'desktop-base' removes debian grub screen06:09
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
cloudgeeksomsip: how to do that i am new , i open vm ubuntu and try to update that then it is showing no connection06:10
cloudgeeki am using iptable too on my host06:10
somsipcloudgeek: shutdown the VM, go into setting for the VM, look at the Netwlr connection type, change it06:11
tapouton the 11 with unity, does it use 'grid' properly.. winkey+left/right calculates half screen and puts the app there?06:11
BlueshiftI was wondering if there was anyone skilled in dovecot authentication in UBU LTS 10.04.3 lts06:11
BlueshiftI am really drawing a blank here06:12
=== gloscon is now known as khyati
Blueshiftif there is anyone skilled in dovecot authentication in UBU LTS 10.04.3 lts please PM me, I would really appreciate some guidance!06:14
urlin2ucrizzy_, why didn'y you use the minimal or server install in the first place?06:14
lotuspsychjewhats dovecot06:14
silareHi guys, I'm stuck on getting Gaphor to run. I keep getting errors from Python.06:15
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dovecot Blueshift06:15
Paetusso, i installed a .msi via wine, the program is installed, but when i click on it -- the icon pulsates for a moment, and then it doesn't open -- no error message, nothing... whats up?06:16
bazhangPaetus, check the appdb yet?06:16
bazhangPaetus, asked in #winehq as well?06:16
Paetusi dont know what tha tis06:16
bazhang!appdb | Paetus its this06:16
ubottuPaetus its this: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:16
Blueshiftthanks Bazhang06:17
Paetusawesome, will check06:17
BlueshiftI have implemented as per the recommendations there and the server guide06:20
Blueshiftthe services are running06:20
Blueshifti can telnet on 110 995 993 and 2506:20
Blueshiftmy problem is06:20
Blueshiftpop3 authentication fails06:20
Blueshiftwhen i try and send/recieve06:20
FloodBot1Blueshift: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:20
Blueshiftthe passwd and shadow files do not contain my users06:21
Blueshifti am not sure if they are implemtned on ldap or pam authentication06:21
DevilSolutiondoes the terminal exit a command/program if it hangs after a certain time?06:21
c31r2gyes it does automatically06:22
Blueshift2sorry bout that06:22
Blueshift2hi Bazhang06:23
Blueshift2may I pm you please?06:23
bazhangBlueshift2, keep it in channel please06:23
bazhangBlueshift2, you may also wish to /join #dovecot06:24
keepguessinghi I am on ubuntu currently and have nis configured on my machine. I have given sudo priveledges to my nis user. I am running a script which creates a file in tmp folder and in my home folder. Now the problem si that when i run it without sudo creation folders/files in  /tmp folder cribs if i run it with sudo creation of oflder/file in my home directory cribs. Please help find a solution06:25
bazhangkeepguessing, thats pretty hard to understand; care to clarify?06:26
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message06:27
tigrangIn 11.10 how do I unload a module before standby06:28
keepguessingbazhang: which part if unclear?06:28
c31r2gubottu how  2 leave a private message06:28
ubottuc31r2g: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:28
c31r2gok ubottu06:28
c31r2gubottu how to create a bot and purpose it serves06:29
ubottuc31r2g: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:29
bazhangkeepguessing, the parts about 'cribs'06:29
keepguessingpremission denied errors.06:29
keepguessingbazhang: permission denied = cribs06:29
c31r2gBazhang how to leave a private message06:29
bazhangc31r2g, for someone online or offline06:30
silareHi guys, I'm stuck on getting Gaphor to run. I keep getting errors from Python.06:30
c31r2gonline and offline both please im new on linux and xchat bazhang06:31
shellcodemy fan make alot of noise06:31
c31r2ghi silare06:31
shellcodeis that because i have on the 3 pin chassis pin06:31
cfhowlettshellcode: laptop or desktop?06:31
silareHi c31r2g~06:31
cfhowlettshellcode: oil ...06:31
c31r2gbazhang how to leave a pm06:32
pangolinc31r2g: patience06:32
cfhowlettshellcode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeZnHSnxS0I06:32
bazhangc31r2g, memoserv for offline   please ask in #freenode for more06:32
c31r2gpangolin , bazhang sorry06:32
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
i_is_brokeshellcode, can of air shut it off and spray the dust out of it.06:35
stephan2012how do i change the themes that iv downloaded for cinnamon ?06:35
i_is_brokeshellcode, if the fans have layers of dust on them it throws them off balance as well.\06:35
pangolinstephan2012: what is cinnamon?06:36
stephan2012linux mint 12 lisa cinnamon..**06:36
pangolin!mint | stephan201206:36
ubottustephan2012: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org06:36
i_is_brokestephan2012, ask in mint06:36
=== root is now known as Guest39714
das7hi. I  am using ubuntu 10.10. Can I mount all the drives06:43
das7automatically on swithching on the pc ???06:43
Civildas7: man fstab06:43
das7Civil: I don't understand .06:44
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab   das7 this may help06:44
c31r2gCivil do u mean in terminal06:44
das7let me check06:44
das7thnx in advance guyz06:45
Civildas7: fstab is file that is parsed at startup. Linux reads it and mounts everything from it06:45
das7hmm. Now I get it Thnx06:45
c31r2gCivil did u mean fstab in terminal right06:46
Civilmanual for fstab - (man fstab in console or link that bazhang provided) describes format of fstab06:46
bazhangc31r2g, to 'man' something is a suggestion to read the manual (via terminal, yes)06:47
c31r2gbazhang ok  :)06:47
das7fstab looks difficult. Any other ways ?06:48
Civildas7: it's easy06:49
bazhangdas7, its not difficult at all06:49
das7I will try06:50
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
Civildas7: it's format is simple: what_to_mount where_mount fs_type options dump pass. dump specifies  how often fs check should run, and pass means in what order check should run06:50
das7I am trying06:51
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cfhowlettGuest22249: greetings07:03
Chamunksamdcccle crashes when i try to apply my changes to use my dual monitors amdcccle just poos07:04
=== f0urtyfive is now known as fortyfive
ChamunksAnd changes Nothing.07:04
=== fortyfive is now known as f0rtyfive
=== f0rtyfive is now known as f0urtyfive
Chamunksamdcccle crashes when i try to apply my changes to use my dual monitors amdcccle just poos07:06
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doug_hello all07:18
cfhowlettdoug_: greetings07:18
doug_I have a problem, I wanna see if you can help07:18
ubottudoug_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:18
Guido1I'm just a bit iritated. I have a moved the videocard from one computer with ubuntu 10.04 to a computer with ubuntu 11.10. With 10.04 it worked, but not with the other computer - i want to use the yellow conection07:18
cfhowlettGuido1: your card isn't necessarily instantly recognized and configured just because you plugged it in.  You're going to have to work a bit to get it set up.07:18
Guido1how do i do it?07:18
cfhowlettGuido1: identify your computer and your card...07:18
=== Myrtti_ is now known as Myrtti
cfhowlettGuido1: http://www.ehow.com/how_6773077_install-new-video-card-ubuntu.html07:18
doug__Sorry, lockup... as I was saying, I'm having a problem with my 11.10 partition....07:18
=== Nephy is now known as Nepherius
doug__I installed 11.10 on my 3rd partition a couple months ago, and was working fine until about a moth ago, when the OS began to run slowly...07:18
doug__had no indication of cpu, memory or load issues, but ran slower and slower, until finally, the partition will not boot at all now.07:19
doug__when i ran fsck, it locks up the live CD session and I have to hard reboot. I've tried fsck from my mythbuntu partition as well, with same results.07:19
=== ReTFEF is now known as TheTFEF
llutz_doug__: checked S.M.A.R.T status using smartmontools?07:19
cfhowlettlinocisco: greetings07:19
doug__SMART is clean.07:20
linociscoi m using windows XP with internet. now i have installed vbox and I am gonna install ubuntu-server as guest.07:20
Guido1it's a comapq 7el700T and the possible cards are a ms-8826 ver:2.0 and a ms-8818 ver:10B07:21
linociscoi would like to know which networking adapter I should choose with vbox07:21
omnomnomis any1 there07:21
omnomnomis here linuxalpo07:21
omnomnomRAGE QUIT07:21
omnomnomanswer me07:21
cfhowlettdoug__: df -h see if you've got any HDD space left.07:21
FloodBot1omnomnom: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:22
omnomnomjapnese flood07:22
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ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!07:22
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kapzNeed help setting up a scanner07:33
=== Bontares_ is now known as Bontarest
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Guido1okee, 10.04 works with both videocards - just plugin. could it a computer specific problem?07:34
=== picasso_ is now known as picasso
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:35
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ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:35
Guido1okee, 10.04 works with both videocards - just plugin. could it a computer specific problem?07:36
=== Gskellig is now known as gSKELLIG
alexmakoeyezi need some umbuntu help07:39
alexmakoeyezanyone know where to find ur ip address on umbuntu07:40
=== gSKELLIG is now known as Gskellig
tajysx.x Okay, what the heck was that about?07:40
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
alexmakoeyezhow the fuck doi find my ip address07:41
MonkeyDustalexmakoeyez  you mean your public ip address?07:41
ubottualexmakoeyez:: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:41
tajysWow, if you're going to be rude, I doubt anyone is going to be interested in helping you...07:41
alexmakoeyezfor my network07:41
alexmakoeyezmy pc cant connect..forsome reason07:41
Evilnami1We will catch the folks who did this, sotomise them, give em a guantanamo and make em watch episodes of glee07:41
alexmakoeyezonly this umbuntu laptop07:41
alexmakoeyezi gottaq fay 'f' words just to be noticed07:42
tajysAre you using wireless?07:42
MonkeyDustalexmakoeyez  try ifconfig for the local address, curl ifconfig.me for the public ip address07:42
Guido1okee, 10.04 works with both videocards - just plugin, but both cards does not work with anothe computer wit ubunto 11.10. could it a computer specific problem or are some settings wrong?07:43
cfhowlettGuido1: if it works at all, it's probably a setting issue07:43
tajysOkay, I don't know a whole lot about networking, but if your router is set to "n", if you change it to "g", that might help... I had that problem with my ubuntu lappy, too07:44
alexmakoeyezthe issue isnt my umbuntu but my windows xp pc07:44
alexmakoeyezwhich i use for gaming07:44
cfhowlettalexmakoeyez: ##windows for support07:44
MonkeyDustalexmakoeyez  no, ifconfig07:44
alexmakoeyezfor some reason it wont connect to the preffered wireless connection automaticially yet this umbuntu laptop has no problem07:44
Guido1cfhowlett: the monitor conection works, but not the yellow AV conection07:45
MonkeyDustalexmakoeyez  we cannot give advice for win xp, better ask in ##windows07:45
cfhowlettGuido1: what's the card??07:45
MonkeyDustalexmakoeyez  type /join ##windows (double #)07:46
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=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
kapzNeed help setting up a scanner07:46
Guido1cfhowlett: it's a comapq 7el700T computer and the possible cards are a ms-8826 ver:2.0 and a ms-8818 ver:10B07:46
kapzScanner is canon LiDE 110 flatbed, simplescan detects the scanner but when scanned there is nothing but a white image07:47
cfhowlettGuido1: make/mode of graphics card??07:47
ubottukapz: Scanning software: Simple-Scan (GNOME), Xsane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR07:47
Guido1cfhowlett: nvidia07:48
=== gambit_ is now known as Guest96522
cfhowlettGuido1: see, it's little bits of information like that...http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/nvidia07:48
tajysAlso, I noticed you. I was trying to figure out why the heck I was kicked from this channel and joined to another one that said I needed to register, when I was already registered. Maybe you could try being a little more understanding that other people have things going on.07:50
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no1homeifconfig or iwconfig should show your ip, if I understood what you're asking.07:50
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
=== zanoi_ is now known as zanoi
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit07:50
cfhowlettGuido1: also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LXhe0Dt7Co07:50
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taipres<broquea> 23:32 -christel(christel@freenode/staff/exherbo.christel)- [Global Notice] Hi all, it would appear that we are the target of a dos attack this morning -- far from what you fancy before you've had your coffee! I apologise for the inconvenience, and we'll be working closely with our sponsors to try drop this traffic at the door.07:51
minsikchohi i'm using ar9285 chip, and the driver stops when i heavily use internet (such as downloading), only when i'm at battery mode... plz help me07:51
Guido1cfhowlett: okee, i wil have a look07:51
cfhowletttaipres: /liamneeson mode /on We will look for them, we will find them and we will kill them07:51
minsikchohi i'm using ar9285 chip, and the driver stops when i heavily use internet (such as downloading), only when i'm at battery mode... plz help me07:53
cfhowlettGuido1: also: http://www.noobslab.com/2011/09/nvidia-drivers-for-ubuntu-1110-oneiric.html07:53
=== kloeri_ is now known as kloeri
minsikchohi i'm using ar9285 chip, and the driver stops when i heavily use internet (such as downloading), only when i'm at battery mode... plz help me........07:56
=== mrmist_ is now known as mrmist
urlin2uminsikcho, stop repeating your posts.07:56
ubottuminsikcho:: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:56
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doug__OK, so I'm still not able to get my 11.10 partition working, after fsck freezes on testing partition, SMART status is good.... ideas anyone?08:02
=== kloeri_ is now known as kloeri
ronin___Hi, I'm run ubuntu 10.10 on Dell D630. My cpu running in overload! Does anyone have suggestion?08:03
doug__11.10 partition will not boot... strange08:03
cfhowlettdoug__: FWIW: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=212837&st=0#entry142779708:04
doug__cfhowlett_:good read... gonna go try tit and see if I see any change08:08
cfhowlettdoug_: good luck.  If I can figure this stuff out anybody should be able to.08:09
urlin2uronin___, type top in the terminal when this happens and look for whats doing this.08:13
=== Pupuser is now known as big-ol-D
big-ol-Danyone know how to make one of those damn ol perl scripts run?08:15
=== dwarder_ is now known as dwarder
nicofs_Is there a tool to monitor which application is using how much of my internet/network traffic?08:17
big-ol-Ddoes what you chmod it to matter .....like if i put it 777 will it still work08:18
=== ikonia_ is now known as ikonia
Tm_Tnicofs_: iftop does per connection08:19
nicofs_Tm_T, what exactly does "per connection" mean?08:20
=== cromag_ is now known as cromag
llutz_nicofs_: look at ntop, it monitors protocols but i'm not sure if it counts per app08:20
meow_hello everyone, i just installed KDE4 on my xubuntu oniric, the anti-aliasing on the fonts has disappeared which has made the text almost unreadble :( i tried doing a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg, but that exited without doing anything :(08:21
meow_please help08:21
big-ol-DPUPPY LINUX RULES!!!!08:22
Tm_Tbig-ol-D: please stay on topic08:22
meow_anyone :(08:22
big-ol-Doh sorry I got ADHD08:23
meow_i dont want to reinstall the whole thing again08:23
Tm_Tmeow_: antialiasing on KDE or on XFCE?08:23
nicofs_llutz_, my problem is, that i use a very slow dial-up connection (not-quite-EDGE, so to say) and i can't afford to lose bandwidth on anything redundant... just recently i had only chromium running with one internet page (not even loading) but all my bandwidth was used - so i was wondering: what might be doing that?08:24
meow_tried setting it from the kde's settings manager, nothing happened08:24
Tm_Tmeow_: you can control its antialiasing settings on systemsettings -> application appearance -> fonts08:24
meow_the text looks pathetically ugly right now08:24
meow_Tm_T, i tried doing that08:24
Tm_Tmeow_: did you relogin after that?08:25
meow_yeah, i just rebooted08:25
big-ol-Ddid you install a driver for nvedia?08:25
meow_big-ol-D, i dont have a nvedia card, and no08:25
big-ol-DI did that once and jacked my system all up on one distro08:26
meow_i think the terminal asked me something about using a default windows manager08:26
meow_i didnt pay much attention to the option i chose there08:26
Tm_Tmeow_: that doesn't matter08:26
Tm_Tbig-ol-D: please...08:26
meow_Tm_T, oh08:26
kapzOS: ubuntu 11.10, Scanner is USB Canon LiDE 110 flatbed, simplescan/xscanimage detects the scanner but when a document is scanned there is nothing but a white image..help!08:27
meow_Tm_T, well, seems like i cant even do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg anymore08:27
Tm_Tmeow_: how you cannot do it?08:27
meow_Tm_T, i type in the command, and it exists without doing anything08:28
Tm_Tmeow_: ah, it does, silently (:08:28
Tm_Tmeow_: see your ~/.fonts.conf08:28
meow_ok, hold on08:28
meow_hinting = true08:29
meow_hintstyle = full08:29
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:29
big-ol-Dwtf bloody hell I thought it was all over08:30
big-ol-Dwas that like a flood code?08:32
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:33
urlin2ubig-ol-D, try reading the wiki. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:33
rokyronnieis it possible in Ubuntu 11.10 to use the old Gnome interface ? I don't really like Unity08:34
DJones!nounity | rokyronnie08:34
ubotturokyronnie: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:34
urlin2urokyronnie, gnome 2 is not supported anymore.08:35
rokyronniecan I do something to disable visual effects or something? I mean, it runs a bit hard on my computer08:35
ubotturokyronnie: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels08:36
urlin2urokyronnie, you might tru xubntu or lubuntu.08:36
=== p1l0t is now known as Guest1486
rokyronnieI know what xubuntu is but... hmm . Gnome 3 is suported ?08:36
VectorXhi is there something like rdesktop for ubuntu where you would feel like you are on the same machine without lag like vnc ?08:37
urlin2urokyronnie, gnome 3 yes08:37
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
urlin2urokyronnie, you can choose gnome 3 at the login window with the gear alongside the login araea.08:38
rokyronnieso.. Gnome 3 is already installed ?08:45
urlin2urokyronnie, thats the rumor .:)08:45
rokyronnielet me see, I'll be back :)08:45
rokyronnieI'm back08:45
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit08:45
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
=== whoever is now known as Guest77117
rokyronnieI chosed Ubuntu 2D, I don't really see the difference, but.. it runs better :D08:45
urlin2urokyronnie, you on gnome 308:45
urlin2urokyronnie, I think its called gnome did you dee it?08:45
rokyronnieI've only Ubuntu and Ubuntu 2D to chose from08:45
urlin2urokyronnie, you can install it with sudo apt-get install gnome-shell08:45
urlin2uif you want at some point08:45
rokyronniesure :), thanks08:45
rokyronnieand after the install is ready, I should find it there ?08:45
urlin2urokyronnie, yeah08:46
madrid_char en español09:10
theadminArney: rfkill block all?09:10
theadmin!es | madrid_09:10
ubottumadrid_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.09:10
yeahI am trying to configure ssh ... but when i connect to it just error: Connection reset by peer09:10
yeahGuys help me please?09:10
panax3ssh is hard to set up09:12
yeah[ubuntu 10.04] ssh error: Connection reset by peer09:12
=== NieIsen is now known as Nielsen
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
kode0FUCK! Flooding my motherfucking screen. STOP!09:12
yeahpanax3, what is the problem?09:13
Myrttikode0: mind your language09:13
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
Arneytheadmin: About to try that now... if it works, I'll disconnect.09:14
theadminArney: That needs sudo though09:14
lordbhowto use Huawei E1550 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx09:16
theadminlordb: Is that the USB 3G modem thing?09:16
theadminlordb: I think I had one of those09:16
jattthere is nothing to configure it should work out of the box09:18
lordbwell its doesnt work out of the box09:19
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
lordbon 11.10, yes09:19
jattyes it does09:19
theadminlordb: You need to use usb_modeswitch09:20
gabri88i have a problem with evolution09:20
T_H_Xah, the freedom09:20
ubottuThunderbird is a free email client, capable of close cooperation with Firefox (both by the Mozilla Foundation). To make Thunderbird links open in Firefox, see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=6042709:20
gabri88but i use evolution and i not change09:21
yeahHelp me please?09:21
=== mimico_ is now known as mimico
=== bonch_ is now known as bonch
kalimojoim on 11.10. how do i restart the networking service without a reboot09:21
kode0yeah: Please state the nature of the technical issue.09:21
Arneytheadmin: It killed my connection, but my wifi led is still on... and the battery stimate.09:22
ArneyIt lists as "soft block", any way to hard block?09:22
Arneyor power down the pci card?09:22
poolskianyone use software RAID with mdadm here?09:22
ArneyIt used to work in linux 2.609:23
ikoniapoolski: yes09:23
gabri88when i read the mail the text overlap09:23
lordbwhen i plug in the gsm modem, it mounts it an cdrom09:24
yasi am using ubutu ultimate 2.8 in our system i have install oracle10g and mysql,netbeans this time my laptop giong heat how to solve it how to check exost fan is working or not?09:24
yeahkode0, http://pastebin.com/7Jpcc81G09:24
theadminArney: Ah... Hm I dunno. Try disabling it in the bios maybe, not sure you can really hardblock without the switch09:24
theadminyas: We don't support Ultimate09:25
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:25
theadminlordb: Yep, you need usb_modeswitch09:25
poolskiikonia, I have my /home mounted on a RAID1 I made with mdadm - if I reinstall Ubuntu, will the RAID be preserved?09:26
yasbut it is also a ultimata.09:27
poolskiI know it might be an obvious point, but I've not used it before09:27
theadminpoolski: Only the Alternate CD allows setting up raid during install so you want that probably.09:27
poolskiI'm installing ubuntu on a separate disk09:27
poolskionly my /home is mounted on the RAID09:27
ikoniapoolski: the raid data will be preserved (unless you tell it to blank the disks/partitions) however, you may have to manually re-assemble the array the first time you try to use it (and update the mdadm.conf file)09:29
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=== DamaswcusVG|afk is now known as DamascusVG|afk
kode0I need to poop.09:35
=== jussi01 is now known as Guest59628
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
=== gord_ is now known as gord
=== Tabmow is now known as Guest34885
tanathis it just me, or is freenode slow?09:38
poolskiikonia, so if I copied mdadm.conf to, say, a network share and re-instate it, that'll do the trick, presumably?09:38
=== Octane is now known as Guest91230
ikoniapoolski: it would be better to re-create it09:38
poolskifair enough09:38
tanathanyone else lagging or taking a while to connect to freenode?09:38
Myrttitanath: freenode is having connection problems today due to a DOS attack.09:39
lordbDOS attack?09:39
tanathMyrtti, ok, thanks09:39
C4RL05whata a dos attack?09:40
tanathdenial of service09:41
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
GrievreI've been having this problem intermittently09:41
Grievrewhere my USB mouse will suddenly stop working. If I unplug it and move it to another USB port, it never lights up and the kernel never detects it09:42
GrievreI can still do everything just fine with the keyboard09:42
GrievreBUT if I try ctrl-alt-f1 to move to a console, it locks up hard09:42
Grievreand I have to reboot09:42
GrievreI've tried a different mouse, it's not the mouse09:43
Grievredoes this issue sound familiar to anyone?09:43
tanathGrievre, does it do that when you do it before the mouse issues?09:43
Grievrectrl-alt-f1 works fine until the mouse freezes09:43
GrievreI'm not sure if the lockup affects all USB devices or just the mouse09:44
Grievremy keyboard is PS209:44
tanathGrievre, sounds like the problem is affecting more than usb, or is more fundamental09:45
tanathGrievre, next time it happens, check logs for errors09:46
tanathGrievre, hell, check them now09:46
zsolt_hi there.i heard about ubuntu certified professional exam.if i pass this exam,where am i able to work with that?09:46
tanathGrievre, try gnome log viewer09:46
llutz_zsolt_: sure, you might decorate your walls with it09:46
Grievretanath: Er... would that work? I'm using unity...09:47
tanathzsolt_, try http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=ubuntu+certified09:47
Grievretanath: Where is it anyhow09:47
zsolt_thank you09:47
tanathGrievre, sure it would. you can even use kde apps if you install dependencies for them, regardless of what desktop environment you're using09:47
tanathGrievre, erm, i use gnome-do to launch it... one sec09:48
Grievreok... but why would there be entires in the gnome log viewer if gnome isn't running09:48
Grievreor am I parsing "gnome log viewer" wrong09:48
tanathGrievre, gnome-system-log09:48
tanathGrievre, it's a front-end/GUI for viewing your logs09:49
=== spacebug1 is now known as spacebug-
