ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:29
Len-1204ScottL: Playing around with the themes on today's iso. The only appearance style that works right seems to be greybird. All the others put some things in black on black.03:33
Len-1204The window manager themes don't seem to affect this.03:35
Len-1204flash seems to crash too. Now that I can see it.03:39
holsteinflash is crap03:40
holsteinill be glad when thats over with03:40
Len-1204It costs money for the tools to make it... prolly be around forever.03:41
Len-1204however, what I meant was that whatever is funny with the themes blocks out flash video so i couldn't tell it was crashing03:43
Len-1204Anyway, Yf needs help.03:44
astraljavajussi: Please have a look at the criticism on #ubuntustudio re: ubottu, I'm sure Scott will be able to help with rephrasing.06:59
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astralja1astochastic: Do you have privileges on changing that ubottu message?08:18
stochasticI figure the first step is finding a replacement message08:19
stochasticthen we can worry about privileges08:19
astralja1aYeah, well I'd ping Scott also about it, but he's not online, so I figure we can change it to whatever, and ask for his opinion when he's around again.08:21
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knomeholstein, do you have content for the installer slideshow?11:47
holsteinknome: not yet15:41
holsteini thought i had tonite and tomorrow off, but i picked up gigs, which is good15:42
holsteinknome: dont wait on me if you want to knock something out, but i should be able to make some time early next week15:42
knomei want to get at least something in before FF next week (wed)15:44
holsteini should have monday evening open15:45
holsteini do as of now at least15:45
knomebbl ->15:47
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