Grievretanath: what does this tell me beyond dmesg or catting the various stuff in /var/log...?09:49
tanathGrievre, it doesn't need to be running at the time. the logs are made by the system, and it shows them in one place09:49
Grievretanath: I have a feeling you just gave me a different way of looking at the logs I was already looking at09:49
GrievreI don't understand09:49
tanathGrievre, it's just easier/more convenient09:49
Grievreso, I just opened it and it's empty09:49
tanathGrievre, list of different logs on the left?09:50
GrievreI see no list09:50
Grievreit's a blank window with only a single pane09:50
tanathGrievre, i've seen an issue where they don't show up by default. you may have to add them manually. then you can access them easily there after that09:50
Grievreokay but I already know how to view logs in terminal, you are helping me with a problem that I do not have09:51
Grievrenothing appears in the logs when the mouse freezes09:51
tanathGrievre, it's pretty basic, but handy when set up09:51
=== mrmist_ is now known as mrmist
plaimiI've been given a computer (work-related) that is running Ubuntu, and I'm not allowed to change the OS. unfortunately, I don't speak Ubuntu. can someone tell me why the newest nvidia drivers in your package manager is 270 instead of 290? (for a gt240 card)09:51
tanathGrievre, hm. well, if there's nothing in the logs when the issue happens, then i don't think i have time to help you with this, sorry09:51
GrievreI purged and reinstalled compiz that might have fixed it09:51
Grievretanath: ?!09:51
pnormanGrievre: anything in kern.log or dmesg.log (or their .0 files?)09:52
tanathGrievre, someone else may09:52
plaimialso, both nouveau and nvidia are installed. how do I change between them?09:52
Grievreokay kern.log.1 gives me a whole bunch of "hub_port_status failed". I had unplugged my usb hub earlier thinking that was the problem but it wasn't09:53
Grievreoh also a bunch of "can't reset device"09:53
tanathGrievre, i thought you said there was nothing in the logs? :P09:53
pnormankern.log.1 should be from before your last restart, did you have the problem then?09:53
Grievrepnorman: yeah09:53
pnormantanath: he said that the program you suggested didn't show anything09:53
pnormanGrievre: can you pastebin the relevant part?09:54
tanathpnorman, he said they didn't show up, but i thought he said there wasn't anything in the logs...09:54
Grievrethat might be difficult but i'll try09:54
pnormanGrievre: tail -n 200 kern.log.1 | pastebinit09:54
tanathcan anyone tell me why k3b won't let me continue my multisession disc? says to insert an appendable media, or empty09:55
=== w0rst_ is now known as w0rst
sam_im on 11.10. how do i restart the networking service without a reboot09:55
yeahi am confused09:55
bullgard4'~$ gedit /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/kernel/power/poweroff.c; /* * When the user hits Sys-Rq o to power down the machine this is the * callback we use. */ .' What is hier meant by »callback«?09:55
Jeicobhey. I've installed Wine but I can't find the .wine folder on my Home directory. why is that?09:56
theadminJeicob: The wineprofile isn't created yet. You need to run any Wine app. Or just run "winecfg" (wine configuration tool), which also does the trick.09:56
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
MyrttiJeicob: are you looking for it via command line or file manager? .directories are hidden, you need to specifically look for them, if you have it, that is.09:56
=== yeah is now known as AAABBBef
Grievrepnorman: Hold on09:57
JeicobWell I installed WoW with wine, but I really can't make it run. I can run the launcher , it updates, but when I hit "PLay" nothing happens and I can't find the wow directory09:57
theadminJeicob: Would be in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/...09:58
Grievrepnorman: You might want to say "install pastebinit first, then..."09:58
pnormanGrievre: ah, I never remember what's installed by default09:58
theadminJeicob: That directory is hidden. Hit Ctrl+H (most file managers) or Alt-. (Alt+dot) (Dolphin) to see it09:58
yashow to set mode +i09:58
Grievreyas: parse error09:58
pnormanyas: usermode in IRC, channelmode in IRC, or something else?09:59
Grievrepnorman: http://paste.ubuntu.com/836366/09:59
Grievrewrong one09:59
GrievreTHAT one09:59
pnormanthe first one was kern.log, right?09:59
linociscohi all10:00
Grievrepnorman: yeah10:00
linociscoi have created apt.conf under /etc/apt. I dont want to reboot. how to refresh or update that entry in apt.conf?10:00
Jeicobtheadmin: Ctlr + H did the work, I can now see the directory. But I can't run WoW even if I can run the launcher :P any idea?10:00
pnormanJeicob: the wow executable should be called wow.exe - does running that work?10:01
theadminJeicob: Ask in #winehq, we don't really support Windows apps here (we can support wine itself, but not apps you are trying to run with it)10:01
Jeicobpnorman: nop it doesn't, but the launcher does, not the wow.exe10:01
linociscodoes anybody have solution for me?10:02
yashow to solve abnormal heat temperature in ubuntu 10.1010:02
pnormanGrievre: Can you do lsusb and check the ID of the mouse?10:03
AAABBBefWhen i try to connect to my SSH server , it output error: Read from socket failed: Connection reset by peer . What is the problem please?10:04
linociscoi have created apt.conf under /etc/apt. I dont want to reboot. how to refresh or update that entry in apt.conf?10:04
sam_im on 11.10. how do i restart the networking service without a reboot10:04
pnormanJeicob: is the mouse natively USB or is it using a USB to PS2 adaptor?10:04
linociscosam_, /etc/init.d/networking restart10:05
sam_linocisco : i get - Running /etc/init.d/networking restart is deprecated because it may not enable again some interfaces * Reconfiguring network interfaces...10:06
ikoniasam_: service networking restart10:07
ikoniasam_: (sudo too)10:07
linociscoikonia, i think service networking restart is not debian thing. it is Redhat command10:07
=== mcl0vin_ is now known as mcl0vin
pnormanGrievre: Also, do you have a USB hard drive or flash drive attached?10:07
ikonialinocisco: it's ubuntu with upstart10:07
Guido1i just instaled ubuntu 10.04, but during the instalation i couldn.t use the mous and after the instalation it is still not possible. what can i do?10:07
tanathanyone familiar with multisession burning?10:07
sam_ikonia:  i get - restart: Unknown instance:10:07
ikoniatanath: quite an old concept now10:07
overcluckerlinocisco: apt should check for apt.conf when started10:07
ikoniasam_: try network rather than networking10:08
ikoniasam_: I've not got an ubuntu machine here to verify for you10:08
linociscooverclucker, i m on ubuntu-server10:08
linociscooverclucker, no GUI10:08
sam_ikonia : i get : network: unrecognized service10:08
Guido1okee, got it10:09
ikoniasam_: ahhh uknown instance on networking, what's it complaining about10:09
ikoniasam_: sorry, miss-read the error10:09
tanathikonia, har har10:09
ikoniatanath: ?10:10
tanathikonia, saying "it's an old concept" (multi-session burning)10:10
pnormanGrievre: http://www.bhcblog.com/2009/02/11/fix-for-device-descriptor-read64-error-71/ might be related. from what i can tell it looks like a problem that occurs with some devices that is related to usb1.1/2.0 recgonition or something, but I'm not 100% sure10:10
=== L0C41H05T is now known as HeavyMetal
tanathikonia, obviously i'm looking for troubleshooting help10:10
ikoniatanath: then you need to ask a question,10:10
tanathikonia, i did. no one replied.10:11
tanathikonia, hence the repeat poke10:11
tanath"can anyone tell me why k3b won't let me continue my multisession disc? says to insert an appendable media, or empty"10:11
ikoniatanath: I didn't see the question, I saw is anyone familier with multi-session burning, yes, I am, it's an old concept10:11
ikoniatanath: not all disks are multi-session compatible (as crazy as that sounds)10:11
randomnewbCan anyone tell me why my installer hangs at 63%?10:12
ikoniatanath: some brands just don't work,10:12
tanathikonia, o_O10:12
tanathikonia, would have been nice if it told me that when i burned it as a multisession10:12
ikoniarandomnewb: with that level of info - no10:12
ikoniatanath: it's not the software, it's the media10:12
ikoniatanath: how is it meant to know ?10:12
overcluckerlinocisco: i'm not sure how being on ubuntu-server makes any difference to apt10:12
randomnewbWhat info info do you need?10:12
tanathikonia, because if it's the media, then it should see, 'Oh, this media doesn't support it' and alert the user10:12
ikoniatanath: how does it know ?10:13
tanathikonia, instead of letting the user burn thinking it'll work and possibly wasting discs10:13
tanathikonia, manufacturer id, perhaps?10:13
ikoniatanath: the only way it could know whould be to do a test burn,10:14
ikoniatanath: who is going to maintain the manufacturer list and models of what is compatible what is not10:14
tanathikonia, eg., maintain a list10:14
llutz_tanath: generally ALL cd-r media is multi-session capable. possibly some single items might fail. so theres no chance for the software to warn you10:14
ikoniatanath: who ?10:14
ikoniatanath: you could just do research before buying10:14
tanathllutz, hm.10:14
scarleorandomnewb, what type of install are you doing, hardware, error messages, verified download etc etc, anything that can help diagnosing10:14
tanathikonia, people who do that sort of thing? they maintain other info for media ids10:15
westernanaloganyone that has gotten Gimp 2.7.5 working after the update to day?10:15
randomnewbI'm trying to install 10.04 LTS from CD along Win710:15
tanathikonia, don't always have time for that10:15
randomnewbNo error messages.10:15
=== szal_ is now known as szal
ikoniatanath: yet you want someone to maintain a list of all vendors and sub versions,10:15
tanathikonia, llutz, dvds can be multisession too, yes?10:15
ikoniatanath: I believe so, but I'm not %100 certain, yes, why wouldn't they be10:15
scarleorandomnewb, did you verify the download?10:16
tanathikonia, my understanding is that there isn't all _that_ many. the brands are irrelevant as they all go to various manufacturers anyway10:16
tanathikonia, just verifying10:16
ikoniatanath: well, there "is" that many and each brand has many versions10:16
randomnewbThe CD too.10:16
scarleorandomnewb, where does it hang? Not % but what isit doing when hanging?10:16
tanathikonia, i think that's a common misconception. you can't tell what kind of disc you're getting before you buy. brand is irrelevant10:17
randomnewbInstalling after the partitions are set up.10:17
ikoniatanath: it's not a common misconception10:17
llutz_tanath: there are lists about media on several forums around the net. read atip of yours (wodim -atip), check them for known problems10:17
tanathikonia, you need the disc's media id to tell who manufactered it, which you can't get before buying10:18
ikoniatanath: again, not something that can be done10:18
ikoniatanath: bottom line is, most of the time the problem you are descibing is a media issue, and not something ubuntu can do anything about10:18
Halexander9000Guys, what OS do you suggest I use for an old 2008 ASUS EEE PC 904HD? Prefferably can run minecraft as well.10:18
scarleorandomnewb, ok, but more exact, what package? I don't have the entire process in my head but I think it tells you what it's installing, right?10:18
tanathikonia, thanks for that anyway10:18
ikoniatanath: sorry it's not a fix, but you've got to be honest/realistic10:19
=== dagerik_ is now known as dagerik
aceringpeople, I plan to install conky [after installing ubuntu] and am currently using rainmeter in windows, I was wondering if I can get the app launchers in ubuntu that are similar to this link http://imagebin.org/19819610:19
scarleorandomnewb, no not Ubuntu version, when it's installing it's installing a lot of packages, programs, and it should display which one it's working on10:19
tanathikonia, "Error trying to open /dev/sr0 exclusively (Device or resource busy)..."10:20
Halexander9000I tried Linux Mint, Eeebuntu, CrunchBang, Puppeee, none work like they're supposed to. I need some help. I want to belive linux can in fact do a better job than windows.10:20
tanathikonia, and says it seems to be mounted. it's not10:20
ikoniatanath: sounds like it may not have closed the session10:20
tanathikonia, i also closed k3b10:20
ikoniaHalexander9000: it can't in all situations10:20
randomnewbI'll need to reinstall and see.10:20
tanathikonia, well, yeah.. i started a multisession, only now i can't continue >_<10:20
ikoniatanath: sounds like it's just left it open and locked the device out10:20
Halexander9000ikonia: So you're saying I should've stayed with windows?10:21
tanathikonia, but i've closed k3b and ensured it's unmounted now, and it still does it10:21
randomnewbBTW should I be using the amd64 version since I have 4GB of memory?10:21
ikoniaHalexander9000: you should use what works best for you10:21
aceringHow do you want it to work, Halexander900010:21
ikoniatanath: closing the probram may not release the device10:21
tanathikonia, wait, no it was mounted for some reason. my applet misled me10:21
theadminHalexander9000: What do you want from it, exactly?...10:21
theadminHalexander9000: Linux outperforms Windows given proper hardware is in use. Apart from gaming maybe, Linux games exist but not too well-known or popular10:22
aceringHalexander9000, you need to customise any os with your needs [if you want it to do your job ] so tell me what exactly what is the issue10:23
tanathikonia, so where would you have me look for known problems? just google?10:23
aceringpeople, I plan to install conky [after installing ubuntu] and am currently using rainmeter in windows, I was wondering if I can get the app launchers in ubuntu that are similar to this link http://imagebin.org/19819610:23
scarleorandomnewb, first, pleasse put username in your lines, like: "scarleo, BTW should I..."10:23
llutz_tanath: "wodim -msinfo"  to check if that media really could be appended10:23
Halexander9000I want Minecraft.10:23
theadminHalexander9000: Ok cool. You need Java first.10:23
scarleorandomnewb, and you can use either, 64 would be preferred10:23
randomnewbOk thanks scarleo.10:24
Halexander9000It doesn't work because I can't compile a Intel GM 915 graphics driver. I've done the rest. Always hit this road block.10:24
ikoniaHalexander9000: you don't need an intel graphics driver10:24
theadminHalexander9000: Oh, uhh, you sure you need that? Intel drivers are in the repos10:24
ikoniaHalexander9000: the intel 915 is supported out of the box10:24
Halexander9000The driver Asus provides has a sh script. It can't compile because it can't find any compiler to use.10:24
aceringHas anyone used conky? bcos I have some queries pls10:25
theadminHalexander9000: If you *want* to compile, okay. sudo apt-get install build-essential bison flex m410:25
Halexander9000I'm talking about all those other distributions.10:25
ikoniaacering: just ask, if people know, they will help10:25
ikoniaHalexander9000: are are only talking about ubuntu in here10:25
tanathllutz, that gave nothing useful, unless "0,0" means something to you10:25
aceringpeople, I plan to install conky [after installing ubuntu] and am currently using rainmeter in windows, I was wondering if I can get the app launchers in ubuntu that are similar to this link http://imagebin.org/19819610:25
theadminHalexander9000: We don't support "other" distributions. Only Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu, specifically, as well as Edubuntu and Ubuntu Studio.10:25
llutz_tanath:  http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/man/README/README.multi10:26
theadminacering: I don't think Conky does this (but it should be possible with some other software)10:26
aceringIn short, can I launch an application using conky by way of launchers?10:26
Halexander9000So, what you're saying is that I should risk it and try Ubuntu, after all those other failures?10:26
ikoniaacering: waiting longer than 60 seconds before asking again is a good start, you asked waited 60 seconds then started asking for help again10:26
aceringtheadmin, I want it embedded in conky10:26
theadminHalexander9000: We don't say that. All we say is we won't support you if you're using an unsupported distro.10:26
theadminacering: Repeating once every 10 minutes or so is acceptable, don't repeat too often10:26
aceringthanks for the advice colonel [ikonia]10:27
tanathllutz, don't suppose you can give me the tldr of that?10:27
bullgard4'~$ gedit /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/kernel/power/poweroff.c; /* * When the user hits Sys-Rq o to power down the machine this is the * callback we use. */ .' What is here meant by »callback«?10:27
theadminbullgard4: Try #ubuntu-devel , we don't really support development issues here.10:28
Halexander9000Fine. I'll get Ubuntu.10:28
bullgard4theadmin: You are in error. This is no development but actual Ubuntu practice.10:29
ikoniabullgard4: where are you getting that message ?10:29
theadminbullgard4: It is development since you are fiddling with source code10:29
theadminikonia: It's in the source files (kernel/power/poweroff.c)10:29
ikoniatheadmin: I konw, I want bullgard4 to answer10:29
ikoniabullgard4: where are you getting that message ?10:30
bullgard4theadmin: Your reasoning is ridiculous.10:30
randomnewbWhat is /var used for?10:30
overcluckerHalexander9000: get a low res texture pack. that;s what i use on my eeepc  904ha10:30
ikoniabullgard4: is this question an ubuntu support issue, or a generic kernel question ?10:30
Halexander9000I used optifine on windows overclucker! I never strayed away from the 16 px texture packs.10:30
bullgard4ikonia: I am referring to an actual Ubuntu program-10:30
theadminrandomnewb: "/var contains variable data files. This includes spool directories and files, administrative and logging data, and transient and temporary files."10:31
theadminrandomnewb: Give this a read: http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html10:31
ikoniabullgard4: which ubuntu program ?10:31
tanathllutz, i'm not finding that helpful. i'm not doing things manually, and it doesn't seem to tell me how to tell if it's in fact multisession10:32
overcluckerHalexander9000: performance on linux is still net very good, less capable hardware like with an eeepc, you'll really notice10:32
bullgard4ikonia: The name of the Ubuntu program is "poweroff".10:32
ikoniabullgard4: how do you launch it10:32
llutz_tanath: the system (wodim) sees your media as empty/non-multisession.10:32
ikoniabullgard4: as from what you are saying you are reading the power off function in the kernel10:32
tanathllutz, it's certainly not empty10:33
tanathllutz, and doesn't show that way in nautilus10:33
ikoniabullgard4: could you please clarify10:33
llutz_tanath: so either the media is broken or wodim is (i'd guess wodim is)10:33
bullgard4ikonia: "[11:32]<ikonia>bullgard4: how do you launch it" <- Please read 'man poweroff' for an answer.10:33
ikoniabullgard4: no, I'm asking you10:33
tanathllutz, disc seems fine10:33
tanathllutz, data, etc.. all good10:34
ikoniabullgard4: if you want help - respond to questions, don't tell me to read the man pages10:34
overcluckerHalexander9000: also, use sun-jre instead of openjdk10:34
tanathllutz, could it be because i burned an iso?10:34
ehsan_I have installed grub2 on usb and I want to do update-grub but it updates the one installed on my internal harddrive not the one that is on usb10:34
llutz_tanath: you burned an iso as multisession? you can't10:34
tanathllutz, it's just a data iso...10:35
tanathllutz, :(10:35
tanathllutz, if that can't be done, then it definitely should have warned me10:35
llutz_tanath: idk file a bugreport10:35
theadminehsan_: Run instead, "sudo grub-mkconfig -o /path/to/usb/boot/grub/grub.cfg"10:35
bullgard4ikonia: I have used the program 'poweroff' in the command '~$ sudo poweroff'.10:35
tanathllutz, enh, no time for that and i'll forget. ty though10:35
ikoniabullgard4: ok - if you look that's actually a symlink10:35
ikoniabullgard4: what is your actual questions10:36
bullgard4ikonia: Your message does not answer my question at the outset.10:36
ikoniabullgard4: because you have not asked a question10:36
ikoniabullgard4: or at least one that is clear10:36
bullgard4ikonia: I know that well. And It does not answer the question which I put at the outset.10:36
ikoniabullgard4: so if you have an ubuntu specific support question please ask10:36
bullgard4ikonia: Please read what I wrote bewfore and take notice and try to understand the meaning in it.10:37
aspirinanybody knows a software like itunes to sync ipad with ubuntu?10:37
ehsan_ty verymuch threadmin10:37
ikoniabullgard4: it doesn't make sense, which is why I'm asking you to clarify your question10:37
theadminaspirin: Rhythmbox is capable of that.10:39
randomnewbI'm at step 6 of 8, would a picture of the lockup help at step 7?10:39
overcluckerbullgard4: you should google callback10:40
ikoniaoverclucker: do you actually understand what is being asked ?10:41
splashotehey, how can i mount my encrypted /home-folder in a live-cd-system?10:41
randomnewbactually step 8 I'm not importing my Win 7 data.10:42
llutz_bullgard4: is it this what you asked for? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callback_(computer_programming)10:42
Chris____Hello, do you all use Ubuntu?10:42
overcluckerikonia: i think he asked:  What is here meant by10:42
Chris____I don't I have a Mac, it's so much better!!!!!!10:42
Chris____Everyone check out http://www.fusionstrike.com10:42
ikoniaChris____: please don't spam10:42
dns53splashote mount the drive, i believe there was a program / shell script in your home directory that sets up the decryption10:42
ikoniaoverclucker: how is that even an ubuntu query10:42
bullgard4ikonia: It does not make sense asking for the meaning of a term that is used in a Ubuntu-made source ccode? Oh dear.10:42
ikoniabullgard4 it is NOT ubuntu made source code10:42
FloodBot1Chris____: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:43
theadminChris____: Fine, then get out and live happily.10:43
theadminwhat an idiot, geez.10:43
Tm_Ttheadmin: please10:43
theadminSorry, Mac people make me lose my temper Tm_T, especially those like that one10:43
Tm_Tsee pm10:43
theadminTm_T: Pardon me, I didn't receieve any10:43
randomnewbscarleo stillhere?10:44
overcluckerikonia: doesn't seem relevant to ubuntu to me either10:45
ikoniabullgard4: please check your private messages10:48
CJKayStupid Unity10:50
CJKaySo buggy10:51
ikoniaCJKay: want help or want to rant ?10:51
scarleorandomnewb, yes now I am :)10:51
CJKayJust to rant thanks10:51
CJKayAlthough actually10:51
ikoniaCJKay: this isn't the right channel - so don't do it10:51
randomnewbI'm installing now.10:51
CJKayI don't know if anyone's put in some form of support for it but Unity is a *massive* memory leaker over time10:51
randomnewbAt "Copying Files"10:52
ikoniaCJKay: we support unity here10:52
CJKaySo do I, just this issue really gets to me when I'm down to 400MB RAM left over just two days10:52
scarleorandomnewb, wubi installer?10:52
ikoniaI suspect you probably just have file systems cached as your machine is underused10:53
CJKayI drop caches regularly10:53
ikoniaCJKay: it's a feature the kernel does that is very useful to make use of spare ram10:53
scarleorandomnewb, and please address with username when writing10:53
ikoniaCJKay: how are you dropping the cache ?10:53
randomnewbscarleo I'm trying the installer from Live CD now.10:53
CJKaysudo sync10:53
CJKaysudo echo {1|2|3} > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches10:53
ikoniaCJKay: so that won't just drop it10:54
ikoniaCJKay: that will re-cache after clearning down the current cache10:54
scarleorandomnewb, is that the one giving you trouble or are you trying it as a different method now?10:54
ikoniaCJKay: that won't stop it caching10:54
CJKayI'm not trying to stop it caching, just I like to clean it up a bit when it starts to get laggy10:54
randomnewbscarleo I'm trying it as a different method.10:54
randomnewbIt's in the download phase now.10:55
ikoniaCJKay: why do you think unity has a large memory leak problem ?10:55
zgrubuntu is going to migrate to systemd or it will remain on upstart?10:55
deskduckHello, I plan to install ubuntu, and I currently have 3 windows ntfs hard drives, I want to install ubuntu only on c drive while erasing the entire windows OS, is this possible?10:55
theadminzgr: Upstart currently.10:55
ikoniazgr: follow the uds sessions10:55
theadmindeskduck: Sure, but the drive won't stay as NTFS10:55
randomnewbscarleo, is this kind of problem common?10:55
CJKayikonia: When I restart Unity, `free` says I typically gain upwards of 1.5GB free RAM10:55
CJKayAnd the system speeds up again10:56
ikoniaCJKay: why do you think that's specfically unity,10:56
deskduckI want to keep data on drive d and e intact, but convert the rest of the space into ext4, can that be possible?10:56
scarleorandomnewb, no, I don't know if it is common wityh wubi thing, I think that one is kinda new so wouldn't be surprised if it had a bug or two, but installing from Live should work just fine10:56
CJKayI can't tell if it's specifically Unity, just that it's closely linked to Unity since the same thing happens when I run no applications other than the default ones10:57
CJKaySupposedly nm-applet has quite a large leak10:57
ikoniaCJKay: how are you restarting unity ?10:57
CJKayI usually do unity --replace10:57
ikoniathat's just re-spawning the unity shell10:57
CJKaySo how do you restart it?10:57
deskduckI want to keep data on drive d and e intact, but convert the c drive into ext4, can that be possible?10:58
CJKaydeskduck: No, copy everything to an external drive, format, put it back10:58
scott_freecant get wireless working on hp pavillion zv500010:58
irdxbackup data, convert and restore10:58
deskduck I dont have one10:58
ikoniaCJKay: if you feel it's valid (which based on your comments it is) log a bug, although I have a machine here that's got an uptime of 32days with unity and has solid memory use, no issues10:58
deskduckneither can I afford that is why I am asking10:58
almoxarifedeskduck: drive D is the cd/dvd aint it?10:59
CJKayikonia: Hmm, well this happens with my laptop and my desktop so I may well put in a report10:59
randomnewbdeskduck anymore detail you can give?10:59
CJKayA telltale sign is that when I try to run one of my applications, malloc fails10:59
ikoniaCJKay: if you feel it's valid, get a bug report in, as much detail as possible10:59
randomnewbPartitioning isn't really difficult but it is something you must be very careful with.11:00
deskduckI am planning to install ubuntu 11.10 on c drive which is around 40 GB[ i want it converted to ext4 naturally]  and I have 2 other drives D and E around 120 GB[ my HDD is 160 GB], now I have [precious] data on D and E so what am I saying is can I install ubuntu only on C and keep D and E as mountable ntfs partitions?11:01
scott_freecant get the b43fwcutter towork havnt had this problem bfore11:01
crizzyyes deskduck.11:02
scott_freeis there a prob with b3 on 11.10?11:02
theadmindeskduck: Yes. Reformat one of the drives to ext4, mount to /, done. Don't touch the others11:02
deskduckwow thanks  crizzy11:02
Shiugood day11:02
randomnewbscarleo, my install completed.11:03
scarleorandomnewb, great!11:03
scott_freeworked fine on open suse i wonder if i got a bad install11:03
deskduckand thanks theadmin, trying ubuntu for the first time can I get some opinions on ubuntu [I mean the basic differences between ubuntu and windows]11:03
theadmindeskduck: Too many to list. But first of all, the filesystem in Linux is different. The main drive (where you install to) is the root directory or /. Every other drive is attached to it as a folder, for instance /blah, /bleh, /foo, /bar11:04
scarleoscott_free, did you check Additional Drivers, might need to activate it11:04
theadmindeskduck: That's important to understand, we have no drive letters :P11:04
Shiuanyone got a good grasp of pulseaudio and getting surround working through HDMI? I've got stereo working just fine, and I've been checking the extra-hdmi.conf file for a surround profile that corresponds with my stereo output.. its there in the conf file, just not in the control panel on desktop11:04
randomnewbDo not be afraid of the terminal.11:05
scott_freeya it doesnt come up11:05
scott_freeit said hardware switch on wireless11:05
deskduckalso, theadmin, you mentioned earlier about mount to /, what is this?11:05
scott_freewierd, i read some threads11:05
scarleoscott_free, what is your hardware, NIC?11:05
scott_free Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)11:06
theadmindeskduck: If you use the "Advanced" option when installing you will be able to choose a mount point for each partition (that is, the folder it's accessed on). To tell it to "install to this drive", specify the mount point as /11:06
Shiuhttp://www.momentaryfascinations.com/technology/getting.7.1.hdmi.audio.working.under.ubuntu.html this page shows what I'm trying to do but unfortunately arent having any luck with11:06
scarleoscott_free, did you install firmware-b43-installer ?11:07
randomnewbI'm a newbie with GNU/Linux but not new to partitoning.11:07
scott_freeya i tried that11:07
scott_freeill tryagain hang on11:08
ictxiangxinhow can I install x in ubuntu?11:08
scarleoscott_free, or/and try b43-fwcutter11:08
deskduckcan you explain me what is open source? I searched for ubuntu and it tells me ubuntu is an open source , what does it mean?11:09
deskduckcan you explain me what is open source? I searched for ubuntu and it tells me ubuntu is an open source , what does it mean? theadmin11:09
ictxiangxinoh, install x libraries11:09
CJKayThe source is available to the public11:09
theadmindeskduck: Means the code for ALL THE PROGRAMS that come with Ubuntu is free to stare at and modify :)11:09
ictxiangxinwhen I configure bochs, it need x libraries11:09
scarleoscott_free, and the do sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb     then: sudo modprobe b4311:09
theadmindeskduck: Not really important to plain users though11:09
guest123321what does % mean in irc?11:09
theadminguest123321: Depends where you see it11:10
ictxiangxinhow to install x libraries use apt?11:10
guest123321theadmin: before a guys nick11:10
ictxiangxinhelp me please11:10
deskduckwell then how do you modify "source code" and what does it mean the admin?11:10
theadminguest123321: halfop11:11
theadmindeskduck: The program code (internal instructions of how to do this or that, how to make the program work) is usually just a text file which you can open with your favorite editor, so...11:11
theadminictxiangxin: X comes preinstalled in Ubuntu with all the libs, you're not really making sense. Are you using the server version?11:12
deskduckwhat is derivative? I am seeing lubuntu, xubuntu and ubuntu on ubuntu.com, which one should i choose?11:13
ictxiangxintheadmin: not server version11:13
scott_freeok did that scarlo11:13
scott_freeshould i reboot? <scarleo>11:13
scarleoscott_free, ok, so success?11:14
theadmindeskduck: If you're not sure, go with Ubuntu, that will get you most support.11:14
ictxiangxintheadmin: the msg:ERROR: X windows gui was selected, but X windows libraries were not found.11:14
deskducksupport in the sense?11:14
theadminictxiangxin: Are you trying to compile some stuff?11:14
theadmindeskduck: In this channel. The user interface in other Ubuntu versions (Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu) differs a lot11:14
ictxiangxinI want to compile bochs2.511:15
scarleoscott_free, if you click the network icon, is wireless active?11:15
=== vincent is now known as Guest92607
theadminictxiangxin: I see, well, you need the X development files then, sudo apt-get install libx11-devel11:16
ictxiangxintheadmin: when I configure bochs, didn't pass11:16
deskduckis there a pdf file for beginners in ubuntu? I would love to read that before installing, theadmin.11:16
=== hrolf is now known as hrolf|seeking_jo
Grievreoh hey11:16
theadmindeskduck: There is, but it's very old and no longer really valid11:16
deskduckfor introduction, the admin11:16
Grievrethe mouse just froze again11:16
=== hrolf|seeking_jo is now known as hrolf
ictxiangxintheadmin: ok11:16
theadminictxiangxin: Pardon me, is "libx11-dev"11:17
ictxiangxintheadmin: got it11:17
deskduckhey, I downloaded an iso, where is the exe file to install ubuntu?11:17
scott_free_<scarleo> it says wireless is disabled by hardware switch11:17
theadmindeskduck: Uhhh... Ubuntu is an OS, you can't just "install" it like a program11:18
scarleoscott_free, ok, so try the hardware swith then, if it doesnt wrk try a reboot11:18
theadmindeskduck: You need to burn the ISO to a CD drive11:18
scott_free_how do i do a hardware switch?11:18
hummerpasI have installed some XBMCbuntu version on a mediaplayer, xbmc auto loads when I boot the machine, what file is it that makes that happen if I want to edit it?11:18
theadmindeskduck: After which boot from that CD and use it11:18
randomnewbdeskduck make sure to burn as an image and not the ISO file itself.11:18
deskduckI installed xp from an exe file that was in the cd, how different is ubuntu from windows?11:19
theadmindeskduck: A lot. "exe" is a Windows program, which Ubuntu won't even run so... Don't try to find anything. Burn the CD and boot from it.11:19
RadiumCathello, is there a way to ivona TTS voices, or AT&T voices, in ubuntu?11:19
scott_free_<scarleo> its grayed out andi cant access it, i installed b43 before and rebooted its still there11:19
Shiuanyone know what to do if a pulseaudio profile is not showing up?11:20
scott_free_<scarleo> have you heard of that?11:20
deskduckok thanks , just need a hint, what should I need to do after installing ubuntu?11:20
valentinc'est en français?11:21
llutz_!manual | deskduck11:21
ubottudeskduck: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:21
Halexander9000Is there a tool on Puppy linux that can help me put Ubuntu on a thumb drive?11:21
valentinbonjour ubottu11:21
ikoniaHalexander9000: ask in #puppylinux11:21
ictxiangxintheadmin: I do it!, thank you ^_^11:21
overcluckerdeskduck: just pop the cd in, make sure your bios boot order had CD before HD, and reboot the computer11:21
theadminHalexander9000: We don't support Puppy, but if you're using the 11.10 image, please just dd it onto your drive11:21
Halexander9000ikonia: Puppylinux is dead.11:22
theadminHalexander9000: If you're using pre-11.10 version(s), use Unetbootin11:22
Halexander9000Unetbootin won't see my Usb drives. Neither the wine version.11:23
evilmightciao a tutti, ho appena installato ubuntu ma non riesco a trovare la mia rete wireless11:23
evilmightnon so proprio come muovermi11:23
Halexander9000Neither the Universal USB installer will see my usb drives.11:23
theadminHalexander9000: Well, that's your distro's problem honestly. We can't support puppy11:24
=== auronandace_ is now known as auronandace
theadminHalexander90001: Again, if you're using the 11.10 image you can just dd it onto the drive, problem solved11:24
deskduckwhat is this distrowatch? it says this os "linux mint" is on 2nd rank, I dont see ubuntu anywhere, what is this linux mint? Do I get mint ?11:25
Halexander90001theadmin: What does dd mean?11:25
theadminHalexander90001: Run a command like this as root: dd if=/path/to/ubuntu11.10.iso of=/dev/sdX (where X is a, b, etc)11:25
theadmindeskduck: Don't. We don't support Mint.11:26
deskduckwhat is this mint? theadmin11:26
Halexander90001theadmin: I'll try11:26
llutz_!mint | deskduck ask there11:26
ubottudeskduck ask there: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:26
theadmindeskduck: An *unsupported*, *unofficial* Ubuntu derivative. We don't help with it nor answer questions about it.11:26
hummerpasAnyone that knows how I can see what application is being run on boot?11:27
deskduckwhat is this derivative? and what do you mean by support that you mentioned earlier?11:27
overcluckerhummerpas: dmesg, expect a lot of output. started programs should be near the end11:28
theadmindeskduck: By support I mean answer questions of any kind about it here.11:28
Halexander90001theadmin: Something is happening.11:28
theadminHalexander90001: Very well then.11:28
deskduckwhat is this derivative? and what do you mean by support that you mentioned earlier?11:28
theadmindeskduck: By support I mean answer questions of any kind about it here.11:29
theadmindeskduck: "derivative" means an OS based on Ubuntu, but not Ubuntu.11:29
deskduckohh i got it, but then what is this derivative? is it economics related?11:29
=== phix_ is now known as phix
deskduckmeans ubuntu is a derivative of linux mint?11:30
Halexander90001theadmin: I accidentally pressed ctrl+c when I tried to copy the command I used. Canceled the whole process.11:30
randomnewbno deskduck.11:30
auronandacedeskduck: other way around11:30
deskduckI see11:30
randomnewbMint is based on Ubuntu.11:30
deskduckbut then why is no one using mint?11:30
auronandacedeskduck: do you have a ubuntu support question?11:31
theadmindeskduck: They are using it, but people here only answer questions about Ubuntu11:31
deskduckohh got it11:31
theadminauronandace: Don't be harsh with the newbie, gotta explain why we support only buntus :D11:31
Halexander90001theadmin: How is the terminal going to tell me when it's done?11:31
theadminHalexander90001: Just return you to a the prompt ("user@hostname:dir$"11:32
auronandacetheadmin: sorry you misinterperated my question11:32
overcluckerhummerpas: oops, command try cat /var/log/boot.log11:32
Halexander90001# dd if=/mnt/home/Downloads/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb111:32
Halexander900011423960+0 records in11:32
Halexander900011423960+0 records out11:32
Halexander90001729067520 bytes (729 MB) copied, 100.679 s, 7.2 MB/s11:32
deskduckbut if mint is ubuntu based, then why cant i get support for linux mint?11:32
FloodBot1Halexander90001: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:32
theadminHalexander90001: You did it wrong11:32
deskduckis it the same of different?11:32
auronandacedeskduck: you can get  support for linux mint, just not here11:32
theadminHalexander90001: dd if=/mnt/home/Downloads/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb11:32
JermBobdeskduck obviously different if its called mint not ubuntu11:33
theadminHalexander90001: Without the "1". To the drive, not the partition :)11:33
Halexander90001theadmin: 729067520 bytes (729 MB) copied, 100.679 s, 7.2 MB/s11:33
randomnewbSeek the appropriate forums for forks/derivatives.11:33
theadmindeskduck: Mint isn't Ubuntu though -- they change things and we can't keep track of all their changes11:33
deskducktheadmin, understood11:34
randomnewbThey become too much of their own thing.11:34
Halexander90001What difference does it make theadmin? The indicator light on my thumbdrive was working.11:34
randomnewbIf that explains it.11:34
deskduckalright, have to install ubuntu, see you11:34
deskduckand thanks for the suggestions11:34
deskduckglad to receive support11:35
auronandaceHalexander90001: it wouldn't boot if you just copied it to a partition11:35
theadminHalexander90001: Won't work though, no boot sector this way11:35
theadminHalexander90001: Well, the boot sector is there, but in the wrong place altogether (on the partition rather than MBR) so it won't boot11:36
Halexander90001auronandace: theadmin: Erm, is it supposed to fill my usb drive with files with weird names?11:36
vavoyshIs there a way to restore a system to how it was a day before? Like a windows system restore?11:36
Halexander90001Glitchy characters I mean.11:36
theadminHalexander90001: It is. But please re-run the command without the "1", or else it won't boot11:36
theadminHalexander90001: Ah... No, it's not11:36
auronandaceHalexander90001: define "weird" :)11:36
Halexander90001Just a sec.11:37
theadminvavoysh: Not unless you backed it up a day before11:37
theadminvavoysh: Or something.11:37
randomnewbHalexander90001: are the file sizes  "weird" too?11:37
Halexander90001theadmin: 8"?í*?ª?.NX is the first file I see.11:37
theadminHalexander90001: That ain't... supposed to be there11:37
theadminHalexander90001: But then again you didn't quite run the command right so it might give weird results like those, yeah11:38
Halexander90001It says error: input/output error.11:38
theadminI dunno...11:38
Halexander90001I'll try again.11:38
randomnewbBad file system maybe?11:38
theadminHalexander90001: Try it like this exactly: dd if=/mnt/home/Downloads/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb11:38
geirhaHalexander90001: If the usb drive was mounted while you ran the dd, that would explain the corrupt looking fs11:38
theadmingeirha: Point.11:38
theadminHalexander90001: And yes, please make sure the drive is not mounted when you run the dd11:39
vavoyshtheadmin: awesome. Is it possible to use the default (for 11.04) volume control meter for alsa? I removed pulseaudio for alsa, hoping it would fix some sound problems, but it didn't, so I want to switch back, only I can't figure out how11:39
dddbmtOn a 11.10 laptop I've connected two external monitors and turned off the laptop screen. Which all works properly. But it there a way force which monitor should be primary? (i.e. the on that holds the unity menu and the global topbar)11:39
zacariasif everything freezes and you can't even start terminal to run a "killall" command, what shall you do? Is there a jkeyboard shortcut to force apps to quit or you just have to force the computer to restart?11:39
theadminvavoysh: Oh boy... Not sure really. Never had sound problems no matter what I used so I always just left it be :D11:39
theadminzacarias: Hit Alt-SysRQ-K11:39
Halexander90001theadmin: Not mounted. Oh, I see then.11:39
theadminzacarias: That will force a log out11:39
vavoyshtheadmin: Do you think I can like reinstall it from disk?11:40
theadminvavoysh: Probably... I dunno how to11:40
zacariastheadmin: what's the SysRQ key?11:40
theadminHalexander90001: So run the following as root: umount /dev/sdb1 && dd if=/mnt/home/Downloads/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb11:41
randomnewbPrint screen?11:41
auronandace!sysrq | zacarias11:41
ubottuzacarias: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key11:41
theadminzacarias: Normally same key as printscreen11:41
a_c_mwhen using remote desktop - how can i force it to listen on my wireless card? As at the moment i can't connect to the desktop except via localhost11:41
Halexander90001theadmin: I didn't have to do that. I just unmounted it from my desktop.11:41
randomnewbWhat's the paste site for long lines?11:41
zacariasok! Thanks11:41
theadminHalexander90001: Not sure that works, but ok :D11:41
aguitelhow install flashplugin?11:41
theadminrandomnewb: http://paste.ubuntu.com is our official one, there's a TON of others though11:42
theadminaguitel: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer11:42
Halexander90001theadmin: It -is- Puppeee linux afterall. Who knows what horrible wonders it has besides that.11:42
theadminHalexander90001: Ah "pupeee"? The one for eeepc? I tried that... horrified by it really lol11:42
vavoyshtheadmin: well, time to start messing with the system more. What's the worst that can happen?11:43
aguiteltheadmin, thanks11:43
=== Culiforge is now known as cul_away
theadminvavoysh: The worst? Destroying the BIOS and ALL THE DATA probably ;) But that'd be rather... difficult11:44
Halexander90001theadmin: Now you know why I'm so desperate to get out of it.11:44
vavoyshtheadmin: :P11:44
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damo22theadmin: destroying the bios? that would suck11:45
=== Guest71625 is now known as JimmyJames
=== JimmyJames is now known as CamFox
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=== CameronFox is now known as CamFox
theadmindamo22: Well, doesn't quite make it impossible though11:47
Halexander90001theadmin: Um, now it won't mount. Is is supposed to do that?11:47
damo22theadmin: would be easier to take a hammer to the mb11:48
theadminHalexander90001: Depends. It won't mount as a USB drive anymore (not till you clean out the partition table), cause now it's pretty much a CD xD11:48
Halexander90001theadmin: So...how do I check it to make sure it works?11:48
theadminHalexander90001: Try booting from it?11:49
dns53Halexander90001   mount -o loop file mountpoint11:49
randomnewbIs this partitioning okay? http://paste.ubuntu.com/836447/11:55
theadminrandomnewb: You don't really need separate /opt, /var, /usr...11:56
theadminrandomnewb: Only /home maybe and /boot11:56
randomnewbI'm kinda picky about sorting.11:57
randomnewbI know /home is like the User folders in windoze.11:58
theadminrandomnewb: Yeah11:58
theadminrandomnewb: Well, that's why you need separate /home, to preserve userdata between reinstalls11:59
theadminrandomnewb: Separate /boot is an ages-old tradition, no idea why they do it actually11:59
randomnewbOld traditions stick like two hard drive magnets put together.12:00
randomnewbDo you know a good chat for general GNU/Linux software discussion?12:01
=== ozior is now known as NuckSarv
=== NuckSarv is now known as NiickSerw
auronandacerandomnewb: could try ##linux12:02
randomnewbThink one basic hardware question is okay here?12:03
auronandacerandomnewb: if you're trying to get it working with ubuntu then likely yes12:04
vavoyshHi again. Anyone know what the name of the default sound manager package is called in 11.04? I tried reinstalling ubuntu-desktop, didn't restore it12:04
=== beboj_ is now known as beboj
randomnewbThink a dual Xeon would be a good "jack of all trades master of none system"?12:04
randomnewbauruoandace: need more info?12:08
SteevcaI have tried forcing a 1152x864 resolution with xrandr and i got it to work but after the restart it gets back to 1024x768 and reporthing that the monitor poroperties could not be stored or something like that.How can i make a resolution work after the restart?12:08
auronandacerandomnewb: its not really ubuntu specific12:09
amityadav9314what is ubuntu12:10
auronandace!ubuntu | amityadav931412:10
ubottuamityadav9314: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com12:10
amityadav9314Why to use it ?12:10
auronandaceamityadav9314: why not?12:11
amityadav9314auronandace: when we have Fedora?12:11
bazhang!ot | amityadav931412:11
ubottuamityadav9314: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:11
auronandaceamityadav9314: up to you what you want to use, do you need any help with ubuntu?12:11
amityadav9314auronandace: Why Gnome 3 does not work in ubuntu 11.04?12:12
auronandaceamityadav9314: because it was new then, it works in 11.1012:13
amityadav9314auronandace: What if our graphics does not support?12:13
bazhangamityadav9314, did you have an actual support issue with Ubuntu? what version are you using, for example12:14
auronandaceamityadav9314: then you can't use it, i think it reverts to a fallback mode (not ure though since i don't use gnome at all)12:14
ubuntuaddictedamityadav9314, what graphics?12:14
ubuntuaddictedamityadav9314, nvidia or ati chipset?12:15
bazhangamityadav9314, if your card does not support it, then you cannot use some of the features.12:15
amityadav9314auronandace: But i have heard some Software rendering, what is that?12:15
CJKayamityadav9314: Software rendering means all the graphics rendering is done on the CPU instead of with your graphics hardware12:21
=== zay is now known as zabot
amityadav9314CJKAY: Thanks, but one more questions  I would like to ask that if gnome 3 will support soft\ware rendering, will it be able to work properly on all kinds of graphics card, as till now gnome 3 goes to fallback mode in my syystem12:23
gener1ci am setting up pure-ftpd on my virtual server and i am getting a weird error when trying to run it12:23
gener1c421 Unable to switch capabilities : Operation not permitted12:24
gener1ci tried to google it and all i see is people saying it should be recompiled without competabilities12:24
CJKayamityadav9314: Fallback mode uses software rendering12:25
CJKayIt "falls back" onto software if it can't use hardware rendering12:25
dumbrafor some reason my touchpad stopped working -- i can use multi-touch functions still, but regular cursor-ing is not working?12:26
dbuggerHey guys. is it still possible to use Docky as a "keyboard launcher"?12:26
norbert_hey all, I'm doing the ffmpeg/x264 compile thing from the forum, and configure says "Warning: libavformat is not supported without swscale support"12:27
norbert_is that a problem or can I continue the guide?12:27
glennWhen a patch is supllied to debian upstream, what exactly are the steps needed to get it into the ubuntu package?12:29
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
theadminglenn: Best to ask in #ubuntu-devel I believe.12:29
SteevcaI have used xrandr --newmode to add a 1152x864 resolution,but when i restarted the pc i got back to 1024x768 and the pop out on the right reported that i could not store the monitor properities or something like that,how do force a 1152x864 resolution to work after the restart?12:30
ikoniahello Seherezada12:31
randomnewbAny other general chat besides ##linux?12:33
jribrandomnewb: #ubuntu-offtopic12:33
ikoniarandomnewb: #defocus12:34
randomnewbStill software related though.12:34
jribrandomnewb: what exactly do you want help with?12:34
theadminSteevca: xorg.conf12:36
=== jax2 is now known as njaxx
randomnewbI got 100,000 downloaded images would photo management software be the wrong approach?12:36
jribrandomnewb: wrong approach for what?12:36
Steevcatheadmin: Well i don't have it in X1112:36
randomnewbManaging the images.12:37
theadminSteevca: Yeah you need to create one12:37
jribrandomnewb: I'd hope not12:37
ikoniarandomnewb: how else can you managed them ?12:37
ikoniarandomnewb: if you don't use software, what is your option ? by hand ?12:37
Steevcatheadmin: Can you tell me how to do it,i am new with ubuntu?12:37
jribrandomnewb: do what works for *you*12:37
theadminSteevca: What exactly is your purpose, do you need only *one* resolution available? List all you'd like to have please12:37
Steevcatheadmin:  i just need the 1152x864 because ati droped the support for my card and there are no drivers,but with open drivers i just have 1024x768 and 800x60012:38
theadminSteevca: I see, mk12:38
njaxxWhen does support from 10.10 end?12:39
SteevcaAs i mentioned,i have used a xrandr --newmode and cvt to get it to work,but after the restart it fails back to 1024x768.12:39
auronandace!10.10 | njaxx12:40
ubottunjaxx: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101012:40
jribnjaxx: 18 months after it was released (10.10 means 2010 october)12:40
theadminSteevca: Here you go: https://pzt.me/1o0412:40
tgywaI am new to IRC12:40
tgywahave I joined Ubuntu channel now ?12:40
jeffrycan u explaine me like work mirc??12:40
Steevcatheadmin:  Ok,thanks.Now how do i make a xorg.conf?12:40
tgywaThank u12:40
auronandacetgywa: yes12:40
njaxxrjib - thanks12:40
tgywaauronandace: thank you !12:41
jeffrysomeone can help me12:41
theadminSteevca: Just open it in your favorite text editor and paste that in, like this: gksu gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:41
randomnewbjrib: I have really long trees since camera metadata is N/A or unimportant on stuff I didn't photograph myself.12:41
theadminSteevca: Make sure to *not* paste the line numbers tho xD12:41
jeffryok but if i want downloand one movie12:41
Steevcatheadmin i have pasted what you gave me xD12:42
theadminSteevca: Meh here's a raw: https://pzt.me/1o04@raw12:42
Steevcatheadmin:  Pasted and saved,now i just open the monitors prop. and set it ?12:43
oCeanjeffry: there is nothing to download here, this is not a warez network12:43
ikoniajeffry: what do you need help with ?12:43
theadminSteevca: You need to restart X (or better even reboot) first12:43
Steevcatheadmin:  Ok,thanks a lot. :D12:43
tgywaDoes anyone know popular RedHat channel ?12:46
oCeantgywa: there are #rhel, #fedora12:46
=== grummund_ is now known as grummund
boobsbrI'm having problems mounting an external USB HDD, here's the dmesg output: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/836486/ is there any way to solve this?12:47
tgywaoCean: thank you !12:47
randomnewbjrib: still there?12:48
winnie666hello! Does casper have the functionality to mount multiple squashfs filesystems? i.e First mount the / squashfs, then mount /home (seperate squashfs), then mount /var (seperate squashfs)?12:49
winnie666if not would it be possible to mount / and then add scripts to "casper-bottom" to mount the other two12:50
Steevcatheadmin New problem xD Now the monitor won't start. I get the black screen with wihte blinking line in the top left of the screen and after that the monior shuts down.12:51
SteevcaI can't eaven get to ubuntu xD12:51
theadminSteevca: Hmm... I'm not sure I wrote the config quite right then :( Okay, if you can get into a text mode then just delete the xorg.conf. And add that "xrandr --newmode" line to your startup apps, that'd be simplier12:51
SteevcaGive me the command for deleting12:52
theadminSteevca: sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf12:52
remoteCTRL1if i map an ftp drive with nautilus' "connect to server" tool it afterwards always tries to open it with firefox instead of nautilus. how do i change this erratic behaviour?12:58
remoteCTRL1hello? am i allone, or why is it so quiet?13:00
theadminremoteCTRL1: Guess everyone's asleep lol13:01
remoteCTRL1theadmin: hey there gal! :)13:01
remoteCTRL1seem so huh?13:01
theadminremoteCTRL1: Um... hi.13:02
libnotifytheadmin... gal?13:02
remoteCTRL1libnotify: y?13:02
theadminlibnotify: Well yep :P13:03
=== trevor is now known as Guest50882
libnotifyremoteCTRL1: i like it when its kinda silent in here13:04
libnotifyand with polite ops...13:05
remoteCTRL1me too but not if i'm asking a question *g*13:05
libnotifydidn't realize you had asked one13:06
=== Guest50882 is now known as Stratus3D
=== jasonruiz is now known as CoilDomain
pushpopwhat command can I use to see if my interface (eth0) is operating at a gig?13:15
remoteCTRL1ok i did the following:13:16
remoteCTRL1i opened /usr/share/applications/defaults.list with an editor and added:13:16
arandpushpop: You can see bitrate in iwconfig13:16
remoteCTRL1now nautilus opens ftp and sftp links with nautilus instead of firefox13:17
lealemcan anyone help me to install graphics driver13:19
ikonialealem: for what card ?13:19
ikoniaooh, !ati > lealem13:20
=== root is now known as Guest85119
Steevcatheadmin left?13:21
SteevcaI have used xrandr --newmode "1152x864_60.00"   81.75  1152 1216 1336 1520  864 867 871 897 -hsync +vsync ,what is the last command after this to get it to work?13:22
T_H_Xpushpop: lshw -C network      will show you13:26
=== ts2 is now known as tsimpson
SteevcaWhen i use xrandr --output VGA-0 --mode 1152x864 i get xrandr: cannot find mode 1152x864,but i did evrything right,what can be the problem?13:27
Steevca 13:27
T_H_Xikonia: ?13:29
T_H_Xill have one o those13:30
ikoniaT_H_X: what ?13:30
yukoi want to send attachment with mail13:30
yukohow shud i13:30
ikoniayuko: most mail clients have an attatchment option13:31
ikoniayuko: click it13:31
T_H_Xclicky licky13:31
ikoniaT_H_X: what ?13:31
yukoi m using telnet to send email now i want to send attachment also with mail13:32
ikoniayuko: you can't use telnet to send email13:32
T_H_Xyuko: install mutt13:32
yukoi m13:32
winnie666in a non persistent live environment, if /usr /var and /etc were synced upon boot from a persistent system, would that be enough for most packages to function? In case i was unclear, do most installed packages keep install in the directories i just mentioned?13:32
yukon already have been using it13:32
=== fireball is now known as Guest65093
T_H_Xyuko: you can attach with that13:33
T_H_Xikonia: yes you canb13:33
Guest65093can somebody tell me how to configure conky?13:33
ikoniaT_H_X: what, by telneting to port 25 and sendint an attatchment as binary in the "DATA" set13:34
Guest65093can somebody tell me how to configure conky?13:34
ikoniaT_H_X: ok, best to give realisitc answers13:34
ikonia!conky > Guest6509313:34
T_H_Xi did ffs13:34
ikoniaT_H_X: tone down the language13:34
Guest65093? :)13:34
ikoniaT_H_X: telling someone to send 10,000 lines of 01's in the "data" is not realistic13:35
T_H_Xi said mutt13:35
Guest65093ikonia can you please tell me how to configure conky13:35
Raphi974Guest65093: there's a lot of shared configuration on the internet13:35
Raphi974Guest65093: search the Ubuntu forums13:35
ikonia!conky > Guest6509313:36
ikoniaGuest65093: check the private message ubottu sent you13:36
Guest65093very funny ikonia13:36
ikoniaGuest65093: I'm not joking13:36
T_H_Xhe is really, he's just shy13:36
Guest65093how do I check?13:37
ikoniaGuest65093: check the private message window from the user ubottu, it's a bot to give you info13:37
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=867076 Guest6509313:38
Guest65093hey how do I check the msg? I am using xchat!13:38
ikoniaGuest65093: you should see an extra tab13:38
ikoniaGuest65093: from the user ubottu13:38
bazhangGuest65093, check the link I just gave you13:39
fidelGuest65093: how irc-clients present a private message window depends on the client13:39
ErwinJungeHi, I used to use i915_dri from dri-experimental from the xorg-edgers ppa to get gallium3d opengl, but this seems to have vanished with some recent update. Anyone here know how to get it back?13:39
ikoniaErwinJunge: whats vanished ?13:39
fidelso at the end - check your xchat window/s - somewhere there the bot should have send you a message containing informations13:39
toterHi everybody. I would like to know if it's possible to use GPU processing to compile a kernel. It takes too damn long to compile a kernel. On Core 2 Duo machine it takes 42 minutes. Is it possible to compile a kernel faster?13:39
fidelapart from that - a short online-search will give you tons of example conky configurations13:39
ikoniatoter: you don't do that13:39
Guest65093fidel, I use xchat, can you tell me how I check a private msg?13:39
fidelno - using irssi13:39
Guest65093fidel, I can download those configurations but I dont know how to apply13:40
bazhangGuest65093, I just linked you the conky starters guide, please read it13:40
ErwinJungeikonia: The driver used to be in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri-alternates/i915_dri.so, but this folder vanished13:40
toterikonia: I don't do because...13:40
ikoniatoter: because gcc is for x86 cpu's13:40
ErwinJungeI switched to it at runtime when programs needed GL2 support using LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri-alternates13:40
ikoniaErwinJunge: directories don't just delete themselves, so what have you done/enabled to delete that directory13:41
Guest65093thanks bazhang I am reading it nice one13:41
ErwinJungeikonia: apt-get upgrade ;) The package I'm talking about is libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental13:41
toterikonia: Got it. But… Shouldn't this be a project for computer science student? Somehow mix gcc and opencl to compile a kernel faster?13:41
ikoniaErwinJunge: you'll have to speak tot he PPA maintainer to see if there scripts updated/install remove the file13:42
ikoniatoter: who cares ? make a project if you think there should be one13:42
ErwinJungedpkg -L libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental now just shows a changelog and some settings, while it used to contain two alternative dri drivers (i915 gallium3d and llvmpipe)13:42
xubuntuhey guys13:44
xubuntuin xubuntu13:44
xubuntui have a lil prob13:44
xubuntui installed gnome-panel in it13:44
Guest65093can I have more than 2 conky monitors13:44
xubuntuand i got this problem13:44
FloodBot1xubuntu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:44
xubuntuW: GPG-fout: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-backports Release: De volgende handtekeningen waren ongeldig: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>13:44
ikoniaGuest65093: sure13:44
sattu94what if somebodys typing is really fast ?13:45
Guest65093then do I need 2 seperate conky files?13:45
sattu94does it still count as flooding ?13:45
xubuntuW: GPG-fout: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com oneiric-backports Release: De volgende handtekeningen waren ongeldig: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>13:45
ikoniaGuest65093: no you can append monitors13:45
ikoniasattu94: yes, it does,13:45
martin_tsctrying to set a VPN up, but not having success, any guidance?13:45
ErwinJungeikonia: I figured it out from the changelog: "Drop the dri-alternates driver search path, and don't ship13:45
ErwinJunge    gallium version of i915_dri.so for now" --> So that's what happened. I'll go e-mail the committer to ask why :)13:45
xubuntui have a problem13:45
ikoniaxubuntu: youv'e said. please don't repeat13:45
bazhangxubuntu, yes we see13:45
xubuntuoh ok you have read it13:46
xubuntuyou know what it is?13:46
xubuntuis anyone here dutch13:46
bazhangxubuntu, patience please13:46
xubuntubecause what means this in english13:46
xubuntuonvolledige kopteksten13:46
Guest65093how to append the monitors?13:46
martin_tsclol, he talks to much13:46
oCeanxubuntu: /join #ubuntu-nl for support in Dutch13:46
ErwinJungexubuntu: I am Dutch. The GPG key is invalid. No idea how to fix it though13:46
ErwinJungeGot to go, byebye13:47
blacblochi, i'm new to ubuntu and i'm wondering is there any application that i can use to send newsletters?13:47
Guest65093can someone give me a skin simple enough? for conky? the ones I find on the net seem too complex!13:47
ikoniaGuest65093: the forum post has basic information and examples13:49
Guest65093i see...13:49
soeehi, how can i replace some text with other text in all files and subdirectories in selected folder ?13:50
arandsoee: combine find and sed?13:50
soeearand, never used it, gonna try13:50
martin_tscwould someone have a quick minute to look through some php and check for any basic syntax errors? http://pastebin.com/L4KzNzTS13:51
blacblochow about that newsletter app? see my question above13:51
smoothif1eri have 16GB RAM on a new machine.  the ubuntu download page suggests the 32 bit install.  if I do that, won't i lose access to 12GB of RAM?13:53
s0someone can help me?13:54
bazhangs0, with what13:54
Guest65093how do I quit conky?13:55
* smoothif1er dumps a bucket of water on s013:55
smoothif1ershould put out the flames13:55
zzecools0: i let you die in agony13:55
s0bazhang,i forget my windowsxp password13:55
zzecool;p lol13:55
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mailman blacbloc13:55
bazhangs0, ##windows13:55
=== smoothif1er is now known as smoothifier
arandsoee: Something like "find dir/ -exec sed -i 's/string1/string2/g' {} \;"13:56
s0help me get it from ubuntu13:56
s0bazhang,can you help me13:56
zzecools0: This is not a hacking help irc channel13:56
bazhangs0, /join ##windows for help with that13:56
s0ok,thank you bazhang13:57
theadmins0: I can help if you PM me. I can't help you *get* the password, but I'll be glad to help you change it13:57
loganrunI am trying to figure out why the window manager unity is so much slower than unity2d, I have a pretty high end graphics card13:58
smoothifieri have 16GB RAM on a new machine.  the ubuntu download page suggests the 32 bit install.  if I do that, won't i lose access to 12GB of RAM? Sorry if this comes up twice13:58
fidelsmoothifier: go for 6413:58
smoothifierthat's what i thought.  thanks :)13:59
loganrunsmoothifier, I am not sure but I think the pae kernel allows access13:59
arandsmoothifier: You will be a ble to use all RAM, but not get the full benefits of it.13:59
loganrunsmoothifier, I have more than what is natively supported by 32 bit but did not have any issues13:59
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info14:00
whiskers75I have a Toshiba Portege 400 laptop and need help with it14:00
hypnocatdoes anyone know how i can find out the URL for the source tar archive that a given package was built from?14:00
fidelmatcinh launchpad entry: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-website-content/+bug/58594014:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 585940 in ubuntu-website-content "Misinformation when intending to download the 64-bit edition" [Undecided,Fix released]14:00
libnotifyubottu you are offtopic14:00
ubottulibnotify: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:00
libnotifybots have to remain silent14:00
theadminlibnotify: Not when they are asked to speak.14:01
theadminlibnotify: That's the point of bots anyway14:01
bazhanglibnotify, thats enough14:01
=== LordH3lment is now known as theborger
libnotifywhy am i getting attacked now?14:01
whiskers75how do you configure a Toshiba Portege 4000's wireless card to work with Ubuntu 10.10?14:01
libnotifybazhang: stfu for now, pls14:01
loganrunhas anyone else found unity to be much slower than unity2d14:01
smoothifier64 bit is tricky when you have 32 bit binaries, right?  i seem to remember jumping through some hoops with the 64 bit install14:02
theadminloganrun: That's true, especially without proper drivers.14:02
bazhanglibnotify, thats not acceptable here14:02
bazhangwhiskers75, whats the wifi chipset14:02
libnotifyok jump from a tree and land on your neck14:02
theadminsmoothifier: Not really, install ia32-libs (or what's that package called...) and you'll mostly have 32-bit compatibility14:02
fidelsmoothifier: i hadent any issues so far in the last years14:02
theadminsmoothifier: Moreover, most apps nowadays are 64-bit native anyway14:02
loganruntheadmin, well I have an nvidia card and have the nvidia drivers installed from the manufacturer14:03
whiskers75bazhang, how do I find that out?14:03
bazhangwhiskers75, if pci then lspci usb lsusb14:03
smoothifierseems like they should be.  i've just had older hardware until now :/14:03
Saiko223One of my harddisks broke down. How do I move the folder Movies to the folder downloads? (sdb1 broke down) http://pastebin.com/zjVEau3X in fstab14:03
libnotifyno work done...:)14:03
paraxxowhich ubuntu disto is for weaker computers lubuntu or xubuntu i got confused??14:03
smoothifierok thanks, i'll give it a shot :)14:03
bazhangparaxxo, lubuntu14:03
loganrunlast time I tried it seemed like 64 bit support was not as good as 32 bit14:03
libnotifyparaxxo: damn small linux14:04
theadminparaxxo: Both are, but Lubuntu is more of productive and much less eye candy, Xubuntu still has some :D14:04
loganrunI mean web browser plugins and stuff did not seem easy to come by in 64 bit versions14:04
whiskers75bazhang, I cant find anything which says wifi or the sort...14:04
bazhanglibnotify, this is ubuntu support, please remain on topic14:04
theadminloganrun: Huh... Not really, Flash is native 64-bit, Java is native... what other plugins do you need14:04
fidelloganrun: example?14:04
libnotifyubuntu is linux14:04
riffwaddup ya'all14:04
paraxxoYeah ty , but idc about effects and stuff , all i want is the latest drivers and the fast boot ubuntu14:05
libnotifyriff sup14:05
riffwaddup libnotify :P14:05
bazhanglibnotify, do you have an actual support issue? chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here14:05
Xelihey, I'm having problems with executing a certain file: http://pastebin.com/ZUKiM1uV14:05
loganrunwell I used to use a VPN client for the company I worked for which would only run on 32 bit java14:05
libnotifywill ignore you14:05
riffxeli mark it as executable ;)14:06
Xeliriff: it is, if you look at the pastebin, it should be atleast..14:06
oCeanlibnotify: as long as you don't ignore channel guidelines and CoC14:06
paraxxotheadmin: so what kind of lubuntu should i get for my weak computer14:06
riffok dud.14:06
SteevcaHow do i restore basic settings for monitors?14:06
bazhangparaxxo, there is just the one14:06
theadminparaxxo: Uh, Lubuntu. Just Lubuntu, there're no "kinds" of it14:06
libnotifywill do what i want14:06
whiskers75bazhang: does this help? http://reviews.cnet.com/laptops/toshiba-portege-4000-pentium/1707-3121_7-8654203.html14:06
loganrunflash used to be a problem and java always seemed screwed up, you go to the sun site to download it and it said you had to have an intel chip and stuff14:06
paraxxotheadmin: i mean like "alternative" or "desktop" and stuff14:07
theadminloganrun: openjdk works fine, and Flash is native nowadays14:07
mo0n_sniperOi mates14:07
theadminparaxxo: Desktop, unless you want a CLI installer (then get alternative)14:07
mo0n_sniperhow do you restart inetd in ubuntu?14:07
theadminmo0n_sniper: sudo service DAEMONNAME restart # Normally does the trick, so14:07
paraxxotheadmin: oh i get it now , and which one should be faster ? 11.10 or 10.04 ?14:08
rifftry executing it in elevated privilege?14:08
theadminparaxxo: Just get the latest14:08
loganrunthadmin: is openjdk 100% compatible though with the sun native versions14:08
whiskers75How do you get a Toshiba Portege 4000's wifi set working on Ubuntu 10.10?14:08
paraxxotheadmin: you dont get it , i have a really slow computer14:08
Steevcatheadmin: Hey i have deleted the xorg.conf but the problem is that in monitor prop. the mode is 1024x768 and i xrandr is 1152x864 so i can't configure it with xrandr again,how do i delete it from xrandr?14:08
mo0n_snipertheadmin: inetd is not found14:08
Xeliriff: I've tried to run it under sudo, same thing14:08
riff@whiskers75 install a restricted driver if its available14:08
arandXeli: What kind of file is it in the first place, a bash script?14:08
bazhangwhiskers75, do you have access to the machine now14:08
theadminparaxxo: I do, still. Lubuntu is lightweight no matter which you choose14:08
theadminmo0n_sniper: xinetd maybe?14:09
paraxxotheadmin: ok thanks very much14:09
Xeliarand: "ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked"14:09
XeliI wonder if it's compiled for a different cpu arch..14:09
whiskers75bazhang, I am typing using Pidgin on it! :)14:09
riffit should work just fine. i dunno :S xeli14:09
arandXeli: I would guess it might be an ARM binary, though I don't know if that woulkd cause that error...14:10
kuribasHi, I installed the newest version of ubuntu and it broke several programs!14:10
bazhangwhiskers75, ok, is it internal, or usb; open a terminal and type lspci if the former and lsusb if the latter and paste.ubuntu.com with the output14:10
riffkuribas what? O.o14:10
kuribasThe computer wouldn't turn off by itself, and now I cannot even startup!14:10
whiskers75bazhang, how do I paste.ubuntu.com...?14:10
Xeliarand: it's not an arm binary, it's to crosscompile to arm, hence it must be x86, still I find the error odd, perhaps it's missing a library14:10
theadmin!paste | whiskers7514:10
ubottuwhiskers75: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:11
bazhangwhiskers75, from a browser, go to that website14:11
riffkuribas dont u have any other operating system installed? try updating the installation or reinstall it without skipping any files14:11
Steevcatheadmin: this is what i got with xrandr http://paste.ubuntu.com/836562/14:11
whiskers75bazhang, OK. Trying that now...14:11
theadminSteevca: Well that looks normal14:11
kuribasriff, I only kept my home directory...14:11
kuribasriff, it's on a different drive.14:11
paraxxotheadmin: oh and i wonder why xubuntu require only 190mb of ram and lubuntu wants 38014:11
=== ventz is now known as ventz_
kuribasriff, I did a fresh install from CD.14:12
arandXeli: Yeah, given the error is from bash, it seems as though it would be a miss in the execution command rather than in the binary...14:12
theadminparaxxo: Really? Hm. I know XFCE for a very lightweight dekstop, but Lubuntu is considered more lightweight for *some* reason, not sure why14:12
=== ventz_ is now known as ventzm
riffkuribas, do a clean install again and make sure you dont skip any part of the installation :S14:12
riffwhat are your system specs?14:12
arandXeli: If you use the full path or so to it?14:12
=== ventzm is now known as ventz
kuribasriff, but I can keep my home directory?14:12
whiskers75bazhang, done, the link is http://paste.ubuntu.com/836564/plain/14:12
Steevcatheadmin: But when i try to add new mode i get this : X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)14:12
theadminparaxxo: Hey just try both and see which works for you :D14:13
kuribasriff, AMD dual core processor X214:13
Xeliarand: exactly the same problem, I've actually come across this problem using a make script(which works on another box)14:13
whiskers75Steevca, I had the same problem - the answer is change the xorg.conf file.14:13
riffkuribas, take a backup using a bootable DOS cd on any other drive and do a clean install14:13
paraxxotheadmin: oh and i wonder why xubuntu require only 190mb ram and lubuntu wants 380 ,14:14
kapzHi! OS: ubuntu 11.10, Scanner is USB Canon LiDE 110 flatbed, simplescan/xscanimage detects the scanner but when a document is scanned there is nothing but a white image..help!14:14
bazhangWhiskey, I dont see a wireless card there, try lsusb and pastebin that14:14
riffis it possible to install windows inside linux? :-p14:14
Steevcawhiskers75: I deleted the xorg.conf  This is the complete error http://paste.ubuntu.com/836566/14:14
kuribasriff, I'll try, but I don't see what would be different?14:14
whiskers75bazhang, ok.14:14
bazhangriff, with vbox14:14
kuribasriff, it was already a fresh install14:14
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest69630
* sattu94 hasn't used Windows in a while..14:15
riffwell the installation doesnt go well sometimes, which version did u install? make sure u have the latest one i.e 11.0414:15
riffi mean 11.1014:15
kuribasriff, yes 11.1014:15
riffvbox, sure to try :P14:15
kuribasriff, Ok, I'll see.14:15
riffkuribas, can u rephrase your situation?14:15
whiskers75Steevca, Using xrandr wont work - as I said, ask around for details on how to change the xorg.conf file to fit your needs.14:16
* sattu94 kicked libnotify14:16
=== jwheare_local_ is now known as jwheare_local
=== theadmin|2 is now known as theadmin
riff:) ubuntu rocks :)14:17
riffwell that was a lie14:17
whiskers75bazhang, here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/836567/plain/14:17
riffunity was the worst thing that could happen to ubuntu, ever..14:17
arandXeli: Are you on a 64bit system?14:17
kuribasriff, I installed ubuntu 11.10 and kept my old home directory.  Now when I startup I see a screen which is too large for my screen, with the GRUB menu, and then it freezes.14:17
SeashellOcean you son of a bitch, i can sign in from anywhere with any nick. Fuck you!14:17
arand!ot riff14:17
kuribasriff, it worked ok a week or so ago.14:18
Xeliarand: yes I am14:18
kuribasriff, ok, I'll do another install and report back :-)14:18
riffkuribas, the home folder doesnt hold any significant stuff. so the problem lies with the installation!14:18
riff:) ok kuribas :P14:18
kuribasriff, that's what I figured...14:18
arandXeli: Ah, then it's simply the error of not finding 32bit compatibility libs, I'm guessing14:18
riffwell thats the truth, a new cleannn install is the only path to 'e-salvation' ;)14:18
Steevca1Ok i got it to work,but now when i use the addmode VGA-0 1152x864 command it gives me back the : xrandr: cannot find mode "1152x864"14:19
Xeliarand: ahh yes, I remember installing them on my other box, that's probably it14:19
bazhangwhiskers75, thats not a wifi chipset14:19
riffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu facebook just deactivated my account, twice in a month now. m sick.14:19
arandXeli: Either get a 64bit variant of the sdk or install ia32libs or whatever it's called14:19
bazhang!ot | riff14:19
ubotturiff: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:19
Steevca1theadmin: Any ideas what can i do now?14:19
riff!ot | bazhang14:20
ubottubazhang: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:20
whiskers75bazhang, well then maybe this computer doesn't have a wifi chipset!14:20
bazhangriff, stop it14:20
riffok sirrrrr :) bazhang14:20
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riffi av two gpus in my system, a basic powersaving one and an nvidia cuda one, i recently installed restricted drivers for nvidia. how do i know what gpu my system is using ?14:21
Xeliarand: yup, now it's working, thanks alot :)14:22
whiskers75I have a problem, I have configured a Belkin wireless card in my system (10.10) with ndiswrapper but when I plug it in, the computer starts freezing, then unfreezes, then freezes etc. Any help? If it helps this has always happened even when on Windows.14:22
rifftheres a problem in ur wireless card not the ubuntu :P whiskers7514:23
bazhangwhiskers75, its a belkin? was it plugged in when you ran lsusb?14:23
bazhangriff, thats not helpful14:23
SteevcaCan i also update gnome 2.30 to gnome 3 in ubuntu 10.4 without to much risk of system fail?14:23
arandriff: glxinfo | grep OpenGL14:23
Dweezahrbazhang, riff is probably right14:23
riffi'm learning bazhang :|14:23
whiskers75bazhang, no I was talking about the internal wifi chipset, but never mind.14:23
whiskers75riff, I once did get it to work...14:24
riffwhiskers75 the freezes n unfreezes are indeed hardware errors.. :s14:24
roastedQuestion - Why is it my Ubuntu laptop cannot smb://HTPC but my Macbook can? Why is it Ubuntu is not populating the DNS entries? I can do it via IP, but not through host names.14:25
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
fidelroasted: you run a local dns service?14:25
whiskers75riff, ok. thanks!14:26
ikoniaroasted: dynamic dns ?14:26
styelzroasted: check /etc/resolv.conf14:26
dohertyIs it possible to tell my ssh client which authentication mechanisms to use? I want it to skip attempting kerberos and gssapi-with-mic, which just slow things down.14:26
Dweezahrroasted, it is appletalk or another protocol that gives the dns name or the linux box hasnt configured dns properly14:26
roastedfidel: I'm not running anything in particular. Just verizon DSL - broadband router - etc.14:26
roastedDweezahr: in OSX I'm using smb://HTPC @ connect to server. I'm not sure if that helps answer that or not.14:26
Dweezahrwhere's the @ for?14:27
roastedfidel: but would network manager not populate dns properly? It says my dns server is my router....14:27
fidelroasted: i would run dig on both boxes and compare the output14:27
roastedDweezahr: I meant at the actual "connect to server" I use smb://HTPC14:27
fidelapple boxes tend to use apple-specific network voodoo in some corners14:27
roastedDweezahr: I meant @ as a verbal expression. I didn't actually use it.14:28
Dweezahrthen it is likely appletalk or that windows samba protocol that tells the name and finds the pc14:28
Dweezahror you're in the wrong homegroup14:28
=== q-rban is now known as q0rban
fidelroasted: in case dig resolves the name on both boxes it is indeed strange14:28
roastedDweezahr: hm, it COULD be possible, but I doubt it. I don't think I ever changed the workgroups.14:28
Dweezahrand it used to work then?14:29
Dweezahrif not, changes make no difference here14:29
roastedDweezahr: I'm having a hard time remembering... the laptops are mine, and the desktop is a HTPC I set up for my gf. Since then, we both moved in together, so now my laptops and HTPC are now in the same household.14:29
roastedDweezahr: I think I specifically set up workgroups on my file server, but that's not in this equation. HTPC and file server are separate beasts14:30
Dweezahrroasted, I always use ip address, and use 4 different operating systems14:30
styelzmaybe need roasted did you enable wins on samba14:30
roastedDweezahr: well I like using the IP as well, but I used host name not realizing what I was doing and I saw it failed. On a hunch my mac was here so I tried it.14:30
roastedstyelz: how does one do that?14:30
styelzname resolution14:30
DweezahrBut I have a dns server on my gateway and it should resolve14:30
Dweezahryou have a dns server in that router?14:30
Dweezahrelse dd-wrt it14:30
roastedDweezahr: are you suggesting that, typically, if the systems are in the same workgroup within the same LAN it should work fine?14:31
Dweezahrroasted, all running windows, yes14:31
Dweezahrrunning windows to osx, probably14:31
Dweezahrlinux to windows, no14:31
roastedDweezahr: I'm not sure. It's a motorola oruter that's about to get thrown out anyway and upgraded. But network manager DOES populate my DNS server as, which is the motorola.14:31
roastedDweezahr: what about linux to linux?14:31
roastedall I use is linux. the mac is only here because it's a work system.14:31
DweezahrThen you have all configuration options for yourself14:31
Dweezahrthe samba configuration then needs to be altered14:32
roastedDweezahr: but what is the default behavior? Same workgroup across all linux machines on LAN = smb://HTPC should work?14:32
azmodeusdoes anybody knows how can I install and change languages on the kubuntu-desktop installed on a xubuntu sys??? =)14:32
Dweezahrroasted, unequal workgroups can cause problems, but avoiding it does not guarantee a proper output14:32
DweezahrI think there is a resolve problem14:33
DweezahrAnd normally names are given by a dns server to be resolved to ip addresses14:33
roastedDweezahr: what dns servers should be in resolv.conf? My router?14:33
sven__Somebody with an SSD here who can help me out (its running, some special questions)14:33
styelzroasted edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and add wins support = yes   .. i tihnk, maybe do a googe14:33
Dweezahrwindows has crafted some stuff to make it possible for ordinary users to not need a dns server, but dns server is way to go here14:33
styelzdamn this eeepc keyboard14:33
Dweezahrwindns can be yes14:33
bazhangsven__, what does this have to do with ubuntu14:33
roastedDweezahr: I'm just having a ahrd time understanding that if network manager is specifically picking up my router as the dns server, as to why resolv.conf needs to be touched14:34
cypher-neoHi. I'm looking for a PPA that has libglib 2.31.2. I found the source, but I can't get it to compile, so I was wondering if it's available somewhere in a PPA.14:34
Dweezahrsven__ as long as you run ubuntu, right place14:34
bazhangcypher-neo, launchpad has a PPA search page14:34
Dweezahrresolv.conf is the local file that is checked before the dns server14:34
Dweezahrso type the name of the computer in it, and the ip address and then the machine itself will translate the name to the ip14:35
roastedDweezahr: I understand that. But why does resolv.conf need to be touched if network manager is already picking up my DNS server.14:35
Dweezahrwell, dns is not working14:35
Dweezahrcan you configure it on your router?14:35
Dweezahrif not, then that is not enough14:35
roastedDweezahr: I'm not sure. It's an older router that I'm replacing regardless.14:35
roastedDweezahr: I wonder if the workgroup thing is burning me....14:36
Dweezahryou need an entry in your dns server, the router, to say that the name goes to the ip address of the htpc com?puter14:36
styelzroasted: http://oreilly.com/openbook/samba/book/ch07_03.html14:36
kapzHi! OS: ubuntu 11.10, Scanner is USB Canon LiDE 110 flatbed, simplescan/xscanimage detects the scanner but when a document is scanned there is nothing but a white image..help!14:36
roastedDweezahr: do newer routers typically handle this? like Linksys E2000s etc?14:36
Dweezahrroasted, it is the operating system on the router that determines this14:36
roastedDweezahr: so it needs to be flashed? Stock firmware wouldn't do it?14:37
Dweezahrbut also an old router like mine can run dd-wrt a custom rom, and then you have the world of conifguration possibilities14:37
Dweezahrusually, then you use a gateway with a dns14:37
Dweezahrlike here, that is just a normal pc with multiple network interface cards14:37
cypher-neobazhang, Oh... :( I found it. It's under Precise development.14:37
cypher-neobazhang, No package available yet... which means that gimp-svn is broken until April, probably.14:37
roastedDweezahr: I'm just trying to think what the simplest path is for me to get this working... if I'm upgrading routers anyway and I can get one to handle dns stuff, that would work.14:38
roastedDweezahr: thereagain I wonder if proper workgroups would be enough.14:38
propokrGood Morning14:38
kapzALright! I need to upgrade the version of SANE-Genesys for my scanner to work...can someone help me? Thanks14:38
Dweezahrroasted, you can try, but as long as you earn your money faster with working, then I would say just buy a new router instead of 30 hours of programming and searching14:39
Ashii_someone know why fonts act this way? http://ompldr.org/vY3Ftdw14:39
Dweezahrnot fonts, Ashii_, just spaces everywhere14:40
Ashii_Dweezahr: but how do you shrink the spaces?14:40
cypher-neoAshii_, Depending on what font you are using, it could be the design of the font itself.14:40
Ashii_cypher-neo: it looks fine in conky, but looks horrid in term14:41
azmodeusmmm, no answers... :( sob... I cant install other languages....14:41
webbeasthello, I am new to ubuntu as well as to conky, I dont know I modified the following script properly, need assistance http://pastebin.com/m1JLajfg14:41
cypher-neoAshii_, What font is it?14:41
webbeastis the entire script wrong? I downloaded it from conky website.14:42
webbeastand made some modifications.........14:42
Dweezahrwebbeast, you are compiling the source code I assume?14:43
jattno conky is configurable14:44
webbeastI am loading the conky script Dweezahr14:44
roastedappreciate it Dweezahr !14:44
auronandacewebbeast: is that the whole conky.conf file?14:44
cypher-neowebbeast, From the pastebin you sent, it looks like every line in the script is hashbang'ed14:45
Dweezahrroasted, okay, it is fun, but If you want to talk seriously about technical things in your network, give #networking a visit, there you see some complex things14:45
webbeastno, its the .conkyrc file Dweezahr14:45
cypher-neowebbeast, If a line begins with a #, it won't be used when Conky loads that script.14:45
peter-adfadfajIs there a bass & treble setting for sound in Ubuntu?14:45
webbeastno, its the .conkyrc fike auronandace14:45
peter-adfadfajI hear no base.14:45
XATRIXhi guys, how can i get rid of UTC ?14:46
XATRIXi'd like to use localtime14:46
jatthere is CET per default14:46
webbeastohh I see cypher-neo14:46
webbeastdo you have some simple conky script that I can try?14:46
DweezahrXATRIX, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime14:46
webbeastand can you tell what is conky.conf file? I dont have it!14:46
hypnocatdoes anyone know how i can find out the URL for the source tar archive that a given package was built from?14:47
ActionParsnipwebbeast: should be ~/.conkyrc14:47
cypher-neowebbeast, Simple? I do know a simple script. Let me find it.14:47
cypher-neowebbeast, It might take me a few minutes. Stay here in chat. :)14:47
ActionParsnipwebbeast: there are samples online14:47
webbeastI am trying that and am getting errors ActionParsnip14:48
webbeastcypher-neo, take your time, I am right here14:48
auronandacewebbeast: trying what exactly?14:48
styelzXATRIX: you can copy one of the fies from /usr/share/zoneinfo/... to /etc/zoneinfo14:48
Dweezahrno, he is still reading my page, it takes a while, and a gui is more useful14:49
cypher-neowebbeast, Conky Wizard is about as simple as you can get! http://code.google.com/p/conkywizard/downloads/list14:49
ActionParsnipwebbeast: find a sample config online and copy it in the ~/.conkyrc file  it will be read and used14:49
XATRIXstyelz: i did it allready :)14:49
XATRIXthe problem is my system still using UTC14:50
cypher-neowebbeast, It's also a great way to learn Conky, but making the Wizard do weird things and see how it affects the script.14:50
ActionParsnipwebbeast: what's good about conky is the file is read in line, so changes apply without restarting the app14:50
XATRIX10 17:50:07 MSK 201214:50
XATRIXit should be 18:50:07 ...14:50
webbeastTucos I tried this script http://pastebin.com/RUduYKXm and get this error http://pastebin.com/a5wbc5sB14:50
XATRIXi should edit /etc/default/rcS  for UTC=no14:51
XATRIXbut it's not gonna be changed :(14:51
webbeastActionParsnip cypher-neo I tried this script http://pastebin.com/RUduYKXm and get this error http://pastebin.com/a5wbc5sB14:51
XATRIXi did it, and still 17:XX instead of 18:XX14:51
XATRIXis it possbile to make it without reboot ?14:52
XATRIXit's a server machine :)14:52
styelzdate ...14:52
XATRIXi did init.d/rcS restart14:52
XATRIXbut it has no effect14:52
ActionParsnipwebbeast: run:  sudo find /proc | grep -i bat14:53
XATRIXFri Feb 10 17:53:07 MSK 201214:53
ActionParsnipwebbeast: not all batery states and such are in the same place, so you need to tweak yours to fit your hardware14:53
jwmtohello,  I'm running ubuntu 11.10 on an IMac and I think I need to update my video drivers to use Gnome 3.  Can anyone help or advise?  (or even suggest a different channel if this is not optimal?)14:53
Chelwhy my ubuntu don't save a desctop settings ?14:53
Chelpanel settings14:53
ActionParsnipjwmto: what video chip are you using?14:53
XATRIXstyelz: any incoming ideas ?14:54
styelzXATRIX: you can you date to set the time, is MSK you timezone ?14:54
jattyou did dpkg-reconfigure tzdata no?14:54
ActionParsnipwebbeast: you also need the cpuspeed script the user has.14:55
jwmtoAction is an ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO graphics processor with256 mb  of GDDR3 memory14:55
DarxusIt seems like there have been a lot of security upgrades for lucid lately, why is that?14:55
ActionParsnip!ati | jwmto14:55
ubottujwmto: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:55
cypher-neowebbeast, Let me point you to the Conky configuration page. There are numerous CPU commands that can be used on Conky that don't require external scripts.14:56
cypher-neowebbeast, Perhaps using a default command will work for you.14:56
webbeastbut there was only the conkyrc file on that website http://conky.sourceforge.net ActionParship14:56
ActionParsnipwebbeast: there are sample files all over dude14:57
cypher-neowebbeast, http://conky.sourceforge.net/documentation.html14:57
ActionParsnipwebbeast: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28186514:57
styelzhai :)14:59
SenorWombatwebbeast: earlier version of my single bar at the top: http://ideatrash.net/2011/10/informative-unobtrusive-minimalistic.html14:59
cypher-neowebbeast, Let me show you my Conky script that I wrote last year. For the most part it uses internal Conky commands to run, which make it faster and more stable. http://fav.me/d3exs2q15:01
jacerDoes anyone do any gaming on a Windows guest with VM Workstation?15:01
SenorWombatAgreed - and lowers CPU usage as well.15:02
Jeihahey. I installed WoW with Wine. I fully updated it, but I can't make it run. If I open it with the wow.exe is lags way too much and I can't do anything. what to do15:02
SenorWombatjacer - I've run warcraft 3 and diablo 1 & 215:02
SenorWombatjacer - how much RAM are you giving the VM?  That's prolly your biggest thing.15:02
cypher-neoSenorWombat, That is a sweet looking bar!15:02
webbeastcypher-neo, I copied the script of spano from the link you gave me and it worked TY15:02
jacer12 gigs =D15:03
webbeastSenorWombat, I liked urs too thanks15:03
SenorWombatThanks, cypher-neo!  I'm pasting an updated one right now, I incorporated iowait and optimized it a bit.15:03
ActionParsnipjacer: it will perform badly15:03
cypher-neoSenorWombat, Conky bars were something I never designed. I did full desktop-CPU-draining designs, but I had trouble keeping my designs simple.15:04
jacerI just wanted some anecdotal feedback.  The general hold up is video performance, but workstation 8 is supposed to be much closer to the hardware level.15:04
ActionParsnipjacer: if you want to game, I suggest you dual boot15:04
cypher-neoSenorWombat, As you could probably see from my link above. lol15:04
auronandaceJeiha: perhaps #winehq would be better able to help15:04
Jeihaauronandance: I tried but there's no response, it's like the winehq is dead15:04
=== companion is now known as Companion
Chelwhy my ubuntu don't save a desktop settings ?15:05
cypher-neoChel, Which settings are wrong?15:05
ActionParsnipChel: are you the owner of all of your $HOME15:06
SenorWombatcyper-neo I *like* the big designs, but I just freak out when my resting load/cpu is above a low idle.15:06
SenorWombatActually, anyone got an idea on how to optimize this little bugger:  iostat -c -k -z | tail -2 | head -1 | awk '{print $4}'15:06
ActionParsnipChel: if you have /home on a separate partition is it mounted read/write?15:06
SenorWombatI'm trying to extract the iowait value as simply as possible - but doing it as one awk script seems... well, awful.15:07
cypher-neoSenorWombat, lol! The computer I made that screenshot on was running on a laptop with 1Gb of RAM.15:07
Bsimshave the troubles with Sandy Bridge graphics been sorted out yet?15:07
cypher-neoSenorWombat, It tended to idle high, but on my desktop with 6Gb of RAM it was fine.15:07
ActionParsnipBsims: Maybe in Precise. Try a liveCD15:07
ChelActionParsnip: yes write permissions is good and im an owner15:07
BsimsActionParsnip: Ah screw it I may just save 50 bucks and get the non sandy bridge version lol15:08
ActionParsnipChel: you can check with:  sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME15:08
ActionParsnipBsims: thats one way, then buy an nvidia video card :)15:08
Jeihawhy I can't use wget commands?15:10
styelzsudo apt-get install wget15:10
szalJeiha: you tell us..  in terms of error message(s)15:11
BsimsActionParsnip: lol the intergrated video is faster than my existing video card15:11
styelzshould be there though15:11
Jeihachmod 700 /usr/bin/wget15:11
Jeihawhen I am trying to use a wget command I get:  wget: command not found...15:11
styelzsudo wget15:11
YelowAfterlife_question: is it possible\safe to install a new ubuntu11 over a existing, non-functional installation?15:12
szalshouldn't need privileges15:12
ActionParsnipBsims: depends what you got15:12
whoever_can sonmeone assisit with bind when i tail syslov .arpa fails with not at top of zone15:12
BsimsActionParsnip: it runs on coal15:12
ActionParsnipJeiha: sudo apt-get install wget15:12
cabreraestoy probando por primera15:13
cabreravez ubuntu15:13
szal!es | cabrera15:13
styelzthats what he said15:13
ubottucabrera: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.15:13
cabreraesta genial15:13
SenorWombatcypher-neo webbeast - updated conkyrc here:  http://pastebin.com/h6Sm3ABc15:13
auronandaceYelowAfterlife_: if the partition is getting formatted then it's just like a fresh install15:13
ActionParsnipBsims: can't be older than most of my stuff :)15:13
JeihaActionParsnip: I get sudo: apt-get: command not found15:13
ActionParsnipJeiha: what is the out of:  lsb_release -sc15:14
styelzJeiha: wheris whet15:14
styelzJeiha: whereis wget15:14
JeihaActionParsnip: I get lsb_release -sc15:14
styelzthis is dumb15:15
JeihaActionParsnip: I get lsb_release: command not found...*15:15
ActionParsnipJeiha: its part of the default OS, so you most likely aren't running Ubuntu15:15
BsimsActionParsnip: GeForce 6600 GT15:15
szalsounds like someone killed their environment variables15:15
styelzsounds like no path15:15
ActionParsnipBsims: better than my onboard6150LE15:15
styelzhave you su , to anther use15:15
ActionParsnipstyelz: ahhh15:15
szal!enter | styelz15:16
ubottustyelz: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:16
ActionParsnipJeiha: what is the output of;   echo $PATH15:16
styelzsorry, bad habbit..msn and all15:16
ActionParsnipIts fedora15:16
ActionParsnipjust told me in PM15:16
compdocfedora?! someone get a rope15:17
* styelz slaps ubottu with a large trout15:17
koskozhi, how to know which graphical driver I'm running?15:17
ActionParsnipkoskoz: sudo lshw -C display | grep -i driver15:18
koskozActionParsnip, PCI (sysfs)15:18
jattdoes't work15:18
szaljatt: who or what?15:18
Oerkoskoz, just wait 10 sec15:19
YellowAfterlifeauronandace: is it possible to 'overwrite' installation without formatting everything in partition though? For reference, currently ubuntu starts up until this point for me and lags out on that - http://i.solidfiles.net/ca659f82a0.jpg15:19
koskozconfiguration: driver=fglrx_pci latency=015:19
koskozso I guess I'm running the free driver15:19
styelzhi szal15:19
jattlsmod | grep fglrx15:20
CaptainKnotsfglrx != free driver15:20
auronandaceYellowAfterlife: possible yes, safe no, it will break badly15:20
koskozCaptainKnots: oh, how do I remove them then? I think it's the catalysts one15:20
ActionParsnipkoskoz: give it time, your PCI bus is slow15:20
ActionParsnipkoskoz: thats the proprietary driver15:21
CaptainKnotskoskoz: locate fglrx15:21
CaptainKnotsthere's an uninstall script somewhere15:21
styelzlocate will only work best if you runsydi updatedb first. anything new since the last update will be foundthen15:22
CaptainKnotsforgot about that15:22
craigbass1976I'm trying to boot a box and getting the initramfs prompt.  When I mount -t ext3 /dev/sda1 /root though, I get an Invalid argument error.  Meh?  I had thrown an XP drive into it this morning to copy some stuff off (prior to a wipe) but when I rebooted after copying a bunch of files, I get this error.15:23
Awsoonnhi all, A new problem just poked its head out on me today. When I start to watch a youtube video everything if great, but if I change volume, the sound stops. If I close my laptop lid and open it back up sound comes back. Any ideas?15:24
dlentzYellowAfterlife, that's the point X server should start, check /var/logXorg.0.log15:24
szal!ot | gdane115:25
ubottugdane1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:25
whoever_craigbass1976: try creating a directory and mounting using sudo15:26
gdane1i know, but i think this video will be interest for some pplk15:26
damo22i am trying to set a new password, i changed ro quiet splash to rw init=/bin/sh but it says Begin: running/scripts/init-botton Done. and no root shell15:26
szalgdane1: doesn't matter; if it's not support-related, it doesn't belong here15:27
auronandacegdane1: no, this is a support channel, that vid won't help anyone15:27
damo22how do i root this mofo?15:27
gdane1btw can u advise me something about working with .deb15:27
ikoniadamo22: you tone down the language15:27
dlentzgdane1, for future ref, you might want to try giving the topic ('nom' isn't helpful)15:28
ikoniadamo22: that would be your first port of call15:28
YellowAfterlifedlentz: I barely can 'get into ubuntu', probably only in 'console' mode. This happened after updating from 9.* version to 11 and installing gnome3 instead of unity.15:28
ikoniadamo22: second you boot into recovery mode from grub15:28
damo22recovery mode??15:28
auronandaceYellowAfterlife: how did you update?15:29
damo22ikonia: you mean failsafe?15:29
cypher-neoSenorWombat, The Conky looks nice!15:29
ikoniadamo22: no, I mean recovery mode15:29
damo22ikonia: how ?15:29
ikoniadamo22: for someone who is bragging how much they love hacking linux devices, you're struggling with some pretty basic stuff here15:30
ikoniadamo22: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode15:30
damo22ikonia: im walking someone else through it i cant see the screen15:30
CaptainKnotsdamo22: doesn't change the fact that it's a basic operation15:31
ikoniadamo22: again, for someone who is bragging about "hacking linux devices" - this should be easy to walk someone through15:31
ikoniadamo22: I can't see the screen yet I'm aware enough to walk you through15:31
cypher-neoYellowAfterlife, Which PPA did you install GNOME3 from. There shouldn't an issue like that caused by GNOME3.15:31
ikoniadamo22: and based on your discussion in ##linux - it's your machine and you're typing, best not to try to blag in here15:31
szaldamo22: if it doesn't have Recovery, but has Failsafe, it's either old enough to not be supported any more or not *buntu15:31
danfrincuaccording to https://support.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/kb/thunderbird-31-end-life-faq Thunderbird 3.1 will be EOL, last day 24.04.2012, question is, how does ubuntu handle the upgrades to more recent releases, will the newer versions be backported or do additional repositories need to be configured?15:31
ActionParsnipcypher-neo: there is one, it breaks a LOT of stuff15:32
ubottuGNOME 3 is the desktop environment on which Unity is based.  To use GNOME Shell instead of Unity, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". GNOME 3 is not supported under Natty/11.04, and may break your system if installed from alternate sources.15:32
damo22ikonia: errr no15:32
kapzHi all! I have a 64-bit machine with 8GiB RAM, all was fine but today bios told me that ram is reduced so  reseat the RAM modules and now bios shows 8 GiB, however after booting in ubuntu it still shows 4 GiB!!!15:32
ActionParsnipkapz: you installed the 32bit OS15:33
uictamaledoes anyone here know if the global app menu is here to stay?  I really think it makes using ubuntu a horrible experience, and using the 'hacks' to disable it all leave much to be desired.15:33
damo22ikonia: it should just work if he appends init=/bin/sh to the kernel command line15:33
szalkapz: lsb_release -a15:33
kapzActionParsnip: No 64 bit, and it was showing * gb earlier...15:33
ikoniadamo22: use single user mode15:33
kapz*8 Gib earlier15:33
auronandace!dash | damo2215:33
yas_hi i have install xorg intel video software so in normal boot display is not comming safe mode is working how to remove xorg intel software and work as like previous in normal mode15:33
ubottudamo22: /bin/sh links to the DASH shell in all releases since Ubuntu Edgy (6.10). Since DASH is not 100% compatible with the BASH shell, some scripts might break. You can make scripts execute using BASH by changing the first line of the script to « #! /bin/bash15:33
ActionParsnipkapz: can you give the output of:  uname -a15:34
SenorWombatThanks, cypher-neo!15:34
ikoniadamo22: all basic stuff for an experienced linux hacker like yourself15:34
kapzActionParsnip: Linux i7-Metal 3.0.0-15-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 20 17:23:00 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:34
uictamalefor that matter, does anyone know if ALL of the 'OSX-esque' directions of ubuntu's design are here to stay, or are they a termporary thing?  Where can I voice my opinion in a constructive manner on the topic?15:34
ActionParsnipkapz: and the output of:  lsb_release -sc15:34
ActionParsnipuictamale: my desktop looks nothing like OSX15:34
ikoniauictamale: with all the respect possible, canonical does not care about "your" view15:35
spacebug-uictamale: it's here to stay but you can disable it. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/03/disable-appmenu-global-menu-in-ubuntu.html  just remove a few packaged and logout and login again15:35
ikoniauictamale: it's going the way it feels the desktop is needing to go15:35
uictamaleikonia: whose view do they care about?15:35
ikoniauictamale: their own, they are a business creating their vision of Linux15:35
kapzActionParsnip: oneiric15:35
ActionParsnipuictamale: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/Desktop.png15:35
ActionParsnipuictamale: looks like OSX?15:35
uictamaleYes, very much so15:35
ActionParsnipuictamale: looks more like Win7 if you ask me15:36
uictamalepurple icons, menu items on the top left corners, fat fonts15:36
uictamaleAt least your app menus are back15:36
ActionParsnipuictamale: it's LXDE...15:36
uictamalegotcha, does that support ccsm ?15:36
yashow to remove newly install xorg intel software from our linux display is not working using this software.15:36
ikoniayas: how did you install it ?15:36
ActionParsnipuictamale: you are talking about Unity, which is one part of the whole OS, you could use KDE and get a similar desktop to mine too15:36
CaptainKnotsuictamale: or use xfce15:37
kapzActionParsnip: The output shows: oneiric15:37
ActionParsnipuictamale: it can and you would replace openbox with compiz. You can replace any WM with compiz15:37
uictamaleActionParsnip: understood, but as far as I've been able to figure out, only unity keeps the compiz settings I've grown dependent on15:37
ActionParsnipkapz: I saw15:37
damo22ikonia: i only know the important stuff, not intricate details of stupid distros that use symlinks on basic core utils15:37
ikoniadamo22: it's nothing to do with that15:37
ActionParsnipuictamale: in brief, your view of the whole OS is based on one vERY CHANGABLE factor of it15:37
ikoniadamo22: basic booting the kernel15:37
ikoniadamo22: nothing distro specific about this, its the same in ALL distros15:38
uictamaleWIth all due respect, I think if voiced properly and persistently, users like us can help shape canonical's vision - if this isn'e the case, what's the point in contributing at all?15:38
ActionParsnipuictamale: the whole 'i hate unity' thing has been goingon for months now, haven't you see the web pages on it. Its boring now15:38
ikoniauictamale: you are incorrect15:38
ActionParsnipuictamale: it can be changed, its very simple15:38
ikoniauictamale: please contact canonical if you wish to complain15:39
=== Wi1d is now known as Wi1d_badass
uictamalethis is the IRC channel canonical points to15:39
ikoniauictamale: no it's not15:39
ikoniauictamale: this is an ubuntu support channel15:39
ikoniauictamale: canonical can be contacted on canonical.com15:39
ActionParsnipuictamale: I suggest you install xfce4 and use that, it feels and runs like Gnome2 and you can run youor gnome apps there with no issue15:39
CaptainKnotsuictamale: #ubuntu-devel15:39
ikoniaCaptainKnots: no15:39
ikoniaCaptainKnots: that is not a complaining channel15:39
Klevishow to bind a domain with nameserver on my ubuntu server ??15:39
CaptainKnotsikonia: I never said it was15:39
ActionParsnipuictamale: you don't HAVE to use Unity15:39
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
xukunhi everybody . After installing ubuntu 11.10 on my dell laptop there is no grub line to boot to windows 7.15:40
uictamaleActionParsnip: You're beating a dead horse - I know I don't have to use unity - I want to help shape unity's direction.15:40
CaptainKnotsuictamale: if you want to change something, then do it yourself15:40
theadminuictamale: #ubuntu-devel and canonical.com, still nothing to do with this channel15:40
uictamalewell, ubuntu's direction15:40
ActionParsnipuictamale: then report bugs and suggest features...15:40
uictamaletheadmin: Ok, thank you.15:40
arandxukun: Make sure you have os-prober instaled and re-run update.grub15:40
ikoniauictamale: http://www.canonical.com/about-canonical/contact15:40
ikoniauictamale: best of luck15:41
Klevishow to bind a domain with nameserver on my ubuntu server ??15:41
theadminuictamale: Also, http://launchpad.net/ubuntu15:41
ikoniaKlevis: you register the domain15:41
arandxukun: * update-grub15:41
ikoniaKlevis: register the domain server with the domain authority15:41
ikoniaKlevis: point the domain at TWO domain servers15:41
ikoniaKlevis: setup a zone file for that domain15:41
xukunarand, thanks for your replay but I have done that but no luck so far15:41
AlrikI've having problems with that too15:42
ikoniaKlevis: then tell the clients to query that domain server either authoritive or non-authoritvly15:42
Klevisikonia: i have already set up a zone for the domain15:42
arandxukun: if you run "sudo os-prober" does it find the windows loader?15:42
ikoniaKlevis: have you registerd the domainname servers with the domainname authority /15:42
=== Wi1d_badass is now known as Wi1d
Klevisi have set it dns ip on nameserver on domain15:42
ikoniaKlevis: both of the name server15:42
ikoniaKlevis: have you registered two name servers with the domain name authority ?15:42
ikoniaKlevis: that is your next step15:42
Kleviswhat is domain name authority ?15:42
uictamaleActionParsnip: Is installing LXDE as easy as installing a few packages?  Will is potentially harm any other packages?15:43
ikoniaKlevis: the people who issue domains for that domain level15:43
kapzHi all! I have a 64-bit machine with 8GiB RAM, all was fine but today bios told me that ram is reduced so  reseat the RAM modules and now bios shows 8 GiB, however after booting in ubuntu it still shows 4 GiB!!!15:44
Klevisikonia can i write you on pm ?15:44
ikoniaKlevis: no thanks,15:44
ikoniaKlevis: please show me the output of "uname -a"15:44
ikoniaKlevis: sorry, not you15:44
ikoniakapz: please show me the output of uname -a15:44
kapzikonia: uname -a >> Linux i7-Metal 3.0.0-15-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 20 17:23:00 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:45
katnegermisHi there :) Do you guys know the unity command, equal to gnome-open?15:45
ikoniakapz: please show me the output of the command "free"15:45
theadminkatnegermis: xdg-open # Universal, works in any desktop environment15:45
katnegermistheadmin: thanks!15:45
ActionParsnipuictamale: sudo apt-get install lxde15:46
theadminkatnegermis: Also methinks gnome-open works in Unity, but there's no real reason to use that15:46
kapzikonia: http://pastebin.com/LzAbmdtk15:46
ActionParsnipuictamale: it won't harm any other packages at all...15:46
CaptainKnotsActionParsnip: can't you also do 'sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop'? just curious15:47
theadminkapz: Well this shows you have 4G15:47
ikoniakapz: that looks like a memroy fault15:47
katnegermistheadmin: I think I'd have to install gnome-libs in order to do that.. I just didn't see the meaning in doing so :) xdg-open works flawlessly, though!15:47
ikoniakapz: try booting the memtest option and see what it sees15:47
ActionParsnipuictamale: if you want the look mine has, install lubuntu-desktop instead   and you will get a different default theme than normal, the lubuntu one, which is what I have15:47
kapzikonia: But Bios shows 8 GB15:47
theadminkatnegermis: Unity is based on Gnome libs, you already have them :P15:47
ActionParsnipCaptainKnots: that will install some themes as well as leafpad and other lightweight apps15:47
ActionParsnipCaptainKnots: if ONLY the desktop is desired then lxde is fine15:48
Lintwhat is WIMAX Mobile Broadband?15:48
ikoniakapz: check with memtest15:48
ikoniakapz: bios showing 8GB means it just sees the dimms, doesn't mean they are working15:48
ikoniaLint: nothing to do with ubuntu,15:48
kapzikonia: Thanks, will do the memtest :)15:48
ActionParsnipLint: the web will tell you, or ask in ##hardware15:48
CaptainKnotsheh memtest isn't a 'brb' kind of test15:49
Lintit is, because it has it on my machine without my permission15:49
ikoniaLint: nothing to do with ubuntu15:49
xukunarand, wait a sec15:49
Klevisikonia: what do u mean with :have you registered two name servers:? i have already set it 2 nameserver on my domain15:50
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
ikoniaKlevis: the domain name servers need to be registered with the domain authorities15:51
theadminHm. Can anyone hint me in the right direction? LibreOffice on Ubuntu 11.10 wouldn't start recently, I have Java (OpenJDK) installed though. Running it in the terminal works, but launchers don't (neither custom nor default ones), launchers which run it in gnome-terminal (i.e. "gnome-terminal -e soffice") work... what on earth can this mean?15:51
xukunsudo os-prober does not find anything but If I run this script: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ it finds windows loader15:51
Klevisikonia and how can i do that ?15:51
ikoniaKlevis: contact the people you registered the domain from15:51
Klevisikonia ok thank you..15:51
auronandacetheadmin: i thought libreoffice doesn't require java15:52
theadminauronandace: Does for additional functionality (it also nags you with a TON of warnings when you start it without a Java binary, you have to click "OK" like 100500 times for it to work without a jre)15:52
=== a111 is now known as xX420-B0ngSm0k4-
theadminauronandace: Could have changed, not sure15:52
=== xX420-B0ngSm0k4- is now known as xX420B0ngSm0k4Xx
Lintafter update i have an icon of something looking like network manager. it shows I have no adapters or connections, but my network works15:53
arandxukun: Hmm, that's strange, I don't think I will be able to help, but if you post the bootinfo maybe someone here or in #grub, possibly, might be.15:53
c31r2gcan anyone tell me how  to close a program from terminal15:53
rofringeany Nvidia 8400 GS expert here ?15:54
quiescenstheadmin: if it runs from a terminal but doesn't run from the launchers then could the launchers be running the wrong thing by any chance?15:54
theadminc31r2g: pkill programname15:54
dlentz!ask | rofringe15:54
ubotturofringe: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:54
VectorXhi, does anyone have a good tute on installing and getting FreeNX to work on oneiric, i followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX but when i connect from windows with NX client i get this log and it disconnects http://pastebin.com/ZKcLWSn5 , this is with the settings set to gnome, but if i set it to terminal it connects fine ?15:54
theadminquiescens: I run "soffice" in both cases and it runs in one case and doesn't in the other which is entirely weird.15:54
=== rishabh is now known as Guest3948
theadminquiescens: Using the full path for the launcher doesn't fix it15:55
dbolseris calling someone a feckless pedant really a booting offence? It's not even off topic ;-)15:55
xukunarand,  and anybody how would like to help adding windows 7 line on my grub this is my bootinfo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/836695/ar15:55
Lintwhy my new network manager appears defunct and hiw to remove it from panel then?15:56
c31r2gtahnks theadmin15:56
kapzikonia: how to get that memtest option during boot? I reboot and press esc key fo rthe grub menu to show up but it boots up instead...15:56
theadminkapz: You want Left Shift, not Escape (they changed it since grub2)15:56
ikoniakapz: just run it from the livecd15:56
ikoniakapz: or follow theadmin15:56
szalkapz: don't press Esc, press Shift15:56
kapzthanks will do that...15:56
c31r2gtheadmin: in terminal pkill then what15:58
c31r2gi'm a newbie :)15:58
theadminc31r2g: pkill programname (for example, "pkill firefox")15:58
esd_hi, is hud-cli released yet?15:58
arandxukun: The sector issue of sda1 might be causeing issues?15:59
c31r2gwhat about like someone said some pid thing15:59
MonkeyDustesd_  i think it's for 12.0415:59
robkaq2hello everybody!15:59
=== VX1 is now known as VectorX
VectorXhi, does anyone have a good tute on installing and getting FreeNX to work on oneiric, i followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX but when i connect from windows with NX client i get this log and it disconnects http://pastebin.com/ZKcLWSn5 , this is with the settings set to gnome, but if i set it to terminal it connects fine ?15:59
esd_MonkeyDust: is it unity exclusive ?15:59
xukunarand, how can I fix that?16:00
MonkeyDustesd_  good question, lemme check16:00
arandxukun: I don't know I'm afraid.16:00
robkaq2where i have to copy a bash script, if i want to be able to run from any directory?16:00
MonkeyDustesd_  yes16:01
esd_MonkeyDust: that sucks16:01
xukunarand, np thanks anyway16:01
esd_MonkeyDust: im on arch and do not intend to install a desktop anytime soon :D16:01
oCeanrobkaq2: do  echo $PATH, you see the various options, I'd say /usr/local/bin for example, or create ~/bin and add that to your PATH variable16:01
MonkeyDustesd_  geek :p16:02
vandal-how can i set key DEL on keypad to insert dot instead of comma ? i was diging in keyboard layouts is /usr/share/X11 but in those files KP_DL its just set to KP_Decimal16:02
robkaq2oCean: many thanks!16:03
=== mcb_ is now known as 50UAAEYZG
szalvandal-: that is locale-dependent16:03
Lintwhy my new network manager appears defunct and hiw to remove it from panel then?16:03
john_doe_jris there a way to get a previous version of Google Chrome or Chromium in Ubuntu16:03
vandal-szal, any way to change it manually without changing whole keyboard layout?16:03
vandal-i am not afraid of modifying some system files16:04
MonkeyDustesd_  there's an experimental PPA, depending on how skilled you are, you may want to try it http://www.ubuntuvibes.com/2012/01/ubuntu-to-replace-application-menus.html16:04
esd_thanks MonkeyDust16:04
rofringeThis (the PC I'm using right now..) is a Dell GX620 3GHz 4GB RAM Nvidia 8400 GS, with Ubuntu 11.10 on it. My problem is that YouTube HD 1080p videos are slow slow (the image freeze); I updated the Nvidia driver to 290.10 (using the manufacturer's   NVIDIA-Linux-x86-290.10.run file) but I see no difference. The very same PC in Win XP, YouTubes 1080p  perfect. Is it Linux slower than Wn XP ????16:04
=== |DM| is now known as |DM|AWAY|
MonkeyDustrofringe  i guess nvidia is not well supported on Linux (i have intel myself)16:06
auronandacerofringe: sound like either a difference in performance for either the nvidia driver or flash (i suspect flash)16:06
esd_nvidia > ati on linux tbh16:06
esd_even nouveau drivers for nvidia are working good16:06
rofringethe NVIDIA-Linux-x86-290.10.run   is the LAST one for that 8400 GS card ...16:07
auronandacerofringe: that doesn't mean the quality of the linux driver is equal to the windows one16:08
jasonlfunkI have some questions about udev. Is this a good room to ask in or is there a better one?16:08
andrew_auHi, can anyone help out with setting up a CA and signing a cert with ssl?16:10
Shiuanyone know what to do if a pulseaudio profile is not showing up, despiten being in the extras-hdmi.conf file16:12
=== q_ is now known as _raven
_raven11.10 with encrypted lvm - how to repair grub?16:13
c31r2g_raven r u from bsrf16:13
auronandace!u | c31r2g16:14
ubottuc31r2g: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'ryt',  'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.16:14
_ravenhow to repair grub2 on an encrypted lvm system?16:15
c31r2gim new here16:15
module000_raven: the same way you would repair grub2 on a non-lvm system, since you can't install it to a LVM-presented volume16:15
_ravenmodule000, i do not understand exactly what is happening here but there seems to be a problem with dev mapper root but i did chroot already16:16
module000_raven: did you boot a live cd?  once you have, you need to mount /boot & mount-and-bind /dev, then chroot16:17
=== lonewlf is now known as lnwlf2121
_ravenmodule000, i did everything16:17
jaybuttsNagstamon is not visible when I launch it, tried the old trick of editing the config so its floating and not in statusbar but still don't see the monitor anywhere, I can hear it alerting and stuff but not finding it anywhere :(16:18
module000_raven: and when you grub-install /dev/foo, what erorr did you get?16:18
_raven  /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: no such disk. Auto-detection of a filesystem of /dev/mapper/root failed.16:18
module000_raven: how did you mount your encrypted root?16:19
JosssseHello boys and girls. I'm trying to install ubuntuone. After I apt-get the installer, I run it and when I click on the "I already have an account!" link it does nothing. I see no "connect to ubuntu" window. Any ideas?16:19
donavan01If I want to have a secure install of Ubuntu should I use WUBI or just install it direct and do a dual boot.... since its installed through windows is there any security issue16:19
_raveni mounted it visual via live-xubuntu desktop and it is in /media/######### now16:20
auronandacedonavan01: install it directly16:20
holsteindonavan01: performance issues..16:20
module000_raven: and did you bind /dev inside the root mountpoint at /media/####/dev ?16:20
donavan01I thought there might be some issues with that ... I put it on with wubi to make sure there werent any driver issues with my hardware before commiting to a full install16:20
brathbunis there a way to get rid of the system monitoring applet running in Pinguy OS?  my mother-in-law has it running on her computer and wants it off, i don't know how to turn it off,.16:20
mcb_donavan01: The major security issues is that is will still have Windows...... LOL. :)16:21
=== andrea is now known as Guest72107
_ravenmodule000, dev, sys and proc yes16:21
theadminbrathbun: We only support Ubuntu here, Pinguy OS is not a supported deriv.16:21
donavan01mcb_ cant say that didnt cross my mind16:21
module000_raven: don't bother sys and proc, you only need dev. so now when you `chroot /media/#####`, your /dev is populated, right?16:21
brathbuntheadmin, it's not?  i thought that pinguy os was based on ubuntu.16:21
mcb_donavan01: LOL again16:21
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.16:21
epaphusHello. So I installed iostat to monitor the kB/sec written/read from my HD... upon doing tests i see that the info displayed does not change ... i tried this also on another OS same result.. anybody know what could be wrong with iostat? (stays at kB_read/s 8.42, and kB_wrtn/s 29.85) .16:22
theadminbrathbun: The only *officially* supported Ubuntu versions are: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Edubuntu16:22
theadminbrathbun: We don't support anything else16:22
epaphus(different OS, different machine)16:22
scarleobrathbun, just look for the process and kill it16:22
auronandacetheadmin: don't forget lubuntu :)16:22
rofringeanyone with a nVidia 8400 GS here ?16:22
theadminauronandace: Oh, pardon me, yeah I skipped over that one accidentally16:22
brathbuntheadmin would you happen to know what irc channel i can join for pinguy os support?16:22
theadminbrathbun: No, sorry, search their site for that info, can't be too hard to find16:23
mneptokbrathbun: i'm sure their website can tell you.16:23
_ravenmodule000, with some dm-# and mapper yes16:23
oCeanbrathbun: there is #PinguyOS on this network, few active users though16:23
brathbuntheir website was down awhile ago.  had some server message saying that the site might be under maintenance.16:23
rofringeanyone here using an old nVidia (series 8...) card ?16:23
module000_raven: you shouldn't see any DM stuff inside your chroot. this might be easier if you boot rescue mode in a console16:24
_ravenmodule000, could you guide me a bit? what to do now?16:24
module000_raven: what is the exact syntax of your grub-install command?16:25
module000_raven: reboot with a live CD and choose "rescue" from the boot list16:25
_MarcusI just downloaded a .deb package for Ubuntu, how do I install it?16:25
MonkeyDust_Marcus  use gdebi16:26
tsimpsonbrathbun: #pinguyos (apparently)16:26
_ravenmodule000, oh i guess something... is it right to install grub to /dev/sda?16:26
_Marcus[11:26] -beep:#ubuntu- test16:26
_MarcusWhat was that?16:26
AfterDeath_Marcus: Someone being annoying16:26
module000_raven: yes, your last command should be `grub-install /dev/sda`16:26
quiescensepaphus: what are you actually trying to do?16:26
LjL_Marcus: someone sending a channel notice16:26
mcb__Marcus: you can use dpkg -i <file>.deb16:26
_ravenmodule000, yes i did....16:27
_ravenmodule000, ok ill reboot16:27
donavan01does the new desktop manager work faster or slower than gnome?16:27
holstein_Marcus: refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware ... or just double click on it :)16:27
quiescensepaphus: i don't think iostat does what you think it does, or what you want it to do16:27
_Marcusholstein: I can't double click over command line though16:27
_ravenmodule000, there is a unetbootin screen which provides no repair option16:27
holsteindonavan01: you can check it out from a live CD... i find it similar, but maybe a little slower feeling16:28
cjs226running into an issue where omrelp doesn't send all logs to the remote server even though *.* is used.  for example, php errors aren't sent.  any ideas?16:28
kindkidI currently have a VM booting (from an iso) and loading up my root partition. I want to get rid of the need for the boot iso, so I can just have a single disk image that's bootable and includes the root partition. How should I tackle this?16:28
module000_raven: a generic ubuntu live cd should have 'rescue an existing system' as an option16:28
holsteinMeirD_: cool... there are suggestions here and in that link about how to do that :)16:28
rofringeanyone here using an old nVidia (series 8...) card ?16:28
_ravenmodule000, will take some time16:28
holstein_Marcus: ^16:28
mcb_donavan01: Are you talking about Unity. I did not like it and stayed with Gnome, but it is matter of taste. I cant about perfamce as i disliked it a lot... and used it for a very short time.16:28
MonkeyDust_Marcus  in the future, please inform us that you wish to work with the CLI16:28
donavan01holstein I was runnign it in WUBI but I wasnt sure if it was slower or not ... didnt have gnome to compare it too16:28
MeirD_Is there anyway I can use "ls -l" and print the file permission number (755) instead of "rwxr-xr-x" ?16:28
_MarcusMonkeyDust: Sorry16:28
superdave321MeirD_: Hello!!16:29
_ravenwhat to do then? simply wizard for that special case?16:29
mcb__Marcus: use dpkg -i <file_name>.deb16:29
_Marcusmcb_: Thanks, it worked16:29
mcb__Marcus: But keep in mind that the dependancies are up to you!16:29
epaphusquiescens, hmm. then iam confused? can you please elaborate ? :)16:29
donavan01mcb_ yeah unity.... I was going to give it a shot and see how it worked and if it really pissed me off I could switch back to gnome but I wanted to know if I was going to kill my speed by using it if so it was gone right now16:29
_Marcusmcb_: Okay. I was just installing dropbox, and it installed fine.16:30
module000_raven: you can boot the normal live CD also, but don't use any visual tools to your mount root and /boot. your whole goal is to 1) mount root(and /boot if exists), 2) bind /dev inside it, 3) grub-install /dev/sda16:30
mcb__marcus: \You are welcome.16:30
quiescensepaphus: iostat is just going to give you the average rates over the "active" time of the resource in question (eg. total bytes read / total amount of time the device has been online)16:30
module000donavan01: if you are tired of unity, install the gnome-developed interface instead (aptitude install gnome-shell)16:30
epaphusquiescens, ohh! is there anyway i can get the true kbytes/sec being read and write on my hd? real time16:31
_ravenmodule000, ok what is the mounting cmd for textmode then?16:31
mcb_donavan01: I dont see why unity or gnome might interfer with each other, you only use one of the at time.... Or do you plan to put it a server?16:32
module000_raven: cryptsetup luksOpen /your/encrypted/block/device arbitrary_dm_name16:32
module000_raven: then you mount your /dev/mapper/arbitrary_dm_name like you would any other disk16:32
MonkeyDustdonavan01  unity = gnome3 with compiz16:32
donavan01mcd_ nahh its just a laptop16:32
quiescensepaphus: you might be expecting something more like iotop, or htop with its IO_RATE column enabled16:32
_ravenmodule000, i tryed that but vgscan gave me nothing!16:33
cloudgeekhappy valientine day my dear ubuntu16:33
module000_raven: but it unlocks the block device fine?16:33
mcb_Doanvan01: And is it a fhresh install? No backup / restore involved? Give it try?16:33
theadmincloudgeek: 4 days too early :P16:33
donavan01monkeyDust   ok so basicaly I can change the compiz to other themes and such to make it do what I want16:33
=== irina is now known as Guest66696
_ravenmodule000, graphically yes....16:33
MonkeyDustdonavan01  i guess there's MyUnity, available as PPA, defaukt as of 12.0416:34
module000_raven: and from the command line?16:34
epaphusquiescens, thanks16:34
donavan01mcb_ that was kinda my plan I just wanted input from others since the last verision of ubuntu I used was I think 9 something16:34
quiescensepaphus: note that they will need to be run as root if you want to include data from processes that your user doesn't own16:34
_ravenmodule000, i am trying at the moment16:34
roastedquestion - if I'm going to DD one flash drive to another, what BS size is best to use? 1m? 1024k?16:35
saganbyteTo enable 2 finger scrolling I m using the synclient and passing it attributes like synclient VertTwoFingerScroll=1...  Is there some place I can enter the synclient stuff so that I dont have to run it on startup?16:35
saganbyteI mean some config file for it16:35
saganbyteCoz enabling it from the Mouse settings doesnt work for me16:35
module000roasted: 1M is a pretty safe/fast bet. "best" would be an exact match of the write buffer for the device you are writing to. I would use 1M16:36
roastedmodule000: is there a process to find the write buffer for the device?16:36
mcb_donavan01: OK. I think you should see for yourself. I personaly didn't liked unity. But i didn't try that hard to fine tune the configurations..... So if you have the time and energy. Go for it.16:36
module000roasted: look up the specs? you could also get some information from `lsusb -vvv`16:36
roastedmodule000: it's a generic USB flash drive, otherwise I would just google it. I'll try the lsusb thing tho - thanks!16:37
venluckeyhey, whatssup16:38
donavan01Ok one last question ... encryption... is it worth encrypting the whole drive? so should I just encrypt my home folder or what or should I even bother?16:38
module000donavan01: that depends very heavily on what exists on those drives, and how much you want to protect it.16:39
theadmindonavan01: Don't encrypt unless you know you really need it16:39
pros977donavan01: I encrypt the whole drive on my laptop. It's easy enough. Just an extra password at boot time.16:39
cloudgeekdonavan01: that help learn real valaue of linux world16:39
_ravenmodule000, where to mount boot then?16:39
cloudgeekdonavan01: learn that encryption and decryption16:39
module000_raven: mount /boot inside the root mountpoint. if your root is /mnt/my_root, then you should mount /boot at /mnt/my_root/boot16:39
cloudgeekdonavan01: if need to do your home folder then you need to do whole disk encryption16:40
module000_raven: that way when you chroot inside /mnt/my_root, your filesystem is arranged the same way it normally would be16:40
_ravenmodule000, i forgot about boot perhaps that is the problem16:40
donavan01is there a good how to on using truecrypt or soemthing (easier the better) for ubuntu?16:41
module000donavan01: for individual files, or for encrypted an entire block device?16:42
donavan01either ... both ... I basically want to keep my files secure as im going to have a good deal of sensitive docs on this laptop16:43
module000donavan01: encrypt the entire disk then, download ubuntu "alternative installer" CD and choose full disk encryption16:43
module000donavan01: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download16:43
mint1how to use mobile phone as modem in ubuntu 11.10. thanx in advance16:45
_ravenmodule000, at vgchange to activate vgroup i only have swap activated.....16:46
module000_raven: activate your root also, that way you can mount it16:47
MonkeyDust!mint| mint116:47
ubottumint1: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:47
donavan01module000 ok im confused though ... how do I encrypt the Disk from outside the OS?  and then install the OS I thought that encryption had to happen after the OS was on the disk16:48
igneriouscan any one help me error in gcc compiler16:48
ircnickis there a third way apart from copying or using livecd to increase wubi installation size16:49
mcb_MonkeyDust: mint1 is just a nick.... The guy asked about ubuntu 11.10....16:49
mcb_ignerious: If you tell the problem.... we can see we can help.16:49
module000donavan01: nono the encryption happens before the OS installs, you enable it during the installatino process16:49
module000donavan01: then when you boot up, youll get a password prompt to unlock the disk at the beginning of the boot procedure16:50
module000donavan01: this means that if someone swipes your laptop or removes the physical disk , it will be useless to them16:50
djQueryusing the unity interface is there any way to get the File | Edit etc.... menu to be attached to the actual window instead in the upper bar of the screen?16:50
donavan01the disk will or the laptop?16:50
module000donavan01: the disk will - that is what you are encrypting.16:51
donavan01just clarifying16:51
igneriousi have use pow() function in my code but while compiling it, Showing error"/tmp/ccRMZJXG.o: In function `main':16:51
igneriousSeries1.c:(.text+0x83): undefined reference to `pow'16:51
igneriouscollect2: ld returned 1 exit status"16:51
donavan01module000 so is it basically a function of the partition format?16:52
tsimpsonignerious: add "-lm" to the command16:52
module000donavan01: it's a kernel function, the encryption layer happens transparent to any reads/writes to the disk.16:52
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nikolamHow to fix boot problem with grub always selecting Memory test and not booting system? I have alternate CD16:52
igneriousgcc: error: Series1: No such file or directory16:52
module000nikolam: pastebin your /boot/grub/grub.cfg16:53
yusufalibozhi everyone..16:53
___james___hey, i'm having trouble with my ubuntu 10.04 server.  when i boot it cannot mount a drive (it is non specific and i now have a read-only system) and i quickly see an error mentioning the /tmp directory, can someone point me in the direction of the mount logs so that i can read what these errors are?16:54
mcb_nikolam: Are you using grub 2 or 1? if it is one you edit it in /boot/grub/menu.lst or you edit it as module000 said.16:54
igneriousgcc: error: Series1: No such file or directory16:54
tsimpsonignerious: like "gcc Series1.c -lm"16:54
nikolammcb_, it is grub 2, I am on 10.04 LTS16:54
whitelynxhey... i'm trying to get a minimal system put together using ubuntu core oneiric, and i'm having trouble getting the flash plugin installed... i added universe and multiverse to sources.list and synced, but when i try installing flashplugin-installer, it gives me an HTTP 404 response on flashplugin-downloader (specifically, the file adobe-flashplugin_11.0.1.152.orig.tar.gz)16:54
whitelynxi haven't been able to find any info online relating to the download itself getting a 404... only things i've found are where repositories get a 404 when updating, which isn't happening to me16:55
igneriousyeah i have done it but same thing happen16:55
whitelynxand other packages have been installing fine16:55
igneriousgcc -lm Series1 Series1.c16:55
donavan01module000 not what I mean ... let me see if I can explain what Im asking better... initially the disk will be formatted in something like FAT or whatever lunix uses ... then before the OS is coppied to the Disk the installer will encrypt the whole drive making even the empty space look like junk to anyone trying to snoop... once that is done the OS is installed like normal... then each time them computer boots it will ask for16:56
donavan01 a password to access the hard drive so that the OS can boot... does that about sum up whats going on or have I misunderstood what I have read?16:56
Linthow to choose login language in 11.1016:56
mcb_nikolam: Try editing  "/etc/default/grub" chose "GRUB_DEFAULT=0"16:56
tsimpsonignerious: no, just "gcc Series1.c -lm", if you want the program file to be "Series1", then run "gcc Series1.c -lm -o Series1"16:56
nikolammodule000, it is hard to do that, since I have no net on that machine. I suppose I should change something in that grub.cfg file and run a command to update16:57
nikolammcb_, I see but installgrub from alternate cd is how to update grub?16:57
LukeNukem_when i try viewing images in browser on localhost, i get forbidden16:57
LukeNukem_any ideas?16:57
mcb_nikolam: from upgrading grub you should refer to the grub documentation.16:58
igneriousThanks It worked16:58
vandal--szal, i've chaged it, if you are interested: xmodmap -e "keycode 91 = KP_Delete period KP_Delete period"16:58
Guido1hello. some movies have disapeard. at least i can't find them any longer and i surched al partitions. are there any sugestions what i can do? a special search or how i can restore it, if it is deletend (and the trash emptied)16:59
superdave321!grub | nikolam16:59
ubottunikolam: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)16:59
Buboi have a problem with ubuntu 11.1016:59
Guido1(ubuntu 10.04)16:59
MonkeyDustGuido1  there's testdisk and scalpel for file recovery16:59
mjforkcan anyone point me to a guide for installing and running unity following a minimal install16:59
Bubomy computer freezes for 2-3 sec every 10 sec while downloading torrent/file or streaming a hd video from youtube17:00
JosssseHello guys. Is there a way i can install gedit 2 instead of gedit 3? it is incompatible with the latex plugin which i use very often.17:00
Bubomy computer freezes for 2-3 sec every 10 sec while downloading torrent/file or streaming a hd video from youtube. - can anyone help with this?17:01
Buboits really really annoying..17:01
auronandacemjfork: wouldn't it just simply be sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop?17:02
mjforkauronandace: trying now...i tried unity :-)17:03
sadan# islam17:04
MonkeyDustsadan  try /join #islam17:04
Bubomy computer freezes for 2-3 sec every 10 sec while downloading torrent/file or streaming a hd video from youtube. - can anyone help with this?17:05
MonkeyDustBubo  have you tried html5 ? http://www.youtube.com/html517:07
Guido1Okee, i instaled testdisk and scalpel, but i can't find them back17:07
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Guest64923i have install LMT 12 , and i search to make a link to open /usr/bin/scangearmp /usr/share/scangearmp17:08
BuboMonkeyDust: that wont work with my problem while downloading torrents or files17:08
Guido1MonkeyDust: okee, i instaled the programs, but i can't find them back. i guees they are terminal programs. is that right? how do i start them17:09
mcb_Bubo: is your system doing a lot of swaping? How is your memory consumption? Have you checked that?17:10
Bubohow do i check how much swaping its doing ?17:10
Bubo1.1GB used from 3.9GB17:11
mcb_comand "free" will tell you.17:11
zoraelHow do you force a mime-type cache refresh in GNOME? (What's the equavilent of KDE's kbuildsycoca4?)17:11
Bubomcb_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/836777/17:12
Bubohow is that ?17:12
=== aboSamoo1 is now known as aboSamoor
Bubo256MB swap memory.. isnt that little?17:15
Excellhi all17:15
Mike9863How can I make it so windows minimize when I scroll down on the title bar?17:15
wisniahi all , i downloaded kde-full but i dont know how to run kde, anyone can help?17:16
Excellcan anyone help with a php.ini problem17:16
theadminwisnia: Log out, choose the KDE session, log back in17:16
thevaliantxanyone know where i can download PinguyOS 11.04?  Their website is down.17:16
mcb_Bubo: 17 MB of swaping wouldn't hang the system..... With torrents and youtube, only your web browser hangs, or is it realy all the system, so that you can not even access a terminal? And, yes i think 256 MB of swap little, but normaly i run with swap = 0. So it is not realy an issue..... At least from my point of view.17:16
auronandacethevaliantx: why not use ubuntu instead?17:17
nikolamBubo, it might be hdd problem or update your flash or check what graphics do you use17:17
Bubowhole system hangs17:17
Bubowhile DLing17:17
Buboit isnt flash..17:17
Linthow to choose login language in 11.10?17:17
Excelli have check the location of the php.ini but when i edit the file in /etc/php5/apache2/ it has no effect no changes are shown phpinfo()?17:17
Buboi DLed a video now, and when it was 90% till the end it freezes and the CPU usage in system monitor were all 4 CPUs over 90%..17:17
jaybuttsprobably cpu usage look at top17:17
travis333hopefully this can be answered and im not the only one seeing this.I keep Chromium locked in the unity launcher and every time I open it it makes a new icon in the launcher, anyone know whats going on to cause that?17:17
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=== Chat0188 is now known as M0hi
Benkinooby2hi, i'm on a lenovo t43p and watching youtube videos is quite resource consuming.. anything i can do about that?17:18
BuboWhy would the 4 CPU usage go crazy to 100% while saving? the video.. after 95%..17:18
=== M0hi is now known as Guest63771
auronandaceBenkinooby2: nope, thats flash's fault17:19
Excellanyone ?17:19
Benkinooby2auronandace,  :(17:19
mcb_Excell: Have you restarted apache?17:19
Excellmcb_ yes and also a complete reboot17:20
Benkinooby2auronandace, what about that HTML5 stuff?17:20
MrChrisDruifOerHeks; ah, you're also here? =P17:20
auronandaceBenkinooby2: if your vid is available in html5 that would be great, it would indeed be less resource intensive17:20
javierf_Hi! One question: Is it possible to have /home on a nfts partition? For work reasons, I need to use windows, but I prefer ubuntu on my leasure time. But it would be great to share home partition in both SO. I'm not a purist, so it's not a phylosophical question (I know nfts is not an open source format type), just practical. Thanks!17:21
jaybuttsbubo, it is flash which uses alot of cpu..but you say 'downloading' so I assume you mean you are downloading it and not watching it, what does the iowait look like? sound like it could be a hardware issue, try tunnning down flash and using a mod for your browser that lets you watch flash videos using an external program17:21
mcb_Excell: You can check if the proprety you are changing is not beening changed twice. If it appears in another line of the file, it will have the second velue it get.17:21
auronandacejavierf_: no, you need a linux filesystem for /home because of file permissions17:22
Buboi have dual boot with windows, and no problems there at all17:22
Bubothe hanging is occuring while wathicng a hd youtube video or downloading ANY file or torrent with bigger speed than 500KB/s17:22
jaybuttsbubo: flash is worse in linux on CPU, what is your CPU?17:22
travis333anyone know why when Chromium is kept in the Unity launcher and you open it it makes a new icon in the launcher?17:23
Bubobut im not using flash at all...17:23
javierf_auronandace, ok, that's very explicative. Thanks. And, is there any way to make ext4 partition more accesible to windows? (just like I access nfts files from ubuntu)17:23
Buboall 4 CPUs @30%17:23
mcb_Bubo: I agree with jaybutts. It may be a hardware issue.17:23
spyvspyanyone have any lessons learned/metrics on the max amount of rsyncs a server can handle before things start to get hairy?17:23
zoraelHow do you force a mime-type cache refresh in GNOME or Unity? update-desktop-database?17:23
Bubowith running pidgin kvirc firefox transmission (Dling torrent) vlc17:23
Excellok i will have a look for that but seems unlikley as i am changeing max_file_upload and max_post_size and neither are changing , when i rename the config file phpinfo() loads with no config file so I am 100% sure its the correct config file unless these values can be changed elseware17:23
auronandacejavierf_: i wouldn't use any 3rd party ext drivers for windows, wouldn't trust them17:24
jaybuttsBubo: Boot into single user and Run FSCK on your drive17:24
Buboif i stop transmission if i stop the torrent (the download) everything goes back to normal17:24
Buboand it cant be a hardware problem if i have no problems at all on windows (same pc)17:24
BuboI have no idea how to do that17:24
auronandacejavierf_: i use a ntfs storage partition that both OS's can mount17:24
Lunar_Landeron my Ubuntu PC, that BIOS screen "with the Intel Logo and press DEL to setup" takes quite long. Then I cut the power to the PC, switched the power back on and then the LEDs on my Keyboard lit up and stayed on. Then it didn't recognize the USB WLAN receiver and when I then put in the Knoppix LIVE DVD, it almost hang at "Hardware Abstraction Layer"17:24
Lunar_Landersomething wrong with the hardware then?17:24
Benkinooby2auronandace,  ok i wll head for that ... also will do some investigations towards unsing minitube or vlc to play vids from youtube17:24
Benkinooby2auronandace, thank you for your input17:24
BuboWhile DLing i get random freezes (random cpu usage @ 100%)17:25
mcb_Excell: You should also look if php.ini has any includes statements. If it has you have to look into that files too.17:25
Buboi press pause on the torrent everything goes back in a moment17:25
Bubogoes back to normal*17:25
auronandaceBenkinooby2: no worries :) (good idea to download and watch them too)17:25
mcb_Excell: And i say that cause it happened to me once...... :)17:25
Benkinooby2auronandace, using minitube it only requires 27%17:25
jaybuttsBubo: probably a drive issue or kernel issue, it has to be...try a new kernel long term but first off run fsck on your drive17:26
Benkinooby2auronandace, usually it's at 50 or more17:26
Excellok thanks i am looking at the file now mcb_17:26
Benkinooby2auronandace, i don't think minitube downloads it...17:26
Bubohow do i run fsck on my drive? also "try a new kernel long term" - what do you mean by that ?17:26
travis333anyone know why when Chromium is kept in the Unity launcher and you open it it makes a new icon in the launcher?17:26
Benkinooby2auronandace, also vlc can stream the vid directly... just enter the youtube url as stream :D17:26
javierf_auronandace, you mean, you don't have your files in /home partition but in a third one that you use together in windows and ubuntu?17:26
auronandacejavierf_: yes, makes using multiple OS's a whole lot easier17:27
Benkinooby2auronandace, vlc just has trouble with youtube again :(17:27
fasadhow can i insert Unicode characters while typing in Gedit ?17:27
BuboI think i had this problem from the start of installing ubuntu through wubi.. How can I reinstall ubuntu but without losing software and settings ? :\ is it possible?17:27
jacerjavier, while there's nothing wrong with that, using ntfs probably isn't the best idea.17:28
Benkinooby2javierf_, the only thing you have to think about is the file system... using FAT32 would be the safest because all OS can work with it17:28
hceylanBıth xchat and xchat-gnome closes when I close the window17:28
javierf_Benkinooby2, but, if I will use windows 7 and ubuntu, nfts should be ok, shouldn't it?17:28
hceylanis there a way to keep it running and use the indicator?17:28
auronandaceBenkinooby2: fat32 has a 4gb max filesize limit, so ntfs is really the only option17:28
Benkinooby2javierf_, i am not sure how safe it is to use ubunto on ntfs17:29
jacerthe linux driver for NTFS is quirky.  You can read it safely, but every write function has the potential to fubar your system.17:29
jaceror at least the ntfs partition.17:29
javierf_auronandace, so, let's say, you have /home partition for some things, like configuration files. But how many Gb should I have there?17:29
BuboHow can I reinstall ubuntu but without losing software and settings ? :\ is it possible? without formatting the drive17:29
javierf_Benkinooby2, what's better in Fat32 than ntfs?17:30
auronandacejavierf_: up to you, i don't use a seperate home partition17:30
Benkinooby2javierf_, that windows and linux can both use it safely17:30
Excellmcb_ nothing there its basiclly the default config file17:30
auronandaceBenkinooby2: thats true of ntfs too17:30
javierf_Benkinooby2, ok. Just, I thought it was the same for nfts files17:30
Lunar_Landeron my Ubuntu PC, that BIOS screen "with the Intel Logo and press DEL to setup" takes quite long. Then I cut the power to the PC, switched the power back on and then the LEDs on my Keyboard lit up and stayed on. Then it didn't recognize the USB WLAN receiver and when I then put in the Knoppix LIVE DVD, it almost hang at "Hardware Abstraction Layer"17:30
jaybuttsBubo: do this, it will shutdown your computer and do fsck before shutdown (easier) - fsck will check and repair your disc - run this as root: shutdown -rF  ; echo "I don't know about wubi but I herd of performance problems with that"17:31
Benkinooby2auronandace, afaic ntfs is not safe for linux writing on it17:31
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE17:31
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions17:31
auronandaceBenkinooby2: ntfs write support has been stable for years17:31
Bubojaybutts: so in terminal i should just write shutdown -rF17:32
Buboand after that ?17:32
Buboit will start everything automatically or ?17:32
jaybuttsit will shut down and fix your disc errors17:32
Bubook thanks17:32
Buboill do it now17:32
Benkinooby2auronandace, ok... i once used it (i admit: was some time ago) and it really messed up stuff... never heard that it is safe to use... but you might be right17:32
javierf_Benkinooby2, auronandace : ok, i will google it a bit and make conclusions :) Thanks!17:32
mcb_Excell: And when you see the http page with phpinfo() it still show the old valuel? What are you trying to change? I forgot.....17:32
Bubojaybutts: it says Time expected17:33
Benkinooby2javierf_, the choice i made was to use a linux file system and then install a linux file system driver to windows. because the fs-drivers for linux a re open, the are reliable to use in windows17:33
Buboshutdown: time expected17:33
Mike9863When I connect to a certain ssh server in terminal, the command line doesn't show the directory I'm in and the terminal title still lists it as though I'm connected to my computer.17:33
hceylanauronandace, FAT32 can hold 2TB, you are confusing it with FAT16 - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Allocation_Table#FAT3217:34
=== jlen is now known as monstercookie
Excellmcb_ upload_max_filesize 100M17:34
BuboAlso any idea why it would say Authentication failed when i write su and then my password..17:34
rumpe1hceylan, he meant max file size17:34
jacerhceylan: fat32 has a filesize limit of 4gb. The partition can be 2tb, but an individual file cannot excede 4gigs -1 byte17:35
hceylanruger3339, uh sorry17:35
jaybuttsbubo: sorry, it just wants you to give a time till shutdown, just do this, shutdown -rF 117:35
auronandacehceylan: max file size for fat32 is 4gb, that wikipedia article says that too, the 2tb size is referring to size of partition17:35
hceylanjacer, got that, sorry17:35
Excellmcb_ post_max_size 100M17:35
hceylanauronandace, OK....17:35
CharminTheMooseCan I compile/install a kernel and update initrd for use with a new kernel and then just move the /lib/modules/<version>, /boot kernel files and initrd to another machine and boot it?17:35
javierf_Benkinooby2, I'm afraid I didn't understand the whole story. So, you have a driver in windows that let's you read linux file system? I only know a kind of explorer for ext files but it's very unpractical, because you need to save everything to windows hard drive if you want to use it17:35
jacerLet's say it a few more times.17:36
hceylanAnyways, does any1 know how to keep xchat / xchat-gnome in the notification area on Unity?17:37
hceylanI am on 11.10 with all the updates are applied17:37
mcb_Excell: I am trying to do same in here. Wait a moment.17:38
=== ventz_ is now known as ventz
pangolinPaste: Please stop spamming your paste site17:38
Excellok no problem mcb_ thanks for helping17:38
Lunar_Landerwhere on the Ubuntu site can I find the system requirements?17:38
airtonixBubo: if you want to reinstall ubuntu properly (as in not wubi) then no, you will lose everything.17:40
javierf_Benkinooby2, what is that linyx file system driver for windows you talk about? Does it work with ext4?17:41
Tgirl53i have ubuntu 11.? the latest type, but i relly dont like it. i want ubuntu 7 back. A friend changed it to 10 and i upgraded it to 11.17:41
riyonukHow does multiple SSH keys work? Do people just name the id_rsa to something else when they run ssh-keygen? Just trying to understand this.17:41
airtonixjavierf_: wouldn't trust it with data you don't want to loose.17:41
Excellmcb_ somthing very strange here just tried changing somthing else and its no having any effect it must be getting config fom somewhere else17:42
airtonixriyonuk: ssh will try the first 6 or 7 of the private keys in ~/.ssh after that if none work, it fails unless your add -o PubKeyAuthentication=no17:42
Benkinooby2javierf_, i don't know about ext4... it worked for ext2 for me... but i choose ext2 for other reasons17:42
airtonixriyonuk: you won't know which keys it will try or what order either.17:42
Excellmcb_ loaded config file /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini17:42
riyonukso it doesn't matter what they're named?17:42
Bubojaybutts: that only restarted my pc, nothing else..17:42
Tgirl53how do you downgrade comuter also my computer is a mini and has no cd17:43
riyonukcause I was just going to name them off the account, instead of id_rsa.pub, work.pub, or school.pub17:43
airtonixriyonuk: however I usually sidestep this by specifying shortcut host in ~/.ssh/config17:43
xangua!downgrade | Tgirl5317:43
ubottuTgirl53: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.17:43
mcb_Excell: Iam having the same here. I thouth it maybe my browser cache.... but i look it up from anothe machine..... But i think it is some kind of caching.....17:44
Excellhmm ok i can check that hold on17:44
airtonixriyonuk: the .pub is important. and prefixing them with id_rsa reminds you that they are rsa format keys17:44
pangolinTgirl53: you will need to do a clean install of the version that worked for you. see /msg ubottu USB for how to install without a CD.17:44
airtonixriyonuk: they aso come in pairs, a private and a public.17:45
riyonukso I should have id_rsa_github, id_rsa_github.pub, and id_rsa_school, id_rsa_school.pub? :D17:45
airtonixriyonuk: yes.17:45
Excellmcb_ not a chaching problem for sure17:46
Tgirl53where do i do this and how?17:46
xangua!usb | Tgirl5317:46
ubottuTgirl53: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent17:46
airtonixriyonuk: never store the private keys (ones without .pub) on machines you don't trust/have no control over17:46
riyonukI just use my macbook for everything though17:46
riyonukokay, with that said, ima delete all my keys and do this the right way17:47
rumpe1airtonix, the .pub keys are the public ones17:47
mcb_Excell: Are you using the Zend php5?17:48
riyonukone more question. what's a good "comment convention"? ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your_email@youremail.com"17:48
riyonukcause I assume the email is the comment..17:48
karthick87Is there any tool in ubuntu to display IP Address in systems wallpaper?17:49
Tgirl53so do i have to delete Ubuntu11 after i put on ubuntu717:49
airtonixrumpe1: yes? I did say that.17:49
xanguaTgirl53: ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10 are no logner supported17:49
mcb_Excell: It configures a php.ini file in "/usr/local/zend/lib/etc" I changed there and Voila! It works!17:49
Excelljust install apache2 php and mysql as per the ubuntu help page17:50
Excellno zend17:50
Tgirl53any lower than ten17:50
airtonixriyonuk: depends. remember that the comment can also appear in the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on your various remote hosts ( so you'll want to look at those files a year from now and not have to rack your brains on which public key comes from where or if it's ok to remove it)17:50
Excellwhat does your path say for the php inc file17:50
kerryni have unity and i installed compiz but when i enable cube its just a flat panel with 2 sides17:51
mcb_Excell: Give a look in /usr/local/zend/lib and see the is a php.ini there. Else, do a find for php.ini17:51
Lintwhy the hell ubuntu replaced my smb.conf file during upgrade?17:51
mcb_Excell: The path is "/usr/local/zend/lib/etc".....17:51
airtonixkerryn: obviously you need to create more workspaces/virtual desktops in compizconfig-settings-manager17:52
Excellno I dont have zend my path /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini17:52
kerryn@airtonix ... how ??17:52
mcb_Excell: In the "core" section of the phpinfo() page, there is an item: extension_dir: start there.17:52
wisniahi all , who knows how to change kde desktop font?17:52
airtonixkerryn: if you don't have compizconfig-settings-manager, install it: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager, then run it : ccsm17:52
Excellon mcb_ i look17:52
kerryn@airtonix i have it17:53
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riyonukairtonix: Ahh, such a good point! Does it have to be an email?17:53
jonathan__any ways to send/receive SMS from my laptop to my girl friend android phone?17:54
airtonixriyonuk: not that i'm aware of.17:54
tsimpsonwisnia: probably in: System Settings -> Application Appearance -> Font17:54
airtonixjonathan__: be more specific please17:54
riyonukairtonix: I think it would be more apparent if I did ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "me@email.com GitHub"17:54
airtonixriyonuk: perhaps, personally i put email-address, user@machine-name17:55
jouncI don't speak in english.17:55
Excellmcb_ /usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs in there is just *.so files17:55
macmartineAnyone know how to keep ISPConfig from writing auth_basic "Members Only"; an requiring login to access a site?17:55
jonathan__airtonix : i wish to to send/receive text messages from my laptop to a cell phone17:55
kraz3dWhat's the command for terminal that shows the amount of RAM my system has?17:56
airtonixjonathan__: you want to send sms via the phone but using your keyboard on the computer ?17:56
Speccat /proc/meminfo17:56
rumpe1kraz3d, free17:56
kraz3dAh, thankyou.17:56
mcb_Excell: In the web page that display phpinfo(), there is an item: "extension_dir", it is in the "CORE" section of the report. It showed the path for me.17:56
airtonixjonathan__: or do you want to send sms through the internet that will arrive at the phone?17:56
archx xX420B0ngSm0k4Xx  - just use a free online SMS service - http://cbfsms.com17:56
jonathan__airtonix : i dont have a cell phone with me, just a laptop. My friend has a cell phone but she's not with me.17:57
Excellmcb extensio_dir /usr/lib/php5/20090626+lfs no config files in there17:57
airtonixjonathan__: ok then this isn't the channel for that17:57
boobsbrcan I create a sparse file image of an ext3 partition and then mount it?17:57
jounchey. i'm new here. what heve?17:57
Forbidden_404I'm new too17:58
Lunar_Landerone more question: Does 11.10 run OK with 2.4 GHz Celeron and 1 GB RAM?17:58
airtonixLunar_Lander: not really.17:58
Lunar_Landerhow much RAM is good?17:58
Forbidden_404I use a 6 GB RAM 2,40GHZ and still doesnt working fine17:58
airtonixLunar_Lander: although if you had a pretty decent nvidia 3d card it might17:58
auronandace!lubuntu | Lunar_Lander17:58
ubottuLunar_Lander: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.17:58
badola_I use Ubuntu 11.10 on Dell XPS L501x, it comes with Nvidia optimus technology, but in Linux only onboard GPU works and when I tried to install  Nvidia driver, it didn't work17:58
badola_Any Help..??17:59
Lintwhy the hell ubuntu replaced my smb.conf file during upgrade?17:59
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest92515
Lunar_Landerthanks airtonix, auronandace17:59
module000Lint: because you told it to when you upgraded?17:59
Forbidden_404<badola> Look for Hybrid Graphics17:59
Lintmodule000, it didn't17:59
Lunar_Landerbut wait, doesn't Knoppix also use LDXE?17:59
badola_Forbidden_404: any link..??18:00
splashotehi, where can i change the theme of unity 2d?18:00
jounclinux is a so very interesting...18:00
auronandaceLunar_Lander: i didn't realise knoppix was still going! i don't know what it uses and #ubuntu isn't really the best place to ask that18:00
airtonixLunar_Lander: last time i checked the k in knoppix represented kde18:00
Forbidden_404Guys, I need a real help now, this is my last try with ubuntu ):18:00
Lunar_Landeroh ok18:01
airtonixthreats won't work18:01
Forbidden_404My connection works fine, but... when I try to access facebook or twitter, any site like this18:01
Lunar_Landerauronandace, airtonix thanks again for the suggestion18:01
module000Lint: what type of upgrade did you do? you should have been prompted to choose new, existing, or manually edit the config file conflicts18:01
mcb_Excell: Try "locate php.ini" It will show you all the php.ini files that you have on disk. One of then has to be the right one.......18:01
auronandaceLunar_Lander: no worries :)18:01
Lunar_LanderI got another question: could I just install Lubuntu over Ubuntu and keep my files?18:01
Forbidden_404I can see the site, but I cant do anything, I update my status and then start to load...18:01
Forbidden_404loading till the connection falls18:01
Lintnormal upgrade via update-manager18:01
auronandaceLunar_Lander: sure, sudo apt-get install lubuntu-desktop18:02
auronandaceLunar_Lander: then when you next login choose lxde18:02
Forbidden_404Please, someone help me, I just configured all the network settings18:02
Forbidden_404I changed the network-manager for wicd18:03
module000mcb_: you can `php -i | grep ini`, that wills how you the config file php is using18:03
Forbidden_404anything did it work18:03
Lunar_Landerauronandace: the problem is just that there seems to be a hardware malfunction18:03
Lunar_Landerthus, the keyboard lights up at PC start and the USB WLAN receiver isn't recognized18:03
module000mcb_: and there are a few in /etc/php depending which packages you haev installed... eg a php.ini for php invoked from CLI, and a seperate one for CGI invocatinos18:03
Lunar_Landerthus I am looking for a cheap PC now to transplant the HDD to, auronandace18:04
zoraelAnyone know an easy way to check (from a shell script) if the user is on a mac, beyond checking uname for Darwin?18:04
Benkinooby2auronandace, wow... minitube uses half the cpu compared to chromium or firefox... even when they are using html 5()18:04
Linthow to transform 'smb://xxxxx/file' filename to normal one suitable for programms?18:05
Lunar_Landerauronandace: do you think the Celeron I described could hold out the lubuntu installation?18:05
recon_lapwow, everything looks so small after doing a bit of setup on  the rig with the 32inch18:05
Lunar_Landeri.e. would it be able to run it18:05
auronandaceLunar_Lander: should do yes18:06
Forbidden_404Please, someone can help me?18:06
_monk_I love blackbox18:06
_monk_even xfce18:06
Lunar_Landerthanks auronandace18:06
Lunar_Landerso just do sudo apt-get lubuntu-desktop?18:06
papa_cinnamon is looking good18:06
Lunar_Landerah with the install of course18:06
LintLunar_Lander, yes it will, but lxde is close to unusable18:06
auronandaceLunar_Lander: yes18:07
Lunar_LanderI was just told that lubuntu is more slim than gnome18:07
Benkinooby2Lint, why?18:07
theadminpapa_: Agreed :)18:07
papa_thunar>pcmanfm ;)18:07
LintBenkinooby2, it misses features you can expect from a gui desktop (windows 95 included)18:07
theadminpapa_: spacefm > thunar :P18:08
papa_xfce has many good apps18:08
recon_lapsome of this chat should really go to ubuntu-offtopic18:08
LintLunar_Lander, Gnome3 or XFCE will work too, and they are more functional than lxde18:08
sheepsyQuery: Was just going to download ubuntu server and noticed that the main download url offers either 11.10 or 10.04, but not 11.04. I can still find 11.04 in releases list. Just wondering why LTS is 10.04 not 11.04?18:08
Lunar_LanderLint so what should I install now?18:09
auronandaceLint: gnome3 on an old celeron? you make me laugh18:09
oCeansheepsy: LTS releases are every 2 years, so 8.04, 10.04 and 12.04 will be again18:09
recon_lapsheepsy: LTS have a 3 year support cycle and a 2 year release cycle , 12.04 next lts18:09
_monk_blackbox my friend18:10
Forbidden_40412.04 in march, right?18:10
theadminForbidden_404: April.18:10
_monk_its easy to figure out18:10
theadminForbidden_404: It's YY.MM18:10
sheepsyAh. Thank you oCean and recon_lap18:10
Lintauronandace, it's not 'old celeron', it's P4 compatible and 64-bit18:10
_monk_or xfce wich is easier18:10
Forbidden_404Oh, I'm waiting for it, hoping that it end my problems with 11.1018:10
_monk_and have better apps18:10
oCeanrecon_lap: sheepsy LTS have 5yr support for -server edition; 12.04 will come with 5 years support for desktop too :)18:10
recon_lapmy bad18:11
* Lint notes that you can play Skyrim on that 'old celeron'18:11
Forbidden_404guys, I did the setup of my connection, I did everything, but still doesnt working some websites... Gwibber isnt accepting my facebook account, and Windows Live Messenger isnt working in any chat app18:11
sheepsyoCean: thanks.18:12
Linthow to transform gfvs 'smb://xxxxx/file' filename to normal one suitable for programms?18:12
module000Lint: that is a URI. you should mount it so you have a real path18:12
Lintbut I already have it mounted by file manager, or not?18:13
module000Lint: look at the output of `mount` and see if it' slisted, if so then you have it mounted as well18:13
module000Lint: otherwise `smbmount //hostname//share /mount/point`18:13
module000Lint: correction, //host/share, not //host//share18:13
* Forbidden_404 lol18:13
* Forbidden_404 is derping18:14
oCeanForbidden_404: please stop the silly /me messages18:14
israeli have a problem, my mail server do not send mails but it can recive them, what could it be?18:14
llutzisrael: check log /var/log/mail*18:14
module000israel: what error do you receive for outbound smtp traffic?18:14
badola_Forbidden_404: doesn't seems to work for Nvidia GPU... :P18:14
Lintmodule000, lol it was in $HOME\.gvfs\<label>18:14
datruthI'm unable to get oidentd to function under NAT is there an alternative app?18:15
module000Lint: that's not a real mount point, that's the gnome virtual file system making it accessible to nautilus. mount it like you would a normal network share18:15
Forbidden_404badola: Tried everything in there? Well, my ATI worked fine, has a bug for Nvidia, but is in there too18:15
Tu13esI mounted a network share using Places > Connect to Server, and it's fine in the gui browser...where do I find it in the terminal?18:15
Tu13es/mnt/theshare shows empty18:15
israelllutz: all the mails that are send stay queued18:15
llutzisrael:and? check log /var/log/mail* to get a possible reason18:16
module000Tu13es: you need to mount it like you would a real share, not using gnome's 'connect to server'18:16
israel_Feb 10 12:14:48 correo postfix/smtp[26503]: 8962B2341A9: to=<stahlwalter@hotmail.com>, relay=mx2.hotmail.com[]:25, delay=0.63, delays=0.02/0/0.29/0.32, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 <20120210181442.91AAB232F86@mail1.alexacorp.com> Queued mail for delivery)18:18
Forbidden_404anyone cant help me here, okay.18:18
ubottuForbidden_404:: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:19
akpkhow to clear dns cache ??18:20
israel_llutz:Feb 10 12:14:48 correo postfix/smtp[26503]: 8962B2341A9: to=<stahlwalter@hotmail.com>, relay=mx2.hotmail.com[]:25, delay=0.63, delays=0.02/0/0.29/0.32, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 <20120210181442.91AAB232F86@mail1.alexacorp.com> Queued mail for delivery)18:20
IceD^trying to rebuild libav package. `dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b` worked for 1.5h, crashed and didn't provide me with single deb18:22
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
IceD^any better way?18:22
usuarioi won18:22
macmartineCan anyone help with this ISPConfig question? http://serverfault.com/questions/358889/stop-ispconfig-from-making-new-sites-require-a-login18:22
usuarioi won i won i wooooooon18:22
oCeanusuario: do you have an ubuntu support question?18:22
usuariohow i won?18:23
oCeanusuario: please start making sense18:23
usuarioive got a second oppinion: penis18:23
cfhowlettgood riddance18:23
llutzisrael_:  postqueue -p18:23
=== tdubz is now known as dubellz
maintenanceSalut a tous, j'ai un probleme assez etrange  sous une 11.10 avec la session gnome classic : il m'est impossible de modifier le tableau de bord ? quelqu'un aurait une idée ?18:24
pangolin!fr | maintenance18:25
ubottumaintenance: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:25
israel_llutz: what does de postqueue -p do?18:25
maintenancesorry :-)18:25
cfhowlettpangolin: dang you're fast fingered!18:25
CharminTheMoose_Can I compile/install a kernel and update initrd for use with a new kernel and then just move the /lib/modules/<version>, /boot kernel files and initrd to another machine and boot it?18:25
llutzisrael_: man postqueue (print queue)18:25
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Forbidden_404> guys, I did the setup of my connection, I did everything, but still doesnt working some websites... Gwibber isnt accepting my facebook account, and Windows Live Messenger isnt working in any chat app18:27
holsteinForbidden_404: you could elaborate as to what "i did everything" means... you can try different DNS servers, and also just try pinging things... you want to make sure its not your ISP or router/modem.. try and reduce variables and test18:28
Forbidden_404I tried differente dns servers, Ping works, because the site works too, I just cant update anything in ther. I configured the router with dsl, just to make the wifi works, it works, but like I said, I cant update things18:31
pangolinForbidden_404: you need flash for facebook if i'm not mistaken.18:31
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash18:31
Forbidden_404I will try this, but I thought that I had18:32
pangolinForbidden_404: as for gwibber not accepting your facebook credentials you need to allow it in facebook, as for MSN that is a problem that I don't know about.18:32
Forbidden_404when I put in the gwibber, opens a windows just to allow in facebook, but stay blank18:33
Forbidden_404just a blank windows18:33
pangolinForbidden_404: file a bug with launchpad18:33
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:34
Forbidden_404Twitter is the same thing, when I have to allow an app to access twitter, I press in the button to allow, then it starts to load... and never stop18:34
=== coca_zero_ is now known as coca_zero
Forbidden_404I'll try, but I guess anyone cant help me, im trying since january, in any forums, but I'll give a chance, thank you, Pangolin18:35
=== Adys_ is now known as Adys
israelllutz: F0EF82340F7 1204 Fri Feb 10 09:46:45 mgayoso@mundoterra.com18:35
israel(host mailin-03.mx.aol.com[] refused to talk to me: 421 4.7.1 : (RLY:B3) http://postmaster.info.aol.com/errors/421rlyb3.html)18:35
holsteinForbidden_404: how about my DNS server suggestion? is this on all machines on your network?18:35
CharminTheMoose_Can I compile/install a kernel and update initrd for use with a new kernel and then just move the /lib/modules/<version>, /boot kernel files and initrd to another machine and boot it?18:35
pangolinholstein: he is able to connect to the site, the issue is not being able to use the site18:36
israelllutz: F0EF82340F7 1204 Fri Feb 10 09:46:45 mgayoso@mundoterra.com18:36
israel(host mailin-03.mx.aol.com[] refused to talk to me: 421 4.7.1 : (RLY:B3) http://postmaster.info.aol.com/errors/421rlyb3.html)18:36
pangolin!paste > israel18:36
ubottuisrael, please see my private message18:36
module000CharminTheMoose_: yes18:36
llutzisrael: have you read the link given to you?18:36
llutzisrael: http://postmaster.aol.com/Postmaster.Errors.php#421rlyb318:36
holsteinpangolin: not sure... i was reading "facebook not loading" ... im sure im reading it incorrectly18:37
pangolinholstein: you may be correct, the wording is not completely clear to me either18:38
Forbidden_404Holstein, I tried other dns18:38
Forbidden_404well, using the google one, make it better, but do not solved my problem18:38
mjforkhas anyone used NX with 11.10? shoudl I stick with VNC? VNC seems sluggish from my windows workstation.18:38
Forbidden_4048.8.8.8 and
holsteinForbidden_404: better? how?18:38
israelllutz: im doing it18:39
icerootmjfork: vnc and nx is something totally different18:39
icerootmjfork: vnc will stream the desktop, nx will use a complete own session18:39
mjforkiceroot: i just need remote desktop to an ubuntu install18:39
Forbidden_404Before, the site dont connected18:39
Forbidden_404later, the site connected, but...18:39
icerootmjfork: nx is much faster so if possible use nx18:39
Forbidden_404I cant use anyway18:39
holsteinForbidden_404: what about proxy settings?18:39
mjforkiceroot: thats what i thuoght, i see freenx doesn't appear to be updated.  shuold i try the ones from nomachine?18:39
Forbidden_404I dont use a proxy18:40
icerootmjfork: they are non-free, if possible use freenx18:40
holsteinForbidden_404: i would try and remove variables and test... try just a browser.. try one app at a time.. use just the modem.. go to a different network... googles search about if your ISP blocks certain things18:40
Forbidden_404I'll try using just the modem18:41
Forbidden_404and different network later18:41
Forbidden_404I dont want to leave Ubuntu, but if I cannot solve these issues... ):18:41
rumpe1Forbidden_404, if you can't, I'm afraid you have to. :)18:42
holsteinForbidden_404: yeah.. and we'll all be sad that you leave, and are glad to help.. we need more details though...18:42
ashutoshubuntu studio 11.10 sucks18:42
ashutoshunity didn't work after all18:43
holsteinashutosh: ? in what way? no themeing?.. feel free and help us via #ubuntustudio-devel18:43
holsteinashutosh: we do not ship with unity, though it should work just fine18:43
ashutoshit didn;t came with unity18:43
ashutoshxfce was default18:44
ashutoshboot splash, login evrything is just damn bad18:44
mjforkiceroot: have you tried x2go?18:44
holsteinashutosh: correct.. whats the issue? you should be able to either sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, or just install main ubuntu and install what you like from the ubuntustudio metapackages18:44
Toctizwhy do i get that purple balnk screen after the grub menu18:45
holsteinashutosh: its not configured at all yet to be exact.. we are working on 12.04 :)18:45
ashutoshthe softs are good18:45
holsteinashutosh: we literally *just* changed to XFCE18:45
Alessandro_i'm sorry... wrong window18:45
ashutoshhad to do a lot of repairs18:45
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holsteinashutosh: you can help us at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-users and/or https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-studio-devel18:46
ashutoshincluding boot and login18:46
smoothifierhi :) ubuntu install freezes after detecting my usb keyboard and mouse, then it attempts to kill the modprobe-ing and enters into a loop.  the same thing happened trying to install mint 1218:46
ashutoshthen it's fine18:46
holsteinashutosh: theming... not repair18:46
ashutoshisntalled gnome 318:46
ashutoshno it was repair18:46
holsteinit loaded and booted just fine... if you dont like the look and feel, thats "customization" not "repair"18:46
ashutoshboot splash was a white blurred18:46
holsteinashutosh: we did not theme at all for 11.10... we are working on 12.04 and you can help if you like18:47
ashutoshwhich was damn ugly to see at each reboot18:47
Toctizit dont change from purple18:47
holsteinashutosh: sure.. we *did* *not* theme at all18:47
ashutoshnext login was a pink voilet18:47
ashutoshbut it's fine18:47
ashutoshi'm working with using gnome 3 and am very happy18:48
holsteinsure... you can always just install main ubuntu and add what you like... otherwise we need contructive critisicm and actual help right now ashutosh18:48
ashutoshwell i'm sorry abt that18:49
holsteinashutosh: i make no excuses for the 11.10 release, but if you would like to help, we are in need of code contributing supporters18:49
ashutoshfrom 2 hours it was driving me nuts18:49
smoothifieri think i'm having problems with udevd during the install18:49
smoothifierbut i'm not exactly sure what it going on18:49
holsteinashutosh: gnome2 was pulled, and we were unsure when that was going to happen.. we didnt have the time or team to implement a custom XFCE instance18:50
ashutoshthat's alright18:50
ashutoshi'm a fan of ubuntu18:50
ashutoshand have just installed 12.04 on my notebook18:51
ashutoshubuntu stud is on my desktop18:51
oCeanashutosh: Precise/12.04 is not yet released (still alpha). Please /join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion18:51
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ashutoshand now it happened again18:52
holstein!details | ashutosh18:52
meerkats3rd day in a row with no sound whatsoever, how do I delete all sound drivers and reinstall em all? nuke option seems the only realistic way outta my situation18:52
ubottuashutosh: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:52
ashutosheven after a successful install it is stucked on boot18:53
Jasonnanyone set up an extra IP on an OVH server ?18:53
ashutoshsystem is topped18:53
holsteinashutosh: i would probably try different kernels and alsa revs as a troubleshooting step18:53
ashutoshhey wait18:53
oCeanashutosh: the 12.04 system?18:53
ashutoshi see the light18:53
ashutoshoh that took too much time18:53
ubottuashutosh: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+118:54
oCeanashutosh: no support for that here (as I pointed out earlier)18:54
ashutoshpangolin is booted18:54
holsteinmeerkats: that was intended for you actually.. different alsa revs and kernels for audio... are you using pavucontrol ?ubuntu 11.10 ?18:54
oCeanashutosh: wrong channel18:54
onryoIm using Ubuntu in a VM on my Debian host as a sandbox. How do you hide the "weird" menu bar on the right side?18:55
Toctizi get a blank purple screen after the grub menu that stays there18:55
ashutoshso what !!!!! it worked18:55
meerkatsholstein, ubuntu 11.10, as of now im desperate: too many how tos and everyone suggestiong different things18:56
jaybuttsonryo: killall -9 unity18:56
cfhowlettnaman: greetings18:56
meerkatspavucontrol, never heard of it, synaptic, holstein18:56
Toctizhow do i fix this?18:56
onryoyeah I don't want to kill the pid I just never want it to pop out unless I move the mouse there.18:56
holsteinmeerkats: i usually try live CD's in those cases and see if i can get something stable and make a note of the kernel and alsa versions18:56
hizaouihiii every body18:56
onryoomg ...18:57
holsteinmeerkats: pavucontrol is in the repos18:57
cfhowlettToctiz: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186013518:57
hizaouiso can i install an android skin for my ubuntu !???18:57
jaybuttsonryo: you have to use compiz-config which needs to be installed, I forget the name exactly but its compiz settings or compiz confight, do apptitude search for compiz and you will see it18:57
cfhowletthizaoui: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/05/beautify-android-with-this-slick-ubuntu-unity-android-theme-pack/18:58
meerkatsholstein, crap, I dont have a live cd, Ill have to buy a mem stick and download the -iso18:58
namanany one know any good email security software some bastard keeps stealing my emails18:58
hizaouiplz how have an android skin pakag18:58
holsteinmeerkats: iso's.. i would try 10.04, the last LTS, and mabye even a 12.04 daily live... i usually try knoppix too.. i would just want to see some stable sound for a period of time, and make a note18:58
oCeanhizaoui: cfhowlett just sent you a link18:58
meerkatsyes holstein i have pulseaudio control, I cannot hear anything, the sound bars there are unmuted...18:59
auronandace!language | naman18:59
ubottunaman: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:59
rumpe1naman, why do you think, they got stolen?18:59
Toctizwhats kubuntu?18:59
oCeanToctiz: ubuntu with KDE desktop18:59
ubottutoctiz: kubuntu is Ubuntu with the KDE Software Compilation instead of !Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join #kubuntu - See also !kde18:59
hizaouioCean: bien18:59
holsteinmeerkats: you could try restarting alsa.. does it see that something "kills" the sound? a certain application? are you using JACK by chance?18:59
namanyeah before The email reaches my inbox they read the email then deleted it.18:59
holsteindoes it seem*19:00
namanSo i'm trying to secure my emails some how19:00
meerkatscan I make a live cd with a dvd-r?19:00
rumpe1naman, the inbox on the mail-server? are you the admin of the mail-server?19:00
meerkats4.7 gb19:00
namanyahoo is19:00
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rumpe1naman, maybe somehas has found your password. Change it.19:00
holsteinmeerkats: if you have a DVD reader that'll boot it, it'll work...19:01
theadminmeerkats: Yes sure, long as you burn the ISO properly19:01
namanI tried they still manage to delete the emails rumpe119:01
VimanAnybody else got a problem like this in conky? "FATAL_ERROR: The server is not running!"19:01
ubottuhizaoui: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:01
meerkatsholstein, what if I go with 12.04?19:01
namanIts all the time thats why I just turned to Linux from Windows. Looks like Windows easy to hack emails.19:02
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash19:02
holsteinmeerkats: i would want to see 10.04 personally.. 12.04 is still in 'testing', though it can be helpful when troubleshooting and you want the latest kernel to test with19:02
Vimannaman: it all depends on the user, in the end..19:02
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rumpe1naman, if they "steal" the mails on the mail-server, the only thing you can do is change the password. And it's not ubuntu related. And yes, ubuntu should be much more secure, but if someone has phyiscal access to your pc, you need further measurements.19:02
meerkatsholstein, why 10.04? aint that quite outdated?19:02
namanITs become very challenging to stop the intrusion and no anti software companies offer support.19:03
holsteinmeerkats: its the latest LTS.. long term support.. its still currently supported19:03
cfhowlettmeerkats: 10.04 is LongTernSupport version.  Next LTS will be 12.0419:03
LukeNukem_Hello, im using winff to convert to mp3 and i get error unknown libmp3lame19:03
IceD^https://gist.github.com/1791788 - very nice19:03
LukeNukem_i thin i have to install lamemp3 library19:03
namanNo its not that simple they more suffiscated than that. Most servers are linux based. So Linux is obvisouly the first choice now to try and resolve this issue.19:03
LukeNukem_how to do this19:03
cfhowlettLukeNukem_: #ffmpeg19:04
King_SnakeHey can anyone help me install .net frameworks into wine? im runnign 10.4 but its the first time ive tried setting up ubuntu19:04
rumpe1naman, are you really sure they are stolen or are they just moved to a spam folder? That happens sometimes.19:04
King_Snakei would be really grateful19:04
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VimanLukeNukem: WinFF became buggy lately... try some command line action with ffmpeg19:05
Vimanffmpeg -i [input file.etc] [output file.ble]19:05
meerkatsim downloading the -iso to my laptop, what programm do I need to burn it into a dvd-r?19:05
ctdabombare there any programs for making precompiled binaries?19:06
King_Snakemeerkats: Windows 7 has a defualt burner if youre using that19:06
auronandace!burn | meerkats19:06
ubottumeerkats: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see